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Random shout :3
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Hey, how are you today?
Sat Oct 16, 2010, 10:25 AM
Altosonium:iconaltosonium: if you can be bothered could you try and draw an older ahiru and fakir picture
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Does anyone ever get depressed when your work doesn't get the reaction you hoped for from others? 

23 deviants said Yes... everytime
3 deviants said Don't really care
1 deviant said Nope
Heya guys big news!

I've finally reached the halfway point of my story Kingdom Hearts: Fragment! 

And we are going to venture into the second door of time!
Now since we're onto the last half of the story, this will be the last ever! OC competition I'll be having for the story! Also for those who love nobodies, this is your big chance to have your character into my epic tale!  

For the part your character will appear in the 'Treasure Planet' Arc. 

But unlike before when I let you completely decide upon your characters past history there will be a slight something you will need this time. For in this Arc your character will have a connection to two characters I will be introducing, which will be Noel Kriess and Yeul from FFXIII-2!

Your character's connection can be anything to them, however there must not be a romantic link! Other than that it can be whatever you wish! 

Your character can be female/ male anthro or whatever you like ^^

He or she can come from one of the Disney world's or even from a world you've created on your own! They can also have any kind of power you wish for them to have. 

What you have to list within the charcter description is simply thus, 

What power they possess,
Personal history and connection to Noel and Noel, 
Strength and weakness in character, 
World origination, 

Also for those of you who aren't artists, you can simply write a description of the character with the guidelines, writing as well their appearance ^^


* Their character featuring in KHF
* Full character sheet
* An image of their character with Noel and Yeul
* A full coloured image of the winners choice! 

The deadline for the contest will be at the end of not this door of time but the end of the next visit to the Radiant Gardens! So that gives you plenty of time for design and creation! 

Hope I've got your interest and I'll hear from you eager participant soon! 

Seeya laters! ^^

Entry List:


Shikia Lokser (Kia) by RavenxRiku

Name: Shikia Lokser (Kia for short)
Gender: Female
Power: Can change her armor and weapons to suit different purposes and enemies.
Appearance: Right eye icy blue, left eye chocolate brown. Waist length straight black hair with a small braid on her right side face. Multiple ring earrings, a three stroke claw scar on her left cheek which no one knows how she got it. A black Fairy Tail logo tattooed onto her left shoulder.

Leekai's Appearance: Size of a horse, eye colour same as Kia's, is also branded with the Fairy Tail logo on his chest, black-grey variations in fur colour. Wears a thick chain collar for Kia to hold onto when she rides him. He is able to talk but prefers to remain silent unless Kia herself asks him a question.

Personal History: Kia was orphaned at the age of 5 and became a nobody as a result of her grief. She was found wandering the worlds with a wolf pup by Noel and Yuel. They took her in and brought her up as a sister to Noel who taught her how to fight and Yuel discovered her ability to equip different armors. However, she was separated from her two siblings two years prior to meeting Nozomi and the gang. In those two years, she travels the worlds astride her trusted friend and partner, Leekai, the Wolf Demon. She is strong, collected and very hardcore, like Noel, but underneath her shell of armor, is an emotionally driven ghost of a heart. Though she doesn't trust easily, she is protective of her friends and those around her and is willing to lay down her life for them. Her friends are her strength but are also her weakness. Her home world was Fiore (Fairy Tail) and her parents were part of the wizard guild Fairy Tail, which is were she got the tattoo from. (I know she has the same ability as Erza Scarlet but I thought it was really cool)


name: Emma Baskerville (Nobody name: Maexm)
age: 22
world of origin: The Abyss (from the manga and anime "Pandora Hearts")
-small and thin figure
-dark brown hair, cut short and in a pixie-style
-blue eyes
-wears a black dress with a white corset/waistcoat, knee-high black socks, white maryjane shoes, fishnet gloves, and a long red cloak with a hood (the hood is usually up, but you can still see her face)

powers and weapons:
powers: draws strength from the Abyss
weapons: two blades hidden in her dress sleeves, her Nobody-Chain Queen*

*Queen: Queen was the Chain she had a contract with before losing her heart. when she became a Nobody, Queen became one too. Queen looks kind of like a ragdoll with a red and white dress (colors are slpit down the middle, one side is red, the other white), with long yellow hair and a silver crown, no eyes but she has a stitched up mouth. Queen has two modes: Red Queen and White Queen. Red=battle and uses an axe attached to her hand. White=Healer

strengths: loyal, good listener, quick thinking, and she is usually two steps ahead of the enemy. she's also very good at sneaking around

weaknesses: she tends to be very quiet and doesn't talk very much. she also has problems with holding her feelings inside and not letting others know what she's thinking. but besides that, her main weakness is her trust issues

Emma was once a part of the Baskerville clan and very loyal to them. She would follow any order without question and eliminate any obstacle in her way with her Chain, the Queen. But durring the Tragedy of Sablier, she finally understood what she was doing and how many people she had hurt over the years and tried to stop it. She failed and was thrown into the Abyss as punishment. It was there that she lost her heart and became a Nobody, along with her Chain. 
After what seemed like an eternity of wandering the Abyss, she finally escaped, but she was thrown out of her own world. Now would be where Noel comes in. 
After many months of traveling, Emma was attacked by the Organization, who wanted her to join them. She refused and was attacked for it, and wounded very badly. After escaping, she ran into Noel, who patched her up and took care of her. Because of this, Emma decided to dedicate herself to protecting Noel as payment for his help. she views him as anally and trusted friend. He sees her the same way and believes that her silence makes her a very good listener and trusts her with his secretes. 

note: since she never joined the Organization her name never changed, but since your Nobodies have the whole "X" thing, I added an altered name for Emma. if you choose to use Emma in your story, feel free to chose which ever name you wish.


Name: Brooklyn Ramírez (Brook for short) (Don't make fun of his name, doing so is bad for your health if you know what I mean) (Nobody name if he had one: Bronx)

Age: 35

Appearance: Anthropomorphic white rabbit, same height as Goofy, red eyes, scar in his left eye.…

Power: Weapon Crafting: he can create or improve weapons by using any kind of weapon or even a simple item, like a baseball bat (with nails) or even a water gun (maybe some gasoline and a lighter).

Alt. Weapon: Pop Goes the Weasel: A sawed-off shotgun thay Brook always keeps around. He only uses it to deal the final blow against a strong enemy. He plans to use it on the people that betrayed him, including the big boss himself: The Phantom Blot.

Likes: Mei Mei (the one he cares the most), sweets (specially chocolate), gambling, soda, any food that has meat on it.

Dislikes: The Phantom Blot, Jessica, traitors, mayonnaise (he is allergic), when someone makes fun or makes comments about his name (Brooklyn is a given name that has increased in popularity for girls).

Strenght: Protective, street smart, good at gambling (it's good for him), honest, brave, cracks jokes and makes light-hearted comments, he cares for Mei Mei and anyone whom he befriends.

Weakness: Distrustful with anyone he doesn't know, aggressive when provoked, sometimes kind of a jerk, can be way to shy (especially with cute girls).

Background: Before his life as a nobody, Brooklyn (or Brook for short) used to be part of the Phantom Blot's mob, wich was so big it had members of any class, from humans, to dogs, cats, ducks, ponies, turtles, and more. Brook used to take care of the "dirty work" and specialized in dealing with The Blot's enemies in gruesome ways that would make the headlines. He never felt bad for what he did, except for the dead of a police officer named Phil, a man he describes was at the wrong time in the wrong place; this made him consider retirement. He used to go out with a vixen named Jessica, whom he used to have feelings for. One night, he was sent for a last job before retirement: to recover a "package" and send it to the Blot; turns out, that package was actually a young albino girl with mumbo jumbo-like powers, and the strangest part: she didn't have a heart...creepy. When he discovered what the package was, Brook became suspicious of The Blot's plans, but still kept doing what was part of the plan. When they arrived at the meeting point, Brook was betrayed by his own people, not only his boss and his so called friends, but also Jessica, the one he love was part of this coup; The Blot then sais: "Nothing personal Brook, just business, and like all businesses you have to tie up the loose ends". And with a snap of his fingers, black creatures with yellow eyes appeared and started to attack Brook, however, in the middle of this, the police appeared out of nowhere and a fight between the mobsters, the police and the creatures started, and ended with a small flame that started a fire so big as the fires of hell itself. The mobsters and the police escaped, but the black creatures where still there, attacking Brook to the point that he couldn't fight any longer, and was getting consumed by the monsters, suddenly a light consumed everything around, wiping out the fire and the monsters. Brook woke up, finding himself in a alley, with the same girl he was supposed to deliver; at this point he was supposed to feel anger and sadness for everything that happened to him, but he couldn't, his heart was lost, just like the girl named Mei Mei. Now the two travel together, lookin for a place they would call home, always going from world to world, meeting new people and friends, people they would never forget (The Mario Bros., Princess Peach, Sonic, Tails, The Mane 6, The Avatar Korra, Oswald, Ortensia, Aya, Juan, Finn, Jake, Marceline, Sakura, Kero, Tomoyo, Ratchet, Clank, Layton, Luke, Cap. Jack, Gibbs, Maka & Soul); one particular person they met wa Noel Kriess, the guy who gave Mei Mei the moogle plush she always plays with (also Brook owes him 750 munny).

World Origination: Disney Town, in the deepest parts of this world, where light doesn't always shines everything.

Misc. Info.: -He speaks with a combination of Bronx and Brooklyn accents.
-His face looks almost similar to King Kazuma from Summer Wars.

Name: Mei Mei (Chinese Translation: 妹妹 "little sister") (Mei for short)

Age: 16

Appearence: Albino, long white hair, skin white as snow, eyes red as blood, with a coat similar to the Organization XIII's coat but without any sign that belongs to them, she's barefoot.

Power: Probability Manipulation: She manipulates the probability of an event to happen, making unlikely things occur more often or instantly and preventing liable events from happening. They can cause and prevent both good and bad luck, sudden deaths, natural disasters, and even apocalyptic events. Doing so however can hurt her as she bleeds the more she uses this power, or even faint.

Likes: Brooklyn (Onii-chan), drawing, read comics that Brook finds for her, the moogle plush that Noel gave to her, sweets (especially jelly beans), anything she may find cute.

Dislikes: Being scared, black monsters (heartless),when something bad happens to Brooklyn or anyone of her friends, soup, being alone.

Strenght: Friendly, adorable, she seems to know when someone is a good guy or a bad guy, joyful, intelligent, kind of childish.

Weakness: Shyness, timidity, naive, easily startled.

Background: There isn't to much info. about Mei Mei. She doesn't seem to remember anything about her past (it also doesn't help that she is mute). She only knows that she doesn't have a heart, and that she was kidnapped by a group of bad men, and then she met Brook, the fight between the police and the mobsters, and how she used her power to save Brook. However she couldn't help him before the heartless took his heart,because of this she feels guilty for it, and since then the two have been inseparable, always taking care of each other.

World Origination: Unknown

Misc Info.: -She is mute, but she can communicate using her drawing book by writing or drawing.
-She may be possibly chinese du to her name, however she calls Brook with the term "Onii-chan", wich is japanese for "big brother". Strange isn't?


Name: Aya Turwing
Age: 15
From: Planet Montresser

Description: long rusty red hair, bangs in the front. Skinny, with a bit of muscle. Wears a leaf green headband, matching shirt, dark green pants, black boots, a blue crystal pendent, small hoop earrings on both ears.

Eyes: Teal

Skin: Light Tan

Background: Before she was a nobody she was John Silver's niece. 

Power: Starlight, causes fire and brightness

Likes: Jim, Silver, solar boarding, adventures, and stories.

Dislikes: Scroop, being hurt by the ones she loves, Heartless, chores.

Strengths: Smart, thinks on her feet, strong, tough, and caring.

Weakness: Trying to say no to Silver, Silver, deciding who's right and who's wrong.

Background: Runs away from the organization, and bumps into Noel. Trains her to be stronger.


Raivana by TwilightCrown

Name: Raiyana Nobody Name: Vixaaran

Age: 17 
Gender: Female 
Skin: Fair 
Height: 6ft 

Eye Colour: Dark blue with a crescent moon in her pupils. Hair Colour: Also Dark blue with silver glitter and two strips of silver. Knee length. Left parting Side fringe. Moderately wavy hair.

Clothing: Tight leather leggings (Blue/grey), Bishop sleeved shirt (Biege) with leather vest corset (Caramel Brown), Dark Blue Shawl/Skirt with white bead trimming around waist, ebony finger-less gloves, turquoise collar, brown leather boots and a sun and moon locket (See link)…

Weaknesses: Her brother's death is her greatest weakness. It haunts her constantly, her guilt never goes away and she silently cries herself to sleep most nights. Another weakness is she is most definitely NOT a morning person and hates those who wake her up early.

Extras: A tattoo under each eye. Left eye is the Sun. Right eye is the Moon.
Some more extras: Her favourite song to sing is Breakaway (by Kelly Clarkson) It's sort of her theme song because it tells the story of her personal history. E.G. both her leaving the darkness of loneliness when she meets Noel and Yuel, and her leaving Treasure Planet to go home, where she has to leave her crew friends behind. 

Also during a space monster incident, Raivana lost her left arm but it was soon replace with a mechanical one and a very high technology method (mixed with a little magic) covered it in skin like material so it's barely noticeable.

Weapon: Double bladed Scythe of Sun and Moon.

Power: When her friends are in dire need of help in battle, her body changes. She has three forms (I should also mention that when in these forms she has no clothing but she isn't naked if that makes sense).

Solar Fury: Her body becomes completely golden, including her eyes, her skin becomes shiny, her hair fans out above her head like rays of the sun and she emits a radiant glow as bright as sunshine. Her Scythe becomes exactly like her body and turns into The Scythe of the Sun.

Nightmare: Her Body turns into the night sky, her hair flows around her, the glitter shining like stars and the two silver strips flutter around her face. Again her scythe is the same as her form and so becomes The Scythe of The Moon.

Total Eclipse: Her body is completely mat black. There are no facial details except for her tattoos, her hair is like black vapor but despite her dark appearance, she radiates with the soft glow of a solar eclipse. Her Scythe splits into tow separate single blade scythes one moon, one sun.

Background: Raivana acts very timidly for her strength in battle and is sweet, compassionate, fun loving and always up for singing in front of an audience. Yet underneath her happier self, she has a darker past. You see, she used to have a younger brother before she became a nobody. His name was Alex and he was just twelve when the accident happened. Raivana was fourteen when her and Alex were out defending their home city. It was Alex's first time out doing his sister's job with her. Back then Raivana was more confident, boastful, cocky and a bit brutal, but she was still kind to her city where she was well known and respected. They were defending the borders against a ferocious Trinity Darkside Heartless (A combination of three Darkside Heartless) and Raivana had no choice but to use her most powerful and dangerous form, Total Eclipse. The problem was, she had only ever used it when alone with an opponent because she was so unstable while in the form and had no control over what she destroyed. Thinking that she could handle it and not destroy everything, she transformed. She killed the Heartless and saved the town. But when Alex tried to calm her down once she lost control, she struck him and sent him into the city walls. She regained control, but found her only brother, just thirteen, struggling to stay alive. Unfortunately, he didn't make it and died in her arms. Ever since that day she's never used Total Eclipse and carries a picture of her brother in her locket. She started acting timidly, undermining herself and keeping quiet. Overtaken by grief and guilt, she destroyed her own heart and left the city whereupon she met Noel and Yeul who were both badly injured. She fixed them up, told them where the city was and continued wandering through the wilderness. However, they followed her and encouraged her to feel emotion again, and bit by bit, they started rebuilding her heart. She struck a close bond with the two of them, she was close enough to them that she told them about her brother. They spent two years travelling worlds together, hearing bizarre tales of the key wielders and making money from bounty hunting. However when fighting another trinity Darkside, Raivana, refusing to use Total Eclipse, was crushed by the monster. Yeul and Noel begged wizards and warlocks if they could help her but only one said he would open the door of time to a future where she would survive (No it wasn't Merlin) but they couldn't go with her. So when she meets Nozomi and company, she'd been serving as a crew member of Captain Amelia for a year, hoping that one day she could return to her normal era and find Noel and Yeul once more.


Iron Fist Rogue Whitehart by Heart-Of-Yummy

Known Name: Iron Fist Rogue Real Name: Rosie Whitehart Age: 16 Gender: F Height: 5,7 Eye Colour: Scarlet Hair Colour: Bright Aqua Weapon: Boxing Gloves (Iron capped for extra damage)
Profession: Ship's Engineer and Repair Girl
Likes: Food, adventure, winning, food, unusual things, sleep, Mr Silver's cooking and food.
Dislikes: Losing, the crew (especially Mr Scroop and the head with arms), being hit on the head by her brother, Captain Amelia or Mr Arrow and being cornered/enclosed.
Strengths: Able to swing around on the masts and ropes of the ship like a monkey, can fix almost anything and no matter how many times she's beaten up or fatally wounded, she just doesn't die. (Probably too stubborn to).
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, finds it hard to resist tasty food, nearly always hungry, claustrophobic, idiotic and clumsy, hopeless with a gun and too stupid to know when to quit (though in some cases this is smart).
Personality Type: The fun loving, forever eating, easily pleased idiot engineer.
Common Phrases: "Excuse my pervert brother", "Don't call me that!", "There isn't anything I can't fix or break!", "Hey there! The name's Rogue! Iron Fist Rogue!", "I'm hungry!", "That's SO COOL!", "AWESOME!".

Natono Whitehart by Heart-Of-Yummy

Name: Natono Whitehart Age:18 Gender: M Height: 6,2 Eye Colour: Scarlet Hair Colour: Jet Black Weapon: Steel Mace (Spiky)…
Profession: Cargo Loader
Likes: Women, his little sister, Nozomi, Yeul, animals and his reflection.
Dislikes: Mr Silver and crew, Jim, Cait Sith, Pirates, threats to his sister, spots and attacks to his face.
Strengths: Muscular/strong, good judge of character when he needs to, very tactical and good with plans, stealthy for his size and an expert in artillery and weaponry.
Weaknesses: Can't resist a beautiful woman/girl, can't bring himself to hit a lady, over protective of his sister and get's motion sickness when travelling at high speeds.
Personality Type: The vain womanizer and plan man.
Common Phrases: "You look ravishing, my dear.", "Enough, Rosie!", "Your beauty is as bright as a shining star.", "Rogue, be careful!", "You're an idiot, Rogue."

Personal History: Rogue and her older brother, Natono came from the world Malos Terrarum, a war torn world filled with monstrous creatures, labor towns and destroyed cities. The ground there is black with soot from explosions, citizens that lived in the demolished cities are mutated or dead. Children are taken to labor or training camps where they spend the rest of their lives. In the solitude of the town Farlem, Rosie and Natono's mother raised the two siblings until she passed away when Rosie (now Rogue) was seven. Natono and Rogue became renowned thieves and were wanted criminals throughout several worlds once they stole an aircraft and fled to the adventure of other lands. Their bounty increased monthly as did their crimes. Thievery, assault, even kidnapping! They had joined with a guild of criminals that took jobs from people working behind the scenes. One day they were told to subdue and capture two teenagers like themselves and bring them back to the guild hideout by the guild master's order. That was when they met Noel and Yeul. As always, they stalked the pair for three days before they made their move. However, Rogue had done background research on her targets and realised that they couldn't attack the couple and returned to the guild with her brother, empty handed. They refused to attack the two teenagers and were expelled to live on the streets. Knowing that the guild would send assassins after them to prevent any 'leaks', they escaped to another world where they robbed wealthy people on the road and stole from merchants. As fate would have it, they ran into Noel and Yeul on the road. They gave them passage without taking anything and made for their shack of a home. But the two travelers, recognizing the sibling criminals, asked them to join them and start a better life. Although the thieves refused, Yeul and Noel spent the next seven months asking them to join them and a strange type of relationship formed between the two pairs. Rogue and Natono never did join Yeul and Noel but they were close for three years, the thieves following the travelers 'bumping into' each other in every town and the travelers accepting the unusual but fond friendship. And yet, when travelling in their air craft, again following their friends, Rogue and Natono were sent off course into a worm hole which was actually a door through time that had appeared, and were sent into the future. Here, they decided to become sailors of the stars and joined a crew captained by Amelia a few months before the journey to treasure planet. They earn their places as permanent crew members and are suspicious of the alien ship mates and the cyborg cook that suddenly replace the usual crew. Now this is where they meet Nozomi, Riku, Jim etc. who they don't mistrust at all and the rest is up to you.
  • Watching: Numerous AMV;s


Laura Roberts
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Current Residence: uk
An aspiring Artist who wants to touch the skies
Personal Quote: Glory is not always found in winning but in rising everytime you fall


Chibi/ Plushy
Ruby by Lrme87
Ulquiorra by Lrme87
Twilight sparkle by Lrme87
Wanna a tiny little chibi / plushy character of your very own?

Now you can get one! XD
Personalised Weapon Design
The Dagger of Juliet by Lrme87
Cherubie Wand by Lrme87
Wish to have the weapon of your choice be given form and life? Then here you will find it can happen! Will be finished as a JPEG or PNG file depending what you'd rather.
Keyblade Design
The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87
The Subtle Scythe Keyblade by Lrme87
Saviour Keyblade by Lrme87
Want to have your own designed keyblade? Then your dream has come true! A single weapon will be illustrated and made into a JPEG or a PNG file. 
A Group Illustration
ShinkuRose Teatime Poster by Lrme87
Y,R,P cosplay by Lrme87
Residents of the dead by Lrme87
A group illustration of three characters with a background included. Done as a JPEG or PNG depending on preference. 
An Illustrated Couple Picture
.:My Valentine:. by Lrme87
Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
100 TC - 49 Separate by Lrme87
A loving couple or two characters of your choice together with a background done as a JPEG or PNG file
Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
100 TC - 10 Geisha by Lrme87
Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87
A fully coloured background pic and a single character included. Will be finished as JPEG or PNG depending on customers preference. 
Single Illustrated Figure
RWBY: Opaline Hart by Lrme87
Elaina: The Priestess Of Hope by Lrme87
Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 

Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be £10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be £15

And for an additional character it will be an extra £3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be £18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be £5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be £10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!





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Japaninspired 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fave!
Love your artwork, hope to see more KH and RWBY pics soon.
Lrme87 Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Don't worry you will! ^^
I think you could help me with something, I've been trying to think of a team name for my OC's Nobody, Kage, Meta, and Sown. Can you help.
Lrme87 Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Sure, who would be the leader? That sorts out the first letter of the team. 
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CrimsonReaver Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Man oh man I love you KHF artwork it's beautiful and now I really want to read the story I bet it's amazing. :D

P.s. If you ever need one I have a humanoid heartless with a keyblade all set up.... If you need one that is lol :P
Lrme87 Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you very much lol I'll keep that in mind if I ever for need any particular monsters!  ^^

Plus if you do read KHF at some point, I hope you enjoy it! ^^
CrimsonReaver Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I sure will read it. :)
Lrme87 Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Cool ^^
tsubasamemories16 Feb 23, 2014  Student Writer
So I took a guess with your Skype name and hopefully I got it right, but I guessed your Skype name was the name your account was under and sent you a contact request. Just to remind you my skype is tsubasamemories 
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