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Chapter CCXIV: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Final Part I

Looking to the giant triangle green dimension changing door, Silver saw that it had a thin energy veil of some kind that separated the two worlds.
Seeing it with caution, he reached his robotic arm forwards and put his hand through it. It was almost like piercing through soft tissue and like the sensation, it posed no harm to him whatsoever. Recognising this, he then stepped through it fully and made it over to the other side and quickly seeing their leader go, his pirates all followed on in after him.
Hurriedly making it through the doorway, they discovered a dark hall of some kind. But it was illuminated by a warm golden, orange light. There were huge openings in the roof, that looked like pipes that resembled house chimneys, that zapped out purple lasers of light.
Curious as he saw this, Silver was puzzled but quickly his eyes were widened, in astonishment. Silver couldn't believe the sight that was before his eyes! However he didn't have time to dwell on these thoughts, for then walking forwards some steps more... he felt his breath catch inside with a shudder. His crew too looking on became just as amazed...!


As huge sounds of excitement and glee filled the air, Silver grinned ecstatically. For there before him and all his crew, was the very special thing they'd all been searching for... “The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds!”
It glittered and shone in the light, it was a huge sea of gold and multicoloured jewels that seemed to reach on to forever! It was just too good to be true! However none of them were going to doubt the glorious sight before them! So quickly running the eager pirates all began to dive in and put their grubby hands, paws and claws upon the treasure. All of them greedy in wanting their fabulous share, there and then!


Hearing these words, Silver still caught within his enormous overpowering waves of awe and disbelief. He made it step by step closer to the treasure, then collapsing onto his knees, he dove both of his hands into the golden sea. Then feeling the weights of the coins and jewels, he spoke again almost breathlessly, “A lifetime of searching! But at long last!” With that seeing the treasure that was now rightfully his, he then decreed with utter joy, “I can touch it!”
With those words said, he began hectically as his crew was doing. To gather every coin and every jewel they could, that was now their's! However what none of them were aware of, was that the door they'd all walked through. Had a long red laser line that trailed by the floor of it and that after being walked through, it had set off something that was now glowing and blinking with a sinister red light within the darkness...


Looking on coldly, having stepped down from the Long Boat. Hari was silent as she watched all of her now freed prisoners move amongst themselves as they started to gather together. With her hordes of heartless behind her, swaying hungrily back and forth, all of them eager for the taste of those rebellious hearts that was before them.
Trying hard, Timbre gritting his teeth uttered, “And...there!” With that he finally cut through the ropes of the last person that they needed to free. Grinning at his work, he couldn't help but say, “There ya go boss!”
Hearing his pink haired cat like comrade say this, Balthier standing up then replied, “At last...!” With that rubbing the wrists of his hands, he couldn't help but add looking to him, “You have no idea how much this is appreciated!” With that placing one of his hands upon his returned pistols he couldn't help but add, “An actor is nothing without his hands!”
Timbre grinning as he heard this, then replied, “You're telling me!” However quickly looking back to Hari, the pink cat boy saw the cold glare that was in her green eyes.
Seeing it, he became quiet as he lost his smile. Becoming serious, he took a step back as he stood amongst the others as Balthier looked to the heartless controlling girl himself.
Looking at him as he stared, Hari said nothing. However looking on at the pirate, there seemed to be a bell of familiarity that rung inside of her... as she considered the possibilities of who this individual was-!

“Hey! You, you there!”

Her thoughts interrupted, she saw again it was Delbert who was talking to her. With Pete before him, he had him silent and still as a statue as he continued to have his laser pistol aimed directly at his back.
Seeing Pete in his precarious situation, being clearly terrified. Hari continued to remain silent, with that still cold look in her green eyes as she looked to him with a glare.        
Delbert a little put off by this, along with the heartless continued to sway behind her. Though he continued to try and put on a brave face. So though he shook slightly, he continued on to speak, “Um! Miss Hari! Remember our deal! You remain situated, uh? Incapacitated, uh? Still...?”
However it was clear the doggy featured man was continuing to struggle as he was wracking his brain for words. So seeing this with a sigh, as the rest of the group looked at him awkwardly, Amelia then stepped forward and said, “Alright Doctor, you can stop... leave it to me!”
Hearing the Captain say this, Delbert looking to her then replied, “Oh, yes... yes of course.” With that be became quiet as he continued to hold the pistol to Pete's back.
It was clear though, looking on at the overweight minion to Maleficent. That he was frustrated and annoyed, however he continued to say nothing. For one wrong move or word, would mean his end!
Amelia though stepping forwards spoke up with confidence as she said, “Now you listen here! You heartless manipulator! We're taking this vessel for own use and you are to remain still at that spot!” Then folding her arms, she also added with a serious look in her eyes, “And after we have departed a certain distance, we will release your associate, do you understand?”
Hearing these orders being issued, Hari said nothing in reply. Instead all she did was make a small nod, which was so minute that none would have noticed if they weren't paying attention.  
However seeing the nod, Amelia then said`, “Good.” With that looking to her right, she then also said, “Fran, make sure she stays true to her word.”
As this instruction was given, the tall rabbit earred girl replied, “Very well.” With that she brought forth her bow and arrow, then aimed with fierce focus. Ready to release and fire, if the girl or any of her heartless tried anything.
Looking to her side satisfied, Amelia made her next instruction, “Zidane! Take us away from here!”
Hearing her say this, the monkey tailed young man replied, “Aye! There Amelia!” With that Zidane started up the Long Boat and quickly in seconds as hummed into life, the now freed heroes all proceeded forwards fast into the jungles of Treasure Planet.
Feeling them all go, as Hari was swiftly disappearing into the greenery. Yeul couldn't help but feel a great surge of relief, for that girl was dangerous and she knew it!
Raiyana feeling her young friend shake as she continued to hold on her hand. She looked down to her and in a moment, she squeezed her hand gently as she told her, “Yeul...” hearing her name being called. The long blue haired girl looking to her, then heard her caring friend say, “It's alright now, don't worry.”
As she said these words, Yeul saw her smile at her gently. As she did so, she uttered feeling a small amount of relief inside, “Raiyana...”
Then as she said this, in seconds emerging from her beloved friends long dark blue locks was another familiar face. Bubbling into sight came a pink jelly shape who chuckling, rubbed himself into her right cheek and in seconds, Yeul giggled as she said, “Morph!”
Seeing this happen too, as Raiyana did so. Noel couldn't help but smile himself. However looking onto the side, he turned his blue eyes in another direction. There he saw in his sights, was Mickey and Riku. Looking on he could see that the mouse king had a gaze of concern as he looked to his white haired friend. As he saw this, Noel couldn't help but be worried himself, for looking to Riku he saw an arrogant smirk on his face as they left Hari behind. As he did this, he couldn't help but wonder, why was he doing that?
Mickey himself at that moment, looking to his pal. Seeing him continuing to smile away, could feel something was terribly wrong. He then decided to investigate, so he cautiously asked, “Riku? Are you doin' alright?”
Hearing this voice, the white haired young man turning back to look at the mouse king was silent. As he studied the curious and perplexed creature, he said with a sinister knowingness, “Riku... is that who you believe I am? Your majesty...”
Shocked as he heard this, Mickey didn't understand why he said that? What-!

“Off with ya tubby!”


Suddenly turning again, Mickey then saw that Pete had been chucked off of the Long Boat by a kick in the back from Timbre!
Instantly tossing and falling amongst the shrubs and greenery, becoming quickly covered in brambles and leaves. He cried out, “Hey! Ow! Oh! Agh!” Then finally he finished tumbling and landed as a messy heap on the grassy floor.
Getting up mad as he finally came to a stand still, angered he looked up and saw that the heroes were still disappearing down the forest path. Seeing them go, he heard Timbre shout out to him, “Hope you're not too sore!”
Hearing this, immediately enraged Pete! Gripping his big fist tightly, he uttered mad, “I'm gonna make ya all pay fer this! I'm gonna do worse than make you punks sore! I'll-!”


Suddenly his shoulder was grabbed! Turning quickly he saw that it was none other than, “Hari!?”
Hearing him utter her name, the cold green eyed girl informed him, “Control yourself Pete, it is not the time to allow your turmoiling emotions to get the better of you.”  
Hearing her say this, Pete though couldn't help but say still outraged, “But those thieves! They're-!?”
Quickly though, he was interrupted as Hari lifting up her deadly keyblade informed him coldly, “They will receive the punishment that is befitting for this crime...”


“HA! HA! HA!”

Quickly giving his pal, a well deserved high five. Timbre was pleased with the result of thing's and it was clear that Zidane felt the same. For finally all of them were in the clear! The pink haired cat boy feeling pleased with everything, then declared, “We're back on top dude!”
With a single nod, Zidane continuing to manipulate the Long Boat then declared, “You got that right!”
Amelia seeing the two animal featured boys say this, feeling confident too couldn't help but smile. However she knew this wasn't the time to celebrate, for there was still a dangerous situation far ahead that was waiting for them. So looking to them both, she then informed them, “I'm all for your enthusiasm gentlemen, but I need to remind you that we soon will be-”


Suddenly a fiery blast was unleashed upon them! As it was, it made the Long Boat swing forwards and back from the force! Shocked as they all felt this, it was then that Timbre cried out, “Hey! What the heck was-!?”


Immediately another blast was unleashed! As it was, again it shook the Long Boat as they all carried on sailing fast! As this other attack came exploding in on them, it was then Amelia quickly taking charge cried out, “Fran! What's happening back there!”
Hearing this cry, Fran doing her best to keep aim then replied as calmly as she could, “She is unleashing her counter attack!”
Feeling the bursts of power, Balthier cringing slightly from the force, couldn't help but say, “So! She really did make her that powerful!”
Fran hearing this was confused by her leader's words, turning to look at him with intrigue on her face. Suddenly another sound tickled the drums in her tall ears! Turning to look back, in seconds she saw hordes of heartless come rushing out of the trees and were all heading straight towards them all!
Seeing the monsters coming, Noel then agitated standing up uttered, “So much for being back on top!” For quickly withdrawing his weapons, he knew there was only one way to change thing's. They were going to have to get tough!
Raiyana seeing and hearing Noel say this, she then informed him, “Well, we'll just have to start from the bottom again!” With that, she summoned her double edged scythe again as she did so it was clear that she was ready too!
Yeul was nervous, but now holding Morph close to herself. She knew there was no choice and she could only hope that her friend's could protect them from the ferocious storm that was coming their way!
Seeing this, Amelia was more than glad for this. For they were going to need all the fire power they could! Especially with all all this malice being unleashed upon them all.
Mickey seeing this chaos being unleashed upon them all, he knew that they had to do something! However looking to Riku, he saw him continue to grin on with a sinister air. It was almost like he was enjoying what was going on! However he couldn't let himself be swayed by perplexed feelings, so he told him, “Riku! We gotta do something! We have to-!”
“I am...” shocking the mouse king. He then saw Riku lift up his left arm and hand as he did so, a shadow of darkness emerged. Swirling all around his limb, he then said with a cunning knowing grin and tone, “I'm taking control!”


Still running through the woods, irritated as he continued to run on all fours. Cait sith complained aloud, “Aw! C'mon! I shoulda been there by now! Me paws are getting' sore from-!”    


Suddenly as he heard these loud sounds, he stopped in his tracks as he cried out, “Huh!? What the heck was-!?”


Immediately as this other loud sound rung out! He knew one thing as he felt the vibrations, “Something's goin' on here!” Realising this, he quickly acted and ran to a nearby tree! Clawing his sharp nails into it, he climbed up the trunk and travelled to the branches that were reaching above.
Making it to the top, he quickly cast his eyes where he could hear the boom's. Then as he did this, he saw quickly coming from the far distance towards his direction. It was none other than his, “Mates!?”
For there they all were! Within the confines of the Long Boat they were quickly making huge advances through the jungle, as they were continuing to flee the hordes of heartless that were chasing after them all!
Seeing this, Cait sith was horrified and worried for them all! He had to do something! “I gotta get down there!” He said aloud, then quickly he climbed forth from branch to branch, until finally he made it to a branch that he knew would let him make it to them!
Holding on tightly, he saw quickly that all of them were on track and he would make it down to them would no trouble at all! Looking on as the heartless chased after his friends, he waited with baited breath for them to come to him. For looking on he said, “Hang on lads! I'll help ya all! I'll-!”
Suddenly though he was stopped in his tracks, for gazing down he saw that the heartless that had been chasing his friends, stopped fast in their tracks! As they did, they became still like statues and almost looked confused as they crookedly turned their heads to the side. Making them almost look like twisted creepy dolls... then in another second they turned about and began running back in the other direction!
Seeing them suddenly run from his friend's, Cait sith didn't get it! “What the heck is-!?”
However he didn't get another chance to ask, for it was time! Quickly releasing his gloved paws from the branch he descended down! Then as he did so, he quickly saw that his pal, Riku was standing up with his arm outstretched and in turn he saw shadows of darkness lingering all over it! As he saw this, he then acted crying out, “Riku lad!”
Meanwhile the white haired young man became distracted! As he did so, he saw the crowned cat coming his way! As he did so, his eyes narrowed hatefully as he uttered, “You-!?”
But quickly making it in their direction, Cait sith landed on him and quickly slapping his gloved paws together he cried out, “Take this!”
Immediately as he saw that bright glowing yellow light, instantly Riku became outraged as he cried out, “Get off me! I'm not being imprisoned again by you! I won't-!”
“Imprisoned!?” Mickey asked shocked, for what did he mean by-!
But there was no time to ask, for then Cait sith holding his glowing yellow paws over Riku's chest. Forced his power inside him and as he did so, in seconds the white haired man having a shocked expression on his face, quickly collapsed falling to the floor of the Long Boat. Seeing this in seconds, Mickey then cried out, “Riku!”
With that making it over to and looking over him, as he turned him over he saw that Riku was caught in an uneasy sleep. As he cringed breathing in and out with difficulty. Seeing this, Mickey didn't have any idea what was going on!?

“Darn! Did I give him too big a dose there!?”

With that hearing this voice, he then saw that it was none other than, “Cait sith?!”
Hearing his friend call out to him, Cait sith though pleased to see him was desperate for answers, “Mickey mate! What's been happenin' around here!? What've I missed!?”
As this question was put to him, Mickey at first didn't know how to answer him at all. But thinking over everything as he looked down to Riku again, he turned back to Cait sith as he tried to explain and tell what little he did know...


Seeing Hari shoot out powerful comet fire spells, with her keyblade. Pete was amazed to see her power being displayed once again.




Looking at the large explosions that she'd unleashed, Pete pleased then couldn't help but say, “Ha! Just what I wanted! Some well roasted punks!”
Hari though said nothing in reply to this statement. However lowering her keyblade for a moment, she could feel a change in the air. As she did so... she then narrowed her green eyes and said, “They're coming.”
Puzzled as he heard this comment, Pete looked to her and simply uttered, “Huh?”
However he didn't get another chance to ask, for then Hari took her blade back and looked ready to fly forwards. As she did this, Pete was confused, why was she doing that? Their adversaries had all made some great distance away from them, so-?
Quickly though in seconds, he heard something! Turning back he heard scuttling across the floor, as he did so, he then saw with alarm that the heartless that he and Hari had sent, were coming fast back in their direction! Seeing this he then demanded, “Hey! What're ya heartless doin'!? Get back after them yutz's! They're gettin' away! They're-!”
However the heartless were paying no heed to his orders! They were coming in fast and swiftly straight towards them! As he saw this, Pete became worried and said, “Hey! What're ya all doin'!? What're ya-!”
But they weren't slowing down at all and realising this, he then saw the deadly glare that was in their haunting yellow eyes. It was then he knew that the monsters were coming for him and Hari! As he realised this and panic began to settle in, it was then the deadly female keyblader taking her keyblade, said, “How inconvenient...” With that as those words were said, quickly before Pete could bat an eyelid-!




Suddenly flying forwards with her metallic wired wings exposed, Hari sliced through all of the attacking heartless! Making them all disintegrate and vanish away in seconds! As their liberated hearts vanished into the air, the cold green eyed girl stood up from the jungle floor.
As she did this, Pete was silent. However he felt a chill inside... for why had their heartless turned against them? What was going on!? Looking to his accomplice, he then asked her cautiously, “Hari... what's-?”
“I will erase the source of this interference...” Hari uttered as she informed Pete of her decisions.
Hearing her say this puzzled, the overweight minion as he then asked her, “Interference?”
As she heard the inquisitive tone in his voice, Hari then told him as she looked back to him, “Pete, I will have you go on ahead, create a new heartless using my power... and finish our endeavour.” With that said, the winged girl departed as she went to chase after the escaping heroes.
While Pete himself having being given these instructions still caught in the throws of horror and puzzlement... he knew he couldn't doubt his accomplice's words, he had to act fast! So quickly he went to depart into a portal of darkness. But before leaving properly, he looked back behind and as he did, he uttered aloud, “Hari... ya just better make it back to me!” With that he left to carry out the plan that had been proposed to him.



Suddenly, a bright light filled the sky! Looking on with widened eyes, Aqua was horrified! She couldn't believe it! Terra had performed it! He'd-!
However she didn't get another chance to say anything, for quickly in seconds a huge light flowed forth from Terra's chest. As it did so, in seconds the light overwhelmed her and Ventus who was still in her arm's! Then as it did, she could feel something was coming! Something was-!





Gasping into consciousness, Nozomi reached her hand out as she cried out! Her eyes widened, she felt like she'd been through a terrible horror! But what was-!?


Distracted from her anxious panicked thoughts, the female keyblader then turned and saw instantly that looking down at her with a smile of relief on his face, it was none other than, “Jim!”
Then hearing her say this, another voice spoke up saying with relief, “Wowee! I thought ya'd never wake up there, Nozomi!”
Turning the female keyblader, she looked and saw that it was, “Ben!”
Pleased himself to hear her voice, the looney robot then told her, “I thought ya were gonna sleep through the Winter there, are you doin' alright?”
As this was put to her, Nozomi then steadying herself and her thoughts replied after a moment, “Yeah... I am, I-!”
However quickly in seconds, she remembered the situation she and the others were now in. As she remembered the Lachesis Report and the dream she'd just experienced, it put her on high alert! Quickly looking to the Cabin Boy, she then asked, “Jim! What's Silver doing!? What's-!”
“They're inside the chamber already... taking their share of the treasure!” Jim told her, as a serious look came in his eyes as he explained.
“They're already going after the treasure?” With that as the Cabin Boy made a single nod to her, the female keyblader became silent... then as she did, she realised, “Then that means they're distracted! We can go back to the others and-!”
“We're not going back yet!” Jim told her strongly, as he fixed his hand on her shoulder.
As he did this, Nozomi confused didn't understand what he was saying!? So she asked him, “Why? Why can't we go back!?”
With that looking to the opened dimensional green entrance, told her, “Because we haven't got our share yet!”
Hearing Jim mention the treasure again, as she looked back to the entrance herself. She wasn't ecstatic about the idea, for though treasure was a lovely thing to have. It wasn't as important as the welfare and lives of her friends! So looking to her friend she told him, “But Jim! We gotta go and check everyone! We can't leave them to-!
“We don't have time!” Jim told her, then looking to her with that still serious look in his eyes, he aded, “We've gotta move now while we've got the chance! The others will be fine!” Then getting up, he told her further, “Now c'mon!” With that he ran forwards to the green lit entrance!
Seeing him go, immediately Nozomi cried out, “Jim!”
However he didn't turn back to her, seeing this Nozomi knew she couldn't leave Jim to face Silver and his pirates alone! So quickly she went to follow after him!
Then seeing her go, in seconds Ben cried out, “Hey! Jimmy! Nozomi!” But in turn, neither stopped at his calls. Realising he was being left behind cried out, “Don't leave me here!” With that he chased after both the keyblader and Cabin Boy as he followed them through into the revealed treasure chamber...


Making it through the opened chamber quickly, Nozomi looking around though amazed at the dazzling sight that was before her. She knew this wasn't the time to be distracted, even with all the gold and jewels that were now literally under her feet! She wanted to get back to the others as fast as she could, she had to make sure Riku was alright! That he wasn't-!
It was then at that moment, Nozomi saw him! It was Jim, running across the sea of gold! Seeing him go, she then went to call out to him, when-!

“AH! HA! HA! HA!”

Quickly shutting her mouth with both her hands, the female keyblader she then saw that it was one of the pirates, decorated in heavy loads of jewellery and gold. Seeing this, it was then she saw the pirates and remembered she had to be careful! For though knew Silver could summon the heartless, it was also a possibility that any of the pirates could call the heartless too.
Knowing this, Nozomi looked around herself and decided quickly how she would go across to where Jim was going. For gazing at the Cabin boy, she saw that he was making his way over to a huge old damaged and treasure laden space cruiser red sailed ship that was lying within the hills of gold.
It was then immediately she knew what he was going to do. He was getting them a ticket out and to gain the treasure that was onboard. She couldn't deny it was clever, but it was a risky move to do! Looking at the ship she couldn't help but say, “Jim... you better know what you're doing!”
Then as she uttered this, “Nozomi!”
Turning the female keyblader saw that it was none other than Ben. Seeing him, she then heard him say as he put a hand to her right shoulder and the other to his forehead, “This place... everything, it's all very familiar, I, I can't remember why I-!”
However taking his cold metallic hand, she said, “Not now Ben! We gotta get to Jim! We gotta hurry!”
With that quickly she summoned the wings upon her feet and made her way over to where the Cabin Boy was, as she walked through the air with the chaotic robot holding onto her hand for dear life! As he cried out, “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”


Climbing up onto the ship in the meantime, Jim finally got over the edge of the old wrecked ship. Walking forwards, he looked around himself and it seemed that everything from his perspective was still despite the harsh passage of time was well in tact. If he was lucky he could-!
Quickly though he came to a standstill, for his eyes widening as he looked on, he saw-!



It was then landing on the floor of the ship, Nozomi had made it over and Ben who she'd been holding by the hand. Clattered into a heap on the floor, as he did this the female keyblader then had to say, “What're you doing! We can't waste time here we-!”
“Captain Flint...” she heard the Cabin Boy say, in utter shock.
Puzzled as she heard this, Nozomi then uttered, “Huh?” Then turning in the direction he was looking. She saw what had shocked him, for quickly it did the same to her too. For there across them all, was a skeletal form of a an alien pirate sat in a tall throne. He had sharp fanged teeth, a series of six empty holes where eyes should have been featured upon his skull. It was clear he was the Captain by the clothes and boots he was wearing.
Nozomi looking at this figure, could see he clearly was dead. But for that she surprisingly was glad, for looking at him, she couldn't help but imagine he would be such a terrifying figure if he was still living...but she couldn't help but ask, “Is that really him?”
Hearing her ask this question, Ben then replied finally seeing the sight himself. He was shocked as he then uttered, “Uh huh...” Then gulping he added, “In the flesh! Well sort of except for skin organs or anything that, that resembles flesh that's not there.”
As this confirmation came from Ben, Nozomi didn't know what to think as she looked to him. However turning back her eyes to the skeleton that was there before them all, she saw Jim cautiously approaching it.
Seeing this with shock, she told him, “Jim! What're you doing!? What-!”
Quickly though the young man stopped her hurried questions with a single halting hand, as he did this he then looked to the skeleton again. As he did so, he seemed to noticed something that was being held in the skeleton's clawed left bony hand.
As he saw it, Nozomi saw it too and as she did she became curious as she asked, “Could that be?”
Then in the background behind them, Ben continued on to speak as he was trying so hard to remember, “It's so odd y'know! I, I remember there was something horrible Flint didn't want anyone else to know and I, I just can't remember what it was!”
It was then at that moment, Jim reached forwards and quickly grabbed the object he spied before. Instantly in seconds, he broke the skeleton's fingers apart and gained the item!
Shocked as she saw this, Nozomi cried out, “Jim! What've you-!”
“This might be!?” With that the Cabin Boy turned his eyes in a particular direction.
As he did this, Nozomi saw where Jim was looking. It was Ben, with his head turned the depressed robot then lamented sadly, “Ohh a mind is a terrible thing to lose!”          
Then in seconds, Nozomi realised too what the item might be! For the shape of it matched the opened port at the back of Ben's head, where his coloured wires were sticking out! Instantly in seconds she smiled as she said excitement growing, “Ben!”
Distracted out of his depressed state, Ben turned and saw the smile that was on the female keyblader's face. Seeing it he was confused as he uttered, “Huh?”
It was then Jim stepped forwards and declared with a smile of his own appearing, “I think I just found your mind!”
Puzzled as he heard this, Ben didn't understand this and uttered, “What?”
It was then Nozomi ran over to Ben and she told him, putting her hands upon his shoulders, “Just hold still Ben!” With that keeping him in place, she looked behind him and said, “Okay! Go for it Jim!”
Hearing these words and seeing her actions, Jim did a single nod smiling still and in seconds, he walked forwards and quickly he placed the object near the back of Ben's wire exposed head.  
Confused by all these actions Ben then had to say, “Hey guys! What're you both doing! What're-!”



Suddenly there was a reaction! The wires on the back of Ben's head, reached out and took the piece from Jim's hand! Then looking on from her side, Nozomi saw Ben's eyes flash with numerous blue numbers and letters... then in just a mere matter of seconds, his eyes blinked. Then as they did, the green eyes he once had, had were gone and now they were blue!
Surprised as she saw this, Nozomi looked on with widened eyes. Ben though snapping out of his brief trance, looking to the female keyblader said with a slightly calmer tone to his voice, “Hello... Nozomi? Why're you looking at me like that?”
Hearing him say this, the female keyblader then had to say in reply with slight concern, “Um? Well... I was just wondering if you were okay, Ben?”
Hearing this question being put to him, Ben then replied casually relaxed, “Oh I'm fine!” With that he then put a hand to his chin as he also added, “But y'know I was just thinking...” then after a moment, suddenly it dawned on Ben! He couldn't believe it! Becoming ecstatic he cried out, “I was just thinking! IT'S ALL COMING BACK!”
Becoming just as happy for him, Jim and Nozomi couldn't keep their smiles off their faces! Pleased, the female keyblader then asked, “Your memories, Ben?”
As this was put to him, Ben then turned and replied enthusiastically, “YEAH! RIGHT UP UNTIL FLINT PULLED OUT MY MEMORY CIRCUIT SO I COULD NEVER TELLL ANYBODY, HIS BOOBY TRAP!”
Smiling as he carried on, suddenly Jim came to a halt as he uttered alarmed, “What!?”


Suddenly from on high, something blasted with fire! Immediately turning their heads on high alert, they all saw one of the huge chimney like pipes, explode!
Ben becoming awkward as he saw this sight, then said with nervousness now beginning to overtake his excitement, “Speaking of which...”
Nozomi looking on in horror as did Jim, then saw more and more of the pipes explode! As they did so, she heard Ben continue on to say, “Flint wanted to make sure nobody could ever steal his treasure! So he rigged this whole planet to blow higher than a Calepsian kite!”
With those words said, suddenly one of the huge pipes came crashing down and plunged into the huge spanning sea of gold like a sword! In seconds as this happened, the flooring it was all upon split apart and began to leak with gold coins and jewels falling about everywhere!
It was clear now that as the lilac lasers began too, to burn into the very golden heart of this world. That though at first they'd come across a paradise of treasure, they'd now entered the worst hellish fires of chaos one could imagine!  
Chapter CCXIII: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part XXV

The silence was heavy in the air, looking on none of the pirates said a word. For looking on the young girl who'd touched the mysterious globe shaped, darkened planet changing device. Had fallen quiet with her hands held firmly upon the object, her eyes were closed shut as she stood there like a statue unmoving.
Looking at her, no-one knew what to think. However Jim looking on felt something was wrong... this was not normal! For if it was simply diffusing she'd be moving around and doing various other thing's. But none of that was happening, it was almost as if she was-
“She's almost like a zombie,” Ben commented and as he did so, he turned his eyes to his pal and asked him, “Don't ya think, Jimmy?”
Hearing the random robot say this description, Jim said nothing. However as he stated this adjective, the image of death weighed terribly on his mind as he thought of her too. As it did so, it made him want to move and go to-
However as he started to move himself, quickly he felt a strong hand come to his shoulder. Stopping him in seconds, as it did so he turned and saw that it was none other than Silver. Seeing him do this shocked, he heard the serious eyed cyborg say, “Don't do it lad!”
As this commanding tone came, Jim had no reason to listen to him. So he barked back to him, “Why should I-!”
“Otherwise from what I'm thinkin', you're gonna have an awful repeat of when ya first went to touch that forsaken machine,” Silver informed the hasty boy.
As he did this, Jim looking up to the cyborg stopped fast. As he did so, he quickly remembered the pain from the spring trap, he quickly looked down. He was aggravated by this, by his helplessness and unknowing. Gripping his fist tightly, he wanted so desperately to do something! Anything! But...
Seeing the torn look on his face, despite being his enemy. Silver could understand his feelings well. Then looking to Nozomi himself, even he couldn't help but hope inside that she would be alright as he thought of what she'd divulged to him. As he remembered what they'd discussed and what she'd suffered through, he couldn't help but think to himself, 'Lass... you'd better get over this! I don't want ya dyin' me!'      
With those silent words to himself, the rest of motley pirate crew, Jim along with Ben and himself, continued to watch on. To see what would next occur during this mysterious and ominous event...


Running fast, upon the stained glass floor that was the platform. Nozomi in her armour, gripped her transformed keyblade tightly in her hand. As she did so, she looked behind herself and saw that fast on her trail was the green female knight.
Looking at her, the female keyblader couldn't help but wonder to herself, “Just what power do you have!?” For after fighting her for a while, she hadn't exhibited any special powers whatsoever. But like her, she was fast and nimble and this, Nozomi knew she couldn't underestimate!
However at the same time she knew she couldn't hesitate! She had to make this battle end fast! For the longer this continued, Riku would suffer and her friends would be in peril. Things would be especially bad if Silver or his pirates became impatient.
So biting her lip, she decided to go on the offensive! Turning immediately back, she drew out her weapon and released her battle cry!


With that she charged and instantly the knight did the same and immediately they began to collide into each other!





Quickly falling back onto the floor of the glassy platform. She breathed in out hard, keeping herself poised and ready with her knees and hand on the floor with her blade held tightly in her free one. Her adversary had copied the same pose!
Breathing in and out hard, Nozomi then told her mad, “Being a copycat, huh?” However the knight didn't respond to her. Instead it stood becoming fully upright, with that it then aimed it's own keyblade straight at her.
Seeing this, Nozomi then couldn't help but release a small chuckle. As she did so, she got up and said, “So you can do your own moves, huh?” With that she stood upright herself.
As she did, looking to the female knight who continued to keep her blade poised at her. She then quickly pulled the keyblade back and instantly, she ran straight at Nozomi. Seeing her coming, she in turn rushed straight back at her as she said, “Well let's just see if you're strong enough to overpower mine!” With that, the wings on her feet revealed themselves and pushed her faster forward! For no matter what! She was gonna win this battle!


Meanwhile struggling to breathe against the agony of his own heart, Riku then saw shocked along with the others, that it was one person none of them had ever imagined to show their face. It was the steel winged and cold hearted adversary they knew as Hari.
As she slowly approached, Zidane and his crew were confused and so he asked, “Huh? Who's that girl? I haven't seen her around?”
Timbre hearing this question too, then said his own thoughts, “I dunno...” however as he looked on at the green eyed and long brown haired ponytailed girl, he narrowed his eyes as he admitted, “But I can tell one thing, I don't think she plays nice.”
Hearing this herself, Raiyana then said herself, “She doesn't...”
Noel standing next to her as they both continued to guard Yeul, he couldn't help but ask her, “What do you mean, Raiyana by-?”
“She was the one...” struggling as she heard this question being asked, it was then that Raiyana finally said after some thought, “She was the one who convinced me into joining Silver and his take over...”
Yeul surprised to know this, then had to ask, “She did that? She made you go against us?”
Ashamed to admit this, all Raiyana could do was nod sadly. Then as she did this, she added, “And she said that she'd teach me better on how to control my powers... so I wouldn't harm anyone or you guys...”
Shocked to hear this, Noel and Yeul looked at her with widened eyes. However listening on himself, Balthier then said turning his eyes back to the girl with serious eyes of his own, “So? She's a manipulating type of lady, huh?”
Fran hearing his comment, then replied herself, “It would appear so, to me.”
It was then saying this comment, that Hari finally came to stand on the Long Boat with them all. As she did so, she looked to all the captives with her cold green emerald coloured eyes as the heartless continued to keep them in place. Seeing her do this, no one uttered a word to her. For all of them were on high alert.
However as she looked on at them all, Balthier gazing at her felt a strange feeling about her. For looking on, there almost seemed to be something familiar about her. But what was-?
“Hari!? Suddenly though before he could try and get anymore details about her, Pete had spoken up. As he did so, looking to his accomplice, he couldn't help but ask her anxiously, “What're ya doin' here!? Ya know yer not supposed to be seen! Yer-!”
“There is no need for you to threat,” stopping Pete dead in his tracks. Hari turned her cold green eyes to look at him.
Pete hearing this, had no idea what she was planning. For her blank expression revealed nothing, but before he could enquire further. He heard her go on to say, “I can make corrections to this situation, but right now... I am here to simply fulfil an obligation that was agreed upon.”
Puzzled as he heard this, Pete then repeated, “An obligation?”
“That is correct,” She responded. With that, she turned her eyes in a particular direction. As she did so, the heartless then all moved themselves making an opening for her. As they did so, in seconds the servant to Maleficent then called out her deadly keyblade, 'The Subtle Scythe.'
In moments, seeing her bring forth the weapon, everyone was on edge! For what was she going to do!? For the direction she had the blade pointed to, was-!


Running on through the jungles of Treasure Planet, desperate to get back. Cait sith then said aloud to himself, “Hang on Riku lad! Just hang in there!” For he was going on at full speed, as he ran on all fours through the brush and thicket! For he knew his pal was in a crisis only he could fix it!
Then looking back, as he thought of Nozomi dealing with the Lachesis report along with Ben and Jim who he'd left behind. He couldn't help but say, “Lass ya better get thing's sussed out while I'm not there!” For then looking back ahead of himself, as he jumped through a particular bush he added, “Cause if ya don't, I'm gonna give ya a darn scratching yer'll never forget!”
With that he pushed himself, to run faster. To get where he was needed, as the tense situation behind continued on...



Striking hard into the knight's middle, Nozomi made a decisive blow! Doing this, she breathed in and out hard. Looking to the female green coloured knight, she saw her collapse onto her knees as she held her middle. It looked like she was on her last legs.
Seeing this herself, Nozomi continued to hold on tightly to her keyblade. As she did so, she couldn't help but think aloud agitated, “This is too easy!” For the knight still hadn't revealed any powers at all! But why though? Even when it was upon it's last ounces of strength?
However as it looked up to her with it's masked head, seemingly weakened. Nozomi knew she didn't have the time to doubt, for she wanted to have this battle finished quickly and it looked like she was gonna have her wish come true! So why doubt it!?
Thinking this, it was then that she decided to go all for it! Taking her keyblade back, she cried out, “This is it!!!” With that she charged forwards at her adversary!
Getting closer and closer, Nozomi was upon her target and then just as she took her blade back to strike. The knight though suddenly, started glowing immediately with a bright green light!
Seeing this happen, Nozomi uttered baffled, “Huh!?” But before she could say anything properly-!


Suddenly the whole world around her turned bright white! As it did so, she felt like she was falling into a blank abyss. Seeing this all around her, she felt like she was falling through nothing?! But how could this be-!? Why was-!
Then before she knew it, she saw something else! A series of white doors, came in a fast circle and made a huge ring around her! As it did so and she saw all of them, she asked herself, “These are all-!”
However she was stopped in her tracks, for then suddenly from around the ring of doors. One opened up widely! As it did so, in another second the green knight emerged from that door! As it did so, Nozomi then watched on with widened eyes, as it charged straight at her!
She had to move! But she suddenly realised she couldn't! She couldn't do-!?


She was struck straight into her middle! Then in another second finishing her blow, the knight disappeared into another one of the white doors! As it did so, she tried to turn in the air. But as she struggled to do so-!


She was struck again! Then again and again and-!

Cringing as each blow came, Nozomi wincing as she saw the knight. Thought to herself, 'Those doors! They really are-!


Suddenly the white blank abyss along with the doors vanished! As it all did so, she quickly collapsed back onto the floor of the stained glass platform. Seeing the familiar darkness and feeling the impact of her fall, Nozomi cringed and looked up finally being able to move. There she saw before her the knight, standing ready with it's keyblade aimed at her.
Annoyed as she saw this, Nozomi quickly realised what this knight's power was as she thought to herself mad, 'Those were doors of time!' For now it looked like this battle wasn't going to end so easily!
However tightening her grip on her keyblade, Nozomi knew she couldn't give up! So with that, she quickly ran forwards to engage her enemy again, for she had to hurry-!



Seeing her gasp loudly, the pirates, Silver along with Jim and Ben saw the female keyblader shudder and grit her teeth as she struggled to hold onto the globe, as fierce flickers of electric flashed against her.
Looking on at her, it was clear that Nozomi was in agony as the bolts bit into her. However looking on, Jim had to ask, “What's going on!?”
However no-one there knew and whats more there was nothing that they could do to change things. For they were all too frightened to touch her in case they got fried and also with everything being so mysterious anyway, what could they do to help anyway?  


Gasping at that moment in time, Yeul looking at Hari saw where she was aiming. It was none other, than at Raiyana! Seeing her do this, the young girl moved herself closer to her targeted friend. Worry quickly growing inside of herself, she couldn't help but say, “Raiyana...”
Hearing her utter her name, the long blue haired Nobody looked to her and then revealed a smile she tried to make reassuring. As she did this, the girl still gazed at her with terrible worry as she looked up to her.
Seeing her act had failed she looked down feeling bad, but before she could move to do more-!


Suddenly she turned back and as she did so, there she saw before her. It was none other than Hari! Her keyblade aimed straight at her! Seeing this, her eyes widened as she gazed up to her.
Looking down upon her target and seeing that she was looking straight at her, she then told her coldly, “You broke your agreement with us... Raiyana.”
Hearing her say this, though a little fearful. Raiyana though told her as strongly as she could, “Yeah I did... but for good reason!”
“A good reason?” Hari repeated as she asked. As she did this, she then continued on to say, “And what might that be?”
As this was put to her, the long blue haired girl told her, “You were just using me weren't you? You were using my fear of my power to turn me against my friends! To help you and the heartless, right?”
Listening to this question as it was put to her. Hari then replied calmly, “I certainly gave you an explanation and a choice... whether or not I was using you, is up to your own volition to decide.” Then saying that she also added, “Just as it was also your choice to go against us... and since you have...” With that she pulled her keyblade back and as she did so, she spoke of her intention to the helpless Nobody, “Your life is now forfeit!”
Seeing what she was aiming to do, Noel immediately got in the way of her blade as he told her mad, “If you wanna do that! Then you'll have to go through me!”
Raiyana seeing what her friend was trying to do for her, then said in awe, “Noel...”
However looking down at his actions, Hari then informed him coldly with her eyes narrowing, “How pitiful...”
Balthier hearing her say this and seeing her eyes narrow, then felt himself shake inside. As he did so and looked to Hari he heard her go on to say, “A strong heart trying to protect one with nothing... it is utterly illogical.”
Looking at her as she said this, Balthier felt like he was experiencing De Ja Vu! As he did, he couldn't help but gasp, saying, “You're-!”


Suddenly though he was interrupted. For then Riku suddenly cried out loudly, collapsing fully onto the floor of the Long Boat. As he did so, Hari was distracted and turned to look at him.
As he did this, Mickey looking to his pal cried out, “Riku!” However there was nothing he could do for him, to cure him of his agony since his hands were bound.    
Riku himself fighting and gasping for air, could feel something from within the depths of his heart tearing through the centre of it! Something was fighting to come to the surface! Something horrible... full of darkness!



Falling onto the floor of the stained glass platform again, Nozomi aching all over then forced herself up again. As she did so, she saw the knight was looking down at her. Seemingly completely at ease.
Annoyed by this, Nozomi the couldn't help but utter irritated, “Damn it...” for looking at her adversary, she was bitter. For every time that she got close to her, she'd evade continuously before glowing and taking her away into the blank white space. Freezing her as the attack with the doors would occur. Leaving no way for her to attack at all.
Then knowing this, she realised one thing, “She really does have the power to freeze time!” Thinking of this, she couldn't help but say, “If she can do that...” however she had to stop herself from finishing her sentence. She couldn't admit the last part... for she knew there must be, there must be a chance for her! Otherwise if there wasn't, there wasn't a chance for anyone else either!
Seeing her hesitate though, the knight then decided to make it's move! Quickly it ran to attack her with it's own keyblade! Looking at her as she did this, Nozomi then quickly evaded and jumped back making her blow miss her!
Looking at her as she did this, Nozomi then told her mad, “Just because I can't touch you doesn't mean you can touch me!” With that saying those words, the female keyblader moved her own weapon into position and cried out, “Blizzaga!”
With that the powerful ice spell went flying forwards! However as it did, immediately the knight ran straight through it! Leaving her unaffected! Seeing this shocked Nozomi cried out, “What the-!?”
But she didn't have time to chat, for quickly the knight started swinging at her again and then quickly it released it's own flood of attacking magic orbs of lights! As they came, Nozomi immediately evaded jumping and leaping out of the way! Then quickly as she turned-!


Immediately the knight struck into her keyblade as she brought it up, to bar her attack. Looking at her as she gritted her teeth, Nozomi then couldn't help but utter mad, “You cheater! My magic doesn't work on you, yet you try and hit me with your own!”
However the knight said nothing, instead it pushed harder trying to surpass her strengthened keyblade! Seeing this, Nozomi then angered moved and tried to attack her foe! Swinging her blade, she made the knight draw back and then as she did. The female keyblader, aimed again and cried out loudly, “Firaga!”


Quickly in seconds, the blast struck the knight in seconds! As it did so, a huge ball of smoke engulfed her target, blinding her! But then as the smoke cleared away-!

“I've got ya now!!!”

With that turning, the knight then saw Nozomi quickly coming in her direction from above! Her blade drawn back to attack! Seeing this, it immediately acted and drew back!
Instantly, Nozomi then saw that it had evaded her blow, as she struck into the floor! Seeing this she was agitated as she turned! “You really are a cheater!” She told it mad!
Taking her blade back, she then uttered annoyed to herself, “My magic doesn't work on her! She cheat's with her time magic and I can't even-!” However she then realised something. Every time she'd tried to attack with her blade, the knight-!
She had to test this theory out! So quickly running forwards, she tried to swipe her over and over again! However each and every time the knight moved out of the way! But then turning with her right hand exposed, Nozomi cried out, “Thundaga!”


The lightning spell struck into the knight! However again it was unaffected! This proved it, physical blows were the key! Also this  meant in all of the time they'd been fighting. She hadn't healed herself not once! Realising this, she looked to her and said, “So I guess all that power comes with a price, huh?”
Then as Nozomi voiced her thoughts, the knight brought up it's blade with both hands! As it did so, quickly it's whole body began to shine and glow with green light again! Seeing this, Nozomi knew in seconds what was coming! It was gonna perform it's time magic again!
Annoyed at this, Nozomi though couldn't help but be humoured as she said, “Looks like I made you mad again, huh?”
The knight didn't answer her and instead it went to engage her with another assault! Nozomi jumping up into the air, making her evasion knew she had to do something and fast before the next time freeze. But the thing was, what could she do for idea's!? Every time before had nearly been done on impulse with some brief thinking... but this time she had to be a little more clever!
Looking about herself she uttered mad, “Inspiration! I need some inspiration to-!” Then quickly she stopped in her tracks, for looking to her armour. She saw it's glimmer in the light and as she did so, she looked to the orbs that she was travelling upon with her wings as she ran in the air. As she did so.... it was then it came!
Becoming pleased in seconds, she uttered to herself, “Inspiration! You gotta love it!” With that quickly as her idea came to her, she decided quickly to go and act upon it, before it was time for the doors!


As Riku cried out in pain, Hari turned her green eyes in his direction. As she did so, she then lowered her keyblade and quietly began to walk in his direction. Doing this, she kept a steady gaze on him as he continued to try hold himself together against the pain.
Looking on as she saw Hari approach Riku and Mickey, Amelia was frustrated beyond all reason! If only she could move and do something, then maybe she could-!

“Oh it's hopeless!”

Turning her eyes in the direction where she had heard the voice, it was then that Amelia saw that it was none other than Delbert speaking. He looked down and distraught, it was clear that he was feeling torn about the situation as well.
Looking at him, Amelia remained silent as she heard him go on to say, “We can't do anything here... and I?”
Hearing him say this, it was then Amelia spoke to him and asked, “And you what, Doctor?”
As this question came to him, it was then the doggy featured man replied regretfully, “I've been of no help to any of you! All of you with your incredible and impressive skills... and I, I'm just-!” He couldn't bear though to finish. For the terrible reality was beginning to get to him.
Listening to his pity, Amelia then told him as firmly and gently as she could, “Don't be daft, you've been very helpful.” Then looking to him, she added with a sincere smile on her face, “Truly.”
But it was clear that these words, were not helping him... for then he proclaimed, “I feel like such a useless, weakling!” With that he put his head in his hands!
Timbre looking on to see Hari, finally arriving over to Riku. Gritted his teeth, for what was that girl going to do!? What was she-? However he stopped, for then turning as he felt Delbert move, he saw with amazement something he thought he'd never see! As he did so, he whispered urgently, “Psst! Doc! Hey! Doc!”  
Hearing his voice, Delbert though didn't want to be reminded of his inadequacies and so uttered shooing the pink cat boy away, “Oh! Not now Timbre! I-!”
“Look!” Saying this with irritation beginning to sound in his voice, he told the dismal doctor whispering bitterly, “Haven't you noticed something about yourself!?”
Turning to look himself, Zidane was wondering what his pal was talking about. But then he saw it too, as he did he became wide eyed. Delbert seeing this reaction himself was puzzled, however he quickly saw what it was that he'd seen as he looked down and became amazed too.
For there he saw his wrists were so narrow that they'd come out of the ropes! Seeing this, he asked himself, “I have abnormally thin wrists?”
Seeing this, it was then Delbert looking to his amazed comrades and then to Amelia who looked just as impressed, but quickly looking to the side he noticed one particular item. He came up with a plan! Putting his hands behind his back, he had a rather dignified expression as he said aloud, “Excuse me, hey! You!”
Meanwhile the person Delbert was trying to get the attention of, was busy watching Hari looking at Riku. Looking at his accomplice, Pete couldn't help but wonder to himself. What was Hari going to do to him? Was she gonna cut him down there and then, for if she did he knew that Maleficent would only be too-

“Excuse me! You! The one controlling the heartless?”

It was then that Pete's attention was gained, looking back perplexed he asked, “You talkin' about me there chump?”
Seeing that finally he got his captor's attention, Delbert then informed him politely, “Why yes! Now I just wanted to ask you this.”
Looking at him, not getting this attitude change. Pete then asked him, “What do ya wanna ask?”
With that hearing him, Delbert informed him, “Oh it's only this... is it that your body is too massive for your teeny tiny head?”
“Huh?” Pete asked appalled.
Then seeing this reaction from him, Delbert asked further, “Or is it that your head, is too teeny tiny for your big fat body!?”
Pete hearing this, then realised what he was saying! Angered he stomped straight on over and taking back one of his massive fists, he told the wise cracking doctor, “Them's fightin' words!” With that he took him up by the scruff of his neck!
Worried for him, immediately Amelia called out, “Doctor!?”
Ignoring her protest though he informed Delbert, “Ya better be ready to put yer money where ya mouth is, ya punk!”
Delbert nodding to these threats as he was continuing to be hoisted, he replied, “Oh yes, yes but of course I'm sure you will...” however there was one thing left he had yet to inform Pete of, “But I just have one last question I need answering!”
“What!?” Pete spat back, ready to knock him down!
“Is this yours?” Delbert asked him, for there in his free left hand was the pistol that Pete himself had received from Silver.
Seeing it, the colour drained from the overweight villain's face in seconds. He'd once again bungled! He'd left the thing lying on the bench!
Timbre though was quickly pleased, as was Zidane. Looking at him, the cat boy couldn't help but comment saying, “Now that's what you call mad skills!” For now thing's were beginning to take a good turn for them!


Running hard and fast, Nozomi was chasing the green coloured knight anywhere and everywhere across the stained glass platform. She was fast and nimble as ever and no matter what she did, she couldn't land a blow against her! In the meantime, the knight's time freeze power was growing more and more by the second!
Gritting teeth, she knew one thing. She had to act soon and fast! Looking to her free left hand, she asked herself, “I hope this is enough! If it isn't then-!”


She didn't have time to ask a single other question. For then the time magic was beginning to start! The knight was about to unleash her power! Seeing this, Nozomi braced herself!


In seconds, the time stopping power was unleashed! Then as it was, quickly in moments the whole world around her became blank white! Leaving nothing and in seconds, the ring of doors emerged around surrounding and trapping her in it's centre!
Immediately the female keyblader felt her body freeze in mid air, she couldn't move a muscle! Gritting her teeth mad as she felt this, she though repeated in her head, 'Keep calm! Keep calm! Wait for her! Wait-!'
Then as she thought these words, it was then suddenly from one of the doors. Quickly the knight emerged as she swung it open! As she did so, she dived forwards, her blade poised and ready to pierce straight into Nozomi!
Seeing her coming, the frozen keyblader was anticipating this! However whispering to herself, she told herself, “Not yet! Not yet!”  
The knight though paid no heed to her ramblings! For it was upon her! It was going to-!


Suddenly the knight was cut off! For then, Nozomi pulling her left hand hard made something come flying in her direction! They were missiles! The knight quickly stopped it's attack and flew back out of harm's way from this surprise assault!
As it did so, in seconds the missiles that came were revealed to be glowing orbs of light! However as they came they didn't stop or even round up to come after the knight! Instead, they charged straight for Nozomi!
Feeling them come, the keyblader then immediately acted and spun herself in the air! As she did so, in seconds she was covered from head to toe in strings of her 'Shimmering Sewing' technique. She was wrapped up like a cocoon and in seconds as she did this, the orbs all stuck to her fast!
Looking on, the knight then saw the cocooned keyblader shine brightly with light. It was clear that the attacker was baffled by this show! For what was-!?


Suddenly though in seconds, the cocoon of threads burst open! As it did so, there suddenly emerged the female keyblader! However her body was now covered in a shining light and her armour was metallic silver all over and it reflected the whiteness that was all around her.
Nozomi looking up in her transformed state then cried out, “Here I come!” With that, her wings emerged from her feet. Making her take off into the air!
The knight seeing this, then realised that she was no longer made immobile by her time magic! Realising this, it though knew there was one other thing it could do! Quickly moving it darted in and around her fast blows and started to head straight for one of the white doors of time!
Seeing her target trying to escape her, Nozomi though wasn't going to let her escape and cried out, “Oh no you don't!” With that she chased straight after her!
The knight sensing her coming, raced through the air! Then in seconds, it quickly escaped into one of it's doors. Making it slam shut straight behind her!
Seeing this, with aggravation Nozomi bit her lip as she uttered mad, “Darn you!” Then looking around herself, she tried to guess quickly where her adversary was coming from as she looked from door to door!
Suddenly though, she saw that all of the doors were beginning to glow and shine with light! Seeing this, Nozomi then realised quickly, “So she's going all out, huh?” With that gripping her keyblade, she then declared, “Well two can play at that game!”
With that raising her keyblade into the air she cried out, “Haste!” In seconds, the speed enhancing spell covered her entire body! Doing this and gripping her blade, she then said, “Let's do it!” With those words, she raced forwards!
Running around and around, she raced in a dizzying circle along all the doors at top notch speed! As she did so, her whole body glowed brightly with light! She was practically burning as she went!
As she did so, the doors too glowed brighter and brighter too! Then in seconds as it they did so-!


Suddenly the doors all around, opened up in seconds! Then from each and everyone countless numbers of green knight's came rushing out of them!
However as they took out their blades and aimed, in the seconds they were approaching. They were all being dispatched and turned to dust! For Nozomi in her transformed state was slicing into each and every one of them as they came speeding forwards!
Feeling her power grow and grow, as she sliced through each and every one of the knight's as they tried to cut into her with their own keyblades. She then felt her new ability's climax come and as it did, her whole body glittered and shone with light!
The remaining knight's seeing this, then all at once all dived in simultaneously to finish her off! However they were too slow! For quickly just as they were merely meter's and some within inches of making physical contact with her, Nozomi opened her eyes and shouted out to the world around her!


In seconds, Nozomi shining charged forwards like lighting! As she did so, she cut into each and every one of them and the one's she missed all quickly were eradicated by the light that was shining from her body!
The green knight seeing all her doppelgängers all vanish around her, saw there was no escape route there for her anymore either! For the doors too like her knight's were all being crushed and seeing this, she turned and saw-!


There was no time for her to register anything! For then Nozomi swooping in, immediately attacked! Striking the knight over and over in a fast lighting shower of blows. She was helpless and couldn't fight back at all!
Nozomi striking over and over again, quickly she felt the world around her change! As the blank white world she was in faded away, she smashed through it and landed into the dark pillar world she'd been in before! As she did so, she cried out mad, “I will never ever!” With that, getting underneath the knight's with her keyblade aimed straight at her back, she told it angered, “LET YOU HURT HIM AGAIN!!!!”
With that she felt her final finishing move come and in seconds she shouted out, “BLOSSOMING PRISM OF LIGHT!!!”
In seconds Nozomi's foe was swallowed by a diamond of light and quickly within it's centre it was struck over and over by countless beams of light! Then finally reaching it's peak of power, a mighty beam of light shot forth and sent the knight flying high into the darkened sky, from blossoming pink petals of power.
With that breathing hard, in and out, Nozomi rested her keyblade down beside her and merely moments after she had done that. The knight she'd sent flying came crashing down. As it did so, it landed in a heap on the floor. Seeing this happen, Nozomi saw it violently shake and tremble... as it did so, she'd experienced this before and was prepared for it to-
However she was surprised for unlike the other knights, this one shaking violently as it lay had turned over and was reaching a hand out to her, in a desperate manner as it looked at her. Seeing this with widened eyes, Nozomi couldn't help but ask, “What're-!?”
But the hand hand that trembled and shook as it reached out to her, ceased doing this. For then quickly, it fully collapsed and the pieces of armour all scattered into separate pieces. Leaving no signs for life.
But the hand that had reached out to the female keyblader was laid out, pointing in her direction... as it did so, she forgot her rage. Instead, she couldn't help but look on sadly at this sight... then averting her eyes to the side. She felt a familiar white light engulf everything... for finally the battles against the knights had come to an end...





As the shouts of war rung out, the knight chasers of all the worlds had all gathered upon the great barren battlefields. All of them, filled with absolute rage and greed, were cutting into each other with their keyblades. All of them determined to find the ultimate treasures, the mythical fragments and to make those powers their own, they were prepared no matter to lay waste to those they lay hidden within.
Gazing down upon the battle as it continued, Xehanort couldn't help but grin mockingly at the unfolding chaos. As he did so, he couldn't help but comment, “What utter fools... they're wiping themselves out, without the threat of any outside force whatsoever...” then narrowing his eyes, he couldn't help but add, “You're all performing my work for me.”
With those words, it was then that one particular black knight, wiped out a whole ring of his opponents in one foul swoop. As he did so, he then yelled out loudly. It was almost bestial, like a wolf and then ravaging like one, he turned and stabbed another knight that was coming straight for him!
Seeing this, Xehanort simply smiled all the more. As he did so, he then said, “Just implant a little fear and suspicion into one's heart... and the floods of terror will come and sweep everything away!” With those words, the black knight continued his rampage and he continued to destroy enemy after enemy that came.
But quickly there came one knight, who was running in the rampaging one's direction. Dressed in green, she reached out to try and stop him attacking. However, turning as he heard the call, the red knight then struck the coming female without even looking back.
However there seemed to be a still of silence, there was clearly a ring of shock that had broken out below. As it did so, the black knight seeing what he had done, shook in terror and in turn, the green female knight he'd cut into collapsed, into a lifeless heap upon the ground.
Seeing this the black knight, took her into his arms. As he did so, it was clear that as he held the female green knight close to him. He was shuddering and shaking as he held her tight, it wasn't hard to imagine that he must be crying, horrified and filled with guilt at what he had done.
Xehanort looking down at this sad sight, could see that through this one single brutal act. The other knight's were beginning to become affected as they stilled in their attacks to look at the saddening sight. The flood of rage and suspicion was beginning to ebb away.
Realising this, it was then that Xehanort decided on a further course of action, “So... it seems the tide of hostility is beginning to still, I will have to make it stir a new then!” With that he snapped his fingers. Instantly as he did this-!


Suddenly from the skies above came a terrifying and fearsome, a dark heartless like dragon! A ring of gold was around it's neck and manacles were tied to it's ankles, it's entire body was covered in jade black scales and along it's back was a white line that sprouted spikes of gold that all ran down to the end of it's tail.
Looking on the knight's were all shocked! For then as the creature landed, making dust and stone, fly and fall everywhere. It looked upon all it's prey with red eyes, it's mouth opening wide revealed lavender coloured flames.
The knight's all seeing this fearsome sight, were terrified but before they could move! Instantly all of them were being incinerated by the dragon! None of them could withstand the flames, even with the strength of their enduring and formidable armour.
Even those who proceeded to attack the beast were not able to make a mark, for just as soon as they got close. They were swiped away by the monsters claws and long whip like tail! None of them stood a chance against it's power!
The black knight seeing this, didn't even bother to try and fight. Instead holding close the body of the green knight, he bowed his head... as he welcomed his doomed fate as the lavender flames came to incinerate him and his beloved one...
Satisfied to see all this death and chaos below him, Xehanort grinned menacingly. Now the last of his interfering pawns would be out of the way... and with the sacrifice of their hearts, he would soon gain his ultimate prize... Kingdom Hearts.
However just as he felt this gratification-!


Suddenly from on high, a new knight entered the fray. Glowing with orange light all over his body, Xehanort recognised this warrior, it was none other than Terra. Gazing at him, the man of darkness saw the knight cut into the dragon with seemingly no difficulty whatsoever.


The monster roaring in agony at this blow, it turned and tried to cut into Terra. But it was of no use, the mysterious power that coated his body, made him indestructible and the dragon's blows made no dent on him as he cut into the monster over and over.
Looking on, it was clear this battle against the dragon would not last long. Xehanort, himself silent with a serious glare in his eyes asked, “So? He's using the power of the First is he?” Then with a grin coming to his face again, he couldn't help but say, “How quaint and thoughtful... bringing me what I've been searching for all along.”
Delighted at this prospect, he then uttered, “Now, let us see how this final scene shall play out....” with that he waited for the end of the battle to come. For then, he was sure that he would finally gain, all he was searching for and finally the ultimate power he desired...


Hari looking down at her enemy, with her cold eyes. Saw the painful distress that Riku was going through and it was evident there was no care in her eyes for his plight. For he was collapsed on the floor and breathing in and out hard, his brow wet with struggling sweat.
Seeing this, she then turned her eyes to Mickey and as she did, she requested of him, “What is his condition? Why is he collapsed like that?”
Hearing her ask, Mickey not liking the sight of her. Though had to confess his honest thoughts, “ I dunno, he's just-!”

“Ha, ha, ha...”

As this sound of laughter came, instantly everyone listening in was stilled. Looking on herself, Hari had an air of intrigue around her, for Riku then upon the floor was shifting with chuckles.
As he did so, not understanding this change in demeanour, Hari then requested him, “What is that you are finding so humorous?”
Hearing her ask, it was then Riku turned his eyes to look to her. However as he did so, there was a malicious glint his eyes, as he grinned to her menacingly. Seeing this expression, Hari's own eyes widened ever so slightly. As they did so, she heard him say, “You... I would never have expected the Fourth to enter a little girl like you...”
Mickey hearing his fellow keyblader say this, could sense there was something horribly wrong with him. As he asked, “Riku what're ya-?”
“You're every inch, her spitting image... aren't you? Just to be expected of her child.” Riku stated as Hari stared at him grinning away.
Hari herself silent, then expressed a more serious deadly air about her. As she did so, she pointed her keyblade to him and asked, “So... it's you isn't it?”
Seeing the girl lift her keyblade up and pointing it at Riku. No-one understood anything that was going on!? For what was-!
“You are...” Hari then began to speak again as she pulled her blade back, ready to strike Riku right there and then. But before she could move to deal the final blow-!

“Not so fast there!”

Turning as she heard this call, Hari then spied the sight that was behind her. There she saw that Pete was being held at laser gun point by Delbert, as it was aimed to the side of his head. His arms were up and there before him barring him from his accomplice, it was none other than Timbre, Zidane and Amelia who'd been freed.
Looking at them all like this, Balthier, Fran, Noel and Yeul couldn't be more glad as Raiyana cried out in amazement, “Everyone!?”
Seeing the sight that was before her though, Hari was silent as she gazed on coldly.
Looking at her, Pete dreading and fearful of this situation called out to her, “Hari! Don't ya be gettin'-!”
However he quickly felt a jab in his head, as he did he heard Delbert tell him, “Uh uh! No! I will not have you conversing with that automobile, atomos....” then frustrated with his vocabulary, the doctor finally got to his sought after word as he said, “Atrocious, attacker... otherwise you know what I might do, don't you?”
Annoyed as he heard this, Pete bit his lip growling with frustration. For once again he'd made a mess of things...  



Suddenly amazed, everyone then saw something happen! For there in the still girl's hands as she touched the globed device, something began to glow and shine!
As it did so, Ben couldn't help but comment saying, “Whoa! Look at that light show! Just what is-!”


Immediately though the robot was given no time to continue. For then quickly emerging from the globe from a huge cloud of static electricity, was a black cube! As it glittered from the power source, it came into the girl's hands and as it did so, she fell to the floor unconscious.
Seeing this, quickly Jim cried out, “Nozomi!?” Immediately he ran to her side! As he did so, quickly Ben followed suite looking on with anxiety as he saw Jim take her into his arms as he bent down. Looking to her anxiously he cried out to her, “Nozomi! Hey! Nozomi!”
But Silver looking on, saw there was no response... becoming concerned inside about this. He moved himself forwards and stood before the group. Looking down, he saw that she was unconscious, but breathing as he saw her chest move and up and down.
Realising this, he felt a degree of relief. But then he heard behind-!

“Hey! That girlie disarm that thing or not!?”

“Treasure! We want treasure!”


As these shouts rang out, even Silver himself couldn't hold back his greed. So going to the clear green globe, he finally pressed the visible Treasure Planet icon. As he did so, a certain door was revealed to all the pirates, as the world changing triangle door performed it's function. All of them became wide eyed with fascination, all began to walk over slowly and gradually to the opening...
Seeing them go, Ben had to ask, “Hey! Hey Jimmy! I think those guys are gonna get the treasure! Don't ya think you should-!”
“That can wait!” Jim cried out, as he did so he then added looking to Nozomi with terrible concern and worry, “There are more important things to worry about now...”
Hearing this, Ben was quiet. However looking on, it was clear to him that Jim had it bad for Nozomi. Even though she-!


Suddenly the black cube she'd been holding transformed and folded over and over on it's self before it became a series of written sheets. Seeing this, Jim puzzled asked, “Huh? What're-!?”
But this wasn't the end of it, suddenly from within the pages. A single light glowed and emerged from the pages, then as it did so. It quickly flew to Nozomi's right shoulder and as it did so, quickly something glistened and formed!
It was an armlet, that glistened with silver lines. It was a winged motif one with an a jewel that looked almost like an amethyst in it's centre. The jewel shone mysteriously in the light, showing it was brimming with some kind of power.
Seeing this, Ben looking on commented, “Whoa! Fancy accessory!” However he couldn't help but ask, “But what is it?”
Hearing him ask, Jim then replied, “I dunno...” however looking to the mysterious object that was now attached fast onto Nozomi, as she continued to slumber. He could sense this item was powerful... but also there was something treacherous about it as well...
KHF: Chapter 213
The final Lachesis report has been attained lady's and gents! We are ever closer to the end! ^^
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
It was late in the night and quickly changing the gears and then pressing down on the brake, Ayaka manoeuvred the car into place and declared aloud, “And we're here, Yui-chan!”
For there before them, was the Sakamaki mansion. The gates surprisingly on their approach had opened up and now all of them were parked next to the fountain, before the grand doors of the luxurious building.
Yui dressed in a airy white flower patterned shirt and blue jeans, looked up to the tall ominous mansion feeling terribly apprehensive, she was shivering inside. However trying hard to retain her composure and not reveal her fear, she replied with a forced smile, “Oh? Yes... we are?”
Miya was dressed in her grey top, with a black jacket over it along with a pair of grey jeans herself. She looked at the building with her hand to her chin with irritation, then she uttered sarcastically bitter as she turned her face away from it covering her mouth, “Oh I'm so, so pleased to be here!”
Curious as he looked to his sister, Haruki hadn't heard her words clearly and cocked his head to the side as he stared at her.
Michi unaware of her niece’s retort, stretched herself against the back of her chair. As she did so, she then sighed as she said, “Man that journey wears! But well, all good thing's have to come to a close at some point, huh?” Then saying that, she turned her blue eyes back to look behind her.
As she did this, her gaze settled on Yui who was continuing to look down to the floor of the car sadly. As she looked this way, the caring aunt decided to try and cheer her up saying, “Oh don't be so glum, Yui-chan! This goodbye isn't gonna be forever you know!”
Hearing her sister in law, giving encouragement to their guest. Ayaka decided to pitch in too, looking to the saddened blonde girl, she told her, “Exactly! You'll have another vacation time real soon with my Miya! Just you wait and see!”
As these words were being given to her, Yui still feeling the chills of her fear managed to utter out to the complimenting mother and aunt, “Yes I know... thank you, Michi-san, Ayaka-san.”
With those words said, neither woman could ignore the reluctance that was in their guest's voice. But then knowing the fun times Yui had, had with them it was probably only natural her reaction was sad. However not wanting thing's to end dismally, Ayaka then spoke up saying, “Okay, well we better go and get your luggage honey, we can't keep you in the car all night!”
Miya hearing this, then couldn't help but comment, “That would be the better option.”
Michi opening her door, stopped and looking to her niece as she wondered what made her say that? However without paying it a second thought or saying another word, everyone in the car exited it as they went to go and fetch what was needed from the trunk.
As the mother and aunt fetched the item's, Yui stood next to Miya and together the two of them gazed at the tall doors of the Sakamaki mansion. There was silence in the night air and a tense uneasy atmosphere all around, which the two of them could sense... it was chilling to feel.
Yui looking at the doors, felt horribly nervous and anxious. For she hadn't returned back when she'd been requested to and that could only mean one thing... the brothers would be horribly furious. Then thinking about it, she couldn't help but wonder. What would they do? Were they just going to hurt her? Or were they going to-?


Startled out of her worried thoughts, the worried girl felt Miya's warm hand clasp around her trembling right hand. As she did so, looking up in her direction she heard her friend say to her, with a serious calm in her eyes, “It'll be okay, Yui-ko... don't worry.”
Hearing her say these words, Yui was far from not being anxious. But she felt a small ounce of reassurance from her friend's touch and in reply, she simply made a single nod with her head, as she squeezed her hand gently back.
Seeing and feeling her do this, Miya couldn't blame her for being that way... she knew she was responsible for this situation. The guilt of that was weighing heavily on her now, so the least she could do was try and patch things up. If she could?
With those thoughts in her mind, she walked forwards with Yui following behind her. As the two of them moved forward, Yui felt her heart race faster and faster in fear as they approached the doors. For what would be waiting for her beyond that door? What would-?
It was then the two of them came to stand in front of the entrance. Yui's heart was practically hammering inside of her now, she could barely stand it! Her fear was apparent as her hand trembled holding onto her friend.
Feeling her do this, Miya looking in her direction decided to ask her before she acted, “Do you really wanna do this, Yui-ko?”
As this question was put to her, Yui obviously frightened... knew that she couldn't avoid the inevitable. So she said cautiously, “Yes... I have to, I can't avoid”
Hearing her say this, Miya feeling her pangs of guilt pierce deeper inside of herself. Was obviously uncomfortable about what she was about to do. But like her friend the circumstances made this event unavoidable, so wanting to take responsibility and somehow do even a little bit of protecting, she moved her free hand and clenched it, hitting the door hard as she knocked.


There was nothing but silence in response, Yui and Miya looking to the door didn't know what was going on? Were the brothers even there? Were they gone or-?


Suddenly making her jump, Yui instantly hid herself behind Miya who looked on with a sour expression to the door, as she took a slight step back herself. As she did this, it was then the door was fully opened and there within the opened doorway, it was revealed to be none other than the rule enforcer of the mansion, Reiji.
Looking on, Yui was terribly nervous as she saw him. Looking on the dark haired and spectacled young man, seemed to be calm and collected, however his light red eyes revealed a critical anger that was being held back by his steel like composure. But a slight echo of it flowed through as he spoke to his tardy prey, “You think of this as the next night?”
Yui hearing him say this shivered, while Miya herself looking at him didn't have a clue what he meant, so replied, “Huh? What're you babbling about four eyes?”
Reiji himself hearing the verminous girl speak to him, turned his eyes in her direction. He was irritated beyond all measure to see her, but before he could move to speak-

“Here you go! Yui-chan!”

It was then turning, that the startled blonde haired girl saw that walking over it was none other than Ayaka, carrying a couple of bags in one hand along with holding Haruki by her other free one. As she did so, she smiled as she placed the bags down by her side as she told her, “Your bags! All neat and accounted for.”
Hearing her say this, Yui forgetting her fear and then thinking of the dangerous situation that the mother and son were blissfully unaware of, replied feeling nervously awkward, “Oh um? Thank you Ayaka-san.”
Nodding, the mother pleased was only too glad to help. However her attention was quickly drawn then to Reiji who looked back to the older woman, obviously displeased by having to meet another of the pieces of vermin who'd stolen their prey.
Ayaka though staring on at the young man, became wide eyed! Instantly then she turned to her daughter and asked her excitedly shaking her shoulder, “Miya! Honey! Who's this sophisticated hunk!?”
Appalled as she heard this, the heterochromia eyed girl had to roll her eyes as she told her mother, “Geez mom! Can you be anymore blunt...” then with a sigh, she decided to inform her apathetically, “This guy is Sakamaki Reiji, the so-called master of the house.”
Hearing this, with obvious keen interest she uttered, “Reiji-san, huh?” With that she turned her sea green eyes back to look to him.
Reiji himself though, didn't bother to make a reply at all. Instead he simply continued to stare on at her with that still as ever critical gaze.
Seeing him do this, Ayaka was only further thrilled as she commented, “Oh! So he's the cool stoic type! Lovely!” Then turning to her daughter again she told her, “You oughta get his number honey! I would totally let you take him home for dinner!”
Hearing her say this, Miya couldn't believe her! Then further appalled she decided to tell her, “Mom! Quit talking! I don't wanna hear another dumb word out of you!”
As her daughter complained like this to her, Ayaka then asked her delighting in this moment, “Oh am I embarrassing you, sweetheart?”
Further annoyed, the heterochromia eyed girl looking at her mother then informed her, “No! You're irritating me! Now shut up!”
Blinking as she heard this, Ayaka herself could see perhaps she'd stepped over the limit. However deciding not to take this comment to heart, she replied, “Okay! Okay! Honey, your wish is my command...” but she decided to inform her, “Though you know you shouldn't be using such rough words with you own mother, don't you?”
Listening to this, Miya then retorted, “You barley qualify as my mother! Now quit trying to act like a charmer! You're failing miserably!”
Ayaka hearing this felt like her heart had been stabbed! Her own daughter really knew how to strike deeply where it hurt...
Reiji hearing this commentary couldn't help but say, not changing his cool expression, “You're still as uncouth as ever, so I must concur with Ayaka-san on this point about you, Miya-san.”  
Miya then hearing him say this, replied straight back to him angered, “Get lost! Nobody asked your opinion!”
Ayaka hearing this herself though from Reiji, wasn't expecting any back up. But having it, she couldn't help but smile again enthusiastically recovering from the wounding insult. So she said, “Oh now that's what I call a gentleman!” She decided then she liked Reiji more already.
However turning back to the matter that was at hand, she decided to say as the night was drawing on, “Well anyway, you take care Yui sweetie okay? We'll be looking forward to seeing you again!”
Hearing her friend's mother say this to her, Yui herself momentarily forgetting her fear after the banter she'd just experienced. Then nodded to Ayaka and replied to her, “Okay, thank you, Ayaka-san... I'll be looking forward to seeing you too.”
Nodding, Ayaka smiled further pleased. However Haruki still being held in her other hand, looked to their guest and asked her, “Yui-chan?”
As she heard his small voice, Yui looking to him then asked looking to him, “Yes, Haruki-chan?”
With that hearing her, the small spectacled red haired boy though feeling his shyness come over him again. Then decided to tell her reaching his right hand out to her, “It was fun being with you... do you think we could go rock pooling again sometime?”
Hearing this request from the young boy, Yui felt her heart warm at this request as she remembered the time they'd spent on the beach. As she did so, she smiled and told him as she knelt and took his right hand in her own, “Of course, I'd love to! We'll find some more really wonderful thing's next time, right?”
Feeling her warmth upon his hand, Haruki nodded happily. Then looking to Yui, he decided to give her something else before he left, so quickly letting go of his mother's hand he wrapped his small arms around Yui and gave her a hug. Making his silent goodbye.
Surprised at first as she felt this, Yui though smiled and quickly gave him a small squeeze back. Miya herself seeing her little brother do this, couldn't help but say feeling affection bubble up from within, “Aww! Haruki-chan! You're too cute for words here! You're a little lady's man in the making!”
As he heard these words, the small boy laughed. For his big sister really said some strange thing's sometimes. Even Yui herself laughed as she heard this.
Reiji though seeing this interaction didn't feel moved by any of this affection. Instead it bored him, but as a civil and dignified gentleman it wasn't his place to-

“Oi! Reiji!”

Hearing this other familiar voice, the dark haired spectacled young man turned his gaze back as he saw who it was that was approaching. It was none other than Ayato who said, “What're you doing?! You're supposed to be helping me to find-!”
It was then coming to the door, that the green eyed and reddish brown haired vampire, saw that upon the stone steps to the mansion. It was none other than, “Chichinashi!?”
Startled as she saw him coming over, Yui seeing him then uttered becoming slightly nervous, “Ayato-kun?”
Seeing her there before him, after all this time. Ayato could hardly believe it! He didn't know what to do or say?! But then looking on, he finally noticed what his prey was doing as he saw her hugging Haruki. As he realised this, he became outraged as he walked out and cried out, “Hey!”
The small innocent boy hearing and seeing Ayato approach was confused as he uttered, “Huh?”
Unconcerned though by this, he then said mad, “Get away from Chichinashi! She's-!”
It was then quickly barring his path, to her little brother and gentle friend, Miya had her hand and arm held out as she told him mad, “Back off, you brat!”
Seeing who was there stopping him, Ayato then seeing Miya then uttered mad as he saw her defying him, “You bitch!”
Hearing these words and seeing the angered look that was on this newcomer's face, Ayaka realised thing's were getting a little too intense there! So quickly she decided it was time to act, so she spoke, “Okay, I think we better get going now.” With that looking to her son, she told him, “C'mon, Haruki sweetie it's time.”
As he heard his mother say this though, the small boy was still confused and tried to get some answers as he said, “But-?”
“It's alright, Haruki-chan!” It was then turning around, the small child saw it was Yui speaking to him. As he did, he heard her say to him gently, “I'll see you again soon, okay? You just take care of yourself and go with your mommy, alright?”
Seeing Yui say this to him with a gentle slightly forced smile on her face, the small boy then nodded to her though with a little concern. As he did so, he told her, “Okay, I will... you take care too, Yui-chan.”
“I will,” the gentle blonde haired girl said. Then with that, she removed her arms from around Haruki and in turn Ayaka nodded to her with a small smile before she quickly took him, leading him back to the car.
As the two of them walked though, Ayaka looking back to her daughter then called out, “Miya! Don't you take too long and cause any trouble now! Otherwise-!”
“Yeah I know! I know! It'll cost me my bike! You don't need to remind me!” The heterochromia eyed girl replied as she continued to stare on hard at Ayato. As she did so and she saw him scowl, she knew she couldn't wait around for too long, otherwise thing's probably would become violent. So she decided to add, to put her mother at ease, “I'll be with you guys in a second!”
With that relieved to know her daughter knew, Ayaka then sighed and with that she left with her son as she went to go and place him back in the car, which Michi was keeping warm for them.
Yui now left with just her friend and two of the brothers, didn't know what to do or say at all! However she knew thing's wouldn't end well at this rate! They wouldn't-!


Called out of her thoughts, the blonde haired girl saw that Ayato had his green eyes fixed upon her as he said, “You have a lot of nerve! Leaving yours truly stranded like this! You even go off embracing other guys to-!”
“You shut the fuck up right now!” Miya demanded angrily! Then as she did this, instantly Ayato looking at her, then heard her go on to say, “You don't have any right to put Yui-ko through the ringer! I'm the one who took her! And since she's only just got back and recovered from her condition! I'm not gonna have you spout off your crap!”
Yui hearing Miya say this, though she was glad that she was sticking up got her. She couldn't let thing's get out of control! For she could sense they were about to as Miya then continued on to say, “Cause if you utter just one more word! I'll-!”
“Miya-chan! Stop now!” Immediately halting her in her tracks, the heterochromia eyed girl turned to look at Yui with widened eyes as she had quickly taken her hand. Seeing that she'd got her friend's attention, the gentle blonde haired girl continued on to say as she tightened her hand around hers, “That's enough... please don't do this!”
Surprised by this, Miya then looking to the desperateness that was in Yui's eyes then uttered, “Yui-ko...”
Seeing that his prey was trying to calm the situation, Reiji then spoke too, “I must agree with Yui's wishes right now, it would be entirely uncivil to initiate a bout here... especially concerning the fact that there is a small chid and other women present.” With that saying that, he saw Miya looking to him and as she did so, he decided to add, “You don't want to be considered as a savage beast along with being an uncouth woman do you?”
Hearing him say this, Miya felt her irritation flare up again! She just wanted to-!
However quickly again, she felt Yui squeeze her hand as she shook her head. Once again seeing the desperate light that was in her friend's pink eyes, the heterochromia eyed girl knew she had to hold herself back. But it was clear she was reluctant as she uttered, “No...”  
Seeing that some sort of calm and control was being attained, Reiji then said, “Good then, now I believe we should retire, the next school night will be beginning starting tomorrow and we all present need rest.” With that he turned to go back into the mansion, as he did so he looked back to Yui and Ayato and informed them, “Now all of you come along.”
Looking at his older brother and seeing he was controlling the situation again, irritated Ayato severely as he uttered, “Dammit Reiji!”  
Yui herself though knowing that the time for goodbye was now, looked to her dear friend sadly and as she did so, holding her hand she took hold of it with her own other free one as she informed her trying her best to smile, “Miya-chan, thank you again for all the time we spent together...I really enjoyed it.”
Hearing these words and feeling her touch as she turned back to look at her, the heterochromia eyed girl gazed at Yui in awe once more. Then despite the depressing situation, she revealed a small smile of her own as she replied, “Yeah, I did too... I'll be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Yui-ko.”
Nodding as she heard these words, Yui then told her becoming a little brighter, “Yeah, I will too.”
Miya looking to her friend as she said these words, she felt she needed to do something else then. So quickly surprising her gentle friend she wrapped her arms around her and hugged her to herself!
Seeing her do this suddenly, Ayato outraged then cried out mad, “Oi! What do you think you're doing?!”
Reiji hearing this turned back to look at this scene too. He was silent and cold as he watched it continue to unfold.
Yui feeling Miya hugging her like this, was flustered and confused. As she did this, she tried to ask her, “Miya-chan? What're-?”
It was then though, that she was cut off for Miya putting her lips next to her left ear informed her in a gentle whisper, “Just remember, my promise still holds true... I'll get you out of this someday.”
Her eyes widening as she heard this, Yui felt herself gasp and as she did so, it was then that Miya moved back and as she did she asked her, gazing at her with a serious light in her eyes, “Okay?”
As her friend's words registered into her mind, Yui could feel her heart tremble inside once more with amazement. Feeling it do this, she felt so warmed inside that she nodded and replied showing relief and happiness, “Yes, alright... thank you, Miya-chan.”
To which in reply, the heterochromia eyed girl simply nodded pleased that she'd erased some degree of her sorrow. Ayato seeing them both do this was perturbed to no instance, but before he could move to say anything-


Turning around suddenly startled, Miya then saw waving from the car it was her aunt who called out, “Miya hurry up there! We gotta get going! It's way past Haruki's bedtime you know!”
Feeling the tender moment had been ruined, Miya deflated slightly called back, “I know! I know! Give me a second Michi!” Then with a sigh, she couldn't help but add scratching the back of her head, “Man, she's really gotta learn to have some more patience with people.” Then as she finished saying those words, looking back to her friend she told her with a slight awkward smile, “Well... adios, Yui-ko! I'll catch up with you tomorrow, okay?”
Nodding Yui then replied, “Okay, goodnight Miya-chan, I'll see you tomorrow!”
Smiling at this reply, the heterochromia eyed girl was glad. However looking to both Reiji and Ayato who looked to her with bitter eyes, she then decided to say one last thing, “And you bastards better keep your hands off of her, otherwise I'll make you regret it severely!”
There was nothing in response to this from Reiji, he simply narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. Ayato though fed up with her, then said mad, “Just get outta here! You dumb bitch! I don't wanna hear or see you anymore!”
At these words, Miya then retorted straight back, “Fuck you too!”


“Miya!” Michi cried out again annoyed.
Getting further irritated too, the orange haired girl cried out, “Alright! Alright I'm coming! Hell's sake!” With that she was on her way and walked back to the sapphire blue coloured family car.
Glad that she was at last on her way back to them, Michi then couldn't help but say, “Finally!” But looking back to Yui who had a look of sad concern in her eyes, she cried out to her, “Take care Yui-chan! We'll see you again real soon!” With that she bid her goodbye with a wave.
Seeing this herself, Yui nodded with a small smile on her face and in reply she made a small wave too. Then quickly with that done, the car was started up and in another second the Tadao family were on their way back to their home as they turned out of the gates and disappeared onto the darkened road.
With that done, Yui was left alone with both Reiji and Ayato. Looking back up to them, she saw that they were both making their way into the mansion. Seeing them do this, she decided to remain silent herself as she picked up her bags and followed after them quietly. Entering through the grand doors which then silently closed behind her, trapping her inside...


Sighing as she sat back in the car, Miya then tired turned her head to look out the car window. As she did so, she gazed up to the half moon that was hanging high in the sky.
Meanwhile in the front of the car, Michi then turning to Ayaka told her, “Well, that was certainly a meeting and a half! I didn't have any idea the Sakamaki's lived in such grandeur!”
Nodding as she continued to drive the car, Ayaka then replied, “You're telling me! It was a real surprise!” Then saying that, she couldn't help but think about the young man who'd angrily approached Haruki and Yui before. As she did, she said, “But that young man with the green eyes, he had such a temper! He almost scared me!”
Miya hearing them converse, said nothing as she continued to look on out the window. Next to her Haruki was beginning to doze off, as his head nodded up and down drowsily. The lateness of the night was beginning to affect him. However she continued to listen on as she heard her mother go on to say, “It was as if he was jealous of our Haruki!” Then thinking of this, she decided to say, “It seems that Yui-chan really does have a sweet charming affect on people! Oh, to be young and loved!”
As her mother said these ridiculous words, Miya then retorted, “If that's what you call love, then that would make me the damn pope!” With that saying that she added, “That bastard's not capable of the feeling!”
Curious as she said this, Ayaka looking to her daughter in the rear view mirror decided to ask her, “What makes you say that, honey? Has he done something wrong?”
Sighing as she heard this, Miya then replied back to her, “You have no idea, mom...none at all.” With that she trailed off saying nothing more.
Further intrigued by her daughter's mysterious words, Ayaka though could see from the expression that was on her face, she wasn't going to get another word out of her. So she decided to not enquire anymore as she continued to drive on.
Miya herself though silent. Was thinking of her friend being left within the confines of the Sakamaki mansion, then she whispered worriedly to herself, “Yui-ko... I hope you'll be alright...” with those thoughts on her mind. The family continued on their journey which would eventually lead them back to the safe warm sanctuary they called home...    


Back within the mansion in the meantime, Yui continued to remain silent as she walked forwards. Feeling a tense and awful atmosphere drift all around her, she had no idea what to do! She knew that all the brothers must be really angry with her... for she hadn't returned when they wanted her to and she'd been gone for so long. What would they do to her now? Would they punish her? Would they torture her or-?


Suddenly she was pulled out of her thoughts, as immediately her free hand was taken roughly! Feeling this, she gasped and in seconds her other hand dropped the couple of bags she'd been carrying. As they clattered to the floor she then saw that it was none other than Ayato who'd grabbed her.
Seeing him do this, confused and nervous she asked him cautiously, “Ayato-kun?”
An angered look on his face, he then told her with an aggressive tone, “Come with me!” With that he started to drag him with her, up the the grand red carpeted stairs.
Struggling to keep up with him as he took her up the stairs, Yui then cried out, “Wait! Ayato-kun! I can't leave all my bags downstairs, I-!” But it was to no avail, he wouldn't listen and quickly she disappeared with him onto the upper level.
Looking on as the two of them disappeared, Reiji then couldn't help but sigh as he said, “My, oh my, he really couldn't wait any longer could he?” Then turning his light red coloured eyes to the floor, he saw the bags that were all scattered haphazardly on the floor. Seeing them he then commented further, “And she's already caused a mess...”
Then turning away from this disarray, he commented further, “This will have to be dealt with accordingly...” with that said, he looked back to the closed doors. Doing this he then remembered the angered look that was on Miya's face, as he did so he then added in a cold deadly tone, “And we will soon have to exterminate all traces of that insolent vermin...”    


Quickly dragged into her bedroom, Yui was finally released and as she was, she turned hurriedly to see Ayato closing and locking the door behind him. With that he then slowly approached her, with his face lowered.
Seeing him coming closer to her, Yui was uncertain and nervous. Taking a couple of steps back herself, she asked him as cautiously as she could, “Ayato-kun?”
However the reddish brown haired vampire made no reply to her, instead he got closer and closer. Until finally he was standing over her, with an intense glow in his green eyes.
Looking at him, Yui felt herself shiver. She had no idea what Ayato was going to do! What was he-!
Then suddenly in seconds he wrapped his arms around her! Feeling him do this, Yui's eyes widened in surprise! As this occurred, she then felt him hold onto her a little more tightly, pulling her to him and as he did this, she felt a slight trembling from him. As she did so, she didn't understand as she asked him, “Ayato-kun? What-?”
“You've kept me waiting... too, too long...” With that saying those words, he then breathed in her familiar sweet scent as he rubbed his nose into her blonde coloured locks.
Feeling and hearing him do this, Yui was quiet. However as she heard these words, something inside of her was stirred with a mysterious feeling. As it moved her, she slowly began to lift her own arms up as she said gently, “Ayato-”
“I want to drink you now!” With those words uttered from him, Yui shivered and before she could move or struggle away he then peeled back her white shirt and in seconds, he sunk his fangs fast into her left shoulder.
“Agh!” Feeling the pain instantly, Yui shivered as she felt Ayato's fangs sink deeply into her. As the stinging and burning occurred, she found it almost overwhelming from not having had this done to her in such a long, long time.
Feeling Yui struggle against him, Ayato held her tighter and closer to him. Drawing in every drop of blood that was available in that one spot he was feeding from. Doing this for a few seconds, he then removed his fangs and as he did, he told her mad, “That bitch! I'm gonna erase everything of her from you! Her revolting smell, her touch, her memory, everything!” With that he sunk into her shoulder again, sucking hard against her skin.
As he did this, Yui continuing to shiver as her strength was beginning to wane, tried to speak saying with a shuddering voice, “Ayato...kun! Please I-!”
However he paid no heed to her words, he was too engrossed in his feeding. Tasting the sweet flavour he'd been missing for so long, it was-!
Quickly though as he drank, he suddenly stopped. His eyes widening, he then removed his fangs from her shoulder, letting the fang holes overflow and bleed freely. He looked at them with astonishment.
Feeling him stop suddenly, Yui opening her closed eyes looked to him with breathlessness and weakness. As she did, she then heard him say with surprise, “Your blood? It's flavour, it's...?”
“Huh?” She echoed softly, for she didn't understand what he was asking. What was he-?
Suddenly though she didn't get another chance to register anything more. For Ayato moved again and quickly, he sunk his fangs straight into the centre of her neck! Feeling this Yui gasped loudly unable to cry out! This pain was even more intense for her, for her very voice was being stilled into choking silence!
Doing this, Ayato moved and pushed her forwards! As he did so, instantly the two of them fell onto the pink canopied bed that was in the room. Feeling his prey's soft and warm form under him, he continued to drink and drink from her struggling breathless throat.
As he did this, Yui was unable to speak and now she was even suffering just to breathe. She felt tears well up in her pink coloured eyes, as they did so she shivered terribly... praying desperately that this would stop!
It was then finally after another couple of moments, Ayato removed his fangs from throat. As he did so, his eyes were still wide in astonishment. As they were, he then stroked Yui's neck as he spoke his thoughts, “This flavour... it's so warm, thicker... it's even sweeter than it was before!”
Puzzled as she heard this, Yui couldn't say anything. For the pain in her throat was still intense, making her unable to say a word to him as she stared on at him breathlessly.
Seeing her stare up to him so weakly like this. Ayato still couldn't understand what was going on!? How could her blood have changed and improved so much? However as he took a moment to think, one possibility occurred to him, looking at Yui he then asked her with suspicion in his eyes, “You? That bitch? What did she do to you?”
Hearing him say this, Yui couldn't answer him as she simply shivered trying her best to recover her breath and voice. But even if she could speak, she didn't understand his question nor did she know the answer that would satisfy him.
Ayato seeing Yui looking up to him in this way, along with feeling her weak form breathe softly with difficulty beneath him. He thought quietly to himself for a few moments... then changing his position, he pulled open her shirt, making the buttons slide out in an easy motion which revealed more of her upper chest and white coloured bra. Seeing it, he then licked her flesh gently and caressingly.
As he did this, Yui finally regained her voice again. As she did so, she tried to speak once more as she said, “Ayato...kun, I-?”
“Don't say anything,” the thirsty vampire said. As he did this, he finished his licking and as he did so, softening her all the more. He then told her, “Just keep quiet...” with that stroking away her blonde locks of hair away, he informed her, “All you need, is to feel the touch of my fangs... for you, everything of you, your blood, heart and soul... all of it belongs only to me.”
With that saying those words, he bared his fangs and as he did so, he uttered hungrily with desire, “And I want you to feel and remember that... forever!” With that he plunged straight into her deeply.
Feeling the pain intensely again, Yui once more shivered terribly. As she did so gritting her teeth, she looked straight up to the ceiling. As she did so, immediately her tears fell from her pink eyes... for even being away for so long. Thing's hadn't changed, she was nothing more than bait to him... this was all she was going to-      

“My promise still holds true... I'll get you out of this someday.”

Remembering her friend's words in her mind, Yui's eyes widened momentarily. Then as they did, she imagined Miya's smile in her mind. As she did so, inwardly despite her pain and weakness she felt a warmth flow into her heart.
Then as Ayato continued to drink more and more of her blood, she felt her consciousness begin to fade away. As it did so and the world around her began to drown away into a sea of darkness, still within the depths of her heart, there was a warm light of hope that was now growing inside of her...
Diabolik Lovers: Merging Eclipse Chapter 35 part 2
The last chapter of this haul! Hope you guys enjoy it! Look forward to the next lot! ^^
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(Contains: strong language)
.:Chapter Thirty Five : The Advice:.

“Mmm...” Turning over within the comfortable and soft white covers of her guest bed, Yui's consciousness began to stir and awaken itself, detaching her away from the realm of sweet dreams she'd been immersed within.
As her head emerged from under the sleek sheets, her pink coloured eyes slowly blinked open.  Gazing at her surroundings, it took a few moments for her to focus and recognise what she was looking at. There before her, she could see that she'd turned in the direction of the opened window.
Looking at it, she noticed one particular thing she could see, “It's...morning?” For there through the wooden paned framed opening, she could see the light peeking through the slight grey clouds that were in the pale coloured blue sky.
Seeing this, she was quiet for a few moments. But then feeling her energy inside, she felt enough  motivation to move herself and sit up properly in bed. As she did so, she was quiet as she concentrated once more upon the window.
She was quiet as she continued to stare at the skyline that was revealed to her, as she did so she realised it was still very early. She couldn't hear the others within the Tadao house at all, so she naturally assumed that they were all still asleep.  
Thinking this, she turned her eyes in another direction. As she did so, she saw quietly sitting upon the bedside table that was next to her was a single item. A calendar, seeing it she saw a certain date that had been ringed around with a red maker pen. Looking at it, her expression became depressed as she uttered aloud quietly, “Today's the last...”
For that morning, that day she had awoken to, was the last day she was going to experience her vacation that she'd spent with the Tadao family. It was the one that was after the day the father Kenichi Tadao had left them behind. Then thinking of all the other days she'd spent with him and the rest of them, exploring the regions of Shikoku island and all the fun and relaxation she'd had the beach... she hadn't wanted it to end.
Then thinking that, she turned her attentions to something else. Pulling back one of the sleeves of her borrowed light orange coloured monkey and heart patterned pyjama's, she saw that the red fang marks that had been so angrily visible before, had faded away dramatically. Leaving more of her natural healthy shade of skin shine through... looking at it though, the blonde haired girl knew that this recovery she was experiencing was soon going to come to an end too.
It pained her inside... but she knew there was nothing she could do, to change that. For she couldn't reveal her reluctance, without there being danger of the truth being exposed. Because above all, she didn't want anything to happen that would endanger her dear friend or loving family. With that thought of them all, Yui turned her eyes in the direction of the bed that was opposite to her, as she did so she said gently, “Miya-chan...”
But as she did so, she then noticed quickly that the bed that her friend should have been nestled and asleep within. Was empty!
Seeing this quickly with surprise, Yui then asked, “Huh?” For looking around herself, she couldn't see the heterochromia eyed girl anywhere within the room. The blonde curious girl hadn't heard anything either, thinking this she couldn't help but ask, “Where could she have-?”


Hearing this cry with surprise, Yui recognised the voice! As she did so, she quickly uttered, “Miya-chan?” Then doing this, she got herself up and ran over to the vicinity of the window.
Finally making it over, she looked out of it and peered down below. As she did so, she saw upon the green grass of the garden, it was none other than her friend who was there. Looking at her, Yui was quiet as she noticed what Miya was doing. She was dressed in a white Judo uniform, which was tied with a brown belt around her middle and she was busy performing kicks and punches. It was clear looking at her, that her friend was practising her combat skills.
Realising this and thinking of what was to come, later in the day... Yui clenching her right hand tightly wanted to speak with her. So moving quickly, she grabbed a lilac coloured blanket that was nearby and placed it upon her shoulders, with that she exited through the bedroom door and proceeded down the stairs as she went to go and join her friend.  




Immediately striking with her leg and foot, Miya nailed a hard kick upon a red tower punching bag. Ending her blow as she manoeuvred her body around, she turned back to see the bag rock back and forth from her strike. Quiet for a moment as she watched it, she couldn't help but sigh as she uttered dejected, “Man... an inflatable isn't as a good as a real sand bag!”
Annoyed at this simple thought, she realised though there was nothing she could do to change that. For she couldn't take a proper heavy styled one with her, it would take too long to set up and was too heavy to drag around... with or without the family's amazing strength, none of them wanted to lug something like that around all the time.
However she knew there was no point of dwelling on it, so shrugging her irritation off she got into  her fighting stance again. As she once more commenced her practising, moving her left leg and foot up swiftly striking the punching bag in seconds!



Then finishing this kick, she turned back and aimed another blow! Though this time, she used her left clenched fist!


With that done, she turned swiftly and quickly she struck with her right leg again!


Then quickly retracting her kick, she struck with her right fist smashing hard into the punching bag!



Breathing hard for a few moments, Miya could feel her adrenalin and focus pumping throughout her body. She could feel her power growing inside, she knew if she focused anymore upon the punching bag, she would-!

“Practising again, Miya-chan?”

Surprised slightly, Miya quickly turned around and as she did so, she saw slowly approaching her with a lilac blanket covering her shoulders it was none other than someone who quickly made a smile come to her face, “Yui-ko.”
Pleased to see her smiling at her, Yui had her own gentle smile on her face as she approached her friend. As she did so, she then commented to her, “You're really trying hard here aren't you?”
Hearing her say this, with a smile still on her face. Miya then responded feeling far more relaxed now, “I have to!” With that said she turned back to the punching bag and added, “Can't let myself mellow out too much, otherwise I'll lose my edge!” With that she moved her right fist again!


Immediately the blown up punching bag rocked rapidly back and forth. As it did so, Yui was quiet as she stared at it. As she was, Miya then continued on to speak, releasing another relaxed sigh, “Also... I feel better doing this, it gives me something to vent my strength and frustrations on.” With that saying that, she couldn't help but say a little amused as she turned in her friend's direction again, “Y'know? You should give this a try at some point, Yui-ko! It'll really drive the blues away!”
Hearing this comment, the blonde haired girl then replied with a slight awkward laugh, “Um? I think I'll be fine without doing that, Miya-chan... but thank you anyway, for the offer.”
Expecting as much, Miya grinning away replied, “Suit yourself!” Then turning back to the punching bag she aimed her right foot and leg again, as she did so she struck it fast!


Doing this, again the punching bag rocked fast back and forth. Then as this occurred, the heterochromia eyed girl began striking the object with her fists, making some fast rapid punches. As she did this, she continued to speak as she carried on practising, “Did I wake you up with all this?”
As this question was put to her, Yui watching her friend continuing to strike away then replied, “No... you didn't.” Then saying that though she didn't know how to continue on... for she felt comforted being in her friend's presence, she couldn't help but think again about what she was going to return to that night...
Then as her sad thoughts returned to her, Yui turned her pink eyes back to look at what her friend was doing. As she did so, she watched her continue to strike the punching bag with expertise and incredible power... looking on at this she couldn't help but admit softly, “I'm so jealous...”



Finishing another kick against her target, Miya slowly lowered her leg and as she did so, she looked back to Yui puzzled as she repeated curious, “Jealous?”
Hearing her say this and look at her this way inquisitively, Yui uttered, “Huh?” Then quickly she realised embarrassed what she'd just done! Becoming flustered she tried to explain herself, “Oh uh! I um, you see Miya-chan, that wasn't anything! That was just-?”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

As this sound of laughter rang out, Yui confused looked to her friend. As she did so, she saw her hugging her middle as she told her trying to stifle her laughter, “Oh man! This is too much!”
Not understanding her reaction, Yui looked to Miya perplexed as she asked her puzzled, “Too much?”
Hearing her say this, Miya then looking to her told her grinning away, “You! You're being way too cute first thing in the morning! I can't take it!”
As this was said Yui briefly quiet, then became more embarrassed. For she couldn't believe Miya was thinking that, especially when she'd been so depressed... she couldn't help but turn her face away from her friend with an annoyed blush appearing on her face with a slight pout. For she didn't know what to do at all then!
Miya herself though quickly recovering from her fit of giggles, wiped a tear of joy from her single blue eye, as she did so looking back to Yui and her annoyed expression she was quiet. But gazing at her, she had an idea of what it was she wanted to talk about, so she asked her with a more serious air gracing around her now, “... Yui-ko?”
Hearing the more calm tone in her voice, Yui turned back to look at her friend. As she did so, she saw the serious light that was now in Miya's eyes. Looking at her she was quiet as she heard the heterochromia eyed girl ask her, “Are you worried... about going back tonight?”
Seeing quickly that she'd spied her inner worries, Yui was quiet with surprise. But quickly she knew it was only logical Miya would ask... since she knew partially of her situation. So she replied turning her eyes down to the grass that was under their feet, “Yeah... I am, a little.”
Hearing her say this, Miya then sighed as she told her feeling the weight of worry herself, “Well I guess that's no surprise...” then looking back to her punching bag, she was quickly becoming irritated. Moving her right fist, she punched straight into it!


Startled as she did this so suddenly, Yui stared at Miya with widened eyes. As she did so, she then watched her friend withdraw her hand away from the inflatable target and as she did, her clenched hand was slightly shaking as she said, “Fuck sake!...I don't want it to be like this!”
Hearing her say this, Yui then sadly had to respond as she looked down again, “Yeah... I wish that too... but it can't be helped... we couldn't stay here forever.”
This didn't lighten the mood at all and neither girl knew what to talk about at all. So they simply gazed elsewhere, neither wanting to accept the departure that would soon be coming to divide them...
Yui feeling the dreadful atmosphere that entered the air, didn't want things to continue to be this way, so she decided to admit looking to the punching bag, “You know, Miya-chan?”
Hearing her comment, Miya continued to avert her odd coloured eyes. For she was still frustrated by the situation as she replied, “What?”
Seeing her friend's attention was being drawn away from her, the blonde haired girl decided to say, “...I really am envious of you.”
Turning her attentions back to her as she heard this, Miya repeated curious, “Envious?” Then thinking of what her friend said a moment ago, she decided to ask her, “What're you talking about?  What do you mean by-?”
“Your strength,” Yui admitted to her kindly, with a small smile on her face.
Puzzled as she heard this, Miya then asked her, “My strength?”
Nodding, Yui then proceeded to explain, “Yeah...” then looking to the punching bag, she said, “How you can use it so well, with so many different techniques... I'm envious of that quality you have.” With that looking down, she decided to admit further, “Because I know with how weak I am... I could never do anything like that.”
Hearing her say this, Miya was silent as she heard Yui say this. Then looking at her and seeing the sad depreciating light that was being reflected in her pink eyes, she at first didn't know what to say at all. But then becoming a little annoyed, she moved her right fist and doing so she gave a gentle knock on Yui's head as she told her, “Dummy! Don't say thing's like that!”
Surprised to feel this sensation on her head, Yui looking to Miya as she removed her hand was puzzled. For why did she-?
“I've told you a million times before! You're not weak! So quit saying crap like that!” Then turning her face away, she added folding her arms looking to the side, “It pisses me off!”
Hearing her become mad like this, Yui then realised she wasn't helping the situation at all, so she began saying, “I'm sorry, Miya-chan I-”
“And quit apologising!” Miya then said further annoyed as she looked back to her, with that Yui hushed up in seconds. As she did so, the pink eyed girl stared at her surprised as she heard her go on to say, “That's not gonna get you anywhere fast you know!”
As this was said to her, Yui felt more terrible... then looking down, she said, “I know but... I mean, there's not much else I can do, you know that I'm not as strong as you and I-”
“Yeah I know, I've heard that before!” Miya said strongly, then as she did so she continued on to say, “But I'll have you know this, you're not powerless Yui-ko! So don't pity yourself.”
Hearing Miya say this to her, Yui was quiet... she didn't know what to say. She knew saying sorry wouldn't make things better, so she decided to say the only thing she could think of, “Okay...”
Seeing her become withdrawn like this slightly, underneath her critical gaze. Miya then sighed, she didn't mean to give her gentle friend a telling off, but she had to be honest about her feelings. Then looking at her, she decided to ease up a bit as she told her, “Anyway... if you really feel that insecure, I can give you a few pointers.”
As these words were said, Yui puzzled forgot her sadness for a moment and asked, “Pointers?” Then saying that, she quickly realised, “Does that mean you'll-?”
“I'm gonna give you a little advice, a few small pointers on self defence... things anybody can do! Strength or no strength! Plus you won't require any technique whatsoever!”
Surprised to know this, Yui then asked her friend, “I won't?”
With a simple shake of her head, the heterochromia eyed girl informed her, “Nope!” So then looking to her friend she asked her, “So? Do you wanna have a little instruction on those kinds of moves?”
Hearing this suggestion being put to her, Yui was quiet. For she wondered what kind of techniques these would be? But thinking of the Sakamaki's, she wasn't sure or not if they'd be of much help? But then... even if she knew a little something, it wouldn't hurt to know. So looking to her friend again she replied with a single nod, “Okay, yes Miya-chan... I'd like to know.”
As this reply was given to her, Miya smiled. For she was glad that her friend was showing a little determination despite her worries, so she responded, “Alright, let's begin the self defence class!” With that walking over, she brought out the four fingers on her right hand, as she did so she told Yui, “Now the first thing you gotta know, are the four main weak points of the body.”
Surprised to hear this, Yui asked her friend, “There are four?”
With a single nod, Miya then told her, “That's right!” With that she counted each point with her four revealed fingers, closing each one away as she went down the short list, “The eyes, nose, neck and knees.”
Yui didn't say anything in reply, instead she remained silent as Miya putting her fingers away, continued with her explanations. As she did so moving her left hand up, she pointed to her own eyes as she told her friend, “Now to start with. Just poking, scratching or in the real tough scenario's gouging at the eyes with your fingers and knuckles, causes a whole lot of pain! Making whoever the creep you're dealing with blinded, so that's a real easy one to do.”
Hearing this Yui then nodded simply as she said feeling a little uneasy at the idea, “Okay...” for she really hoped she wouldn't have to do anything of the sort to anyone.
Seeing that she'd taken this simple point, Miya then continued on removing her hand away from her eyes. “Okay, now the next best place to aim for, is the nose!” With that, she opened up her palm, then moving in Yui's direction, she held it close to her inches away from her own nose in an upward motion.
Yui was silent as she saw her friend's palm before her. However before she could move to question, she heard Miya go on to say, “This move is the best way I've found, to force any kind of attacker to loosen their grip on you if they've ensnared you.”
“It is?” Yui asked Miya, still slightly perplexed to see her hand in front of her face.
“Yep!” Miya responded simply.
As she did though, Yui had to question her as she asked, “But why though? Why would aiming there be-?'
“Because it causes pain,” Miya told her friend as she interrupted her. Then as she did so, she decided to add, “Plus it can disorientate the attacker, especially if it comes suddenly!” With that moving her hand away from Yui's face, she decided to also add, “But to really make it effective, you gotta put all you've got into the blow, cause that way they should back off of you... since as I've said they'll be in a whole lot of pain.”
Hearing this being said, Yui looking to Miya replied uncertainly, “I, I see...” For once again, the idea of causing pain like this didn't please her. But she knew at the same time, in reality that would probably be the only way to make someone let go of her if they did have her... she only hoped she wouldn't have to do something like this move either.
Seeing Yui hesitate as she looked away from her, Miya was quiet. Inside she could understand why her friend would be this way due to her sweet nature... but at the same time, she knew that she wouldn't have time to be this way if a dangerous situation occurred. So she decided on something, “Yui-ko?”
Hearing her name being called, the blonde haired girl looking in her friend's direction then asked her, “Huh? Yes?”
Seeing that she'd got her attention, Miya then folding her arms told her, “I want you to do it.”
Puzzled as she heard her say this, Yui then asked, “Do it?”
With a single nod, the heterochromia eyed girl informed her, “I want you to do that move I just showed you, I want you to aim at me with your palm opened up, at my nose.”
As this was put to her, Yui quiet for a moment then quickly told her friend, “But Miya-chan! I don't want to attack you! I don't want to-!”
“I'm not asking you to attack me, Yui-ko.” With that hearing those words, Yui was stopped in her tracks in seconds. As she was, she looked to her friend and saw her looking at her with a serious light in eyes as she informed her, “I just wanna see you do it, just so I know you understand it...okay?”
Hearing this being stated to her, Yui quiet for a moment nodded as she replied, “O-okay...” then looking to her right hand, which was still holding onto her lilac blanket, she looked back to her friend. She slowly detached her hand away from the comforting item, then she walked up closer to Miya and moving it up to her face she aimed it up at her.
Watching Yui as she did this, with her palm now facing up to her, Miya was silent. Seeing her be this way, the blonde haired girl keeping her hand up felt a little odd doing this. But at the same time, she knew she had to show her friend she'd remembered what she said, for she didn't want this information she was learning go to waste.
Miya continuing to be silent, could see Yui's hand was shaking slightly. As she noticed this, she then decided to inform her, “It's okay to be scared or nervous, Yui-ko.”
Surprised as she heard this, Yui then uttered, “Huh?”
As this response came, Miya then informed her, “Only in the moment you have to do this... don't hesitate.” With that saying those words, the heterochromia eyed girl informed her, “Cause it could be a matter of life and death...”
Hearing her say this, with a deadly serious air around her. Yui now really was startled, however knowing the gravity of thing's she'd suffered in the past and with what might happen in the future... she nodded and replied, “Okay... Miya-chan, I understand.”
With that said, the heterochromia eyed girl replied, “Good...” with that done, Yui then moved her hand away from her friend. As she did so, she waited for what it was she'd say next to her.
Seeing Yui looking at her, with cautious attentive eyes. Miya didn't lose her serious air as she went on to say, “Now, the next place that you can aim for, is this.” With that she pointed to another part of her body and stated as she directed her finger at it, “The neck.”
As this was told to her, Yui repeated as she continued to learn, “The neck.”
“Yeah and the best way to do it,” with that said, Miya opened up her fingers and fixing them together making them lay out flat. She continued on to say, “Is like this!” With that she took aim and moved her now bladed hand towards Yui's neck!
Startled as she did this, Yui froze! Quickly she felt her friend's fixed fingers lay against her skin. As they did so, she was quiet as she looked up to Miya and heard her say, “This kinda move is called a knife hand strike.”
Hearing the name of this move, Yui then asked Miya, “A knife hand strike?”
Nodding, Miya then continued to speak, “With this, you can stun an opponent temporarily, it's a good move to use if you just wanna make a quick exit.”
As this statement was given, Yui then replied continuing to feel her friend's fingers lay against her skin, “I, I see...” for she knew there was no way she was going to forget this move now. Especially since she was feeling the form of it on her!
Seeing that she'd absorbed this info, Miya then said, “Okay.” With that she removed her fingers away from Yui's neck. As she did so, the blonde haired girl stared at her as she continued onto the final point, “Then finally, the last place you can aim for, is the knees.”
Curious as she heard this statement, Yui then asked Miya, “The knees?”
“Yeah,” With that moving her own foot. The heterochromia eyed girl demonstrated what she meant, as she moved it next to the side of Yui's right knee.
Feeling her do this, the blonde haired girl was puzzled and a little nervous. For what was she going to do or say next?
She didn't have to wait long, for Miya quickly explained, “The knees are a vulnerable spot to hit from any angle, also you can easily make a move with no worries of your own foot being grabbed if you aim here.”
Surprised to know this, Yui had to ask her friend, “Really?”
Miya replied simply, “Yeah.” Then finishing she continued her explanations, “To incapacitate an attacker, it's better for you to aim at the sides.”  
Curious as she heard this, Yui then asked her friend, “Not the front?”
Shaking her head, the heterochromia eyed girl replied, “No, because even though you can create more damage that way, in a dire situation when you wanna just escape, it's better to go for the sides because it causes unbalance in the attacker.”
“Oh?” Surprised to know this as Miya moved her foot away from her knee, Yui was quiet as she thought to herself. For the knees were one of the main points that kept balance, so it was a completely logical choice to attack. As she came to this realisation, she then could only hope that she wouldn't have to use any of those moves she'd learned... for she didn't like the idea of causing pain. But she knew as well that if thing's ever did become dire, she had the knowledge and techniques to do even a little something. If she had to.
Miya looking at Yui as she thought to herself, was quiet as well. But after a few moments, she decided to ask her friend, “You think you got all that, Yui-ko?”
Distracted from her inner thoughts as this question was put to her, Yui immediately turned her attentions back to Miya. Seeing her friend gazing at her, she then replied, “Oh? Yes, I think so...” then becoming quiet briefly again, she decided to also add with a small smile, “Thank you for teaching and showing me those moves, Miya-chan... I'll do my best to remember them.”
Hearing her say this with a cheerful tone in her voice, along with seeing her smile. Miya could tell that some of her friend's depression had left her, pleased that she'd been able to at least achieve that much, she told her, “You better do!” Then with a grin, she couldn't help but add, “Otherwise I'll be charging you for lessons next!”
As this comment was said, Yui then laughed at her friend's jovial demeanour. Then looking up to the warm sun which was still continuing to rise, she suddenly realised something else inside. This was probably going to be the last time as well she was ever going to see and feel this brightness that was gracing upon her skin...
Miya looking at Yui, then saw quickly again her sadness coming swiftly back. Seeing this, she felt bad again as she thought once again of what she'd be going back to... then imagining the Sakamaki's put her instantly in a foul mood again. Her expression becoming irritated once more, she couldn't help but turn her face to the side as she said, “Man...this still sucks doesn't it?”
“Huh?” Distracted from her sad thoughts again, Yui puzzled looked to Miya as she then asked her baffled, “What is, Miya-chan?”
As this question was put to her, the heterochromia eyed girl then told her with an annoyed pout, “This whole damn gloomy atmosphere! Even without those bastards being present, they ruin even one good moment like this! It's total bull!”
Hearing this, Yui then saw that Miya had seen her get depressed again. Though she couldn't deny her sadness, she didn't want her friend to become soured by it, so she tried to soothe her as she said, “Oh! Please don't dwell on that, Miya-chan! I don't want you to become mad for my sake... not when I've had such a good time with you and all your family...we should enjoy thing's to the fullest before then, it's not good to dampen memories is it?”
Miya seeing Yui's usual gentle optimism coming from her as she smiled, couldn't help but feel awe inside for her. But at the same time though she had to be honest as she said, “I'm not doing that... but it still pisses me off! I don't wanna give you back to them!”
As she heard her friend say this, Yui though grateful for that thought couldn't help but say to her friend, “Miya-chan... that's good, but you know I'm not an object don't you?”
Shocked as she heard this comment, Miya then looking to her friend told her, “I never said that, Yui-ko! What do you take me for?!” Then looking away to the side, folding her arms she added, “I'm not like that stupid yours idiot truly!”
Hearing this, Yui then couldn't help but laugh at Miya's protests as she told her, “Sorry! Sorry!” For now interacting like this with her friend again, made any sorrow she was feeling quickly fade. Just being in her presence always cheered her up, so looking to her she told her sincerely, “But really... this whole vacation time for me, Miya-chan it's been the best... every moment has! No matter what I face when we go back... I'll always treasure this time I've shared with you all.”
Surprised to hear this, Miya forgot her annoyance for a brief moment. Looking to her friend, she couldn't help but say in awe, “Yui-ko...” for the happy smile she could see on her gentle face, was real. She truly meant every word she'd said.
Realising this, Miya felt her heart beat strongly inside of herself. Then as she felt it's pulses, she moved her right hand forwards, patting Yui's head gently she then told her, “I'm pleased we've all made you happy on this trip... I really am glad about that.”
Hearing Miya say this, as she looked at her with warmth in her eyes as she smiled at her gently. Yui then felt her own heart beat strongly inside, as it did so she was grateful for all this gentleness she was giving her, for she knew she wouldn't be experiencing it for too much longer. So she uttered happily, “Miya-chan...”
As she heard her friend say her name warmly like this, the heterochromia eyed girl smiled. Then removing her hand from Yui's head, she decided to add, “And don't you worry! In the future we're gonna go on many more trips like this together! Just you wait and see!” Then finishing saying that, she proclaimed, “And those bastards are not gonna stand in our way, right?”
Giggling as she heard this, Yui then replied simply with a bright smile on her face, “Right!”
Pleased to hear this, Miya then nodded. Then as she did this, she felt a slight breeze in the air, as it came it chilled her skin. Feeling this, she rubbed her arms and said with a slight shiver, “Brr! Man, we better get indoors! I'm getting too chilly just standing around and not moving!”
As this was said, Yui couldn't deny that she was feeling a bit cold too as she hugged her lilac blanket close to her. So she replied to her friend, “Yeah, let's go inside then, Miya-chan.”
“Yeah let's!” The heterochromia eyed girl replied, then with that she began to walk back in the direction of the vacation house with her friend. However as they got closer to the opened glass doors, Miya was thinking about something quietly to herself. As she did and she looked to her gentle blonde haired, she decided to ask her something, “...Yui-ko?”
Hearing her speak to her again, Yui looking in her direction asked, “Yes, Miya-chan?”
With that seeing she'd got her attention, the heterochromia eyed girl then asked her, “Don't you think it'd be cool if my family could somehow adopt you or be your carers instead?”
Surprised that she had thought such a thing, Yui was struck silent in amazement at the idea. Then as she was, Miya noticing her quietness looked to her and becoming a little baffled she asked her, “Yui-ko?”
As this question was put to her, immediately Yui realising that she was making things awkward again. Quickly responded, “Oh! Um yes! Yes, that would be wonderful... if it ever could happen?”
Listening to her say this, Miya quickly became pleased and in response she replied, “Yeah it would! It'd be totally awesome...I'd love it, if it ever came true!” With that the heterochromia eyed girl entered the house, through the glass doors with a bright smile on her face.
Seeing her go in such an upbeat mood, Yui walking on behind her. Thinking deeply about the possibility of that ever coming true, couldn't help but admit aloud quietly to herself though with a degree of melancholy in her own smile, “Yes... if it could happen, it really would be... so wonderful.” With those soft words she too entered the house as she went to experience the last hours of freedom she would have...
.:Chapter Thirty Four : The Thanks:.

It was now later in the day, still all together upon the warm sands of the beach. Yui was enjoying the radiating rays of the sun as it continued to shine down as she hung out with the Tadao family. She was smiling widely, she had in fact been doing so all throughout the day. She couldn't remember a time when she'd done that, laughing and playing peacefully like this.With nothing to scare or harm her, it was surreal. Like a dream...
But feeling the radiating warmth on her skin and the soft breezes of the wind, that blew through the soft locks of her twin tailed blonde hair... she knew this was all very real. She sighed happily as she sat herself upon one of the white plastic beach chairs that had been set up, as she laid out comfortably she said, “This is like heaven!”
For the sight that greeted her eyes, as she opened them everything really did seem to be painted out to be that way. For the sun was beginning to move down into the hours of sunset, it was glowing with a beautiful golden light that lit up the sky, dying it in gentle radiant colours of honey orange and fiery yellow, as the blue above was beginning to be washed away. Then the sea itself, was instead of the cool sparkling cerulean colour they'd all been swimming in before... it was a shimmering marbled hue of magenta and tangerine. It was completely breathtaking...
Lying back as all the colour and warmth surrounded her, Yui then couldn't help but say aloud as she closed her eyes, “I wouldn't mind if I died right now...”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Surprised as she heard this chuckle, Yui opened her eyes again quickly to see Miya looking down upon her with a grin as she stood to her right side. As the baffled blonde haired girl looked at her, she heard her say, “You can't let the view blow you away that much, Yui-ko! You've only experienced one day of it so far!”
Hearing her friend say this, Yui quiet for a moment couldn't help but giggle herself. As she did so, she then replied, “I'll try!” With that, she looked back to the vibrant shimmering sea. Doing so, she then spied that a few particular people were still splashing about in the waters, as she did so she asked, “It looks like Haruki-chan, Michi-san and Ayaka-san are still enjoying the sea together aren't they?”
Listening to her friend say this comment, Miya turning her odd coloured eyes to look in their direction, replied with a small smile on her face as she gazed upon them, “Yeah, sure looks like it!” Then as she saw her little brother splashing in and about the water laughing loudly as his aunt and mother tried to get him with their own splashes, she couldn't help but add amused, “Whenever Haruki-chan gets in the water, he could spend hours in it! Swimming, diving, paddling you name it! He'll do it! He can never get enough!” Then with her eyes still fixed on her little brother, she couldn't help but admit, “Looking at him like this, it's hard to believe that he can be so shy when he's outside of it.”
Nodding as she said this, Yui smiling herself replied, “I noticed that too!” Then looking at the happy young boy, she thought to herself for a moment and came up with a possible reason, “But I suppose being in the waters... with his family by his side, he can just have fun and relax... he can be himself within it.”
Surprised as she heard this, Miya staring at Yui then was quiet. However she couldn't help but comment, “Well someone's being rather observant and thoughtful, huh?” Then with a humorous thought she decided to ask, “You trying to make it as a psychologist are ya?”  
Hearing her friend say this, Yui looking to Miya simply chuckled as she replied amused, “I suppose so?” But turning back to look at everyone again as they continued to play, she couldn't help but add, “But really... I've had so much fun with everyone today, it's been so wonderful being here...”
Quiet again as she heard this, Miya then replied after a moment becoming thoughtful herself, “Yeah it has.” Then stopping, she looked to Yui and stared at her quietly with a serious concentrated light in her eyes...
Yui herself unaware of her friend doing this, couldn't help but say, “Though... I have to admit, I'm becoming quite tired now, I think the trip and everything today has made me a little weary, I might just-” It was then though that the blonde haired girl stopped. For she'd noticed her friend staring at her, with that serious look in her odd coloured eyes. As she saw this, she asked becoming curious as she looked to her, “Miya-chan? Are you alright?”
Hearing this being put to her, the orange haired girl quiet for a moment further. Then lost the serious look and with a slight shake of her head, her smile quickly came back as she replied, “Oh I'm fine! Don't worry, Yui-ko!” Then saying that, she turned her attentions to the beach chair that was beside her friend, as she did so she saw her mother's golden wrist watch she'd left behind. Picking it up, she looked at the time and as she did, she commented, “I was just thinking... my dad's gonna be here soon.”
Surprised to know this, Yui then asked her friend, “Your father?”
Putting the watch back on the chair, Miya then looking to Yui said, “Yeah, he's arriving here a little later than the rest of us, cause of work and the distance he has to travel... you know the usual stuff.”
As she heard this being explained to her, Yui replied simply, “I see.” Then as she thought about it for a moment, she asked, “So does that mean he'll-?”
“He'll be stopping over at the house? Yeah...” then Miya looking to the distant road and realising this, said aloud, “And that means there's no-one there waiting for him right now.”
Seeing the silence come between them again, Yui asked curiously, “Miya-chan?” As she continued to gaze on up at her, sitting on her beach chair.
As this question was put to her, the heterochromia eyed girl finally answered as she made her considerations, “I'm gonna go check and see if my dad is back.” With that looking to her mother, aunt and little brother still in the sea, she finished saying humoured, “Cause it looks like the rest of my family are too distracted right now by the pretty waters to do the job.”
Looking to the group of three, still splashing about playfully herself. Yui nodded in amusement, “Looks like it.” Then as she finished saying this, she turned back to Miya and told her, “Well, if he'll be kept waiting, we better both get going now to-”
“You don't have to go,” Miya said as she interrupted the blonde haired girl.
Hearing her say this, Yui had stopped in the midst of lifting herself up. Surprised as she looked to her friend, she uttered, “Huh?”
Miya seeing the clueless look on her face smiled as she explained, “You don't have to come with me, Yui-ko.” With that picking up her blue beach bag and placing it over her shoulder, she added, “You can stay here for now, you need to catch more of those bright rays and get rested up!”
Listening to Miya say this, Yui though felt immediately bad at the idea of leaving her friend alone. So she told her, “But? I can go with you still Miya-chan, I'm not that tired to not-”
“I'll be fine! Don't worry, Yui-ko!” With that grinning away still, the heterochromia eyed girl added, “Besides it's only ten minutes or less to get to the house! So I'm not gonna be that far or gone long! You just take it easy and rest okay?” With that she started quickly walking away back up the path, as she did so she waved back to her friend saying, “See you in a bit!”
Seeing her leave like this, Yui then reached her hand out and called, “But Miya-chan!” However it was too late, the heterochromia eyed girl was already on her way back to the house. Leaving the baffled blonde haired girl behind on her own on the beach.
There was then silence in the air for a few moments... feeling it, Yui lowering her hand stared at the empty space that her friend had left behind. As she did so, she knew that Miya didn't mean badly by what she'd done, but she felt conflicted at this sudden impulsive decision of hers.

“Ditched you has she?”

Surprised to hear this familiar voice, Yui then turned back and saw a familiar face walking her way. Looking, she asked curiously, “Ayaka-san?”
For there, walking over to her still dressed in her white, lilac blossomed decorated swimsuit, though slightly soaked. It was none other than the glamorous mother of her absent friend, who made a slight wave with her right hand as she responded, “Yo!”
Yui didn't utter a word in reply, instead she watched as the long red haired woman placed herself in the beach chair next to her. The now laid out mother picked up her watch and placing it down by her side, sighed tiredly as she finally said getting comfortable, “Ohh... being a mom really is tiring!”
Listening to her, Yui continued to remain silent. However she couldn't help but smile again hearing Ayaka, for like her daughter the mother herself was just as entertaining to observe. The red haired woman though unaware of her guest's thoughts, looked to her sister in law who was still in the water. Doing so she couldn't help but admit, “I was right to have Michi-chan look out for Haruki, she has more of the energy for it...I'm so envious,” with that said, she laid herself back against her chair more.
Watching her as she did this, Yui then seeing Ayaka relax settled back into her own chair too. Doing so, she once again felt the warm rays of the sun. This time really was so peaceful for her... she couldn't help but wonder as she sighed. Could life always be like this for her?
Then as this question came into her mind, “Yui-chan?”
Jumping a little as she heard her name being mentioned, Yui fast escaping her thoughts looked to the person who asked for her. Seeing it was Ayaka again, she saw the red haired woman was looking to her with an inquisitive look in her sea green eyes. As she noticed this, the blonde haired girl then uttered, “Um? Yes?”
Seeing that she'd got her guest's attention, Ayaka then asked her relaxed with a calm smile, “You're not annoyed are you?”
Curious as she heard this, Yui then asked obviously puzzled, “Annoyed? Why would I be?”
Ayaka looking at the clueless look on Yui's face, was amused again. However as she giggled slightly, she then decided to explain, “With my daughter leaving you on your own like this, are you upset with her?”
Hearing her say this, immediately understanding her Yui answered with a fast shake of her head, “Oh no! No I'm not upset!” However looking to the sandy white ground, she decided to admit as she held her hands together, “I mean... I'm a little sad at being left alone, but... Miya-chan I know is trying to let me rest, so I...”
Seeing Yui answer like this, Ayaka continued to keep her sea green eyes on her. However she was satisfied with her guest's reply and said, “I see... well then that's good.” But she decided to say anyway, “But, I do hope you can forgive my baby if she has upset you in anyway... she can be quite oblivious to other's feelings when she gets too fiery.”
Hearing this, Yui surprised again was quiet. Though after a moment she revealed a small smile. As she did so, she replied, “I know that... but it's alright, nothing like that's happened, Ayaka-san...thank you.”  
Listening to this, Ayaka replied with slight relief, “That's good then,” with that wanting to turn the direction of the conversation, she asked her guest, “So tell me? Are you enjoying your time down here?” Then cocking her head to the side, she decided to enquire further with a slight joke in her tone, “You're not too bored by hanging out with a couple of old lady's and a baby boy are you?”
Yui hearing this question now being put to her, immediately replied slightly worriedly with a slight fluster, “Oh! What? No! Not at all! I'm not bored...” with that said, she looked up to the radiant colourful sky above her. As she did so, she said further her honest thoughts, “It's just... I'm so happy being here, amongst you all like this... I haven't had the time or the opportunity like this to relax in so long...”
Hearing her guest say this with such a thoughtful expression, Ayaka couldn't help but be further entertained. Smiling she then uttered putting her sunglasses back in place over her eyes, “Oh?” with that stretching herself out a little, she added, “Well that's good then... for I was a little worried?”
Yui hearing this then repeated puzzled, looking to the red haired mother, “Worried?”
As this was put to her, Ayaka then putting her arms behind her head replied, “That's right...” with that turning her gaze to look above, she carried on to say, “For nearly during the whole time you've been with us, you were looking really nervous and apprehensive... it made me think perhaps that something was wrong?”
Seeing that her friend's mother had noticed her earlier behaviour, Yui was amazed. But thinking again of how she'd acted so far, it was only natural that there would be some concerns from others who didn't know of her situation. The blonde haired girl looking at the woman beside her, then uttered in slight concern, “Ayaka-san...”
Hearing this tone in her voice, Ayaka though released another small chuckle. As she did so, she then said, “But, I can tell now... you definitely look happier, far more than in the beginning.” With a gentle smile on her face, she added looking to the warm clouds above through her dark sunglasses, “And I'm glad about that... for it would be disappointing and sad if everyone wasn't having a good time.”
Yui hearing Ayaka say this, then couldn't help but reveal a smile of her own. As she did so, she looked up to the clouds too. Then she replied, “Well I haven't been disappointed at all, I'm happy... extremely happy... I'm really grateful I get to share this vacation time with all of you.” With that said, the gentle pink eyed girl told the mother, “Thank you once more, for letting me accompany you all like this... Ayaka-san.”
Hearing Yui give her gratitude like this, Ayaka then told her lowering her glasses and giving her a slight wink, “It's no problem, honey...” however keeping her sea green eyes upon her guest, she decided to make some observations as she studied her.
Seeing her doing this, Yui looking to Ayaka was becoming quickly confused. For she felt like she was experiencing deja vu, for Miya had practically done the same thing before earlier to her! Realising this, she couldn't help but feel a little uneasy as she decided to ask her, “Um? Is there a problem, Ayaka-san?”
There was nothing but silence that greeted her, as it did so. Yui was beginning to feel anxious, for what could her friend's mother be possibly-?
“You're different aren't you?” Ayaka decided to ask the blonde haired girl, with a serious look in her eyes.
Shaken as she heard this being put to her, Yui repeated, “Different?” For what did that mean? She  couldn't have possibly noticed her bites marks, for she'd used the foundation Miya had bought for her again thoroughly. Which even the seawater hadn't been able to make come off, so that couldn't have given her any hints to-
“You're not the same as the others my little darling has come into contact with,” Ayaka stated as she then revealed a knowing smile on her face again.
Hearing a couple of particular words, Yui then asked her, “Little darling?” With that said she realised, “Do you mean, Miya-chan?”
Seeing that she'd hit the nail on the head, Ayaka then replied, “Bingo!” With that she explained more of what she'd concluded, as she looked out to the glittering sea again, “You're different to those other people... who pretended to be her friend.”
As this word was put to her Yui said nothing. Instead she looked down to the sandy ground again, as she did so she remembered the past that her friend had revealed to her. About what she had experienced before she had come to know her. Thinking of the pain she had, had to go through saddened her greatly as she imagined it.
Ayaka seeing the melancholy expression that was on Yui's face, then immediately knew something else, “Miya's told you hasn't she? What happened before... and I'm guessing with Emiko-chan too, right?”
Seeing that she'd realised what she was thinking of, Yui then quietly nodded to Ayaka. As she did so, she also responded gently, “Yes... she has.”
Smiling as she heard this, Ayaka then replied, “I see...” it was clear then that she was feeling more content somehow as she replied, “Then that must mean she trusts you greatly.”
Surprised again, Yui had to ask the thoughtful mother, “Miya-chan? She trusts me?”
Nodding as she heard this, Ayaka replied, “That's correct... otherwise she'd never have told you.” With that taking a single hand she placed it under her chin, the mother then explained more, “My baby... after everything that happened with Emiko-chan... then in that place they dare to call a high school! She was so damaged... always with the weight of guilt on her shoulders, it was so bad... I felt she'd never be able to trust or even bother to bond with someone else again.”
Yui remained silent as she heard this, then as her pink eyes gazed on at Ayaka, she heard her go on to say, “She became so hard to approach, even strangers just passing her by would shrink in fear if she so much as glanced at them... she was only herself to a degree when she was with me, or anyone from the family. She practically shut all outsiders off... but I could tell it was painful for her to do.”
Hearing this Yui became even more saddened as she tried to imagine Miya being that way and what she had gone through before. As she did so, she decided to speak her own thoughts, “It is terrible... everything that happened previously to Miya-chan... I wish that it hadn't ever had happened... she didn't deserve any of that.”
Ayaka listening to this, was silent as she turned and kept her sea green eyes upon her guest. As she did so, Yui looking up above herself to the radiant coloured sky continued to speak, “Because I know what it's like... to be abandoned and left all alone, not being understood by anyone.” Then gripping her hands upon her knees, she admitted thinking of her own sad memories, “ It's one of the worst things that can ever happen...”
Then as some silence came between the two females, Yui thought a little more to herself. As she did so, a more soft gentle warm look came into her eyes, as it did so she continued on as a small smile came to her face, “ But yet? Despite all that she's suffered... Miya-chan still decided to bond with me and become my friend... she had the courage to try and trust me... and I'm so grateful for that.”  
Seeing the gentle smile that was on Yui's face, Ayaka was surprised. For she couldn't help but wonder? What had made her daughter decide to bond with this girl? When she wouldn't with anyone else? However, she decided not to enquire for the moment, for she could glimpse that gentle understanding side that was inside of her guest...
The blonde haired girl though unaware of Ayaka's thoughts, continued to speak, “If other people could see that side of her... Miya-chan's kindness, I'm sure she'd be seen in a better light.” With that said, Yui held her hands together with more ease as she continued to explain, “She can be very brash and angrily violent if provoked... but she's still a really great person, she's so steadfast and loyal, also she's so considerate and there for that someone she cares about... even if everyone else forsakes them.”
Hearing Yui say this, Ayaka was amazed as she became wide eyed. For this girl really did see into her child's true self. So she decided to admit now smiling warmly, “You know? I can't help imagine she'd might say the same thing about you, honey.” To which immediately her guest looked back at her with widened eyes, she was obviously shocked at these words.
Seeing this, the mother giggled as she added, “Though of course I would obviously leave the violent and brash part out... but I couldn't see any reason why no one would want to be friends with someone as sweet as you.”
“Sweet? Me?” Yui asked as she blinked confused.
Ayaka then in reply nodded as she explained, “Exactly, I can tell that from a distance... you're a very patient and forgiving soul, I'd say you make up for the blunt and obstinate nature my Miya has...which I suspect is what's made her so enamoured of you.” With that she couldn't help but add, “I'm sure you must be very sought out in your class, huh?”
To which hearing this, Yui could only smile with a little sadness as she said, “Oh no...I wouldn't say that at all.” For thinking of the reasons that no-one would approach her in class, if Ayaka knew the truth of her situation... she wondered if she would still say the same thing?
Ayaka though at that moment, looking from her guest turned her eyes out towards the sea again. Then looking at her sister in law and her dear beloved son, she decided to reveal something else, “My darling and you are really good girls, though of course Miya is rough around the edges... she's still a gem, but it's also the main reason why she gets so hurt.”
“Huh?” Yui uttered as she turned back to look at Ayaka.
As she heard her utter this, the mother in deep thought said with a serious air, “She puts everything she has in every action that she makes... she also tends not to think, when her emotions get the best of her... because of that, she's liable to make some quite reckless decisions... hurting herself badly in the process.”
Hearing Ayaka say this, Yui couldn't deny that. She'd seen Miya do that already, engaging in confrontations with the Sakamaki's when it came to her safety and well being. She didn't consider herself at all... nor the real dangers of what she faced.
Unaware of those dangers though, Ayaka continued to speak, “That's the problem sometimes with good little ones...” with that saying those words, the red haired woman turned her sea green eyes  back to Yui. As she did so, she told her, “You all put the welfare of others before yourself... not paying heed to your own wishes. You need to be careful that kind sacrificing nature doesn't come back to hurt you.”
Yui seeing that Ayaka was now talking with her eyes concentrated on her, realised that she wasn't just talking about her friend. She was talking about herself, as she did so, she didn't know how to respond to this and so began to utter nervously, “Uh um... well, I-?”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

At once interrupted by Ayaka's laughter, Yui staring at her saw that she was staring at her warmly losing the seriousness she had. As she did this, she heard her say, “Well I don't think I have to worry about you too much, Yui-chan... at least you're sensible enough to think before you act... so, do you think you could do a little something for me?”
Hearing her say this, Yui then becoming a little nervous but simultaneously curious decided to ask, “Um, of course? If it's possible for me...?”
Listening to her say this, Ayaka smiled and replied, “Oh? I think it will be...” With that looking out towards the orange glowing sun, she told Yui her request, “I would like to ask you, to keep an eye out for my little darling.” Really surprised to hear this, the blonde haired girl became wide eyed and as she did so, the mother went on to say, “Make sure she she doesn't do anything too reckless... I don't want her to be plagued by any more regret and guilt.”
Hearing Ayaka say this, Yui was in disbelief! Her friend's mother... was asking such an important request from her of all people? But then looking down, she made her considerations as she thought to herself quietly...
Looking on as she turned back to her, the red haired mother was silent... then after some moments, Yui turned her pink eyes to her as she made her decisions. As she did so, she spoke, “Ayaka-san...”
There came no reply, from the sea green eyed observer. Seeing this, Yui decided to continue on, “I... I don't know if I'll be able to stop Miya-chan entirely, when she becomes too enraged, she can be a monstrous force to deal with.” Ayaka said nothing in reply to this, for she felt something more was coming and she didn't want to interrupt the gentle girl, as she continued on, “But, I'll try my best to look out for her... for she's been doing the same for me all this time.”
Surprised as she heard this, Ayaka saw a strong light was beginning to shine in Yui's eyes. Seeing this, she was amazed as her daughter's friend went on to say, “Miya-chan all this time has been inspiring me, with her strength and passion, she makes the weaker me become stronger... and in the future I hope that I can do more for her, like she has for me...And I never want her to suffer again.” With a warm gentle smile she turned her pink eyes to the mother and as she did so, she told her finally, “So, yes I would be glad to do that for you...Ayaka-san.”
Silent as she heard this, the mother stared at Yui wide eyed for a few moments. However finally recovering from her surprise, she told her warmly, “Thank you...” it was clear she was pleased. Then as she stared at the blonde haired girl she decided to admit, “I was also correct about one other thing.”
Puzzled that there was something else, Yui then uttered, “Huh?”
Ayaka then informed her of her thoughts, “You really are a cutie pie! You're just too sweet for words!”
Immediately hearing this, Yui became flustered as she turned red! Quickly she tried to wave away these compliments with her hands as she told the exaggerating mother, “Oh! No! No I'm not like that Ayaka-san, I-!”
“Ha! Ha! Ha! So modest too!” As these words and laughter quickly rang out from Ayaka, Yui blushed more in embarrassment. For though she'd made an important promise to her friend's mother, she was now experiencing the full force of her overwhelming affection.


Meanwhile making it to the holiday house after a little bit, Miya looked in the driveway of the place. As she did so she commented to herself thoughtfully, “Ah? Looks like dad's not here yet?”
Quiet for a moment as she saw the empty parking lot, she sighed as she shrugged her shoulders slightly. Annoyed she couldn't help but comment, “I guess... I didn't get the timing right, huh?” Realising this she then said, “Oh well...” for looking to her blue beach bag, she reached inside of it and pulled out a small piece of scribbled upon note paper.
She was quiet as she studied it, doing this for a few moments... she then gripped it tightly into her fist. Doing this, she looked to the holiday house again, she had become determined as she declared loudly to the air, “Okay! Let's do this!” With that she marched straight into the residence to act out her plan...


After making the promise to Ayaka, Yui had decided to make her fast escape from the red haired woman's exaggerations and rather... intrusive and embarrassing questions. For most of them she couldn't bear to answer without either becoming extremely flustered or with the danger of giving away any hints of what was happening to her, when she was back living with the Sakamaki's. So, she quickly had made an excuse to go and check on Miya, this had led her to now walk back to the holiday home, with the setting sun still continuing to shine on down.
Sighing as she walked out from under the shadows of the trees, Yui couldn't help but say aloud as she looked to the ground, “I'm even more tired... now I can understand how Miya-chan feels...” then as she said those words and walked around the corner-


Startled, the blonde haired girl looked up and there she saw running in her direction from the house with a rather excited smile on her face. It was none other than her friend!
Seeing her Yui wondered why she looked that way? Had her father arrived or-?
“Yui-ko!” It was then that Miya arrived in front of the curious blonde haired girl. As she did so, she hurriedly told her, “Man I'm lucky you're here! You won't believe it!”
Baffled and confused why she was acting and saying this, Yui then had to ask, “Huh? Won't believe what, Miya-chan? What've-?”


Suddenly she was given no time to ask anything, as Miya took her by the hand and told her, “C'mon! Hurry up! We gotta get back to the house!”
Still perplexed at what was going on, Yui though wanted to know, “But why though? What's-! Whoa!” Immediately she was given no chance to ask anymore. For quickly she was being dragged forwards by Miya's hand as she was leading her back to the holiday house, running all the way!


Arriving back in the house hurriedly, Yui was practically breathless! Gasping as she tried to catch her breath standing in the hallway, she looked up to her friend and asked her, “Miya...chan? Why did-?”
However not giving her the chance to speak, Miya then told her, “C'mon! Hurry up! Hurry!” With that, she gestured for Yui to come closer in another direction within the house.
Still not understanding what had come over her friend, Yui was beginning to become a little annoyed at all this running around. But following her request, she followed after her. Walking slowly, she came into the kitchen from the hallway which was lit up by the orange sunlight.
It was a pale creamy tiled room, with wooden beams inside with the usual kitchen appliances, including a big white fridge, cooker, wooden cupboards on the walls. It also contained a table to dine upon and some chairs, but there on the left side of the room was Miya. Who was waving to her, to come over, still grinning excitedly.
Seeing her like this, Yui then began to speak as she got closer to her, “Miya-chan, I don't know what you're in a hurry for, to rush me over like this, but it would be better if you give me a fair warning before-!”
“Never mind that!” Miya spoke up, still grinning away. As she did this, Yui looking to her was still annoyed and a little bit more for being interrupted, but before she could move to say anything, the heterochromia eyed girl told her, “Just listen to this!”
“Listen to-?” However before Yui could finish, something was moved to the left side of her head. As it was, she heard-


Immediately the blonde haired girl felt herself stop dead in her tracks! Gasping, her eyes widened as she felt like her heart had leapt into her mouth! Stunned, the item that had been placed next to her ear was the white receiver of a digital telephone and on the other side, the voice that was talking to her was, “Father!?”

“Yui! It is you!”

Trembling as she heard him, Yui couldn't believe it! It really was her father's voice! Talking to her, right there and then! So many rapid thoughts were rushing through her! How could this happen!? Why could she be talking to her father now?! Just what-?”
It was then though that she saw Miya grinning away, standing to one side as she continued to hold the phone towards her ear. Seeing her, Yui knew it immediately. It was her friend who'd done this somehow! But how could she have-!?
She didn't get another chance though to ask this question, for Miya seeing the look on her friend's face then put a free finger to her lips as she winked. With that, she then nodded in the direction of the phone. As she did this, Yui quickly held it with both of her hands and as she did so, the heterochromia eyed girl released it and departed as she walked through another certain door, to give the father and daughter the chance to talk alone.
Seeing Miya leave her alone like this, Yui still shaken inside by amazement and shock as she clutched the receiver didn't know what to do or say? For she-?

“Yui? Are you still there?”

Hearing her father talking to her again, Yui then turned back to the white coloured phone and held it close to her ear. As she did so, she spoke into it hurriedly, “Yes! I, I'm still here...” then trembling she couldn't help but say, “Father... it really is you, isn't it?”

“Yes, of course it is... I find this unbelievable to be speaking to you like this, when I heard this  Tadao-san say she knew you, I had my doubts but...”

There was then a pause, Yui clutching the phone tightly wondered what it was her father would say? Would he mention something about the Sakamaki's? Would he shun her away now or-?

“It's good to hear your voice, I've missed you terribly.”

Hearing her father say these words, Yui was further amazed as she felt herself freeze. But quickly as her heart raced and ached, her widened pink eyes immediately brimmed with tears. As they did she couldn't help herself as her breath shuddered, for she was trying hard to breathe against the wave of emotions she was feeling. Then all of that began to form and stream forth rapidly from her eyes as she trembled. For he really had, her father had really missed her all that time. He hadn't forgotten about her! He'd... shivering as she realised this, she sobbed into the phone as she uttered trying hard to maintain her voice, “Father... father!”

“Yui!? What's wrong!? What is it!?”

Hearing him say this, the blonde haired girl was unable to answer him. The relief and happiness was too much! She just couldn't say anything audible in reply as she continued to cry.

“Please! Don't cry it's alright... I'm here, hey!”

As he became flustered like this, trying to soothe her. Yui hearing him couldn't help but smile at his awkwardness even as her tears continued to stream down. For it really was him, this was no act. It was real. So then knowing this with pure relief, the daughter and father began to catch up on all the events and moments they'd missed together...


“... I see, that must have been tough for you.”

Nodding, Yui then replied to her father, “Yes... it was, it was very difficult.”

“I can imagine... I was wondering why I couldn't get through to you!”

With that as he said those words, Yui waited to see what her father would next say.

“Well don't worry, I'll get that problem sorted out immediately!”

Surprised to hear this, Yui asked him, “You will?”

“Yes! I will buy you a new phone and have it sent you!”

Pleased to know this, Yui then replied, “Alright, thank you father...” for thinking of all that she had told him. Yui was so glad to be able to share words like this with him again. For like she had imagined, he'd been very busy helping overseas within the other churches in Europe. It had made him so busy that he hadn't had much time to get in contact with her. Though obviously he had tried. Many, many times...

“ Are you sure there is nothing else that has been distressing you? Have you been able to get along with everyone in the household you're in?”

As this question was put to her, Yui was quiet for a few moments. As she considered everything that had happened to her till then, all the darkness and pain. She turned her pink eyes to look to the light of the setting sun. Doing so, she then revealed a small smile and as she did, she answered him, “Yes, I've been alright... there haven't been too many terrible issues.”

“Are you sure?”

As this was put to her, Yui then answered him, “Yes, I'm sure... don't worry, father.” For knowing what knowledge she'd been able to acquire, her father didn't know about the arrangement that had been made with the church. Having her being offered up to the Sakamaki's as a sacrificial bride. So he knew he was innocent in all that... which she was glad for.
However she knew inside, that even if she told her father now everything that was going on. In all likelihood, there would be little or maybe nothing he'd be able to do for her if he returned, for a simple priest wouldn't stand a chance against the church, even less against powerful beings like vampires... she didn't wish to endanger his life.
So not wanting to dwell on those sad thoughts, she decided to change the subject as she told him, “I'm just so happy right now, that I can talk to you again like this... I've missed you so much!”

“As have I... I'm so relieved to know that you're safe.”

“And I'm glad you are too,” then smiling as she felt herself begin to tear up again slightly she couldn't help but admit, “It's so amazing... being able to talk to you again like this. I can't believe it!”

“I know... it's wondrous that you were able to receive such generosity! From... what was her name again?”

As this question was put to her, Yui then answered smiling, “It's Tadao, father, her full name is Tadao Miya.”

“I see, Miya-san... and she allowed you to call me, while you're with her family?”

Nodding as this was asked, Yui then replied, “That's right... she surprised me actually, taking me away with her on her vacation like this.” With that she couldn't help but laugh as she admitted, “I never thought that, when she told me to come with her it would result in us talking again like this... it's almost like magic.”

“This I would have to agree with, it must be by the grace of God that you were able to make such a benevolent friend like this.”

As she heard this, Yui never considered that possibility. But then thinking of how she and her friend had first met, within the confines of the church... she smiled warmly as she admitted to her father, “Yes... it must be, I agree.”

“Ha! Ha! Indeed...”

There was then a pause in the atmosphere. Curious as she heard it, Yui cautiously asked after a moment, “Father? What is it? Are you-?”

“I'm very sorry Yui, but I will have to end this conversation with you... I need to be getting back to my work soon.”

Saddened to hear this, Yui though knew that she couldn't talk to her father forever. But still not wanting to dwell on the melancholy that was beginning to arise, she decided to tell her father trying to sound as bright as she could, “Alright... I understand, it's been wonderful to speak to you again though, Father.”

“It has, I agree... you just take care Yui, alright? I promise I will finish with my work soon and return to you... it won't be forever alright?”

Trembling a little as she heard this, Yui then replied trying to be strong, “Yes... I know it won't be...thank you.” Then pausing for a moment, she knew that this might be the last conversation that she may ever share with her father. So gripping the phone, she spoke again, “Father?”


Hearing him, Yui then told him her honest thoughts and warm feelings, “I love you... I love you so much.” With that saying those words, her eyes began to brim with tears which she felt for sure would overflow at any moment.

“...And I love you too, with all of my heart.”

So grateful to hear those warm loving affectionate words, Yui despite her sadness was smiling with her happiness and love, as she told him, “Thank you... goodbye, father.”

“Goodbye Yui, please keep yourself safe.”


With that the call was ended. As the phone's tone beeped in her ear, Yui lowered the receiver from her ear slowly, her head down... there was nothing now but silence all around her, as the sounds of the wind gently blew through the holiday house and the sun continued to shine it's warm rays through the windows.
To the blonde haired girl, it almost felt otherworldly to her now... even as the birds chirped their songs outside, it was like she'd awoken from a dream. A dream that she thought she'd never be able to experience again... however the trembling and the warmth she was feeling within the depths of her heart and the light that was touching her. It was all very, very real... this was no illusion.
Knowing this, the sad expression that had once been there vanished. Instead she smiled, then lifting her head she moved her hand and quickly wiped away what traces of tears remained. As she did so, she turned around and immediately with a small smile on her face she went to go and search for the one who'd allowed her to have this miraculous happy dream...


“Hmm ♪, Hmm ♪, Hmm ♪”

Standing within the confines of the houses's green luscious garden, with her back against the wall of a shed. Miya had her eyes closed and was humming a happy little tune to herself, as she heard the birds twittering in the trees. Though she knew amused she was no match against their little songs.


Anticipating this call, she smiled a little more. Then opening her odd coloured eyes, she looked to the house and uttered, “So she's finished, huh?”

“Miya-chan! Where are you!?”

Hearing her call out again, the heterochromia eyed girl couldn't help but find it adorable. The way she was searching for her so desperately. However she wasn't one to keep someone waiting, so called out as she went to walk towards the opened sliding glass doors, “Right here, Yui-ko!”
Instantly as she cried this out, the sound of pitter patter of feet was heard as they began heading in her direction. She remained silent as the blonde haired girl finally came through the doors, she looked almost breathless as she looked at her with amazed widened eyes.
Seeing her like this, Miya grinned as she saw the look of awe that was in her friend's eyes. As she did so, she joked asking her, “Have a good conversation with your old man, huh?”
Hearing this being put to her, Yui seeing her friend smiling at her like this. Still in the sway of disbelief and amazement, she first had to ask her, “ did? How did you manage... to get through to him? How-?”
Expecting this question, the heterochromia eyed girl smiling made a slight shrug of her shoulder as she replied, “With just a bit of luck...” then saying that, she revealed a piece of notepaper which had something scribbled on it. As she displayed it, she added as Yui looked on at her curiously, “And cunning!”
Not understanding, Yui then was shown the piece of notepaper properly. Seeing it, she became amazed as she saw it was the number she'd tried to use to contact her father before. Looking at it, she asked, “This is my father's number! How did you-?”
“I recorded it!” Miya answered brightly. As she did so, Yui stared at her perplexed. As she did so, she heard her friend continue on to say, “When you tried to call your dad before, I saw you left upset and... I figured you had bad luck and missed him, so I decided to give it a try.”
“Give it a try?” Yui asked repeating her friend's words curiously.
Nodding, Miya then explained more, “That's right, I went into mom's office after you'd gone and then I used the phone's re-dial button, to give me the number... then afterwards I just had to wait for the right moment and well here we are!”
Amazed as she heard her say this so calmly. Yui couldn't believe Miya had thought of such a simple but surprising plan! She'd gone that far for her? But then thinking... her eyes widened in wonder, she pondered why the call here hadn't gone straight through to the Sakamaki's? Thinking to herself for a moment, she could only deduce that perhaps the phone in the holiday home hadn't been configured to go through to them, unlike the one back at the Tadao home. Then that truly meant one thing... they really didn't have any power in this place, they couldn't reach or find her!
Seeing her become silent like this, Miya didn't know what her friend could be thinking of. But           she could guess at one possibility? So taking a more serious air, she decided to ask, “Yui-ko?”
Hearing her name being spoken, the blonde haired girl looked to her friend. As she did so, she heard her ask, “Did you tell your dad? About everything? About what's been happening to you?”
As this question was put to her, Yui became quiet with surprise at being asked this. Then looking down, she hadn't revealed anything about the abuse to her father, though she had mentioned she'd been feeling terribly sad and lonely without him. She couldn't, for if she did and told the truth... he'd be put into serious danger.
Miya seeing her friend look down like this, it was clear she was becoming concerned. So she asked again with her worry echoing in her voice, “Yui-ko?”
“Huh?” Pulled out of her thoughts again, the blonde haired girl looked to her friend. Seeing quickly the worried look that was on her face, she knew her silence was only making thing's more awkward and unsettling for them both. So she decided to finally give a proper answer, “I... I told him what was needed.”
Curious as she heard this, Miya then asked her friend, cocking her head to the side, “What's needed?”
Nodding, Yui then explained, “Yeah, I told him that I miss him and... that I'm having difficulties.” With that looking to her friend, she finished saying as firmly as she could, “And, he said that he'll be coming back as soon as he can for me...”
As this was told to her, Miya though had to ask still concerned, “Is that all he can do?”
Yui simply replied, her eyes lowered to the ground, “Yes...”
As she heard this being said, Miya then quiet for a moment. Couldn't help but sigh, as she did so she admitted aloud, “Damn... I was hoping for something better than that.”
Listening to these words, Yui then replied herself looking to the ground still, “Yeah... it would be better if he could do more.”
“You're telling me!” Miya annoyed, then couldn't help but fold her arms as she added, “Hell's sake!” With that saying those words, she admitted with a slight saddened tone, “But? I guess if he's overseas it can't be helped, can it?”
Shaking her head, Yui then replied a little sadly herself, “No...” however the depressed tone didn't reflect the sadness of the inability of her father. It was the fact, that once again she'd had to lie to her friend... but she knew if she'd admitted the truth, Miya would be outraged and there would be the danger again of admitting too much. So she had to keep this act up, unless she wanted worse in the future.
But not wanting to dwell on the sadness, she wanted to say what was the most important to her, “But! Still, I was so glad!”
Surprised as she heard this, Miya looked to Yui with widened eyes. As she did so, she heard her friend say with a truly happy smile on her face, “I was so happy to hear that he's alright! That he's safe... just being able to talk to him again.” With that she felt her eyes began to brim again and as they did, she went on to say, “Being able to hear his voice again... it was so wonderful.”
Seeing the tears that were beginning to brim in her eyes, Miya was struck in awe. However, feeling a warmth flow into her heart, she moved her right arm and hand. Doing that she stroked Yui's hair gently, as she said with a smile coming to her face, “I'm pleased to hear that.”
Feeling her friend's hand upon her lock's Yui was silent with surprised as she looked up to her. As she did this, the heterochromia eyed girl smiling away continued to speak, “I'm glad that you got to talk to your old man again, I know you've wanted to do that for a long time so...” with that said she couldn't help but release a small chuckle as she added, “I'm happy that I've been able to do that for you, Yui-ko.”
Hearing these words and seeing the warm smile that was on Miya's face. Yui felt her heart race with tender feelings, smiling herself she then moved her own hands and took hold of her friend's hand in them. As she did so, she told her looking at her with pure happiness in her eyes, “It's not just this that's made me happy, Miya-chan.”
Curious as she heard this, the heterochromia blinked as she asked puzzled, “Huh? It isn't?”
With a slight shake of her head, Yui then told her smiling still, “No, it's everything that's happened...” saying those words. She felt her heart souring inside of her chest, as she went to go on to explain, “You taking me from the Sakamaki's, letting me stay with you, coming to the beach here, letting me meet your family.” With that gently squeezing her friend's hand a little more, she added the last wonderful thing, “And allowing me speak to my father... all of these thing's, they're the kindest gifts anyone's ever given to me.”
Miya amazed to hear this, hadn't considered it like that at all! She was becoming a little flustered herself hearing all this, so embarrassed she turned her head to the side as she told her, with a slight blush on her cheeks, “Aw! C'mon you're exaggerating! Yui-ko!” With that she tried to answer trying to make thing's more practical and less gooey, “I mean, anyone would do something like that for their pals!”
Hearing her say this, Yui though couldn't help but ask as she continued to smile, “Really? You believe that, Miya-chan?”
The heterochromia eyed girl hearing the playful teasing question then responded, sounding desperate and flustered, “Obviously! I, I mean! I promised you'd speak to him again and I just wanted you to be happy, so I-!”
Suddenly though, the heterochromia eyed girl was interrupted. For then Yui still holding Miya's hand in her own ones. Reached up slightly on her tip toes and quickly in seconds, she placed a gentle warm kiss upon the stunned heterochromia eyed girl's right cheek!
Wide eyed as she felt this happen, Miya became solid and still in amazement! The world around the two girl's seemed to stop as the gentle warm rays of the sun continued to shine down on them both and the birds continued to sing away in the distance...
After a little bit, Yui lowered herself and removed her lips from her friend's cheek. As she did so, she looked up to her warmly. Doing so, she continued to smile brightly as she told her again, “Miya-chan, thank you... I mean it, truly! Thank you so much.”
Her eyes still widened, the orange haired girl touching her right cheek could feel Yui's warmth still linger on it. As she did so, she turned bright red and turning her face away from her friend with her hand over her mouth. She had an awkward embarrassed expression upon her features, for she didn't know what to do at all!
Yui seeing her friend become shy like this, couldn't help but giggle as she told her, “You're so cute, Miya-chan!”
A little annoyed as she heard this, still averting her eyes away. The heterochromia eyed girl responded still covering her mouth, “Knock it off! I'm not like that... so don't say weird thing's like that!”
However Yui simply giggled again. For looking at her friend warmly still, she was glad that she was finally able to give her a pleasant surprise too.


Surprised in seconds to hear this loud series of car honk's. Both girl turned immediately to look to the house. As they did so, Yui becoming curious asked, “Who's-?”
“Looks like dad's arrived!” Miya announced, recovering from her embarrassed state. With that she then added, taking her hand away from her mouth, “He always does that when he makes it over to see us.”
Hearing this information, Yui then uttered simply, “Oh?” However after a moment, she continued on to ask with a smile, “Well? Do you think we should go and meet him?”
As this question was put to her, Miya looking to Yui was then quiet for a second. But finally she made her own reply as she told her, “Sounds like a good plan to me!” With that walking forwards back towards the sliding doors, she added, “Let's go!”
Nodding, Yui then followed after her. Then making it to the sliding glass doors, she heard her friend say thoughtfully, “Oh yeah? Before I forget!”
“Huh?” The blonde haired girl asked, with that suddenly she felt Miya come on over to her. Then suddenly she wrapped her arms around her, as she did this she felt her squeeze her slightly in her arms.
Yui's own eyes widened as she felt this, but the warm gesture didn't last for more than a few moments. For then detaching herself from her friend, Miya seeing the surprised look that was on her friend's face, told her with a slight laugh, “You're welcome!”
Quiet as she heard these words, Yui then quickly understood what she meant. As she did so, she smiled brightly and laughed herself, as she made a slight nod.
Miya herself pleased that Yui truly was happy and at peace, couldn't ask for anymore. So with a smile on her own face, she told her, “C'mon! Let's get going! We've got an awesome barbecue waiting for us!”


“Plus my dad too!” Miya added feeling a bit awkward for making her dear parent wait, as she cheekily poked her tongue out looking in the direction where the front door was.
Yui hearing this giggled as she told her friend, “Well we better get going then!”
“Right let's!” Miya responded, with that both girls quickly made their way out. To join the rest of the Tadao family, then together the two girls that night enjoyed themselves blissfully. Also for the rest of the summer vacation, they enjoyed their time, playing and relaxing upon the pearly white sands of the beach, swimming in the sparkling sea, exploring the domains of Shikoku island and all of it done whilst basking in the delightful rays of the hot enriching sun...

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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Current Residence: uk
An aspiring Artist who wants to touch the skies
Personal Quote: Glory is not always found in winning but in rising everytime you fall


Chibi/ Plushy
Ruby by Lrme87
Ulquiorra by Lrme87
Twilight sparkle by Lrme87
Wanna a tiny little chibi / plushy character of your very own?

Now you can get one! XD
Personalised Weapon Design
The Dagger of Juliet by Lrme87
Cherubie Wand by Lrme87
Wish to have the weapon of your choice be given form and life? Then here you will find it can happen! Will be finished as a JPEG or PNG file depending what you'd rather.
Keyblade Design
The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87
The Subtle Scythe Keyblade by Lrme87
Saviour Keyblade by Lrme87
Want to have your own designed keyblade? Then your dream has come true! A single weapon will be illustrated and made into a JPEG or a PNG file. 
A Group Illustration
ShinkuRose Teatime Poster by Lrme87
Y,R,P cosplay by Lrme87
Residents of the dead by Lrme87
A group illustration of three characters with a background included. Done as a JPEG or PNG depending on preference. 
An Illustrated Couple Picture
.:My Valentine:. by Lrme87
Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
100 TC - 49 Separate by Lrme87
A loving couple or two characters of your choice together with a background done as a JPEG or PNG file
Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
100 TC - 10 Geisha by Lrme87
Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87
A fully coloured background pic and a single character included. Will be finished as JPEG or PNG depending on customers preference. 
Single Illustrated Figure
RWBY: Opaline Hart by Lrme87
Elaina: The Priestess Of Hope by Lrme87
Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 


Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be 10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be 15

And for an additional character it will be an extra 3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be 18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be 5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be 10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!




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tamayouchi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I apologize for the super late reply, but thank you so much for the favorite on my Sailor Moon fan art! :hug:

Pretty sweet keyblade designs! I hope your Patreon goes well for you. :)
Lrme87 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks lol ^^
SleepyLuis Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For An Illustrated Couple Picture do you do yaoi?
Lrme87 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
I could do that, ^^
SleepyLuis Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome ^_^
redrojo17 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
When you have the time take a look at this. I've been making seasonal song lists, from Christmas to Halloween. I also did Valentine's Day too. I'll probably do one for Summer Season too.



Lrme87 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
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redrojo17 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
Want to put ya to the test? See if you watch this videos without even shedding a tear:
Lrme87 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Will do lol ^^
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Happy Birthday!
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