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Chapter CCXII: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part XXIV

Riding upon one of the Long Boats that Mr Silver had acquired, Nozomi was silent as the green pulsating beam from the map led them all forwards. In the direction of where the mythical treasure was located upon the mysterious planet they were all upon.
It was clear looking on, that the female keyblader was uncertain about what was going to occur. She was sitting in the boat that Mr Silver was in control of, with Jim by her side along with Ben and Cait sith who was riding upon her left shoulder. The other sinister alien crew members though unlike her, were clearly excited and eager to get their hands on the treasure that was coming closer and closer to them.  
Then looking to the right side of herself, Nozomi saw in another one of the Long Boats, was the rest of her friends. Being kept in line and close surveillance by not only Mr Silver's men, but Pete's heartless. The terrible pirate creature's had all their long swords drawn and were keeping them no more than a hair's reach from them all.
Yeul looking at the sinister monsters, as they looked at her with their soulless eyes, she did her best to stay as close as she could to Noel and Raiyana. Who were doing their best to guard her and keep her away from the monsters.
Timbre in the meantime, along with Zidane, Fran and Balthier looked at the monster's with hostile eyes. It was clear that they were all frustrated and angered at being restrained by monsters like this again.
It was also obvious that Captain Amelia had the same thoughts as she looked at them, but more so she was irritated by the presence that was controlling the monsters. It was Pete, who grinning smugly from ear to ear, as he continued to boast urging their boat to go on faster and faster forwards! While Delbert standing by, looked on awkwardly with annoyance at his loud boastings.
While Mickey and Riku behind him, looked on at the overweight villain with absolute disdain. Still bound by their hands, behind their backs... for if they were free! It was clear from the looks on their faces about what they wanted to do to him!  
“Darn that overgrown mutt!” Cait sith growled. As he did so, Nozomi could feel his fur bristling and as she did so, she heard him go on to say shaking his tied paws up and down, “If I could get me claws on him! I'd send him darn well packing!”
Squeezing her own tied hands tightly just as agitated, making her finger nails press hard into her palms. Nozomi hated that they were all being forced into this! For looking at Pete who continued to grin away triumphantly as the boat was being driven forwards, she thought to herself, 'If he wasn't here! Bringing those heartless with him! We'd-!'
However her thoughts were quickly interrupted, for she noticed that looking at her from across the distance, as they all travelled on. It was none other than Riku! Seeing him looking at her from where he was riding, the female keyblader surprised didn't know what to think! But then to her amazement, she saw the white haired young man nod to her, a small smile on his face.
As she saw him do this, the female keyblader stil for a moment... then made a nod to him herself. Revealing a little smile herself, for she knew that he was telling her silently, 'It'll be okay.' Though as he was quickly distracted away from her, by a heartless that shoved him into line. She couldn't help looking down to the floor herself, to wonder if it really would? For it could all so easily-


Startled out of her thoughts, the female keyblader looked behind her as she felt a hand on her shoulder. As she did so, she saw that it was Jim who was looking at her with concern in his eyes. Seeing him, the female keyblader surprised then heard him ask, “Are you doing okay?”
As this question was put to her, the female keyblader was silent for a moment. Then looking down, she answered averting her eyes from the Cabin Boy, “Physically, yeah...but?”
Hearing her say this, Jim quiet for a moment himself then replied, “...I see.” For he couldn't complain, he was feeling the same way she was. Frustrated and helpless...however there was nothing more that anyone could do at that moment. For all their lives were in the villain's clutches.
Ben seeing his pals looking on this way, opened his mouth to try and say something positive. However quickly he was stopped in his tracks, for another of the alien's gave him a stern look. Instantly this made him shut up in seconds. There wasn't anything that he could do, so knowing this sadly he looked to the passing landscape that went by them all quickly.
As they did so, there was something about the environment... something that was familiar. It was sparking along the edges of his empty memory circuits...


Finally disembarking, Mr Silver was leading the way for the group. Having Nozomi and Jim following behind him, with her hands still tied while only the cabin boy's hands were unbound to maintain the beacon that was pulling them deeper into the unknown realms of the jungle that was upon the planet.
Looking back for a moment, Nozomi worriedly saw again the others who were still being held upon their own boat. Seeing them looking to her with concern in her eyes, she didn't want to leave them behind at all! But as she felt the tug of the rope on her wrists, she heard Mr Silver tell her, “Keep up lass! I don't want no dawdlers!”
Cait sith hearing Mr Silver say this, then barked out mad, “Oi! Don't be pullin' us about ya lout! Ya don't treat me mates that way!”
As she heard this, the female keyblader was glad for the support but she didn't bother to utter a reply. Instead she continued to walk on behind, keeping her head lowered with an unhappy look on her face as Jim followed after her looking equally displeased.  
Seeing his 'Pals' go, Pete then bidded them with a wave, “Happy huntin's there Silver!” However he decided to add in quickly, “Make sure ya bring me back a souvenir! I expect it to be a thousand gabloons in a sack!”
Hearing him say this, Silver chuckled as he grinned and replied back, “Oh! Don't ya worry... you'll at least be able to get yerself a bag of ten thousand if we're lucky!”
Silent for a moment as he heard this comment, Pete then laughed loudly as he replied straight back, “Ha! Ha! I like yer thinkin'! Ya come back real soon!” This didn't make any of the hostages upon his boat happy in the slightest, for they all glared at him in irritation for his jovial tone.
Silver hearing this, then simply grinned and made a single nod. With that himself along with his  group of treacherous pirates all proceeded forwards into the beaconing unknown. With their helpless hostages following with them.
As they all proceeded forwards, they were all unaware that a pair of cold emerald green eyes was watching them leave together. As they did so, they turned their attention back to the Long Boats that had the group of restrained remaining anxious heroes. Spying them all within the wooden confines, there was one particular individual amongst them that caught their eye and attention...


Walking forwards together, the flashing green beam of light's pulses were flashing out faster and faster. They were getting closer to the supposed treasure... knowing this, Nozomi couldn't help but wonder to herself quietly as she looked about the ominous tall jungle that was around them, “What's gonna happen when we get to where we're supposed to?”
“No idea lass!” Cait sith responded instantly as he continued to sit upon her shoulder.
Hearing him surprised, Nozomi turned to him and asked, “You heard me, Cait sith?”
As she asked this question, the crowned cat responded, “How could I not lass? I'm right beside yer head aren't I?”
This wasn't something that the female keyblader could argue about. But looking ahead, as Mr Silver hacked away some more tall trees away with his sword, she heard him continue on to say, “But even I can't help but wonder about it too...for with yaself, me and the rest of our mates all tied up, I couldn't see this end easily.”
Nozomi hearing this comment, then simply nodded as she responded, “Yeah, it wouldn't.”
“That's for sure!” Turning then as she heard this, Nozomi then saw it was Jim who'd spoken. He looked on with a serious concentrated look on his eyes, as he added, “We just gotta hope that we can get the upper hand somehow, if the opportunity comes.”  
Hearing him say this, the female keyblader looking at the cabin boy further for a moment, then she turned her lilac coloured eyes to look back to the path clearing cyborg. As she did so, her own eyes narrowed with a serious light in them, as they did so she added, “I just hope it comes soon!” With that she clenched her hands again as they all continued walking forwards.
As they all did so, Ben looking about himself was feeling a hurried anxious rush in his circuits. For this place around them all, was awfully, awfully familiar... the worried pulse inside of himself pushed himself forwards as he cried out, “Guys!”
Distracted from her serious thoughts, the female keyblader looking to the anxious robot asked him curious, “Huh? Ben?” Then as she asked this, she finally noticed the hurried worried look that was on his face. As she did so, she decided to ask him, “What's wrong? Are you-?”
Hearing her ask this question, Ben holding his head then replied, “Look guys! I don't wanna trouble you with this, but uh?”
Seeing him being hesitant, Cait sith baffled asked the struggling robot, “But what lad?”
As this question was put to him, Ben then answered immediately, “I'm starting to see my life pass in front of my eyes!”
Jim hearing this, then repeated with a slight dismissive tone in his voice, “Life?”
Ben then immediately replied, “Yeah! Well at least I think it's my life...” saying that as he clutched his head, he cried out desperately wanting to have answers, “WAS I EVER DANCING WITH AN ANDROID NAMED LUPEE!”
As he shouted out like this, Nozomi instantly cried out in alarm, “Shhh! Ben! Not so loud!”
The robot hearing her cry out like this, then became awkward as he grabbed his mouth. As he did so, he became bashful again as he replied, “Ha! Um, uh? Sorry...” with that he felt bad again, for he was making things difficult again.
Cait sith hearing him react like this, then sighed as he told him, “Honestly lad! I don't know about no Lupee, but yer realin' dancin' circles around me own head!”
Jim couldn't argue with that fact, but instead he looked forward. As he did so, he saw that Mr Silver had stopped before a particular location in the jungle. The green light pulses were practically racing at the spot... as it did so, he told them all, “Guys... be on guard!” With that everyone turned in the direction he was looking, as they did he heard him go on to say, “Thing's are gonna get intense soon!”
Nozomi hearing this, then looking forwards as well saw Mr Silver too. As she did so, she quickly regained her serious demeanour. As she did so, she prepped herself inside as she braced for what was going to come next.
The leader of the sinister pirates though was grinning widely. As he did, seeing the light beckoning them to come forward more and more strongly, he grinned widely and waving his cyber sword, he told his crew, “We're gettin' close lads! I smell treasure awaitin'!” With that, he ploughed on forwards, dragging his hostages with him as he cut through the remaining tall trees of the jungle!
His crew and he were brimming with excitement and eagerness, for soon beyond those trees they were all going to see a shine of gold! The glimmer and shine of jewels! The light of-!


However coming onto the other side of the woods of the jungle, there was nothing...
In shock, all the pirates including the band of heroes, only saw a clearing and a deep cavernous cliff, that revealed below only more greenery and shrubbery. There was no gold there, there was simply nothing.
Silent as she saw all this, Nozomi and the others, then quickly heard outrage from the pirates as they all shouted out,

“Where is it!?” “I see nothing! One great big stinking hunk of nothing!”

Cait sith himself though, seeing the upset this sight was causing grinned. As he did so, he commented, “Ha! Looks like their treasure's done the desertin 'on em!”
Nozomi herself knew though that this wasn't the time for jokes. For suddenly-!


The green light that had been pointing the way for them all. Disappeared and re-entered the golden treasure map! Seeing this, Jim was perplexed. Why was the mysterious item doing this?
Mr Silver outraged, wanted to know the exact same thing! So looking to his former Cabin Boy, he demanded out of him, “What's goin' on Jimbo!?”
Immediately pressing buttons, Jim tried to get the map working again. But no matter, how much he twisted and pressed... nothing happened. Seeing this occur, Nozomi was becoming worried, so she asked him, “Jim? Why isn't it working? Why's it-?'
Hearing her ask and feeling unnerved from the intense glare that Mr Silver was fixing upon him, he then replied finally stopping in his failed attempts, “I! I don't know! I can't get it open!”
Cait sith hearing him say this, then realising himself this was getting really bad. Cried out mad, “Oh great! That thing just has to decide to be on the blinker now, doesn't it!?”
The pirates though, looking and listening on. Didn't care about who or what had caused the map to stop working. They were outraged that they still hadn't got, what they'd been promised! So lunging forwards, one of the sinister aliens cried out mad, “We shoulda never have followed this boy!”      
Instantly Jim was thrown forwards as he was pushed from behind. Immediately he landed on the hard stoney floor hard! Seeing this, quickly Nozomi cried out alarmed, “Jim!” With that she rushed to his side, bending down she asked him worriedly, “Hey! Are you okay!?”
“Jimmy!” Ben cried out! With that he rushed over too! As he did so, he quickly went to help his pal up onto his feet.
Cait sith in the meantime, looking back at the alien who pushed over their friend cried out, “Oi! Ya creepy crawler!”
With that the alien hearing the small angered cat, looked at him dismissively with irritated eyes. As it did, it heard him say further, “Don't be takin' a swipe at me mates! Otherwise I'll swipe yer eyes out!”
“You'll what!?” The angered alien spat back! With that it was clear that the small crowned cat had crossed the line. Again!  
Getting up then, Jim shaking his head as he held his forehead, while Ben assisted him he replied to the female keyblader, “I'm fine! I just-!”
Confused as he suddenly stopped, Ben asked him, “Jimmy? Are you okay? Did ya hit yer noggin' too hard?”
Hearing him suddenly pause like this too, Nozomi was confused as well, especially when she saw his eyes widen. It couldn't have been from that push could it? But then she noticed he seemed to be looking to one particular part of the floor they were upon. As she did so, she saw something that looked like a hole with some odd patterns inside. What was it?

“I suggest ya get that gizmo goin' again!”

Turning herself around immediately as she heard this call, the female keyblader then saw that Silver was standing over both her and Jim. As she did, she could feel something bad was coming as he continued on to say, looking at them with a deadly intent, “And fast... otherwise, ya'll all be payin' for the consequences!” With that said, he directed his sword towards Nozomi's face.
Maddened again as he saw this, Cait sith then cried out, “Oi! Don't be pointin' that blade at me lass! I'll-!”

“Let's just rip 'em to shreds now!” “Throw them over cliff!”

The alien's were getting more and more enraged! They were all ready to rip the heroes apart! Ben realising this, couldn't help but gulp as he uttered trembling from nervousness, “Oh dear... ouchies are comin'!”
Seeing this herself, Nozomi was terrified seeing all this hostility too! But she couldn't let these monstrous beings hurt her friends! So standing up before them, despite her arms being tied she cried out, “Don't harm them!”
Seeing Nozomi stand up for him and Ben, along with the hostile threat that was coming closer to them all. Jim knew he had to do something! Looking to the map sphere that was in his hand and then to the patterned hole in the ground... he could pray that this would work! With that he slammed the sphere straight into the opening!


Instantly there was a reaction! Immediately the enraged aliens stopped dead in their tracks as they and then, the female keyblader along with her friends saw that the floor beneath them lit up brightly with green light! As it did so entrancing everyone, by this sudden wonder they saw something light up from with the sphere!
Looking at this, Cait sith couldn't help but ask, “Oi! What's that there!?”
Shaking her head, Nozomi then replied to him, “I dunno! It's-!”
But she didn't get another chance to ask, for then something floated up being held in place by lines of glowing green light. It was another sphere, it was a transparent one that was covered in various patterns and inside it were all kinds of shapes.  
Ben seeing this, felt something banging on the inside of his head. This was something! Something he remembered! It was-!  
As he saw this shape emerge, Jim himself then looking at it cautiously asked as he hovered his hand over it, “This is-!?”


Suddenly there within the cavernous cliff, more lines of glowing light emerged! Racing forwards to their location, they came together and connected thunderously. Creating one long glowing line and in another moment, a triangle emerged opening up to reveal a dazzling star scape beyond it.  
Looking at this pretty sight that was now before her eyes, Nozomi asked, “Whoa! This is...” however she couldn't think of anything else to say at all. For this was too incredible to even comment about!
Silver too was clearly affected too as he said in awe, “Ah! Have mercy! This couldn't be-!?”
“The Lagoon Nebula!” Jim cried out, for he recognised those stars and wisps of galacitical mists.
Cait sith hearing this though, overcoming his moment of awe. Turned and asked Jim baffled, “The Lagoon what lad?”
Hearing him, Jim then answered as he pointed to the stars that were revealed, “It's the Lagoon Nebula! A distant star constellation that's in our galaxy!”
Listening to this, Nozomi then simply uttered, “Oh?” For looking at the stars again, she couldn't help but say, “So that's what those pretty stars are called?”
Cait sith listening to his ride say this, then rolled his eyes. For was that the only thing this bubble head could say then?
Mr Silver though, looking on at the revealed Lagoon Nebula couldn't help but say his thoughts as he put his cybernetic hand to his chin, “But that's halfway across the galaxy!”
Surprised to hear this, Nozomi then asked, “It's that faraway?” For then looking to the door, she couldn't help but ask, “Then this thing? Can it-?”
“I think it can!” Turning as she heard him say this, Nozomi saw Jim have a light of excitement in his eyes. With that, he looked over the floating hologram globe that was before him. Gazing over it, he recognised certain shapes in it and as he did so, he said aloud, “A big door...”
With that he pressed a certain shape and instantly the doorway changed, revealing a new landscape from with it! A series of floating crystal like castles in the sky! Then as he said this, he continued on to say as everyone gazed on in wonder, “Opening and closing...” with that, he touched another shape and again the imagery changed, revealing now a dessert with funnel like shapes emerging from the sandy ground.
Looking at this as it happened, Nozomi couldn't help but say, “Wow! So it really can go to different places!”
Impressed himself, Cait sith then couldn't help but add, “And all with a touch of a button!”
Jim himself still absorbed in his thoughts, looked all over the shapes again. As he did so, he then commented hovering his finger over more of the particular destinations he could choose, “Let's see... Calnypis, Montresser Space Port!” With that he pressed down!
Instantly the imagery changed and there, within the door was a crescent like moon. However it wasn't a barren satellite orbiting a planet, instead it was something that looked like a glowing prosperous city, as ships sailed towards and away from it.
Seeing this particular point in space, Cait sith then commented, “Wow! Now that's a sight to see!”
Jim himself though, looking over his discovery spoke his thoughts as he continued to press a few more buttons, “This is how Flint did it! He used this... portal! To roam the universe stealing treasure!”
Realising this herself, Nozomi was quiet. However looking to the portal again still with amazement in her eyes as the scenery continued to change, she knew that if Mickey was here with them. He would be fully impressed, even Riku too! Also if their old friend Milo was here with them, she knew he'd-!”  
“But where'd he stash it all!” With that Mr Silver had lost his patience! Then pushing Jim roughly aside, he started pressing various buttons too. To find what he'd been so eagerly looking for, however as he pressed and pressed. He wasn't getting what he wanted at all! All of these doors were useless!
Becoming more frustrated by the minute he cried out, “Where's the blasted treasure!?”
Annoyed seeing him do this, Nozomi standing beside Jim who was equally displeased by this impatience. She her feline companion say with disdain in his voice, “Greedy much, aren't ya bloke?”
Ben though who'd felt something pulling upon the wires of his lost memories. Could feel something bugging him inside, holding his head he repeated in concentration, “Treasure! Treasure!”
Hearing him do this, Nozomi turning her head in his direction became concerned. As she did so, she asked him, “Ben? Are you okay?”
However not giving her a reply, Ben tried to focus and as he did, something was coming back! He then said, “It's buried... in the-!”
“Centroid of the mechanism,” Jim spoke as he finished the robot's sentence for him.
As she heard him say this, Nozomi looking to him confused then repeated, “Centroid?”
Jim hearing her ask, then stated what his mind had concluded, “What if the whole planet is the mechanism!”
Cait sith hearing him say this asked, “This planet a mechanism?” Then as he said this, he quickly thought of what that meant, “Ya mean! This whole planet is the thing that's maintaining that big changing door there?”
Nodding, Jim then replied to him energetically, “That's right!”
Nozomi quickly understanding this herself as they spoked asked, “Then that mean's that the treasure-!”
“Is buried in the centre of this planet!” Jim stated, his eyes brimming with excitement at this conclusion!
Instantly hearing these words, the alien's who'd been astounded quickly got their shovels and spades and started trying to dig! For the treasure was literally now right underneath their feet! But no sooner had they started, they stopped! For the floor beneath them immediately made their shovels dull and blunt! It was too hard to get through!
Silver realising this already with an irritated growl, then spat out mad, “And how in blue blazes are we supposed to get there?!”
Jim hearing this being asked, walked over casually and replied simply pushing Silver aside slightly, “Just open the right door!” With that he pressed the button that resembled Treasure Planet itself. But as he touched it-!


Perplexed as this light came, Jim then uttered, “Huh?” This in another second!



Suddenly Jim was thrown back! As he was struck by a powerful green bolt of light! Seeing this happen, instantly distressed, Nozomi cried out, “Jim!?”
Seeing this happen too, Cait sith cried out, “Jim lad!”
Then Ben too seeing this, cried out, “Jimmy!” With that all of the heroes crowded around the fallen Cabin Boy, to make sure he was alright.
Silver shocked by this sudden attack, looked back at the green glowing holographic globe and as he did so, he uttered, “Just what in the devil is-!”


Suddenly the globe that both he and his former cabin boy had been pressing buttons within, turned dark then as it did so. A glowing eerie green light began to glow from within it, then as this occurred a symbol appeared.
Looking on at this, as Nozomi looked over their fallen friend Cait sith saw the symbol that was now upon the darkened globe. It was one thing, a roman numeral, “Eight?”
Turning away from Jim as Ben tried to tend to him, Nozomi asked baffled, “Eight?” Then seeing the transformation that had occurred to the door opening mechanism she was startled as she saw the roman numeral. As she did so, she couldn't help but ask, “That thing! It's a-!”
“It's what lass?” Suddenly Nozomi was interrupted. For then Silver had her begin to utter her words and as he did, he became curious as he walked on over asking, “Ya've got some inkling's of what that is do ya?”
As this was question was suddenly put to her, Nozomi was dumbstruck! She realised quickly she shouldn't say another word. For that roman numeral, it clearly revealed that it was the symbol of a Lachesis Report!
It was exactly like what had happened within Atlantis! Someone had planted it within the mechanism to stop it from working! If she came into contact with it, she could de-activate it but then, Riku would-!
Silver himself though unaware of her inner thoughts, saw hesitation was in her eyes as she uttered to him, “I! I don't want to! I can't-!”
But he wasn't going to give her the chance to refuge or argue, for then switching over his cybernetic arm he turned it into a sword once again! As he did so, making the female keyblader jump she heard him say, “I don't want no trouble now from ya...”
“Urgh!” Waking up then from the nasty shock he'd been through, the cabin boy feeling Ben lift him up slowly uttered, “Just what in the-!”
Suddenly though he was stopped in his tracks! For then quickly Silver had pointed his sword straight at the Cabin Boy's neck! As he did so, in seconds Cait sith cried out, “Jim lad!”
Horrified at this, Nozomi gasped and became wide eyed as Jim himself became shocked. The female keyblader could see a terrible death like glare in the cyborg's eyes, she knew he was serious! He wanted that treasure so badly that he would kill, even Jim!
“Now!” With that turning both of his eyes to the hesitant girl, he told her, “If you know how to fix this and get us to that treasure! Then hop to it... before I lose me patience!”
Nozomi immediately felt herself falter inside, she desperately didn't want to touch the Lachesis Report! She didn't want to hurt Riku horribly again... or worse! For she knew this was the last one... if something happened she couldn't fix or heal, then-!


Turning again as she heard her own name being called, the female keyblader saw that Jim was looking at her again. She could see the fear and concern that was reflected in his eyes as he concentrated on her.
Looking at him herself, she was quiet. But after a moment, she gripped her right fist tightly against her ropes. As she did so, she bit her lower lip and looking to Mr Silver, she told him, “Alright... I'll do it Mr Silver, I'll fix the problem.”
Hearing her say this, Cait sith knew the terrible conflict she was going through. Looking to her highly concerned himself he called out to her, “Nozomi lass! Ya-!?”
Becoming smug as he heard the bound girl quickly agree, he told her, “Good answer!” With that lifting himself up and removing the sword away from Jim's neck, he told her, “Now c'mon! Time's wastin' away!”
With that said, he walked in the direction of the mechanism and as he did so. Nozomi herself followed after the cyborg, looking at her go Jim was worried. For what was the female keyblader going to do? What was she-?
However he didn't get another chance to dwell on this, for the she had finally made it over to the darkened globe. Standing before it quietly, Nozomi didn't utter a word. As she did this, Silver looking at her decided on something, “Now then...”
With that said, he then took his sword and immediately he sliced away the ropes that had been placed around her wrists! Feeling this startled for a moment, she looked to him questioningly and as she did she heard him say, “Ya can't very well disarm with no hands available can ya?”
Cait sith hearing this wasn't impressed, so he uttered, “Oh yeah of course, duh! What else are we supposed to use? Our tails?”
Mr Silver hearing this, then smiling at this comment told him, “If ya must?” But then making a quick moment of consideration, the cyborg made another quick decision. With that done, he moved and immediately he cut away the ropes that were holding the crowned down.
As he did so, surprised Cait sith looking to Mr Silver said nothing as he stared at him. However the cyborg told him, “Now life'll be easier for ya now won't it? I wouldn't want like a nice moggy like yerelf to get yer fur all charred and grilled would I?”
Nozomi didn't like this humour as much as her comrade and so she turned her eyes away from him and instead focused upon the darkened globe. With just one touch... she knew what would quickly be coming next! She breathed in and out hard, to ready herself!
Seeing her do this, Jim still being held by Ben. Could feel something bad was going to happen, as he did so. He then cried out, “Nozomi! What're you going to?! What're-!”
“Jim?” With that stopped in his tracks, the Cabin Boy heard her say with a conflicted but gentle smile on her face, “Don't worry... I'll get this sorted out, I'm gonna make sure you and the others are gonna be safe, okay?”
Hearing her say this, Jim had no idea why she would say that? If she was simply going to defuse whatever that thing was, why did she look so sad? Why would she-?
But he didn't get another chance, to ask for then the female keyblader turned back to the globe and moved her hand to go and touch it. As she moved to do this, Jim felt something bad was coming and immediately he moved his own hand and called out to her, “Nozomi! Don't!”
Worried for her too, Cait sith then asked her, “Lass are ya-?”
Then halting for a moment, she told the crowned cat, “Cait sith, get going now!”
“Huh?” He asked her baffled.
Hearing him, Nozomi then told him, “I need you to take care of Riku!” Then turning her lilac eyes to look at him, as she did so she told him, “Please! Keep him safe for me!”
As this was said, immediately the black and white cat acknowledged her words! As he did so, he then nodded firmly to her, “Aye lass! Ya just get through this! Ya hear me!?”
With a firm nod of her own, Nozomi revealed a small smile. As she did so, quickly accepting it he tapped her on the shoulder before in seconds the crowned cat took off and started to run back to  where the others were!

“Hey! Get him!” “Don't let the kitty get away!”

Seeing the cat go, immediately the rebellious alien crew all went to try and stop him! But they were all too slow and quickly he was off and away into the jungle! As he went to go and search for his pals and to give assistance to the one who would need it the most.
Looking at Cait sith as he went, Mr Silver knew there was no point in trying to go after him. The small cat alone wasn't a threat, so he told his crew, “Don't bother with that runt! We gotta bigger fish to be fried!” With that looking to Nozomi he told her, “Now ya better not give me anymore surprises lass!”
Hearing this comment, Nozomi looking to the cyborg couldn't help but scoff for a moment as she replied, “I can't promise anything there!” For then turning back, she looked to the darkened globe and as she did she added, “I can't even guarantee I'll make it back alive after this...” then saying those words, she moved her hand and pressed it on the darkened sphere. As she did so, immediately the world around her all turned to darkness as everything faded away...


Still within the confines of the Long Boat, everyone who'd been left behind were all silent as the heartless continued to keep them under a watchful chilling eye, their swords all still drawn. Ready to cut them down if they tried to make a single move!
It was clear that looking on that they were all clearly agitated and anxious, for the others had all been away for a little while. Making the unknown all the more dreadful, especially after the rumble in the earth they'd experienced not too long ago.
Looking to the faraway jungle, Yeul couldn't help but utter, “Everyone... I hope they're okay.”
Hearing her say this, Raiyana standing near to her, then replied, “So do fact, I hope that-”
“Agh!” Silenced immediately everyone looked to Pete and as they did so, they saw he had an impatient look upon his face as he said with irritation, “Just how long are those mutts gonna keep me waiting like this! I wanna get my hands on that bag of ten thousand gabloons!”
Listening to him say this, no one was impressed in the slightest. Riku himself looking at his overweight captor, couldn't help but say, “How typical!” However just as he said that-!


Suddenly something inside of him was tearing! Feeling it in seconds, he squeezed his eyes shut as he fell to the floor!
Seeing him do this, Mickey then cried out in distress, “Riku!?”
Everyone was horrified! For what was going on!? Timbre worried for his pal then asked, “Hey! What's wrong!? Is it the bite again!? Is he-!”
“Hey!” It was then distracted, that everyone saw that Pete was now bumbling over and as he did so, he asked annoyed, “What's the big deal here!? What's with the yellin'!?”
Hearing him approach, Riku couldn't answer him. Instead all he could do was gasp as the pain in his heart continued to storm inside of him! It was searing and burning inside, like a pair of demonic scissors was tearing and cutting into the very essence of it into shreds!
Seeing his fellow keyblader like this, Mickey looked to his former boss desperately as he told him, “Pete! Riku here! He's in agony!”
Puzzled as he heard this, finally making it to their side of the boat, Pete then repeated as he asked, “Huh? He's in agony?”
Nodding urgently, the mouse king continued on to say, “That's right! He's-!”

“BWA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

Listening to him laugh out like this, Mickey was shocked as were the rest of those who were on board the Long Boat. After this maniacal laugh lasted for a few chilling moments, Riku looked up to Pete with fierce agitation in his eyes, despite his agony. As he did this, it was then the bumbling villain finished and as he did so, he said with a grin on his face, “Oh this is priceless! Plus good karma, it serves ya right for all the truck you punks put me through!”
Hearing Pete say this, there was an absolute dislike shared amongst everyone for the mocking villain. Balthier himself then couldn't help but comment, “How uncivil, just what I would expect from someone lacking proper grace.”
Pete catching just a gist of these words, then turned his eyes in the gentlemanly sky pirate's direction and as he did so, he demanded, “What was that ya said!?”
Balthier himself though wasn't one to repeat himself, so he turned his face and eyes away from him. Not wishing to view his ugly visage for a a moment longer.
Seeing him turn away from him like this, angered Pete! As it did, the bumbling villain strode across  the Long Boat as he called out again, “Hey! You dolt! I'm askin' ya what ya just said to me!?”
Mickey looking at Pete as he went, turned back to Riku and as he did so. He could see his friend's condition was worsening by the second! For it was clear, that another Lachesis Report had been opened and if it had, that meant he needed assistance and he needed it right then! So quickly he called out, “Pete! Please don't do that! Just untie me now!”
It was then at that moment, the overweight villain had got his big hand upon Balthier's shirt! As he did so he lifted him up as he clenched his other fist ready to give him a piece of his mind! However he was distracted by Mickey's voice as he turned and uttered, “What'd you say?”
Timbre though looking on was outraged as he cried out, “Hey! Put down the boss right now!”
Zidane immediately chipped in too as he added, “Exactly! Fighting a man tied up like that is no fair!”
Fran herself unnerved too, as she looked to Pete's feet narrowing her eyes. If she moved her legs then she could trip him up and-!    
Quickly though she was stopped in her tracks, as Balthier looked to her and shook his head slightly. Telling her not to, for he knew this wasn't the time to fight. Especially if everyone's lives could be in jeopardy at that moment from the heartless that surrounded them.
Seeing him do this, the rabbit earred woman surprised. Though complied reluctantly as she turned her eyes to the ship's floor. Stopping her clawed feet from moving.
Pete oblivious to this, looking to Mickey and ignoring the protests that had been thrown at him from Zidane and Timbre. He asked the mouse king, “What do ya want me to do?”
Mickey then told him, “I want you to untie me, Pete! I need to help take care of Riku here! He's-!”
“That ain't no good!” Pete interrupted the mouse king as he scoffed at the idea.
Hearing him say this, it was then that Noel asked him annoyed, “What do you mean that's no good?”
With that hearing the blue clad warrior, Pete then continuing to be smug informed him, “No good for a release! If I let even one of you varmits loose, you'll all gang up on me!” Then dropping Balthier from his grip making him fall back hard on the floor he added, “I might not be the brightest bulb in the store, but even I ain't that dumb!”
Hearing him say this, no-one could argue against that logic. It was to be expected, but Raiyana looking to Riku as he continued to suffer couldn't help but say, “I never thought you'd be so cruel...”
Pete's ear twitched as he heard this comment, looking in Raiyana's direction he saw her look away from him. Averting her eyes, as she did this the bumbling villain was silent and didn't bother to make any more mocking comments. Instead he looked away himself, a more serious look on his face, for he didn't care about what they thought of him.
Timbre himself though did, seeing Riku struggle on badly still. He tried again to speak to their captor, “You're gonna be dumber still if ya don't do something to help our pal there!”
As he heard these words, Pete looked in his direction and as he did so, he decided to ask him, “And why should I?”
With that hearing that, Timbre outraged told him, “Cause he could die! I know you might be a big fat creep! But even I don't think ya wanna be-!”

“That will be enough of your squabbling.”

It was then shocked, everyone turned! For there they saw quietly approaching them all from the depths of the jungle, her metallic wings aloft, it was one particular familiar chilling figure. Pete really surprised that she was making an entrance then cried out, “Hari!?”
Everyone looking to the cold emerald green eyed girl, didn't know what she was doing there with them. But Mickey knew as Riku continued to gasp and cringe in pain, it couldn't be anything good...!


The world of Treasure Planet rapidly vanishing all around her, Nozomi steadied herself. Doing her best to not let her anxiousness or fear get the best of her! For she had to be ready for what was coming next!
Thinking that, in another second she stood once more upon the familiar stained glass pillar and immediately it raised up into the dark depths and as it did so, she quickly again heard the mechanical voice call on out.



Continuing to brace herself, Nozomi quickly once more felt the familiar flow of power race over her body. As it did so, quickly her body was encased once more in her light blue and silver armour. Feeling this occur, she then felt her strong leather cape drift behind her from her shoulders and as this occurred quickly her keyblade emerged once more more in her right hand!


Hearing the voice speak these words, Nozomi looked ahead of herself. Then as if on cue, a digital ring emerged and glowed upon the surface of the pillar as white mist seeped out from within it. Looking on, the female keyblader gripping her keyblade finally saw her adversary emerge and as they did she uttered, “There you are!”
For there before her was another knight, it was a female one dressed in a light luscious green armour, with silver linings. She somehow looked gentle but agile. With a mysterious air that danced around her, like the mist that was swiftly escaping.
However Nozomi herself knew she couldn't be gentle with this opponent! For she knew Riku would be suffering and the others were going to be in terrible peril if she delayed, so she said aloud to herself, “Let's end this!”


With those words, instantly the two female knights charged at each other! Nozomi focused all her power and all courage into her blade, for she knew that this was the last knight she would ever face! This would be the last fight in this mysterious place. This was the last Lachesis Report...  
Chapter CCXI: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part XXIII

Still messing around with the junction box that they'd stumbled across within their hidden room, the clumsy robot of the group discovered something, “Ah! With this little wire gone, it's gotta help out!” Ben proclaimed grinning as he looked to the red wire he was now holding in his metallic fingertips.
Yeul hearing him say this as she stood behind him, was uncertain and anxious so she asked, “Are you sure about that Ben?”
Hearing the worried tone that was in her voice, the confident robot replied, “Oh sure! Course I am!” Then looking back to the mess of wires, he asked, “What could go wrong?” With that he pulled it out!
Still wary, Yeul still felt like she should do something. But before she could-!


Suddenly she was being lifted off the floor! Then in seconds Ben was too! For he'd disabled the artificial gravity generator! Flailing about in the air, she cried out panicked, “Ben!”
Seeing the mess he'd caused yet again, the clumsy robot replied floating away, “Oops! My bad!” Now they all had bigger problems to deal with!


At that moment still trying to fend off Mr Scroop from delivering his final deadly blow as he tried to hold his pincers away from him, Jim was failing! He looked on with horrified eyes as the pincers came suddenly at him! But before this could occur!



Suddenly everybody was lifted off of their feet! Floating into the air, Zidane cried out mad, “Hey!?  What's happening?!”
Grabbing some railing quickly, Timbre grabbed Zidane and held him in place as he cried out confused, “This is crazy!”
Jim saw though that in his moment of distraction, Mr Scroop had stopped his pincer and they were merely inches away from his face! Then the alien himself saw even he was being lifted into the air! As Jim noticed this and took his chance!


He kicked Mr Scroop straight into his abdomen! Make him get off of him! Then as he did this-!


In seconds, the wooden barred window structures above were destroyed by the alien's massive size and strength as he was being lifted into the darkness of space! However as this occurred-!


Quickly Jim too was being taken with him too! Seeing him vanish up the shattered hole, immediately Zidane and Timbre cried out in unison as they hung onto what they could, “JIM!?” But it was too late, as the Cabin Boy was being taken to the dark abyss that lay above them all!


Feeling her exhausted friend collapse onto her, becoming motionless. Raiyana shocked was silent as she sat up and gazed down with widened eyes. Holding the female keyblader quickly close to her, the long blue haired girl shook her as she desperately tried to awaken her, crying out distressed, “Nozomi! Nozomi! Wake up please! Please-!”
Then quickly as she saw that there was no response from the female keyblader, she turned to the side and saw Noel, looking on with amazed eyes. Seeing him being like this, she quickly pleaded to him her tears streaming down, “Noel! Please help her! Nozomi is-!”
“She'll be fine,” It was then getting himself up, back onto his own legs, the blue clad hunter made his own way to Raiyana. A small smile on his face, he informed her smiling gently, “She's just exhausted...” then with a chuckle he couldn't help but add, “Like I am, I mean how couldn't she be? You're one heck of a force to be deal with when you get mad!”
Seeing him smile at her like this, despite all the terrible things that had happened. Raiyana then looked down and becoming saddened thinking of what had happened, she told him, “I'm sorry Noel... for putting you all through this, I don't expect you to forgive me but-”
Suddenly the long blue haired Nobody was stopped from going on. For then Noel, moving his hand forward was stroking her long locks of hair. Feeling him do this, she was startled but looking up to him, she heard him say smiling still, “You shouldn't say stuff like that, I don't hate it you for it... plus crying really doesn't become you, Raiyana.”
Hearing him say this, the female Nobody didn't know what to say at all. However becoming embarrassed, she blushed and looked away from him saying with an awkward smile of her own, “No... I guess not?”
To which in reply, Noel simply laughed. As he did this, Cait sith walking over couldn't help but comment, “Well! I'm just glad that this mess has got all sorted out finally!” Then he couldn't help but sigh as he proclaimed loudly, “I don't want anymore surprises!”
Noel hearing him say this, couldn't help but reply as he looked to him, “Ditto!” However before anything more could be said-!


Suddenly everyone was being lifted off their feet! Distressed immediately Raiyana then cried out as she held onto Nozomi, “What's happening!?”
Noel shocked then replied, “I don't know!? What's-!”
“Oh fer the love of Pete's dragon!” Cait sith shouted out, flailing his arm's about! It was clear he was mad as he demanded, “I said I didn't want no more surprises!”




It was then at that moment, that Mr Scroop crashed through to the Deck! Then as he did this, he struck straight into Raiyana! As he did this, in seconds Nozomi's unconscious form was dislodged from her hands!
Turning in horror, the long blue haired girl then saw her dear friend was being carried off into the darkness of space above them! Seeing this she cried out, reaching her hand out, “Nozomi!?”
Looking in horror too, Cait sith then cried out madly, “Oh lass!” With that he started swimming through the air to reach her!
Mr Scroop paying no heed to the distress he'd caused, flailed into the air chaotically until finally he gripped his pincers onto the mast that was nearby! Using a spare rope, he held himself close to it. It was clear he was enraged as he turned to look back at all the nuisances!
Raiyana meanwhile trying to catch Nozomi as she reached out to her desperately with her hand, was unable to! But before she could properly touch her-!

“Raiyana no!”

Suddenly she was taken in by Noel's grip! For somehow he'd managed to grab onto a metallic ring that was a part of the ship and was holding onto it for dear life! Doing this as he used his other free hand to hold her hand to stop her floating on up, he told her, “Don't do it! You'll be carried off too!”
However distressed, Raiyana didn't want this! She argued back to him, “But if we don't do something-!”


Suddenly at this moment, Jim came through to the Deck! He was flurrying about everywhere! Trying to grab onto something! Anything! But nothing came! At this rate, he would-!

“Oh fer blast sake!”

Then hearing this familiar voice, the Cabin Boy looked above himself. As he did so, he saw with alarm Nozomi, floating away unconscious into the air! As he did so, he also saw Cait sith hanging onto her desperately as he shook her by her collar saying mad, “This ain't no time for ya to be nappin'! Ya daft banshee! Ya gotta get yer wings out or we'll be-!”

“Cait sith! Nozomi!”

Hearing his name being called, it was then the crowned cat saw it was none other than, “Jim lad!” For there quickly approaching him and his unmoving ride, was none other than his other pal!
Seeing him come over to them, despite the awful situation he told him gladly, “Boy am I glad to see ya!”
Then at that moment Jim made it over to the unconscious girl and cat. As he did so, he caught and held Nozomi close to him as they continued to float up, as he did he asked the crowned feline, “What's happened here! Why's she out of it like this!? What's-!”
However he didn't have another chance to ask anymore questions, for then they quickly passed Mr Scroop who immediately tried to get at them with his pincers! But hugging Nozomi close to himself, Jim spun in the air and instantly the red skinned alien missed them both!
“Whoa! Watch it lad!” Cait sith cried out, for holding onto his shoulder he told him, “If ya act anymore chaotically like this I'm gonna be thrown clean off!”
Hearing this, immediately Jim told him, “I know! But we gotta do something though or-!” Then looking above himself, he saw that all of them were just passing the crow's nest! This was the last stop before oblivion! Realising this, the Cabin Boy looked around himself and in another second he saw the one thing they could hold onto, the black jolly roger pirate flag!
Seeing it, he didn't hesitate to grab it! Doing this, he held it tightly with his free hand while holding Nozomi's unconscious form close to himself! He gritted his teeth trying to fight against the weightlessness that was threatening to take them all away!
Cait sith seeing that they were all in a really bad spot, felt terror making the fur along his back bristle. As it did so, he quickly saw looking down there was another reason to be fearful. For  quickly approaching them both, crawling up the mast with his spider like legs and terrible pincers. It was none other than Mr Scroop!
Seeing him approach, the small cat cried out, “Oh lad!”
Hearing him call like this, Jim saw the red skinned alien too! As he did, he uttered to himself worriedly, “Oh no!” While Nozomi in his enclosed arm continued to slumber on helplessly.
Meanwhile looking above and seeing what was about to happen to her friends, Raiyana couldn't let Mr Scroop hurt them! So becoming determined she released herself forcefully from Noel's arms! Then in another second she transformed into her night form!
Feeling and seeing her do this, Noel cried out “Raiyana!?” But it was too late, he couldn't stop the transformed Nobody from going.
For she told him angrily, “I'm not gonna sit back and do nothing!” With that she hurriedly climbed the mast, digging her long nails into the wood, allowing her to keep her grip on it as she travelled upwards determinedly. Noel watching her go, as he held onto his ring, could only hope his friend knew what she was doing!
Now though upon his targets, Mr Scroop smiled to them sinisterly. As he did so, he then told them all, “Well, well...look who's gonna the shark bait now!”
This didn't please Cait sith in the slightest! He then protested loudly, shouting out, “Who're ya callin' shark bait! Ya roasted lobster! I'll see ya charred with garlic butter fer-!”
However the small crowned cat spoke too soon! For then Mr Scroop started to cut into the rope that was holding onto the flag! As he did so, the heroes were helpless to move against him! Seeing them look to him terrified, the sinister alien told them delighting in the horror he was creating, “Please do say hello... to Mr Arrow for me!”
Seeing him cut into the rope like this, everyone was scared witless! However, suddenly another voice cried out, “Mr Scroop! Stop this now!”
Turning the alien then saw who it was, that was calling out to him! Angered his rage seethed as he uttered bitterly gritting his teeth, “Miss Raiyana!”
Looking at him and seeing his yellow eyes were fixed on her, Raiyana then told him angrily, “I'm in command here! And I order you not to hurt anyone here!”
Hearing her say this in her transformed state, Mr Scroop clenching his teeth had had enough of this! So moving his other pincer, he told her mad, “You don't command me!” With that he went to strike her!
Seeing him do this, Raiyana though moved swiftly! Striking him with her double edged scythe  straight in the face she dislodged his balance! As she backed quickly out of his grasp, “Agh!” Instantly this sent him flying into the air! The female Nobody looked on with shock as she saw this occur!
Distressed at this, the alien went to grab onto anything he could! But seeing Jim, Nozomi and Cait sith were in his way of his only anchor, he we went to strike them! Doing this he shouted, “Give me that flag!”
Looking at him coming his way, Jim then saw the terrible alien trying to grab onto Nozomi's leg! Seeing him do this, angered he shouted back, “Get your own!” With that he kicked him in the face!


Seeing this occur, the transformed Nobody and the others saw Mr Scroop start to ascend into the hostile realms of deep space! She was silent with widened eyes like Jim and Cait sith were, as the red skinned alien disappeared into the dark oblivion that lay above them all...


Jim looking at Mr Scroop vanish above, then couldn't help but sigh in relief. As he did so, the small crowned cat on his shoulder still, then uttered with no concern, “Hmph! Good riddance!”
The Cabin Boy couldn't argue with those words, however the one thing he was truly grateful for was that they were all alive. Then looking to Nozomi who continued to slumber on in silence, he was happy to know as well that he'd been able to finally help in some way...


Reaching forwards, Yeul having caught the wire that Ben had unintentionally released. Then pushed herself and as she did, she concentrated and cried out, “There!” In seconds the wire was placed back in the junction box!


Instantly Ben fell to the floor with a loud cluttering sound. As he did so, Yeul landed too. Doing this she cried out, “Ow!” For finally the gravity had been restored, to the entirety of the ship!
Ben shaking his head as he sat up, then couldn't help but comment, “Whoo! Now that was a doozy!”
Grateful though to feel the natural pull, keeping her feet on the wooden floorboards. Yeul was relieved, she couldn't help but sigh saying, “Thank goodness...” For she could only hope that the others were now safe.





Immediately as the gravity was restored to the ship, Raiyana, Jim and Cait sith along with Nozomi fell onto the floor of the crow's nest.
As this happened, Morph who'd been hiding away in Jim's pocket, then quickly came out. Looking to his fallen favourite person who'd fallen painfully onto the floor, he rubbed affectionately into her cheek, blubbering in a concerned way.
Hearing and feeling him, Raiyana looking to him then whispered with a small smile on her face, “Morph...”
In pain though, the Cabin Boy sitting up then gasped out, “That smarts!” With that he rubbed his head as it continued to ache.
“Ya're tellin' me lad!” Then saying that, as he shook his head he couldn't help but ask with a slight cringe, “I just wanna know what the heck caused all that there!”
Sighing herself as Morph backed himself into the soft cozy layers of her hair, Raiyana then replied, “Yeah... that was just crazy...” however she also couldn't help but admit as well, “Though I suppose in some ways fortunate...without the gravity, it wouldn't have been easy to take down Mr Scroop...” though it was clear she felt bad still for what happened.
Cait sith and Jim seeing and hearing her say this, couldn't blame her for feeling this way. All of them were silent for some moments. “Hmm...” It was then that a certain individual began to awaken. As they did, after a moment they heard voices continue to talk on,

“... Well anyway, I do think we were lucky lass!”

“You're telling me! He almost beheaded me! If the gravity hadn't been out then-!”

“Jim...?” It was then recognising the voice, Nozomi became more conscious and as she did, her eyes fixed onto the Cabin Boy.
Hearing her, immediately looking towards her Jim was surprised! His widened eyes seeing the keyblader's lilac coloured eyes gazing at him, then became relieved as he said, “Nozomi! You're awake!”
Full of relief too to see this quickly too, Raiyana then couldn't help but say holding her hands over her mouth almost trembling as she looked to her awakening friend, “Thank goodness!”  
“Awake?” She asked puzzled, for she didn't know what he meant? For what had-?
“Geez lass!” It was then that the crowned cat got her attention. As he did so, he saw her look at him with surprised eyes. Seeing this he demanded out of her, “Now ya decide to wake up!? Ya really do have lousy timin' don't ya!? Ya just couldn't do it five minutes earlier could ya?”
Now gaining more more awareness, she then looked at him baffled as she asked, “Huh? Five minutes?” However before anyone could give her any answers-!


It was then that immediately everyone heard a familiar voice, everyone getting up then turned and viewing from down the side of the crow's nest, saw standing below upon the wooden floor of the Deck, it was none other than Zidane and Timbre.
Then standing beside them, there was also Noel. Looking on with anxiousness, he called up to them, “Are you okay!?”
Looking down they heard the cat tailed young man call up to them, “That Scroop guy didn't get at any of ya!?”
Hearing him ask this question, Zidane then called out too, “Yeah! You're not hurt are ya?!”
Seeing them with surprise, Nozomi then called out to them all in delight, “Guys! You're all here!”
Timbre listening to her say this, then replied back, “Of course we are?! What happened to you all!”
Listening to the pink haired cat boy cry out to them all, Cait sith then called back, “It's a long story lad! Ya can wait till we get back down there to hear it!”
Zidane listening to this being said, “Well don't keep us waiting too long! You have no idea of the stress we've been through down here!”  
Looking up at the others and his crew mates as they continued their banter with the small crowned cat. Noel looking up to the female keyblader as she smiled at Cait sith as he rowed and complained, as Timbre and Zidane did the same back to him. He could see that from the looks of relief on her face, along with Raiyana and Jim that they'd all managed to get out of the terrible episode unscathed. That was a massive blessing and he couldn't help but smile himself at knowing this knowledge, then as he did this-

“Hey fella's!”

Everyone was distracted, for there coming out from below Deck down the stairs. Everyone saw that emerging, it was none other than Ben! Looking at him with perplexed eyes, all of the heroes saw that the odd robot was covered head to foot in stray wires. Slightly sparking here and there.
As he appeared like this, nobody could understand why he'd become like this? Why was he-?
“The laser cannon's are disabled now!” Then saluting up to Jim who was up above, he added, “No heartless or bad guys are gonna use those now!”
Puzzled as he heard this, Noel didn't understand as he repeated, “Laser cannons?”
But Jim looking at Ben and seeing all the trailing and sparking wires all over him, could guess now who was responsible for the craziness they'd suffered with, which was the gravity and lights... he then commented annoyed, “Well... it looks likes we know who the culprit is.”
Nozomi confused by this repeated curiously as she looked to him, “Culprit?” For she didn't know what he was talking about, but before she got a chance to ask-


It was then that arriving on the scene, it was none other than Yeul! Seeing her come out, everyone saw she looked slightly flustered as she asked, “Are you alright!?”
However seeing her, himself. Quickly Noel ran in her direction as he called out, “Yeul!”
Seeing her too, in seconds Raiyana then immediately descended from the crow's nest as she cried out too, “Yeul it's you!” It was then making it down onto the floor, after Noel she ran on from behind him and as she did so, the two of them made it over to her!
Looking at them both approach her hurriedly, amazed and delighted Yeul cried out, “Noel! Raiyana!” Then she was unable to say another word more, for the two of them making it over to her, she was quickly wrapped up into a warm hug!
As this occurred, Morph startled escaped Raiyana's long hair and watched on curiously to see what would happen next, as he floated above over her shoulder. Yeul surprised too, couldn't believe it!  Feeling the female Nobody do this, the young girl heard her say, “Yeul... I'm so glad you're safe! I'm so glad...”
As she heard her say this, along feeling her familiar warmth. Yeul in disbelief asked, “Raiyana, are you-?”
“I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, I made you worry... I'm sorry for putting... you and everyone through all of this!” The female Nobody said as she held her young precious friend close to herself, shaking ever so slightly.
Hearing her say this, Yeul was amazed! Then looking to Raiyana as she shook ever so slightly, she then couldn't help but smile. As she did so, stroking her back she told her, “It's alright... it's okay Raiyana... I know you're sorry...I forgive you.”
Morph seeing this, then smiled and laughed in delight to see this warm affection. As he did so, he then joined into the hug too as he nuzzled into Raiyana's cheek, glad to feel her warmth and in turn, Raiyana herself was glad to feel it too as she smiled at him.
Seeing the two girls embrace each other like this, as they sat upon the wooden floor. Noel smiled as he looked at them, then he decided upon something. Walking quietly over, he then joined the hug himself as he wrapped his arms around both Raiyana and Yeul... as he did this, he couldn't help but say to them, “We're finally back together now, aren't we?”
Listening to these words being put to them, the two girls surprised looking to Noel then both quietly smiled. As they did so, they then nodded... for at last, their bond together had been properly restored.            


It was then turning her head, while still in the embrace of her treasured friends. She and them, then saw that Nozomi was on the floor of the Deck, the wings on her feet outstretched showing how she, Jim along with Cait sith had made it back down there.
Seeing her there, Raiyana detached herself from Noel and Yeul, as they all stood up together and looked to the female keyblader along with the others too. Morph too moving then sat himself on her shoulder, as he continued to watch on with curious eyes as they were all quiet and gazed at each other.
The female Nobody looking to Nozomi, then saw her approach and as she did so, she opened up her hand. There displayed to her, was her precious golden locket that contained the photograph of her little brother. Seeing it in surprise, she turned her gaze back up to Nozomi. As she did so, she heard her say, “I think you'll need this.”
Hearing these simple words, Raiyana at first was quiet. Then after a moment she smiled and with a nod she replied, “Yeah, I will...” saying that she reached her hand across, then placing it upon her palm. Taking the necklace back into her fingers, she told the female keyblader, “Thank you... for everything.”
Smiling as she heard this, Nozomi then replied happily, “It's no problem! I'm just glad to have you back with us!”
Listening to these words, the long blue haired woman simply smiled. Noel staring at his friend, couldn't help but smile too, as he did so he commented, “Looks like everything's back to how it should be.”
However suddenly a certain figure snuck up behind him. As it did, it uttered, “Almost...!”
Hearing this voice, it was then turning around Noel saw that it was none other than “Timbre!” Surprised he was immediately pulled into a headlock!
As he was everyone looking on baffled as they heard Timbre cry out, “Man! Just look at you! Getting all the girls like this! The boss is gonna have ya in the rig for this!”
Struggling against his hard grip, Noel had no idea what he was talking about! Neither did anyone else! However Zidane laughing then approached and added, “Oh! I'm not gonna have that! We gotta have a say too before that happens!” With that he joined in the teasing too!
With that instantly, Noel cried out, “Hey! C'mon you guys! This isn't-!” But it was too late and quickly he was harassed mercilessly for having been so 'lucky.'
Sighing as he saw this, Cait sith then couldn't help but comment, “Geez! Oh geez! Fools galore! They never stop do they?”
Smirking himself as he heard this, Jim couldn't help but add, “Looks like it!” However losing his amused expression. He turned to a particular item that was within his pocket, pulling it out. He looked to the golden sphere that was the map to Treasure Planet. Looking at it, he then said, “But now... we got a bigger dilemma on our hands.”
Hearing him say this, Nozomi looking to Jim and the sphere knew who the dilemma was. She then said becoming serious faced too, “Silver.”
With a single nod, Jim then replied, “Yeah...” Then gripping the sphere a little more, he added, “We'll get the treasure... and finish this, for good!”
As she heard these words, the female keyblader added, “We will,” then looking to all the others for a moment as she turned back to look at Jim, she added, “Then we'll save the others too and we'll do it all, together!”
Smiling as he heard this, Jim it was clear to see agreed. So with these words and declaration, everyone knew what their course of action would be. They needed to return to the camp and take out the evil pirate, his crew and the heartless he commanded!


Seeing this interaction and all of the events that had taken place. Hari seeing Jim smiling warmly at Nozomi as the others continued to chatter on and laugh with each other. Then spoke a thought of hers quietly, “So?... That's how it is, is it?”
Knowing this, she knew what her next course of action would be. So quickly and silently, she departed through a portal of darkness as she went to go and prepare the next stage...


Having made it back down to the planet, still under the darkness within the Long Boat. They'd all together made sure not to be seen by any heartless as they made it to the secret passage that Ben had revealed to them all.
Pushing up the cover, immediately everyone poured into their hideaway quickly each person called out to different individuals who were in there. The first to move forwards, was Timbre and Zidane as they both called out, “Boss!” “Hey Fran!”
Then as they both did this, Nozomi turning to her side asked, “Yeul? Have you got the medicine ready?”
Yeul hearing the question, looked to Nozomi and nodded as she said, “Yeah, I have don't worry! Let's go and help Riku now!” For during the journey down, she'd been told about the attack and she was eager to heal the wounded keyblader.
Pleased to hear this, Nozomi replied, “Thanks!” With that they both ran in the direction where the white haired keyblader would be.
Seeing them both go himself, Cait sith then cried out, “Oi! Lasses! Wait up!” With that he gave chase.
Looking at them all go, Raiyana hoped that Riku would be alright too. For thinking of when she'd been bitten herself, it made her shiver remembering the pain she had to go through... it was horrifically awful. Jim himself was silent, but knowing thing's needed to be done quickly he decided to make his way over to Delbert, to let him know the good news!
However, Noel pulling up Ben looked around the hideaway. As he did so, he couldn't help but be suspicious... for the entire place was in darkness. But it was an ominous darkness.. for though he knew that the others hadn't been left with direct ways to make light. He knew that Mickey and Riku if he was able could both cast fire, so why hadn't-?
“Doc! Doc wake up! We got the map!” To which, looking over the huddled over figure, he revealed the golden sphere in his hands showing how they'd all been victorious.
However immediately a metallic hand reached out from the darkness, as it did so an amused sinister voice commented with a smug smile, “Fine work Jimbo!” Then taking the sphere into his hand as the Cabin Boy looked up to him in horror, he commented further saying, “Fine work indeed...”
Seeing this happen in seconds, as Jim did Noel cried out, “Guys! It's Silver he's-!”


But it was too late! Immediately everyone was jumped upon by the hidden pirate crew!


Trying to get out of their grips, Timbre angrily gritted his teeth as he shouted, “Hey! Get off of me! Get-!”
But it was too late! He was suddenly thrown to the ground and pinned down! Tightly he was bound in ropes with his arms behind him! “Agh!”
Seeing this happen to his pal, immediately Zidane cried out, “Timbre!” But he couldn't move either! For quickly he too was bound!
“Timbre! Zidane!” Fighting against the alien that held her arms now, Nozomi mad then cried out, “Let go!” With that she struggled madly!
Seeing this happen to her, immediately Cait sith ran straight into the fray! Drawing out his claws he shouted mad, “Oi! Get ya mitts of me mate!” With that he leaped up and scratched the alien in the face!


Immediately released, Nozomi went to go and assist her friends! Taking her keyblade, she swung it madly everywhere making the aliens back off from them both!
Delighted to see this, both Timbre and Zidane grinned pleased! Cait sith too was in the same frame of mind as he cried out, “Nice goin' lass!”
However the female keyblader knew it was too early to gain praise! For still there was still the others to rescue! Looking she saw then, a couple of the aliens trying to get at Yeul who was doing her best to evade them! But she was cornered, she shivered in fright as the terrible figures peered down at her evilly!
Running fast, Nozomi batted her keyblade and struck the monstrous crew away from the young girl! As they did so, she then commanded mad, “Back off!”
Doing his best to keep his own attackers away, Noel was grateful that Nozomi had stepped in to protect his dear friend! However both he along with Raiyana, were struggling against the numbers of aliens, for they had them all surrounded! They had nowhere to go!
Looking around agitated, the female then admitted as she held her long double bladed scythe out, “This is bad!”
“I know!” Noel replied, for with these huge number of adversaries including the confined space! There was no way they could fight it out properly here! If they could just-!

“That'll be enough from all of ya!”

Turning around, it was then that Silver's voice sounded out amongst the chaos! As it did, everyone turned and as they did so, they all saw in alarm. Jim was being held at gunpoint, as Silver had grabbed him by the arm and was pointing his deadly weapon beside the left side of his head.
Seeing this with alarm in seconds! Everyone became still in seconds, however quickly Nozomi cried out, “Leave him alone, Silver!” With that she aimed her weapon straight at him!
As she did so, immediately Silver told her, “Ya better be careful where ya point such deadly sharp things lass!” With that, quickly from the shadows appeared Fran, Balthier, Delbert and Amelia! All of them tied up and gagged!
Alarmed as they saw this, quickly Zidane and Timbre cried out, “Boss!” “Fran!”
Then quickly, Noel cried out too, “Captain! Delbert!”
Nozomi was shaken, then seeing he'd made this effect on her. Silver grinning revealed, “Aye, it's all of yer mates...” then looking particularly sinister he added, “Including the ones ya deem even more precious!”
Shocked as she heard this, Nozomi widening her eyes uttered, “What?”

“HA! HA! HA! HA!”

Hearing this haunting familiar bout of sinister laughter, Nozomi turning then saw that appearing from out of shadows. It was none other than Pete! “Like what ya see? Sweet cake?” He asked her as he walked forwards.
For in another second he displayed in his arms, pushing them both forwards tied up and gagged, it was none other than, “Riku! Mickey!”
For there in the terrible overweight bumbling accomplices hands, were both of her fellow keybladers! Mickey himself was struggling badly against him, as he mumbled loudly trying to make some audible words. But he couldn't!
Riku himself was pained, it was clear he was struggling to even stay on his legs as his terrible wound was continuing to leak with the awful purple fumes. Seeing him like this, Nozomi then saw him stagger as he was pushed and he collapsed onto his knees! She immediately wanted to go to him as she went to move! However-!

“Uh! Uh! Uh!”

Wagging his big fists and fingers, Pete then told her, “Don't ya be gettin' antsy now!” With that he clicked his fingertips and in seconds, a heartless pirate emerged! It's blade now right at Riku's throat, showing the fierce and evil intent the sinister accomplice had for him!
“Ya ruddy coward!” Cait sith cried out mad! For if there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was his friends being threatened like this!
Horrified to see this, Nozomi's eyes widened! She couldn't do anything sudden! For if she did then-! Thinking of it made her fearful, but at the same time she was angered as she gritted her teeth! For if she could only move without all these obstacles around she'd-!


It was then she felt a hand gently grip her arm, as she felt this. The female keyblader turned and saw that it was none other than Yeul, looking up to him with concerned worried eyes. Seeing this, Nozomi felt her anger still... she couldn't let herself get riled up now. For looking up, she saw the others who were now all being held back. As she did so... she knew that it wasn't just her fellow keybladers lives that were at risk... it was all her new friends.
Knowing this, though she hated being helpless like this... but she reluctantly called back her keyblade making it vanish in a sparkle of light. As it did, Pete grinned... immensely pleased at having the upper hand over them.
Silver himself seeing that he'd gained full control over the situation, smiled contentedly as finally the last of the group were caught. For there he saw that Ben was then in another alien's hands and was struggling against him badly saying, “Hey! Not my face!”
However the sinister leader of the group of pirates, now taking a serious air decided to get down to business. So letting Jim go into the clutches of one of his other waiting crew mates, he told him, “Ya just like me Jimbo, ya hates to lose...” to which he ended his words with a chuckle as he set about to make the golden sphere map he now had working.
However it was clear he was struggling, for using his hands to twist the sphere open wasn't working. Then gritting his teeth as saw this, he uttered, “What the devil is!?” With that said he quickly transformed his cyborg arm, from one implement quickly to the next in rapid succession! None of them had any effect on the mysterious object at all!
Seeing this, Pete was baffled. For looking at the sphere he couldn't help but say, “That thing can't be that tough! It's nothin' but a shiny baseball!”
Jim though hearing these words, couldn't help but scoff at this comment. For he knew that neither he nor Pete would ever get it open... he shook his head in amusement as he looked to the struggling cyborg.
Silver seeing the amused look on the Cabin Boy's face, he knew what had to be done. Annoyed, he shoved the golden sphere straight in his direction. As he did so, he told him, “Open it!” With that the alien, holding Jim released him as he looked to the evil cyborg with angered eyes.
As the sphere was placed into his hands. Jim didn't move a muscle to open it, he simply glared at him gritting his teeth. Silver seeing this, it was clear he wasn't in the mood to wait... so drawing his robotic arm up. He transformed it into it's pistol form and aimed it! As it buzzed alive, he commented to the rebellious boy, “I'd get busy!”
Jim then looking saw where he was aiming, it was straight at Nozomi who looked at him startled with wide eyes! Yeul behind him gasped in fright as she hid behind the female keyblader! Cait sith outraged cried out, “Oi! Don't point that here!”
Noel restrained himself then cried out in worry, “Yeul!”        
Raiyana herself worried immediately called out, “Silver please don't!” Morph in her hair, shivered in fright at what was happening. He didn't like it at all!
Hearing her voice, Mr Silver's cyborg eye looked to her. His gaze lingered on the female Nobody for a moment, it was clear he was angered at her. But he didn't have time to dwell on these thoughts, for he wanted results and he wanted them now!
Jim seeing the angry look in Silver's face, knew that inside too. Then looking to Nozomi who looked back to him with concerned eyes, he didn't want her hurt, nor Yeul either... as he thought that and saw the others around him. All restrained and held back by their enemies... he knew he had no choice. So quickly he twisted the sphere and tapped a few buttons and in seconds the mysterious object lit up and opened!


In seconds, everyone saw the whole dark space lit up with green light! For there in moment's the hologram image of Treasure Planet before them, shining brightly!
Blinking in amazement Pete couldn't believe it! No-one there could! Silver then astounded uttered out as a smile appeared on his face, “Oh the powers that be! Would ya look!”
Then in seconds as he uttered these words, the image of Treasure Planet flitted away and instantly a beam of shining green light escaped through the opening of the hideaway! As it did so, it led out in a particular direction out into the mysterious feral landscape of that world.
The green beam throbbed with a yellow light, as it was directing them where to go. Realising this, Silver chuckled in satisfaction. As he did so, looking to the band of group heroes then decided on his next course of action, “Leave 'em all here and let the heartless have 'em! While we'll all-!”


Suddenly the guiding beam disappeared in seconds! Baffled everyone saw that Jim had called the image back entirely into the sphere. As he did so, looking to the object with a smug satisfaction he proclaimed to Silver, “You want the map? You're taking me too!”
Hearing these words, Silver staring at Jim was quiet. However he couldn't help but smile and shake his head in amusement. As he did so, he knew for sure Jim really was like him... not wanting to lose. So he told the Cabin Boy, “Alright Jimbo! Alright...” however walking into one particular direction, he then moved his cybernetic arm and hand. Doing this he placed it upon, Nozomi's shoulder!
Jim shocked as the female keyblader looked to the cyborg, with widened eyes heard him say, “But just to make sure that ya won't be pullin' anymore tricks... we'll be takin' Nozomi lass as a guarantee!”
Startled to hear this, Nozomi then uttered confused, “Huh? A grantee?”
Hearing this, Silver grinned as he replied simply, “Aye!” For he spied that still the female keyblader didn't have any idea how special she was Jim... but that was of no consequence. For then looking to the rest of the hostages, he decided, “Also we'll have Pete's heartless on standby here! So that none of ya we'll do anything against us!”
Hearing this, Pete then immediately chuckled! Putting his thumb up to Silver he replied pleased, “That's a good plan there!”
However it was clear none of the others liked that plan whatsoever! Nozomi in particular didn't! She didn't want to leave any of them here with just Pete alone, but before she could move to say anything-
“Alright! Let's be movin'!” With that he started to try and pull her out, as Jim was being forced to move too.
Going though, Nozomi looked back and saw Riku again. He'd fallen onto his legs entirely and seeing him suffer like this as his breathing became weaker and weaker... she couldn't just be dragged out like this! So she moved and cried out, “Mr Silver wait!”
Hearing her call out to him like this, annoyed the cyborg demanded out of her, “Now just what are ya gonna complain about lass?”
Seeing his robotic eye was concentrated on her, Nozomi then informed him desperately, “I'm not complaining! I just...” looking to her dear friend who was breathing heavily and was clearly suffering she told him, “I just want to help Riku! Please! Let me and Yeul heal him! Then I promise to go without a fuss!” Then to enforce the point, she grabbed his still organic hand and said again, “Please!”
As he heard her plead like this, Mr Silver was stilled. For Nozomi had never begged like this before. Then looking to Riku and seeing him suffer as he breathed in out terribly, sitting upon the floor he saw the purple fumes of his wound. Remembering again the damage that had been inflicted to Raiyana. He looked to the female Nobody and he was silent...
Then looking back to Nozomi and seeing the pleading light that was shining in her lilac eyes... he couldn't win against it. So he told her coldly, “Fine then! But you get that done quick! I ain't gonna be kept waitin'!”
Relieved to hear this, Nozomi sighed and with a quiet nod she turned from him. Doing so, she looked to the young girl she had been guarding and told her, “Okay, let's go and help Riku, Yeul!”
Hearing these words, the long blue haired girl nodded and replied, “Alright!” With that the two of them proceeded over to him to begin the treatment.


Breathing in and out hard, against the gag that was around his mouth... Riku could barely identify around himself anymore. He could barely think... he-?

“Riku hang in there!”  

As he heard this voice call out to him, the white haired keyblader thought he knew who it was. But he couldn't talk with the gag in his mouth, though he couldn't utter an audible word. He felt himself being laid against a wall. Feeling this, he then felt a gentle tug as the gag was finally pulled away from his mouth and nose.
Quiet as this happened, he then tried to say, “What is...?'

“Is this the remedy?”  

“Remedy?” The white haired keyblader asked, his vision terribly blurred as he heard this voice say this particular sentence.

“Yeah it is! Just take this bottle and pour it's contents onto his wound and it will heal immediately!”

As this explanation, Riku didn't know still what was going on. But before he could move to say another word-

“Okay! Let's do this!”

Then as he heard that... suddenly he felt a tremendous warmth flood inside of him. The terrible burning that he'd been feeling all at once faded, to be replaced by a cooling sweet sensation. Feeling his breathing become more stable, his vision cleared and as it did so he asked, “What has?”
Saying those words, he saw a happy relieved smiling face come into view which uttered happily with relieved tears beginning to brim in her eyes, “Riku...!”
Seeing this face and expression, he recognised it as he asked, “Nozomi...?”
Looking at him as he said her name breathlessly, the female keyblader reached her hand forwards. Putting her hand to his forehead, she felt the burning he'd had before had all but disappear. Glad to see this, she told him smiling, “You're gonna be okay now... you're healed.”
“Healed?” He asked her confused, as he struggled to remember all that occurred to him.
Nodding as he said this, Yeul then explained, “That's right... we were able to able to give you the healing remedy, we were just in time!”
Listening to this being said Riku was quiet. As he was, he remembered everything that had transpired. As he did so, he then revealed a smile of his own as he replied, “I see... well I'm glad you were.” Then seeing Nozomi looking to him still looking at him happily with relief, he raised his hand and stroking a lock of her dark hair he told her, “Thank you...”
Feeling him do this and hearing these words, Nozomi smiled as she trembled. Then leaning her cheek and own hand into his gentle touch she told him, “It's alright... I'm so glad, I really am...Riku...” with that some more tears trickled from her eyes. For she'd finally made up for her mistake before, her dear precious friend was healed.
Everyone looking on at this scene despite the bleak situation couldn't help but feel their hearts warm at this sight of affection. It was good that this one crisis was over, but Mickey smiling himself realised as he looked to Pete and then Silver. He knew there was soon probably going to be worse that was going to come for them all very soon...  
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Chapter CCX: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part XXII

Running down the corridors together, Jim with Timbre and Zidane followed by Ben including Yeul, were all on their way to get the treasure map back. The long metallic corridors, surrounded by all the piping and steel enforced linings were ominous. Giving them all the feeling of being trapped, as they were lit up by the orange glow of the engines below.
However it was clear none of them were going to give up! Running forwards as he held his spear ready, Timbre had to ask, “How much further is it!?”
Hearing him, immediately Jim responded, “It won't be long now! We'll be there in a second!”
Listening to this response as he carried his daggers in both hands, Zidane then replied, “Good! Cause I don't fancy our chances against-!”


Suddenly again the whole frame of the ship shook! Looking above quickly, Jim didn't need to guess what was causing it! As he thought how Nozomi was facing against Raiyana, he couldn't only pray for one thing, “I hope that Noel and Cait sith are with her now!”
With that no-one said another word, as they all continued to venture further into the depths of the ship. However, Yeul running with everyone couldn't help but turn her green eyes up to the ceiling. As she did so, imagining the battle that was occurring between her friend's, she whispered worriedly, “Everyone...”



Moving fast, Nozomi was flying through the air! Aiming her keyblade, she concentrated on her target and cried out loudly, “Swift Star Rays!” With that in seconds, the shining comets of light raced out of her keyblade and went to strike her target!
Raiyana, on the riggings of the ship. Seeing the glittering attack coming her way, immediately evaded running along the tall beams of wood with total ease. As she did so, she looked back at Nozomi with a keen determined look in her clear opaque eyes.
Seeing her do this, Nozomi was frustrated as she drew her blade back and said mad, “Darn! I missed again!” For Raiyana's powers of evasion were incredible, she'd barely been able to make any hits on her so far! If thing's continued like this at this rate, then-?

“Oi lass!”

Stirred out of her thoughts in a second, by a particular scottish tone on her shoulder. Nozomi saw Cait sith pointing in a certain direction with a gloved paw saying, “Incoming!”
Hearing him, the female keyblader saw quickly below Raiyana's winged dusks were heading straight for her! Their mouths were open and ready and quickly they started to shoot their blasts of fire at her!
Her eyes widening as she saw this, immediately the female keyblader acted! Manoeuvring herself out of the way of the attack she gritted her teeth and taking her blade, she cried out loudly, “Blizzaga!” Immediately the powerful ice spell and balls of fire collided in the air!

In seconds the Dusks were thrown back by this ferocious power as Nozomi was! Turning the air as she tried to regain herself, she spoke with a gasp, “Man that was too-!”


Turning hurriedly as she heard this call, Nozomi then saw with alarm one of Raiyana's Dusk's had somehow come up from behind her! Seeing the creature she saw that it's mouth was blazing with flames and-!


Immediately it unleashed it's fire upon the defenceless keyblader! Nozomi seeing the attack coming braced herself for the impact as she moved her arms protectively crying out, “AGH!!!”


Suddenly though another voice shouted out! Then-!



Opening and turning her lilac eyes up, Nozomi then saw in surprise it was none other than, “Noel!?”
For there slicing through the monster with both his blades, it was none other than the blue clad hunter! As the creature turned to darkened shards, he immediately caught onto a spare rope that was hanging from the riggings! As he did so, he turned and asked, “Hey! You okay!?”
Hearing this question, Nozomi quickly nodded in response. As she did so, Cait sith then spoke up clearly pleased, “Good thing ya acted when ya did lad! Otherwise me and the lass here woulda been-!
However quickly, the small cat was stopped in his tracks. For quickly Nozomi moved back in the air! As she did this, Noel too quickly moved back! Swinging upon the rope! The crowned feline then nearly losing his balance cried out mad, “Oi! What do ya think yer doin' lass!? What-!”

“You have no time to relax!”

It was then that a familiar voice spoke up. Looking Cait sith saw with Nozomi and Noel, that it was none other than Raiyana! Her double bladed scythe in both her darkened hands, she stared on with a dangerous light glowing in her clear eyes.
As she did so, the small cat was silent as she stared at him and his comrade. Nozomi herself though, gripping her own blade, could sense was coming! Noel was the same too, as he held both the rope and one of his blades tightly.
Raiyana herself then launched the fight as she cried out, “For you have me to deal with!” With that she immediately charged at Nozomi!
Seeing her coming, Nozomi too rushed forwards! Both weapons struck instantly into each other! Making sparks fly as they grated against each other!
Feeling all these hot sparks come his way, Cait sith then cried out, “Hey! Whoa! Whoa!” However, his protests were ignored. As Nozomi and Raiyana concentrated on each other, for both were not going to back down from this!
Seeing her do this, as she concentrated hard on her. Raiyana could almost feel like she could see a fire burning in her lilac coloured eyes. As she did so, she couldn't help but remember how she'd looked at her so kindly before... it was-


Suddenly though she was distracted! For there coming to strike her from behind was Noel! Seeing him, she immediately forgot her thoughts and leapt out of the way!
Swinging on the rope, Noel saw quickly that he missed his target! For looking behind, he saw Raiyana begin to run upon the riggings again and as she did so, he immediately went to chase her down! Following closely behind her!
Seeing him go, Nozomi knew she couldn't let him deal with this alone! So quickly she went to join the chase too! Feeling her do this, Cait sith then cried out loudly, “Alright lass! C'mon! Let's get goin'! Let's get her!”
With a single nod, hearing this call Nozomi then replied, “You got it!”
Raiyana as she ran, turned to look behind her. As she did so, she quickly saw both Nozomi and Noel were on her tail! Coming in closer and closer towards her! Looking at them, she was reluctant to take both of them on at once, however clenching her weapon... she knew there was no other choice! So turning about face, she charged straight towards them both!
Seeing her charging straight towards him, Noel immediately brought up both of his swords! Doing so, Raiyana rammed into him! As the sparks began to fly between them, he couldn't help but admit through gritted teeth, “Looks like you got better!”
Hearing this, Raiyana then replied, “Naturally! You couldn't expect me not to improve over the course of time, do you?”
As this was told to him, Noel couldn't think of anything to say back! Instead he pushed himself forwards, using all the strength that was at his disposal!
Looking at him as he did this, Raiyana concentrating felt something! As she did-!


Immediately behind her, she heard Nozomi's voice again! There she saw that the female keyblader was trying to make a blow on her from her back! However she knew better, she wasn't going to be taken down by a move like this!


Suddenly she swung her double edged scythe! As she did, her weapon stopped both the keyblader and hunter in seconds! As the weapons were barred by both blades of her deadly weapon, both of her attackers were shocked!
It was then taking this moment of surprise, that Raiyana acted! Immediately she began to spin in the air, with unnatural grace making her blade dance with her! As she did this, both Noel and Nozomi were thrown off her!
However as they were swung back, quickly both of them went in to charge again! They had to stop Raiyana! They had to!





As the warriors flew about in the air, trying to bring the transformed Nobody down. Neither of them could leave a single mark on her, she danced in about them with no difficulty whatsoever! They couldn't touch her at all!
Seeing this, Nozomi flying back for a moment then couldn't help but say mad, “Dammit! We'll never get anywhere at this rate! We'll-!”




Suddenly from below, meteors of fire came flying upwards! As they did, immediately moving out of the way, Nozomi cried out, “Whoa!”
Annoyed Cait sith then cried out mad, “Oi!” With that he turned and saw who was firing at them! It was Raiyana's Dusks! They had taken off from the floor of the ship and were coming in their direction flying up with their bat like wings!
Seeing them coming, irritated Cait sith then couldn't help but comment, “Those runts! They're playin' dirty!”




Evading again these fiery missiles that came their way, Nozomi then irritated replied mad, “You're telling me!” But gripping her keyblade, she then said, “We better clean this up!” With that she rushed forwards, to take care of the trouble making monsters!
Quiet as he heard this, Cait sith turned back to see Raiyana still fighting against Noel. As he continued to do this, it was clear he was beginning to struggle against her fearsome power. Seeing this, he then couldn't help but turn back to the enemies who were still charging up in their direction. As he did so and he looked next to Nozomi, he knew that thing's wouldn't end on a good note if they continued things at this rate... it was obvious, that a plan was going to have to be made. Then thinking this, he knew what he had to be done next and quickly he moved to get things set in motion!


Running down the stairs as the sounds of battle continued to rain on from above, it was finally then that everyone made it to the section of the ship where the Long Boats were located. Looking around themselves, Timbre could feel a bit of relief inside as he sighed saying, “Finally we're here!”
Looking about himself, his hands still ready upon his daggers, Zidane spoke too, “Yeah finally...” Then as he did-




More loud powerful sounds came booming! As they did so, Zidane then said feeling the urgency of the situation, “Now let's hurry up and get going! Nozomi, Noel and Cait sith are gonna need us!”
Hearing him say this, Jim then nodded as he replied, “Right!” With that he quickly ran forwards to go to where he was sure Morph had left the map before.
Immediately following after the Cabin Boy, Zidane and Timbre came running. As they did so, Ben and Yeul too chased after them. As they did so, looking about herself the young long blue haired girl, couldn't help but feel something was waiting to happen... her anxiousness making her shiver at the thought as well as thinking about what was still happening up above. She couldn't help but say, “I don't like this...”
Hearing her say these words, Ben then seeing the worried look on the young blue haired girl's face decided to try and comfort her. Taking her hand in his long metallic fingers, he told her with a grin, “Oh don't worry there Yeully! We're so gonna get through this! Our pals and us are gonna get through this thing with no problem! Just you wait and see!”
Surprised by his encouraging touch, along with the big grin on his face. Yeul couldn't help but ask, “Really? Do you believe that Ben?”
With a single firm nod, Ben replied enthusiastically, “I know so! In fact I know so I could shout for joy!” Saying that, he then bent back and opening his mouth laughed loudly, “AH! HA HA HA HA!”


Immediately this loud cry was met with fierce angry whispers from Jim, Timbre along with Zidane. Hearing them quickly along with seeing the annoyance that was on their faces, Ben then felt embarrassed as he told them cringing slightly, “Ah! Oh.... sorry guys!” With that he put both his robotic hand together in prayer.
As he did this, most of the guys sighed. While Jim himself rolled his eyes at these words. While Yeul at first dumbfounded, couldn't help but giggle. For Ben's silliness was quite awkwardly relaxing in these types of situations.
Jim though not in the mood for these types of shenanigans, walked towards a certain roll of rope that was on the floor. Bending down, he quickly sifted through the long dangling and tangled strays of ropes, he finally found what he was looking for. There he saw gleaming in what lighting there was, was the round golden sphere which was the map to Treasure Planet.
Relief washing over him despite the awful tense situation, Jim couldn't help but say with a smile coming to his face, “Yes... finally!”
Seeing the map was back in their possession again, everyone else couldn't help but smile too. Timbre too then said with a grin, “Good!' However letting this brief positivity wash over him quickly, he looked back above and said with determination re-surfacing, “Now, let's get back to the others and end this mess!”
Hearing him say this, Jim moved putting the sphere into his pocket and replied, “Right!” With that he went to move forwards again, but before he could make any big distance-!

“Looks like ya got yerselves a real treasure, haven't ya Cabin Boy?”

Freezing in shock as he heard this voice speaking from behind him, everyone looked on in horror! For the speaker who was now revealed to them, it was none other than Mr Scroop! Turning immediately to look at him, Jim then saw that the red skinned pincered alien was grinning at them  menacingly as he saw what they had come to claim!
This was not good news! Jim knew it and immediately acting on impulse he started to run! As he did so, quickly Mr Scroop went to give chase!
Seeing him do this, Timbre then cried out, “Oh no you don't!” With that he went to chase after them both! To stop any attacks the horrible alien would try to make on his pal!
Zidane looking at his friend as he left, knew the situation was dire! But he had to make sure it wouldn't get any worse! So turning he told his young crew mate and robot, “Ben! Keep Yeul safe! Get her out of here!” With that drawing out his daggers he added, “It's gonna get messy out here!”
Hearing this instruction, though scared Yeul protested saying with worry, “But Zidane! We can't leave you all too-!”

“Aye! Aye! There monkey boy!”

With that suddenly distracted by this declaration, Yeul was quickly taken by the hand and as she was, she was being lead in another direction! As she was she saw it was Ben leading her, saying with a keen grin, “C'mon Yeully! We gotta stay out of the way!”
With that Ben hurriedly began to drag Yeul behind with him. As he did so though, the long blue haired girl cried out, “But Ben I-!”
It was too late though, she was being dragged away too quickly to protest. As She was, all she could do was look back to Zidane who revealed a small smile of relief as they disappeared around the corner. As they did so, looking back he then uttered, “Now it's time to deliver some pay back!” With that he went to chase after Timbre and Jim, so he could deliver some swift justice to Mr Scroop.



Moving swiftly, Noel immediately smashed straight into Raiyana's double sided scythe! As he did so, they once again were grating against each other ferociously!
Looking at him with serious focused eyes, Raiyana then couldn't help but ask, “You must be tired? Trying to destroy me like this?”
Hearing her ask this, Noel then responded to her, “Whoever said I was trying to do that!”
Surprised to hear him say this, Raiyana didn't understand why he was saying that? But before she could say anything, Noel then informed her, “I'm just trying to stop you! From making a mistake that you'll regret horribly!”
As this single word was uttered, Raiyana's eyes widening repeated, “Regret?” However quickly something inside of her snapped inside with fury! Her eyes narrowing, she then moved swiftly and struck Noel away from her!


Immediately hitting one of the huge masts that were behind them, Noel cringed as he looked up to Raiyana in pain.
As he did so though, the girl was clearly infuriated as her entire aura seemed to bristle with dangerous power. As she did so, she then told him practically spitting out the words, “What do you think you know about regret!?”
With that moving her double scythe back, she told him ready to make her next blow, “You've never experienced what I have! To have someone you love die because of you! To discover you're not even human! To know that your very power makes you a danger to everyone you approach!?”
Hearing her say these words, Noel could feel her rage and as he did, he could feel something fierce begin to ignite itself within her! As he did so, he could take a quick guess what it was! However suddenly he was distracted! For behind Raiyana he saw-!      
The transformed Nobody looking at Noel, didn't notice the surprise that was on the hunter's face. For thinking of all the mistakes she'd made and everything that had went so wrong... something was unravelling inside of her! She didn't care anymore! She was going to destroy everything that was infuriating her! Everything that was getting in the way! Everything that was-!


Immediately distracted, the Nobody turned and as she did. There she saw floating in mid air, was none other than Nozomi! Her keyblade aimed straight at her!


Running forwards, Jim was desperate to escape from Mr Scroop as he followed after him! Like a bloodhound chasing a fox! He couldn't let him catch him and get his claws on the map! For if that happened then-!
It was too terrible of an idea to conceive! So acting as he ran, he quickly pulled and made some barrels that were in his way fall and roll down the corridor!
Seeing these obstacles coming his way, Mr Scroop acted and quickly evading these objects he got up on the ceiling! Then using his spider like legs, he used them to quickly manoeuvre himself forwards towards his intended victim!
Coming round the corner quickly, Timbre running cried out immediately, “Jim!?” Then as he ran he saw the obstacles that were coming! As he did, he cried out, “Hey! Whoa!” However using his quick, acrobatic abilities and his nimble cat reflexes and balance, he avoided them! Then running forwards, he cried out, “Wait up!”
Jim on his side though, had no time to do that! He had to be swift! He had to get away! But now the problem was, what could he do!? Then as that thought occurred to him, “Whoa!?”
Immediately he tripped as he hurried forwards! Landing painfully on the floor, he turned over and there above him with his dangerous pincer raised to strike him. It was none other than Mr Scroop!
Seeing him over him, Jim was helpless! He couldn't move as he looked on with widened terrified eyes!
Timbre running forwards and seeing this, then cried out, “Jim!?”
Mr Scroop seeing he had his prey right where he wanted him! Grinned sinisterly and as he did so, he moved his claw back to deliver the final blow!


Suddenly though, the tall red alien was distracted! For there before him came a pink fluid shape! But before he could get anymore details-!



For quickly Mr Scroop was poked in the eyes, by a gloved hand! Then this hand moved quickly away and flew immediately into Jim's pocket!
The stunned Cabin Boy then quickly realised who'd come to his aid! Immediately he couldn't help but cry out in amazement, “Morph! It's you!”
Hearing him though, the small pink transformative creature only shivered in reply. For with all the fighting that had happened above on Deck and coming face to face with Mr Scroop as he'd been desperately searching for everyone. He had been scared him witless! He was not having a good day!
Seeing him shake in fear, Jim quickly remembered his own situation! As he did so, he immediately got himself back on his feet and moved swiftly away from Mr Scroop!
As he did so, it was then that the sinister alien recovered from his temporary blindness and as he did. He turned back to his prey infuriated and said, “Why you little-!”

“I don't think so buddy!”

For then suddenly, coming between him and his target. Was Timbre! His long spear aimed and poised right under the red alien's neck.
Hearing this and seeing the weakened position he was now in. All Mr Scroop could do was gulp and look on with his wide startled yellow eyes in shock at the young pink haired cat boy. Who now held his life in his hands!


Quickly taking Yeul into a safe room, Ben closing the door behind them. Then looked about them, as he did so he said, “Well this is good! We'll be safe in here no doubt whatsoever!”
Grinning as he said these words, Ben then turned his glowing wide green eyes in Yeul's direction. As he did so, he then saw the sad look that was in her eyes, as she looked down to the floor.
Seeing her look this way, Ben felt bad for her. But before he could say anything to comfort her, he heard the young girl say, “There really is nothing we can do for them, is there?”
Puzzled as he heard this, Ben then uttered simply, “Huh?”
Yeul hearing the puzzlement in his voice, then replied, “We can't do anything to help the others... even now, there's nothing you and I can do for them... there's nothing we can do.”
Hearing her say this, Ben opened his mouth and was about to say something brightly. However, he quickly stopped again... for he couldn't deny it sadly. There really was nothing they could do, looking to the side he turned his green eyes away from her.
But immediately as he did so, something caught his attention. As he did so, he looked on with total surprise! However looking quickly back to Yeul and seeing her depression... he quickly decided on something! Moving over to her, he then put his robotic hands on her shoulders and said, “Yeully!”
As she heard the urgency in his voice, Yeul surprised looked up at Ben slightly bewildered. As she did so, she heard him say beginning to grin, “Don't give up yet! There's something we can do for the other guys!”
Quiet as she heard this, Yeul in disbelief then asked, “Huh? There is?”
Nodding, Ben then gave her the thumbs up and as he did, he told her, “Yep! Or my middle name's not Shirley!”  
Yeul puzzled as she heard this, repeated uncertainly, “Shirley?” However she didn't get another chance to ask more, for quickly Ben proceeded on with his plan as he opened up a certain door that was on the wall.


Raiyana seeing Nozomi had her keyblade aimed at her, looked to her angrily! But before she could move to do anything-!

“Oi lad!”

It was then that Cait sith on Nozomi's shoulder spoke up! As he did so, Noel looking at him heard him cry out, “Move yaself! Now!”
With that hearing these words, Noel didn't have a clue at what the keyblader and cat were up to! But he didn't have the time to doubt them! So quickly he went to go and do that request, so replied “Okay!” But as he could do so-!


Suddenly Noel's path was blocked! For Raiyana barred him using her long double bladed scythe! As she did this, the hunter looked to her with wide eyes and heard her say, “You're not going anywhere!”
Seeing the rage that was in Raiyana's eyes chilled him! For he almost couldn't see the eyes of the friend he'd known before. But before he could comprehend more-!


Immediately the powerful fire spell came straight for Raiyana's back! Sensing this attack coming, quickly the transformed Nobody moved and using her double bladed scythe sliced the spell in half in seconds! Making it miss it's target!
Seeing this occur, Noel then saw his chance and hurriedly moved himself grabbing a nearby rope he swung quickly away from Raiyana's position! Sensing him do this, Raiyana then seeing this action became incensed and immediately turned her gaze back to Nozomi!
The moment she did this though, the female keyblader turned and instantly cried out, “Thundaga!” Then doing this-!


Instantly the Dusk's below moved upwards as they were struck by the ferocious lightning spell! Agitated they flew straight towards the female keyblader! However as they came flying, she didn't move a muscle!
Seeing her do this, Raiyana was confused. What was she doing? What was-?




Suddenly the Dusk's released their fire of meteors from their mouths! However still the female keyblader didn't move! Then as the shots got closer and closer-!

“Now lass! Now!

At that moment as Cait sith cried out, immediately Nozomi took off into the air! Launching herself high! Missing the missiles! However as she did so-!


Suddenly the shots came straight as Raiyana stood in disbelief! However quickly despite the fire that was coming she was able to evade it all! But-!


Quickly her very monsters swarmed in! Slamming straight into her, as they fluttered chaotically and confused in the air! Feeling this angered she cried out, “What're you all doing!? What-!”
But she didn't get the chance to continue as-!


Immediately Nozomi came storming in! Quickly, striking each of the monsters with her keyblade she stunned them all! Then turning as she went to aim in another direction she cried out, “Noel!”
Then quickly getting the blue clad hunter's attention as he looked on with amazement, he heard her cry out, “Help me here!” With that she evaded a clawed punch and turned delivering a decisive slice into the monster's middle!
Hearing her and seeing her do this act, Noel felt no hesitation! He immediately replied, “Alright!” With that he charged in swinging upon his rope and quickly joined the fray with her! Slicing into each and all the monsters with his blades!
Together both keyblader and hunter sliced into the terrible Dusk's over and over again! None of the creature's in their confused state without the orders of their master could move correctly! As they all fluttered about madly trying to fire and slice the attackers that were coming at them all.
“Agh!” Bumped into again by another one of her Dusk's Raiyana had no chance against the monsters! Irritated she was given no room to move against the stampede that had come at her! Irritated she cried out mad, “You stupid monsters! How could you all-!”

“You're mine!”

As this cry was sounded out, Raiyana turned and as she did. She saw that both Noel and Nozomi were standing some way away from the chaos she was within. But before she could comprehend more, the female keyblader moved her weapon and then cried out loudly as she aimed, “Luminous Tornado!”


With that in seconds, a huge glowing tornado was created as she spun her blade into the air! Then as this occurred immediately the monsters and Raiyana herself were all caught up in the storm that was created!


Then in seconds as she was sent hurtling up above, immediately rushing up Noel moved and using his agility and strength he dispatched all the monsters in seconds making them all turn into darkened shards!
Seeing this in shock as this happened, Raiyana's eyes widened and he couldn't believe these two had changed thing's so quickly! That the two of them had... as these thoughts occurred to her though, as she fell through the air. Something inside was ignited... something that burned!


Seeing that he had Mr Scroop right where he wanted him. Timbre couldn't help but grin, as he did so he told him, “Looks like the big bad bug isn't so scary now is he?”
Hearing this, Mr Scroop angered gritted his sharp teeth! However before he could move to say anything, “Jim! Timbre!”
It was then turning he saw that it was the monkey tailed prisoner that had been bound down before. Seeing him free didn't please the red skinned alien in the slightest!
But the pink haired cat boy seeing his pal was free, was more than pleased and so he told him with a grin, “Hey! Zidane! You're a bit late to the party!”
As he saw that everything seemed to be well, the monkey tailed young man sighed. Then grinning he replied, “I can see that! You don't have a cake waiting for me do ya?”
“Nope!” Timbre joked with a grin.
Jim seeing these two animal tailed guys had the time to be leisurely like this, couldn't help but sigh. But he was more relaxed now, for with Mr Scroop now in their custody, all that they had to do was-


Suddenly the lights went off! Everything was cast into darkness! Seeing this happen, immediately Timbre cried out, “Hey! What's going on?!”


Seeing the darkness that he'd now immersed them in, Ben then said bashfully, “Oh! Oops, wrong wire!” With that he laughed at his silly mistake.
Yeul though seeing the darkness they were now in, was terrified for their friends! So immediately she told him, holding onto his robotic arm, “Ben! Turn the lights back on! Hurry! Or the others will-!”
“Alright! Alright! I'm on it Yeully don't worry!” With that placing the wire back in place, the robot then proclaimed, “There it's fixed now!”  
Relieved to know this as she held her racing heart, while the lights blinked back on. She could only hope that the others were doing alright at that moment.


Meanwhile, unaware of the chaos that was occurring below. Nozomi and Noel, were silent for there before them still in her transformed state was none other than Raiyana. She was lying upon the floor of the ship, unmoving her long hair masking away her head and face.
Seeing her like this, Nozomi couldn't help but look on at her sadly. For in the plan that she'd cooked up with Cait sith, she'd hoped to try and not hurt her too badly... for maybe now without her Dusk's surrounding them, she might listen to reason.
But still worried, she looked to her comrade and decided to ask him, “Noel? Do you think she's alright?”
Hearing her ask this question, Noel then nodded and told her, “She should be, it would take more than a stampede of monsters to bring Raiyana down.”
Quiet as she heard this, Nozomi looked to the girl again still uncertain about this situation. However, Cait sith on her shoulder then decided to inform her, “Oh don't worry ya head off lass! I just reckon she's just havin' a lyin' sulk!”
Sceptical as she heard this, Nozomi repeated, “Sulk?”


Hearing this groan from her, immediately Nozomi looking to her was more worried! Running over to her, she called out, “Raiyana!” Then making it to her side, she asked her as she bent down to her level, “Are you okay?”
As this question was put to her, the transformed Nobody said nothing in response. Seeing this, Nozomi then considered what Cait sith was correct. As she did so, she then decided to apologise, “I'm sorry, that we had to do that to you... but we had to get rid of those monsters and... I had to make it so I could talk to you properly.”
Still there came no response to her words, seeing this. Nozomi then decided to try again so placing her hands on her shoulder's she asked her, “Come on? Won't you try and listen to us for a while?” However the moment she asked that single question-!


Suddenly Nozomi was struck! “Agh!” Falling to one side as she was hit in the face!
Colliding into the floor, Cait sith immediately cried out, “Ow! What do ya think yer doin'!? What-?!
“Nozomi!?” With that Noel ran to their side in seconds! Looking over her, he asked, “Hey! Are you okay-?”
“Urgh!” Grimacing from the impact, Nozomi sat up rubbing her cheek which now was slightly sore. Feeling it, she spoke her eyes cringing, “I'm okay, I-”

“How dare you!”

Turning immediately as they heard this angry utter, hunter keyblader and crowned cat saw Raiyana was now standing back on her feet. Her head bowed, she again uttered, “How dare you!”
As she did this, there was something clearly wrong! For the air around the transformed Nobody was trembling. Feeling this, Nozomi couldn't help but ask, “What's going on? What's-?”


Feeling the Deck shake underneath him, Noel was uncertain... but something was stirring in his memory. This moment was reminding him of something... it was reminding him of-? Then suddenly it occurred to him, “No!”  
Hearing him say this, Nozomi didn't understand. But before she could ask him anything, Noel suddenly shouted out, “Raiyana don't do it! Don't lose control! You can't-!”


But it was too late, suddenly in moment's Raiyana's being began to change! Her entire body became mat black, then her hair which had once been silver in colour like moonbeams. Immediately changed into something silvery dark and moved like black vapour, as her opaque eyes peered at them she seemed more savage and deadly.
Everyone looking on was shocked, however in moment's they had more of a reason to be terrified. For then taking her double edge scythe, Raiyana taking it in her long clawed hands then pulled the weapon apart! As she did this, immediately she no longer had one long weapon, she had two!
Seeing her become like this, everyone was speechless in shock! Seeing them look at her in that way, Raiyana caught in her rage then uttered through gritted teeth, “HOW DARE YOU!?” With that shout, she then charged forwards to attack!


Quickly as the lights were turned back on. Still startled and confused at what had happened, Jim quickly saw along with Timbre and Zidane there was now even more reasons to be panicked for somehow in the brief few seconds the lights had been turned off, Mr Scroop had vanished!
Seeing this Jim then demanded, “Guys! Where is he!? Where'd he go!?”
Moving his spear down as he heard this question, Timbre looking around with his one revealed eye replied, “I don't know!? He was right here and-!”
It was then that Zidane ran on over and as he did so, taking his daggers out he responded, “He can't have gone far! We just have to keep an eye out!”
Hearing this being said to him, Jim knew his words to be true! So quickly drawing out his laser pistol, it buzzed awake and it did so Morph trembled more from fear, burying himself deeper into Jim's pocket. As he did so he finally replied, “Okay! Keep your eyes peeled guys!”
There didn't come a reply to his words, but instead silent nods from both Zidane and Timbre. With that they looked around every corner of the ship as they made a protective ring together...
However what none of them could be aware of, was the fact that Mr Scroop was above them. Using his spider like legs, he carefully and stealthily made his descent. One of his huge crab like claws opened up, he was poised and ready! Prepared to slice the Cabin Boy's head clear off his shoulders!  He grinned in delight at the gruesome thought!



Sent flying back, Noel and Nozomi were being blown away by Raiyana's new power! She was a terrible force to be dealing with! Firing multiple rapid comets of ominous light, she left no room for them to attack as she leapt and stuck, even when they both simultaneously launched themselves at once upon her, they couldn't harm her!
Seeing her power was deadly as what he'd been warned about, Noel then cringing couldn't help but say as he tried to pull himself off the floor, “We haven't got a chance against her when she's this way! She's too powerful!”
Hearing him say this, Cait sith getting up then commented back annoyed, “Yer tellin' me lad!” For getting back upon Nozomi's shoulder, he couldn't help but add, “I mean whoever thought she packed a punch like that! I thought we'd seen it all when-!”


Quickly though, Cait sith had no more time to speak! For then, suddenly Raiyana's whole body began to glow with a pale light. It was almost like she was emitting the light of a solar Eclipse, burning yet dark in energy! It was terrifying!
Seeing her do this, Nozomi saw Raiyana was gritting her teeth madly! She was almost beast like now! Then as the light continued to grow and glow, brighter and brighter... it was clear something terrible was coming! Seeing this, she had a horrible premonition. Then as she did so, the floor beneath them all began to shake!


Feeling the floor beneath them all move like this, Nozomi then saw something like silver fire begin to burn around Raiyana! It was beginning to spread everywhere! She couldn't let this get worse! “We can't let her keep doing this! If she continues to build up her power like this she could destroy the whole ship!”
Hearing these words and feeling the shuddering as well, Noel didn't doubt that theory and replied, “Then we better get going!” With that the hunter raced forwards towards the beast like girl!
Seeing him go, immediately Nozomi chased after him! As she did, Cait sith on the keyblader's shoulder cried out, “Charge lads!” With that they both launched quickly forwards together!
Feeling her opponents coming for her, quickly in seconds Raiyana reacted! Taking her scythes she quickly started to try and slice into each of them as she spun about the floor and leaped! Watching her do this, both warriors pushed themselves as they each tried to lay a blow on her!






But it was no use, jumping back from more of the missile comets. Neither of them could get a single blow upon her! She was too fast and powerful for them to strike! Then in the meantime the glow of her power was becoming more and more intense!
Feeling her become like this, Cait sith could even see that the floor beneath the transformed Nobody was charring and burning along with the other places she'd struck and landed on the Deck! Feeling horror at this and seeing they were making no progress at all together, the crowned cat cried out, “Oh lads! The clock's tickin'! We gotta do somethin' now!”
“We know that Cait sith!” With that barring another oncoming scythe attack, Nozomi then continued on to say, “We know! But if we don't have an opening! How do you expect us to-!”
Suddenly though as she said this, the female keyblader noticed something. Something golden around Raiyana's neck! Seeing it her eyes widened, as she thought of it, she looked to her own crescent moon necklace and as she did so... she had an idea!
Noel smashing his swords into Raiyana's scythes, was suddenly thrown back! “Agh!” Then falling to the floor, he gritted his teeth as his attacker stared down at him with her cold rage filled eyes. Seeing her looking at him this way, he said agitated, “Damn it! We can't get any openings at all! She's-!”


Then hearing this call, Noel saw with surprise. The female keyblader rushed at the transformed Nobody from the side! Seeing her do this shocked, Noel saw she hadn't even drawn out her keyblade this time! As she did this, he cried out, “Nozomi! What're you doing?! What-!”


Suddenly she was immediately sliced into! As Raiyana cut into her, using one of her scythe's! Seeing her do this, falling from the side of her shoulder from the impact, in horror Cait sith cried out, “LASS!?”As he did this, Nozomi in pain then collapsed onto Raiyana and the two of them fell down to the floor together as Noel looked on in horror!


At that moment, still below the Deck the cautious heroes still at that moment. As Mr Scroop moved to unleash his deadly attack suddenly-!


The whole ship was sent rocking! Feeling this, Timbre cried out, “What the-!? What's-!” Suddenly at that moment he turned! As he did so, he then saw that Mr Scroop was right on top of his pal! Distressed he cried out, “Jim! Watch it!”
“Huh!?” Hearing this cry, Jim turned wide eyed! Then as he did so-!


Mr Scroop made his attack! However quickly it missed! For just at the last second Jim had dived down losing his pistol in the process, he was shocked at this surprise attack! The red alien seeing this, was angered! As he became like this, he then uttered, “Slippery roach!”


Zidane and Timbre immediately acted! Drawing their weapons they went to attack the red skinned alien! As they did, striking into him Jim looked on in shock as he lay on the floor!
Seeing him do this from the corner of his eye, Zidane then commanded him, “Jim run!”
Hearing these words, the Cabin Boy still shaken slightly though went to follow through with this command! “Okay!” Quickly he moved getting himself back onto his feet, then as he did he went to go and retrieve his weapon!
Seeing him move, angered as he was barred by both the monkey and cat. Mr Scroop didn't have time to play with these bugs! He had better thing's to gain! Like the map! So quickly swinging his arm he made both of them fall backwards!


Then as they both were detached from him, the red skinned alien turned and rushed back for his intended target! Jim Hawkins!
It was at that moment that the Cabin Boy had regained his pistol, but quickly-!



Suddenly he was pinned to the metallic floor as his pistol was sent flying from his hand! As it was, he desperately trying to keep Mr Scroop away from him as he battled against him with what little strength he had!


Hearing both the cat and monkey cry this out simultaneously. Mr Scroop grinned menacingly! Then reaching down his pincer, he told his victim, “Looks like your time is up... Cabin Boy!”
Twisting madly underneath him and hearing these words, Jim then saw the terrible alien reach down as he went to give him the final blow...


There was nothing but silence in the air... Noel nor Cait sith said a word as they sat upon the Deck. For there before them, was Raiyana being held down on the floor by none other than Nozomi. Feeling her do this, still seething with agitation, the transformed Nobody demanded burning with her power and fury, “Get off of me!”
However, the female keyblader didn't move off. Instead weakly and slowly, she put her arms around her attacker, hugging herself to her.
Feeling her do this, despite the burning power she was emitting which she was sure was hurting her, along with the blow she'd inflicted Raiyana was startled as she heard her say, “No... I won't.”
Hearing this, the Nobody didn't understand! However again she immediately struggled to make her attacker release her! “Let go! Let go now! I don't-!”
Immediately though in response, she felt Nozomi shake her head against her. As she did so, she then told her, “I won't do that... not until you listen to me.”
As she heard the keyblader say this, she asked, “Listen to you?”
Nodding, Nozomi then continued, “Exactly... this isn't what you want Raiyana... I know deep down, you don't wanna do this to us, to Noel and Yeul... to everyone you care about. You don't wanna hurt them like this.”
Immediately hearing this, Raiyana became enraged again, as she did she demanded, “How do you know what I want!? You know nothing! You-!”

“I remember Alex!”

Shocked into silence as she heard this name being uttered to her, Raiyana, looked to the female keyblader with widened eyes. As she did this, she heard her go on to say, “I remember... you telling me, how you lost him... because of your powers.” With that taking one of her hands, she revealed the item she'd taken when she'd landed on her. It was her golden locket, with the sun and crescent moon upon it.
Raiyana said nothing to the female keyblader as she looked on shocked. Instead all she did was stare at her, as she did this Nozomi opened it revealing the picture of him inside smiling. As she did this, she continued on, “I remember you saying you were scared of yourself... of your deadly potential and what you could do... to us.” As she said that, the dark haired girl turned her eyes to look to the transformed Nobody. As she did this, she had to ask her, “It's all because of then, what you did to Alex in the past isn't it?”
Hearing her say this, while seeing the picture of him, Raiyana feeling something inside of herself weaken. Though she wasn't going to let herself be fooled so easily, so she asked with slight bitterness, “So what of it?”
As this question was put to her, Nozomi then told her, “You said before you wouldn't be tricked... that you wouldn't be fooled.” As she said this, the female keyblader informed her, “But someone has been using you, using your weakness and fear to go against us, haven't they? Raiyana?”
Breathing in sharply as she heard this. Raiyana couldn't believe she'd figured that out! But she had to ask, “Using me?”
Nodding as she heard this asked, the female keyblader told her, “That's right! They're using you to go against us! Because they think that by doing that, you can defeat us for them... but that's killing you inside I know it!” Then looking to her desperately she told her, “Raiyana! No matter what they've promised you! It's not gonna change anything! It won't change what happened in the past and you'll only lose all those you treasure now if you go through with this!”
Hearing her say this... Raiyana was dumbfounded! As she was looking to the female keyblader, she could feel her rage dim slightly inside... but still, she had to tell her, “But! You don't know! She's promised me to give me the power to control myself! To keep you all safe! I'm dangerous to everyone! My powers are so unpredictable! I can't trust myself! I can't-!”

“Then trust us!”

As these words were cried out by Nozomi, Raiyana stared at her in shock. As she did, the female keyblader told her, “Believe in your friends! In Noel, Yeul... and me!” Then looking on with sad desperate eyes, she added, “Because I know... I know what it's like to be scared of your own power.”
Perplexed as she heard this, Raiyana then uttered with widened eyes, “What...?”
Seeing her become like this, Nozomi told her, “My power... something inside me, it's been hurting someone, someone very dear me... I'm scared of hurting him more, or even worse... he could end because of me.”
Cait sith hearing Nozomi say this was silent. However he knew without having to be told who the female keyblader was talking about. Lifting up his gloved hand, he put it to his chest as he heard her go on to say, “It's terrifying, I don't know why I have it... why thing's have turned out the way they have, but... despite all the bad it's caused, Mickey, Riku and Cait sith still believe in me.”
Raiyana hearing this, felt herself tremble underneath the female keyblader. She was astounded, she couldn't believe she was suffering like she was, when she'd been so bright and happy all the time. She'd been-?
“And it's the same for you Raiyana!” With that saying those words, Nozomi stared with intense compassion at the transformed Nobody, as she did so she told her, “I still believe in you! Yeul and Noel both do! Even if you're scared, don't be! We'll be there for you... you don't have to suffer alone!”
Listening to Nozomi say this, she couldn't believe what her adversary was saying! Even after all she'd done? She still...believed? However feeling sorrow beginning to overtake her, she couldn't help but say, “But... but I? I've made so many suffer... all of you, people have even died because of me, Mr Arrow... my brother Alex, he-?”
Shaking her head as she heard Raiyana say this, Nozomi told her, “It's okay, we all make mistakes... but you can make up for it, you can do better... also Mr Arrow and Alex, I'm sure they don't hate you for what happened before Raiyana... please don't hate yourself.” With that saying those words, Nozomi showing the picture of her beloved brother along with her own pained smile told her, “Because I don't hate you! So... can't we start over again? Please?”
Seeing her smile like this to her, Raiyana was overcome. For looking at Nozomi's face, reminded her of the pained smile that Alex had had... before he passed. It was almost like the female keyblader was speaking for him. She couldn't believe it... then as she ached inside with sorrow and something like...relief. Tears began to fall from her opaque clear eyes...
Watching as this occurred, Noel then saw with amazement Raiyana's transformation come undone as the terrible burning and energy from her rage filled power, disappeared. Then what was left, was the weeping long blue haired girl who was his friend, hugging now onto Nozomi. Seeing her do this, he heard her say, “Nozomi... Nozomi! I'm so sorry! I....”
Feeling the terrible burning disperse, then seeing the tears that were in her eyes, the female keyblader shook her head. Then weakly, she told her, “It's okay... it's okay, Raiyana... I...” But quickly she was overcome and in the next second the world around her faded to darkness...


Seeing all these events transpire before her, as she stood amongst the riggings it was clear that Hari gazing down wasn't impressed. Looking to the unconscious keyblader and heroes, along with her failed puppet she then said, “It seems I was predicting too much after all...”
However she didn't move to leave, for there was something else she was certain she was going to learn of very soon...
Rocky Blue Ball by Lrme87
Rocky Blue Ball
This is a point commission I did for :iconsleepyluis:

These are their characters Rocky and Blue, Rocky and Blue by SleepyLuis

dancing together in masked ball. While the wondrous moon shines down on them both, hope you like it! Seeya! ^^

Does anyone ever worry their story idea's are too self indulgent? I.E. Creating Mary Sue stories etc. 

22 deviants said Sometimes yeah...
8 deviants said Nah, don't care what other people think.

Hi everyone I have at last set up a Patreon account! ^^

I've decided this year to try and promote my art and talents as best I can. In order to that though I'll need help, from all of you!

If you can, please share this link on your own pages or where you think people will be interested in what I do. If you do this for me, I will be the happiest artist in the world lol XD

Thanks for all the support you've given me so far! I hope you'll continue with me on my creative path as it goes along! Thank you so much once more! ^^…

  • Watching: Numerous AMV;s


Laura Roberts
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Current Residence: uk
An aspiring Artist who wants to touch the skies
Personal Quote: Glory is not always found in winning but in rising everytime you fall


Chibi/ Plushy
Ruby by Lrme87
Ulquiorra by Lrme87
Twilight sparkle by Lrme87
Wanna a tiny little chibi / plushy character of your very own?

Now you can get one! XD
Personalised Weapon Design
The Dagger of Juliet by Lrme87
Cherubie Wand by Lrme87
Wish to have the weapon of your choice be given form and life? Then here you will find it can happen! Will be finished as a JPEG or PNG file depending what you'd rather.
Keyblade Design
The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87
The Subtle Scythe Keyblade by Lrme87
Saviour Keyblade by Lrme87
Want to have your own designed keyblade? Then your dream has come true! A single weapon will be illustrated and made into a JPEG or a PNG file. 
A Group Illustration
ShinkuRose Teatime Poster by Lrme87
Y,R,P cosplay by Lrme87
Residents of the dead by Lrme87
A group illustration of three characters with a background included. Done as a JPEG or PNG depending on preference. 
An Illustrated Couple Picture
.:My Valentine:. by Lrme87
Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
100 TC - 49 Separate by Lrme87
A loving couple or two characters of your choice together with a background done as a JPEG or PNG file
Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
100 TC - 10 Geisha by Lrme87
Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87
A fully coloured background pic and a single character included. Will be finished as JPEG or PNG depending on customers preference. 
Single Illustrated Figure
RWBY: Opaline Hart by Lrme87
Elaina: The Priestess Of Hope by Lrme87
Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 


Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be 10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be 15

And for an additional character it will be an extra 3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be 18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be 5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be 10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!




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