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Chapter CCXXI: The Lightning Blade, The Game Of Ghosts And The Collapsing Tower
Return To The Radiant Gardens Part XXXIII




“Ha!” Falling back after clashing into Gandrake and his transformed state, Riku was gripping his keyblade tightly as he stared at his powerful enemy with angered eyes.
Seeing him do this retreating act, Gandrake gripping the Muramasa blade tightly looked chillingly relaxed. A smug grin was revealed upon his masked face as he asked the keyblader, “So? You're tired already?”
Hearing him ask this question, immediately the white haired young man responded, “Not even close!” With that he rushed straight back in! Slashing and trying to cut into his enemy fast!
However moving with seemingly no trouble, Gandrake dodged each and every blow that Riku was trying to land against him!
Riku seeing this was shocked! However concentrating hard he put all of his strength into every move he was creating, desperate to land any hit upon the sinister samurai!
Gandrake himself though continuing to smirk at these petty attempts, then remarked, “Child's play!” With that he took his own blade. Doing this as he held it in his golden gauntlets they started to glow with vibrant electrical light!
Seeing this with widened eyes, Riku gasped, “That-!” However in his moment of distraction-!  

“Too Slow!”



Suddenly in from behind, Gandrake cut straight into the white haired keyblader into his right shoulder blade! Turning fast, Riku jumped back and held his wounded limb making his keyblade vanish in moment's! As it did so, he cringed in pain as he looked to Gandrake and asked, “How did you-?”
“Sharp wasn't it?” Then asking this question, lightning crackled all over Gandrake's body. As it did so, he smiled as he pulled himself and his blade back, ready to launch himself forwards to attack again! As he did so he added, “This Magi Metamorphosis this time has been given an added magical boost from another summon!”
Shocked to hear this, Riku then asked him, “Another one!?”
Smirking as he said this, Gandrake then replied, “Correct... one possibly known to you as the great 'Ramuh!'”
The name familiar to him and yet not knowing this character with absolute certain knowledge, Riku then repeated, “Ramuh...?”
“That's right...” then with these words said, Gandrake's eyes were fixed straight onto Riku in a deadly light, as they did so his body began to glow too. As it did, he informed his weak foe, “And now prepare to face my judgement!” With those words Gandrake charged straight towards the keyblader!
Seeing him coming for him at full speed, Riku braced himself fast as he pulled up his keyblade ready to defend himself!


Riding up fast, to where the captive summoner Alania was with her summoned creature Carbuncle, who continued to try and shield her from the mocking ghosts. Noel was upon an elevating platform that was carrying him up, gripping his own twin blades tightly. He whispered to himself, “I'll get  there to you hang on!”
Then saying those words as he got up higher and higher, he was bracing himself to leap forwards and up! However just as he was just within a second of leaping-!

“Not so fast chump!”

Suddenly before him appeared one of the cloaked ghosts! Shocked seeing the transparent grinning being before him, he didn't have he time to answer back, for it spoke to him again, “Ya haven't met our fifth player!”
Puzzled as this word was uttered to him, Noel repeated, “Player?” Then as he did that-!



Immediately a shadow had come up from behind him! Then he had just barely avoided the blow that the controlled Musashi tried to incur upon him! However looking back, his gaze became harsh as he uttered, “You!?”
However the mind controlled long ponytailed young man, looking to his target said nothing. As he gazed at the blue attired hunter with blank empty eyes, his sword out and ready at his side.
Seeing this, Noel thinking of what had happened before when the young man had been snapped out of his trance uttered, “... I don't know you... but I don't hate you either!” With that taking up his blades, he informed the young man, “However, if I've got to beat you down to get us out of this mess! Then so be it!”

“Nice words fella!”  

“Yeah! I couldn't have thought of anything better!”

“Not that you have a brain now bud!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

With these mocking words spoken hauntingly, suddenly around Musashi appeared the other three ghosts who quickly joined their fourth associate. Seeing them all gather around the controlled samurai, Noel looking at them all on the platform before him then demanded, “What're you all-!?”
“Nice of ya to join us for our fun game fella!” One of the ghosts cried out with a keen grin!
Hearing this, not understanding what they were talking about, Noel then repeated puzzled, “Game?”
“Exactly!” Then the ghost with the cigar in his mouth, took out the glowing the light that was Leon's life force. With it in his transparent hand, the ghost informed the blue clad player bouncing the precious treasure up and down, “And we've got a ball in hand!”
“That we have!” Another of the ghosts called out! As he did so, he added, “And now... we can have a game of Baseball!”
Shocked and slightly appalled by these words, Noel then demanded, “Baseball!? What do you mean by-!?”
“We mean this!” The cigar smoking ghost informed him! With that throwing the glowing orb up into the air, he added, “Shoot up Musashi!”
With those words commanded to him, the mind controlled samurai with no hesitation lifted his blade and in seconds the glowing orb of light was struck and sent flying high into the air!
Seeing it go high, Noel shocked cried out, “Hey!” With that he rushed up into the air and started climbing up to try and go after it!
Then as he did this, immediately Musashi started tailing after him as he climbed up high too! Oblivious to this though, knowing what that light was and knowing how important it was too, Noel couldn't believe how callous these guys were being! “How can they just treat someone's life force like a damn ball!?” With that he was just within inches of making it to the glowing orb! But then just before he could touch it-!

“Because it's fun!”

Shocked, Noel saw that the light was snatched out of his reaching grasp! As it was, the ghost who appeared floated back and cried out, “Hey! Time to shoot again Musashi!” With that the light was thrown behind the blue clad warrior! As this was done, immediately Noel turned back and saw the act being done, with the light being shot high into another direction! As this occurred the mind controlled samurai took his blade back and aimed before-!


Suddenly Noel was struck! Falling back into the air, he quickly collided onto a moving clockwork gear! Cringing in pain as this occurred, he looked up to see again the mocking ghosts and their controlled sword wielding batterer stare on at him blankly like a zombie.
Seeing this, Noel was angered! For this was not fair! How was one person alone supposed to deal with these weird and supernatural numbers!?

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

However the ghosts clearly not caring for this, then laughed loudly again! As their chuckles filled the air, the lot of them then informed the angered hunter, “Looks like ya've enjoyed the warm up!”
“Yeah!” Then the ghost holding the light of Leon's life informed the brown haired young man, “Now it's time for the real game to start!” With that in seconds, he threw the orb of light again and with that the devious and chaotic game began amongst the ghosts and humans!



Falling back, Riku's was in terrible pain! Being struck back again by another terrible blow from Gandrake. He looked to his enemy with wincing eyes as he lay upon the floor and uttered, “That power is-!?”
“Incredible isn't it?!” Gandrake asked him, his pleasure and arrogance brimming from the tone's of his voice. Then as he walked forwards, towards his helpless opponent, he informed him, “With the power of two Summon's on my side, with Bebuzzu's power...” then saying that, he brought up the Muramasa blade again. As he did so, it held the darkening white stone that held Leon's body, which he knew was slowly fading away and giving him permanent absolute power he added, “Along with that of your helpless friend... I'm near enough to be proclaimed as God!”
As this was said to him, Riku struggling as he lay on the floor was quiet for a moment. However after a moment, he couldn't help but grin as he asked, “You a God?”
With this provoking question being put to him, Gandrake dropping his smile momentarily as he then asked, “You have a problem with the truth?”
Hearing him ask this, Riku sitting up then had to be honest as he said, “I do... because it's not the truth!” With that getting back up fully onto his legs, Riku then informed Gandrake of his own impressions, “You're not a God! You're nothing but a leech! Using the powers of summons and captives to give yourself strength!” With that positioning his keyblade, he added, “They're not your own abilities! You're a disgrace as a warrior!”
Quiet as this was put to him, Gandrake was quiet. However it was clear these words perturbed him as he drew forth the Muramasa blade. Doing this though, Gandrake couldn't help but mock his enemy in turn saying, “This coming from a weakling wielding an enormous house key!”
Riku hearing this, then quickly taking aim informed Gandrake, “This is no mere key!” With that racing forwards, he informed the malicious samurai, “This blade is my heart!” With that he struck into Gandrake's blade over and over again!
As it sparked and glared with frightening power against his own keyblade. He wasn't going to give up! He was gonna save Leon and Alania! Feeling his power grow, he felt ready as he cried out, “Dark-!”

“Too bad!”


Suddenly Riku was cut off as swiftly, Gandrake moved straight in again to attack, striking the keyblader straight in his middle! Stopping his oncoming Limit Break in seconds! It was clear, that the dark samurai was not going to give the keyblader one moment to call upon his forbidden powers!
Aching horribly, Riku was almost winded by the blow. The white haired keyblader was barely breathing, it was clear he was struggling badly!
Gandrake all the more amused though by his suffering, then said, “Looks like your so called heart is nothing but a pathetic gasp of pointless wind out of your mouth...” with that walking forwards as he continued to flow and burn with fierce electrical power. Gandrake informed Riku, “Now... let me show you what real power is!”


Watching on from her bound point, as the ropes continued to hold her arms and legs in place. Alania with widened eyes looked down and saw Gandrake glow furiously with electrical power and light! As he did so, it looked as though he'd become a living bolt of lightning and he did so, he charged straight into Riku and-!


With alarm, Alania saw Gandrake throw Riku high into the air! Then as this occurred, he was quickly struck into again and again, then again and-!
It was horrible to see! The keyblader was helpless against Gandrake's fast speed and physical strong power! He didn't have a chance! Then as he began to fall, the terrible white robed samurai got straight underneath the white haired young man. His hand aimed high, he struck it into his back and doing this-!



Riku was struck all over by a powerful blast of lightning that came forth out of nowhere! He was electrified all over and was clearly in agony! Seeing this, Alania was horrified, “MMPPMMHH!!!” However she could not utter out any proper words, for her taped mouth was glued shut and would not allow for her to cry out his name.
Gandrake though carrying on with his furious attack then with a terrible sadistic grin, cried out with ferocious power hungry eyes, “Wakizahi's Thunder!” Then at his cry one last volt ignited in his fingertips! As this occurred, the pulse charged straight through the keyblader making him scream all the more!


The terrible sight seemed to last forever! However it was no more than maybe just for a few seconds, for then the relentless attack was ceased and as it was, Gandrake tossed aside the keyblader making him fall down into the depths of the Clock Tower, where a terrible deafening thud could be heard.
Horrified, Alania couldn't believe what she'd seen! It was so horrible! Torturous! It was-!

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Hearing this sinister laughter enter the air, the blue haired girl was struck into shocked silence. Gazing down to Gandrake who laughed so loudly, she heard him say with a sickening contentment on his face, “Now... let's go and put that piece of trash out of it's misery!” With that Gandrake descended down into the depths himself to find where it was he had thrown Riku away.
Further silent for a few moments, Alania became incensed! For how dare that horrible lackey of Irma's do that to a good friend of hers! She had to get herself out of that mess! With that she continued to struggle against her binding ropes, desperate to free herself and save Riku who was struggling badly himself, for who knew how much longer!


Racing forwards, again Noel was on the tail of the glowing orb of life! He had to get it back no matter what! Running fast he cried out mad, “Get back here you ghosts!” Then saying that he landed upon another platform!
Doing this though it was flimsy as the chains holding it were not strong one's at all! He had to be careful! But seeing the mocking ghost that was before him was getting away, he endeavoured to run forwards again! But just as he did so, making the platform tilt forwards. Suddenly the platform twisted backwards, “Hey!” He was now struggling to keep his balance as he waved about, crying out, “Whoa!” Then immediately the platform spun around and around and-!


Suddenly the blue clad hunter was sent hurtling down! Falling and tumbling in confusion, he quickly knew he had to focus! For if he didn't then-!
Immediately something caught the corner of his eye and as it did so-!


Immediately he brought out one of his swords! Instantly he blocked another oncoming attack from the controlled Musashi! Seeing he managed to dodge another near fatal blow, he gritted his teeth in fierce agitation! For this was-!
Quickly though he felt something behind! Turning fast, he saw a falling chain! He saw something that would give him leverage! In seconds he grabbed it as Musashi continued to fall, then doing so his hand gloved hand gritted against it before finally he came to a stop!
Then looking down, he saw Musashi continuing to fall! However from out of nowhere another lifting cog emerged and stopped the controlled Samurai's fall and his blank dark eyes turned to target him again!
Seeing this, Noel knew he had to act fast! So quickly he began to climb, getting up higher and higher within the tower! He was getting close now to the hostage! If he could get her free then maybe-!
Quickly though his thoughts came to a stop as he made it to another more steady platform. He looked about himself and saw that he was getting closer now to where Alania was! He was almost there! Just a little more and-!


Unnerved by this loud crashing of noises, Noel spun around shocked and saw that it was another one of the ghosts! Holding a wooden spoon and a metallic water basin, it asked him mockingly, “Ha! Ha! Got ya fella!”
Angered by this Noel cried out, “You!?” With that he swung and struck the figure but quickly it passed straight through him!
As he became shocked, the ghost though laughed as he said, “Too bad! Yer forgettin'! You folks can't hurt ghosts!”
Annoyed Noel gritted his teeth! This was annoying beyond words! It was-!
“Oh! Here's our star player!” The ghost cried out laughing aloud with a wave of his spoon!
Seeing him look behind him, Noel realised with horror who the ghost was calling out to! It was-!


Again his blades came into contact with Musashi! Irritated as he saw him, once again trying to strike into him, Noel was hating every moment of this fight! For those ghostly pests were just delaying him! They were-!

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

As this sinister laughter entered the air again, Noel then saw behind Musashi who continued to try and strike into him, were the ghosts enjoying the fight immensely! Looking on, one of them couldn't help but say, “Ha! Looks like he's tryin' to send that poor wise guy to the showers!”
“Ya got that right!” Another one of them joked!
Then as this was said, the smaller cigar smoking ghost said, “Yeah! But it goes to show what happens with teamwork and a sucker on hand!” With that he bounced the orb of diminishing light in his ghostly hands.
Seeing him do this, Noel was quiet. However something quickly occurred to him, 'Teamwork...' Looking to the side to his pouch, he remembered again the few Paradigm crystals he had... he thought of one that could help! Gaining confidence quick, he looked to the ghosts and informed them, “Thanks for the tip!”
Quickly stopping in their chuckling the ghosts puzzled by his words, looked to him and saw the blue clad warrior shove Musashi away with a fast kick to his middle! With that as the long ponytailed young man fell back, he reached into his pouch!
Outraged one of the ghosts cried out, “Hey! Red card! Red card!” With that it vanished fast!
Seeing this, Noel replied becoming confident, “This isn't soccer and I'm gonna send you guys right to the-!” However looking fast to the crystal he pulled out and was about to throw, he saw that it was-!

“I say that's a strike and yer out!”


Suddenly Noel was pulled down by his feet! As he was the crystal he had flew fast from his hand as it was launched up high into the air! Alarmed he cried out, “Oh no!” But it was too late for him to act as he fell backwards and down into the depths below!


Meanwhile above, still fighting badly against her bindings Alania was no closer to escaping her terrible ropes! Even Carbuncle who had sensed her struggles was attempting to bite through the thick ropes to help her. But his lack of sharpness in his teeth was proven as he hadn't been able to get through the ropes at all.
Seeing this, Alania was feeling a horrible sense of hopelessness... she hated this! For again she was failing her friends, Riku, Musashi and... Shirma and Scrooge. If she couldn't do anything here then what was the good of her being born a-!


Suddenly her darkened thoughts were disrupted! For something had made it fast onto her level! As it did, distracted she saw something forming from a small green light. She was confused. For what was-?
However quickly she became highly tense for as Carbuncle hissed fiercely ceasing his biting, his fur bristling. She saw with him, the creature that had arrived to them was a yellow glowing eyed green skinned coloured creature. With a sharp knife revealed from within it's brown robes by a single hand, the monster that had been sent accidentally to her was none other than a Tonberry!


Noel landing hard on the floor, couldn't believe the mistake he'd made! Irritated he quickly got himself up! He had to correct it! But before he could move to do so-!

“Oh no! No! No! No!”

Shocked, Noel then saw that before him was one of the ghosts! Wagging it's finger in front of him, it informed him, “You've scored a massive fail!”
Then another of the ghosts appeared and as they did so, they told the shocked blue clad warrior, “And since that's the case!”
With that another of the ghosts came and crowding around the hunter, with his gang he added, “It's only natural that you get-!”

“Struck out!”

With that final cry, from the cigar smoking ghost. Quickly appearing on the scene was none other than Musashi! However in his right hand was his long and dangerous Oar! It was glowing dangerously with vibrant green light! As it did so, Noel was horribly alarmed for this attack that was coming was going to be ferocious huge power and now he didn't have the time to escape it!
Because immediately the oar became huge and long! Reaching far behind Musashi, the controlled samurai had his dead eyes fixed on Noel! It was time for him to finish his opponent!


Breathing in and out hard from the pain he'd been dealt, Riku was resting upon a metallic flooring which was grated. His back against the cold wall, his hand was in his pocket and it looked like he was near to unconsciousness... that he was-!

“So this is where you've slithered off to?”

Opening his eyes, Riku then saw that grudgingly that Gandrake had made it down to his level. As he did so, he said nothing in turn but looked to him with agitated eyes.
Seeing this, Gandrake simply continued to grin on. As he did so, with his Muramasa blade extended out in his right hand, he proceeded to walk closer to Riku. Doing this he decided to ask him in a mocking tone of voice, “Saying your last prayers are you?”
As this question was put to him, Riku quiet for a moment couldn't help but release a small laugh that almost sounded like a cough. However, he had enough strength to inform the Samurai, “You could say something like that?”
Surprised to see that he was confirming something that he remarked on, Gandrake's curiosity was peaked. As it became so, he decided to ask, “Really?... What is it then may I ask you've been so desperately pleading for?”
Hearing this Riku continued to reveal his smile and as he did so, he looked to Gandrake and informed him, “...Just one thing.” Then smirking he said with a sense of confidence, “To wipe that smug look off your face!”
Seeing that he still had the strength to be so boastful, annoyed Gandrake. However keeping his own smile without making it waver, he then said, “... Oh how quaint!” With that raising his blade, he then told him, “But sad, for that wish will never be granted!” Then saying that he raced straight ahead and went to strike the keyblader down!
As he came charging straight towards him, the keyblader was silent. However at the most crucial moment, “Just what I wanted!”
“What?!” Becoming immensely puzzled as these words were uttered Gandrake lost his grin and-!


Suddenly Riku had lifted himself up and had launched himself straight at Gandrake! Then as he did this, the white robed Samurai was shocked! As the keyblader did this he demanded, “How can you move!? You should be-!?”
“Yeah! I nearly did have it back there!” Riku admitted, however grinning he informed the Samurai, “But you made one major mistake!” With that he moved his other hand and quickly thrust it into his enemy's white robes! As he did this, Gandrake becoming shocked heard him say, “You let me out of your sight!”
“You!?” He cried out! With that he went to strike away the space invader! However quickly leaping back, Riku evaded this blow with total ease!
Then as he did this, landing at a safe distance he informed the shocked Samurai, “Because you forget one thing warriors always have at their side!” With that said with his other hand, he took out one item from his pockets, it was a golden bottle. An elixir bottle, with that he revealed to him the answer, “Revitalising potions!”
As these words were spoken, Gandrake couldn't believe something so simple had escaped him! Quickly he became angered as he spat out mad, “That alone won't-!”
“That's where you're wrong!” With that Riku revealed the item he'd taken! It was none other than the black stone that Gandrake was using to control Musashi! Seeing it, he then saw what has ploy had been! “You! You were only pretending to-!?”
“Obviously!” Riku commented! Then gripping the black stone tightly in his right hand he could feel it begin to crack and splinter under his strength. As it did so, he decided to continue on to mock his foe by saying, “And this just proves that arrogance is the end of all fools like you!”


With those words in seconds the stone was smashed into pieces! Making it's shards explode out everywhere!  


Pulling his blade back, Musashi then started to cry out, “Great Oar...!”
Feeling what was about tot come, Noel braced himself as pulled up both of his blades! For he had to defend himself to-!
The ghosts looking on and seeing that victory was theirs then cried out, “Yeah that's it kid! Finish him!”
However just at that moment-!



As he gasped out like this, Noel suddenly saw something change within the eyes of the long brown haired Samurai! As he did so, he was quickly puzzled as he uttered out, “You're-!?”


Squeezing her eyes, Alania was expecting a sea of pain as the Tonberry got slowly closer and closer to her! However-!


Suddenly all at once the tight and terrible ropes that had been binding down the blue haired summoner were all cut away in moment's! As they were feeling herself become free she landed on the floor! Shocked by this, as she knelt on the floor she quickly pulled the tape off her mouth and  feeling the sting of it she uttered, “Huh!? What the-!?”
Then looking to the Torn berry. The creature looked to her eerily and still, it's knife pointed straight towards her...
Looking at the creature as Carbuncle came to rest on her shoulder, he also had the same expression as his summoner. One of utter disbelief... for it should have hurt her badly! However looking at the green skinned monk robe wearing lizard, one thing was certain. It had saved her... so knowing this, she decided to utter out, “Um...? Thanks?”
As this was uttered out. The creature was silent and said nothing... however after a moment it lowered it's knife and then calmly it turned and walked on ahead. There was nothing but silence in the air and after a moment, suddenly the creature put it's knife out to the side in a dramatic still gesture!

Alania staring on didn't have any idea how to respond to this! However after a second the summon vanished away! As it did so, becoming nothing but a gem crystal. Alania after a moment went and picked it up. Then studying it, she looked behind herself and couldn't help but say, “Um... why do I feel like I was in some kind of weird Western?”


Suddenly hearing this cry she looked down to see-!



Shocked, Noel looked on to see that Musashi had changed targets fast and had instead focused upon the ghosts! In seconds the laid back Samurai had unleashed his power and with his oar had sent the ghosts flying away into the distance by a blast of powerful wind!
As they were sent spinning into the air, the angered Samurai drawing his great oar back then informed the ghosts, “... I ain't gonna be no puppet for someone else anymore!” Then with absolute outrage he declared, “And I'm gonna put you losers through the wringer!”
Hearing him say this, Noel was more than relieved at these words! So quickly he replied, “My thoughts exactly!” With that as he said those words, Musashi turned to look at him. As he did so, the blue clad hunter glad for an ally extended his hand out and said, “I'm Noel, thanks for not sending me to the cleaners!”
Quiet as this extended hand was given to him, Musashi then became quickly glad to have a new ally too and so replied, “Musashi! Pleased to meet ya dude!” Then shaking his hand the brown haired young man's grinning, felt he also had to add feeling slightly ashamed, “Sorry for the bad spell back there... I wasn't being my usual tubular self!”
Seeing his chilled attitude, Noel replied releasing a small chuckle, “I can tell!” However looking up to the ghosts who were now staring down at them both with displeased expressions, he knew what needed to be done urgently so he told Musashi, “And if you wanna make it up to me! You can help me bring those fools down! We got someone else to save!”
With that turning his blue eyes to look up, Musashi saw the ghosts again. As he did so, he then became fiercely determined too and replied, “Will do!” With that both warriors then rushed up to chase after the ghosts who quickly began fleeing!
Seeing the heroes coming after them as they vanished and reappeared here and there, throwing Leon's orb of life between themselves, it was clear they were struggling against their strength as one of them cried out, “Hey! No fair! Double teaming up on us is-!”
“Shut it!” With that slicing through this ghost as it sent the orb flying again, Noel told him angered, “You guys are a four one up on us both!” With that jumping up as he chased forwards after their target he added, “This has just become even!”
With that as the orb arrived in another ghost's hands, Musashi fast catching up to his own target replied, “Exactly! And I've got some pay back to deliver!” With that he sliced through his own ghost!
However again the orb escaped the fierce samurai's grasp as it then came to the cigar smoking ghost! As it did so, he could see thing's were becoming desperate for him and his crew! They needed back up! So looking down he cried out, “Hey! Gandrake pal! We could use some help up here! Give us somehtin' that will charge us back into the lead!”


Hearing this cry from where he was, Gandrake was becoming horribly frustrated! Thing's were becoming worse for him! Sensing this, he cried out, “You absolutely useless fools!” With that said he lifted his right hand which started to crackle with electricity and added, “I have to pull you out of everything don't I!?”
Sensing what he was about to do, Riku becoming fiercely determined rushed ahead and with his keyblade aimed ahead shouted, “I won't let you!” With that feeling his powers come to the limit, he then invoked them as he cried out, “Dark Impulse!” With that he struck straight into Gandrake sending him flying high into the air!
Then as he glowed all over with a purple shadowed aura, he followed him into the air and began to strike into him more in a flurry! Angered as he felt this, Gandrake looking to Riku then uttered, “You!?” However he hadn't lost his concentration on what was needed! As his right hand buzzed and crackled with fierce electrical power, he cried out, “Rain Of Bolts!!!”
With that Riku saw with alarm he'd been too late as he crashed down with Gandrake that a thunderous storm of lightning was igniting in the air! As it did so, horrible bolts of electricity began to rain down upon his unguarded friends!


Hearing the spell being cast from her high point and seeing the thunderous clouds begin to develop, Alania could see this was going to be bad! Then seeing that Musashi and Noel were still struggling to get the orb of life back from the ghosts... she knew she had to do something! Then as her mind raced, she remembered one creature she knew that could help them all! As she did so, she looked to her beloved summon and told him, “Carbuncle!”
At her call, the small turquoise blue creature looked to her. As he did so, she told him, “We gotta get to work!” To which hearing those words, the small summon was silent as it listened on to what it's summoner and friend wanted to have done!



“Hey! Whoa! Agh!”

Dodging madly left and right! The two warriors were doing their utmost to not be struck by the lighting that came raining down upon them! However it was tough for the lightning was coming down incessantly with ho signs of letting up!
Annoyed as this continued on, as he jumped out of the way of another bolt. Noel couldn't help but comment, “Man! And I thought it was only bad with these stupid ghosts! Agh!” Quickly again he dodged again as another bolt came hurtling straight towards him!
Seeing him do this, Musashi doing his best to dodge cried out in reply, “You're telling me! Yah!” With that he dodged again himself, grabbing hold of a chain that was nearby!

“Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The ghosts were clearly thrilled to no measure! Seeing their enemies struggle it was clear they weren't going to get to them all anytime soon! One of the taller ghosts couldn't help but joke saying, “Ha! Looks like those chumps aren't gonna be able to keep goin' on with the game now!”
“Ya got that right!” The cigar smoking ghost replied, as he did so. He looked to the glowing orb of life that was in his hand, as he did so, he saw something else, “And it looks like it will be over for this poor sap too!” For the light was growing dim and dark within it. It was clear that their master's host was soon going to be no more... the win was almost theirs!



Suddenly one stray bolt came flying straight towards them all and zapped them all! Immediately they were all frizzled and coughed loudly from the charring flood of electricity that came at them! However as they became paralysed from this unplanned attack-!

“Ah no!”

Quickly the orb was dropped from the ghost's grip! As it did so, it began to fall to where the heroes were!
Seeing that they'd been granted an unexpected chance, Musashi cried out, “Noel dude! Look!”
Hearing him saying this, the hunter turned and saw the glowing orb coming and as he did, he acted saying fast, “I got it!” With that he raced to go and get it!
Then getting closer and closer to it, as he climbed higher and higher, jumping from platform's and chains, he was getting closer towards the orb! However just at that last moment, when he was mere inches away from the orb-!


Shocked, immediately Noel saw the orb was being taken straight out of his reach! As it was, the ghost who'd grabbed it told him, “Ha! You're not getting it that easily!” Then turning he aimed and cried, “Think fast!”    
With that in seconds the orb was thrown up and was heading in the direction of another ghost! As it did so, it was heading to the catcher fast! And just as it was coming to the ghost's fingertips-!


Suddenly the orb rebounded and went in another completely different direction! As it did so, the ghost shocked cried out, “Huh!?”
Confused seeing this happen, Noel then saw with amazement that the orb was coming straight towards him! However again another of the ghosts came to retrieve it! “Hey! You're mine! You're-!” But immediately again the orb was sent flying out of his transparent hands again!


But quickly avoiding not just this ghost, the orb was avoiding the other ghosts entirely! As this was happening, Musashi looking on with surprise then saw something else! Something shine! As he did so, he quickly noticed, “Carbuncle!”
For there quickly in the air the small turquoise blue creature came floating down, as it did it was creating reflective panels! Then as each one was made, the orb ricocheted off of the panels! As it did so, the ghosts couldn't keep up with the speed of the glowing treasure!
Seeing this, Noel could see that the orb was coming quickly closer back in his direction! As he did, he saw his chance!


However immediately the lightning came running down! “Agh!” Quickly he had to evade again! Grudgingly as he did so, the orb landed upon another platform! Out in the open and available for anyone to grab!
Seeing this, Noel and Musashi both rushed forwards to gain the orb as theirs finally! However in turn the ghosts saw their chance too! As they did so, one of the spectre's cried out, “Ha! Looks like the ball's back in our field again! Let's go get it!” With that they all went to go and grab it once more! Vanishing in puffs of smoke!
“Musashi! Hurry up!” Noel cried, for he could see that the orb was closer in his direction! As he did so, he added anxiously, “We haven't got much time!”
As these words were given to him, Musashi then replied, “Okay! I'll hurry dude!” With that he hurried to the platform! As he did so, he was almost there! However just before he could step onto it-!


Suddenly the ghosts appeared onto the platform from the smoke! The cigar smoking one, taking the treasure into his hands again proclaimed to both the warriors, “You're out!”


Surprised the ghosts and warriors turned and saw above Alania was looking down at them all! Doing so, they all saw that she was holding her long red coloured wand! As they did so, they saw in her other hand she was holding a certain gem and doing this she informed the infuriating ghost, “YOU'RE ALL OUT!”
With those words she launched the gem into the air and doing this, she smashed her wand into it!


Doing this the summoner feeling the creature come to life from the flows of her magic, she cried out loudly, “COME FORTH! PANDEMONA!!!”
In seconds, in a glitter and sparkle of light a huge shape emerged purple in colour that resembled a humanoid shape! However it was more alien in structure with three pump like structures over it's right shoulder and all over it, there seemed to be woven twisting tubes. These twisting structures led behind to it's long tail which had a yellow top on the very end. Then as it stepped forth, it's feet were revealed to have wings.
Looking at the creature who'd been called forth, the ghosts looking up were silent. Then the taller of the ghosts asked his cigar smoking pal, “Uh? Hey Boss?”
“Yeah?” He uttered in reply.
“What's that thing?” The tall ghost asked him.
Hearing him ask this question, the cigar smoker was quiet before saying, “.... I dunno? A clown?”
Then as this was said, the summon quickly released a furl of hair from it's head, vibrantly coloured green! As it did so making it glitter brightly, two red halo's came glowing over it's head! As it did so, the ghost couldn't help but feel unnerved by this... as he did he asked, “An angel... clown?”
Alania though knowing what was coming next cried out, “Guys! You better hold onto something!”


Suddenly the summon started sucking in air! It's long tail behind was quickly expanding out like a balloon!  As it did this, immediately the ghosts were being drawn in towards the monstrous summon! Quickly they all began to cry out in panic!

“AH! NO! NO! NO!!!!”

Noel and Musashi quickly could see what Alania was talking about and instantly they went to grab anything they could get their hands on! As they did so, holding on tightly for dear life they felt the pull of the summon drawing in everything and everyone into it's field of vacuous power!  
The ghosts were desperate trying to fight back against it's power! However none of them had the strength to! Flurrying about they were all being sucked away into the monster and they were terrified out of their minds! Then in their terrified state, the cigar smoking ghost dropped the orb!


Quickly in seconds the ghosts were swallowed up into the monster and were all sucked into it's tail which had expanded hugely! Making it into a huge sack! With that as the ghost's vanished away, the wind stopped fading away in seconds!
However quickly seeing the orb dropping down, Noel rushing forwards leaped up and doing so he caught the glowing treasure in his right hand! Pleased he cried out, “Finally! I got it!”
Then Musashi and Alania smiling gladly as this was done knew quickly like Noel did there was only one thing left that needed to be taken care of!


Fighting hard and fast! Riku was cutting straight into Gandrake over and over desperately! Trying to use every last moment of his Limit Break! Which was fading away fast!
The transformed samurai was angered and he in turn was trying to strike Riku with just as much tenacity! Looking at him, Gandrake told the white haired keyblader, “I'll get you for this! How dare you steal what's mine!”
“Because it wasn't yours to begin with!” Riku replied straight back! With that he turned and using his right hand he cried out, “Dark Firaga!!!”
Instantly his powerful spell fired forwards! As it came though, instantly glowing with electricity Gandrake using his Magi Metamorphosis abilities sliced right through the flames with the Muramasa! As he did so, he rushed forwards and immediately cut straight into the keyblader!


His back colliding fast into the wall of the tower again, Riku cringing in pain quickly felt his Limit Break end. As it did so, he looked up to Gandrake wincing and as he did so, the dark samurai was coming straight towards him. His sword dangerously shining in what light there was.
Seeing his foe had fallen, Gandrake then feeling his anger burn told the weakened keyblader, “And now you end!” With those words, the Samurai lifted his blade into the air. Ready to deliver the final blow!
Riku seeing this coming immediately shut his eyes! For what was coming next would be-!



Suddenly the sound of grating metal came! Hearing it, Riku turned around immediately and there he saw to his amazement were, “Noel! Musashi!”
Hearing their ally call out to them, the two warriors turned around. Both of them grinning to him, as they did so the laid back Samurai told his pal, “Sorry for the late arrival Riku dude!” Then looking back to Gandrake he added, “But I'm ready to give some ya some well deserved back up!”
Noel hearing this then replied, “Yeah! Ditto on that!” With that in seconds, both warriors kicked Gandrake back and away from themselves!
As he saw that he had his allies back, Riku was only too glad for the assistance! For now his resolve for battle had been greatly restored by hope! As it did, he got himself up and quickly he lifted his keyblade and cried out, “Curaga!”


In seconds his body and his friends were bathed in the green light of the healing spell! As they became so, they were all fully energised again. Gripping his keyblade he said, “I hope you don't mind me joining you guys then!”
To which Noel and Musashi smiled in turn, they didn't need to speak to give their ally the go ahead!
Seeing though that he was now outmatched in number now, Gandrake quickly overcoming his shock gripped his sword tightly! As he did, he cried out mad, “I've had enough of you and your pathetic heroism!” With that his own body and sword began to glow vibrantly with electricity! With that he aimed and fired out dangerous thunderous bolts at the all!
As he did so Riku and the others got out of the way! Then landing the keyblader knew in seconds what was coming next! Immediately he cried out, “You're not playing that trick twice!” With that he charged forwards followed swiftly by Musashi and Noel!
Seeing his opponents coming, Gandrake felt his power ignite from within! As it did so, a pool of darkness opened up beneath him as thunder and lightning flowed about everywhere! Holding his sword tightly he started to cry out, “Thunderous Judgement Zan-!?”



Suddenly a huge blast of wind was unleashed! Quickly distracted by all this power turbulence Gandrake's attack was stopped in it's tracks! As it was, he cried out turning back, “What is-!?”
With that as he looked back he saw Alania smiling down at him smugly as Pandemona was blasting out it's terrible gusts of wind at him! As she saw him looking at her, she then informed him, as Carbuncle graced her right shoulder fondly, “This is what you get for turning me into a damsel in distress! You dork!”
Angered to see her with his ghosts falling about him left and right, concussed and dizzy. Gandrake uttered out angrily, “Why you-!?”


Suddenly in his moment of distraction Riku, Noel and Musashi had all rushed forwards! As they did so, with their blades all aimed they immediately started to cut into the Samurai!
“Agh!” Feeling the pain of all the powerful blades striking into him, Gandrake enraged cried out, “You losers dare-!?”


Immediately though Musashi sliced straight through Gandrake's mask and as he did so, in another moment it fell apart into two revealing his outraged and shocked expression! As this was done-!


In seconds Noel moved and sliced away at the armour that had been guarding Gandrake's middle! As he did this, he moved again and using his other sword-!


He destroyed the golden gauntlets that had been guarding the white Samurai's hands! As these were destroyed in another moment Gandrake lost grip upon his sword and as he did so-!


Riku rushed forwards and quickly he snatched the Muramasa out of Gandrake's hands before stabbing his keyblade straight through the evil Samurai's chest! As he did this, Gandrake's eyes widened in horror! Then as he did so, he felt a huge burst of power that sent him flying backwards!



With that in seconds, the dark Samurai impacted the wall and slid down from the cratered hole that had been made... doing this, he cringed with pain and outrage as he turned his eyes to look at the keyblader and his friend's.
Seeing him look at him this way, Riku informed him, “What you felt just then was the strength of my heart...” then turning to look at his allies he added with a pleased smile, “And the power of my friends.”
With that said, Noel and Musashi nodded to him feeling the same pride. Then as he did this, Riku turned his eyes to Alania who smiled herself and nodded to him too. Carbuncle seeing this was glad that the battle was over and so he stroked his cheek into her right one, making her smile fondly all the more. While in that same instant Pandemona who'd been by his summoner's side quickly vanished away in a twinkle of light becoming his summon gem form which arrived back in the hand of his summoner.
As this occurred, Riku looked then to the sword that he had acquired. Looking to the white gem that was embedded in it, he was pleased and quickly he extracted it. Then seeing it's glow he said, “Finally... we got you back Leon!”
The ghosts though having awoken from their battle concussion. Had hidden themselves and seeing what the heroes had done together, looked to each other with unease. As they did one of them asked, “This looks bad doesn't it?”
The cigar smoking one replied, “It does...” however as he did so, Gandrake looked to him cringing in pain. As his master did, the ghost unexpectedly revealed a grin as he added, “But soon a whole new ball of fun will be startin'!”


Breathing in and out weakly, all Leon could see around him was darkness... nothing but cold and darkness. Second by second, he felt so weak... so sleepy, looking around himself dazed. There was nothing to stop him from slumbering and it would be so easy now... so easy. Slowly he began to shut his eyes, ready to sleep everything away...


“Leon dude!”

Hearing these voices, Leon opening his eyes asked, “Those are?” For did he recognise them? Did he-?

“Don't fall asleep!”

“The Radiant Gardens needs you!”

“Everyone's waiting for you!”

As these voices continued to call to him desperately, he felt something awaken itself inside of him! His eyes widening he asked, “The Gardens!?”


Immediately this voice he finally recognised and as he did, he remembered everything else that had happened! He knew where he was needed and quickly he cried out, “Riku!?”


Watching on with amazement, the group of heroes saw the glowing orb of light and the white stone quickly come and merge together! Then as they did so-!


Quickly in moments, everyone saw the two item's come together and as they did so a bright light shone out! Becoming bigger and bigger before taking on a full human form!
As this occurred, Gandrake was silent as his Magi Metamorphosis transformation was undone. As it was and he was returned back to his normal human form, he said nothing. He looked down to the floor apathetically not paying attention to the return of the member of the Restoration Committee. For he was seemingly lost in the depths of defeat...
After a moment, finally regaining his human form Leon gasped and feeling his strength quickly return he cried out, “What was I-!?”


“Leon dude!”

“Oh! Leon!”

Turning quickly, instantly the Gunblade warrior saw that it was none other than, “Riku! Musashi! Alania!” However he quickly became quiet, for looking back he spied someone he didn't know. As he stared at Noel, he asked him, “You're?”
“Noel,” the blue clad hunter replied simply.
As this name was said to him, Leon turning around directed his eyes to the white haired keyblader and asked him, “Riku? What's been happening?”
With this question being put to him, Riku then replied, “Alot...of trouble.” Then looking back to Gandrake who continued to stare down to the floor lifelessly. His eyes narrowed as he finished, “A whole lot of it.”
This was something no-one was going to argue with, however Alania decided to put more details down, “Yeah and there's more than what's going on here!” With that looking to the doorway of the clock tower she added, “In fact there's probably worse going on! Because Juan and Hana-!”


Suddenly the floor beneath them began to tremble and rumble! As it did so, everyone quickly becoming shocked looked around themselves hurriedly! As they did so, “Hey! What's-!?” Instantly though as Musashi was interrupted-!  


Immediately from above, heavy metallic beams, wood and stone began to fall from above! As it all did so, the shocked heroes all quickly scattered! As they did so, everyone then all saw that above them that the fixtures of the tower were falling apart!
Realising quickly what was happening, Noel cried out, “The tower's collapsing!”
“Yeah no brainer!” With that Alania looking to the exit said, “Let's get out of here!”
“I'm not arguing with that suggestion!” With that Noel began to follow Alania as she started to run ahead!
As they did so, quickly Musashi seeing them go cried out, “Hey guys! Wait up!” With that he was escaping too!
Riku seeing them go, though quickly remembered Gandrake! Seeing him still sitting lifeless on the floor, he knew that though he hated him. He couldn't leave him to die there! So quickly placing the Muramasa onto his back he went running to him, grabbing him by the shoulder he said fast, “Hey! We've gotta leave now!”
However the lifeless Samurai didn't move a muscle. Seeing this, Riku was becoming frustrated as he cried out, “Snap out of your defeat stupor! We're gonna die here unless we-!”


Quickly though the white haired keyblader was interrupted! For feeling the rocking of the building again, he saw ahead a sea of cogs and metal was avalanching straight towards him and Gandrake! They had to move or-!

“Not on my watch!”

Suddenly jumping in the fray, Leon came running and instantly aiming his Gunblade-!


He destroyed the terrible debris that was coming for his allies with a powerful blast of fire! Then as he destroyed the terrible hazard, Riku cried out to him, “Leon!?”
Hearing him the scarred young man, turned to Riku and as he did he told him, “C'mon we gotta go!” Then grabbing Gandrake by his other loose arm he added, “I'll help you with this useless baggage!”
Pleased to hear this, Riku then replied, “Thanks!” With that done both warriors went to make their exit out of the clock tower! As they did so, pulling Gandrake roughly behind with them they were unaware that the defeated Samurai was revealing a sinister small smile...      
Chapter CCXX: The Beginning Of The Game, The Ghostly Tower And The Controlled Blade
Return To The Radiant Gardens Part XXXII

Running head first into the darkness, the group of keyblader's and their comrades were keeping their wits about them as they dashed away and slashed into any enemies that were coming in their direction. They didn't have time to dawdle!
Annoyed as he cut into another one of the silver eyed glowing shadowed demons, Riku irritated couldn't help but utter, “This must be at least the thirtieth one I've slain!”
Then hearing him in the distance, Cait sith continuing to ride Nozomi's right shoulder cried out as she leaped out of the way of a heartless claw attack, “I don't care about numbers! Snowdrop!” With that as he said this, Nozomi moved in and swiftly struck the monster with a kick before finally she finished it with one blow from her keyblade! Doing this, he finished saying as Nozomi stopped, “What I care about is progress! Cause we gotta save me highness!”
Hearing him, Mickey then running over after dispatching his own foes added, “Yeah and the rest of our pals! We gotta hurry here!”
As she heard the King's concerned words with her long rabbit ears, Fran then finishing her shots of arrows added, “Indeed, it would be detrimental to leave your allies in this foul darkness.”
Hearing her, Timbre then flying on down landed on the ground again after finishing off some airborne demons. As he did he replied, “You got that right there, Fran!” With that looking around himself at the desolate town that was around them he added, “I even feel like we could be swallowed up any minute!”
Then finally too, Noel re-joined the group and he answered, “Well I'm not gonna let that happen!” With that looking back in the direction they had emerged from, he aded, “Especially not when Yeul, Raiyana and the rest are waiting for us!”
Listening to him say this, Nozomi looking to the blue clad hunter. Then nodded herself, as she did so, she replied, “Yeah I agree! We can't leave anyone in anymore distress than there is!”
“You got that right lass!” Then looking to the clear darkened path that was ahead of them all, he announced pointing ahead with a gloved paw, “Now c'mon lads! Let's make some tracks through this darkness!”


Came the unified reply from everyone and instantly all the heroes began running away again. To find quickly all those who had been taken from them and were lost within the terrible darkened abyss that they were now all diving into...


Observing the heroes as they continued to make their way through their maze of darkness, it was clear that Irma looking on at the image that was playing out before her, upon her black coloured nails was bored. Looking at them defeat more of the heartless as well as Bebuzzu's demons, she couldn't help but utter, “... This is no fun at all.”
Hearing her say this, Peekaboo who was looking up at the image too couldn't help but agree as he said, “Yeah... it isn't.” Then looking to some chocolate munchies that were in his pink winged fingers he couldn't help but add, “It's so bad I don't even wanna munch anymore.”
As his partner said this, Greeble then couldn't help but admit, “Wow... that is bad!” However looking to a calculator he decided to crunch some numbers. Doing so quickly, he then had to admit, “... Percentages wise, I think it wouldn't be bad to add some more numbers into the formula.”
Hearing him speak in his mathematical gibberish again, Gandrake then decided to state simply, “You mean it's time for us to turn the tables?”
Seeing he picked up on his logic, Greeble then immediately announced, “Yes! That's exactly what I suggest there Gandrake!” With that looking to his mistress he decided to add, “If we do that... none of us will be bored anymore, will we?”
Hearing her pepper mint green henchman say this, Irma grinned as she replied, “Indeed we won't.”

“You fiendish rascals won't get away with this!”

As this protest reached the dark sorceress's ears, Irma turning her red coloured irises in one particular direction spied the one who cried out to her. There she saw within a small cage, was their captive Scrooge McDuck who'd been shrunk to a tiny size. Seeing him, it was clear he was infuriated with them as he added, “When the lad's storm through they'll-!”
“They'll do what?” Irma asked mocking him, as she did she added with a sinister grin, “Save you and the rest of your Arc and Committee idiot's from my clutches?”
To which Scrooge froze. However seeing the mocking look that was in her eyes, he gripped the bars of his cage more tightly, hating her and her sinisterness.
Seeing that he couldn't even retort back to her, Irma scoffed. Then finishing doing this, she turned her attentions back to her viewing orb. As she did this, she added, “I don't think that's gonna happen this time... especially when they see who it is they'll be going against!” With that as she said those words, she snapped her fingers and certain figures emerged from the darkness. As they did so, it made her grin all the more along with her henchman.
As they came forth, Irma looking back to the group of unwary heroes then decided to say, “Now, why don't we get this show on the road?” With that saying those words, she couldn't help but add as a certain taste was entering her mouth, “For I'm getting hungry... with anticipation!”
To which as she said those words, the rest of her gang all grinned with that same hunger! For they couldn't wait for the battles that were about to take place!
However Scrooge looking on and seeing the figures who'd come, then back to the villains. Saw that all around them, there was something like a terrible dark like mist emanating from them and even their eyes were glowing with an eerie purple light. The darkness of Bebuzzu was transforming them and he could see it happening!
Realising this with rising terror, he looked back to the glowing viewing orb and he saw the unwary heroes continue to run on, as he did he uttered to himself, “Lads! Please keep yer wits about ya!” With that gripping the bars of his cage more tightly he added, “For if you don't! We'll all be doomed here!”


As all of the keybladers and their comrades continued to run forwards, the demons and heartless continued their chase after them! They were growing furiously in number and were almost piling up upon each other, creating a terrible darkened tidal wave that was going to devour them all upon the spot!
Looking behind himself and seeing the horrible creature's that were on their tail, Timbre unnerved cried out in agitation, “Darn this! Those monsters don't know when to quit do they!?”
Annoyed himself seeing the monster's as well, Riku then replied clearly showing the same irritated note, “Obviously!”
Hearing him say this, Mickey looking back as at the tides of monster too. Knew he and the others had to do something! For soon these numbers would tire them all out and then they would-!
However shaking his head vigorously, he couldn't let himself be overwhelmed by panic! What was needed was swift decisive action! So looking ahead and around, he suddenly saw from the side an opening! Then through it, he saw something that he knew instantly would help them all! Acting fast, he cried out grinding to a halt, “Fella's!”
The others speeding off a little ahead heard the king and seeing him where he stopped. None of them were given the chance to question or debate, for Mickey then told them all, “Follow me down this way!” With that he quickly departed through the opening he'd quickly come across!
Seeing the mouse king depart, everyone baffled though quickly saw the hordes of monstrosities that were after them again! They didn't have time to think about what they needed to do next! So quickly they chased after him, as the hordes of creature's smashed into the opening just as they escaped through it!
There they saw the King was running ahead of them as they all rushed on too and as they did. They ended up in a circular opening amongst the building they found, also there were an open series of passageways which were darkened all around them, with no indications of where they could lead to. Nozomi thinking of this cried out for she had to know, “Your majesty! Just what are-!”
“There's no time for discussin'!” With those words, Mickey saw behind them all the heartless and demons were beginning to push and swarm through the opening, it was only going to be mere seconds before they were going to be storming through to get them all again!
Knowing this, Mickey then cried out, “I want you fella's to choose a path and go through it!” With that looking ahead as he went to pick his own opening, he added quickly, “If we split up they'll be less numbers of monsters to deal with!” Then as he said those words, the creature's exploded onto their area, seeing this with widened eyes, the mouse king quickly added, “Hurry!”
With that hearing his words and the unnerving sounds of the monsters fast approaching! Everyone looking around themselves quickly made their decisions and began making their headways to their chosen exits!
Running fast, Nozomi concentrated hard pushing herself to get to her destination! Cait sith riding upon her right shoulder, cried out anxiously, “Lass! Ya gotta hurry up here! We gotta go or-!” However quickly behind him, he saw the monster's were nearly on them! Becoming more desperate he added, almost panicking inside, “Agh! C'mon lass move it! Move it!”
Annoyed and feeling horribly panicked herself as she heard him, Nozomi cried back to him, “Shut up Cait sith! I know that! I just-!” However suddenly, the female keyblader tripped up upon a protruding cobble! Colliding hard upon the floor, she cried out, “Agh!”
Hearing her as he ran, Riku turning and seeing her fall was horribly alarmed! For the heartless and demons were no more than meter's were away from her! He had to get her! He began to move to do so as he cried out, “Nozomi!” But before he could even take a step towards her-!
“Riku no!” With that suddenly he was grabbed by a strong arm that pulled him into a nearby darkened opening!        
With this suddenly done, the white haired keyblader turned and saw who'd stopped him. It was none other then the blue clad hunter, Noel. Seeing him, he then heard the young man tell him with a serious gaze in his eyes, “You can't go back out there now!”
Instantly though he cried straight back in outrage, “But if I don't go now then-!”


With that turning instantly, the white haired young man then saw with amazement that swooping in and dragging Nozomi by the hand out of harm's way. It was none other than Timbre who'd come to her rescue!
Meanwhile making it to his passage, Mickey standing with Fran was filled with relief as he breathed out glad to see his female comrade safe, “Oh thank goodness.” Though the rabbit earred bow wielding woman said nothing, it was clear to see she was glad too, despite her calm demeanour.
Making it quickly to their own opening Timbre said looking back to the horror that Nozomi has just missed, “Man that was too close!” Then looking back to her he said with a cheeky grin, “We don't want your pretty face plastered all over the floor right now do we?”
Cait sith hearing him say this, was relieved hugely as he told him, “Oh lad! Thank Pete's dragon ya raced in there! I thought we were monster bait!”
Nozomi was too dumbstruck with surprise to say anything at this sudden assistance. However she tried to say at least one thing as her brain clicked back into action, “Timbre you-!”


Instantly the monsters were all on them! They all had to run for it! But just as they all turned to go down their chosen paths-!


Suddenly from the grounds, huge thorny vines emerged and trapped the heroes in their chosen pathways! As they did so, everyone then saw with shock the demons and heartless were all pushed back!
Seeing this happen, no-one could understand what was happening! Nozomi looking on herself and looking at the thorny bars that were trapping them, she couldn't help but ask, “What's going on!? What's-!”
But just as she said that, the monster's all looking on at the heroes as they swayed and creeped about  hungrily around them, they all began slowly to disappear and melt away into the darkness...
Seeing this, Riku now puzzled himself didn't understand what was going on either! So he asked, “Why're these monsters all-!

“Hello! Hello! Hello there! You morons!”

Surprised as this voice suddenly called out to them, everyone looked up into the shadowed darkness! As they did so, all of them were quiet for they all quickly recognised this voice. It was the sinister feminine mocking tone's of the sorceress Irma. Quiet all of them became angered as they listened on to what sinister plans, she had to install for them all next...

“As you can see, you're all now rats in my trap!”

“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

Gritting his teeth as he heard her cackle and speak on, Cait sith mad as he thought of her kidnapping his beloved princess, like she had before. Made him bitter as he whispered, “Just what is that hag plannin to-!”

“And now just like rat's! You've got no choice but to go down the path's you've chosen and when you arrive at your destinations... that's where the real game's will begin!”

Hearing her say this, no-one was in any mood for her game's! But no-one could argue with someone who wasn't even present! But Timbre then decided to say, “You know, that girl's hasn't got too bad of a sounding voice, but I'm not one for playing along with any trashy games like this!” With that he went to exit the thorny trap as he started to levitate upwards. But just as he floated upwards just near enough to escape-!


Suddenly the pink haired and cat tailed young man was thrown back! “Aggh!” Colliding back into the stone floor, he ached horribly as red coloured electricity raced about over him!
Everyone was horrified from their imprisoned positions to see this happen! While Nozomi herself seeing this became horribly worried, as she cried out, “Timbre!?” With that she raced to him and pulling him back up right she asked, “Are you okay!?”
Hearing her still continuing to ache all over, Timbre wincing as he tried to sit up asked, “Ow! What the heck hit me!? Just what-!

“Tut! Tut! Tut! No rule breaking allowed... otherwise you get a nasty shock!”

As she said this, Cait sith annoyed then complained aloud, reflecting Timbre's thoughts, “Great! Now the blasted hag tell's us!”
Annoyed herself too, Nozomi looked up into the darkness herself. As she did so, she was quiet as the others were as well... for now all they could do was listen on.

“Now like I promised... you'll get someone back, someone who's extra precious to all of you for your efforts! And you can also help the fools who are already playing our game!”

Mickey hearing this asked, “Already playing?” For puzzled he couldn't help but wonder who would-?

“With that all said, you dolts better hurry! My patience is nearly spent!”


Instantly there was a monstrous hungry bellow that made the air and ground tremble! As it did so, everyone became unnerved. Nozomi and her fellow keyblader's recognised it as the hungry voice of the monster book. Bebuzzu.
While Timbre and his crew mates clueless about the origins of the voice, he couldn't help but gasp out, “What the heck was-!”

“And my darling book Bebuzzu! Who I'm sure is starving still... you better not give me a reason, or someone to feed him!”  

“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

With that the mocking and sinister feminine tones of the dark sorceress echoed away... as they did everyone was in silence. But then breaking it after a few moments, Cait sith decided to speak up as he said with great irritation, “That haggish brat is still as cocky as ever!”
Hearing him with a single nod, Nozomi then replied, “You got that right!” However now came the dilemma, “But now the question is, what do we do now?”
“We got no choice here Nozomi,” with that turning as her name was called. The female keyblader along with Timbre, Noel and Riku they all turned their focus back to Mickey. The mouse king looking back to them, with Fran by his side continued on to say, “We've gotta play along with Irma's game for now...and hope we can win.”
Riku hearing this had already come to the same conclusion. However there was one thing he had to know, “But what should we do afterwards your majesty, after we've won our battles?”
Hearing him ask this, Mickey was glad to see Riku was confident enough to think they could win. With that he answered him revealing a small smile, “I'd say we should try and get back to Merlin's house! That way we can decide on what to do afterwards!”  
As he heard this, Timbre then called back, “That sounds like a good plan to me!” With that looking back up to the darkened sky through their thorny bars, he added with an annoyed glare in his eyes, “I can't wait to settle the score with this Irma girl...”
To which hearing her say this, Noel then replied to him, “I think we all do Timbre!”
“Yeah we do...” however as Riku said this, he looked to all his friends who'd been barred from him. As he did so, he decided to say, “But we all gotta make sure about one thing... that we all come back safe and sound!”
Hearing him say this, Nozomi looking to him smiled ad replied, “Yeah, you're right.” With that saying those words, the female keyblader looked to her own darkened path and as she did, she was quiet. It was ominous and treacherous to see, for no-one could see what was beyond it's shadowed lengths.
She was uncertain and clearly uneasy, but thinking of her friend's who she was sure were caught in something worse than any of them were at that moment, it made her resolve to save them grow strong inside. As it did so, she looked back to Riku, Mickey and the others. As she did so, she went on to say, “And we all will, as long as we're careful and-”
“Work real hard as team's!” Cait sith announced loudly to which Nozomi and the others looked to the small crowned cat with surprise in their eyes. However the proud and positive announcement invigorated everyone and they knew his words to be true.
So quickly in succession everyone nodded. As they did so, they all then quietly looked to their darkened paths. Doing this, Mickey spoke up first and said, “Okay fella's! Me and Fran we'll catch you all later!” Then looking back at them, he added, “Do your best out there!”
Nozomi hearing this then looked to him and called out, “We will your majesty! You just be careful!”
Fran listening to these words, looked to the heroes and announced calmly, “We will, I will make sure nothing harm's either of us or our sought after comrades.”
Riku quiet as he heard Fran's words, then announced to hear, “I'm glad to hear that! You take care out there!”
With those words given to him and Fran, Mickey smiled and instantly he took off with his rabbit eared companion fast following after him.
Watching them go, Timbre then said with a sigh, “Well looks like we better be off too, hey? Nozomi?” The pink haired cat boy asked his comrade.
Hearing him say this, the female keyblader nodded and replied, “Yeah looks like it.” However looking over in Riku's direction, she saw him standing still with Noel. They were looking down their pathway and it looked like they were going to be on their way soon. Knowing this, she was quiet but then she decided to say something, “Riku!”
Her voice reaching his ears, Riku looked back. Seeing Nozomi gaze at him with her lilac coloured eyes, he heard her go on to say, “You and Noel be careful! Okay? I wanna see you both, the king and Fran back in one piece! Alright?”
As she said this to him, Riku was glad to see she was concerned and quickly he told her, “Same to you, you be careful too... and make sure you don't fall flat on your face again!”
Blank for a moment as she heard this, Nozomi then cried out mad, “I won't do that again! Geez...” with that looking to the side she added, “I'm no klutz!”
“Most of the time!” Cait sith added, with that he smacked his gloved hands on her head. Making her more annoyed. However, the crowned cat looked back up to Riku and told him, “But don't you worry lad! I'll make sure this lass makes it!”
Riku was glad to hear this, but before he could say another word-!
“Yeah she'll be real safe and sound!” To which Timbre putting his arm around her shoulder, added with a cheeky grin, “I'll guarantee it! In my own... special way!” The pink haired cat boy finished saying with an air of flirtatious mischievousness.
This instantly annoyed Riku in seconds making him bitter, while Nozomi looked to him puzzled as she told him becoming quickly annoyed herself, “Timbre get off! Don't give me that kind of stuff now!”
Nodding, Noel then added in a serious tone, “Exactly, this is no time for flirting!”
Laughing as he heard this, Timbre then replied, “Sorry! Sorry there Noel! I can't help myself!” With that removing his arm from Nozomi's shoulder, he took her right hand instead and started running off with her as he announced, “Anyway! We'll catch you guy's later! Watch after yourselves ya hear!”
Annoyed as he did this suddenly, Nozomi complained as she and Cait sith were pulled into the darkness, “Hey! Timbre don't just pull me along like this! This isn't...!”
However no more sounds could be heard from either cat boy or keyblader for all of them had run on ahead. To their own predetermined destination.    
As the silence surrounded them, Riku sighing couldn't help but ask, “I wonder if they'll really be okay?”
To which as this was asked, Noel putting a hand on Riku's left shoulder informed him, “They'll be fine, Timbre may act like a joker, but when the going gets tough he puts his all into any fight. You'll see.”
As these reassuring words were given to him, Riku was quiet. However with a small smile he replied, “Let's hope you're right about that.” With that turning ahead, his expression became serious as he said, “Now, let's see what devious game Irma's got planned out for us both!”
Hearing him say this, Noel then replied, “Yeah!” With that in seconds the two warriors sped forwards down their own dark path. Neither knowing what was coming, but nonetheless preparing themselves for the battle that was sure to come!


“Haa...Haa!” Breathing in and out hard, with her back to the wall. A short blue haired girl was clutching her long summoner's wand tightly in her hands, she was clearly tired and was trying to catch her breath. She was struggling... badly.
Despite this dismal state she was caught in, there was one figure on her shoulder who was mewing for her anxiously. Hearing him, the girl then uttered with a small smile, “Carbuncle...”
The small turquoise blue creature with it's red jewel in it's forehead, looking to its summoner was clearly worried about her. About Alania, however the girl herself tried in turn to comfort him as she stroked his head. As she did so, she whispered gently, “It's okay... don't worry, we'll make it somehow! If I can just-!”

“You won't get the chance!”

Her eyes widening as she heard this sinister voice, Alania turned and saw-!


After running through the dark path, after what seemed like forever. Riku and Noel finally exited it, as they did so... there before them. Was a tall enormous clock tower.
It was a tall imposing building, the clock face on top was stilled and was lit up with a pale haunting light with the hands frozen at the time 7:45 pm.  It was clearly ominous, with it's odd piled bricks placed here and there jaggedly. As though it just been carelessly made by a child and it reached high into the dark skies, towering over the two warriors. As it did so, neither of them could judge how many flights of stairs there would be inside... but it was obvious, that it would be many.
Looking on though, it was clear Riku was far from ecstatic at the idea of climbing stairs and so complained, “This is going to be tiresome...”
“More than likely,” Noel replied. Then as he did so, he took a step forwards and added, “But, the sooner we get started, the sooner it ends.”
“Yeah that's true,” with that Riku joined him and without another word. Both warriors entered the dark opened doorway and entered the ominous clock tower that was before them...


Making it inside, both young men saw that inside the tower reaching high up was a huge column of clockwork, with gears and springs constantly turning and whirling, making loud metallic sounds. It was nearly deafening... but this wasn't what was shocking to them. What was though, was the inside of the building, the outside had deceived them about the immense size of what was inside!
For it reached out widely like a huge industrial factory setting, with expansive metallic floor levels and paths, with ropes that were tied onto doors and levers, locking them and blocking them. It was both constructive and chaotic to look upon. Seeing it, Riku had to remark, “Who created a place like this?!”
Noel hearing him as they continued to walk forwards had to answer honestly, “Obviously someone not of sound mind...” with that as they continued forwards, looking about and seeing the columns of gears along with the clockwork. There seemed to be nothing but the ticking and whirling of the machinery...
Then as they walked and leaped, making it to what appeared to be the middle of the chaotic clock tower. Both heroes were silent as they gazed about... then feeling he'd been silent enough, Riku had to ask, “Well? We made it to their little play room... so now what?”
Noel hearing him was quiet... however he couldn't think of anything to say in reply. But he decided to voice his thoughts anyway as he began to say, “Well, I think that-”

“It's time to get started!”

Startled immediately both warriors turned to see where the voice had come from! But Riku recognised it in seconds, bitter he whispered agitated, “Gandrake!” With that swiftly he started looking for the terrible samurai!
Noel too looking around hadn't heard him say this, but turning around to one angle he saw-!





Suddenly before he knew it, Riku had been pushed out of the way! Colliding hard onto the floor, he rolled over and over! But then looking up he saw in amazement that Noel had intervened and had stopped a blade from cutting into him! However he quickly became shocked for the person who tried to attack him, it wasn't who he'd been expecting. It wasn't Gandrake, it was... “Musashi?”
For there before him was the long brown haired zig zagged ponytailed young man, his strong samurai sword cutting into Noel's two twin swords! However the expression on his face was blank and there appeared to be no light in his eyes!
Noel in the meantime doing his best to hold back the sudden attacker, had to look back to Riku and ask him, “You know this guy!?”
Then as he cried this out, Musashi stopped his attack and leaped back! Landing upon another one of the platforms that was lifted up by some clockwork turned chains.
Seeing him, Riku getting up and standing next to Noel didn't understand what was going on!? Why had Musashi attacked him!? Why would he-!

“Like my puppet do you?”

It was then that Gandrake's voice spoke again. As it did so, both confused young men looked around hurriedly! But then up on the highest level, the two of them saw finally the long dark haired samurai. He smiled at them both with a sinister grin along with his arms folded.
Seeing him there, Riku immediately demanded, “Gandrake! What's going on here!? What've you-!”
As this question was put to him, Gandrake replied casually, “I've simply made an ally out of my old adversary... and re-gained some of my old powers.”
Confused as this was said, Noel then questioned, “Old powers?”
“That's right, stranger!” With that he revealed a white gem that glowed brightly and as it did so, he added, “One's granted to me by an old friend of yours...” with that as he said that-!


Suddenly in seconds before them all, like a transparent hologram there appeared a figure Riku knew from the Radiant Garden's Restoration Committee... it was none other than, “Leon!?”
As his name was called out, the forehead scarred gun blade wielding young man looked to Riku and appeared to call out to him! But quickly his image was snatched away as Gandrake dismissed the image away and replied casually with a cold proud tone, “Correct!”
Then as he did this one act, Riku knew what his plan was! He was going to use Leon to perform a  'Magi Metamorphosis,' he couldn't let that happen at any cost! So quickly in seconds, he brought out his keyblade and cried out mad leaping forwards, “Let him go!”
Seeing him act so impulsively Noel cried out worried, “Riku!?”
Gandrake though simply grinned and in seconds blocking the white haired keyblader's attack came-!


As two warrior's blades smashed against each other Riku gritting his teeth then whispered desperately, “Musashi! Get out of the way! You have to or-!”

“What makes you think he'll listen to you?”

Distracted as he heard this question being put to him, Riku looked back to Gandrake. As he did so, he saw the long dark haired young man smile on smugly as he went on to say, “I've told you, he's nothing more than my puppet now... his mind is under my dominion.”
Shocked as he heard this, Riku then uttered mad, “There's no way-!”
“In disbelief, huh?” With that bringing out another small black stone Gandrake then informed the white haired keyblader, “Let me show you who holds the rein's of power here.” With that the stone glowed with a sinister dark blue light.
As it did so, in seconds another stone the same in colour to Gandrake's that was fixed to Musashi's neck glowed. As it did, his blue eyes widened in shock and in seconds he gasped as he stepped back and stopped his attack against the keyblader. Seeing him do this, Riku was quiet but then he saw the samurai look to him with confusion as he asked holding his forehead as though it ached, “Riku...?”
Seeing that he recognised him, the white haired young man spoke hurriedly, “Musashi! Are you in control now! Are you-!?”
“In control? Dude? Why would you-?” The stopping his words in seconds, Musashi turned and saw who was standing there behind him. Shocked he became alarmed as he cried out, “Gandrake!”
Smiling smugly as he did this, he said nothing in reply to his rival samurai. However quickly Musashi looking to him cried out, “What you've done dude! Ruining the town and taking everyone!? Do you have any idea of-!”


Shocked as this new voice reached all their ears, everyone looked up and there they saw hanging from a tall metallic pole with a couple of gears running above and below her. With her arms held above her by some heavy chains, it was none other than, “Alania?!” Riku cried out!
For there the now hostage summoner was held against her will high up in the clock tower's height's. It was clear she was agitated with anxiousness as she cried out, “You gotta stop Gandrake! Before he activates the stone! If he uses that power then-!”

“NYA! HA! HA! HA!”

With that suddenly her voice was stopped, for then her mouth was plastered with something like duct tape! Stopping her voice in seconds! There around her were four figures, all transparent and glowing with pale green light. They were ghosts!
All of them though had red noses and wore bowler hats with long cloaks behind each of them with mischievous grins on their faces. Looking down at their captive one of the smaller  ghosts with a small cigar in his mouth told Alania, “Now, now little lady no more chit chatting now! This is a boy's only time right now!”
Immediately hearing this, Alania was angered! Squirming madly she wanted to give that ghost a piece of her mind! But quickly diving in, one small furry figure squeaked angrily making the ghost back off!
Seeing the small creature act like this, the ghosts then backed off and one of the taller ghosts cried out in hilarity, “Oh feisty! Feisty! We better make ourselves scarce!”
“Yeah and scare off those chumps below!” Another of the ghosts cried out and in another second-!

“NYA! HA! HA! HA!”

They vanished away in puffs of smoke! Leaving Carbuncle to look on with fierceness as he darted his blue eyes around, for he was going to do his best to protect his dear summoner!
Musashi seeing this was shocked! But then looking to his rival he cried out, “Gandrake!” Then as he did this, his nemesis lifted up the black stone and in seconds it shone with dark blue light! As it did, the one on Musashi's neck began to glow too! As he hurried forwards he proceeded to say, “Let Alania go dude! She's-! Agh!”
Riku in horror seeing his friend stop and cry out in pain, called out, “Musashi!” But it was too late, the mind manipulation spell was active again and his usually chilled pal, became nothing more than a robotic slave to the stone's power, as he turned to look back at him with darkened still eyes and a blank stare.
With that as this was done, Gandrake now stood next to his slave and told Riku laying his arm on his shoulder blade, “It's no use...” with that holding the master black stone in his hand, he continued on to say, “I've told you his mind is under my dominion, as long as this stone is mine!”
Agitated as he heard this, Riku hated Gandrake more than anything now! He-!

“Then we'll just take it from you!”

In seconds Noel leaped forwards and went to strike Gandrake and take the stone! However just as he did this-!


Immediately Musashi intervened again and barred Noel's path to the evil samurai! Grinning seeing that thing's were going his way, the long dark haired young man informed, “You're not going to have thing's be that easy!”
Hearing him say this though, Riku though saw he had a chance to intervene and so he rushed forwards to strike Gandrake himself! But spying this attack, the dark samurai leaped out of the way! As he did so, he landed upon another metallic platform!
With that looking down at his adversaries, he then decided, “Alright that the combatants are in place! Let the battle commence!”
With that he lifted the white gem that contained Leon into the air!
Knowing what he was about to do, Riku cried out, “No!”
But it was too late as the sinister gem began glowing brightly with white light as he began his summoning spell,

“I Summon thee! I summon thee!
You who's blade instills fear to all!
Come and join me!
Make me as fast as the white lightning!
Yojimbo! Grant me my swift vengeance!”  

In seconds as these words were uttered a huge dark shadow leaked out from the stone and wrapped itself around Gandrake's body! As it did so, looking on with shock Noel quickly backing away from Musashi asked, “What's going on! What's-!”
But he couldn't speak anymore! For then the spell was quickly complete and there before their eyes, was Gandrake's transformed state! Standing before them, he was now dressed in icy white robes, which were stained with red along on the edges. Upon his arms he was wearing golden metallic gauntlets upon his hands and within them was quickly revealed the deadly Muramasa blade which now long and more lethal than before!
His golden mask concealed away his face, but his eyes could be seen and they were a fierce cold blue. His lips revealed showed a sinister smirk. It was clear he was ready for battle!
Looking on at him, Riku realised with agitation he was too late! The transformation was done and now-!
Suddenly Gandrake with the white stone in his hand, looked to it and in seconds he suddenly slammed it down into his blade. The Muramasa! Then as he did this-!


A white light quickly raced out of the embedded stone! As it did so, it raced away high into the air and in seconds there above them all-!

“NYA! HA! HA! HA!”

The group of pale ghosts above in the upper reaches of the tower took the glowing light and in seconds it was floated up to the area where Alania was! As they did this, they looked down to Noel and Riku who were below. As they did, one of the ghosts announced mockingly, “Hey fella's! You want this little firefly!?”
Then as this one ghost cried this out another one joked, “Ya better come up here ta get it! Before we squash it!”
As this declaration was made, Noel and Riku were quiet. However Gandrake spoke up and said, “Well what's your decision going to be?” With that grinning menacingly he added, “For time is of the essence now!”
Hearing these words, Riku didn't have time to think and he knew it! So quickly he spoke, “Noel!”
As his attention was gained, the white haired keyblader declared, “You get Alania and the light!” With hat gripping his keyblade tightly, he announced looking at his adversary, “I'll take care of Gandrake!”
As these words were said, though Noel had a lot of question he wanted answered. He knew this wasn't the time to ask them so he answered quickly, “Okay! I'll do that!” With that he leapt up onto an elevating platform that was coming by! As he did, he told his friend, “You be careful though Riku!”
With that hearing those words, he announced, “I will be!” With that as Noel went out of sight, Riku turned his attentions back to Gandrake! As he did so, his eyes narrowed as it was now time to battle!
However his enemy seeing what he was playing at decided on something as well, “So... you think you can take me on, on your own?”
As this question was put to him Riku replied, “Obviously! I've faced you before...” with that he decided to mock Gandrake himself as he added, “You're not worth talking about!”
Feeling slightly angered as he heard these words, Gandrake losing his smile for a brief moment though recovered it as he replied, “I'll have you change your thoughts about that!” With those words he then made a small nod to Musashi and as he did so, the brown haired samurai quickly moved back.
Seeing him do this, Riku looked to him but before he could think anymore-!


Suddenly Gandrake came at him and their blades clashed into one another! As they did so, he then saw Musashi go up above as well! He was now chasing after Noel! Seeing this his eyes widened!
As he became this way, Gandrake then told him, “You're not going to get your friend's back that easily!”
With those words said, Riku looking to Gandrake told him with a serious light in his eyes, “I never said I would!” However becoming fiercely determined he added, “But I WILL get them back!” Then pushing into his attack more, he added, “And I'll defeat you doing it!”
Surprised that he could be this tenacious, Gandrake though only saw this as a foolish pretence as he replied back to Riku, “We'll see how long that resolve of yours lasts!” With that the warrior of light and darkness proceeded on with their fierce struggle to see which of the two forces would win!
Timbre Vasumati Character Sheet by Lrme87
Timbre Vasumati Character Sheet
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Chapter CCXIX: The Devastated Town, The Sinister Announcement And The Fleeting Welcome
Return To The Radiant Gardens Part XXXI

Travelling fast through the colourful portal, Pete was following his accomplice, Hari on from behind. Ever since the fierce battle that had taken place against the keyblader's and the destruction of Treasure Planet, the two of them had not spoken a single word to each other.
The overweight villain looking at the long brown haired girl, as she travelled onward gliding along with her steel metallic wing's outstretched, he could only wonder? Was she disappointed with him, yet again? Would she comment about what had happened before or-?
Suddenly though, there was no time to think anymore. For then quickly both of the evil servants had made it through the door of time. Making it to the other side, without falling over or making an embarrassment of themselves, they arrived back in the darkened castle which was that of their mistress's, Maleficent.
The dark gowned evil witch was waiting for them and looked on with a small triumphant smile on her face as she asked them both, “So I trust that you both had a lucrative venture did you?”
Hearing her say this in a calm happy mood, Pete was unused to this! Even when Maleficent was in a good mood, he had to be cautious. Lest she swiftly change and become fearsome and threatening! So looking at his master, he told her revealing a rather awkward smile, “Uh? Hi there Maleficent! Um...” then struggling to think of something, he finally informed her scratching the back of his head, “Yeah? We had a real hung dinger time I guess! But we-?”

“You both failed again didn't you?”

Shocked as these cold critical words were uttered, Pete turned and saw as Hari looked on too silently. That there stepping forwards from the shadows with his arms folded, it was none other than Uriax with a rather smug smirk on his face as he gazed on at them both.
Seeing and hearing him say this, Pete forgetting his nervousness for a moment, was immediately irritated by his expression. He was then about to open his mouth to say something when-!

“If you mean by the possible monetary gain, we could have acquired. Then yes we did fail, Uriax.”

Surprised, Pete turned quickly and saw that it was none other than his accomplice speaking! As she looked to Uriax with her cold green eyes, she had a serious light that glowed in her mysterious irises. Looking on at her, the overweight villain uttered quietly, “Hari?”
Becoming simply more arrogant by her admittance, Uriax then replied with unveiled enjoyment, “Oh? So you admit it?”
“I do.” Hari replied, however saying that, she then continued on to say, “But, we did succeed in gaining a monumental amount of hearts...” with that turning her green eyes back to her mistress, she asked her, “Which I assume has pleased you immensely, am I right my lady?”
Hearing her ask this, Maleficent then replied calmly smiling still, “Indeed it has... you succeeded greatly in that regard.”
With that heard, Hari bowed her head as she said, “I'm glad to know that.” Then looking back to Uriax she asked him cooly, “Now please, inform me? Have you succeeded in your own mission?”
Seeing quickly that she had turned the tables on him, Uriax was silent. However revealing a small glimpse of his anger he uttered to her with spite echoing in his tone, “You certainly are audacious aren't you?”
To this Hari said nothing in reply, as she looked on at Uriax coldly still. Seeing her interact with the dark apprentice like this, made Pete feel uneasy as he swore he could practically see the flames of hatred radiating out from Uriax! But before he could move to say another word-!

“You're right honey! We haven't been successful...yet!”

Turning then the party of villain’s saw the other member of their party come over to join them. It was none other than the exotic long orange haired Syphinx, Jona. Seeing that all the eyes of the group were upon her now, she smiled as she walked over to Uriax and informed them all, “But soon the fabulous party's gonna get started! Then when it does, we really will have something to celebrate about!” With that wrapping her arms around Uriax, she looked to him with a warm affectionate look in her eyes as she asked him, “Won't we, Uri sweetie?”
Annoyed by her invading and unwanted advances, Uriax quickly retracted himself from her arms and replied coldly, “Obviously.” As he said this, the masked apprentice walked forward and regaining his smug attitude he added, “And not even you fools will be able to compare to our results!”
Hearing and seeing Uriax act like this, Pete turned his eyes in Jona's direction. As he did so, it was evident that the exotic Syphinx was saddened by his callous words and actions, as she looked down to the cold floor. Quiet as he saw his, Pete then knew that she must have it tough with her partner and this made him feel sorry for her.
However looking back to Uriax he decided to ask, as his curiosity was getting the best of him, “And what exactly have you fella's been up to?”
To which hearing this, Maleficent this time decided to indulge them. So moving her right hand forwards which held her tall staff, she said, “Why don't I show you?” With that in seconds, a green swirling viewing portal emerged from the golden orb upon the staff's top.
With that in seconds, as a green glowing light illuminated everything and everyone. Marvelling at the spectacle, Pete was speechless while Jona, Uriax and Hari were silent. Maleficent herself though grinning away said with amusement evident in her voice, “I'm sure you will find it to be spectacular...just as I will!” With that she watched on as the others did, to see what would be their next conquest...


Traveling through their own swirling colourful portal of time, the band of keybladers and their new found friends. Timbre, Zidane, Balthier, Fran, Zidane, Noel with Raiyana and finally Yeul were all in high spirits as they travelled on together.
As they flew on, Timbre who was floating with total ease and eagerness, couldn't help but say, “Man! It's gonna feel so good to be back in our own time!”
Laughing, Zidane travelling next to him couldn't help but agree as he, “You got that right!” Then on a further note, he couldn't help but say, “Let's hope the maiden's here are even better here then before!”
Smirking as he said this, Timbre replied, “Yeah let's!” With that he high fived his best buddy!
Seeing them interact like this, Cait sith then riding on Nozomi's shoulder couldn't help but sigh as he said, “Well looks like those lads are in good spirits.”
Smiling himself, Mickey riding on near then asked him, “Well how can you blame those fella's?” With that looking on ahead, the mouse king couldn't help but add, “There's no feelin' that's better, when ya know yer on yer way home.”
Nodding Nozomi agreed as she said with a smile of her own, “Yeah! Plus the carnival can begin in full swing when we get back!” Then imagining the festivities that would take place, she smiled brightly as she added, “I can't wait to see it!”
Hearing her say this, Riku seeing her happy smile couldn't help but agree as he said simply with a smile of his own, “Yeah... it will be great.”
Nozomi hearing him say this, then nodded brightly. But before she could move to say anything to him-

“What carnival are you talking about?”

Surprised, Nozomi turned around and saw that it was none other than, “Yeul!” Seeing the long blue haired girl looking to her with curiosity in her green eyes as she held her Deer teddy in her arms, the female keyblader smiled. As she did so, she then told her, “Oh you won't believe it when you see it! It'll be incredible when it begins!”
It was then curiosity came to affect Noel too, who floating over then decided to ask, “What're you guys talking about exactly?”
Seeing him come over, Riku knew this conversation was not going to go anywhere. So he decided to explain, “We're talking about our destination, the Radiant Gardens where they're going to be hosting a Carnival which we helped in the preparations for.”
Hearing the name of their destination, Raiyana arriving over asked then, “The Radiant Gardens?”
As she asked this question, Cait sith responded, “That's right lass! It's a real glorious place it is.”
“It is?” Raiyana asked. As she did so, she then couldn't help but ask, “What's it like exactly?”
Listening to her ask, Nozomi then told her friend, “It's a really beautiful town! Full of vibrant and colourful flowers and gardens!”
“Like the name suggests!” Cait sith added as Nozomi spoke on.
The female keyblader ignoring him, then decided to continue on, “And right now it's decorated with bright lights and colourful streamers and stalls! It's so amazing just you wait!”
Hearing her say this, Raiyana imaging the town they were coming to couldn't help but feel even more eager now. As she did, she then admitted, “Wow! That does sound great! I can't wait to see it!”
As she said this, it was then Balthier flew on over being followed closely behind by Fran. Having heard the conversation himself, he smiled himself as he said, “I concur, I am most eager to see these 'Radiant Gardens' of yours!”
Timbre overhead having heard all of the conversation then declared, “Yeah same here! I can't wait to party!”
Nodding, Zidane then agreed as he said, “Yeah, ditto!”
Listening to him say these words, Mickey turned and looked forwards. Doing so, he saw a particular something that made him smile and say, “Well you won't have to wait long fella's! For we're here!”
It was then everyone looked on ahead and as they did so, there fast approaching them was the door of time. Waiting for them to open it! Everyone was now excited as they thought of the Carnival and beautiful town that would be waiting for them on the other side!


As the others all quickly departed out of the door of time and made it upon the grounds of the town. Quickly the keybladers followed suite. As they did so, Nozomi smiling as she exited the door couldn't help but ask, “Well what do you think? Isn't this place fantastic!?”
Timbre hearing her say that and looking around was quiet, however turning around to look back at her, he couldn't help but admit, “Um? Not exactly?”
Puzzled as she heard this, Nozomi opening her eyes uttered, “Huh?”
It was then finally the keybladers looking around, along with their comrades. Saw the glorious town that they knew and recognised. Or at least they should have recognised it...
“Hey! What the heck happened here!?” Cait cried out in shock. For around them, the once proud glittering and vibrant celebratory town, was now dismal and dark. The decorations were all seemingly rotting and grey, the buildings were all monochrome in colour, while the sky above was onyx black. But the thing that made everything really haunting was one thing... everything was completely lifeless. There wasn't a single soul to be seen anywhere.
As the scenery and everything settled into her mind, Nozomi then couldn't help but ask, “Where is everyone? Why has everything become like this?”
Mickey hearing her ask this replied, “I dunno Nozomi... but one thing's for certain here!”
Riku then knew what the answer is, “The darkness is rampant everywhere.”
Not understanding the full story, or where they were exactly. Zidane though understood one thing, “That mean's it's bad news for us here, doesn't it?” This didn't need confirming though for-!


Turning immediately everyone then saw that from behind them, dark black shadows were appearing out of the floor! They were fearsome with silver glowing eyes! Staring at them, Yeul quickly hiding behind Noel and Raiyana asked with her fear reflecting clearly in her eyes, “Are those heartless!?”
But quickly as she asked this question, from behind them emerged creature's with glowing yellow eyes and many series of antenna falling back and forth over their faces. As everyone saw these creature's, Cait sith then announced, “No lass! They're the heartless!”
Immediately as these words were cried out, the swarms of monsters both heartless and silver glowing eyed creature's stormed straight forward towards them all! As these enormous numbers of monster's started storming their way, in seconds the keyblader's and their comrades called forth their weapons and began striking all of them away with one hit after another!
Annoyed as the heartless came rushing forwards, Timbre striking one with his spear cried out mad, “Darn it! Just when I was thinking we were gonna get the chance to relax here!” With that he struck another one of the monsters away.
Hearing him, Zidane equally mad as he struck one of the silver eyed monster's with his daggers then cried out, “You're telling me!” With that he leaped out of the way of another attack!
Nozomi fighting alongside Riku and Mickey, cut into one monster after another. As she did so, she couldn't help but say, “This is terrible! Just what are those thing's! Also the heartless! Why would they-!”
Riku hearing him cried out, “I don't know but-!” However quickly interrupted, he dodged another blow from another monster. Then striking into it hard and fast, he said mad, “At this rate it's gonna be endless!”
Mickey swinging forth his golden keyblade, agreed as he said, “Yeah! You're right there!” Then as he finished off his own creature he was dealing with, as Fran and Balthier blasted  away with their long range weapons, he knew one thing quickly that they needed to do! Immediately running forwards he looked back and cried out, “Fella's!”
Instantly everyone looked in the King's direction! As they did so, there they saw him waving to them urgently as he cried out, “We gotta move now! We can't handle these huge numbers!”
Hearing him, Timbre though striking another monster announced, “What huge numbers!” With that slicing away what appeared to be the last silver glowing eyed shadow monster he concluded, “These guys are easy! We've already beaten them all!”
As he said this, Raiyana was quiet. However looking behind herself, she saw evidence to the contrary as she cried out, “I don't think so!”
Immediately as she said this, everyone turned around. As she did so, there they saw more monsters! Huge ones by the dozen multiplying by the second! Seeing the creature's swarm around them, it was clear that even with their valiant numbers if these monsters all continued to grow in rank and size. They would exhaust themselves and-!
“Well c'mon lads!” Cait sith cried out. As he did so, he then pointed ahead and said urgently, “Let's go and follow Mickey! I don't wanna us to be monster chowder!” With that in seconds as he said those words, no-one was going to argue! So they all began to run and follow after the King.
As they all did so, Nozomi then cried out, “C'mon guys! Let's go!” With that, everyone departed away from the swarms of monsters as they ventured forth into the haunted and desolate grey town...


Everywhere they went the heroes looking around saw that the darkness and grey terror was endless as the monsters seemed to pour out from every nook and cranny in the place! Everyone was completely on edge!
Holding on tightly to Raiyana's hand as they all ran, Yeul cried out, “This is terrible! If we don't find somewhere to shelter soon, all of us will-!”
“Don't dwell on it Yeul!” Raiyana cried out.
As she was stopped in her tracks, Noel then proceeded on to say, “Exactly! We can't dwell on the worst scenario right now!”


Instantly as this terrible bellow filled the air, everyone was even more on edge as the monster's numbers continued to increase and chase after them. Noel then added as he felt stressed and frustrated by the situation, “Especially when we're all living it!”
Cait sith hearing him, couldn't help but agree as he cried out, “Ya're tellin' me lad!”
Nozomi feeling the desperateness of everyone around her, turned back and looked to see Balthier and Fran continuing to shoot back their arrows and ammunitions. They were trying their best to keep the monsters away from them, but it was clear they had to find a shelter of some kind soon! Otherwise if they didn't-!
Immediately shaking her head, Nozomi uttered quietly to herself, 'No! No! No! No!' For she couldn't dwell on it either! But looking around herself, she said aloud determined, “We gotta find somewhere to go! We have to-!”


Instantly turning around, everyone was shocked! As they did so, they saw a person standing within an opened wide door, with an urgent expression on their face. Looking at the individual, Nozomi recognised her in seconds as she cried out, “Serah!”
Seeing the pink long haired girl look towards them all. Dressed in her white shirt and veiled waistcoat including her red patterned, black laced skirt, along with her black thigh high stockings. Nozomi couldn't believe it! But before she could ask anything-!
“Lass what the bloomin' heck is goin' on around here!? What's-!” Cait sith desperate for answers was suddenly interrupted for then-!  
“There's no time to explain!” With that Serah urgently gestured to the door and as she did so, she added anxiously, “Please! You all need to get in here now!”
Timbre hearing Serah say this, looked back to the monsters for a brief moment and as he did so. He saw the terrible swarms and as he did so, he had no doubt about what he was going to choose, “Well I ain't disagreeing with a cute girl now!” With that he rushed straight to the opened door!
Seeing his pal go, instantly Zidane knew what he wanted to do too! So he cried out, “Hey! Wait up!” With that he went to catch up to him!
Then as they went, Fran and Balthier went towards the door too and as they did, Raiyana tugged on Yeul's hand to follow her. As she did so, she told her, “C'mon! Let's go Yeul!”
“Yeah I know! I know Raiyana!” With that the long blue haired girl followed after her and as she did so, Noel followed on closely behind!
Seeing them all go, Riku knew they had to go too! So he cried out, “All right! Mickey, Cait sith, Nozomi! Let's join everyone else!” With that he rushed on ahead!
Nodding, Mickey then proceeded to run on too! But as he did so, he looked to his fellow female keyblader and cried out, “Nozomi! Let's go!”
Hearing him, she cried out, “Yeah I know! I'm coming!” With that she rushed to catch up to the King. Then as he entered the door, Riku re-emerged gesturing now for her to hurry and she did!
Making it quickly inside, she looked outside and there she saw the hordes of monsters swarming straight towards them all! As they did, she looked to them with an angered expression before she moved to close the door! As she moved it fast, Cait sith then cried out, “No more seein' yer ugly mugs!”


With that the door was shut tight! As it was instantly the monster's who'd all been racing to it were suddenly stopped dead in their tracks! Immediately they all began to scratch and tear at the door! Trying to get in!      


As their angry snarls and roars filled the air, it looked like they might break through any moment! That they would-!


Suddenly though the monsters were all blown apart and back from the door! As a sparkling and shining transparent blue shield of light appeared and surrounded the whole house! The monsters seeing it, all of them snarled angrily! Then once again they tried to make their way inside! But the shield repelled them, barring their path entirely!    
“Mmm... so they're not tough enough to get through, huh?” A thoughtful feminine tone asked.
“Looks like it,” replied a calm male tone.
“Aww too bad...” with that munching away on a particular item, another voice admitted, “I know what it's like, waiting on an empty stomach.” With that he continued his snacking.
“Yeah, but with the rate of all that hunger...” with that making some quick calculations on his calculator, the voice concluded, “I'd say they'll be reduced to tinier particles that don't even equal crumbs!”
Hearing this, the female voiced chuckled as she replied, “Indeed... “ then as she did this, she smiled and thought of an entertaining idea. As it came to her, she then said, “And now... it's time to make some preparations, so we can have some proper entertainment!”


Meanwhile inside the now safe house, Nozomi was quiet along with the other's as they learned about what was really going on within the Radiant Gardens from all the survivors who were present. Hearing all the information, none of them could believe it!
“Merlin! That's terrible!” Mickey said in shock as he heard what needed to be told.
Nodding, the wizard replied, “Yes it is... it's been most dreadful!”
Cait sith hearing this then replied, “I'm not surprised Merlin mate!” Then looking down to the wizard he added, “Especially with ya bein' transformed into a Tortoise like this!”
For there before them all, Merlin who had once been human was now a blue coloured tortoise informing them about how he'd been transformed and what had happened to the town.
“Yes... of all thing's I can't believe Irma managed to escape and re-take that dreadful tome and even cast a spell on me like this!” Merlin said with bitter irritation.
Then as he said this, Riku had to ask him realising the terrible predicament the town was caught in. “So? You're saying... she's took him back and unleashed his power and we're all now inside the dark domain's of Bebuzzu!?”
Nodding, Serah then confirmed this as she said, “Yeah that's was horrible when it happened.”
Hearing her say this, Nozomi seeing the terrible sad expression that was on her face. Could only imagine the terror that had been unleashed at that time. Then looking at her friend, she had to ask though she knew it would be painful for her to reveal, “What did occur then... at that time Serah?”
As she asked this question, the pink haired girl then thinking of her words. Then finally she told them all, “... After a sudden surprise attack from the heartless, Bebuzzu was opened and a terrible black cloud was unleashed everywhere, it brought forth the demons that Bebuzzu devoured long ago along with the heartless... it was a fog that ate everyone who came into it's path and riding through the darkened skies that were created... were Irma and her gang.”
Listening to her as she re-laid her story, Balthier with a hand to his chin had to ask, “Wait one moment? This gang was flying through the sky?”
Nodding as this question was asked, Serah answered, “Yeah that's right.”
As she did this, it was then Aerith stepped in as she continued on to say, “Yes, I'm assuming they ere aided by Bebuzzu's magic... and the other magic user.”
Hearing this statement Nozomi became curious as she asked, “Other magic user?”
As this was asked, Aerith looking to the female keyblader replied, “That's right, a masked one... with some powerful spells.”
Listening to Aerith say this, Riku had flashes of the past as he remembered Nozomi being kidnapped by him and how they were sucked away into Bebuzzu the last time. As he did, he then said, “Yeah I know him, he was the one that was responsible for the chaos last time along with Irma.”
As he said this, Nozomi thought of the incident too as did Mickey. This made them terribly uncomfortable as they remembered it.
Listening on quietly still, Balthier then commented once more, “So, we're dealing with a truly bad motley crew here aren't we?”
Fran having been silent up to that point then made her own comment, “Indeed.” Then looking to the window that showed the terrible desolate environment outside she added, “One's who enjoy bringing destruction, instead of simple mischief to the world.”  
Listening to this comment, Cait sith couldn't help but admit, “Simple mischief is what I'd rather!” Then becoming quiet, he realised something. Looking around himself, he saw that one particular precious person to him wasn't there. Quickly he asked, “Hey! Where's me highness!?
However there came no response to his enquiry, nor the call of his beloved princess's voice. Realising quickly that she wasn't there, Cait sith immediately became highly alert with anxiousness as he cried out, “Yer highness!? Yer highness!” Then looking around frantically again, he cried out once more, “Oralee!?”
Hearing him cry out like this, hurt Serah deeply inside. Looking to the crowned cat, she had to admit sadly, “She's not here... Cait sith, she's gone.”
Turning immediately as she heard this, becoming just as shocked as Cait sith was becoming. Nozomi then had to ask, “Oralee?... She's gone?”
Nodding solemnly, Serah nodded her reply. Seeing her do this, the crowned cat now horribly worried for his princess cried out, “Where!? Where's she gone!? Where's me highness?! Tell me where I can-!?”
“We don't know...” suddenly surprising everyone, they all saw Dajh walk towards them. He looked terribly saddened. As he did, he then admitted, “When everyone started disappearing into the darkness, my dad and the ARCS all went looking for them.”
Hearing him say this, Serah then said, “Yeah... Snow was the first to rush out, to go and save Oralee... for she saved me from being absorbed into the darkness.”
Nozomi hearing this, imagining the terrible scene then asked, “She did?”
To which Serah nodded, then as she relayed this information to them, Mickey had to ask, “And everyone's still out there? Trying to rescue those who got absorbed?”
“That's right,” it was then walking forwards that Hope made himself known. As he did so, he told them all, “When Lightning went to go with them... she told me to wait here, to protect everyone who's here in Merlin's house until they all came back.”
As this was relaid, Timbre then decided to ask feeling his curiosity get the best of him, “And how long ago was it that those guys went out to do that?”
Hearing him ask this, Serah answered, “Over six hours ago...”
“Six hours?!” Zidane cried out, then as he did so. He couldn't help but demand, “And you guys haven't gone out to look for them!? You-!?”
“How can you expect them to go out there!?” Noel replied. As he did so, the monkey tailed young man looked to him. As he did so, he heard his friend go on to tell him, “It would practically be suicide, with all those multiplying monsters and the darkness... what chance do you think anyone here would have?”
To which as this question was put to him, Zidane became quiet as he remembered exactly who it was who was there with him. Looking to them all, it was only two young boys, one incredibly young. Two girls and a blue old tortoise, none of whom that had any strong fighting capabilities... it was obvious that none of them would have a chance out there.
Thinking this, he felt bad about what he'd just said... as he looked down to the floor in shame.
As he did this, Aerith spoke up as she said, “You know we would all go out there if we could... we want to rescue our friend's so badly... but on our own there's nothing that we can do.”  
Nodding, Merlin then voiced himself as he said stepping up in his transformed state, “Exactly, and I need both Serah and Aerith here to help me maintain the shield here... for we need to protect the one person, that those fiendish hooligans are after.”  
Hearing him say this, Riku looking to Merlin had to ask, “They're after someone in this house?”
As he asked this question, the old transformed blue tortoise answered, “Yes...our slumbering guest.”
Listening to this description, Nozomi knew in moment's who he was talking about, “Kagi? They're after him?”
“Correct lass,” Merlin answered. Then as he did so, he told her and everyone else, “And we can't allow them to feed him to that monstrous Bebuzzu... otherwise it really will be the end of all of us.”
Nozomi not understanding why though, as she looked to the door where Kagi was sleeping behind. She looked back to the wizard and had to ask him, “But why? Why would they want him so badly? Why would-?”
“Oh who cares why!?” With that crying those words out, Cait sith jumped up and sat himself upon Nozomi's head! As he did so, he quickly pulled on her hair hard!
“Ow! Cait sith!?” With that trying to shake him off, she told him mad, “Just what do you think you're doing?! What-!?”
“I ain't waitin' around for no more questions!” With that mad, he looked to the others and told them all, holding Nozomi's hair tightly with one gloved paw as his other one pointed to them all with       fierce concentration, “We gotta get goin'! And we gotta get goin' now! We gotta rescue me highness and the rest of the gang!”
Hearing this from him, everyone was silent. However it was clear, that Cait sith was concerned. Not just for the welfare of his princess, but for the ARCS and the other missing heroes...


Then as the sounds of the heartless and other dark monsters, carved upon the outside into the blue shining shield. This made it all the more clear, why he had to be concerned... and all of them too.
Raiyana listening on and feeling Yeul's hand tighten around her own right one, she was clearly scared and in reality... so was Raiyana herself. However, thinking of all those helpless people outside along with the heroes who were out there in that dangerous situation. She felt a resolve grow inside of her, as it did she spoke, “Cait sith...”
With that as her voice was heard, everyone turned in her direction. As they did so, the small crowned cat was quiet as he heard her say, “You're right, we do need to go.”
As he heard this, Noel though had to say, “But Raiyana we can't endanger Yeul,” with that taking her hand. He told her firmly, “If we act rashly then we'll-”
However in turn, Raiyana looked to him and said firmly, “We're already in danger... nobody in this house is safe as long as this chaos continues to lurk outside.” Then looking to the windows, she decided to add, “And if we want to stop this, we have to gain all the allies we can...” then looking back to Noel she added, “To stop those who are making this horrific situation!”
Listening to her say these words, everyone quiet for a moment felt the same resolve grow inside of themselves too. As it did so, Timbre made a firm nod, “Yeah I agree with ya Raiyana!”
As he said those words, the long blue haired girl looked back in his direction. As she did so, he continued on to say, “This situation isn't gonna get better unless we take action!” Then looking back behind himself, he couldn't help but add, “Besides, we gotta teach jerks like that who kidnap cute girls a hard lesson in manners!”


Hearing him say this, it was then that surprising everyone that Balthier clapped loudly! As he did so, he then said with a smile, “Spoken like a true gentleman!” With that walking forwards he announced to them all, “And I concur, we should show these ruffians where sinister mischievousness lands them!”    
Cait sith listening to this, could see that the others were now beginning to think his way. As he did so, he smiled and finally released Nozomi's hair as he said, “Now ya're talkin' Balthier mate!”
Nozomi feeling him release her hair, then finally said with a relieved sigh, “Finally!” For her head now ached like mad!
Seeing her do this, Riku was quiet. However looking to everyone he decided to speak up, “Yeah you guys are right, we should go.” But he also had to add as the air of caution rose inside of him, “But, not all of us.”
Surprised as he heard this, Zidane looking to him had to ask, “What do you mean? Why not all of us?”
With that as he heard these words, Mickey then spoke up saying, “I know why...” with that as everyone fixed heir eyes on him, he revealed the thoughts he himself had along with his comrade had, “It's because this house and those who are already inside, need protection.”
Surprised as he heard this, Zidane repeated, “Protection?”
To which, nodding Mickey continued on with his explanations, “Exactly, a few strong fella's here need to stay back and make sure that Irma and her pals don't get in here and hurt anyone else or-”
“Or take Kagi,” Nozomi answered as she too understood the King's and Riku's thoughts too. As her two fellow keyblader's heard her, they looked back and nodded to her. Confirming their answer.
With that said, it was then one issue had to be sorted out, “Alright, so now we have our battle plan      decided upon.” Fran decided to ask in a serious tone with her arms folded, “Who shall be going forth and who will be staying behind?”
Everyone was quiet as they heard this question, but then before anyone could give an answer-!


“Agh!” Blinded suddenly, Nozomi along with the others saw a bright light shine through the windows. As it came forth, everyone heard the sounds of the scratching heartless and monsters stop! As it did so, the female keyblader had to ask, “Just what is-!?”

“Greetings! You foolish key wielding dolts and snivelling imbeciles!”

Annoyed in seconds, Zidane protested mad, “Who're they calling imbeciles and dolts!”

“Since you've all become so comfortable in your little blue dome! We've decided upon a fun little game for you all to come out and play in!”

Hearing her say this to them, Riku was hating her mocking tone as he uttered bitterly, “A game!?”

“We want you trio key dolts to come out and play with us! The winners get to take home a prize of someone precious to them!”

As this was said, Cait sith repeated, “Precious!?”

“And who knows!? Maybe we'll throw in a couple of added bonuses! Come and find us real soon!”

Irma then finished her words and as she did so, another voice spoke up,

“We'll be waiting eagerly!”

Recognising this voice, Riku then whispered bitterly, “Gandrake!”

“Yeah we'll take you guys to a number lower than zero!”

“Exactly! We'll take real good care of you suckers!”

Hearing these two voices, Mickey then recognised them as, “Greeble and Peekaboo?”
Then as he realised this, the light quickly faded away. As it did so, everyone was silent in disbelief...

“You all better get going out there now.”

Surprised everyone turned and saw that standing to one side, leaning against the doorway to Kagi's room, it was none other than, “Hey!” Opening his eyes as he heard this call, the figure then heard Cait sith cry out, “You're that good for nothing Volg creep!”
The black chocobo hearing the crowned cat say this was far from amused. But ignoring the insult he decided to inform them, “Just to warn you guys, my lady Irma and the others... they're nothing like what you've seen before now.”
Curious as he heard this, Riku then had to ask him, “What do you mean by that and why're you-?”

“Oh! And just so you know! I don't have much patience! So don't keep us waiting losers!”

As he was interrupted, Riku looked back with bitter annoyance. Doing this, Volg was quiet before he answered, “I can assure you, I'm not the enemy here right now...” then looking to the window, he continued on to say, “But the darkness that is out there won't consume just your friends...”
Puzzled as she heard this, Nozomi looked back to Volg and asked him, “It won't?”
“No...” the small black chocobo replied. Then as he did, he informed her, “It will consume mine as well.”
Hearing this, everyone was haunted by these words. But now knowing how serious this situation was, Mickey then spoke, “... Okay fella's, this proves it! We can't wait around any longer!”
As the king said this, no-one disagreed and so feeling the tense atmosphere that was building around them. Balthier decided quickly on what to do, “Indeed, now!” With that looking to his crew members he informed them, “I'll have Zidane, Raiyana, Yeul and myself stay here within this house!”
Dismayed as he heard this, Zidane cried out, “What!?”
However ignoring him, Balthier continued on to say, “Fran, Noel and Timbre you go out with our new friends...” with that looking to the keybladers he added, “For I think they'll need all the assistance they can get.”
Listening to these instructions, Noel, Fran and Timbre replied together, “Right!”
Then as they did this, Yeul looking to her blue clad guardian couldn't help but say with worry, “Noel...”
Hearing her voice, he turned to her. As he did so, with a calm smile he informed her, “Don't worry Yeul, I'll be back soon.” Then looking to his other beloved friend, he added, “Raiyana will protect you and the others too until I do.”
Still feeling uncertain though as she heard this, Yeul couldn't help but utter worriedly, “But...”
Then feeling a warm hand upon her shoulder, she heard Raiyana's voice as she said, “Don't worry Yeul, I'm sure Noel will be back... for he's strong.” Then looking to him she added with a smile, “Definitely stronger than I remember.”
Hearing these words, Noel couldn't help but release a small laugh, “Oh yeah, there's no doubt about that! I'll show you for sure how strong I've become!”
Smiling as she heard this Raiyana nodded. As she did this, Yeul still nervous though decided to believe in their words. So she nodded and said, “Yeah I know you will Noel... good luck out there!”
Nodding as he heard these words, Noel was now determined as the others were around him. With that standing up, everyone went walking up towards the closed front door.
However seeing them go, Zidane couldn't help but question fiercely, “Hey! C'mon why can't I go with you guys! Why can't I-!”
“Because there has to be a couple of dashing heroes to look after the maiden's in this house,” Balthier said. Then as Zidane turned to look at his boss, the charming pirate winked to him as he added, “Don't you think we're both fine choices to be chosen for such leading roles?”
Hearing him ask, Zidane quiet for a moment despite the horrendous situation. He then couldn't help but forget his outrage and utter a chuckle. As he did so, he smiled as he said, “Sure, I guess I can take it like that?”
However Nozomi was making it to the door as the others made it out before her. As they did so, Cait sith on her shoulder told her urgently, “Hey lass! C'mon hurry up! Let's move it! We gotta find me highness! We can't let anything happen to her! We-!”
Becoming annoyed by his pestering as she heard him, Nozomi answered straight back,“I know! I know! Cait sith! Don't stress me out more here! I-”


Suddenly she was stopped in her tracks! For then looking behind startled she saw Serah had grabbed her by the hand. As she did this, the female keyblader stared at her confused before she heard her say, “I know this isn't the welcome you guys wanted... but I'm glad you're back again and please... be careful out there, make sure you bring them all back okay?”
As this was said to her, Nozomi quiet for a moment then replied, “Yeah we will! Thanks Serah! We'll see you real soon!”
Nodding as she heard this, Serah then released her. As she did so, Nozomi then quickly rushed out the door as it was closed behind her. As she did so, she saw along with the others that the heartless and other monsters were waiting in huge numbers beyond the blue protective shield... they were hungry for the souls and hearts of the gang of heroes.
Seeing them, all of the heroes were wary. For what were they supposed to do against these huge numbers!? Timbre looking on then couldn't help but comment, “Okay? Anyone got a pair of monster shredders?”
Nobody could answer his question, however one voice sounded up with a suggestion, “Well I don't have any of those.” With that Raiyana stepped forwards and instantly she brought out her double edged scythe! As she did so, her body glowed vibrantly with golden orange light! As she did so, immediately the monsters all backed away from her radiance!
Impressed to see this, Noel couldn't help but compliment her saying, “Your power never fails to amaze me Raiyana!”
Smiling as she heard this in her transformed state, the glowing Nobody replied, “Thanks!” With that she charged forwards! Then as she did, she escaped through the blue shield and quickly began to attack the monsters on the other side! Clearing a path for them all! Seeing her do this, the heroes silent then heard her call out, “Go on! Go now! Save everyone and this town!”
With that no-one hesitated! They all instantly ran through the shining blue shield and down the cleared path she'd made and immediately they entered into the darkness! As they did,    
they were all determined! They were gonna save their friends and the ruined town from Irma's gang and the horrible darkness that Bebuzzu had brought with him!      
KHF: Chapter 219
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Personalised Weapon Design
The Dagger of Juliet by Lrme87
Cherubie Wand by Lrme87
Wish to have the weapon of your choice be given form and life? Then here you will find it can happen! Will be finished as a JPEG or PNG file depending what you'd rather.
Keyblade Design
The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87
The Subtle Scythe Keyblade by Lrme87
Saviour Keyblade by Lrme87
Want to have your own designed keyblade? Then your dream has come true! A single weapon will be illustrated and made into a JPEG or a PNG file. 
A Group Illustration
ShinkuRose Teatime Poster by Lrme87
Y,R,P cosplay by Lrme87
Residents of the dead by Lrme87
A group illustration of three characters with a background included. Done as a JPEG or PNG depending on preference. 
An Illustrated Couple Picture
.:My Valentine:. by Lrme87
Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
100 TC - 49 Separate by Lrme87
A loving couple or two characters of your choice together with a background done as a JPEG or PNG file
Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
100 TC - 10 Geisha by Lrme87
Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87
A fully coloured background pic and a single character included. Will be finished as JPEG or PNG depending on customers preference. 
Single Illustrated Figure
RWBY: Opaline Hart by Lrme87
Elaina: The Priestess Of Hope by Lrme87
Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 


Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be 10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be 15

And for an additional character it will be an extra 3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be 18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be 5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be 10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!




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