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Chapter CCIII: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part XV

“Oh boy!!!” Exclaimed Cait sith as he hopped on up onto one of the hammocks. Doing so, lying back he couldn't help but admit pleased, “Now that's what I call meself a meal! Nothin' ever beat's a hot warm meal in ya belly!”
To which hearing this exclamation, Yeul giggling then replied happily as she climbed on and up into the same netted fabric, “You're so funny, Cait sith!”
Meanwhile Nozomi herself, climbing up and into a hammock next to hers said, “Yeah and loud! You're gonna have to tone that down soon! We all need our shut eye for tomorrow.”
Hearing her as she said this, it was then that Mickey climbing up into his nearby hanging bed said, “Yeah! It looks like it'll be a big day for all of us fella's!”
Nodding himself as he climbed in underneath him, Riku then said, “Yeah because if Silver's right with the navigation and the captain too, then that means-”
“We'll be seeing Treasure Planet tomorrow!” Jim admitted pleased, as he then got in the hammock that was just beneath Nozomi's. As he said this and made himself comfortable, he couldn't help but say as he put his arms underneath his head, “I can't wait!”
Nozomi hearing this was pleased as she then looked down to Jim and smiled saying, “Yeah! Neither can I! I bet it'll be a real sight to see!”
Riku himself though staring on himself from where he was about to climb in, couldn't help but look on with slightly depressed eyes. For seeing Nozomi resting over Jim's hammock, felt a pang made his heart ache. However he couldn't complain about it as he simply uttered, “Yeah... ditto.”
Then as he uttered that, there came in a familiar face, “Yeul? Are you comfortable in here?” For there coming in asking the question, it was none other than Noel.
Seeing him, the long blue haired girl cuddling up with Cait sith in her arms answered him, “Yes, don't worry Noel, I'm fine! Thanks for asking!”
Pleased to know this as he saw her in bed within the hammock, he smiled glad as he said, “Good!” Then looking to the blanket, he told her, “Now let me in tuck you in.”
To which Yeul then simply nodded and as she did so. Noel proceeded with tucking her in with the blanket making her comfy, seeing him being so caring like this Cait sith couldn't help but comment saying, “Aww! Look who's being the caring big brother here, ya're certainly being a big softy here lad, aren't ya?”
Hearing him say this, Noel then looking to the small cat then decided to ask him, “Anything wrong with that?”
Cait sith hearing her say this, then shrugging his shoulders replied, “Nope, I wouldn't say that lad, not at all.”
Noel hearing him say this, replied simply, “Glad to hear that's not a critique then!” For saying that he also had to add, “Besides, it's thanks to you that we're in this situation you know?”
Tilting his head to the side, Cait sith then replied, “Yeah, that's true I ain't gonna deny that lad! But ya know, there's only a certain love and care that a kitty can do and normal teddies just can't!”
Hearing this, Noel couldn't help but smirk as he replied, “I'm sure!” With that he finished tucking Yeul in and as he did so. He then finished saying, “There, well you sleep well Yeul, I'll see you in the morning alright?”
As her guardian said this to her, Yeul then nodded and replied, “Alright, goodnight Noel.”
Smiling simply in reply, Noel then gently rubbed her head before getting up to leave through the door and as he did so, he told them all, “Okay goodnight to you too guys! Sleep well.”
Nodding happily as he said that, Nozomi then replied, “We will! You just say goodnight to Timbre, Balthier Fran and Zidane for us okay?”
Hearing her say this, Noel then replied, “Will do!” Then going out the door he bid them all once more, “Night!” With that he was gone.
Then watching him leave, Nozomi was getting comfy as the others did was quiet. However she then heard near to her, Yeul speak softly, “I hope Raiyana feels better soon...” With that she hugged Cait sith a little closer to her.
As she did so, the small crowned cat then told her, “Don't worry lass, I'm sure she will... I'm sure she will...” with that, there was then a sound of soft purring as Yeul's gentle breathing filled the air. Revealing she'd become immersed in the realms of dreams.
Hearing this Nozomi, then heard the others soft sounds of breathing and as she did, she could feel herself drifting away and as she was. She couldn't help but utter, “I hope... Raiyana will...too” with that the gentle darkness came and with it, the sweet dreams too as the night sky drifted on around them...


It was in the early hours of the next morning, light was streaming in through the barred window up above. As it do so, everyone down below all continued to slumber on...    
“Mmm...” Turning over in her hammock, Nozomi it was clear was near to awakening. However still drowsy, she opened her eyes sleepily in a daze. As she did so, she saw the light that was streaming down from above and as she did so, she couldn't help but ask, “Man... what time is it?”
However after a few silent moments, she heard the others all still snoring away and as she did so. She turned over saying, “It's too early...” with that she went to go over to go back to sleep. But as she moved to do so, “Huh?” She rolled over too fast and-!

“Hey! Whoa!”


She dropped out of the hammock, landing on the floor with a crash! Cringing in pain, she sat herself up with her eyes slightly tearing up as she complained, “Owww...! That hurt!” With that she couldn't help but rub her head, trying to ease the terrible ache she was feeling.
Waking up suddenly startled, Jim groggy then asked, “Huh? What? What's...”
Then looking down he saw Nozomi shuddering from the impact from her fall and as he did, he saw that she was rubbing her head. Seeing this, he became curious as he asked her, “Nozomi...what're you doing?”
Slightly more alert from the impact, the dark haired girl revealed, “Suffering...” with that still grumbling, she couldn't help but add, “I fell out of the hammock again...”
Hearing this, Jim then responded, “Oh really...?” Then yawning, his own tired tears came as he finished saying, “That's too bad...”
However there came no response from Nozomi as she continued rubbing away at her head. Desperate to try and make the terrible throbbing go away.
Seeing her like this, Jim then feeling himself wake up a little more decided on something. Swinging his legs over and out of his own hammock, he told her, “I'll go and get you some ointment, that'll make your pain go away faster.”
Hearing him as he said this, Nozomi then replied still holding her head, “Thanks...”
Jim though didn't reply as he busied himself by putting on one of his boots onto his socked feet. Doing this, he then reached for the other one. However as he did this, the remaining boot hopped out of his reach as it headed for some of the stacks of supplies, hiding itself neatly behind it.
The ponytailed brown haired young man though was far from being surprised. Now used to these annoying antics he uttered tiredly, “Morph...” with that he walked on over to get back what was his.
Nozomi herself feeling him walk past her, then became curious as she watched him as she opened up one of her cringing eyes to see what he was doing. As she did, she saw Jim first stuff the back of his shirt into his trousers before crouching down in front of the supplies and leaning over it all he said annoyed, “Morph knock it off, it's too early for this!”
Then suddenly the living transformed boot snuck out from around the supplies and aimed itself as it floated up into the air! Seeing this, Nozomi then cried out, “Hey, Jim!”
But she was too late though, as the boot then kicked itself into his behind! Immediately the young man was wide awake as he turned around mad, crying out, “Hey! Morph!”
Immediately sticking his tongue out, the boot blew a big wet raspberry! Then chuckling aloud, it transformed and the soft gooey creature was revealed in his true form! As he became normal, he quickly snatched up the boot he'd hidden nearby and started flying off with it!
Seeing this happen, Jim went to go straight after him shouting out, “Hey! Get back here!”
To which as the young cabin boy chased him about the place, the pink transformative creature uttered out in his usual copycat manner, “Hey! Get back here!”
Nozomi herself seeing this silly scene before her, quickly forgot about her headache and as she did so, she couldn't help but laugh out loud with a wide smile saying, “You guys!”
However this chaotic ring around that was occurring, woke up a certain individual as he complained, “Urgh? Just what in Pete's dragon is-?”
It was Cait sith, however as he looked and saw what both Jim and Nozomi were doing with Morph as he was flying about. He was silent for a few moments, before uttering with irritation, “It's too early in the morning for this lads...” With that he then cuddled up next to Yeul again as he went to go and catch up on some well deserved Z's.
Jim though himself still in the midst of his chase, then went to grab Morph again! However he missed and immediately the laughing creature went to escape up the stairs carrying the boot with him. As he did so, Jim went quickly to chase after him as he climbed the stairs too.
Nozomi herself on the floor seeing them go, quickly cried out, “Guys wait up!” With that she went to go and pull on her shoes, to see what it was the both of them were getting up to on deck!


Running up onto the deck as quick as she could, Nozomi was chasing as fast as she could after Jim. Then she saw that he was over another part of the deck and had somehow got his other boot back and was using a hammer?
Confused to see this, the female keyblader looking on inquisitively then asked, “Jim what're you doing?”
Hearing this, the ponytailed young man turned around and told her, “It's Morph! He's-!”


Suddenly the cabin boy was struck by a fountain of water at the side of his face! As this occurred, Nozomi then quickly saw it was Morph again who's transformed into a creature similar to a big orange blowfish!
Seeing this, baffled for a moment Nozomi then cried out with a laugh, “Morph!”
With that quickly the transformative creature emerged from the barred flooring where he'd been hiding, as he did so. He then stuck his tongue out and immediately ducked back down again!
As he did so, Jim then cried out, “I'm so gonna get you this time, Morph!”
However Nozomi looking on as the cabin boy was about to begin his bop a mole game. She came up with a better idea and looking to the door, she said, “Well I'm gonna do this, this way!”
Hearing her say this, Jim looking to her asked, “Nozomi? What're you-?”
Quickly though, the female keyblader then rushed forwards towards the stairs that led to the galley. Seeing her go, immediately Jim called out to her, “Hey! Wait up!” With that he then chased after her as she descended down.


Making it quickly down the stairs, Nozomi looked around the empty galley where hours before she'd eaten her dinner with everyone together. Looking about the place, she then asked with a smile on her face, “Okay Morph... where are you hiding in here?”
As she asked this simple question, it was then she heard a little sound of some bubbling giggles! Turning in the direction she thought she could hear it, she turned to a particular long wooden crate in the back. As she did so, she then saw the sight of something fast and pink squirm away!
Seeing this happen, Nozomi then smiled eagerly as she approached the spot where she thought she'd seen the small transforming creature had gone. Quietly she stepped forwards, doing her best so that Morph wouldn't sense her coming!
However as she stepped forwards, suddenly she heard some hurried footsteps. Looking behind herself, she then saw that Jim was coming! He was hurriedly putting his other boot on as he asked her, “Hey! Nozomi what're you-!”
Quickly though he was halted in moments, as Nozomi put a finger to her lips. Signalling for him to be quiet. As he became this way and looked at her puzzled, she then pointed in a certain direction where a big crate was.
Seeing this, Jim was silent however he quickly got the hint and as he did so. He nodded to her with a smile. Looking at him as he did this gesture, Nozomi smiled herself and as she did so. She then carefully took some more careful step forwards and as she did so, Jim followed behind after her following the same method.
Then finally after some more seconds, the female keyblader made it over to the crate. Looking on inside, she was quiet. For there inside she saw within the wooden container were a huge pile of purple fruits, which all seemed to resemble plums.
However staring on down, she then saw one of them suddenly grew big wide eyes! Seeing this she grinned as she cried out, “Ha! We got you now Morph!” With that she reached her hand down to catch him!
Quickly though the small creature flew out from between her fingers as he went to fly out! Laughing as he went! Seeing this she cried out, “Hey Morph! Wait-!”
The laughing creature though was stopped in his tracks, as suddenly Jim's hand came flying forwards shouting out, “Ha! Busted!” With that he caught him!
Seeing him do this, Nozomi then cried out pleased, “Well done Jim! You did it!”
To which the cabin boy grinned widely, however suddenly he was unbalanced as Morph then flew forwards unbalancing him! He cried out in his bubbly happy voice, “Ha! Busted!”
As he did this though, Jim suddenly due to the unbalance went flying forwards and as he did so. He collided straight to Nozomi and-!

“Hey!” “Whoa!”

Immediately the two of them fell into the crate together! Both of them now submerged in a sea of plums! Aching in pain, Nozomi rubbing her head couldn't help but complain saying, “Ow! Man I don't need two headaches in one day! This is-!”
Quickly though she came to a standstill, for there lying over her. It was none other than Jim! Dumbfounded for a moment, he though quickly saw where he was as he stared down at her with widened eyes as she too did the same, it was clear looking on down at them. That they were both hugely embarrassed as they quickly blushed.
Morph himself seeing this, had no idea of the awkwardness he'd just caused and so laughed loudly at the silly fall the two humans had just done. However hearing this laughter himself, Jim then recovering told her, “Oh um? Sorry Nozomi, I, I'll get off you now.”
Shaking her head though, the female keyblader then told him as she began to recover herself, “Oh no... it's okay Jim, um thanks, I-”
Suddenly though the two of them heard a series of voices. As they did so, they suddenly became quiet as they all said individually,

“We're sick of all this waitin'!”

“We are wanting to move!”

“Exactly! We be-!”

“We don't move until we've got the treasure in hand!”

Hearing this last voice though, immediately Nozomi and Jim recognised it in seconds! It was the voice of none other than Mr Silver! Hearing him, neither keyblader or cabin boy could have any idea of what was going to be said next.

“I say we kill 'em all now!”

Immediately this voice made them both shiver, for quickly they both recognised it to be the voice of Mr Scroop! The blood red and fierce yellow glowing eyed spider legged crew mate. Neither of them could believe it! For what was-!?

“I say what's to say see!”

With that immediately the two of them heard the sound of scuffling. For Mr Silver had grabbed Mr Scroop's long face and had gripped it in his own cybernetic hand and arm. As he did so, immediately the viscous alien was silenced in seconds.

“Disobey my orders again! Like that stunt ya pulled with Mr Arrow! Then so help me, you'll be joining him!”

Hearing Mr Silver say this, Nozomi then couldn't help but whisper in shock and horror, “Mr Scroop? Mr Scroop was the one who-!”
Quickly though Jim pulled her close to him, as he whispered to her, “Shhh! Don't speak!” For he knew then despite the shock, that if these guys heard them both in there. They were as good as doomed!
Nozomi feeling him do this, then could feel Jim's chest close to her face. As she did so, she could hear his heart hammering just like hers from the tension and stress! However now mixed into this was severe embarrassment! However before she was given any time to dwell on it!


Suddenly their entire concealed space was rocked! For Mr Silver had sent the homicidal alien crashing into the side of their crate making the whole thing shudder from the impact! Both of them were tense with worry, even Morph bubbled nervously from this sudden movement and noise!
“Strong talk! But I know otherwise!”

Then hearing those words, quickly with terror, Nozomi saw from above Mr Scroop's big red claw and as she did so. In another second, the terrifying alien reached it down into the crate! It was getting nearer and nearer to them by the second!

“You got something to say Scroop?”

Shocked with her eyes widening Nozomi had no idea what to do! She didn't know what to-!
Surprising her though, quickly Jim acted as he moved a plum and made it so Mr Scroop took it without a second thought out of the crate in moments. Seeing this, Nozomi knew that was a brave and clever move! However she didn't have the chance to tell Jim as she and him heard Mr Scroop say,

“It's that boy and girl!”

Unbeknownst to both keyblader and cabin boy. Mr Silver looked on with shock towards Mr Scroop as he carried on with his observations saying,

“I saw ya both, playin' the wonderful carer for 'em! Sobbin their hearts out!”

“Just what are ya getting' at?”

Hearing this angry tone, both Nozomi and Jim silently then heard Mr Scroop continue on. However out of their sight, he pierced the plum in it's centre with his pincer as he revealed what his suspicious thoughts were to the rest of the mutinous crew,

“Me thinks ya have a soft spot for 'em!”

Listening on and hearing these words, neither of the concealed couple could guess what Silver was expressing on his face, as the mutinous crew all uttered amongst themselves at this accusation. But they did hear his voice after a moment say,

“Now mark me! The lot of ya! I care about one thing! And one thing only!”
“Flint's trove!”
“Ya think I'd risk it all, for the sake of a couple of nose wipein' welps!”    

As these words were spoken, Nozomi felt like her heart was beginning to crack inside as she thought about how she'd confessed about her inner turmoils to Mr Silver. She'd trusted him and-!
Then looking to Jim, she saw that he too seemed to be feeling the same as he had the saddest shocked expression that she'd ever seen. However she couldn't move or do anything for him in the position that they were in, for-

“What was it now, ya got the makin's of greatness in ya!”
“Or what was that other one?
“Ya're a little star for continuin' to shine brightly, despite all the tribulations that could have brought ya crumblin' down...”

Mr Scroop mocked him, as he then took his claws together and made himself look caring as he looked to his commander with taunting eyes as he grinned devilishly. It was clear though that Mr Silver didn't take kindly to this as he then shouted out mad,

“Shut yer yap!”
“I cozyed up to them kids to keep 'em off our scent!”
“But I ain't gone soft!”

Hearing this, it was then that Jim and Nozomi could hear Mr Silver's true colours. As they did, neither of them could really believe it! However thinking again, the female keyblader then thought of Riku's words that he'd said before... that she couldn't trust everyone and now those words were-!


Immediately at this loud call, the scheming mutinous alien crew all became excited and as they did so. They all quickly marched out of the galley, followed by Mr Silver himself who grinned with excitement and instantly he followed suit behind them all!
Then finally as the noise all died down and the coast was finally clear, Nozomi and Jim emerged out of the crate. As they did so, stepping out of it together Morph excited by all the noise now, left them both behind in the dark room. The two of them it was clear were both still horribly shaken by what had happened, for they'd been betrayed so badly...
Nozomi knowing this then looked to the cabin boy and as she did so, she asked, “Jim?”
Hearing her ask for him, the young man looked to her and as he did he asked her sadly, “I'm complete idiot aren't I...? I'm a fool.”
As she heard him say these words, the female keyblader looking at him could see the pain in his eyes. Seeing it, she then felt terrible now, not just for herself but for him too. For they'd both suffered the same betrayal, realising this she moved her arms and then held him, hugging him gently.
Feeling her do this suddenly he asked her startled, “Nozomi? What're you-?”
“It's okay... it's alright, Jim... it's all gonna be okay,” The female keyblader told him sadly.
Hearing her voice, the brown haired young man could almost feel she'd cry herself as her voice trembled. Feeling her do this, he then felt his heart beat faster inside of himself and as he did so, he moved his own arms and held her too. Trying to ease the pain she was now feeling she tried to ease his.  


“There it is! Feast yer eyes!!!”


Standing up on board as the rest of the crew all emerged to see the sight of Treasure Planet. Everyone on board was mesmerised! For there emerging from mists of green and debris of rock, was the much talked about legendary planet with it's two orbiting rings circling around it. It truly was a marvel for all to see!
Seeing the reactions of the crew that was around him, Balthier standing to one side couldn't help but comment, “Now that certainly is a bright stage for our cast, if I do say so?”
Hearing him say this beside him, grinning Timbre couldn't help but agree and say, “You got that right boss, it's incredible!”
Grinning himself, Zidane then had to admit too, “Yeah! I can't wait to see the treasure they've been talking about! Maybe we could score something!”
Yeul herself holding her deer teddy again simply smiled as she stood next to Noel who smiled too, for this really was thrilling for them both and all their friends to see! Fran herself though looking on at the planet quietly had her arms folded and as she did so, she couldn't help but comment as she felt the aura of it, “That planet... I sense great amount of trepidation in the air from it.”
However unaware of her saying these words, Riku standing with Mickey couldn't help but be marvelled too by the sight. Looking to his fellow keyblader, he told him, “Now this is really somethin' to see, ain't it Riku?”
Nodding as he heard him say this, the white keyblader replied, “Yeah it is! It's incredible!”
Cait sith himself though had to say though, “Incredible? It's spectacular lad! Words beyond amazement! This is something no-one should miss!” Then as he said those words, he remembered as he looked about, “But mentioning that, where's that daft banshee got off too? She and that Jim lad are missin' all the action up on here!”
Hearing him say this, as he stood on his shoulder. Riku stopping for a moment as he realised what his feline companion said to be true, he turned and looked around himself too and said, “Yeah they are, where are they both?” For with them both being absent from this moment, bothered him greatly inside...
However Mr Silver himself, looking on at the sight of his sought out planet. Then realised as he stood with his crew and finally Morph. He saw that he was missing something in particular that he really needed at that moment as he began trying to search within his pockets, “Where the devil's me glass!?”


Nozomi still in the midst of comforting Jim for a moment, then felt that things were slightly better. But only slightly, feeling his warmth for a little bit more for a moment she decided then finally, “Um, Jim?”
Hearing her voice, Jim then asked her, “Yeah?”
Seeing she'd got his attention she asked, “Um, could you let go of me now?”
At this request, Jim remembering himself then immediately let her go and said, “Oh yeah... um? Sorry...” still embarrassed a little as Nozomi looked back up to him. He though decided to tell her one thing more, “Um, thanks for that.”
As she heard this gratitude being given to her, Nozomi though simply smiled and told him, “It's okay...” however she quickly realised, “Now c'mon! We have to go! We gotta tell Riku and the others about what Silver-!”

“Lad? Lass?”

Freezing in moments as she heard this familiar voice, immediately both Nozomi and Jim then saw that arriving back in the galley. It was none other than Mr Silver, his eyes were widened just as much as theirs were! However looking at them both, a serious look came into his eyes as he quickly realised what they knew.    
Nozomi and Jim then too forgot their shock and in seconds, they had the same look. As the tension quickly rose up into the air the two of them stepped back, with a glare in their gazes as they looked to the cyborg.
Seeing this himself, Mr Silver then spoke slowly as he asked approaching them, “Ya both playin' games are ya?”
Nozomi hearing him say this, then prepared herself as she readied her right hand for her keyblade. For she knew thing's were about to get messy. While Jim himself beside her, then felt something small and sharp behind him upon one of the tables, as he did so he took it as the female keyblader told the cyborg, “Yeah? Something like that...”
Hearing this reply from her, Mr Silver looked up and around himself for a moment as he then replied, “Oh I see...well I was never much good at playin' games.” With those words his right cybernetic arm behind him, turned and changed clicking in place as a pistol as he finished saying, “Always hated to lose...”
Nozomi hearing the click, knew it was time. She had to move! But before she could, she heard, “Hm? Me too!” With that suddenly Jim moved and stabbed a knife into the cyborg's right leg!


Seeing the gas leak everywhere Nozomi was shocked! However before she could say anything she felt a tug on her arm and instantly Jim told her, “Nozomi c'mon! Let's move!” With that the cabin boy dragged her up with him up the stairs!
Nozomi flustered behind him then cried out, “Jim wait! Whoa!” For there was no time for disagreements and the cabin boy knew that, as he pulled her up with him!
Mr Silver himself seeing them both go shouted out mad, “Blast it! Oi get back here!” However it was no use, they were gone! Angered at this, he couldn't believe it! He couldn't believe things had-!?

“Ha! Well it looks like the cat's out of the bag for ya! Ain't it?”

Hearing this voice, immediately the cyborg turned and as he did so, he saw there behind him that it was none other than, “Pete! I mighta known!?”
The overweight villain though simply grinned and laughed as he informed him, “Well who else were ya thinkin' it be!” Then as he looked at the cyborg he couldn't help but remark further, “Though I gotta say yer lookin' real worse for wears!”
Growling in agitation as he heard this, Mr Silver then heard another familiar voice say coldly, “Indeed, that does seem to be the case at this moment.”
Turning as he heard her, Mr Silver then said, “And Hari lass...” Seeing her look at him as emotionlessly as usual, he couldn't help but be sarcastic, “Yer still as benevolent and sweet as ever, ain't ya?”
Hari though hearing this it was clear was in no mood for humour as she spoke on, “Thing's have gone out of your hands now.” Saying that she looked to the stairs and as she did so, she went on to say, “And since they have... that means you will have to take power and master this expedition immediately.”
Hearing her say this, Mr Silver seeing her be so serious then asked her, “And let me guess, ya're all gonna be rollin' out the bloomin' red carpet for me to do it?”
As she heard this being put to her, Hari then replied, “If those are the terms you wish to use...” however she then decided to inform him, “But it will not just be I and Pete who will be providing that for you.”
Mr Silver a little puzzled to hear this, then asked, “Just what're ya-?”

“I will assist you, Mr Silver.”

Hearing this voice, the cyborg turned and saw with shock someone he never would have expected, “Rai lass?”
The dark blue haired girl stepping out of the shadows had a cold serious expression on her face. As she did so, she informed him, “I will help with the take over... so that we may be able gain Treasure Planet.”


As all of the crew continued on with their celebrations on board. Riku though was becoming terribly concerned for Nozomi and so leaving the king with Balthier and the others, he decided to begin searching. With Cait sith on his shoulder though he heard him say, “Don't worry lad! We'll find her soon! She couldn't have gotten that-!”

“Riku! Mickey! Cait sith! Everyone!!!”

Immediately turning as the familiar male voice sounded out, it was then everyone on board turned and saw a couple of familiar faces!
For there arriving on the deck, it was none other than, “Jim lad! Nozomi lass!” Cait sith cried out! As he did so looking at them, he couldn't help but complain saying, “Just where've the both of ya been! Ya've missed the entire-!”

“Listen! There's something you need to know!”

Riku hearing Nozomi cry this out too, though couldn't help but notice that Jim was holding onto her hand. Seeing this, he asked shocked, “Nozomi? You and Jim-?”

“It's Mr Silver!”

Mickey standing with the others who were shocked, the king then repeated curiously, “Mr Silver?”
Nozomi then seeing everyone's eyes on her, cried out loudly for everyone to hear.

“He can't be trusted! He's-!”


Suddenly from behind both the keyblader and cabin boy, a cannon blast came forth sending them flying!


Seeing this with alarm, immediately Riku and Mickey along with Cait sith ran in their direction as they all cried out, “Nozomi!” “Jim!” “Lads!”
Balthier in the meantime standing with the rest of his crew, then saw above them Mr Silver emerge and with a triumphant evil grin on his face. He then declared to his mates, “Change in plans lads!!! With the heartless we're all movin' now!!!”
Immediately at his cry it was then that the rest of his crew all at first perplexed then grinned and moved in to join their true captain! As they did so, quickly in moments huge hordes of heartless began to appear everywhere from darkened portals in the floor, some as ships, pirates and others as shadows!
Yeul terrified to see this all happening as she hugged her teddy close to herself, then felt Noel move and place himself before her protectively as his friends all did the same!
Seeing the situation had changed dramatically, Balthier drawing his pistol out couldn't help but say, “Well, I was wondering when the second act would begin!” With that as he said those words, the RLS Legacy's white flag that had been hung to wave was quickly taken down and changed for the dark skull and crossbones of the pirates... as finally, the siege was underway!
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(Contains: strong language)
.:Chapter Twenty Five : The Curiosity:.

Flipping over another page of her magazine, Miya then reaching her hand over took a sip from her white tea cup that contained the warm soothing Chamomile tea that had been made for her by Yui. Doing this briefly for a moment, she then turned her attentions back to the article she was reading.
It was now the morning after her arrival to the mansion and the incident that involved her painful encounter with Laito. Since that time, the two girls now dressed in their nightwear were sitting at the kitchen table having their breakfast meal together. However it wasn't as pleasant and light hearted as it could have been since they'd barely exchanged any words with each another.
Yui herself, sitting in her own chair with a simple breakfast that consisted of toast and a couple of boiled eggs. However looking down at her meal, the blonde haired girl hadn't even touched one of the golden yolks with her spoon. For she still couldn't help but think of what had happened the night before.
As her eyes dwelled on her cooling meal, she then turned her eyes to Miya. As she did so, she couldn't help but gaze upon her bandaged left hand. Seeing it again, she turned her eyes back down as her sad thoughts and regrets continued to eat her up inside.
She hated the fact that she'd been so foolish to assume that with her friend's strength, the Sakamaki's wouldn't bother to go after her as much as herself. She'd been so naïve! Because she realised now, even with her unusual amounts of physical power she was still just as vulnerable as she was. Then as she thought of this, it made her remember before when she'd almost believed Miya could be a demon...
Thinking of the frightened and paranoid feelings she had when Reiji had told her his suspicions, it made her clench her silver spoon tightly. For she couldn't imagine thinking such a thing now, for her unwary friend despite her ill feelings and all this danger, still continued to stay by her side. As she thought that, she knew inside that someone as weak as herself didn't deserve someone who was so loyal like this...
Then as this regretful thought crossed Yui's mind, she thought again about what had been promised between them both. About Miya telling her the truth about herself and her past. Thinking of this, the blonde haired girl decided that maybe it would be better for her not to know... for she didn't need convincing now to prove that-

“Hey, Yui-ko?”

Startled out of her pessimistic thoughts, the gentle pink eyed girl looked up from her meal suddenly and uttered, “Huh? What?”
Still sitting comfortably within her own seat, Miya looking to her friend held up her magazine to her  and pointing to a particular word on it she asked her, “Do you know how to pronounce this word? I just can't read it.”
Silent for a moment as she heard this question being asked to her, Yui looking to the magazine quietly replied, “Which word is that, Miya-chan?”
Hearing her ask, the orange haired girl then walked over and taking her magazine with her. She put it down before her friend and pointing to the particular word she said, “It's this one.”
Seeing the single printed word, Yui looking at it for a moment pronounced it herself, “Hō-mon-gi...” then as the word settled into her mind, the blonde haired girl recognised what it was, “A Houmongi.”
As she heard her say the word herself, Miya then replied with a little surprise in her tone, “Houmongi, huh? So that's how you say it?”
Nodding herself, Yui then replied, “Yes that's right.” Then saying that, she looked back to the article Miya had been reading again and as she did, she saw what she'd been looking at and asked her, “Why are you looking at these types of Kimono's, Miya-chan? Are you going to be wearing one of these kinds?”
As she heard her ask this question to her, Miya then waved her right hand and replied with a smile and slight laugh, “Me? No way! They're way too sophisticated for me to wear!” However shrugging her shoulders she admitted, “But... I wouldn't mind wearing a kimono again at some stage, it's been a long time since I last have.”
Hearing Miya say this, Yui stared at her for a moment as she had a reminiscent smile on her face looking up and into the distance. However seeing her friend being so cheerful, made her feel guilty again as she looked to the side and replied a little sadly, “I see...”
The heterochromia eyed girl, hearing this tone looked down to Yui for a moment. As she did, she quietly then decided to say something else that had been on her mind for a while, “But I was thinking one of these Houmongi kimono's would look amazing on you!”
As she heard this comment, Yui looking up to her confused for a moment then uttered, “Huh?”
Smiling brightly still, Miya went on to say, “I mean c'mon look at them! Those gentle pastel colours and the flowery embroidery, they'd suit you down to the ground!”
Yui hearing her friend once again giving her compliments like this, felt flustered.  Then quickly shaking her head, she immediately denied, “No they wouldn't! These kinds of kimono's don't suit someone like me... I-”
“They would too!” Miya then interrupted her strongly and as she did, she decided to add, “You'd be so cute! You'd look like one of those classic ichimatsu dolls, but better!”
Hearing this, immediately Yui replied back strongly, “Miya-chan! Stop saying weird things like that!” Then looking down she complained looking a little red in the face, “I don't like it when you exaggerate like that...”
Laughing seeing Yui become embarrassed like this, Miya then replied jokingly with a smile, “Sorry, sorry...” however looking to her friend softly, she decided to say something else, “You know, I'm glad.”
Surprised by this remark, Yui puzzled for a moment looked to Miya as she asked her, “What?”
The heterochromia eyed girl smiling still, then told her, “You're finally acting more normally again... I was worried you weren't gonna perk up at all.”
Silent as she heard this, Yui astonished couldn't think of a single word to say. Instead she stared on at Miya in amazement as she heard her go on to say, “Ever since with what happened last night, you completely shut down after you cried... I was so worried that you wouldn't cheer up at all.”
Hearing Miya say these words to her, as she looked to her with a somewhat sad smile upon her face. Yui was once again astounded at how much she cared, however feeling sad again at making her worry for her again. The blonde haired girl then decided to finally speak herself, “Miya-chan... I, I've wanted to say this to you, about last night I'm-”
However quickly stopping her, in her tracks. Miya then moved and quickly poking Yui in the forehead she told her with a little annoyance echoing in her own voice, “Now cut that out! I've told you before and again not to apologise like that anymore! You didn't have anything to do with what happened last night!”
Yui hearing this, then rubbed her forehead perplexed as she heard her friend go on to say, “What occurred before, was between me and that bug! No-one else, you didn't give him the rose and make him do that! So don't feel so responsible for every single little thing!”
As she heard this being said to her, Yui then removing her hand from her forehead. Though still felt she had to say something about what happened, so looking to her friend she told her, her own thoughts, “But, you still got hurt Miya-chan! I should have been more wary that could happen to you, since they've done it to me I... I should have been more careful, I-”
“Just quit that!” Miya told her annoyed. Then as Yui became quiet again, the orange haired girl told her, “Don't feel so responsible like that! With what happened before, neither of us could have known... those guys are tricky enough to handle, let alone predict! So don't blame yourself for that, as I said before it's not your fault.”
Yui hearing this being said to her, though still felt guilty inside and so said a little shakily, “But, I-”
“This injury!” Miya said, showing her bandaged left hand to Yui stopping the blonde haired girl in her tracks, “Is nothing!”
Seeing her friend's hand in front of her face, Yui staring at the white wrapping over her palm and fingers was quiet. However before she was given the chance to dwell on it, she heard Miya go on to say as she took her limb back into her healthy right hand, “I'll admit that when that bastard did what he did, it hurt like fucking hell!” Then gripping her fingers, she looked to the side and went on to say, “I would have beaten him to within an inch of death if I could... but it's not the worst injury I've ever had.”
As she heard saying this, Yui looking to her asked her, “It isn't?”
Shaking her head, Miya then staring down to the floor replied, “No, I've had worse... way worse than this before.”
Yui staring at Miya as she said this, then saw she had a sad pained expression on her face. It was clear that this was related with the past that she still had yet to discuss about with her. Seeing her like this, she couldn't imagine what she could have suffered that would have been worse than Laito had done to her. But it was clear that it must have been terrible...
Miya herself though stoping her brief moment of re-collection turned back to Yui and as she did, she told her finally, “But anyway, don't let this injury bother, you okay? It hasn't killed me and I don't blame you in the slightest for what happened... alright, Yui-ko?”
Hearing her say these words to her, Yui staring at Miya for a moment was quiet before she made a reply, “Alright...” For though she still felt bad inside for what had happened... she also realised that her friend's words were true, it wasn't her fault and she couldn't have known that, that would have happened. These thoughts and words relieved her of some of her sorrow, but she decided on something inside. Looking to her friend she then asked her, “But Miya-chan?”
Seeing her friend look at her, with her gentle pink eyes. Miya then replied, “Yeah?”
The blonde haired girl, then told her honestly, “I promise you... I'll try and be more careful in the future so something like this doesn't happen again...” then looking down she clenched her light white pink nightdress, as she went on to say “Because, I don't want you to get hurt for my sake... not when you've done so much for me already.”
Hearing her say this, Miya looking at Yui was quiet. However then smiling to her gently she told her, “Thanks Yui-ko.”
Surprised again as she heard her say this to her, Yui looked on up to her friend and as she saw her looking to her so gently and warmly she heard her go on to say, “I'm glad you care so much about me... you're really a sweet soul.”
Yui hearing this, then couldn't help but blush again at Miya's compliments as she looked down and said shyly, “Oh no... I'm not I-”
Giggling as she saw this reaction, Miya then said aloud, “And you're modest too!” However quickly regaining her serious tone she decided to tell her honestly, “But I mean it, thanks Yui-ko... and I'll do my best to do the same.”
Repeating this puzzled, Yui asked, “The same?”
Nodding, Miya then told her, “Yeah, to protect you better from those bastards! To stop them from from harassing and hurting you.”
Hearing her say this to her, like she had ages ago when she first came to the mansion. Yui was touched by this and so said softly with a happy smile, “Miya-chan...”
As she heard this though, the orange haired girl went on to say, “Also to get you out of here!” For then as she thought about it, she admitted, “Because, we've really gotta get out of this mansion at some point... it's not fair that you're cooped up in here all the time.”
Listening to her as she said these words, Yui then feeling brighter and better replied, “Yeah, that would be nice to do... I haven't really been anywhere else other than school and maybe into the city a few times.”
Hearing her say this, Miya then replied with an annoyed sigh, “I can imagine! Those stupid whacked up occultists! I know those types like to be total shut in's and do whatever weird crap they have to, but it's not fair that you're dragged into it!”
Nodding as she said these words, Yui then admitted herself playing along with the ruse, “Yeah that's true...”
As she heard her friend saying these words, Miya looking to her decided to ask, “Is there anywhere in particular you'd like to go to, Yui-ko?”
Hearing her friend ask this question, Yui looking to her asked her, “Anywhere I'd like to go?” To which simply Miya nodded in reply. As she did this, the blonde haired girl became quiet for a moment as she thought to herself, however honestly she had to admit, “Well... I can't think of anywhere precisely I'd like to go, but somewhere in the countryside would be nice, I think something like that would be good.”
Miya listening to this then replied, “Yeah that would be good...” Suddenly though an idea occurred to her, “Oh yeah! That reminds me!”
Looking to the orange haired girl curiously as she heard her say this, Yui looked to her friend and asked her, “What is it, Miya-chan?”
The heterochromia eyed girl looking excited by the sudden thought, told her friend, “Back in my old hometown there's the O-Bon festival we could both go to! It's such a spectacular event, with all the stalls, people singing and dancing along with the lanterns glowing in the night! There are even even fireflies that glow in the night in the woods... it's so beautiful! You'd totally love it I bet!”
Hearing Miya give this brief description of the festival, Yui seeing the excited dreamy look on her friend's face couldn't help but smile and say, “That does sound wonderful! I'd love to see that!”
Nodding proudly at these words, Miya told her, “We'll definitely do that together! Just you wait and see!” Then she couldn't help but admit on a humorous note, “Plus us also wearing our gorgeous kimono's!”
Yui hearing Miya say this and seeing the happy grin on her face, she couldn't help but laugh herself as she replied, “Of course.” With that reply there was then a happy wave of laughter between them both, as they imagined the trip that maybe one day they'd both do together.


Startled in seconds, quickly the laughter between the two girls was halted. For a certain individual  looked on with an irritated expression as he demanded out of them, “Just what're the two of you laughing about this early?”
Looking on at the individual who'd come in and interrupted them so suddenly, Yui asked surprised, “Subaru-kun?”
For there behind them both, was the white haired and torn shirt wearing young man. Standing in the doorway to the kitchen with his arms crossed with an angered look on his face, he stared on at them both with his red eyes.
Seeing him herself again, Miya simply stared. For looking at the angry expression that was on his face and remembering the night before, she couldn't help but wonder to herself quietly, 'What's got him so pissed off?'    
Seeing the silent perplexed reaction he was getting from the girls, infuriated Subaru all the more as he demanded out of them, “Hey! Tell me right now! What're the two of you conspiring together!?”
Yui hearing Subaru getting so mad like this, was clearly feeling a little nervous. However Miya herself unnerved repeated dismissively, “Conspiring?”
Then looking to Yui, she couldn't help but lean over and whisper into her ear, “Anger management issues much?”
Immediately hearing her friend say this, Yui uttered bringing her finger to her lips, “Shhh! Miya-chan!”
Seeing the orange haired girl whisper into Yui's ear like this, made Subaru all the more angered as he demanded, “What're you two hiding!? If you're both-!?”
“Subaru-kun!” Quickly in moments, the white haired vampire was stopped in his tracks as Yui spoke up. As she did so, she went on to say, “Please calm down! We're not hiding anything from you!”
As he heard Yui say this and look at him with a pleading expression with her gentle pink eyes. His anger momentarily wavered, however his suspicions were still high and so he asked them, “Then what're the two of you talking about in here? I heard something about you leaving.”
Miya herself though, getting a little annoyed with the accusatory tone he was using then decided to tell him, “That's our business, we don't have tell you a word about it... especially if you're gonna be so rude like this.”
Subaru hearing Miya speak to him like this, as she stared at him with distaste. His anger was beginning to burn again inside as he clenched his right fist tightly. Yui seeing this, could see that fireworks were going to spark and fly unless she did something! So moving quickly she got up and said clasping her hands together, “Subaru-kun!”
Hearing her speak suddenly, Subaru returned his angry red eyes back to her and as he did, he heard her ask, “Do you want to join us?”
Immediately, his rage fleeing from him, Subaru had to ask her slightly baffled, “Huh? Join you?”
Miya herself then looked on in the same way to Yui as she went to ask her, “Yui-ko, why would you-?”
“If you sit with us, you can listen to the conversation we're having and if you do... you'll see we don't mean any ill will,” Yui explained quickly as she looked to the red eyed vampire still. Trying to be positive as she smiled, she then added, “I'll even make some tea for you, so please... will you join us?”
Seeing her look to him with that typical happy smile of hers. Subaru was quiet as he was still puzzled as to why she would suggest such a thing? However quickly he uttered simply, “Tch! Since you've asked, I guess I have no choice.” Then walking over he grabbed himself one of the spare chairs and placed himself on it.
Looking at him as he did this, Miya then watched Subaru cross his arms as he looked to Yui and told her annoyed, “Go and make that tea! I don't like to be kept waiting!”
Silent for a moment as she heard this, Yui though quickly regained her smile and as she did so, she replied, “Alright! Please just wait a moment!” Then as she went to make some more of the Chamomile brew, she looked to her friend and asked her, “Miya-chan, would you like some too?”
Hearing Yui ask her this, the heterochromia eyed girl quiet for a moment then replied, “Um? Sure...okay?”
Nodding as she heard this, Yui went to go and make the tea for everyone. As she did this, Miya and Subaru stared on at her quietly from behind. However for a brief moment, the two of them then accidentally looked to each other and in the next second immediately away! For neither of them wanted to look at the other when they both felt so sour, for different varying reasons...


Some time later, both girls were now sitting closer together upon their chairs and were looking over another magazine that had been donated to them from Miya's mother. The two of them for the last while had regained their happy positive mood, as Subaru quietly observed them with his red eyes, drinking the tea that had been prepared for them all.
Looking over the article they were now immersed in, Miya couldn't help but lick her lips as she remarked, “Wow... this looks real yummy!”
For the two of them had stumbled across a recipe for a fruity trifle. It was one that consisted of coconut flavoured bananas, vanilla cream, peach halves and ginger biscuit crumbs. Reading over the recipe herself, Yui couldn't help but agree with her friend, “Yeah, this trifle really does look great!” Then as she looked over the ingredients again she couldn't help but comment, “And I like how they've used peaches with the bananas, that really is unique.”
Nodding Miya then began to say, “Yeah it's-” However quickly she asked, “Wait? It's got peaches in it?”
Surprised as she said this, Yui then replied, “Yeah, didn't you read the recipe Miya-chan?”
Hearing her ask this question, Miya looked over the recipe again and she saw becoming quickly disheartened, “Oh yeah... it does, I guess I missed that part when I saw it had bananas and coconut.”
Yui gazing at her friend as she became deflated saying this, then decided to ask her, “Wait? So, do you dislike peaches, Miya-chan?”
As she heard this question being put to her, Miya sighed as she replied simply, “Yep... I do, I've never been that keen on them, they're my least favourite fruit.”
Learning a new thing about her friend like this, Yui then said, “I see...” For if they were going to make this trifle they'd have to improvise. So quiet for a moment as she thought to herself of what to do. She quickly came up with an idea, “What about apricots Miya-chan? Do you like those?”
Hearing her say this to her, Miya repeated, “Huh? Apricots?”
To which Yui nodded, “Yeah, if we use those instead of the peaches, I think that will come out really well and there wouldn't be any problems right?”
At this suggestion, Miya quiet stared at Yui with amazement and then quickly she had to admit becoming dazzled, “Yui-ko, you are a total genius!” Then looking to the pictured trifle, she added, “I think you've made this dessert fifty times more amazing with that suggestion!”
As she heard her friend say this, Yui then laughed and told her friend, “Miya-chan! Don't exaggerate like that, it's just a trifle.” With that they both laughed at the silliness that they'd created together.
Subaru though looking on was silent and blank at he looked at them oddly. Staring on, he spoke his thoughts aloud, “I don't get it?”
The laughter stopping, both girls looked to the white haired young man. Miya then seeing him look on with such a dismissive expression asked him, “What don't you get?”
As he heard this question being put to him, Subaru then replied, “Your ridiculous excitement over that stupid dessert, who cares what's in it! As long as it's edible who gives a damn.”
Immediately both girls staring on at the white haired young man, felt their happy moment quickly wilt away. It was almost like they'd both been doused in ice cold water, neither said a word as they stared on at him, as he took another swig of his tea.
Seeing him ruin the mood, annoyed Miya as she retorted, “Okay, well someone has no sense of taste in here.”
Hearing this comment, Subaru looking to the critical heterochromia eyed girl then asked her back, “What's that supposed to mean?”
Yui was growing nervous again quickly, however she wasn't fast enough to stop Miya from going on to say, “It's obvious, as I've said you have no sense of taste! Especially if you can't appreciate the difference in flavour between peaches and apricots.”
Annoyed as he heard this, Subaru then retorted straight back, “Why should I care for the difference! I've had both and as far as I'm concerned they're practically the same!” Finishing saying these words, he saw still that Miya was staring at him with irritated eyes. As she did this, he could feel his own anger brimming inside again, he then told her threateningly, “Don't judge me!”
Yui hearing Subaru say these words, knew she had to intervene fast! So quickly trying to ease the tense atmosphere, she spoke up, “Um? Subaru-kun?”
Hearing her ask for him, the red eyed angry young man turned to her and as he did so. Yui at first could feel her uncertainty make her freeze up, however she knew she had to try! So she asked as carefully as she could, “If you, if you don't like either of those fruits... which do you like?”
Looking at her queerly as she asked him, Subaru then asked her, “Huh? Why're you asking a stupid question like that?”
As she heard this being asked in such a dismissive tone, Yui then tried to explain herself to him, “Well I... I was just curious, since it's something I haven't really asked you about yet and...”
Seeing her mumbling on like this, Subaru was simply unimpressed as he then told Yui flatly, “Tch! How stupid...asking about meaningless crap like that!”
Miya herself seeing Subaru shoot down Yui's question like that, making her look down sadly. She immediately was annoyed again. Then she decided to tell him flatly, “There's nothing meaningless about that question! What's wrong with her just trying to understand you a little better?”
Subaru himself then hearing Miya say this to him, automatically switched his gaze back to her. As he did so, he then asked her, “Huh? Understand me better? Why would asking that do-?”
“Because it'd reveal what you like!” Miya stated interrupting him and as she made him stop, she carried on to say irritated by his moodiness and brash behaviour, “Plus it might lead onto something else like your hobbies and stuff, then maybe it would let us have a decent conversation with you!” Then to finish off she also told him straight off, “And perhaps you could surprise us and show you're not a complete sulky jerk!”
Hearing her say this to him, Subaru silent for a few seconds as her words settled into his mind then gritted his teeth. For this girl was really trying him, speaking back to him in such a disrespectful way like this! So quickly he told her, “I don't want you uttering that crap to me! I don't have any pathetic things you call hobbies and I have no intention of telling you anything about what I like!”
Silent as she heard this, Miya though expected as much from the angry white haired young man. However she grew perplexed as she had to ask, “What? You have no hobbies?”
Turning his head away from her, as she asked this. It was obvious that Subaru had no intention of answering her, it appeared to the heterochromia eyed girl that he was almost sulking like a child.  So sighing as she saw this, she turned her attentions to her friend as she asked her, “Yui-ko, is he serious?”
Hearing this question being put to her, Yui looking to Subaru for a moment as he continued to turn his face away from them both. She then explained honestly and gently turning her attentions back to her friend, “Um? Well I'll admit that Subaru-kun doesn't really have any hobbies that I know of...”
Clearly, Miya herself was in disbelief about this so she had to ask, “Okay...? But what does he do then most of the time, does he just laze around like that bum, Shuu-san?”
Subaru hearing Miya state a possible similarity between himself and his useless older brother, irritated him. So opening his red eyes he turned them to look at the two girls as they continued to talk together.
Yui herself though unaware that Subaru was now looking at them both, then told her friend, “Oh no! I wouldn't say Subaru-kun is as bad as that! Um... but most of the time, he does tend to shut himself away in his room and sleep in his cof-!”
Quickly though Yui came to an alarmed halt as she clasped her hands over her mouth! Seeing her do this, Miya then baffled repeated, “Cof-?”
Immediately acting, Yui then coughed a little to quickly make Miya stop asking. As she did so, she  laughed a little awkwardly and informed her friend, “Sorry, something was tickling my throat.” Then saying this, she saw her friend stare at her oddly and feeling embarrassed as she did this. The blonde haired girl then concluded quickly as she could, “Um, but as I was saying before. Subaru-kun does tend to just sleep away in his room... so I don't really know too much more about anything like that.”
Looking at Yui for a little more, the heterochromia eyed girl couldn't help but think that the way Yui coughed a little ago was just too suddenly out of place. For she could have sworn she was going to say something? However for the moment she decided to let it go as she said, “Okay, Yui-ko...”
With that she turned her attentions back to Subaru who she saw then was looking at them both again. As she did so, folding her arms she decided to speak her thoughts, “So... you've got no hobbies, you're a moody jerk and you sleep away locked in your room, huh?”
Subaru hearing Miya describe him in this way, felt like she was judging him again. This annoying him, he then decided to utter back to her, “And what of it?”
As she heard him ask this, the orange haired girl then decided to tell him as she gazed at his overall appearance and demeanour, “Well I guess simply this means that you're one thing...” with that with a serious look in her eyes, she told him, “You're practically an Emo aren't you?”
Hearing this word being put to him, Subaru stared at Miya and as he did so, he uttered, “Huh? An Emo?”
To which, the orange haired girl told him, “Yeah, one of those reclusive angsty shut in types who're trying to prove their uniqueness by shirking off the rest of the world, I'd say that pretty much describes you, huh?”
As he heard this being told to him, immediately Subaru annoyed told her mad, “Where the fuck did you get that idea from!?”
To which shrugging her shoulders, Miya then informed him, “From your overall attitude, I'd say that's the only thing you could be at this point, right Yui-ko?” She asked turning to her friend with a grin.
Yui though worried replied back to her friend, “Um? I don't think that's a good thing to say Miya-chan, I-?”
“Oi!” To which immediately both girls turned their attentions back to Subaru. Again he was angered and as he was, he told the heterochromia eyed girl, “Don't go and assume about me when you know nothing! You conceited bitch!”
Hearing him speak to her in this way, Miya looking at him was far from impressed. However becoming now a little more accustomed to these angry outbursts of his, she then told him, “I'm not assuming about who you are, stupid! I'm just giving you my impression I have so far.”
Yui hearing Miya say this and seeing how angry Subaru was becoming worried. Putting her hand on her friend's peppermint coloured sleeve, she looked to her anxiously and said, “Miya-chan...!”
Feeling her cling onto her like that as she slightly trembled, Miya then saw the worry in her eyes. As she did so, she was silent for moment. However realising she was making her friend anxious she decided to reassure her as she did a simple nod with a smile.
Doing this, Yui was quiet as her friend turned back to Subaru and then carried on with her words, “But, it's not a too bad an impression I have of you.”
Subaru hearing her say this, momentarily forgot his anger as he asked her, “Huh? What do you-?”
“I said I don't have a too bad of an impression of you,” with that as she repeated her words, Miya looking at him then added, “But if you want me to change it and really let me get to know you and your personality, then you're gonna have to make an effort to show it.”
Hearing her say this to him as she explained, Subaru then asked her baffled, “Show you? Show you what?”
“Who you really are,” Miya then told him. To which the red eyed vampire stared at her, as did Yui who with amazement heard her friend go on to say, “Because I think that gruff display you keep showing... that's not who you really are and to be honest, if you want to have a hobby then I'd recommend some Martial Arts.”
As he heard this Subaru then asked looking at her oddly, “Martial Arts?”
With a single nod, Miya continued on to explain, “Yeah, I think it would do wonders for you! I mean with that hole I saw you punch in the wall before, you'd be a real knockout in tournaments!” To which she finished with a grin and as she did so, she also couldn't help but add, “Plus it might also do wonders for that temper of yours!”
Hearing her say this, Subaru quiet for a moment told her mad, “Don't go preaching to me what I should do! I'm not gonna take any orders from you!” Then looking away from her, he finally finished saying, “Why should I reveal anything about myself anyway... I don't have anything worth to talk about.”
Yui looking at Subaru as he said this, then saw he had a somewhat depressed look on his face as he turned his face away. Seeing this, she couldn't help but be a little bit concerned about him...
However Miya herself rolling her eyes at this reaction from him, then said aloud, “Geez, oh geez! Looks like the big baby's sulking again...” but looking at Subaru she couldn't help but smile at this kid like behaviour.
As she said this, Yui looking to Miya for a moment turned her gentle pink eyes back to Subaru again and as she did so. She decided to say something, “Subaru-kun?”
Hearing Yui ask for him, the red eyed young man turning his attentions back to her. She heard her say to him gently, “About what Miya-chan just said... she means it with the best of intentions for you.” Then revealing a gentle smile of her own, she went on to say, “And I also feel the same way as she does.”
Subaru hearing Yui say this, then became curious as he asked, “What does that mean?”
With that the blonde haired girl told him in her kindly warm tone, “I think you're also not that bad at all... for you can be so gentle and kind, I've seen it quite often before and... you shouldn't be ashamed of showing something so wonderful like that...”
Hearing her say this, Subaru staring at her for a moment became wide eyed. Then immediately blushing red, he barked out mad, “What crap are you spewing about! Don't go about saying stuff like that this early! I-!” However it was clear he couldn't think of a single word more to say, so turning his face away from the two girls and looking to the side he said mad, “Fuck this... you two are just utterly weird!”
Seeing him become bashful like this as he turned away from them both. Yui and Miya looking at him, then turned to each other and as they did so, they smiled knowingly. For they knew they were both right about the blushing white haired young man.
With that the happy and peaceful atmosphere returned and as it did so. The three altogether continued drinking their tea as they chatted together, as the nightly breakfast continued on...


Pulling her glove onto her right hand, making sure not to move the bandage about too much. Miya fully dressed in her usual and now clean casual wear proceeded out of Yui's room and as she did so, she told her, “Okay, Yui-ko! I'll see you out here in a second!”
With that as she called out, from behind the wooden brown door came her friend's reply, “Alright, Miya-chan! I won't be long alright?”
“That's fine! Take your time, Yui-ko.” With that, saying those words, the orange haired girl shut the door behind her and doing so. She then rested her back against the corridor wall as she waited for her friend to finish her changing.
As she closed her eyes in thought, she then fished out her mobile phone from her pocket to see if she'd received any messages from her Mom or anyone else. As she did so, she heard a voice call out to her, “Hey? What're you doing standing out here all by yourself?”
With that the heterochromia eyed girl's attention was drawn away from her phone and she saw who it was who'd called out to her. Seeing him she asked, “So? You're still following after us, Subaru-kun?”
For there before her was the white haired young man, who'd sat in on their breakfast meal together. Seeing that he'd got het attention again, Subaru asked her once more as he approached, “What're you two doing now?”
Shrugging her shoulders, Miya then told him honestly now relaxed and laid back, “At the moment, I'm checking my phone while waiting for Yui-ko to finish getting dressed... that's all.” With that she went back to her phone again.
As she did so, Subaru looking at her as she beeped some buttons on her phone. Couldn't though but help ask one question, “But why're you waiting outside while she changes?”
Hearing this question being put to her, Miya finishing her checks looked up from her phone. Then putting it away back into her pocket, she put her arms and hands behind her back as she told him, “Because she asked me to wait outside...” then looking to the door to her friend's room, she went on to say, “I think it's because she still feels ashamed about that rash she's got.”
Puzzled as she said this, Subaru then asked her, “A rash?”
Turning her odd coloured eyes back to him, Miya then told him, “Yeah, it's those red spot like marks all over her body... it makes her feel really insecure.” Then looking down sadly, she had to admit, “I mean it doesn't bother me too much now, but I do feel bad for her... it just looks so painful for her.”
Subaru listening to Miya say these words was quiet. However he knew in reality what those marks really were and hearing Yui felt that way... he couldn't help but turn his head to the side as he replied, “I see... it is too bad.”
Miya then hearing him say this, looked to Subaru. As she did so, she saw the sad look that was in his eyes and as she did, she was surprised for a moment. However a gentle smile then came to her face as she said, “You really aren't a bad guy are you?”
Pulled away from his sad thoughts for a minute, Subaru looked to Miya and saw her smiling to him. Puzzled as he saw this, he asked her, “Huh? What're you talking about this time?”
Hearing him ask this question, Miya continuing to smile then told him, “I can see that gentleness now, the one Yui-ko was talking about before.” Then seeing him looking at her baffled she continued on to say, “Though I wasn't sure of it with that aggressiveness you show, I can tell now that you're not as bad as the rest of those brothers of yours!”
Staring at her, Subaru didn't understand what had brought on this change in her! However before he could move to say another word, Miya then went on to say, “I'd even go so far as to say you're probably the most decent guy in the whole mansion!”
As he heard her say this, immediately turning red he told her mad, “Cut this crap! I can't believe you're still saying shit like that! When you barely know a thing!”
Seeing him get so mad at her like this, Miya smiling said to him, “Oh sure I admit that, I obviously don't know all there is about you, Subaru-kun.” However with a triumphant expression on her face, she decided to reveal one thing she'd concluded, “But I think I'm certain about one possibility... you have a thing for Yui-ko, don't you?”
Hearing this question being put to him so bluntly and suddenly like this, immediately Subaru blushed tomato red in the face! Becoming outraged, he then shouted out, “What're you talking about!? Where did you-!?”
“Bang on target, huh?” With that Miya laughed at Subaru's reaction to her question brightly.
Seeing her do this, immediately the white haired young man then told her getting more mad, “Shut the hell up! I don't wanna hear-!”
“I wish you luck!” Miya told him, as she continued to smile with amusement.
As she said this, Subaru dumbfounded then uttered, “Huh? What're you-?”
“I'm saying I wish you luck with your crush on Yui-ko, because I think you have a good chance!” Then smiling brightly still she also added, with a thumbs up, “Cause you've totally got my approval!”
Absolutely put off guard by this proclamation, Subaru then still red in the face told her barking mad, “Knock it off! I don't give a crap if you like me or not! With you going on like that... it makes me want to-!”
Suddenly though surprising him, Miya had walked up to him and then putting a hand on his white hair. She started stroking it, making him look to her perplexed with shocked eyes! As she did this, she then went on to say looking on smugly with a smile, “You know... I've changed my mind about you.”
Silent as he heard this, Subaru was then about to demand what she was talking about when she revealed, “You're not an Emo... You're totally a classic Tsundere, one of the cute denial types!”
Feeling her continue to stroke his hair like this and seeing the rather smug knowing smile on Miya's face. Subaru then realised immediately that he was being patronised and feeling this... he gritted his teeth as he clenched his right fist!
It was then at that moment, that Yui emerged from her bedroom fully dressed in her own usual casual wear as she smiled and said, “Sorry I kept you waiting out here, Miya-chan. We can go now to-!”


Suddenly as this loud sound echoed throughout the hallway, Yui saw with shock that Subaru had moved, pushing her friend to the opposite wall and had punched striking a hole into it! His fist was now imbedded making a crater that was right beside the shocked heterochromia eyed girl's head, who looked to him with widened eyes.
Seeing this happen, immediately Yui cried out in fright and terror, “Miya-chan!?”
The startled orange haired girl, looking up to Subaru then saw him looking at her enraged. As he did so, he told her threateningly with a snarl in his voice, “Don't ever touch me or speak to me in that way again!” Then narrowing his eyes, he told her what the result would be, “Otherwise I'll destroy you!”
Yui hearing Subaru say these words shivered at the rage he exuded. While Miya herself, staring on at her white haired attacker, though still a little shook up. Quickly regained her composure and so looking to him with a serious calm gaze, she told him, “You can try in the future if you want...but if you're gonna be serious with me, try and aim better next time!”
Looking at her as she said this and seeing the serious determined calm gaze in Miya's heterochromia odd coloured eyes. Subaru was momentarily startled and for a few silent moments neither of them said a word to as they looked on at each other, as Yui stared on at them both...
As the blonde haired girl looked on with uncertainty, she wasn't sure of what to do? However she saw then Subaru dislodge his fist from the now cracked hole in the wall. As he did so without a word, he looked to Miya and then to her. As he did so there was more silence, before finally he left solemnly leaving the two girls alone together as he strode off into the distance...
Seeing him leave, Yui puzzled then though finally recovered enough of herself to run on over and asked hurriedly with worry, “Miya-chan! Are you alright!? Are you-?”
Hearing her friend ask after her well being as she dusted herself off from the experience. Miya moved herself away from the cratered wall as she then replied casually with a sigh, “I'm fine, I'm alright, Yui-ko don't worry!” With that said she finally finished her cleaning work with her gloved hands, doing so she looked to her and finished saying, “I just pressed too many of his buttons and well... you know the rest.”
Hearing her as she said this, Yui then replied simply, “Oh... I see.” With that she became quiet and looked down to the carpeted floor, unsure of what to say next.
Miya herself though, then sighing once again decided on something, “Well, since we're already dressed and the Tsundere's not around anymore... I think it's about time.”
As these words were spoken, Yui looked up to her friend puzzled and asked her, “About time?”
Nodding simply, Miya then told her with a serious light in her eyes, “Yeah, it's time for me to tell you the truth... about the origins of my power and my past.”
Surprised as she heard her say this, Yui looking to her asked, “You're going to tell me that now?”
Miya then replied, “Yeah, I am...” however looking about and around the corridor, she decided on something else, “But, not in here.”
Hearing these words, Yui then repeated, “Not in here?”
Confirming this, Miya then told her, “Yeah, not in the mansion...” with that she started walking down the corridor and as she did so, she told her friend looking back to her, “We'll go outside into the woods, that way we'll have more of a guarantee of some privacy as well as not being interrupted.”
As this was explained to her, Yui then quiet for a moment replied, “Oh I see... okay, let's go then Miya-chan.”
With that the orange haired girl smiled simply as she nodded and as she did Yui caught up with her. As she did so, the two of them side by side walked on together down the corridor as they went to go on down to reach the red carpeted stairs and finally walk through the grand doors to enter the woods beyond the elaborate gardens.
However unbeknownst to them, following on closely behind. Concealing himself within the shadows, was Ayato who looking on with his green eyes uttered with a knowing sharp cunning smile, “Yeah! You go ahead and spout your secrets you bitch! I'll be listening keenly to each and every word you utter!” With that the shadowed spy followed on closely behind his prey. For soon, he would be listening to all the truth and history that the anomaly girl had been concealing from them all...  
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
.:Chapter Twenty Four : The Infliction:.

On the other side of the wooden door to the bathroom of the Sakamaki mansion, Miya sighed as she finally removed the last of her ruined clothing from her body. Looking at all the cream that was now staining her turquoise blue top and her red vest, along with her dark blue shorts. She couldn't help but comment, “Man... I really hope this stuff does comes off!” For saying that, she also caught a whiff of the cream, it made her sour as she finished saying, “I don't wanna stink!”


Hearing her friend's soft voice from the other side of the door, the heterochromia eyed girl turned in it's direction. As she did so, she then heard Yui ask her, “Have you finished changing?”
As she heard this question being put to her, Miya gave her reply, “Yeah, I'm out of my rags now!” Then saying that, the orange haired girl carrying her stained clothing in her hands went to the door and opened it. Doing this she made a gap, as she did so she reached her arm out and handed her friend her clothes, saying, “Here they are, Yui-ko.”
On the other side of the door, Yui herself then took her friend's clothes in her hands. As she did so, she made a simple smile as she said, “Okay, Miya-chan I'll get these cleaned up for you in no time!”
Looking at her from the other side of the door, the heterochromia eyed girl smiled at her friend's gentle brightness. As she did so, she then told her, “Thanks, I appreciate it.” However on a worried note, she decided to ask her, “Are you gonna be okay though on your own? Doing this for me? I mean-?”
However wanting to soothe her worries, Yui then told her friend, “I'll be okay Miya-chan, don't worry! I'll be very quick with the laundry and I'll make it back to my room in no time, so you don't need to fret about me.”
The orange haired girl hearing Yui say this, was glad to see that she was so confident as she told her, “Okay then if you're sure?”  However she still felt uncertain about this idea. So quickly she came to decision on something, “But I wanna make certain that absolutely nothing happens to you, so I say you come and meet me back here.”
Surprised as she heard this, Yui asked her, “Meet you here?”
Nodding, Miya then explained to her, “Yeah, in about thirty minutes or so, I should be clean and you should be finished with the cleaning, right?”
Hearing her friend ask her this, Yui then replied as she thought to herself for a moment, “Um, I should think so?”
As she heard her say this, Miya replied, “Okay, then you meet me straight back here after those thirty minutes and if you don't make it here in that time, I'll go and find you...assuming those bastards try something.”
Seeing she was thinking of the dangerous possibilities even then at that moment, amazed Yui. However she didn't want anything terrible to happen, so she told her friend, “Miya-chan I'm sure it won't come to that! I'll come straight here to you and then we can relax together, like I promised we would! Okay?”
Looking at Yui as she became flustered with worry again at her quick thought up plan, Miya couldn't help but smile again. For her friend was so cute when she became like that, however knowing the seriousness of the matter she told her, “Alright, but you remember to be careful! I don't want anything bad to happen to you while I'm not there.”
Nodding as she heard her friend say this, Yui then replied to her, “Of course, I will.” With that the blonde haired girl turned to leave with her friend's stained clothes in her hands, however before leaving entirely she told her, “I hope you have a nice shower Miya-chan and... thank you again.”
A smile gracing Miya's face once more, she told her, “I will Yui-ko, don't worry! I'll see you in a bit!” With that, the orange haired girl closed and locked the door as her blonde haired friend raced off to clean the clothes that had been left with her.
However unbeknownst to the two girls, a pair of green vibrant eyes were watching on from the darkness. As they did so, a humoured voice asked aloud, “Thirty minutes is it?” Then releasing a small chuckle he finished saying, “I'll have to bide and use that time well...”



Finally exiting through the bathroom door, Miya had a soft white towel around her shoulders. Her hair still slightly wet, it dripped down as she went to dry it as best she could with the soft fluffy fabric.
Dressed in her long sleeved and trousered light peppermint green pyjama's, she felt content as she said aloud fully relaxed, “Man... nothing beats the refreshing sensation of a shower, not a thing!” Then as she smiled to herself saying this, she turned to her mobile phone that was in her hand and as she did so, she commented, “Oh? Ten minutes to go, huh?”
For looking at the lit up time that was on her screen, it looked like she'd rushed a little in her preparations. However that wasn't a bad thing necessarily in this situation and realising this, she decided, “Well, since I'm done here... I guess I can-”


Immediately her thoughts interrupted, Miya looked and then quickly becoming sour again. She saw in the distance that it was none other than the fedora hatted and vibrant green eyed individual, Laito who was smirking at her.
However it was clear that Miya was far from pleased to see him as she uttered with irritation, “Great, the bug's here!” With those words she then slipped her phone into her PJ's pocket.
Seeing that he's got her attention, he simply grinned some more and as she did so, he asked her, “I take it you've had a good and warm, cleansing shower, huh?”
Hating the smirk that was gracing his disgusting face. Miya then retorted straight back, “Yeah, no thanks to you! You've got some nerve being here!” Then looking at him as he continued to look on at her with sinister amusement, as she said these hostile words. She decided to ask him one thing, “Now what the hell do you want?”
Laito continuing to be humoured by her rough and blunt honesty, then replied, “Oh, you're so pleasant and as sweet as ever aren't you? Cow-chan...I'm simply here to give you something!” With that he then took his hat off of his head. As he did so, he bowed to her with his head lowered.
Hearing and seeing him this do this, Miya was baffled like mad as she stared on at him perplexed. As she did so, she then asked him, “What're you-?”
“Apologies...” Laito answered her simply as he continued to keep his bow.
Uncertain as he said this, Miya then repeated still confused, “Huh? Apologies?”
His smile still upon his lips as he heard her repeat his words, Laito replied, “Correct.” With that saying those words, he moved himself back up again and as he did so, he added, “Ones with benefits.” With those words, he then brought out an object from within his pocket and presented it to the perplexed girl.
Miya herself quiet, stared at the thing that was before her for a moment puzzled. However she became dismissive as her eyes narrowed, she then uttered suspiciously, “A rose?”
For there in Laito's outstretched left hand, was a single red rose that had a small leaf peaking out. The vibrant green eyed vampire looking to the dismissive girl, then asked her seemingly surprised, “Oh? Is this single one not enough for you, Cow-chan?”
Annoyed as she saw him playing coy with her, Miya then told him, “You gotta be kidding me! If you think I'm gonna forgive you for what you did to me with an old stupid clichéd gesture like this, you're a moron!” With that she turned her face away from him, as she then folded her arms.
Staring at her as she said this, Laito then continued on to speak appearing to be wounded by this rejection, “Oh... this so dreadful! I only wish to show you my sincere apologies...for my previous thoughtlessness.”
As she heard this single word be spoken, Miya then couldn't help but scoff as she replied, “Sincere? You? That word and yourself don't fit in the slightest together, you dumb parasite! I'd never believe a word you say in a million years!”
Hearing her say this, Laito expected her to say as much as he gazed at her with his vibrant green eyes. However he then decided to ask her, “Aww, now don't say that Cow-chan... there must be something I can do to change your mind?” With that he then placed his hat back on his head and as he did so, he asked her, “How about some more roses? A rich wine... or perhaps?” Then with a keen glint in his gaze he began to suggest, “Maybe you would like me to-?”
“You can knock it off!” Miya then told him mad! For she was getting tired of these fake considerate suggestions. Looking to him with her blue and green, heterochromia coloured irises, she told him, “I don't wanna hear more about any other offers you can give! I don't want any!” Then on a further note she decided to tell him, “Besides I hate roses!”
At which hearing this declaration, Laito was genuinely surprised as he asked her, “You hate roses?”
Looking at him with annoyance still brimming in her eyes, Miya then replied, “Obviously!” To which she looked away from him again.
Quiet for a moment as her words settled into his mind, Laito then decided to ask her, “Oh? And Why though may I ask? What do you hate about them so much?”
Miya then hearing this question being put to her, decided to name the reasons as she brought out her right hand and fingers. Doing that she used her left to begin to count down why, “One, they don't have a good scent! Two, they're so boring and cliché! And finally the thing I hate the most about them... are their thorns! They hurt like fucking hell if you get nicked by them!”
Hearing her say this sentence as she counted the reasons on her opened and unguarded fingers... he smirked. Then approaching her, he asked her, “Oh really?”
Her eyes closed Miya then replied, “Yeah! And-!”
However she didn't get a chance to finish as Laito took her counting left hand and as he did so, he held it in his cold one. As he did so, he asked her, “So? I guess you'll hate this won't you?”
Confused as she felt this sudden grab, Miya then started to ask, “Huh? What're-!”
Suddenly though Laito taking her left hand, placed it around the rose as he continued to hold it. Then doing so, he pressed it tightly into her palm! Immediately the sharp thorns pierced into her soft flesh making her bleed openly in seconds!


Feeling this horrible stabbing sensation, Miya dropped the rose in seconds as she crouched down, holding her bleeding left palm in her other free right hand as the pain throbbed terribly!
Seeing her drop to his knees in front of him, Laito grinned at her agonised form. However moving  quickly on down he took something else out of his other pocket.
Miya in the meantime on the floor, wincing from the pain that had been inflicted on her. Then quickly became outraged! Angered she looked to Laito and spat out, “You-!!”
However before she could utter out another word to properly berate him, suddenly she was surprised as the fedora hatted attacker. Took out a white handkerchief and wrapped it around her injured left hand!
Seeing him do this, Miya was absolutely perplexed! Looking at him, she then demanded, “What the hell is this?! What're you doing!?”
Hearing her say this, Laito then grinned as he told her with an air of arrogance, “What you ask? I'm simply giving you aid, after all... I caused you more pain did I not?”
As she heard these words, Miya stared at him with absolute disbelief! Angered she then told him, “You're not making any sense in the slightest right now! One second your humiliating and hurting me, then you decide to help!? What're you a Schizo!?”
Hearing her ask this question to him, Laito then asked her humoured in his reply, “Why? Would you like me to be?”
As she heard him say this, Miya then replied straight back not liking the smugness that he was exuding, “What I'd like? What I'd like, is for you to disappear and get out of my face!”
Smiling simply on more as he heard this, Laito though had a reply of his own to make to her, “Aww, but if that wish came true, then I wouldn't be able to help you out here right now, would I?”
To which hearing this, Miya then retorted annoyed, “You're the one that caused this in the first place you moron!” Then turning her head away from him, she also added, “Besides I never asked for  your help anyway!”
Laito simply continued to smile on smugly at this, however as he continued to press the handkerchief into her hand. Letting it absorb more of her blood, he decided to ask one question though that came to his mind, “You know Cow-chan, you stated before that you hated roses...”
Hearing him ask this, Miya looking to him could sense what was going to be asked next as she replied, “Yeah, so what?”
Seeing her look at him sceptically, Laito still grinning then asked her curious, “So... do you have any flowers perhaps that do take your fancy?”
Looking at him continuing to grin at her like this, Miya then replied to him, “Why should I tell you that?”
Laito hearing her say this, then replied back, “Because I would really, really like to make it up to you... properly next time, since I have been so bad and naughty tonight!” With that, he then took her injured hand into both of his own and told her, “Please... won't you indulge me?”
Staring at him, Miya could see an overly keen hungry and mischievous look in his eyes, as he pretended to plead. He almost looked like a cat that was ready and waiting to pounce in delight upon it's prey. It was obvious that he was far from being sympathetic and guilt ridden for what he'd done. This irritated the heterochromia eyed girl tremendously. However she knew that Laito was persistent and he wasn't going to quit until he got an answer out of her, so exasperated she admitted to him, “Daisy’s... and Sunflower's.”
Hearing this single sentence, Laito was again surprised as he paused for a moment and uttered, “Huh?”
Seeing the vibrant green eyed vampire stare at her so dumbfounded, Miya then told him so he'd get it, “They're my favourites...” However saying that, Laito simply still stared on and as he did, she asked him, “What? They're not good enough choices to like?”
As he heard her say this to him, it was clear to Laito that looking on at the heterochromia eyed girl. She seemed to be almost embarrassed as she scowled at him with a slight blush, this amused him all the more as he finally answered her, “Not at all...” however he couldn't help but say on a further note, “Though I have to admit, those are some rather innocent, peaceful choices for someone as rough and fierce as yourself.”
Instantly more irritated Miya then retorted straight back at him, turning her face away from him, “Piss off! I don't want you judging my choices! Now let go of me!”
Expecting as much Laito simply grinned more, for she really was fun for him to tease as she started to try and shake him off. However as she moved, he then became distracted as he finally noticed something. An unusual scent in the air... looking to her struggling hand that had bled out, he could smell a fragrance that he'd never encountered before.
Miya herself, then at that moment irritated madly had just about enough of Laito! As she shook him to try and make him let go! However just as she was about to move to get rid of him properly, she saw him staring at her wounded left hand as he opened up his own hands to get a better look at it. His eyes were looking at her injury intensely and as they were, she was confused. She then began to ask, “Hey? What're you-?”
To which, Laito almost in a trance like state replied, “Your blood...”
Perplexed as he uttered this, Miya then uttered, “Huh? Blood?”
Laito then feeling his dark thirst awaken hungrily inside of himself, told her, “It's scent... it has such a cool and refreshing fragrance to it.”
Not understanding him in the slightest, the heterochromia eyed girl then demanded, “Huh!?  What the hell are you talking about?! What-?”
Then suddenly before she knew it, Laito brought her hand close to his mouth and as he did, he told her with a chilling a grin, “You should let me have a taste... as I disinfect this!” With that he brought out his tongue and leaned it down to her cut palm, so he could lap up this mysterious delectable substance.
Immediately hearing this though, Miya was far from delighted at this proposition! Acting quickly she focused and using her other free hand-!


She quickly struck him away from her! Then as he landed on the floor, his cheek slightly bruised from the punch she'd given. She stood up hastily and told him mad, holding her injured hand with her other free right one, “I don't want a bug like you infecting me! You're-!” However immediately the pain bit into her fiercely again!
As it made her wince like mad, she was annoyed for she wanted to beat the crap out of Laito right there and then! However, she knew this injury needed urgent attention and so there was only one thing for it! But before leaving she revealed one thing to struck young man, “You just got lucky!” With that cradling her wounded hand bitterly, she headed straight back to the bathroom and slammed it shut behind her as she went to rinse away the accumulating amount of blood.
Seeing the rowdy girl disappear like this, Laito was quiet. However quickly regaining his usual calm and amused composure, he uttered, “So, Cow-chan escaped me did she? Ah well...” For this venture hadn't been completely pointless, for he'd got what he'd come for.
For there in his left hand, was the blood stained handkerchief that he'd used to cover the wound he caused. Seeing it, he smirked and then uttered, “She was right... I was lucky! As I've been able to get a small keepsake out of her.”
Saying that he brought the handkerchief up and as he did, he gazed at it quietly. However as he did so, once again he caught a whiff of that unusual refreshing and cool scent that weakly wafted gently in the air.
Seeing where it was coming from, it was then he saw the red rose that was on the floor. Looking to it, he couldn't help but comment, “This scent...” Then walking over he picked it up and placing his nose close to the single leaf that caught a tiny drop of her blood, as the thorns too glistened with the mysterious alluring substance. He still couldn't understand why it smelled this way. His eyes revealing a serious hungry glow as he gazed at it, he uttered curiously, “Just what is it...?”


Running down the hallway, Yui was thinking of the appointed time as she said aloud, “I should just make it!” For after finishing all the washing and preparations on her friend's ruined clothes, she now was heading straight back to her location, like she'd promised she would. As she got closer and closer to where the bathroom was, she said, “I hope I haven't kept Miya-chan waiting too long!”
As she said those words, it was then that finally Yui made it to the door of the bathroom. As she did so, she saw with surprise that her friend wasn't waiting outside of it like she thought she would be. Noticing this, she then wondered to herself, “Is she still inside there?”
For looking to the rest of the hallway there were no obvious visible signs of her, so there was only one conclusion that could be reached. Knowing this, Yui then knocked on the bathroom door and asked, “Miya-chan? Are you finished in there?” However there came no immediate response to her question, feeling a little worried as she noticed this. The gentle blonde haired girl tried again to knock saying, “Miya-chan?”
As she did so, there was silence for a few short moments before finally the door creaked open. As it did so, it was finally then that the orange haired girl appeared one of her eyes wincing as the other was closed. It was clear she was still aching in pain as she held her harmed left hand with her other free right one, as she did so she said, “Yui-ko...”
Shocked instantly to see her friend like this, immediately Yui ran over to her and asked anxiously, “Miya-chan! What's wrong!? What happened!? Are you-?”
Hearing her become worried like this, Miya then looking to her told her feeling bad, “I'm sorry about this, Yui-ko...”
Confused to hear her say this, Yui then asked her, “Why're you apologising to me like this, Miya-chan? What-!” Finally though she noticed her friend cradling her hand. As she did so, Yui then saw the slight redness of blood, slightly glistening underneath her scrunched fingers. Seeing this, her eyes widened terribly with anxiousness.
Seeing that she couldn't conceal it any better, Miya then decided to tell her honestly, “I couldn't deal with this by just putting it under a tap.” As she said this, looking guilty for asking, she went on to say, “Do you think you could help me here with this?”
As she heard this question, quickly Yui replied, “Of course I will! C'mon, let's get that bandaged up properly!”
Simply nodding in reply, it was then that Miya followed her gentle blonde haired friend into the darkness of the corridors. To get the help and care she needed to take care of her stinging and aching injury.


Sitting within the quiet and tranquil walls of his laboratory, Reiji was sipping a warm and sophisticated cup of tea that was at hand beside him, as he sat in his armchair. As he did so, it was clear he was slightly irritated as he looked to a small silver pocket watch he had at hand. He was quiet for some moments, as he saw the second hand upon the watch count away the seconds...
“Oh Reiji!” At once hearing this call, the spectacled vampire turned his eyes in the direction of the now opened laboratory door. It was there he saw his younger fedora hatted sibling and as he did, he heard him say further brightly, “I have a delivery for you!”
Reiji though was irritated by his jovial demeanour and so responded coldly getting up out of his armchair, “You're late, Laito.”
Hearing even him be annoyed, the amused vampire simply shrugged it off as he replied, “Sorry, sorry! I had some entertaining to do, that kept me busy.”
Reiji hearing this sentence, then replied to him, “I'm so sure?” However there was one thing that he was more concerned with at that moment and so he asked, “Now, where is the sample I asked for?” With that he held out his single gloved hand out to his sibling.
Seeing him do this, Laito smiling away then replied, “Right here!” With that he passed over the bloodied handkerchief he'd obtained. As he did so, he watched his older brother smile himself with satisfaction. As he did so, the dark haired young man then proceeded towards his many pieces of equipment and experimental chemicals.
Watching him do this, Laito decided to ask him, “So, you think you'll finally be able to get some real answers with that blood of hers, huh?”
As he heard this question being put to him, Reiji looking to Laito from the corner of his eye then replied, “Undoubtedly...” However he decided to question him, “Though I must ask you?”
Curious himself at what his older brother was going to ask him, Laito simply uttered in reply, “Hm?”
With that the spectacled young man proceeded with his question, “You didn't sully anything in the process to obtain this sample, did you?”
As he heard this being put to him, Laito then replied, “No need to worry about that! I didn't damage a single thing... except Cow-chan herself, obviously.” He finished saying with a smirk on his face.
Reiji hearing this, was glad simply he wouldn't have to clean up any unnecessary mess and so replied with a grin of his own, “Well what happens to that uncouth woman of this moment is of no consequence.” Then looking to the handkerchief in his hand, with her blood still staining it. He decided to admit further, “Though, when I obtain my answers I will not guarantee that nothing more untoward should occur to her.”
Laito hearing his older brother say this, then watched him quietly as he quickly became fully absorbed into his obsession. As he started up his experiments upon the handkerchief he had in his hand using various chemicals, whilst studying certain books beside him. He decided that he'd been there long enough and so said turning towards the door, “Well since it looks like you'll be having a fun ball in here, Reiji. I'll be calling this goodnight then!”
Receiving no reply to these words he then moved and exited the room, however as he closed the door behind himself with he click. He journeyed on into the corridor smirking and as he did, he couldn't help but admit aloud, “I'll be waiting for those answers eagerly...” then licking his lips as he again brought out the rose from his pocket and thought once more of that unusual scent that her blood had exuded. Placing it close to his nose, he finished saying with a smirk, “And hungrily with anticipation!” With those words he then finally faded out of visible sight...disappearing into the darkness.


Sitting within the kitchen, with some bandages at her side on the wooden table while holding Miya's injured left hand in her own one, Yui then as gently as she could sprayed some antiseptic onto her friend's palm with her right. As she did this, immediately Miya winced as she closed one of her odd coloured eyes shut, trying to bear the stinging that arose from the remedial chemical. Seeing her do this, immediately the blonde haired girl apologised as she said, “I'm sorry, Miya-chan! Did I put on too much or-?”
“No, you didn't...” Cringing slightly as the pain still continued to throb in her hand. The heterochromia eyed girl then explained to her, “This stuff always stings on a fresh wound no matter what you do!” However as it subsided slightly she felt herself ease up a little as she went on to say, “But, if I wanna avoid an infection like this... there's no choice but to do it.”
Nodding as she said this, Yui was quiet. However looking to the side of herself, she picked up a small roll of white bandaging. As she did so, she then began to wrap it around Miya's left hand and palm gently. Doing this, she decided to ask her, “So... you're saying that this injury was caused by a rose?”
As she heard this being asked of her, Miya then replied as she began to make her explanations, “Yeah... a so-called present offered to me from that parasite!” However as she said this, the heterochromia eyed girl then decided to correct herself saying, “No, actually he forced it on me! The damn jerk!”
Pausing for a moment from her wrapping, as she was told who'd done this to her. Yui looked to Miya and asked her with worried eyes, “It was... Laito-kun?”
Hearing Yui ask this question, Miya then said, “Yeah it was!” Irritated beyond all measure as she saw his disgusting face in her mind's eye, the heterochromia eyed girl went on to say, “He's a total psycho, I swear!” Then thinking of the near disgusting licking she also admitted, “Plus a blood obsessed maniac!”
As she heard this, Yui stopped her wrapping in seconds as she shivered and asked, “Blood obsessed?”
Miya then went onto say, not noticing at first the shock that was on her friend's face, “Yeah! He was making these weird comments about my wound! He even tried to lick me for God's sake, he practically wanted to drink from it!” Feeling a disgusted shiver go down her back, she said mad, “I mean how much of a sicko do you have to be, to-!”
“Did he!?” Yui asked immediately looking to her friend horribly worried.
Stopping in her tracks instantly as she heard this question being put to her, Miya was confused as she repeated looking to Yui, “Did he-?”
“Did he drink your blood!? Did he do that to you!?” Yui asked her friend, shaking in fright as she held her injured left hand in both of hers.
Not understanding why she looked so worried like this, Miya then replied uncertainly as she was confused, “No... no he didn't do that.”
Hearing her say this, Yui though had to ask her again. Her worry rapidly making her heart race with anxiety, “Are you sure?”
To which in reply still confused by her reaction, Miya simply nodded her reply. Not understanding Yui's reaction to this situation.
The blonde haired girl, seeing Miya do this then felt relief wash over her and as she did. She couldn't help but smile. As she did so, she turned her attentions back to the bandage wrapping and as she did so an odd silence filled the room.
Miya staring at Yui as she continued to wrap up her hand, didn't understand why her friend had asked her that question so desperately. Though she'd knew she'd be upset about the wound that had been inflicted on her, she hadn't anticipated her reaction to the blood issue to be so bad. Why would that bother her so much?
Yui herself though, finally finished tying Miya's hand and palm's bandaging on with a knot. As she did so, she turned to her friend and asked her, “It's not too tight is it, Miya-chan?”
Hearing this question being put to her, the heterochromia eyed girl then replied, “Uh, no... no it's fine, Yui-ko...thanks.” She told her with a small smile.
Glad to know this, Yui was pleased. However looking to the now bandaged injury and thinking of what had happened to Miya... or what could have happened to her in her absence. It hurt her terribly inside to know. Sorrowful, she looked to her and said gently, “Miya-chan...?”
Seeing her looking at her so sadly, the orange haired girl was becoming concerned as she replied to her, “Yeah? What is it, Yui-ko?”
Hearing her ask this question, Yui tried to think of the right words she should say to her. However her heart pulsed painfully inside, for looking at Miya who stared at her so puzzled. She couldn't help but think about what she had promised to herself before. That she'd never let her get hurt by the Sakamaki's, that she'd do her best to prevent it... but she couldn't do it. She'd been unable to do anything for her, she'd just let this terrible thing happen to her... by leaving her all alone, she'd-!
Miya watching her friend, then saw her tremble and shake. As she did, she became horribly worried and as she did, she asked her, “Yui-ko... are you-?” However she stopped in seconds, for then looking on her friend started to weep, her head bent down as her shoulders shook.
Shocked immediately by her falling tears, Miya then cried out, “Yui-ko!? What's wrong? Why're you crying!? What-?”      
Shaking her head though, Yui then shuddering between breaths cried out her words sorrowfully, “I'm sorry, Miya-chan! I'm sorry... I'm so sorry!”
Hearing her apologise like this, Miya was perplexed. Looking at her friend though she tried to soothe her as she said, “Yui-ko, there's no reason for you to apologise here! Look this wasn't your fault! You-!”
However it was clear her words were of no use, for Yui shaking her head continued to cry more. It was clear she was in pain, but Miya couldn't understand fully what the reason was? But she knew she didn't want her friend to continue agonizing on like this, so reaching her uninjured right hand forward she put it upon her head and tried to soothe her, gently saying, “Look... please calm down, it's okay... I've had worse than this in the past.” Then looking to her bandaged left hand, she waved it to her saying, “This thing, this injury it's nothing!”
Yui though knowing her friend was doing her best to comfort her and stop her crying, as she stroked her head. She though couldn't stop, for her gentleness was just making the guilt inside she felt even worse. For knowing the horrible truth about what she'd naively exposed Miya to so unwarily like this...Also at what could have potentially have happened, it was too terrible to think of!
Miya herself though seeing Yui continue to cry on like this, was feeling pained inside herself. With confusion still and now desperateness, she tried again to soothe her saying, “Yui-ko... please calm down...I don't want you to cry like this! Please? Please...calm down?”
Hearing her plead like this, as Miya continued to stroke her hair so softly the pain in Yui's heart continue to pang and sting inside. She knew inside that in reality she didn't deserve this gentle comfort she was being given, for luring someone so warm like this into such a dangerous situation... just so she could have some companionship. She didn't deserve it... she didn't deserve it at all. But what she hated inside herself the most, was that she didn't have the strength or ability to let friend go or tell her the truth and warn her about the cruel fate she'd let her been ensnared into...
.:Chapter Twenty Three : The Whim:.

Silence... that was the one thing that was dominating the oppressive atmosphere at that moment in time. For sitting within the confines of the dining room, located in the Sakamaki mansion. Both Yui and Miya were seated together with the purple haired, Teddy obsessed vampire, Kanato.
After bringing the cake along with them including the other sweet confections that had been brought. Including some fresh tea for them to share upon a silver trolly by a mysterious servant who'd then vanished away into the shadows. They'd all then been left to eat within the spacious luxurious room together.  
Watching him though with a silver spoon in his hand, as he helped himself to the celebratory red velvet cake... Miya was utterly irritated! For looking at him with bitter annoyance brimming in her eyes, she gripped her tea cup hard with frustration! For that cake was something that she wanted to have to herself and her friend alone!
Then staring at him hard, as he indulged himself by taking yet another sweet slice, she wished that he'd just evaporate and disappear right there! However as mad as she was, she didn't want to upset her friend or cause another violent break out, so she was doing her best to keep her rage in check... for the moment.
Yui herself silent, gazed on at Miya and saw the frustration that was building up in her as one of her eyebrow's twitched as she took another sip of tea. The blonde haired girl felt bad for the situation they were now stuck in, for she was the one who'd led them into it and she knew Miya was only holding herself back for her sake...
Then as this thought came to her, it made her remember the arranged time they'd planned to leave. As she did, she realised it must have been way past that time by now, so she decided to cautiously try and voice herself, “Um, Kana-?”
“Yui-san?” The purple haired vampire's voice startled her and stopped her in her tracks!
As the gentle blonde haired girl froze, she was worried about what he would say next! Then she heard him speak again, “I want more ice cream, pour some more out for me.”
Hearing this being said to her, Yui was silent for a moment and then relaxing a little she replied, “Oh... right? Yes, Kanato-kun.” With that she went to do that as she moved over and began to scoop out some ice cream onto his plate.
Seeing this happen, the heterochromia eyed girl didn't like it! So putting down her tea cup onto her saucer, she decided to speak her mind, “You could hold yourself back a bit with that cake, you know?”
Yui finishing her scooping, looked back to her friend quickly again feeling her anxiousness come back as she saw the annoyance engraved in her odd coloured eyes.
Kanato himself though, hearing this comment could feel his own temper prickle inside again. As he did, he looked to the orange haired girl coldly and asked simply, “And why should I?”
Hearing this Miya replied herself just as coldly and casually, “Because that's the fifth slice you've had already!” Then raising her eyebrows, as she looked on she also added, “And if you're not careful with that greed you're gonna end up giving yourself diabetes!”
Immediately as she heard the accusatory tone that she was using, Yui decided to interject as she spoke trying to dispel the ominous atmosphere that was beginning to grow, “Miya-chan! You don't need to say that! I mean, nobody gets diabetes from just that one act alone do they?”
As she heard her say this, Miya looking to her friend then replied, “No, they don't...” however turning back her eyes to look at Kanato again, she decided to add, “But with the amount of sugar that little creep keeps eating, I'd say he's well on his way to getting it.”
Anxious quickly again as she heard her friend say this, Yui was uneasy! For if thing's continued at this rate, then-!
“You say some really ridiculous and idiotic thing's for a mortal,” Kanato commented as he placed his spoon on the table, looking at the heterochromia eyed girl with a dull annoyed look in his eyes.
As he did so, Miya and Yui both looked at him silently. The orange haired girl with indifference and the blonde haired one with apprehension. Seeing them like this, Kanato then turned to his cuddly companion and commented to him, “They're really stupid aren't they Teddy? For there's no way I'd ever suffer from a petty human, condition like that.”
Once again though, there was no reply from the inanimate bear and Miya herself seeing him being so conceited. Then decided to tell him, “You may think you're so high and mighty now, but continue the way you're going eating all that, you're so gonna get it!”
Then as his dull eyes turned back to her again, Miya looking at him herself decided to give him a little sarcastic explanation, “And when you do, the sugar in your blood will cause the vessels in your eyes to burst and make you go blind!”
Yui hearing this, couldn't believe Miya was saying these things!? However she was speechless as the spiteful girl added, “Then if things progress further than that, if you get ulcers and have really bad circulation in your legs... they'll have to be cut off too!” Saying that a sinister smile appeared on her face as she informed the childish young man, “And you'll become a more useless stump then you already are!”
At once hearing this, Yui spoke up immediately not liking this sinister tone she'd come to as she complained, “Miya-chan!?”
Kanato hearing this description of this mortal illness, obviously found the symptoms unpleasant to hear. However he knew that this girl was insulting him and as this thought came to him, he was beginning to feel his agitation build up. As he did, he whispered bitterly staring at her, “Why you...!”
Hearing this angered tone, Yui turned and saw that Kanato was beginning to reach for his fork! Seeing that she knew this wasn't good! So quickly she spoke up hurriedly as she took friend's hand and said, “C'mon Miya-chan! We've been here long enough! Let's not-!”

“Oi! What's all the racket in here?”

Turning quickly, Yui then saw with surprise and Miya quickly with dismay that it was none other than Ayato standing in the doorway of the dining room with a disgruntled expression on his face.
Seeing him, Yui then asked forgetting her worry for a moment, “Ayato-kun?”
Hearing her say his name, Ayato then seeing that Miya was with her, was annoyed instantly! However wanting his curiosity to be satisfied, he demanded, “Chichinashi, what're you and that bitch doing in here?”    
Annoyed as he referred to her like that again, Miya was about to answer back when Yui spoke first and said, “We were just eating some cake here together with Kanato-kun.”
Confused as he heard this, Ayato then repeated, “Huh, cake?”
Seeing his brother there in the room, Kanato then momentarily felt his rage leave as he then explained in his usual gloomy tone, “One that this loud woman's aunt made, apparently?”
Immediately hearing this, Miya turning her eyes to look at the purple haired vampire demanded annoyed, “What do you mean apparently!?”
Ignoring her angry demand, Ayato then directed his question to Yui again as he asked her, “Why are you all eating that together?”
Hearing this being put to her, Yui then explained honestly, “It's a celebratory treat that Miya's aunt made for us, to congratulate us for passing our exams.”
Silent as he heard this being told to him, Ayato then replied, “Oh? Really?”
However Miya hearing him say this, turned back to look at him and as she did. She quickly saw that a grin had appeared on his face and as it did, she spoke hurriedly with agitation, “Don't you dare-!”
“Well since you guys are treating yourselves! Yours truly also deserves to have a share in this!” With the smug smile on his face, he walked over to the table too.
As he did though, immediately Miya annoyed told him rising out of her chair, “You don't deserve shit! You got 25 points on everything! Those aren't even passing marks and-!”
“Miya-chan!” Interrupted quickly once more, the orange haired girl startled turned to Yui again. As she did so, she heard her say, “Please, let's just get along with everyone for now...” then trying to be optimistic she added, “Besides, Ayato-kun did do better than he has done in a long time, so... it's only fair that he can have a little too, okay?”
Gazing down at her friend as she said this, Miya looking at her smiling face. Couldn't do anything to win again that gentleness of hers... so exasperated she sat herself back down in her chair. Then putting her hand to her chin as her elbow lay on the table's surface, she uttered annoyed, “This is so  not fair!”
Seeing her react like this, Yui did feel bad again... however she knew that for the moment she had to keep thing's as calm as she could. For she really didn't want another violent fallout occurring that night.      
“Oi Chichinashi!” Distracted from her inner thoughts, she saw Ayato looking at her and as she did, she heard him say, “Cut me a slice of that cake already!”
Hearing him say this, Yui then replied after a brief moment of being dumbfounded, “Oh? Um, okay Ayato-kun, just a minute!”
Then moving to go and cut the cake, she heard Miya utter, “Damn it... and I was so close earlier!”
Confused as she heard this sentence, Yui looked to her friend. However she saw her turn her face away from her, as she did this. She wondered what made her say that? But she didn't have time to think on it as, “Chichinashi!”
Hearing Ayato calling for her again as she turned in his direction. She quickly saw his annoyed expression and seeing it, she knew she better act fast! So she answered, “Oh yes! Sorry Ayato-kun, just a moment!” With that she went to go and cut the cake, however inside she couldn't help but hope that soon she would get some time to be alone with her friend. So that she could finally get some answers about her past and powers...


With his plate in front of him, Ayato had already taken a bite of the red velvet cake. As he did, Yui looking at him couldn't help but be curious. While Miya herself staring on was disinterested as her annoyance was still brimming.
Finishing his single spoonful, the reddish brown haired vampire made a comment, “Surprising, it doesn't taste too bad.”
Miya hearing this though soured as she asked him, “What do you mean, surprising?”
Interjecting immediately though again, Yui spoke worriedly, “Miya-chan...”
Ayato though seeing this interaction between both of the girls, decided to comment with a grin, “It's surprising, because I didn't think that a bitch like you would have any taste!”
Silent as she heard this, Miya then quickly gripped her right fist tightly as she uttered enraged, “Why you!?”
Worried terribly by this reaction from her friend, Yui trembled inside. For if thing's continued at this rate then! Kanato though unbothered by this enraged reaction or Yui's terror, simply continued to eat away. As he helped himself to some other sweet treats that Miya had brought along with her.  
Ayato enjoying this unrest and disturbance he was causing then couldn't help but say, “Though this cake doesn't even compare to a good plate of takoyaki... I'd rather be eating that right now.”
Further annoyed by this blunt comment, Miya complained, “Well don't bother having any then!” With that stabbing her spoon into her own slice, she added, “This cake was made as a reward for all the hard work we put in! If you can't even appreciate that damn fact, then you can just fuck off out the door!” Saying that, she finished by putting her sweet spoonful into her mouth.
Yui hearing this, felt bad terribly again. For this evening they were sharing was not turning out the way she wanted it to at all! Looking at the angry expression that was on Miya's face, she felt she had to say something, “Miya-chan, I-”
“Chichinashi!” Distracted once more by Ayato's voice, Yui turned her pink eyes to look at him. As she did this, it was then she saw that he was looking at her as he asked, “You heard what that bitch said, right?”
Puzzled as she heard this, Yui uttered simply, “Huh?”
Ayato then spelled it out for her as he said, “This cake is a reward and since it is... then that means I deserve to be fed this by you, right?” He finished with a smug smirk as he gazed at her with his green eyes.
Perplexed as she heard this, Yui baffled asked surprised, “What!?”
Miya though seeing the smirk that was on Ayato's face, then told him mad, “Screw off! You're old enough to feed yourself, don't make Yui-ko do something for you that you didn't even deserve in the first place! You brat!”
Hearing Miya stick up for her once again, Yui was quiet for a moment before she quietly smiled. She was glad to have her friend's support, then feeling it she looked to Ayato and told him gently, “Miya-chan is right Ayato-kun, though I don't mean this cruelly, but it would be better for you to feed yourself, besides I have to finish my own meal as well, so...I'm sorry.”
Ayato quiet as he heard Yui say this, then lost his own smile. It was clear looking on that he was not pleased in the slightest by this reply as he scowled bitterly. Seeing him do this, the blonde haired girl knew inside, with slight dread that he would definitely make her pay for it later...
However as her thoughts became full of apprehension and unease about what would come in the future, she felt a gentle nudge and looking to her side. She saw Miya then give her a silent thumbs up and a single wink with a smile. Seeing her friend do this Yui was surprised for a moment as she stared. But quickly she smiled simply back in reply glad for the kind support.
Ayato though seeing this quiet exchange between the girl's, quickly felt his emotions bristle aggressively inside of himself! He was then about to voice himself again, when-!

“My! Oh my! What's going on in here then?”

Immediately turning where they heard this voice, Ayato, Yui and Miya herself then saw that there standing in the doorway of the dining room. It was none other than the other fedora hatted triplet, Laito. The heterochromia eyed girl though unimpressed uttered out, “Great, it's the parasite...”
Hearing Miya say the title that she used to refer to Laito as, Yui herself didn't know what to say at all in reply as she looked to her friend uncertainly.
However Ayato then decided to broadcast himself as he told his brother, “We're here together to celebrate the greatness of yours truly!”
Miya hearing this then replied quickly annoyed, “Don't broadcast crap like that! Yours idiot truly!”
Laito though hearing Miya speak out like this, chuckled as he looked at her and said, “Ha ha! Cow-chan, being as sweet as ever I see!”
It was clear that Miya wasn't pleased in the slightest by this so called compliment as she looked to the fedora hatted vampire with irritated eyes. Yui could see that thing's were only to get more chaotic again soon, so she had to do something quick! But what would-?

“What's this talk about yours truly crap?”

Hearing this voice in surprise, Yui quickly turned and saw that it was none other than, “Subaru-kun!” For there entering the room as well, it was none other than the white haired foul tempered vampire.
Seeing him herself, Miya too was surprised. But she could see that he was not in a good mood either, as she then heard him say, “You guys all seem to be having a fun party in here, making all this noise...” then looking particularly sour he added, “You have some nerve doing this again at this time in the night!”
Yui hearing this, knew this was bad! For if anyone other than her friend could go on a violent tangent, it was none other than him. So gently she apologised as she looked on sadly, “I'm sorry Subaru-kun, we didn't mean to interrupt your sleep... we were simply celebrating together, so...”
Laito though catching on to what Yui had just said, asked looking intrigued, “A celebration is it?” Then quickly in a moment, a thought occurred to him as he added with a keen grin, “Well I think I'll have to take a part in it too!”
As she heard him make this suggestion, Miya then told him instantly, “Piss off! We've got enough party crashers in here without you! You didn't even-!”

“Oi Chichinashi!”

Distracted immediately as she heard this other familiar irritating voice, Miya turned and saw that Ayato was sitting himself next to Yui. As he did so, he then instructed her again looking annoyed, “I want you to feed me! Do it now!” With that he held out his silver spoon out to her, trying to make her take it!
Yui seeing Ayato do this, was startled as she tried to speak, “But I, I don't-”
Miya seeing her friend struggle, immediately tried to step in as she said mad, “Just drop it you brat! Don't force Yui-ko to-!”


Hearing this voice at first surprised, Miya then became utterly annoyed as she turned her face and saw much to her displeasure that Laito had now sat himself, right beside her!
The vibrant green eyed vampire was smiling up to her with a keen grin, as he then took her spoon from her plate and asked her in an amused tone, “Why don't you let me feed you?” To which looking particularly devilish he added, “I'm sure you'd thoroughly enjoy it...”
As she heard this being put to her, Miya herself was far from being flattered as she immediately snatched her spoon back and replied, “Get out of my face! I don't wanna be fed by a bug like you!”
A little surprised by this comment, Laito though it was clear was simply amused more as he smirked and said, “You're so delightful aren't you?”
Kanato looking on at this interaction that was occurring between his brothers and the girls was quietly irritated. Not liking that he was being left out. However at least the cake that he was eating was placating him somewhat, but he couldn't help but comment, “...They're all so noisy and annoying, aren't they Teddy?”
Looking to his beloved inanimate lifelong friend, he was silent as the bear stared up to him with his stitched up smile. As he did so and studied him, he asked, “What's that Teddy? You're still hungry?” However there was no response to this question, but Kanato on the other hand had decided he'd heard otherwise and so said, “You are? Well then...” with that he turned his attentions back to the girls.
As he did so, he saw that there still seemed to be an angry and amused exchange going on. As Ayato was still demanding that Yui feed him, while she on the other hand was trying her best not to with Miya's assistance. While Laito was busy trying to get the heterochromia eyed girl's attention, inappropriately as she angrily tried to shoo him away. Then in the distance, standing against the wall of the dining room was Subaru who continued to observe the interaction silently.
Looking on himself though, Kanato interrupted the exchange as he said, “You! Loud woman?”
Miya distracted for a moment as she ceased her angry interactions with Ayato for a moment, turned to Kanato baffled and then heard him say, “Teddy's still hungry, get us some more confections!”
Silent for a moment as she heard this demand, quickly though the orange haired girl answered back, “Get lost! I'm not your servant! I'm not going to just-!”
However quickly stepping in, Yui then spoke up saying, “Okay! Don't worry, Kanato-kun we'll go and get some more right now!” Then turning to her friend she took her arm saying, “Come on Miya-chan!” With that she made her get up with her and leave through the door.
The heterochromia eyed girl startled then quickly tried to speak, “Hey! Yui-ko, wait! Whoa!” But she didn't get the chance to say anything more as her blonde haired friend took her out through the dining room door.
Seeing them both go though, Ayato called out annoyed, “Oi, Chichinashi!” Laito himself was simply silent as he stared on, his smile though now gone. Displeased that his two favourite plaything's had left them all hanging.
Subaru himself though continuing to stand to one side as he had his back against the wall, watched on as the two girls disappeared down the corridor. Looking on he had a quiet serious expression upon his face, however in his eyes there was a slight reflection of some degree of intrigue...


Walking down the corridor, finally away from the brothers. Miya then couldn't help but say as she walked beside Yui, “Man! Am I glad to get away from those morons for a while! They were driving me crazy!”
Hearing Miya say that, Yui then nodded as she replied with a small smile, “Yeah I could tell.” However then after a moment she also had to admit, “But, I am sorry again, Miya-chan... I didn't mean for things to be dragged out like this for so long with all of them.”
Miya hearing her gentle friend's words as she looked down to the floor sadly. Then sighed a little tiredly as she said, “Yeah well... I guess it couldn't be helped.” With that putting her arms behind her head as they continued to walk on together, she commented further, “I know you don't want any fights and stuff so... I'm playing along with your wishes as best I can, though those bastards make it easier than said to be done!”
Hearing Miya say these words, Yui couldn't deny it and so replied, “Yeah, I know they do...” then she decided to also admit, “ It would have been easier for us to exit earlier if it'd only been Kanato-kun with us...but-”
“Yeah I know! But that's the problem with bugs like them, you let one stick around and more of 'em just start popping out of nowhere!” Miya replied casually trying to make the situation and atmosphere a bit lighter.
Yui though simply in reply quietly nodded, her small smile gone. As she did so, Miya looking at her friend become depressed like this. Decided then to tell her something, “Though you know, you almost did get us out of that situation earlier.”
Surprised to hear this, Yui turned to her and asked, “Huh? I did?”
Nodding, Miya replied, “Yeah,” then with a grin she explained, “When I said that stuff about Kanato-kun, getting diabetes you nearly took us out all on your own.”
As she heard this, Yui asked her in surprise, “I did?”
Laughing a little at the astounded look that was on her face, Miya then explained, “Yep! You got so rattled and I thought if I continued to do that.. well,” with that grinning still she informed her, “You get the idea, right?”
Hearing her friend say this, Yui then did remember and as she did. She realised her friend did that on purpose to make her try and be more assertive, as she did so she stared at her friend in surprise. Though quickly seeing the smile that was on her face, she then couldn't help but reveal one of her own. As she did so, she decided to tell her, “Yeah, I do... I'll try harder to bring that side of myself out more from now on.”
Miya hearing Yui say these words, was further pleased as she was she then told her, “Glad to hear it!” With that they quietly proceeded forwards and as they did so, they came in front of the grand red carpeted staircase. As they did so, looking to the steps it was then that Miya had a sudden pleasing thought, “Hey? Why don't we just ditch them and make a run for it now and get back to your room?”
Stopping in her tracks as she heard these words, Yui looking to the stairs then realised that they did have an opportunity now! Though there might be trouble she though decided to try and be more daring. So with a delighted smile quickly growing on her face, she turned to her friend and said, “Okay, Miya-chan! Let's-”


Startled immediately both girls turned around and as they did so. They saw standing behind them, it was none other than, “Subaru-kun!?” Yui cried out in surprise.
Looking on at the white haired vampire as he stood behind them both, Miya then losing her smile demanded, “What the hell are you doing here!? When did you catch up to us!?”
Subaru hearing Miya demand answers from him like this. Wasn't impressed in the slightest, however he then simply answered, “I came to tell you both that Kanato says he wants some cream along with the snacks,” with a sigh he added, “Apparently his stupid bear demands it.”
Yui was simply quiet as she stared at Subaru, while Miya herself then retorted in irritation, “Fuck his stupid bear!” For now with this white haired vampire on their back, they'd lost another chance to make a swift exit!
A little depressed herself at this thought, Yui felt the positive impulse flee her. Though trying not to let it get her down, she said as brightly as she could, “Okay, well um?... Thank you for telling us that Subaru-kun.” With that said she turned to her friend and told her, “C'mon Miya-chan, we better go and get that too for everyone.”
Sighing again simply in aggravated defeat, the heterochromia eyed girl replied, “Fine okay, let's go.” With that she then walked away with Yui as they both headed into the kitchen to get what they needed.
Walking on though from behind with them, Subaru couldn't help but continue to observe them both. As he did so, he watched them from the kitchen door as the two of them got their supplies together. Looking on he saw now and again the two of them smile and laugh to each other as they commented about certain things here and there they had to get.
Seeing this, he couldn't help but notice that compared to what Yui was before, before Miya had come. She was definitely brighter in her over all demeanour and more relaxed, as he realised this he couldn't help but look to Miya and wonder, what was it about this girl that was changing Yui so much?


It was a little time later and after bringing back more delectable stuff into the dining room for everyone to indulge themselves in, Miya and Yui had sat themselves back down to the table. As they had done so, Kanato had taken the treats along with the cream without even paying any thanks and Laito too was now helping himself. While Ayato persisted in trying to get Yui to feed his rewarded cake to him, while Miya talked back to him telling him to stop. Leaving the gentle blonde haired girl in the middle of this angry debate.
As the triplets continued to eat away, it was then finishing yet another argument with Ayato. That something struck Miya and as she realised it, she turned to look back behind her. For there she saw once again that Subaru was continuing to watch them all, laying his back against the wall. As he did so and she remembered him doing this in the kitchen too. She couldn't help but become inquisitive, “Hey?”
Subaru, hearing this call turned his red eyes to her. As he did, he saw her looking at him curiously as she asked him, “You've been standing there all this time just watching us all, aren't you gonna snack on something too?”
Hearing this question being put to him, Subaru silent for a moment then simply retorted back to her turning his face away, “I'm not in the mood to, I don't wanna eat something I have no knowledge of.”
Miya quiet then expecting as much, simply rolled her eyes as she uttered quietly to herself, “Moody much?”
To which Yui herself could only smile awkwardly. For looking at Subaru herself, she couldn't tell what he was thinking at that moment. For she found that a lot like Shuu, he too could be tricky to read, but at the same time as she thought about him watching both her and Miya in the kitchen. She wondered to herself why he'd been so interested in watching them all this time?
Laito though finishing his mouthful of cake, then couldn't help but look to his moody little brother  and tell him, “Oh you should give this a try, Subaru-kun!” With that licking off, a small drop of cream off his spoon, he commented, “It's surprisingly nice...” then with a grin he had to admit aloud, “I'd say it could even rival Reiji's baking skills.”
Yui hearing this, then replied with uncertainty for if this reached the spectacled vampire's ears! It wouldn't bode well, “Um, it is good Laito-kun, but I don't think-”
“It is good!” Miya spoke as she interrupted Yui's uncertain words, as she did so she carried on to say, “My aunt's baking and sweets are way better than anything than that four eyes could do in a million years!”
Hearing Miya exaggerate like this again, Yui felt a little awkward as she looked at her. However she then heard a series of footsteps from behind and as she did so, she turned. As she did so, she paled instantly and tried to speak to her friend hurriedly to make her stop, “Um? Miya-chan, you shouldn't-”
However not registering the fearful tone of her words, nor hearing the footsteps Miya continued on, “I shouldn't what? Say the truth? Cause it is! That four eyes may be intelligent and make some damn good tea! But he can't make a good cake to save his life! In fact I-!”


“Agh! What the-!?” Suddenly spooked, Miya saw a sharp object smack onto the table near her gloved hand! Then quickly turning herself around, she saw in shock that standing over her with a sinister grin on his face, it was none other than Reiji! Holding a black crop in his hands, he gazed down at her radiating a deadly aura all around him!
The spectacled vampire staring down at Miya, then feeling quite vexed asked her chillingly, “So...? You believe I'm that lacking do you?”
Seeing him like this, the boasting girl's heterochromia eyes widened in terror within seconds... this was really bad! She was now sweating in her trainers, Miya realised that she'd really let her mouth run off on a big one this time!
Also gazing on, Yui was just as nervous! For when Reiji became perturbed like like this, there was no telling what he would do next! This was utter hell for both of them! And there was-!


Immediately hearing this loud sound, it disturbed the atmosphere. As it did so, it was then that entering through the dining room door, that finally Shuu came in. It was clear he was tired, but going inside the room in his bored lethargic state. He opened his eyes and saw the scene that was playing out before him. As he did so, he then asked not understanding, “What're you guys all doing in here?”
Laito then seeing his eldest brother walking on the set, decided to inform him, “Ah, Shuu! You're missing all the sweet good fun in here! We're all sitting here having some celebratory tea and cake, why don't you try come over and join us? Cow-chan's treating us!”
Hearing this, it was then quickly that Miya broke out of her shocked state! As she did so she turned to the fedora hatted vampire and told him mad, “I'm not treating you to anything! You fucking parasite! Don't go about saying-!”
“Celebratory?” Hearing this single word being repeated, Miya distracted turned her attentions to Reiji as he looked at her curiously. As he did, she then heard him ask, “And just what exactly is it, that an uncouth woman like you is celebrating?”
Forgetting her fear and shock entirely now, Miya now looked at him with brimming irritation again! However seeing this, Yui then stepped in as she quickly explained, “Um, well you see Reiji-san, Miya-chan's aunt prepared a cake for us, to congratulate us for doing well in the exams that finished this week... and well, everyone's come so...”
“Yeah unluckily...” Miya complained as she put her hand under her chin again. Clearly annoyed now that all the brothers were now in the room with them both. Though looking up to Reiji, she saw him look down cold and curiously at her. As she did, she asked him suspecting the obvious, “And let me guess? You wanna join in on the action too now?”
As he heard her ask this question to him, he looked at her still with those cold sceptical eyes of his. Seeing him do this, Miya then raising one of her eyebrow's then made an assumption, “Or let me guess?  Food of the lower classes is not good enough for your distinguished palette?”
Reiji hearing this being put to him, glared at Miya for a brief moment behind his spectacles. Before he replied, “I suppose it is obvious that you would come to such a simple conclusion like that wouldn't you?”
Miya quietly confused as she heard this, didn't know why he'd even said that? Even Yui was the same, but she then decided to ask him, “Reiji-san? What do you-?”
However it was then that the spectacled vampire sat himself down to the table as well. As he did so, he calmly explained to the curious girls, “I'm simply intrigued to see if this cake is worth the daring boasts that you so loudly broadcasted earlier.” Then taking a plate for himself, he cut out a slice of the red velvet cake and as he did so, he finished saying, “For if I wish to keep myself competent and efficient within the arts of confectionary baking, I need to keep an open mind to improve upon my own skills.”
Hearing this elaborate explanation, Miya then replied, “Or you could just simply say that you're curious and want to give it a try?”
However Reiji himself didn't reply to this comment, as he took a spoon and tried the red velvet cake for himself. Looking at him, it wasn't clear if he liked it or not, but he kept eating away quietly anyway.
Seeing this herself, Yui could feel in the atmosphere that the tenseness had drifted away slightly. As it did so, she could now relax a little as she sighed with slight relief. However looking back, she then saw that still Shuu hadn't sat himself down. Seeing this, she then decided to ask him, “Shuu-san? Do you want to join us at all?”
Simply yawning as he heard this question being asked of him, the lethargic vampire then replied, ”...Sure,” with that he sat himself down to the table. Then with that as a slice was cut for him, by Yui. Quickly finishing she sat herself back down in her seat.
Then watching on as the interactions continued between the Sakamaki's along with Miya, Yui couldn't help but feel a little warmed inside. For this atmosphere almost felt like a proper family situation, compared to the arranged silent one month meals they'd have. This moment brought a smile to her face as she giggled at a particular thing that Miya said to one of the brothers. As it did so, the celebratory meal continued on...  


It was now later in the night and finally, the cake had nearly all been consumed. Except for one slice that was left on the white plate.
Reiji wiping his mouth with a napkin that was at hand, commented calmly, “Well that was adequate enough to be called a dessert.”
Miya herself seeing that Reiji was downplaying things once more, then decided to speak her thoughts as she told him, “Yeah? So adequate that you helped yourself to two slices of the thing.”
The spectacled vampire hearing this himself, then looked to her with annoyance in his cold eyes. However he didn't reply to this and simply acting like the responsible man started to collect up the plates and things that everyone had used together.
Watching him quietly do this, Yui was glad then. For it looked like herself and Miya would not have to clean up the dishes, however looking back behind herself she could see Subaru still standing against the wall. For during this whole time he hadn't tried to sit with them at all, seeing that she couldn't help but feel a little sad that he hadn't come to join them.
Miya herself then commented, finally feeling some degree of relief as she stretched her arms out, “Well! Looks like we'll finally get some peace back soon!” Then looking to her friend she decided to ask her, “Yui-ko? Do you want to-?”
However she stopped in her tracks, for she saw the sadness that was in her eyes and seeing where they were looking to. She saw Subaru in the background and seeing him again, she could immediately guess what it was that she was thinking.  
As she did this, it was then Kanato looking to the last cake slice that was left. Decided on something, looking to his beloved inanimate playmate he asked him, “Teddy? Do you want that last slice?” Once again there was nothing but silence in response to his question, however in his mind he'd heard an answer as he said, “You do? Well then...” with that he went to reach his fork over to take the last piece.
Immediately though hearing him say this, Yui turned and quickly she tried to speak up, “Wait Kanato-kun! Don't-!”
“Yoink!” Acting quickly another figure reached on over and took the slice of red velvet in seconds away from the approaching fork!
Kanato immediately shocked, then saw who'd taken his delicious morsel away! Angered in moments he whispered bitterly, “You!?”
For it was none other than Miya! Seeing the purple haired young man look at her with anger, she though was unfazed and told him, “You're not having this last one you little creep! You've had more than enough already!”
Hearing this, Kanato then told her angrily, “That was Teddy's last slice! How could you go and-!?”
“He can't eat anyway!” Miya told him mad and as she did, she also added before turning her face away from him, “There's no point spoiling a good slice of cake over a stupid object like that!”
As he heard these words being told to him, immediately Kanato was enraged! Bitterly he gripped his fork hard as he spoke again gritting his sharp teeth, “How dare you!? You don't-!”
“Kanato-kun,” it was then that Laito stepped in and as he did, he spoke calmly to his younger sibling telling him, “You don't need to make a fuss now, there are better treats waiting for you already you know... so why not let this one go?”
As he heard his older brother say this to him so calmly, with such a smug grin on his face. Annoyed Kanato, however he decided for that moment to let it go as he simply hugged Teddy more closely to himself sulking.
Shuu having already finished his cake, then uttered tiredly, “Annoying...” For all this noise was preventing him from getting some good sleep.
Seeing this happen, Miya was just glad that this hadn't turned into another shouting match! But quickly, she gave the slice over to Yui saying, “Here.” Her friend looked to her puzzled, expecting as much the heterochromia eyed girl told her smiling, “You wanted this right?”
Yui herself hearing her friend say this, then was glad that she'd noticed and nodding she replied, “Yes, thank you Miya-chan!”
To which simply in reply, her friend winked showing that she was pleased. Seeing this, Yui then smiled and as she did, she got up and moved away from the table.
Subaru still lying against the wall, had his eyes closed and it seemed as though he wasn't paying attention in the slightest to what was going on around him. However he heard a single voice call him out of his quiet thoughts, “Subaru-kun?”
Hearing this voice, he opened his eyes and as he did. He saw that Yui was before him, with a smile on her face. Confused as to why she was looking at him like at this, he didn't get to ask her what she was doing, for then she reached the plate that had the last slice of red velvet cake on it, saying, “Here.”
Looking at her as she did this, he was further confused as he asked her, “What's that for?”
As she heard this question being put to her, the gentle pink eyed girl told him, “It's for you Subaru-kun, it's the last of the red velvet cake and... I felt sad at the thought that you wouldn't get to share in eating it with us, so... I thought you might like to have it?”
Really surprised to see her doing this for him, Subaru was silent. However quickly becoming flustered at her sudden generosity, he told her mad, “What made you think I even wanted that slice!? I don't want leftovers and I never asked for any anyway!”
Hearing him speak to her angrily like this, Yui faltered a little feeling nervous underneath his intensity. She wasn't sure what to do, when suddenly-  
“Oh? So you don't want any do you?” It was then that Miya walked on over, with her arms folded.
Seeing her, Subaru looked at her with annoyed eyes. As he did so, he then heard her say, “Because you know if you refuse it like this, it'll be wasted on some inanimate bear.”
Kanato hearing this, then called out mad from behind, “Hey!”
Ignoring him though, Miya continued on as she then told the white haired vampire, “It's better to  take it, especially since it's sweetened by such good intentions from someone as cute as Yui-ko here!” To which she finished with a grin.
Baffled by this response, Subaru repeated, “Cu, cute!?”
Yui hearing this from her friend then told her, becoming embarrassed, “Miya-chan! Please don't exaggerate again like this!”
Laughing though, the orange haired girl told her, “I'm not exaggerating! I only say what's honest and true and it certainly is the case right now!”
Subaru staring at Miya, didn't understand this girl in the slightest!? Who the hell did she think she was saying stuff like that?!
Yui herself though, recovering from her embarrassment then looked to back to the white haired vampire and told him, “Well... you can have this slice if you want to Subaru-kun, but if you'd rather not then-?”
Suddenly though Yui was interrupted as the plate and cake slice were taken from her! Looking in surprise she saw that Subaru had it in his hands, as he did he then said mad blushing slightly red, “I never said I wouldn't have it! I just...”
However seeing the astonished looks on both Yui's and Miya's faces, he then felt more flustered inside and as he did, he said annoyed, “Oh fuck this!” With that taking his slice of cake with his free hand, he bit into it hard. Making his mouth be covered in crumbs and icing sugar.
There was then some moments of silence in the air, feeling them as she looked at the flustered vampire eat the slice. Yui was becoming curious and so she asked him, “So um...? Is it nice, Subaru-kun?”
Hearing this question being put to him, the white haired vampire looked away as he said with a blush of red on his cheeks, his mouth dirty, “It's fine...” then looking back at the girls for a brief moment he uttered, “Stop staring at me!”
Miya silent as she heard him say this, then realised something and smiled as she replied, “...Okay, whatever you wish!” For looking at Subaru as he interacted with Yui, she could spy what was going on between them.
However staring on from the distance as this occurred, it was clear that Ayato was bitter! Angered he then said, “Damn this! I was the one who was supposed to be fed!”
Laito though hearing his younger sibling say this, only smirked for throughout the long passage of time he hadn't changed. However before he could move to say an audible word, he suddenly saw Reiji place something next to him.
Looking at this item as it was placed next to him, he was puzzled. However looking up to his older sibling, he saw him do a single nod to him with a serious look and intent within his fierce cold red eyes.
As he saw this, it was then Laito realised what he wanted! As he did, he couldn't help but grin more... for they were starting that now were they? However he didn't need a word to be uttered to be persuaded, so taking the item he walked over towards the two girls and Subaru.
Yui was glad that the white haired vampire was getting the chance to enjoy the cake like the others had done. Then it occurred to her that this would be a good time for her and Miya to now leave. But before she could say a word to her friend, she heard a familiar voice, “Subaru-kun?”
Turning, it was then the three people there saw Laito approach and as they did. Miya became bitter immediately as she uttered, “Oh look it's the parasite again, what do you want?”
Hearing this being said to him, Laito then responded in a apparently thoughtful manner, “Oh I just thought I'd come over with something that I thought Subaru-kun might like with his cake?” With that be brought up a small white pitcher in his hand.
Seeing it, Subaru himself confused asked, “And what's in that exactly?”
Laito smiling away then replied, “Oh? Just a little bit of smooth white cream, that's all!”
As he heard this, Subaru then replied annoyed, “Well I'm practically finished here! It's a bit too late for you to come over now with that.”
Hearing this, response Laito then pouted, “Oh that's too's such a waste.”
Yui though not understanding why the fedora hatted vampire was acting like this, then watched him move the pitcher over into a certain direction saying, “I'll just have to make do with this then!”
“Huh?” But before Miya could register anything-


Suddenly Laito poured the entire contents of the white pitcher all over her head, covering her from head to foot in cream! Making it leak all over her clothes and drip onto the floor!
Shocked as this happened, Yui cried out, “Laito-kun!?”
Even Subaru couldn't believe his eyes, while Miya herself feeling the cold and clammy sensation sink in, she uttered looking at her stained arms, “The hell is-!?” Then suddenly she heard-!

“HA HA HA HA!!!”

Immediately she saw behind her that Ayato was laughing! As he pointed his finger at her, he said aloud, “That's the best! That's-!” However he couldn't contain himself as he continued to holler at the funniness that had just occurred.
Even Kanato was the same as he cried out, “That's an incredible look for you! You loud woman! You're absolutley pathetic! You-!” But then even he couldn't contain himself as she shook with the hilarity of the situation!
Looking on, Miya couldn't register what was going on at all! For looking behind her, she could even see that Shuu was grinning along with Reiji himself at her situation. But then she heard Laito say aloud laughing loudly too, “One creamy Cow-chan, ready to be served!”
Then finally recovering from the shock and bewilderment at what had just happened to her. Miya feeling the cream continue to drip all over her, then outraged shouted, “YOU BASTARD!” With that she moved fast and struck the prankster with a round kick straight in his back!



This instantly then made Laito fly and collide into the floor in seconds! Seeing this happen, Yui then heard her friend shout out, “You dare do this to me!? After you help yourself to my gift!”
Laito though hearing this, then told her turning himself back over to look at her unsettled form with a sinister grin, “Of course! I wanted to have something a little more scrumptious to the eye is all!” With that he licked his lips hungrily as he saw the cream wet and leak all over the orange girl's clothes!
Yui hearing this could quickly see this was going to turn bad really quickly! Miya though outraged then shouted, “YOU DISGUSTING-!”
“Miya-chan! Don't!” With that quickly acting, Yui caught Miya's raised arm and fist. This made her stop instantly and as she did, she told her, “Don't do this now! Please, we need to get you washed and out of those clothes!”
The heterochromia eyed girl hearing her friend say this as she held her, looked at her startled. However turning her eyes back to Laito for a moment as he continued to grin away, at her pathetic state. She was bitter and wanted to smash him apart right there and then for this humiliation! However biting back her rage fiercely, she uttered mad, “Fuck this!” With that she stomped on out of the door!
Seeing her go, quickly Yui ran after her as she cried out worried, “Miya-chan wait!”
Watching them both go, Subaru himself was still confused. For looking at his older fedora hatted sibling, he didn't understand what had made him do that so suddenly? Why would-?
However looking at Laito, he saw him looking to Reiji with a knowing smug smile and in turn the spectacled vampire looked back to him, with a seemingly matching grin. As he witnessed this single action being exchanged between them, all Subaru could do was wonder one thing. What was it, that these two were planning together...?  
.:Chapter Twenty Two : The Reward:.

A door that was shut closed, opened up and as it creaked, a pair of arms lifted up into the air as various students exited the room. A yawn then sounded aloud, “Urgh!” For there coming out of the classroom too, it was none other than Miya. As the heterochromia eyed girl stretched out, she couldn't help but then say, “Finally... the first day is half way done!”
Then as she said those words, Yui walked out of the classroom too. As she did so, she looked to her friend and saw her finally bow her head and arms down. Looking deflated she complained, “I'm tired...”
Yui seeing this then couldn't help but smile and release a small giggle as she replied, “I can see that!” For now after the last visit had been made to the Sakamaki mansion, it was now the beginning of the exam weeks and the first day was nearly coming to an end. Understandably it was only natural that her friend as well as herself would be feeling tired out from all of this work.
Looking to her friend, Yui still with her smile gracing her face asked her, “Do you feel you've done better this time, Miya-chan?”
Hearing her ask this question, Miya then recovered from her brief moment of fatigue and as she did so. She looked to Yui and told her honestly, “I think so.” However still feeling a little pang of doubt inside, she admitted on a worried note, “Well... I hope so anyway.”
Yui quiet as she heard this, told her friend as she tried to be comforting and supportive, “I'm sure you have,“ for then smiling a little more she said, “After all, we've studied so much together... I'm sure things will be better for you this time.”
Miya hearing this, turned and saw Yui smile. As she did so, she was quiet for a moment. However she then forgot her worries and ended up smiling herself as she replied, “Yeah... thanks, Yui-ko.” Then moving her right hand, she patted her shoulder and doing so she added, “I'm glad to have your support.”
Yui feeling this gentle touch, smiled simply a little more as she nodded brightly. For since the visit where Reiji had suggested that Miya might be demonic somehow, she had at that time experienced  fear and doubt, that had clouded her from deep from within. Making her question if she could even trust her. However even now, her friend was still proving to be far from being a monster of any kind like that. Also she was still doing her best to protect her from the attacks the Sakamaki's tried to inflict upon her.
However feeling her free left arm, which held a series of new fang marks that had been inflicted upon her. The sensation of the bites, reinforced her belief and trust in her friend again. For in reality, the brothers themselves were the ones far more monstrous in nature than she was.
As that thought occurred to her, “Both proud of yourselves are you?” Turning quickly to look, it was then that Yui and Miya both saw that it was Ayato who had spoken as he'd exited the classroom too.
Miya seeing him was quickly irritated inside as she lost her smile and removing the hand she had placed on Yui's shoulder. She moved it up and placing it within the fold of her other arm, she crossed them both. While the blonde haired girl herself looked at the reddish brown haired vampire quietly.
Looking at him, the heterochromia eyed girl asked him, “And what if we are?”
Ayato hearing her ask this single question replied smugly, “Cause you're gonna both be severely disappointed!”
Puzzled as she heard this remark, Yui then asked, “What do you mean, Ayato-kun?”
Hearing this question, Ayato then proclaimed proudly to them both, “Because yours truly will beat you both senseless! I'm gonna out do you in the exams!”
Seeing him swagger like this to them, as he was practically beaming arrogance. Yui and Miya looked at him with absolute scepticism... Ayato quickly felt uncomfortable as both girls looked at him like this. This wasn't what he was expecting!
Miya then seeing him look at them both this way, then simply turned to Yui and ignoring the bragging vampire. She said, “Yui-ko? Do you wanna go to the cafeteria to eat tonight?”
Hearing the question being put to her, the blonde haired girl looking to her friend replied, “Um, yes... that should be alright, Miya-chan.”
With a single nod, Miya then replied brightly, “Okay let's go then!”
Yui replied herself, “Alright.” With that the two girls then proceeded down the corridor together to get their meals.
While Ayato seeing himself being ignored like this, called out annoyed, “Oi!” With that he chased after them both. It was clear, these exams were going to be interesting... in more ways than one!


The next few weeks seemed to fly past fast as the exams came one after the other... but finally all of them had come to an end. Then as they had, it was time to see the results! As other students walked along the hallway showing off to each other at what they achieved. One girl though was holding her results paper in her hands, that were contained within an envelope. It was Miya who was feeling terribly nervous as she held it in her trembling hands.
Watching her as she did this, while she held her own opened results paper in her hands. Yui looking to her friend was worried for her now and so decided to ask her gently, “Miya-chan? Are you alright? Do you want me to-?”
However quickly shaking her head, Miya then replied, “No! I can do this... I gotta do this!” With that looking at the paper, she tried to make the burden lighter as she said, “I mean it's just an envelope for hell's sake!”
It was clear though that as she stared at the envelope, that she she was becoming more desperately bitter by the minute! Staring down at the envelope as though it was a fierce rival! However it was clear that she was still nervous and too terrified to open it.
Looking at her, Yui had no idea how things would turn out at this rate! For even she was beginning to feel nervous from this hair raising atmosphere! But before she could say another word, immediately Miya declared having enough of this stand off! “Alright! I'm doing this! Let's go!” With that she tore open the envelope and opening the paper, she skimmed her eyes over the words and numbers quickly, seeing what she had gained.
Silent as she watched her friend look over the results, Yui was deeply curious and tense. Then after a few more quiet moments passed, she decided to ask her, “So...? How have you done, Miya-chan?”
Hearing this question being put to her, it was then finally the heterochromia eyed girl replied, “...I did it!”
Yui's eyes widening as she heard this, she then saw her friend turn to her as she grinned widely and said excitedly, “Yui-ko! I did it! I've passed!”
Immediately hearing her say this, Yui asked her friend quickly becoming delighted, “Really? You have!?”
Nodding ecstatically, Miya then replied, “Yeah look! Look!” With that she took her result paper and showed her friend what she'd been able to achieve.
Looking over it quickly, Yui then saw that the results that her friend had achieved. All the subjects were mostly in the 60's and 70's range. While her results in sports and languages were in the 80's. Seeing this, Yui was so pleased for her friend and so told her happily, “Well done, Miya-chan! Looks like all of our studying paid off for you!”
Beaming with happiness, Miya then replied, “You got that right!” Then hugging the paper to herself, she declared excitedly, “Now I'm one more step closer to my motorcycle!”
Pleased for her happiness, Yui then looked back to her own papers with a quiet smile still on her face. For though it was obvious the results were going to be good... she didn't have too great a reason to celebrate like her friend did. For unlike her friend she no longer had anyone she could present them to. A little sadness then creeped in as she realised this and in turn she couldn't help but lose her smile for a brief moment...
However unaware of this brief depression, Miya still hugging her results to her chest. Then decided to enquire, “So what did you get, Yui-ko?” With that she looked over her friend's shoulder, too see what she'd gained.
Feeling her suddenly do this, Yui at first startled uttered, “Huh? What-!?”
Quickly though, she was interrupted before she could speak as Miya looking over her shoulder then whistled as she exclaimed, “Wow! Mainly 90's and 80's are all there!”
As she heard her say this, Yui herself becoming flustered as she heard her friend say this. Tried to quickly say, “Oh this is nothing though! Miya-chan! I mean-!”
“These are great!” Miya beamed as she looked at her results. Surprised as she said that, Yui looked to her friend and saw her continue to smile. As she did so, the orange haired girl looking on continued to say, “With all that studying you do, it's no wonder that you're always so near to the top of the class!” Then as she finished saying this, she turned and told her friend brightly, “You really are amazing, Yui-ko!”
Hearing this praise being given to her, Yui was quiet. However becoming red with embarrassment, she looked down and replied weakly, “No... I'm not really, I'm just-”
“Amazing!” Miya interrupted her again with a laugh, then saying that she moved her hand up and putting upon her hand on her friend's head. She told her gently as she gave her a brief stroke, “You need to take credit when credit's due, Yui-ko! You've done well... I know your dad would be proud if he could see this now.”
Hearing Miya say that, Yui looking to her friend was surprised once more to hear this. But quickly seeing the warm gentle expression that was on her friend's face, she quickly felt her sadness fade away inside of herself as she then smiled instead. For she was glad for the comfort and support as she told her, “Yeah, I'm sure he would...thank you, Miya-chan.”  


Quickly the positive atmospheric bubble the two girls were in, was burst! As there they both saw turning with a sigh of annoyance quickly escaping from Miya's lips, it was none other than Ayato. Looking at him, she then uttered, “Great... it's yours idiot truly.”
However ignoring this comment, Ayato held his paper up backside shown to them and wagged it. He then asked grinning, “Guess what?”
Yui being curious, then asked the reddish brown haired vampire, “Uh? What Ayato-kun?”
To which hearing her ask, he answered proudly, “I got you both beat! I got solid 100's on everything!”
Immediately though, Miya was sceptical again as she looked at him dismissively whilst turning her head to the side. While Yui herself, though simply smiled as she replied a little awkwardly, “Oh really? Um... well done then, Ayato-kun.”
Quickly Ayato grinned pleased with this response, then looking to Miya he told her smugly, “I got you utterly beat, you dumb bitch!”
Feeling a twitch of irritation as she heard this remark, Miya then felt inside her an impulse as she asked him playfully with a coy smile, “Oh really?” With that she moved her right hand and quickly snatched Ayato's turned paper away from him!
Feeling and seeing her do this, Ayato immediately cried outraged, “Hey!”
Surprised at her sudden action, Yui then asked startled herself, “Miya-chan!?”
However quickly looking over the page that was in her hand now... Miya was quiet for a moment before she said feeling a little awkward, “ 25 points...? On everything here?”
Immediately seeing he'd been foiled, Ayato immediately felt his own arrogant bubble being burst. He felt like his as though his pride was being stabbed with a knife!
Yui looking over the paper as well, as Miya had it lowered to her level. Felt a little awkward too at this situation... though in reality, Ayato's scores would never have been that high anyway.
Though Miya herself had to ask, looking to the once arrogant vampire with disbelief in her eyes, “You know? With these kinds of results, I can't tell if you're just really unlucky or incredibly stupid at this point!”
Immediately hearing this comment from her, Ayato then spat at her becoming mad, “You bitch!”
However seeing the tense atmosphere that was brewing, Yui then spoke up trying to calm things down, “Um!... I mean they're not high, but... it is better than you have done previously,” looking to the green eyed vampire. She told him holding his results paper back out to him, “So, well done Ayato-kun... you've done well.”
Hearing her say this, Ayato stopped in his tracks as he froze in surprise. Seeing Yui smile gently to him like this and listening to this praise that was being given to him, despite his lie. He immediately didn't know what to do with himself! But becoming grumpy and annoyed he snatched back his papers from her, as he turned his head away from her. Before uttering back, “Shut dumb Chichinashi!” With that done he stormed off away from them, hiding away the embarrassed blush that was on his face.
Unsurprised though at this reaction, Miya simply rolled her eyes. However she decided then, “Well since that's over with and the pest is gone, we might as well get a move on too, huh?”
Still a little puzzled at this reaction from Ayato, Yui looked to Miya and hearing this suggestion. She then nodded as she agreed and said, “Sure, okay.”
Hearing this, Miya smiled and with that the two girls walked on forwards together down the hallway. As they did so, the heterochromia eyed girl still smiling from her successful results admitted, “Man! When I show this off at home, my mom's gonna go wild I bet!”
Yui hearing her friend say this, then recovered her smile and as she did so, she asked, “Will she?”
Laughing, the orange haired girl replied, “Yep! I mean these results are better than I've done in months! She'll be over the moon!” Then as that thought occurred to her, she also realised, “Oh! My aunt also promised something special for me if I did well too!”
Curious to hear her say this, Yui asked, “Your Aunt?”
Nodding at this question, Miya then replied, “Yep! My aunt Michi, it'll be something sweet I bet!” Her imagination brimming within as she thought of the scrumptious possibilities that she'd get, a fanciful smile was decorating the heterochromia eyed girl's face as she looked up above.
Seeing her friend smile like this, Yui simply smiled awkwardly as she wondered what it could possibly be that Miya was imagining?
However snapping out of her brief sweet daydream, Miya then grinned as she told her friend, “You and I are gonna have a real celebration this weekend, Yui-ko! Just you wait and see! We'll have the time of our lives!”
This was something that Yui didn't doubt at all and so replied positively, “I can't wait!” However then as she said that, she also remembered one other thing that had been promised to her, “Miya-chan?”
Curious the heterochromia eyed girl uttered coming to a stand still as her friend did, “Yeah?”
Yui then looking to Miya with a serious expression now on her face, holding her clasped hands together over her chest. She asked her, “You do remember don't you? What you promised to tell me? When you'd come to visit after the exams were over?”
Hearing Yui say this, Miya was silent as she stared at the blonde haired girl. However after a moment, a serious gaze came to her own face and losing her smile for a moment, she replied, “Of course... I haven't Yui-ko, don't worry.” Looking away from her friend for a moment, down to the floor with a solemn expression. She then turned to look back up to her, doing so she finished saying, “When I make promises, I make sure that I keep to them.”
Glad to know this, Yui then quietly nodded and as she did this. The two of them then proceeded to walk on together down the hall... for soon she was going to gain the truth and truly understand the mysteries of who and what Miya truly was.

It was now Saturday, in the evening and arriving through the kitchen door within the confines of the Sakamaki mansion, Miya walked on through carrying a plastic bag in her hand. Sighing as she made it inside, the heterochromia eyed girl placed the items she'd been carrying on the wooden table. As she did so, she said, “Man... it's great that we can finally relax now! I felt those exams would never end!”
Yui pleased herself that her friend was within the mansion, visiting her again. She smiled at her remark as she replied, “Yeah, I can understand those feelings... they were very strenuous!”
Hearing her blonde haired friend say this, Miya then replied with a chuckle, “You got that right!” However then looking into the bag that she'd placed down on the wooden table, she said, “But now at least we get to have a little treat for ourselves!” With that she took out and began to lay out the treats that had been given to her by her mom and aunt...



Came the bright response from the heterochromia eyed girl, as she had finished her preparations and presented the glorious treats before her friend with opened arms.
Looking on with amazement, Yui saw a big cake before her. It was coated in white coloured decorative frosting sugar and upon it's top were red coloured sweet flakes of some kind with red words laced over the top that read:


Seeing it Yui was amazed, looking at it she had to ask, “Miya-chan? What kind of cake is this?”
Smiling brightly as she asked her, the heterochromia eyed girl was more than pleased to answer, “It's my aunt's famous homemade red velvet cake! My all time favourite!”
Surprised to hear this, Yui repeated, “Red velvet?”
Nodding, Miya then went on to explain, “Yeah! It's a wonderful mixture of cream cheese and buttermilk and chocolate! It's really delicious!” Then saying that, clearly excited she added, “Plus it's even better with white chocolate ice cream! It's the best mix ever!”
For also what had accompanied the cake in terms of treats, was a tub of the mentioned ice cream along with cookies and various other small sweets in a few bowls. Making this almost like a small birthday celebratory meal!
Hearing her excitedly describe what the cake tasted like, along with seeing the layout that had been made for them. Yui couldn't help but feel her own mouth water at the description of sweetness that the cake contained. So she admitted to her friend, “Wow! That does sound nice!”
Grinning more at this, Miya replied simply, “It is!” Then quickly sitting down, she told her, “Well, let's enjoy ourselves shall we?”
As she heard this suggestion being given to her, Yui was more than pleased to agree to it and so replied, “Yeah let's!” With that the blonde haired girl sat herself down at the kitchen table.
Seeing her do this, Miya quickly took a ready long knife and cut into the sweet spongy cake. Making a couple of good slices for herself and her friend. Then straight away, she spooned out some white chocolate ice cream scoops onto the plates too. With her work quickly done, she passed the first finished dessert to her friend and told her, “There ya go, Yui-ko! Dig in!”
Happy for the treat that was now before her, Yui smiled pleased and replied, “Okay, thank you Miya-chan!” Happy in turn herself, Miya then taking her own plate took her spoon and in turn Yui did the same and immediately they both began to taste and eat the cake that had been prepared for them both.
Eating the cake and ice cream together, the blonde haired girl indulged herself in the rich sweet creamy mixture that had been made. She found true to her friend's word, it really was delicious! Looking to her friend as she took a few more spoonfuls, Yui told her, “This is really nice, Miya-chan! Your aunt can really bake can't she?”
Nodding enthusiastically as she indulged in the wonderful sweetness, the heterochromia eyed girl replied, “Yep she can! Anything homemade or home crafted she excels in it!” Then eating another spoonful, she had to admit on a personal note, “Sometime I'm jealous of my little brother living with her... I bet he gets to have her treats all the time!” With a sigh as she placed her spoon down for a moment, she admitted, “Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a kid and live like that!”
Hearing her friend say this, Yui then admitted too, “I'd like that too! Your aunt must be a wonderful person.”
As she heard this being said, Miya then replied to her friend, “She is! Plus unlike my mom at least she's not a scatter brain, she could learn a thing or two from her!” To which saying that, she began to eat some more of her meal.
Yui hearing Miya say this, simply smiled more. However the blonde haired girl, eating a little more of her treat and feeling the quietness that began to surround them both. She decided looking to her content friend, that maybe it was now that she should ask. So placing her silver spoon back down onto the table, it was time then for some explanations to be made.
Looking to her friend as she continued to eat, she then asked her simply, “Miya-chan?”
Hearing her name being called once more, the orange haired girl finishing her mouthful of ice cream and red velvet cake, turned and looked at her as she asked, “Yeah?”
Seeing that she'd got her attention, Yui then asked her gently, “Could you...? Could you tell me now? What you promised me?”
Quiet as she heard this request being made to her, Miya stared at Yui as her expression became blank. However quickly it changed again as a sadness came to grace her features... placing her spoon back onto the table, she sighed. Then looking downwards at the wooden surface of the table she said aloud, “...I never thought I'd be discussing this while eating my favourite cake, but...”
Looking on at her, Yui did feel bad for asking at this moment as she saw the torment that was now on her friend's face. But at the same time, she knew the sooner that they discussed this, the better it would be. For both of them.
Miya herself with her face still down, was still mentally preparing herself as she thought of the right words to say. After a few moments, it appeared that she'd become ready! So turning her face to look up at her friend, she started to speak, “Well if you wanna know Yui-ko, I've learnt from my family that-”
However she had to stop herself, for suddenly behind her friend she saw a pair of wide creepy eyes peering out from behind her chair in the darkness! “Aaggh!” She cried out in fright as she quickly jumped and stood hurriedly up from her seat!
Startled immediately at this reaction, Yui asked her friend quickly, “Miya-chan, what's wrong!? What's-?”


Jumping as she heard this voice herself, the blonde haired girl quickly sat up from her own chair and as she turned to look. She quickly saw standing behind her chair with his beloved Teddy held in both of his arms, it was none other than, “Kanato-kun!?” Yui cried out in surprise.
Seeing him standing there, with a gloomy expression on his face as he continued to hold Teddy in his arms. Miya couldn't believe him! Annoyed she then complained aloud, “You little creep! Don't come out of nowhere like that! You scared the crap out of us!”
Ignoring this sound of protest as he continued to hold Teddy in his arms, Kanato looking to Yui asked her, “The two of you are eating together are you not?”
Yui looking at Kanato puzzled, then replied simply, “Yes we are...?”
Hearing this confirmation, Kanato then asked her in his dull tone, “What are you feasting on? When I was walking down the stairs just now, I caught the scent of something sweet in the air that myself and Teddy haven't encountered before.” Then looking to the table, he caught a glimpse of the cut cake that was on the table, as he did so he could see where the sweet scent was coming from.
Miya seeing him looking, then saw that he had cast his eyes upon her aunt's beloved cake. As she did so, she bristled with annoyance! For if he was going to ask, what she thought he was going to. Then-!
“It is that is it?” Kanato asked as he pointed to the cake, with a free hand.
As he did this, Yui then answered trying to be as cautious as she could, “Oh um? Yes Kanato-kun, myself and Miya-chan are eating a cake and some ice cream that her aunt prepared for us.”
Hearing this being explained to him, Kanato then looking to Miya asked her, “This loud woman's aunt?”
Annoyed as he said this, the heterochromia eyed girl replied to him, “I have a name you know! You little creep!”
Kanato hearing this reply, it was clear that he was not amused in the slightest. However looking at Miya he asked her, ignoring her rudeness, ”I don't care for your title... but tell me, what kind of cake is that?”
Hearing this question being put to her, Miya still annoyed decided to indulge him as she answered simply, “It's red velvet!” However she then added, “But don't you dare think you're going to-!”
“Red velvet?” Kanato asked curiously interrupting her. It was clear looking on as he tilted his head to the side slightly that this name was unknown to him. Then as an awkward silence descended into the room, he said aloud, “That's a cake we've never heard of or tried before,” then looking to his beloved inanimate companion he asked him, “Isn't it Teddy?”
Seeing him being as weird and creepy as ever, Miya simply stared on at him oddly. While Yui stared on uncomfortably, for she was unsure of exactly what should be done here.
Kanato himself quiet as he looked to his old cuddly friend, then couldn't help but add, “And it's really conceited of these two horrible, wretched girls to leave us out like this...not letting us try with them, something so new, delectable and sweet!”
Yui feeling a shiver of worry go down her spine, could feel that thing's were going to soon get out of control if she didn't act soon! For if Kanato got started then-!
Becoming coldly sarcastic though, Miya then uttered with annoyance, “Oh I'm so sorry we're so wretched!” Kanato hearing this tone immediately being exchanged with him, became soured quickly as Miya then went on to say, “But you and your dumb bear weren't invited to this little party so you can just get lost!”
Yui hearing this, then cried out, “Miya-chan! Don't say thing's like that! You'll-!”
“What did you say!?” Kanato asked agitated. There came no response from Miya as she simply stared down at him coldly. As she did so, Yui quickly took a step back away as the purple haired vampire then told the heterochromia eyed girl angrily, “Teddy is not just some uncouth animal! HOW DARE YOU REFER TO HIM THAT WAY!!!”
It was clear Miya though was unaffected by this shout and so she told him right back, “I'll refer to him how I please! I don't need some brat like you to tell me otherwise!”
Yui seeing thing's deteriorate so quickly, knew that she had to do something and fast! Looking back behind herself, she saw there was only one option! Moving speedily she went to go and do what she prayed would stop this!
Kanato looking at Miya as she spoke back to him like this, then shrieked loudly, “DON'T TALK BACK TO ME! YOU FILTHY MORTAL! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO-!”
“I HAVE JUST AS MUCH OR EVEN MORE FUCKING RIGHT THAN YOU DO! YOU LITTLE BRAT!” This immediately shut Kanato up in seconds! As it did, Miya then went on to say angrily, “ I'm not gonna stand hear and listen to your damn tantrums!” With that she moved herself from her side of the table and as she did, she proclaimed further getting more mad as she approached him, “And if I have to remove you personally! Then I'll go ahead and kick your ass right-!”


Immediately stopping their quarrel in seconds, Miya surprised watched as quickly Yui ran over with a plate in her hands and as she did, she spoke up saying, “Here! Kanato-kun, please come and share the cake with us! It's really delicious and I know both you and Teddy will enjoy it! So please calm down now!”
Miya herself seeing this happen, couldn't believe it! She then cried out, “No! Yui-ko!”
Kanato himself seeing the offering that was being made to him, with the red velvet cake on the plate along with a few scoopfuls of the white chocolate ice cream. Was silent... however Yui looking on, could quickly see that the rage and fury that had been burning in his eyes quickly settled down. As it did so, she then heard him say with a pout, “Pathetic.”
Blinking at these words, she quickly was becoming worried again before she heard the purple haired vampire say to her, “You think a slice like that size is enough to satisfy me?”
To which came no response from Yui as she gazed at him perplexed. Seeing this expression on her face, Kanato then continued on as he said looking back to her with his eyes becoming dull once again, “You truly are a stupid girl, Yui-san.”
Hearing him call her friend that, Miya immediately acted as she told him, “Hey don't call her that! She-!”
“But since you've offered for I and Teddy to join you both, then I guess we have no choice do we?” Then saying that, he looked to his cuddly friend and asked him, “Right Teddy?”
However there came nothing in response and as an awkward silence filled the air. All both girls could do was stare on with baffled expressions on their faces.
Indifferent though to the odd atmosphere that he'd created, Kanato staring at the wooden table within the kitchen commented after a moment, “This table isn't good enough for us to dine upon,” saying that he then turned his eyes to Miya and told her, “Loud woman, bring the confections and we will dine in the dining room... it'll be a more suitable space.” With those words, he then left carrying his plate of cake with him along with Teddy.
Silently baffled as she stared after him. Miya still couldn't register for a moment about what the hell had happened!? But quickly one thing did become clear to her as she quickly spoke out, “Hey! Who went and made me your slave! I'm not going to-!”
“Miya-chan please!” Yui spoke up as she came over and looked to her friend desperately with her hands clasped!
As she did so, the orange haired girl looking to her friend then told her in disbelief, “But Yui-ko! That little creep just-!”
“I know! I know! What Kanato-kun did wasn't nice, but...” Yui feeling desperate though tried to reason with her friend as the words stormed within her mind, “Please, let's just go along with this for now... I don't want another fight to break out between you and them...please!”
Miya hearing this, then seeing the pleading look inside of her friend's gentle pink eyes. Felt her outrage waver and then flow away... she just couldn't do anything against her when she looked at her like that. However sighing it was clear she was still aggravated as she replied, “Man... I really can't believe I'm doing this.”
With that, quickly the heterochromia eyed girl went to go and gather the cake, ice cream along with the other treats she'd prepared. As she did so, she looked to her friend and told her, “I hope you know what you're letting yourself in for with this, Yui-ko!”
Hearing her say this, Yui felt bad once again... however running forwards towards her friend. She told her, “I do... I'm sorry, Miya-chan.” But looking to all the things she had to carry, she told her, “Let me carry some of that for you.”
“Okay...” the heterochromia eyed girl answered simply and dully. For it was clear that she was not happy with this out come that had been decided for them.
Yui still feeling bad for this, gathered up the items that she could as Miya took the bigger items into the plastic bag. However seeing the annoyed look that was on her friend's face... she decided on something, “Miya-chan?”
Looking to her, the heterochromia eyed girl simply uttered, “Hm? What is it?”
Seeing that she'd got her attention, Yui then told her, “In twenty minutes or so... we'll go back to my room and have fun alone together again. I'll make up for everything that's happened tonight, alright?”
Miya hearing her say that was quiet as she stared at her friend. However after a moment she then couldn't help but sigh and say, “Well you better keep to your word Yui-ko!” Then with a smirk she added, “For if there are fireworks that get started in that dining room, I'm gonna need a lot of compensation to make up for the damages!”
Hearing her say this, Yui then quietly and simply smiled a little awkwardly as she nodded. Then with that the two of them left to go down the corridor.
As they did this, Miya then said aloud annoyed, “Well we better get going... we gotta stop the little creep from causing a scene!”
Yui then hearing this laughed awkwardly at this comment. However inside she too was disappointed with how things had turned out. But she now couldn't help but wonder... when would she discover and learn the truth from the friend that was walking by her side....?  

Does anyone ever worry their story idea's are too self indulgent? I.E. Creating Mary Sue stories etc. 

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Hi guys! Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope u all have a fantastic New Year! ^^

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Now I can confirm that we only have approximatley 50 to 55 chapters left to go! ^^

I will be working hard this year to try and get the story done by the end of 2015 or at least the beginning months of 2016. Wish me luck guys! There are gonna be alot of things happening this coming year!

Also I just want to write to say thank you all for supporting me this time, letting me make this far! I value all your opinions and am really grateful to have dedicated watchers and friends like you all! Thank you!

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