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Chapter CXCV: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part VII

Running quickly onto the deck of the RLS Legacy, John Silver, his cabin boy Jim along with Raiyana who had Morph hiding in the depths of her long blue locks. Nozomi with Cait sith upon her head. The band of heroes looked around themselves with agitated and alerted expressions!
However looking around baffled, there was nothing there at all! Nozomi seeing this, couldn't understand what was going on as she asked, “Huh? What is this!?”
Hearing her ask this question, as he stared around himself puzzled to no instance. Cait sith then said, “Yeah! Where' s the fire supposed to be here! Where the heck did all the lads go to?”
For onboard the deck there was not a single soul to be seen, the place was entirely empty as if there had never been life upon the ship at all!
Staring around feeling terribly uneasy as he held his laser gun ready in one hand. Jim had to ask as one possibility came to mind, “Those monsters we've faced before! Could it be that-?”
“I doubt it's so lad!” For Silver knew better than anyone else there, that this wasn't an attack of the heartless as he continued on to say, “...Otherwise there'd be hordes of 'em crawling out of the woodwork, itching to take our hearts again!”
Nodding in agreement, Raiyana then added, “Yeah, also I would have sensed their presence before hand if that were so.”
Listening herself though, Nozomi had to ask slowly relaxing and forgetting her agitation, “Well if it's not the heartless, then what caused that huge yell before?”
No-one there could answer that question... however there was one thing that could be done! “Well lass, the only way we're gonna find out, is through some investigating!” Mr Silver proclaimed breaking the silence that had engulfed everyone.
As he heard these words, Jim looking to Silver asked him, “Investigating? You mean-?”
“Aye, Jim lad!” Mr Silver spoke, then looking to the two puzzled girls and head riding crowned cat he announced, “We're gonna be split into two search parties, to search every nook and cranny of this ship!”
Cait sith hearing these words himself, couldn't believe it as he asked in dismay, “What!? In a potential crisis like this, ya want us to split up!?”
To which in reply Mr Silver said looking to the small black and white cat, “That's an affirmative to ya, Cait sith lad.” Then the cyborg grinned as he added, ”It'll be better!”
Annoyed though, Cait sith wasn't satisfied by this simple answer as he demanded, “How is that supposed to make thing's better for us here!?”
Hearing his outrage, though not sharing the angry feelings. Nozomi had to agree with his point as she said, “Yeah? I mean how will that work exactly? If we're split up then won't that-?”
“Cause it will give us a better opportunity,” Mr Silver began to explain as he pulled up his cybernetic limb and began to tweak it a bit as he pressed some buttons on a panel.
Watching him do this, Jim then decided to ask curious himself, “To do what?”
It was then that Silver finished his modifications and in moments, his limb transformed and became a big heavy cannon like gun! Seeing this in moments everyone was high on alert, but immediately the cyborg then announced, “To find the rest of our crew!” Then charging up the piece of artillery, with a pulling lever he added, “And to sort out whatever nasty mess that's occurred here!”
With that said he took a few steps forwards, everyone staring at him were silent in surprise. Nozomi looking at him hearing the conviction in his voice, had to wonder to herself. Maybe Silver really did care about the crew? Maybe he wasn't-?”
“Rai lass!” Silver announced turning round.
Quickly in reply, the long blue haired girl now alert replied, “Uh yes?”
Silver told her, “I want you together with me for the search! We're gonna begin on the upper levels!” As he said that, the cyborg then turned his attentions to both Nozomi and Jim who were standing there quietly. Still both holding an air of uncertainty around them, for where were they going to go?
Looking to them both, Silver then declared, “And the two of you lads will search the lower ones!” As he saw the surprised expressions that were on their faces, the cyborg decided on a little something else which came to his mind, “Cait sith!”
Hearing his name being called, the small black and white crowned cat replied a little startled himself, “Ah! Yes, Silver mate!?”
Mr Silver then seeing he'd got the small cat's attention, instructed him, “I want ya to keep an eye out for those two... don't let 'em be distracted!”
As she heard this herself, Nozomi was puzzled as she stared on. What did he mean by 'distracted?'
However it was clear that Cait sith was more than willing to comply as he announced empowered with a salute, “Aye! Aye! Silver mate! Ya got it!”
Pleased by this response, Mr Silver then decided to take his leave with Raiyana as he bid them, “Good on ya!” Then looking to his comrade he told her, “Let's be off then Rai lass!”
Nodding quickly as she heard this, the long blue haired girl replied, “Right!” With that she ran forwards, however as Morph escaped from her long blue strands, he looked back to the others as she did as she added to them, “Take care guys!”
Nozomi hearing this then replied quickly, “We will, don't worry!” However to be on the safe side she decided to let her friend know, “You both just be careful too, okay?”
Raiyana revealing a small smile as she said this, then replied, “We will! See you!” With that the long blue haired girl ascended the stairs with Silver.
However Morph staying behind was unsure of what to do, as he looked to both Jim and Nozomi. But quickly he called a voice that summoned him, “Morph! C'mon we gotta go!”
Hearing the gentle tones of Raiyana, quickly the transforming messy goo creature repeated, “Gotta go! Gotta go!”
With that watching Morph chase after them, Jim quiet then said after he saw them vanish from sight, “Well since we've been told, let's go search below deck.”
Hearing this Nozomi nodded at his words and replied, “Okay, let's go Jim!”
With a slight nod himself, Jim moved back towards the stairs and quickly in turn Nozomi followed after him with Cait sith on top of her head. To see what mysteries were hiding down below...


Down below the dark depths of the ship, both Jim and Nozomi were on edge. With her keyblade already drawn and in both of her hands, the female keyblader looking about felt terrible foreboding as she said, “It doesn't feel good down here...”
Hearing this, Cait sith then replied, “Ya're tellin' me lass!” For looking about, he saw that the lights had all been smashed apart, leaving the place in total darkness! Seeing this, he couldn't help but comment further saying, “...With it being so dark in here like this, I feel like we'll be snuck up on any minute!”
Jim listening to this, then turned and looking to the keyblader along with her head riding companion. He had to ask, “Are you guys sure that this isn't some attack being done by those monsters... the one's you call heartless?”
As she heard this question, Nozomi was she thought to herself for a moment. She then decided to be honest and say, “Well... it doesn't feel that way right now, it's like Silver said if it was them they would have attacked us straight away already.”
Staring at Nozomi as she said these words, Jim was silent as he heard her continue, “... This is different, it feels more planned out... so it might not be the heartless, but it might be the one's who're controlling them.”
Surprised to hear this, Jim asked, “What! There are people who can control them?”
Nodding in reply, Nozomi then explained, “Yeah... they have a mistress right now, some witch of darkness called Maleficent and working under her is this big chubby guy called Pete... and I've learnt recently there's a girl working with them too.”
Puzzled as she said this, Jim asked her, “A girl?”
Cait sith then decided to add some words of his own as he said, “Yep! This lass's sworn rival and enemy, Hari! She's colder than ice lad...and she'll cut ya to ribbons if ya cross her path! Ya don't want to ever lay yer eyes on her!”
Hearing this, Jim then became quiet for a moment. For though the image of this mysterious 'Hari,' made him feel a little on edge. He also couldn't help but reveal a small smile as he heard Cait sith's voice and so he decided to reply, “Okay... I've got that dually noted.” Then turning back to face the path ahead of them, he added, “Now let's keep a look out and keep going!” With a quiet nod to that command, Nozomi continued on forwards with Jim as they searched on together.
The silence between them seemed to last forever... it was excruciating as they kept walking on. It just seemed to add to the thick ominous and treacherous atmosphere that surrounded them...looking to the cabin boy as he kept a look on up ahead, Nozomi decided to ask him, “Hey...Jim?”
Hearing her, the brown haired ponytailed young man replied, “Yeah what?”
Seeing that she'd got his attention, the dark haired girl then decided to ask him, “What you said before... about your father leaving you behind...with your mom?”
Stopping for a moment as she asked him this question, he turned to look at Nozomi again as he asked her, “What about it?”
Knowing that it might be a sensitive subject with the young man... Nozomi though felt that she had to know, “When he did that... was it painful for you?”
Silent as he heard this, Jim simply stared at her puzzled at why she'd ask him about this? However Cait sith himself annoyed at her, for bringing something like that up then at that moment told her annoyed, smacking her head, “Well of course he would have have been lass! What kinda of question is that! It's-”
“Cait sith!” At once the small black and white cat was silenced. As he was, he turned to the young man surprised as he heard him say, “...It's fine, don't go on about it.”
Seeing Cait sith become quiet herself, Nozomi continued to remain silent too as she continued looking on at Jim. She wondered what he would say in reply to her?
Still silent further for a moment, it was then that finally Jim spoke as he looked to the female keyblader, “Yeah...I admit it, Nozomi.“ Pausing for a moment, he looked down to the wooden floorboards he continued on to say, “It was painful... it was horrible what he put me and my mom through.”
Hearing this, Nozomi knew the outcome was obvious. However she remained quiet as she continued on and listened to him, “He left without telling us where he was going, what he was doing... and I haven't heard from him since then.”
Cait sith having been silent up to this point too, then couldn't help but utter sadly as he felt for him, “Lad...”
Jim though hearing the sympathy, just carried on as he explained himself, “I don't know if he's even alive now... and to be honest, every time I think of him, I just can't help but hate him...for leaving us like that... giving me simply nothing in return, even though I cared so much.”
It was then saying that, that Nozomi decided to speak her thoughts, “I can imagine...” Then she decided to reveal something herself, “I was the same for a long time too, in the past...”
Surprised to hear this, both Jim and Cait sith looked to her with widened eyes. The cabin boy had to ask her, “What do you mean by-?”
“I lost my master a long time ago,” Nozomi explained sadly as she looked down, remembering sad memories.
Puzzled as he heard this, Jim asked her, “Your master?”
Nodding, Nozomi then continued on, “Yeah... he was the one who adopted me and was a father to me... after I lost my mama.”
Jim asked her sadly,“You lost your mom?”
“Yeah... she died when I was three from an illness, after it happened my master took me in... when no-one else in the town would,“ then shuddering as she remembered the past she said, “Despite the ill misfortune many said would come, he didn't care and took me in raising me as his own.”
As she said these words, Cait sith looking down at her sadness had an expression that echoed a knowing melancholy...
However unaware of this, Nozomi continued on, “...Then one day he had to leave me, to go on a pilgrimage of some kind... acting as a guardian for someone,” feeling the pink sakura hair clip in her dark coloured locks, she added, “And he left me behind...saying he'd come back home one day.”
Looking at her as she said this, Jim was quiet. However he realised quickly one thing, “He didn't though did he?”
Shaking her head, Nozomi then replied, “No... he didn't,” her hand trembling against her precious pink treasure, she then said, “Though I waited... waited and waited for him, he never came back...”
Cait sith then seeing her react like this, he asked her, “Did ya start to hate him afterwards lass?”
Nodding as he asked her this, Nozomi continued, “Yeah... I did hate him, I hated him for leaving me all alone... for never coming back... for a long time, I really did.”
Seeing her look so sad like this, Jim then asked her, “And do you still feel that way now?”
However surprising him, Nozomi shook her head and brightened with a small smile saying, “No... I don't anymore.”
“Huh!?” Perplexed to hear this, Jim couldn't understand her saying this! He then asked her, “How can you not though! He just abandoned you! He-!?”
“I used to think that too!” Stopping Jim from going on, Nozomi continued, “I used to think it was the same thing! For a long time I was so bitter... and alone,” then however after she paused she continued, “... Though I never showed it to anyone... even my best friend Wairu never knew about it, the anger pretty much nearly consumed me.”
Hearing her go on like this, Cait sith wanted her to get to point as he told her, “Well how did ya recover then lass? Don't keep us in suspense!”
A little irritated as he said this, Nozomi then kept going, “I decided to concentrate on some things that were better.”
Puzzled as he heard this, Jim then asked her, “Things that were better?”
Nodding, Nozomi told him, “Yeah... my better memories of my master, and spending time with my friend Wairu... as soon as I began to do that... I felt better about myself and I became less bitter inside... until the anger just faded away altogether...”
Staring at her as she said this, Jim continued to remain silent as Nozomi then turned her eyes back up to him, saying, “I was able to move on and now I don't have that hatred anymore.” After saying that, Nozomi with strength said to her comrade, “That's why I can understand you Jim, about some of what you've gone through...”
Quiet still as he stared at her, Jim felt his heart pulse inside at her words. However he remained quiet, as he then heard Nozomi say to him, “And I think, if you can concentrate on that too... the good things, you'll be able to let go of that pain.” Then smiling she added brightly still, “ I think too you've been improving really greatly recently hanging out with us and I hope you can make better memories because of that Jim.”
Hearing the concern that she had for him, Jim at first was still too startled because he had no idea how to react to this! He couldn't help but blush as he stammered inside, turning quickly though he had no intention of showing Nozomi as he told her hurriedly, “I don't need you to tell me that! Besides I've already got plans!”
A little worried as he said this, Nozomi looked down. Maybe she'd gone too far? Maybe... her words didn't help at all?
However that was soon dispelled as he told her, still not looking at her, “...But, thanks for the advise anyway...I'll consider it.”
Surprised to hear this, Nozomi then immediately brightened as she replied to him pleased, “Okay! Thanks Jim!”
Cait sith seeing this little interaction between the two and particularly spying Jim's particular blushing reaction. The small cat then thought to himself, 'That Silver bloke was right! I am gonna have to keep an eye on these two...from being distracted!' With that the two comrades journeyed further into the depths of the ship...

Still after some time, neither had found any trace of anybody! Feeling really worried about this, Nozomi then couldn't help but voice her thoughts as she looked about the darkened corridor again, “We haven't found anyone here at all! Where is everyone!?”
Jim hearing her ask this, then began to answer, “I don't know? Maybe they're-?”


Surprised to hear these loud sounds, immediately everyone jumped as they cried out, “Aggh!”
Cait sith then cried out, “Huh!? What the-!?”



Hearing this cry in moments, Nozomi recognised the voice in seconds as she cried out, “That was Raiyana!” Then quickly she realised something else, “Her and Silver must be fighting something!”
Realising this too in moments, Jim then announced they're next course of action, “We have to get back there then!”
“You don't have to tell us twice lad!” Cait sith announced loudly!
Nodding Nozomi then agreed as she cried out, “Yeah c'mon! Let's go!” With that they all went to run when-!

“HA HA HA!!!”

Shocked in seconds, neither had time to react further as suddenly they turned together and heard-!

“I'm afraid I can't let you guys go!”

Jim hearing this voice then cried out, “Who-!?”
Then suddenly the cabin boy was silenced, as something struck him hard and fast from the darkness! “Agh!”
Hearing this cry and seeing him fly, Nozomi cried out loudly, “Jim!?”
Cait sith though acting fast cried out, “Lass watch it!”
Quickly turning again, Nozomi reacted! Pulling her keyblade out-!


Suddenly the Starseeker in her held hands came into contact with another weapon! It was a silver sharp tip and looking on she saw it was a part of the blade of a long lance, being held by two clawed hands!
It was then looking, she saw the face of who it was that was attacking her! Before her, she saw what looked like a young boy with pulled back pink coloured hair! However that wasn't the thing that surprised her the most, it was the fact that he had a pair of cat like ears on top of his head! Including she could also see a long slender lion like tail that was swaying too and throw excitedly behind him!
The clothes he was wearing, could best be described as something close to what a pirate would wear. He was dressed in a white shirt with a green waistcoat covering it, with golden embroided threaded lines and buttons. Then finally to finish off his image, he was wearing a dark blue trousers with a red and gold coin decorated sarong wrapped around his middle.
A purple bandana was also tied around his head and looking on at his face, she could also see that he was wearing a brown leather eye patch with trailing beads that covered his left eye and his visible right one she could see had a emerald green coloured iris that smiled up to her sinisterly.
Shocked looking at him, Nozomi couldn't understand where he'd come from! Or what he was!? Where had he-!?


Came the mischievous cry and then-!


Suddenly in seconds, the grinning cat boy leaned forwards and immediately licked her startled lips with his tongue!


Immediately batting with her keyblade in utter shock, embarrassment and horror! She covered her mouth with her other hand! Her eyes widened!
Cait sith then shouted out, utterly outraged, “Oi!”
However the cat boy spinning then landed on the floor, with his lance in his clawed hands he smiled up to the keyblader and told her smirking licking his lips, “You're tasty!”
Infuriated in moments, Nozomi went to run forwards as she cried out mad, “Why you-!”


“Agh!” Suddenly though Nozomi felt an impact from behind and instantly she was winded as she collapsed onto the floor! The world darkening around her instantly!
“Lass!” Cait sith cried out in alarm! For standing beside her, the small cat quickly tried to awaken her as he shook her shoulder, saying, “Lass! C'mon lass! Ya can't slumber on now you-!”

“You know I really hate to do this, especially to a cute little lady like this...”

Instantly turning it was then Cait sith saw a new figure before him. It was none other than a young man. He had long blond hair that ended with a ponytail that went down his back, he was also wearing a blue waistcoat that covered his own white shirt. His trousers were also the same blue with a pair of long grey boots that went up to just above his knees. Around his neck was a fluttering, jabot which had a pink gem in it's centre that kept it in check.
Seeing him, Cait sith then noticed that from behind the young man was a long tail! This one though appeared to be more monkey like as it had the same kind of blonde colour like his hair.
Outraged as he saw him, Cait sith then demanded mad, “Just what do you think ya've done here!? Ya dirty ape!”
It was then hearing the crowned cat, that the young man turned his blue eyes to look at the small cat. A surprised expression was on his face as he uttered, “A talking kitty?”
Angered more, Cait sith then said mad, “I'm more than that!” Then rolling his arms and fists, it was clear he was ready for a fight as he told him, “I'm gonna give ya the whippin' of yer life! You'll-!”

“What's this here?”

Suddenly before Cait sith could act, the small cat was pulled up by the scruff of his neck! As he felt this, he struggled madly as he cried out, “Oi! Put me down! Put me down! Ya-!”
It was then the small cat saw who it was, who was holding him! It was an older guy, he looked to be in his early twenties. His hair was short and brown with blonde spiked highlights, he also had sideburns going down the sides of his face. There were also a set of golden earrings in both of his ears.
The clothes he was wearing was an embroided golden and olive vest which covered a high-collared white shirt. He was also wearing a black set of trousers with two belts that crossed over each other, that held a couple of pouches. He almost seemed aristocratic...
Cait sith looking into his green eyes, saw that he had a curious serious look as he stared at him. Then he heard him ask eloquently, “What do we have here? An outraged feline is it?”
Recovering from his surprise, Cait sith then told him angrily, “Ya got that right, ya shmuck! Now let me down! Ya're-!” Then quickly, the small cat gasped as he was quickly silenced too!
A single clawed hand drew away the certain spell they'd used. A feminine voice spoke cooly saying, “Noisy...”
Cait sith fading into the darkness himself, the small cat heard the monkey boy say, “You got that Fran!” Then looking down to the struggling cat, he couldn't help but say, “I didn't think this little guy would ever quiet down!”
Then there was a sound of chuckling as the cat boy replied, “Who'd ever think we'd meet someone like this on our travels!”
However the monkey boy had to ask, “But you're a cat yourself, aren't you Timbre?”
Immediately there was an annoyed response, “Hey! I'm no cat, I'm a part of the fine race of Sphy-!”
“Now, now gentlemen!” Came the brown haired man's voice interrupting them all. As he did this, his two comrades became silent in moment's. Seeing he'd got their attention, he announced, “Since we've finally brought about some sense of decency and control over this part of the vessel... the only thing that now remains is...”
“The capture,” came the cool female tone again.
As it did, Cait sith could concentrate no more... however there was one sentence he heard before his consciousness completely faded away, “Correct! Then afterwards, I the leading man will finally lead us all to our true theatre and stage... where we all belong.”
100 TC - 74 Chasing Pavements by Lrme87
100 TC - 74 Chasing Pavements
Hey guys here's my new pic! ^^

For this title I was a little confused at what to use. However, which character of mine is always chasing or flying after a path?

Nozomi of course! XD

So I hope you all like this one! 

Laters! ^^
Chapter CXCIV: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part VI

Quiet as he sat listening to the information being given to him by his scout. The gentleman in question was silent as he had a hand under his chin, also around him his other crew members were listening with invested interest too.
Then coming to a conclusion, the young man who he'd sent up above said, “And that's the deal that's happening above boss!”
As the brief silent came, it was then that his 'Boss' responded, “I see...”
Hearing this simple sentence, the young man had to ask, “So what do ya think? Do we act now?”
Silent once more as the question came, it was then the man smiled and replied, “I don't see why not!” Then on a humorous note he added, “It's about time the leading man makes his entrance don't you think?”
Agreeing immediately another voice spoke, “Yeah totally! I'm getting antsy just sittin' around doin' nothing!” With that a sound of jumping was heard, it was clear this individual was restless.
A taller individual though hearing this sentence, spoke strictly as she said, “You would be wise not to rush about so foolishly, one mishap could mean the end of you.”
Another young individual there shivered with worry at these words, holding her blue and red deer teddy close to her. Seeing her shiver, one older young man next to her, put his hand on her shoulder as he told her gently, “It's alright.” Seeing the young man say this, the girl herself though was still nervously uncertain as she held her teddy closer to herself.  
The young man seeing this, though knowing she was uncomfortable. Spoke his own thoughts to the group as he replied to the cautious young woman, “We're not going to be foolish, we'll get this done in one foul swoop...” with determination in his eyes, he then added, “We have to!”
Hearing these words, the leader of the small gang then replied saying, “Well it looks like we're all in favour!” Then standing up, he announced, “Alright! At the next available opportunity, we'll strike!”
Though there was no audible response, it was clear everyone was buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming attack. However there was one amongst them, the young girl who was still uneasy, holding her teddy still closely to herself she uttered under her breath, “... I know this won't end well.”


“Rrrggh!” Pulling on the rope tightly with all her might, Nozomi was standing upon one of the ship's tall sail poles. She was currently assisting Raiyana with the riggings of the ship. Correcting the solar sails, making sure they were in top shape and not degrading in any way shape or form.
Finally pulling the rope into place and getting the one sail she was working into place, she brushed a few beads of sweat away from her brow. Though it was hard work, she was enjoying it immensely for since the day when the confrontation between the aggressive red alien and her friends had occurred. Mr John Silver was true to his word, he'd been working them really, really hard.
They'd been learning all of the duties of the ship, some harder than others. Some had even resulted in some rather embarrassing moments. Like Nozomi cutting her fingers when simply trying to cut potatoes, which resulted in a lot and lot of bandages... Riku learning how to successfully tie sea knots, while the king sadly though proficient had accidentally tied up his own tail in his work!
During this time, they'd been bonding together not just with each other. But with Jim and Raiyana as well and the lot of them, were becoming closer as friends... also Nozomi was feeling a little less nervous around John Silver. For though he could be strict, she could also see there was a kinder side to him too.
Looking up with a sigh to one of the sun's that were shining above in the sky, Nozomi couldn't help but smile and say, “We're really doing well aren't we?”
Hearing her as he sat upon her head once more, Cait sith then announced seemingly in a cheerful tone, “Yeah, oh yeah, sure we are lass...” Then that quickly changed as he added, “However if ya continue to dawdle like this, we ain't gonna get anythin' done! Now c'mon!”
Losing her smile for a moment, as he smacked her head Nozomi then irritated herself replied, “Fine! Fine, I'll do it geez!” For Cait sith hardly let her up. Not even for a moment!
However she knew that arguing wouldn't get her anywhere, so quickly grabbing on a nearby rope she concentrated and immediately called out her wings! Immediately in moments as they appeared on either side of her ankles, she ran forwards and using the rope at her side she took off as she went to head in another direction to work on more sails!


Down below, hiding once more in the shadows of the ship. The little spy who'd continued his observations was watching on and up keenly to the girl who was using a pair of wings to get about from place to place upon the riggings, it was clear looking at him that he was fascinated by her power.
Whispering to himself he couldn't help but comment, “Well, well... looks like someone else has the power of movability huh?”
Though as he continued to gaze at the wings she possessed, he also couldn't help but add, “Though, my power isn't nearly as flashy!” To which he grinned as he couldn't wait for the feat of fun he was going to perform later... as he touched his concealed left eye.


Tying another rope down with a tight knot, it was finally at that moment Nozomi had completed all the tasks that had been asked of her. Now she could relax as she commented, “Now... that is the last of it!” Then breathing out tiredly she couldn't help but utter, “Phew!”
Cait sith himself seeing this done, felt he'd given her enough telling off for one day. So being the comforting kitty he could be, he patted her head and told her, “That it is lass, nice work!” Then he commented saying, “Just goes to show you, it gets done faster with two on the job, huh?
“Uh yeah...sure,” Nozomi answered rather flatly. For the entire time she'd been working upon all the sails, the only thing Cait sith had done was simply sit upon her head. Lecturing left and right... that was not what she would call personally proper team work.
As he heard this flat tone, Cait sith suspicious was about to ask her about it when-


Suddenly arriving on the scene, riding upon her own long length of rope. It was none other than their other helper on the riggings, “Raiyana!”
Hearing her say her name, the long blue haired girl smiled brightly as she replied, “Hi Nozomi!” Then seeing the rope she tied, she asked her, “So you've finished here?”
Nodding brightly, the female keyblader responded, “Yup! Everything's all done where I am!”
Pleased to know this, Raiyana responded, “Great!” Then looking down to the deck she asked her, “So? Do you wanna go back on down now?”
Hearing this, Nozomi was more than pleased to do so and said, “Sure! Let's go!”
Smiling at her response, Raiyana then led the way as she said, “Okay! C'mon!” With that she descended first as she used her rope. Nozomi then quickly came after her, using her wings once more she was guided back down.


Finally making it back down to the wooden floorboards of the ship, the two girls were still smiling together as they walked on forwards. As they chatted on, Nozomi looking on at Raiyana couldn't help but think of the warning the blue haired girl had issued to her some time ago.
For though she'd told her not to get so close to her, Nozomi though couldn't help but do the opposite and now that she'd gotten to know her more. She knew now that she wasn't a terrible person at all and like she'd predicted, she really was a nice person. However, there were occasions where she felt that guarded emotional wall come up... that was something she was still going to have to work on, to get past.

“Hi Fella's!”

Quickly distracted once more from her thoughts, the female keyblader and Raiyana turned around. There quickly approaching them from the other side of the ship, it was none other than-
“Hey! Mickey!” Nozomi called out happily, for there the mouse king was coming on towards them waving enthusiastically in reply.
Seeing him approach, it was then that Cait sith called out too. Seeing the two others who were following on behind him, “And ahoy there to ya both! Riku, Jim mates!”
As he saw that they'd got their attention too, the white haired keyblader responded, “Hi Cait sith.”
Jim in turn simply smirked, doing that he finally made it over with both the keybladers and joined Nozomi along with Raiyana.
Seeing them both come on over, Nozomi then asked brightly, “So guys, are you done with your duties too?”
Hearing her ask, Jim then responded, “Pretty much, we've checked all the armaments, made sure the stock in the galley is all in order and...” As Jim continued on with a couple of other things, he then concluded saying simply, ”Yeah, we're all done.”
Pleased to know this, Nozomi then said simply and brightly, “Well that's good!”
Then saying that, there was a quiet moment that came between everyone. For no-one knew what to do next with themselves... however before anybody could move to make any suggestions-  

“Greetings to ya there mates!”

Turning everybody then saw that approaching them, was none other than the man who'd been giving them all their long hard tasks. It was John Silver.
Seeing him, it was Mickey who first greeted him as he called out, “Oh! Hi there Mr Silver!”
Looking at the greeting that had been given to him from the mouse king, the cyborg pirate then replied with a grin, “Ahoy there Mickey mate!”
Saying that it was then suddenly appearing from his shoulder, flew the pink jelly changing entity known as, “Morph!”
For immediately calling out the creature's name, Raiyana felt the pink blob snuggle into her cheek, happily. Because he was so happy to see her after the long hours she'd been working. Feeling him, the long blue haired girl said happily, “Morph! C'mon that tickles! Ha, ha!”
Then looking on fondly to the rest of the group as Morph and Raiyana interacted warmly together, he said “So from what I've heard, the lot of you lads have finished yer specific duties I set for ya, huh?”
Riku hearing him ask, then replied tiredly, “Basically...though it took a while.” For though most of the tasks that they'd all been given weren't so hard. They could be tiring, especially when they were continually being given to them...all the time.
Hearing the dull tone that was in the white haired keyblader's voice. Mr Silver responded casually in thought, putting a hand to his chin, “Oh I see...” He was then quiet as he made some considerations.
Silent he looked from the white haired keyblader, to Nozomi who stood quietly with a blank look on her face next to Mickey, back to Jim who stood just as quietly. As he looked to two particular individuals, a thought occurred to him and it made him grin,
Seeing him smile like this, Nozomi was puzzled. However before she could think on it anymore, “Well since you Riku and Mickey lad are all nicely done, I won't be botherin' ya!”
Hearing this, Riku was glad that he could finally relax however, “I'll be havin' yer wee lass Nozomi come along and help me!” This making Riku snap from his calm moment, he turned to the cyborg as he heard him add, “Also Raiyana and Jimbo, the lot of us are gonna go on a little trip together!”
Surprised to hear this too along with Mickey, Nozomi asked him, “What!? You want me to go with-!”
Nodding, Mr Silver told her simply, “Aye lass!” Then giving her no time to question further, he simply walked away in another direction and as he did, he called back, “Now c'mon! We got no time for dallying!”
Jim hearing this, himself didn't know what Silver was playing at. However he didn't have time to dwell on it and so quietly he followed after him, with a sigh.
Raiyana herself though curious at this arrangement, wondered why Mr Silver wanted her to work with Jim and Nozomi solely... however she then simply followed behind too as Morph continued to snuggle into her cheek. Though she hoped as she looked on at Jim's back from behind that nothing negative would occur between them...
Watching after everyone else as they all followed Mr Silver, Nozomi was quiet. However she couldn't help but ask, “Why's he just ask me to go with them, out of the guys?” For thinking Riku and Mickey were far more efficient then she was.
Hearing the question, Cait sith then responded casually, “Dunno lass! But the only way to know is to go, so we better do so!”
As she heard this, Nozomi replied, “Okay...” However as she started to walk away, she couldn't help but look back to the others and tell them, “Alright well see you later guys!” With that she waved and she was on her way.
“Aye lads! Don't get too bored without us!” Cait sith cried out as they ran on off into the distance.
Seeing them both go, Mickey then couldn't help but say, “Well I hope they all fun out there together!”
Riku hearing this, then replied simply, “Yeah,” however it was clear as he saw Nozomi go. That he was not happy... especially considering that Jim was going to go along with her.


Seeing this little interaction that had happened, the young spy then watched as the two remaining crew members made their exit. As they disappeared from sight, he knew now that there was only those two keybladers along with the brainless few members of the crew along with their captain, first mate and weird doctor. He knew then that the odds were at that moment going to be in his gang's favour!
“Looks like now is show time!” He said with a hungry anticipation! As it brimmed inside of him, he knew immediately he had to be fast!
So launching himself once more away from the side of the ship, he announced, “Finally! It's time to come on stage and play!” With that he vanished away, as he went to bring about the storm!


Making it below deck into the shipping area, Nozomi was sitting beside Raiyana quietly upon a small boat craft. The two of them watched Mr Silver as he was showing Jim how to make the little space vehicle run and go as he presented him the controls.
Seeing this, Nozomi looking to her long blue haired friend as Morph still continued to sit upon her shoulder. She decided to ask her, “Raiyana?”
“Hmm?” She uttered simply in reply as she turned her attention from Morph to her.
“Why're we on this boat exactly? What do you think we're going to do?” Nozomi asked curiously.
Hearing the question, the long blue haired girl was quiet for a moment as she repeated, “What're we going to do?”
To which simply in reply, Nozomi nodded. As she did this, Raiyana silent for a moment for herself, then replied coming to a conclusion, “Well, it could be that we're just going to check the condition of the ship, like that time when we had to get rid of those sea barnacles.”
As she heard this possibility, the female keyblader was far from ecstatic as she uttered simply, “Oh?... Well I hope it's not that, I really didn't enjoy that last time!”
“You and me both lass!” Cait sith announced, then remembering the awful memory he said, “I couldn't get that darn sticky muck they spewed off of me gloves for hours!”  
Smiling a little awkwardly herself at this memory as she remembered the small cat vigorously washing away that day, along with the mess they'd all be left in themselves. It was clear that Raiyana was not keen on this either. However she decided to present another possibility, “Or the other reason might be to do a reconnaissance.”
Repeating this curiously, Nozomi asked, ” A reconnaissance?”
Nodding Raiyana then explained more, “Yeah, for during the voyage, some of the members on board said that they saw a shadow in the stars.”
Alarmed as she heard this, Nozomi then repeated, “A shadow!”
“Yes,” Raiyana answered, ”Apparently, now and again, some said it resembled the shape of a small ship... but they have only been mere rumours.”
Quiet as he heard this, Cait sith then had to ask, “So... does that mean, ya've never seen the shadow yerself lass?”
Shaking her head, Raiyana then replied, “No I haven't... I said there have only been rumours.”
Nozomi hearing this then decided to ask her, “Do you believe it could be true?”
As she heard this being asked of her, Raiyana then began to say, “Well I-”



Suddenly everybody had taken off! All of them were speeding away into the stars!
Seeing all the glittering marvels rush on by, Nozomi and the others were absolutely startled! Even Mr Silver seemed to be surprised, for he was holding onto his hat tightly on his head for dear life!
Nozomi herself holding onto the side of the ship they were all on, was clinging tightly! For if she let go, then-!
“Oh for heck's sake! What is goin' on here?!” Cait sith cried out in total alarm!
However there was no-one to give the crowned cat an answer! For in reply, “WWWHHHOOO!!!” Looking behind, everyone saw that in surprise that Jim was wooting loudly, as he steered the ship forwards!
Seeing him do this, it was then that Cait sith realised who it was that was the cause of this! Immediately he shouted out loudly, “Jim! What're you think yer doin'! What're-!”
Quickly though, Cait sith was interrupted as Jim steered the ship quickly in another direction! As he did this, everyone was immediately on edge again! They were not ready for this speedy change!
Mr Silver himself then cried out, “Jimbo lad control yerself! You'll steer us straight into oblivion! Yer gonna drive this boat beyond it's limits!”
However Jim himself simply pumped then replied, “It doesn't have any limits!” With that turning the ship, he continued onwards and as he did, he informed them all, “And I'll prove it!”
With that driving onwards, Nozomi looking on ahead as she held on tightly then suddenly saw they were all approaching a shooting star that was glistening in the night sky beyond! Her eyes widening in amazement, she saw the glitter and shine of the astral object and she couldn't believe it!
Then suddenly before she knew it, Jim manoeuvred the craft to enter the tail of the comet! As he did this, immediately he slowed it down, to the point where everyone could all relax and stare in  wonder of the spectacular glistening object as it shone all around them.
Looking all around themselves, Raiyana staring about as well as Morph being just as wide eyed beside her. She couldn't help but utter simply as everything glowed brightly, “Pretty...”
“Pretty! Pretty!” Morph uttered out too, as he dotted about left and right trying to grasp the glittering sight that was around them.
Nozomi too couldn't help but say, “This is amazing!” Looking to the cabin boy as he smiled about pleased with his success, she felt the need to ask him, “Jim!”
Hearing her call for him, the ponytailed young man turned his attention to her. As he did, Nozomi then asked him,”How did you know it would be so amazing like this, in this comet?”
As he heard this, the young man smiled as he replied, “I didn't actually.”
Surprised to hear this, Nozomi asked, “You didn't?” Shaking his head simply, the female keyblader had to question further, “But then why would you-?”
“To just try,” Jim answered, doing this Nozomi was quiet as he then added, “Because if you don't, you'll never know, will you?”
Hearing this Nozomi was silent, for she didn't know what to say as Jim continued to smile. However Cait sith, had to inform him with utter irritation, “Well next time ya decide to try somethin' on a darn whim! Give us a warning next time will ya!” He said angrily with a pointing prosecuting finger.
As he heard these words, Jim though wasn't going to let those words get to him. However he couldn't help but lose his smile for a moment as he turned his attention in another direction.
Mr Silver listening to these words, had to agree as he said, “Indeed! I have to agree with Cait sith lad, ya really do need to give us a fair warning before ya pull a stunt like that!”
This soured Jim even more, however Mr Silver also had to add, “But those are definitely some skills ya have under yer hat!” As Mr Silver said this, the cabin boy turned to the cook as he then added further, “I for one am impressed!”
Hearing this Jim was silent in surprise to hear this compliment, however quickly he couldn't help but become pleased. The same was for both of the girls who were there, the two of them then smiled to each other as the positivity continued to float in the air.
Mr Silver himself pleased too seeing the good atmosphere then decided on his next course of action, “Now, why don't ya show us some more of those skills?”
Quiet as he heard this suggestion being put to him, quickly though Jim was more than happy to comply as he responded, “You got it!” With that he gripped the control of the craft again as he made it charge forwards once more!
Feeling this sudden movement Cait sith though clearly wasn't ready as he cried out, “Oi! Not again!”
Suddenly then as he said that, Jim decided what would be his next trick he'd show! Moving the controls in a certain way, suddenly amongst the sparkling sea that was the tail of the comet. Quickly the whole boat started to spin around!
“Ah!” Not ready for this Raiyana gripped on tightly in fright! In turn, Morph snuggled into her tightly just as fearfully as he shivered!
Nozomi gripping hard was struggling though, Cait sith too then cried out, “Lass whatever ya do! Don't let go!”
Hearing him, the female keyblader responded, “Easy for you to say! You're not-!”



Suddenly the female keyblader toppled out of the boat as they hit a sudden wave in the comet! Tumbling she was flailing about in panic as she descended!
Seeing this happen, everyone in alarm above her called out, “Lass!!!” “Nozomi!!!” “No!!!” With that they all broke away and escaped the tail of the comet as they went to try and intercept her!
Cait sith panicking as he felt them both fell, then cried out in alarm, “C'mon ya daft banshee! Fly for Pete's sake!”
Hearing this demand, instantly the keyblader cried out, “Oh! Yeah!” With that she quickly concentrated and immediately her wings came forth! Then lucky she discovered around her the glowing orbs! Quickly moving herself as she spun around, she landed on one! Then climbing she sped up high into the air, as she stepped from one orb to the next!      
The other's above on the ship seeing her climb up to them were startled! They knew she had an odd ability, but not one that could allow them to do that!
Arriving quickly back up, the female keyblader breathed in and out hard as she gasped saying, “Man! That was a close call!”
Seeing she was back up with them, Raiyana still amazed had to ask, “Nozomi you're!?”
Puzzled as she heard this, the female keyblader simply uttered, “Huh?” Then seeing the little group staring at her, she realised what had got them so shaken up, “Oh yeah? Sorry my power!” Becoming a little bashful she admitted, scratching the back of her hair “Yeah? It's really something isn't it?”
Jim hearing her, couldn't help but say, “But you're standing on nothing! How can you-!”
“I just can!” Nozomi answered brightly! Then looking to the boat, she quickly came up with a little fun idea, “And I'll show you what skills I've got!”
With that she started to run forwards into the night sky! As she did this, the others still dumbfounded by her power stood frozen where they were. Nozomi feeling them do this, turned to look back at them and as she did, she shouted out, “C'mon you guys hurry up! Or I'll beat you all!”
Cait sith then catching this racing high, added, “Yeah! Ya slow dafts!”
Hearing this, quickly Jim lost his silent surprise and became determined as he cried out back to her, “Oh we'll see about that!” With that done, Jim put the pedal to the metal!
As he did, Nozomi laughed and with that she took off forwards as she flew into the night sky, being followed by the invigorated young man and excited riders who rode with him upon the sea of stars that shone all around them...


After running and racing about in the night, finally the group of excited adventurers made it back to the RLS Legacy. Grinning as she floated on up, Nozomi watched as Jim along with Mr Silver and Raiyana pulled up the ship together.
As they did, she couldn't help but smile saying, “Now that's what I call a whole sea of fun!”
Mr Silver hearing this then agreed as he said, “Oh aye lass!” Pulling on the rope a little more, he laughed and added, “With the way you young un's go! It almost makes me feel like me younger self again!”
Raiyana smiling was really pleased, just as Jim was. Then though he noticed something, “Ah! Looks like you're having a little trouble there!” For he'd slid to the side of her ship, indicating she wasn't pulling hard enough!
The long blue haired girl though then simply responded jokingly, “Am not!” With that she pulled hard making Jim slide right back into his former spot!
Nozomi seeing this smiled pleased! Mr Silver was happy too and he couldn't help but comment as he and his little group finally pulled the boat back into place, “Y'know Jimbo! If I could manoeuvre a ship like that when I was your age, they'd be bowing in the street as I walk by!” With that he collapsed and sat himself down.
Hearing this, Morph leaving Raiyana's shoulder for a moment then repeated the same movements as he became a miniature Silver saying in his funny squeaky voice, “Bow in the street!”
Giggling herself, at this Raiyana simply shook her head. However looking to Jim she then finally commented to him, “Yeah! It was really amazing what you did back there Jim!”
Agreeing too as she landed, Nozomi finally sat down too on the ship and said, “It was! Have you practised doing that for a long time Jim?”
Hearing this question being put to him, the brown haired ponytailed young man answered settling himself back, “Something like that!” Then putting his arms behind his back, he added, “Though, they weren't exactly singing my praises back home.”
As she heard this, Nozomi asked a little surprised, “They weren't?”
“Nope!” Came the simple response. However he then said further with a new determination in his eyes, “But I'm going to change all that!”
Raiyana hearing this, then asked Jim, “You are?”
Jim then simply said in reply, “Yeah.”
Nozomi curious asked, “How will you do that?”
Hearing the question come, Jim then told the keyblader, “I've been inspired... I got some plans, one's that will make people see me in a different way.”
Cait sith hearing this himself then responded pleased as he saw he wasn't as dismal as he was some time before, “Good on ya, Jim mate!”
However Mr Silver hearing this, had to utter a word of caution of his own, “Oh but sometimes, plans go astray, y'know.”
Looking at him as he said that, Nozomi was quiet. For why would Mr Silver say such a thing?
Jim himself though content at that moment then said in reply, “Not this time!”
However it was clear that Mr Silver still had his reservations as he looked down sadly. Then moving he gasped, “Urgh!”
Hearing this, Raiyana was automatically worried as she asked, “Silver? Are you-?”
As he heard the concern in her voice, Mr Silver though responded to calm her, “Oh don't worry lass! It's just one of me joints!”
Nozomi becoming just as concerned asked, “Your joints?”
In reply though, Mr Silver didn't answer her. Instead, he pulled up his robotic leg and started to try and move one of the screw bolts that was causing him discomfort.
As she saw this, Raiyana had to ask him, “Is it hurting you Silver?”
Hearing the concern that was in her voice, the pirate cyborg admitted, “A little lass... but only a wee little!” Struggling still with his own hand to turn the bolt.
Morph worried for his old friend and owner flew on down. Seeing him struggle, he transformed immediately and became a wrench! Seeing this happen, Mr Silver told him, “Aww thank you Morph!” With that turning him he corrected the fault in his cyborg limb.
Watching him do this with concern, everyone was mainly quiet. However Jim had to ask him, “So how did that happen anyway?”
Hearing the question being put to him, Mr Silver finishing and releasing Morph, lifted up his robotic arm. Staring at it sadly he admitted to all those present, “You give up a few things, chasin' a dream.”
As she heard this, Nozomi repeated sadly as she felt his pain inside, “A dream?”
To which the cyborg simply nodded, as he was caught in nostalgia. Raiyana herself, seeing Mr Silver do this put her warm hand on his cold robotic one as she silently trying to comfort him. The cook seeing her do this, then smiled sadly and moving his organic arm he put it behind and over her shoulders, showing that he was alright as he smiled to her, though a little sadly still.
Looking at this as it happened, Jim had to ask the cyborg, “Was it worth it?”
As he asked this, Nozomi herself then added, “...You don't have any regrets?”
Cait sith though told the keyblader mad, “Lass!” With that he smacked her head! For that was not the right thing to say then!
Mr Silver hearing this though, looked to both Jim and Nozomi along with Cait sith. As he did and they silently looked back to him, he then got himself up and admitted recovering his composure, “I do have some...” though he added smiling, “But I'm sure soon, it certainly will be worth it! I most certain it will!”
Everyone hearing this then felt more at ease. Mr Silver too had recovered from his depression and was now quietly content, as he suggested, “Well lads, since we're all done here! We may as well-”


Immediately everyone was on guard! Hearing this shout, Nozomi had to ask, “What was that!?”
As she asked this, Jim instantly responded in alarm, “I don't know!”
Cait sith though proclaimed aloud, “Well I know! It ain't good!”


Hearing these shouts again, everyone really was now on edge! Mr Silver decided they had to take instant drastic action, “Cait sith mate is right!” Then summoning his sword out from his robotic hand, he proclaimed, “We gotta get goin' and check out the situation now!” Instantly with that everyone was in agreement and with that they got themselves up and started to move forwards!
However Raiyana moving, decided to say something before they went on to search, “Jim!” Instantly getting his attention as he turned back, she told him, “Thank you for the ride through the comet! I really enjoyed it.”
As he heard these words, despite the situation. Jim bowed his head and smiled replying, “You're welcome,” Then turning back forwards he said, “Now c'mon we gotta go!”
Agreeing immediately with a single nod, she did just that and following him, Mr Silver along with Nozomi and Cait sith. The band of allies travelled to see what was occurring on board the ship!    
Chapter CXCIII: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part V

“Urrgghh!” Stomping forwards, Mr Scroop proceeded down the stairs towards the ship's galley. It was clear he was irritated beyond all measure, for he had received an earful from Mr Arrow.
The tall stony First Mate had given the red clawed creature a warning, saying that if he scored anymore penalties on board the ship in the future. Then he would be held in the brig for the rest of the voyage... thinking of his stern rocky face made the angered alien grind his teeth! “When I have my chance! I'll throw that imbecile into-!”

“You'll throw him where Mr Scroop?”

Hearing this voice all of a sudden, the red clawed alien had no time to react for suddenly-!


He was suddenly grabbed by his mouth! This forced him to look into the eyes of his true commander. The intimidating glowing cybernetic eye of John Silver!
Looking at him, it was clear despite the helpless position he was stuck in. That looking at Silver he as well was just as angered!
However he was helpless as he looked up to him, Mr Silver then told him seething with rage, “You have some right nerve, startin' a spat up front! Are ya stark ravin' mad!”
Mr Scroop hearing these angry words, cringed in agitation. However even he couldn't help but wince at the intensity of his voice, dropping his eyes he then lowered his face, showing that he was going to be subservient... for now.
Seeing this, Mr Silver though didn't let go as he informed the red skinned alien, “Now you better keep in tow... I don't want you or any other of you twits to sabotage the mutiny before it's time!” Then in a more chilling tone he added, “Otherwise I'll be chuckin' ya into the depths of the abyss meself!”
Then finally saying his bitter thoughts, he released Mr Scroop's face. Doing so, the tall red alien rubbed his mouth with one of his claws looking utterly irritated. However he wasn't going to just walk away like this without saying his own words, “Those fools were spyin' about! They're-”
“They're not your concern!” Mr Silver told the alien infuriated! Doing this shut the tall red alien in seconds, “I am the one who'll be dealin' with those pups! You just keep yer nose out!”
Hearing this, Mr Scroop was still bitterly angered. However he knew better then to take on Mr Silver at that moment, so grudgingly with a hiss he replied back to him, “Have it your way!” With that he decided to take his leave and as he exited the Galley going up the stairs.
Seeing him go, Mr Silver was quiet however it was clear he was not happy still.

“Do you truly believe you have total dominion over all your crew?”

Hearing this voice Mr Silver turned to his right side and as he did, he spied then who had said these words, “Hari lass...”
For there the stoic young girl was, standing across from him with her arms folded as she had her back against the wall. She stared on at Silver with her cold green eyes, it was clear she was being critical with his choice of crew members. This was then revealed more as she said, “It appears to me as though you're struggling.”
Mr Silver was not pleased with these words at all. However-

“I gotta agree there!

Turning it was then that another individual emerged, looking behind himself Mr Silver spied him and said, “Pete mate.”
Seeing that he recognised him, the overweight accomplice smirked as he replied, “Aye it's me there Silver!” Then walking over, he continued with his first thoughts, “Me and Hari were watchin' ya back there and before that... ya really know how to choose yer pals don't ya?”
As he heard him say that, Mr Silver then felt Pete put his hand upon his shoulder. He assumed it was his way of trying to be friendly, but he wasn't pleased by the gesture as he replied shaking him off, “I chose the best that was on hand...” then looking to him and finally Hari herself, he added, “Besides you both took out the runts of the litter for me didn't ya?”
Hearing him say this, Pete knew what he was talking about and Hari confirmed this as she replied, “That is correct... the heartless removed those that you deemed to be weak... and have been added to their numbers.”
Nodding himself, Pete then added, “That they were, also they had a right swing at those mutts!” Remembering the battle that had taken place against their and the keybladers made Pete smile. Especially when he thought of how the female of the bunch had nearly been blasted to kingdom come!
However he quickly became annoyed as he then said, “Though that Rai whatever girl who's with ya ruined the coup de grace!”
Silver hearing this then replied, “She was only doin' what her duty called for... she's always been that way.”
Hearing this, Hari spoke, “So it appears...” though she saw that they were beginning to drift from the matter that was truly at hand. So she continued, “But regardless of that, do you fully believe you'll be able to retain full control of them as well as your own personally selected crew?”
As he heard this question being asked of him, Mr Silver then told the cold eyed girl, “Don't you be troubled lass,” with that he went to walk past her and as he did. He then informed both her and Pete, “I'll make those runts up there so worn, they won't be no threat to no-one...”
Saying that an arrogant smirk appeared on his face as he added, “And when the time comes for the mutiny to go ahead... and I will finally have my dream come true!” With that said, he then disappeared up the stairs as he headed to the deck.
Seeing him go, Pete was quiet however he couldn't help but admit to Hari, “That clown really is full of himself ain't he?”
Hearing this, Hari then simply replied, “Indeed...” Saying that she then moved towards the shadows and doing so she added, “We will continue our observations, and see if he truly has control, come Pete.”
At this request, Pete was more than glad to comply and so replied, “Ya got it there Hari!” With that the two of them vanished away into the darkness as they went proceeded on with their mission.



Dropping to her knees, Nozomi was so tired from all this scrubbing and washing that they'd all been asked to do that she'd now collapsed onto her knees. Doing so, she then couldn't help but say aloud  breathing in and out exhausted, “Man... if this... isn't clean, I don't know what is!” For looking down at the floor, she swear that she could see her reflection now in the floorboards.  
Cait sith himself hearing her proclamation then asked, “So ya think ye've got it that clean do ya?”
Hearing him ask this, the female keyblader then replied annoyed, “Well see for yourself Cait Sith!”
As he heard this demand being made of him, the crowned cat then informed her, “Alright lass I'll do just that!”
Saying that he dropped himself from her head and he got onto the wooden floor. Doing that he looked at the floor and sure enough, even he could see his own reflection! However to make doubly, doubly sure he took out his gloved paw.


He traced his finger and pulled it back to see the ultimate result. Quiet for a moment as she watched him do this and heard this trailing noise, Nozomi then heard him say as he turned to look back up to her, “Yep lass! This is what I call real squeaky clean!”
Nozomi though was far from flattered as she replied, “Oh I'm so happy...”

“Squeaky clean!”

Then looking to her side, she saw mopping up beside her was a tiny wet mop cleaning all by itself. Seeing it she then sighed and she couldn't help but say aloud with a small smile, “Hi Morph.”
Hearing her words, quickly the transforming creature changed from the item and became the pink jiggling jelly mass he really was. Looking up to Nozomi he grinned and laughed as he saw her looking at him. Suddenly though he hiccupped and released a little cloud of soapy bubbles from within himself, he'd done the real job!
Seeing his bubble burp, Nozomi simply shook her head as she then stood back up with a smile on her face. Looking at her as she got up, Cait sith then turned to Morph and said to himself, “Looks like yer pretty relaxed with us now, ain't ya Morphy boy?”
Listening to this sentence, the pink morphing jelly creature repeated laughing aloud, “Morphy boy! Morphy boy!”
Hearing this Nozomi then couldn't help but laugh herself then, as she did even Cait sith was smiling. For though could be annoying, he found now that the funny transforming creature was growing on him.

“Looks like you guys are having fun aren't you?”

Turning as she heard this voice, Nozomi then saw who it was and said brightly with a smile, “Hey Jim!”
For there with his mop in hand, it was none other than the brown haired ponytailed Cabin Boy. It looked like he'd finished cleaning the section that he'd been assigned to as he made his reply, “Greetings, you finished here now?”
Nodding Nozomi then replied, “Yup, I got the A-okay from Cait sith...finally!” She added with a slightly annoyed tone.
Hearing her say that, the small crowned feline then remarked, ”Well that Silver guy said to get it clean to the point he wanted ta see yer reflection and I wasn't gonna settle for less meself, unless ya wanted another tellin' off!”
Sighing at this comment Nozomi then replied dismally, “Don't remind me...”
Seeing her look that way, Jim said himself, “Ditto on that, I get enough earfuls from that guy as it is.”
As she heard this sentence, Nozomi looking to him asked, “You do?”
With a single nod then a sigh, Jim replied, “Yeah...”
Listening to Jim as he reacted this way, a thought occurred to her as she asked him, “Have you been through something like this before, Jim?”
Hearing the concern that was in her voice, Jim looking to her then looked dismal himself as he replied, “Yeah I have, and it almost ended the same way as it did before with Silver stepping in...”
Cait sith hearing this then asked, “So ya got thrashed up by that red guy before?”
Looking to the small black and white cat, Jim replied, “Yeah, that spider psycho!”

“Spider psycho! Spider psycho!”

It was then everyone turned and they saw that Morph had transformed again, turning into the red creature that harassed them all earlier. Seeing him do this, Nozomi couldn't help but giggle seeing the miniature version.
Even Jim lost his dismal expression as he cracked a smile. Cait sith though had to remark to the jelly pink creature, “Nice go there Morphy boy, but... I think he was a tad uglier than that.”
Hearing this as he stared towards him in his transformed state. Morph was quiet, however quickly he responded to his words and added more to his new look!


He looked quackier and manic like a duck! Covering her mouth as she saw this, Nozomi was struggling to keep in her hysterics. Though Jim had already let out a small giggle.
Cait sith though was deeply impressed as he then told the transformed creature, “Yeah that's pretty good there Morphy... um? Could ya do another bout of laughter there, make it louder this time?”
As he heard this request, Morph was only too happy to comply!

“MWA! HA HA HA HA!!!” “MWA! HA HA HA HA!!!”  

“HA HA HA HA!!!”

At once Morph's laughter was interrupted by Nozomi's who was bending over, unable to contain herself as she cried out, “Ha ha! That's! That's too much!” Then looking to Morph who was confused by her reaction, couldn't take the gaze of the wacky creature she saw and burst out loud again, “Pffft! Ha ha ha!”
Cait sith seeing her react like this, then rolled his eyes as he remarked, “Geez lass talk about overreaction there.”
Jim though looking to Nozomi as she laughed aloud like that, couldn't help but smile himself. For gazing at her as she continued to giggle, he thought that she looked quite cute like that.

“What's goin on here, huh?”

It was then that everyone was distracted and there they saw approaching them that it was none other than-
“Mickey! Riku lad! Hey!” Cait sith greeted as he waved over to them.
Seeing his pal waving to him, Mickey then waved himself as he said, “Hey fella's! How's it going here?”
Nodding Nozomi then finally recovering from her fits of hysterics, told her fellow keybladers, “Morph's transformation! You guys have got to see this!”
Hearing this with uncertainty, Riku couldn't help but ask, “Transformation?”
Nodding, Nozomi then waved her hands as she bid them over saying, “Yeah! C'mon just look at this!”
As she said this, Mickey and Riku still not getting it though complied as they walked over curiously. Looking at them as they did, Nozomi brightly turned to the transforming jokester creature again and as she did, she asked him, “Morph? Could you do it again?”
Hearing her ask, the pinky blobby transformer was more than glad to put on his performance again!

“MWA! HA HA HA HA!!!” “MWA! HA HA HA HA!!!”  

Being confronted by the hilarious sight that was before them. Both Riku and Mickey were quiet, however quickly they too couldn't take the hilarious act that was before their eyes!

“HA HA HA HA!!!”

Immediately seeing both Riku and Mickey laugh like this, Nozomi smiled brightly and right there and then everyone was having a good laugh together.
Watching on from above, Raiyana sitting upon one of the sail poles then smiled gently down as she said quietly, “I'm glad everyone's having fun...” however, she knew she couldn't hang about and so quickly she went to take her leave from her observing post.  
Smiling herself Nozomi enjoying the moment, then noticed something from the corner of her eye. Looking up quickly, she then saw a shape move away from the trappings up above. Seeing that quickly the female keyblader became concerned, for looking at the others and the happy smiles that were on their faces... she then decided on something!
Cait sith seeing the hysterics everybody was caught in, couldn't believe this was all it took to make them all laugh ridiculously like this. Putting a gloved paw to his forehead, he said aloud, “Well if I ever need laughin' medicin' I got a good source to find here!”
Then saying that, he suddenly noticed that Nozomi was walking in another direction away from himself and the others. Seeing her go, he called out to her, “Oi lass! Where are ya-!”
“I've got to go and take care of something!” With that continuing to run forwards, she then added looking back with a wave, “I'll see all you guys in a bit!” With that Nozomi left, leaving Cait sith behind looking on cluelessly as the others all continued to enjoy the antics that Morph was performing for them all.  


Dropping down from the sail pole she'd been standing upon using a certain long rope. Finally Raiyana landed upon the wooden floor panels of the deck, as did she sighed sadly saying, “Well... I better get to that duty next.” With that she then began to walk to go in another direction.


Suddenly the long blue haired young woman was stopped in her tracks, turning around with surprise she saw someone quickly approaching her. Looking on her eyes widened slightly as she saw who was coming her way, “Nozomi?”
Smiling the dark haired girl was glad that she'd noticed her, waving her hand she asked her brightly, “Hey!” Then finally making it over to her, she stopped as she asked her, “Have you finished all your duties with the sails now?”
Hearing her ask this question, the long blue haired girl then told her, “Uh? Yes I have.”
Pleased to hear this, Nozomi then asked her, “Cool! Do you want to join me and the others back there?”
Listening to this request, Raiyana couldn't believe it as she heard Nozomi continue on, “We're having a really fun time with Morph! You should see all the weird faces his making right now! I bet you'd-”
“I'm sorry,” Raiyana said as she apologised sadly to the optimistic keyblader.
Stopping in her tracks as she heard Raiyana say this to her, Nozomi didn't understand as she said, “Huh? What?”
Looking to the female keyblader she then explained to her, “I think you guys will be better off if I don't join you...” for she revealed sadly, “I don't really create much of a good atmosphere when I'm around do I?”
As she heard this, Nozomi then quickly understood what the reason was for the sad smile Raiyana was showing. She couldn't disagree with her about that, however she didn't want her to feel that was the way everyone felt, “No... Raiyana that's not your fault!”
Quiet as she heard this, the blue long haired young woman listened to Nozomi continue, “The others... I admit they're a bit wary of you,” however she wanted to remain positive and told her, “But! If you hang out with everyone more, they'll see you're not a bad person! Cause... I can sense that already about you, so...”
Seeing her trying to stick up for her like this, Raiyana smiled softly. She was glad that she cared as she told her, “That's nice of you to say...” however she also had to admit to her, “But your friends might have the better idea about me.”
Shocked as she heard this, Nozomi asked her, “Huh? What do you mean by-?”
Raiyana then turned away from her as she told her, “I'm not what I appear to be.”
“Not what-?”
Interrupting her, Raiyana continued as she explained, “I have a ferocious power inside of me Nozomi... it's something that even I'm terrified of.”
“Power?” The female keyblader repeated, however she then remembered the ability Raiyana had used when she'd fought against the heartless and saved her! Remembering she then asked her with her eyes widening, “You mean that one that allows you to transform?”
Nodding seeing that she understood what she meant, Raiyana continued, “Correct, when I use it... I change and one of those forms is one I can't control.” Then shivering she looked truly saddened as she admitted, “Because of it... and I underestimating it, it cost me the life of someone dear to me.”
“Someone dear to you?” Nozomi asked saddened. As she did, she then remembered a name Raiyana mentioned before, “Alex?”
Flinching as she heard this name, Raiyana then simply nodded her head slowly. Looking even more saddened then she already was.
Seeing that she might have said too much, Nozomi quickly apologised saying, “Oh! I'm sorry... I, I didn't mean to say that heartlessly, I-”
Shaking her head though, Raiyana then simply sighed as she told her, “No... it's fine, don't worry,” however she decided to advise Nozomi more, “But, as I said... it might be safer for you to keep your distance... for I may not be always someone you can trust.”
Hearing this, Nozomi though understanding what she was saying. She could see the loneliness and sadness that was emanating from her. It was that, that made her say next with determination, “I want to trust you!”
Surprised to hear this, Raiyana turning her head looked back to Nozomi. As she did, the female keyblader continued saying, “With you saying that to me... it proves you care! If you didn't then you wouldn't have said anything to me!” Then to enforce the point further she added, “That in itself proves to me I can trust you!”
Really amazed to hear this, Raiyana stared at Nozomi with widened eyes... for she was sure that she would! However as she gazed at her, her eyes then seemed to reflect a similar light she saw before in one, no two others.
Silent as she remembered this, she then couldn't help but smile as she told her, “You know... you remind me of of a couple of people I used to know, saying that.”
Blinking in surprise as she said this, Nozomi asked her, “Huh? Who-?”
Raiyana then told her, “He... and she actually, they were friends of mine who I came into contact with after I lost Alex.” Smiling softly as the memory was quietly was returning to her, the blue haired girl revealed, “I travelled with them for a long time, the two of them made me feel alive and be able to feel again... even though I no longer am a proper living being.”
Hearing this, Nozomi's eyes widened... for she couldn't understand what Raiyana properly meant by that. However she became curious as she asked her, “What happened to them?”
As she asked this question, Raiyana then answered sadly, “I lost them...”
“Oh no...” Nozomi said sadly, for now she could see that Raiyana really had been through some terrible experiences. She didn't want to open old wounds like this.
However Raiyana then shook her head with as a sad smile graced her face, “ was terrible” but she then revealed one further fact, “Even though, she said she foresaw that we'd meet again someday... I think this time she predicted incorrectly.”
Puzzled as she heard this, Nozomi repeated, “Huh? Predicted?”

“Well well! Look who's havin' a fun chat up here!”

Spooked as she heard this voice, it was then quickly that both of them saw that John Silver was walking forwards. Looking at him, the long blue haired girl greeted him with a nod of her head as she told him, “Greetings Silver.”
“Greetings to you as well, Rai lass!” With that Mr Silver bowed with his hat in his hand. Seeing Raiyana simply smiling in reply, he then turned to the female keyblader as he told her, “And a fine good evening to yerself there Nozomi lass!”
Hearing him say this, Nozomi then replied, “Uh yeah? Hi Mr Silver...” for with the cybernetic man before her. She still was uncertain about him, for there was something that made her feel uneasy about him.
Placing his hat back onto his head, Mr Silver though simply smiled still as he told them both, “Well then, why don't we go and see the rest of the lads.” He also added on a further note, “I need to check upon all the work ya've all been doin' till now!”
As he said this, Nozomi replied, “Oh? Okay...” With that as Mr Silver took the lead, it was then that both Raiyana and her followed behind after him as they went to go and join the others.



Pressing his finger and wiping it against the floorboards, Mr Silver then brought it back up and remarked in surprise, “Ah? You lads really did get this floor squeaky clean!”
Hearing this, Cait sith was now back on top of Nozomi's head as he declared to him, “Obviously Silver mate! When we say we're gonna deliver! WE DELIVER!”
As he practically shouted this out, Nozomi then told him annoyed, “Yeah... though you don't have to shout it to the whole world y'know! Loudmouth!”
Annoyed as she said this, Cait sith then remarked annoyed, “What was that lass!?” With that he pulled on her hair hard making her wince in pain!
Riku and Mickey seeing this being done to her do, then looked on awkwardly as did the others around them. For once again old habits were playing out as normal.
Continuing on though, ignoring this little painful awkward interaction Mr Silver then commented, “Well, anyway I'm pleased with all the hard work all you lads have put in, so you have my praise!”
Seeing him smiling at them all though, Jim was far from believing him. For he still disliked him greatly for making them do this, so retorted, “Yeah whatever.”
Hearing him as he said this, Mickey then spoke up saying, “Oh, c'mon don't be bitter there Jim! We've done real good work here, don't dwell on the past there!”
However Mickey's cheerful words had the opposite effect as he replied, “Easy for you to say.” With that he turned his head away, not wanting someone else to tell him how to solve his problems for him.
Riku then seeing Jim being moody like this, didn't like the way he replied to the King as he told him, “You know you're being really unappreciative right now, we do all this work and you-!”
“Lads! Lads!” Mr Silver spoke, instantly this got both Jim and Riku's attention along with the others except Nozomi and Cait sith. As he did, he then continued saying,”We don't need more squabbles up on deck now do we?”
With this everyone was quiet, however it was clear what the answer was. But Jim though still didn't want to admit it and so turned his face away... not wanting to say another word.
Seeing him react this way, Mr Silver then asked him, “Jim lad, ya really should learn to think more before ya act like ya did before... I mean didn't yer pap ever teach ya to act more carefully in fights?”
However as he heard these words, Jim then really soured as he turned fully away from everyone. Seeing him do this, Mickey then quickly picked up on what was wrong as he asked him, “Don't you have a good relationship with yer dad, Jim?”
Hearing this, it was finally at that moment that Cait sith stopped pulling on Nozomi's hair and as he did, the female keyblader heard him say in reply, “No, he took off a long time ago... leaving me and my Mom on our own... I've never seen him since then.”      
As she heard these words, Nozomi's eyes widened as a painful pulse beat in her heart. For Jim, he'd experienced the loss of someone leaving them... just like she had with her master.
Even Cait sith spoke up saying, “Whoa lad... that's really tragic there, sorry for ya loss.”
Hearing the small crowned cat say this, Jim then saw the others look at him sadly. Even Riku did, however he didn't want to be pitied like this. So he replied not wanting to see their faces, “You don't need to be concerned, it's no big deal! I'm fine... I'm doin' alright.”
However it was clear that everyone was far from believing that. Nozomi looking at him was especially worried, for she knew more than anyone what it was like to lose someone in that way. Never seeing someone they cherish again...lost in the unknown.
Riku standing near to her though saw the look that was on her face as she stared towards Jim. It was sadness and maybe mixed with...longing? The very sight of it made his heart ache inside...
Mr Silver though just in much doubt about the truth of his words asked, “Is that so?” It was then though that he decided to enact his plan right there, “Well since you and the rest of you lads and lass are in me charge!” With that he looked to everyone as he proclaimed, “I'll be poundin' some skills into those thick skulls of yers, you're gonna learn the ropes so none of you won't be gettin' into no more mischief!”
Hearing this Riku repeated, dismissively, “Mischief?”
“Aye!” Silver continued! Then strongly he added, “I and me lass Rai here!” With that he put his cybernetic arm around her, making her look up to him in surprise as he continued saying, “Are not gonna let you all out of our sights!”
Jim listening turned to this and asked now fully appalled, “What!?”
Mr Silver then counted on his functional organic fingers what they all wouldn't be able to do without him knowing, “You lot won't eat, sleep or scratch yer bums without us knowin'!”
Everyone hearing this was absolutely shocked at this proclamation! Cait sith then had to utter in Nozomi's ear his thoughts, “Geez lass! Looks like we ain't gonna get no privacy no more!”
Feeling dread about what Mr Silver was going to put them through, all that the female keyblader could do in reply was, “...Yeah, Oh man!”
Mickey though thinking that might be going a bit too far spoke up, “Um, Mr Silver you won't have ta keep an eye on us that closely will you? I mean-”
However Mr Silver assured him looking down a with a rather intimidating grin, “Oh I'm afraid it is very necessary there Mickey mate! I assure you it is!”
Jim though was clearly outraged as he said angrily to Mr Silver, “And I bet you won't be giving us any favours will you!”
Hearing this demand, Mr Silver then replied, “Oh don't you worry lad! I won't! I most certainly won't!”
Seeing Mr Silver saying this, Nozomi then watched Jim as he looked to him with deep frustration. Then afterwards, she watched as the ponytailed young man turned from Silver back to Raiyana. Looking at her, it was clear he was deeply infuriated!
Raiyana then sadly averted her gaze not wanting to meet Jim's. Seeing this Nozomi was terribly worried... for she knew that both had had terrible pasts that pained them. However how was she ever going to make Jim see that he could trust her... or make Raiyana believe in the others and herself?
This was something that was not going to be easy to accomplish. Especially with all the animosity and doubt that plagued everyone who was there upon the RLS Legacy.


Meanwhile holding onto the side of the ship, a certain individual grinned as he then uttered, “I see... so they're all gonna be kept busy huh?”
Thinking this with rising delight, he then turned and said aloud looking below, “I better tell the boss!” For he knew this meant one thing for them and his mates, “For this'll be the perfect chance to strike!”
With that said he then quickly took his leave, jumping off from the side of the ship and diving down as the stars around him glittered and shone below him!
Watching above from the riggings as the little spy descended and vanished. Pete then remarked, “Who do you think that little runt is?”
Hari having seen the unknown stranger go, then replied simply to her accomplice, “...That is inconsequential.” Saying that, the cold green eyed girl turned her gaze below as she continued to observe the group of keybladers and others around them.
However in particular she kept her gaze concentrated on John Silver as she then remarked, “What is crucial though, will be the actions that are determined by Master Silver.”
Hearing this being said, Pete then replied, “I see...” however looking to Silver as he seemed to be laughing down below as the others reacted uncertainly to him with awkward smiles on theirs faces. He then couldn't help but remark, “Though lookin' at that chump, I won't be surprised if he goes soft on them.”
Listening to his observations, Hari herself then staring at Silver for a moment made her reply, “Indeed... that may be a possibility.”
As he heard Hari agree with him yet again, Pete was really surprised! However the green eyed girl, paid no heed to his expression. For looking on, she could calculate that soon a great change would occur... however what this would entail for the future. That was something she could only theorise about...
.:Chapter Fifteen : The Possibility:.

“Ahhh!” Falling back onto the big soft plushy bed, that belonged to Yui. Miya was was now dressed in her gentle peppermint green, white long sleeved and legged pyjama's. It was clear she was weary as she said aloud with her head resting back on one of the big pillow's with her hand on top of her forehead, “I'm so tired...”
Dressed now in her own light white nightdress, Yui had switched off the light in her room already and was now settling herself under the covers of her bed as she pulled them over herself. Looking to her friend she couldn't help but smile and let out a little giggle as she looked to her and said, “I don't blame you, Miya-chan!” Then thinking of all the work they'd just done, she added, “It did take us a long time to finally complete everything, but at least you've learned it all properly right?”
Hearing this being asked of her as she finally got under and pulled up her own side of the covers too, Miya responded,”I should damn well hope so! I think I've worked on those formula's so much, I could write them in my sleep!” Saying that, she then became annoyed as she thought of all the wasted time that Ayato had caused, sighing with irritation she said, “... It just blows that we haven't had any time to properly chill! Thanks to that idiot intruding on us...”
As she said this, Yui became saddened slightly as she replied, “ is a shame about that,” but quickly she also added as she didn't want Miya to become sour by the memory, “But since it is all done now, we've got all of tomorrow to make up for that lost time! So...please don't let it get to you, Miya-chan!”
Hearing this being said to her, the heterochromia eyed girl turning to look at her friend saw the sad pleading look in her gentle pink irises. Observing it she was quiet, however she then told her friend as a smile came to her face, “...I'm not! Don't worry Yui-ko!” Then dropping it she looked above herself and up towards the ceiling adding, “Besides, if I hold grudges over something as petty as that, my temper's never gonna improve...” Saying that, she closed her eyes and revealed more of her inner thoughts, “ And what's more important is that we enjoy the time we have here together to the fullest, no matter what happens.”
Listening to her as she said this, Yui was glad that she was trying so hard to maintain her temper like this for her. Also she was touched by her last words about how they should spend their time together, so smiling happily as she looked at her, the blonde haired girl whispered her name, “Miya-chan...”
Hearing her, Miya still with her eyes closed couldn't help but regain her smile. However she then had to admit something else as she felt the softness of the covers that surrounded her and the pillow that was under her head, “But you know, this is one thing I never expected!”
As she said this, Yui became curious as she asked her, “What's that Miya-chan?”
The heterochromia eyed girl then revealed her thought as she turned her head to look at her, “Me staying the night in your bed again like this! I mean talk about weird repeats!”
Silent as she heard this, Yui quickly became a little embarrassed as her friend said this. Then though she had to admit with an awkward shy laugh, “Heh, heh...yeah... it is strange this is happening again, isn't it?”
“It is!” Then seeing the embarrassed look that was on friend's face, Miya simply smiled a little more at her cute reaction. However she then decided to ask her becoming curious, “But you know when you told me about the other rooms in this mansion, I find it hard to believe...” for thinking of the dreadful descriptions of them she'd been given, compared to the elaborate decorativeness of the mansion, the orange haired girl asked, “I mean are they really all that bad, Yui-ko?”
Hearing her ask this, Yui was quiet for a moment. However she then answered simply, “Um...? Well, yes... they are.” Then though she decided to explain a little more, “alot of the other spare bedrooms are... badly damaged and in need of repairs, so...”
Listening to this, Miya then finished for her simply saying, “They're trashed.”
Nodding as she said this, Yui was silent.
Seeing her become like this, Miya though had to admit, another thought of hers, “That's a surprise! I mean with that four eyes here, I thought he was supposed to be a diligent carer for this place.” However she then decided to finish her thoughts saying looking back up to the ceiling again, “But, I guess even he has his struggles, huh?”
Hearing this Yui then responded simply, “Yeah...” for in reality most of the spare rooms other than the bedrooms belonging to the brothers and herself, had been smashed up by Subaru and his furious violent outbursts...
But the real reason Yui had asked Miya to stay the night in the same bed with her, was because she couldn't take the risk of her friend being attacked if she was left in a separate room on her own. Though she knew that on her own there was no way she could protect her with her weaker strength,  she could at least keep an eye out for her.          
Inside though as she thought about this, she couldn't help but feel a little uneasy and guilty for putting her friend unknowingly into danger like this. Also in reality she considered that maybe all she wanted was just to have Miya be her defender again. As her worries continued to flow and swell within inside her, she looked to her a little hesitantly as she asked, “...Do you not like this arrangement, Miya-chan?”
Hearing this, Miya turned and seeing her friend look at her so awkwardly with shy and worried eyes as she tried to hide her face away with her pink sheets. The orange haired girl blinked and was silent for a second. However it was then she couldn't help but laugh aloud as she said pointing to her,“Awww! Look at you! You're acting like a little kid peeking at me, Yui-ko!”
As she heard this laughter and saw the grin on Miya's face, the blonde haired girl just became more embarrassed... blushing red in the face, she hid herself away entirely. She wished she could be just swallowed up by the pink sheets of her bed, for this was so awkward for her!
Giggling away, Miya was finding it hard to recover from seeing that look on Yui's face, “Ha! Ha!Man! That was so-!” However after a few more seconds, getting the last remains of her hysterics out of her system. She finally managed to calm herself down. Doing so she turned over with a small smile on her face and told her friend her thoughts, “...Yui-ko, there's no need for you to fret about this set up.”
Her head still under her sheets, the blonde haired girl then looked out from under them to Miya as she asked her, “I don't?”
Shaking her head, still smiling gently Miya told her, “No, cause this isn't bad for me, “ then she confessed turning her head to look back up for a moment, “I mean I'll admit it's different, but I don't mind it...”
Looking at her friend, it was then that Yui saw a rather sad nostalgic look come across Miya's face as she continued, “Cause when I was a kid, I used to do this with someone before.”
Surprised as she heard this, Yui then asked her, “You did?”
“Yeah,” came the simple reply from the heterochromia eyed girl's lips.
Becoming curious as she heard about this, Yui then gently inquired of her, “Who was it before? Was it-?”
“That's something to say another day!” Miya said interrupting her, then turning over to look back at her. A grin was across her face as she then informed her puzzled friend, “Now I'd say it's about time that a curious kitty like you goes to sleep!”
As she heard her say that, Yui then suddenly had her nose tapped by Miya's right hand and finger. Seeing and feeling her do this, the blonde haired girl then took this to mean that she shouldn't ask her anymore. Though she honestly wanted to know more, she knew she didn't want to trouble her friend and it was late anyway, so she complied with her request, “Okay, I'll do that...” then looking at her, the gentle pink eyed girl told her further, “I hope you sleep well, Miya-chan.”
Nodding with a smile still there, the orange haired girl told her friend, “I will!” Then on a further note she told her, “And I'll make sure you sleep well too, Yui-ko.”
Hearing her as she said this, Yui looking to Miya in surprise heard her say with humour in her voice, “I'll keep the creeps and bugs out!” To which she then finished with a wink of her single blue eyed saying, “Okay?”
Seeing this and hearing her say these words, Yui was silent. However she couldn't help but smile as she heard this. She could see now that Miya was still going to keep an eye for her even then... she was so lucky and fortunate to have someone like this do this for her. She was so honoured but all that she could do at that moment to show it, was simply smile and say, “Alright...thank you, Miya-chan.”
To which the orange haired girl smiled and nodded, for those words were all that she needed. With that said, the two girls then gently and quickly nestling into their pillows fell into the recesses of a deep and warm, comforting sleep...  


As the sounds of gentle deep breathing, echoed about within the domains of the girl's room. It was then that a figure materialised and emerged from the darkness of the shadows inside the lilac coloured walled space. Walking forwards with a frown on his face, it was revealed to be none other than Ayato.
Moving silently across the room, he made it quickly over to the frilly canopied bed. Looking down, he then observed the girl's as they slept on, blissfully unaware and helpless. The two of them would be practically at his mercy if he tried anything now. However all he did was simply stare on down, there was a serious and slightly angered gaze in his eyes as he observed them, slumbering away.


Hearing this familiar voice, the reddish-brown haired young man turned his gaze and there he saw his older fedora hatted sibling, “Laito.”
Seeing that he'd got his little brother's attention, the vibrant green eyed young man simply grinned as he then told him, “This is really naughty you know!” With that he walked forwards and added putting an arm around his shoulders as he looked down at their helpless prey too, “Peeping on sleeping little girls!” Seeing them slumber on together, clueless to their presence. Laito grinning away then couldn't help but add, “Appetising ones at that!”  
The serious yet angered gaze still upon his face, Ayato wasn't in the mood for him as he told him simply, “Get lost!” Then making him detach from him, he walked to the right side of the bed and sat himself down while gazing upon Yui.
Seeing her peaceful sleeping face as her blonde locks trailed about her, it seemed that she was looking up to him. Seeing this the reddish-brown haired vampire said nothing. However he then heard movement, turning up his face instantly became soured as Miya had moved over turning her back to him.
Looking at his little brother, Laito then saw him look at the sleeping heterochromia eyed girl with bitterness in his eyes. As he saw this, he then could understand why his sibling had come into the room, however he decided for the moment not to comment about it.
However Ayato had something he wanted to have answered, turning to his older brother he then asked him, “Laito?”
“Hmm?” He asked in a seemingly curious tone.
“This bitch,” Ayato asked as he looked to Miya again, with that still annoyed look in his eyes, “You've heard from Reiji right? About the possibility?”
Hearing him ask about this, Laito then could see where this conversation was heading as he replied, “About Cow-chan's origins?” Then seeing his little brother stare at him with an irritated look, it was clear he was not in the mood to be humoured. So seeing he wasn't going to have much fun in that regard, the Fedora hatted young man sighed.
Walking over himself he then stood over Miya's side, seeing her he was quiet. As she breathed in and out quietly with an expressionless look on her face, it was then he lowered himself and taking his right hand he began trailing his finger over her left cheek. Making circles with it he then spoke his thoughts, “Well I don't know if Cow-chan here is related to any demonic kin that I know of... for looking at her, she behaves practically like a normal human girl.”
Saying that, it was then that Miya's brow creased in irritation and as it did, she moaned in annoyance. Seeing this, Laito though simply continued on, “However I can't deny the strength she has is phenomenal,” for thinking about what had transpired just maybe over a week ago, he had to admit, “If Bitch-chan hadn't intervened at that time before... I may well have experienced the unknown delights of death.”


Suddenly it was then that Miya batted her hand and instantly she smacked his annoying tracing hand away from her. Seeing her do this, even in her sleep as she then turned back over Laito couldn't help but grin at her reaction to him.
As he continued to smile then, he lifted himself back up placing his right hand under his chin, he echoed his thoughts aloud casually, “But regardless of what she is, I just want Reiji to hurry up and finish his studies.” For he then revealed his true interest in the helpless sleeping anomaly, “For I'm really interested and looking forward to having a taste of her... “ To which he finished licking his lips with a hungry tongue.
Seeing him do this, Ayato wasn't surprised in the slightest at his future intentions. Watching his older sibling, he looked on as he started to walk past him saying, “But since I've been told to be a good little boy for now, I'm gonna take my exit and leave!” Making a single wave from behind, he bid his little brother, “Night, night Ayato...” then turning to look at his little brother he added with a grin, “Don't take a bite!”
Hearing him say that, Ayato then watched Laito vanish away into the darkness. Leaving no trace of himself behind, seeing him do this the reddish-brown haired vampire wasn't amused in the slightest.
Instead looking to Yui again who was sleeping before him, he lowered himself and moving his hand forwards, he combed his fingers through the now messy long locks of her soft wavy blonde hair.  Doing this his eyes were in deep thought as he continued to comb them through, feeling their softness and her warmth that was radiating slightly from her. It was hard to tell what he was thinking of or imaging at that moment... ”Chichinashi.”
Then suddenly surprising him, Yui moved and as she did she turned around facing away from him. Quickly removing her hair from his fingers as he stood back up, he looked on as she nestled herself into Miya who was facing her way.
Watching as this happen, he then heard her say sleepily, “Mmm... Miya-chan.” This in turn caused the sleeping orange haired girl to move her exposed arm and to drop it over her friend, as she unconsciously made herself more comfortable.
Seeing this occur, Ayato was shocked! He couldn't believe what he was now seeing before his eyes! This enraged him greatly as he gripped his right fist, he wanted to tear that bitch apart right there and then! He was going to-!
However quickly before he could move to do anything, Ayato stopped himself. Grudgingly, he knew he couldn't disobey Reiji's order. Not unless he wanted to pay the consequences severely later. Thinking this he was absolutely bitter, however somehow he managed to maintain control over himself as he moved himself away from the girl's bed and started to walk away.
Then stopping in his tracks for a moment, he saw again the girl's holding each other and as he did he said aloud with raging irritation, “Just you wait you bitch!” With that he started to walk away again, however before delving into the shadows, he added, “When the time come... I will make you suffer!” With that said he vanished into the darkness...



Yawning aloud as she covered her opened mouth with her hand, a few tired tears appeared in Miya's eyes as she then proceeded down the stairs saying aloud, “I'm sleepy...”
Hearing her, Yui was the same way as she tried to wipe away some sleepy dust from her eyes. As she did this, she had to admit happily as they got down the grand staircase, “Yeah I am too, but at least we slept well didn't we?”
Listening to this comment, Miya wasn't going to disagree as she replied, “Yep we did, though it's a little surprising.”
Hearing this, Yui looked to Miya as she asked her, “Huh? Why do you say that Miya-chan?”
The orange haired girl then replied revealing her thoughts, “Cause I thought with me staying the night here properly for the first time, that those bastards would definitely try something!”
As she heard this, Yui wasn't going to disagree though it was a shame to admit, “Yeah... it would have have been like them to.”
Nodding, Miya though turning around saw the depressed look that was on her friend's face again. Seeing it, she didn't want her to be that way so she told her then changing the mood of the moment, ”But anyway, let's not dwell on them for now!”
Yui hearing her friend say this, then looked up to her and heard her say with a smile on her face, “Let's go and make ourselves some good delicious breakfast, huh?”
At this suggestion, Yui immediately then forgetting her sadness for a moment brightened too and replied, “Yeah, let's do that!”
“Right on!” Her friend agreed and with that smiling together the two of them headed towards the mansion's kitchen to make themselves some nice breakfast.


Sitting down at the kitchen table, the two girl's had their meals prepared before them. Miya looking down at her food, then smelled it's aroma and said with a small smile on her, “Mmm... now this is what I call yummy!”
For in front of her, was a blue coloured bowl filled with oat porridge and on top were a couple of raspberry's. Looking at it, Miya was pleased with the result as she said aloud, “This'll be good,” then taking her spoon, there was something else though she couldn't help but say, “I just hope there aren't too many lumps inside.”
Saying that she dipped her silver utensil into the bowl, then she went to take it out to have a bite. However before she could, another scent caught her attention.
Looking to where she could smell it, she saw next to her Yui who had already started eating her meal. What she saw that her friend was eating could best be described as toast, however it was warmer in colour as it seemed golden from the butter and traces of syrup that was laced over it. She also saw that there was cream along with some strawberries and blueberries resting here and there over it.
Seeing it, she couldn't help but gulp as it looked really delicious. Yui in the meanwhile, finishing a bite of her toast felt eyes looking at her. There she saw her friend looking at her and her meal. Surprised to see this, she became curious as she asked, “What is it Miya-chan?”
Instantly, it was then the heterochromia eyed girl realised what she was doing as she became awkward and said turning her face quickly away, “Oh uh? It's nothing, um...?”
However Yui was still puzzled as she looked to her friend quietly. It was then after a moment the orange haired girl finally thought of what to say as she asked her, “It's just, um? Your meal...what's it called?”
Hearing her ask this, Yui then didn't see why she was acting like this and told her, “It's french toast.”
Learning what it was, Miya replied, “I see...” then looking to it again, she told her, “It looks really delicious.”
Listening to this compliment, Yui simply smiled as she replied, “Thank you.” Then looking to her friend's meal she told her, “Yours looks nice too.”
As she heard this though, Miya simply waved her hand as she told her, “Nah! This isn't anything Yui-ko! It's just simply oat porridge... anybody can make something like this, even someone like me.”
Hearing her say this, Yui then had to ask her, “Why would you say something like that, Miya-chan?”
It was then that the orange haired girl had to admit, though with a little shame, “... I say that because, I'm not the greatest of cooks.”
Surprised at this, Yui had to ask her, “You're not?”
Shaking her head, Miya then replied, “No...”
Seeing her looking a little depressed as she said this, Yui then said, “But, that rice omelette you made for me the other day was really delicious! I thought you would-”
“I can make simple stuff like that, stuff that takes under fifteen minutes or so...” then looking to Yui's really delicious meal again she then admitted, “But I couldn't make anything as fancy that.”
As she said this, Yui was quiet again. However seeing the sad look that was on her friend's face, she though wanted to dispel it as she told her, “But Miya-chan! French toast doesn't take that long to make! It's really a simple thing to make.”
Surprised to hear this, Miya then asked her, “Really? It is?”
Nodding Yui then told her brightly, “Yeah it is!” Then smiling she told her further, “If you want me to, I can show you how to make it in the future?”
Hearing this, Miya was surprised once more as she asked her, “Really? You'll do that?”
Looking at her and seeing the surprised look on her face, Yui simply smiled more as she replied, “Yes definitely!”
Quiet as she heard this confirmation, Miya though quickly brightened up herself as she replied, “Awesome!” Then pointing a cheerful finger to her, she added, “I'll take you up on that offer in the future!”
To which Yui simply smiled again, pleased that she was able to cheer her friend up. Miya herself then feeling more chipper declared, “Well, it's time for me to stop fussing and get eating!”
With that she took her spoon and ate a bite of her oat meal porridge. As she did this, Yui then turned back to her own meal and started eating more of her french toast.
Quietly continuing to do this, it was then after a couple of more bites that the heterochromia eyed girl realised something, “Oh yeah!” Surprised away from her own meal for a moment, Yui looked to Miya as she then said, “I know what I'm missing now.”
Then watching, she saw her friend reach over and take a couple of items. Looking Yui then saw Miya pour something onto her porridge, it was honey with a wooden honey dipper spooner. Watching her, she saw her lace it over it carefully.
After a moment, Miya finished and as she did, she said, “There! Now it'll be even better!”
Seeing her finish, Yui then couldn't help but comment, “You like honey on porridge Miya-chan?”
Nodding, the orange haired girl then explained brightly, “Yeah! It helps with my Hay fever, building up my tolerance and stuff, also it helps in improving my physical performance.”
Hearing this little explanation, Yui then smiled as she said, “Oh I see, that's good then!”
“It is!” Then taking another bite with her spoon that was now laced with the sweet substance, the orange haired girl added, “It's also delicious too!”
Laughing as she heard this, Yui then nodded and proceeded back to eating again as Miya did the same. As the two continued having breakfast together chatting happily, it looked like that day was going to be a good one for them.


Surprised to hear this voice, it was then the two girls looked and saw that someone had suddenly come over, sitting themselves at their table. Looking on, they both saw him dressed in his blue dress long sleeved shirt along with his white one underneath it and his long brown legged pants, with his earphones in connected to his MP3 player that was tied to his neck. The girl's saw Shuu before them with his eyes closed.
Seeing him, the two girls were quiet. However looking at Shuu as he sat before them, Miya had no idea what to think of him whatsoever!
Yui herself looking at him, didn't know why he'd come to their table either. For with Shuu, she was never sure all the time how to act around him, since he hardly ever said a word and just merely slept all the time.
“Hey, Yui-ko?” Hearing her friend whisper, the blonde haired girl looked to her and heard her ask, “This guy here?”
“Shuu-san?” She asked her friend in reply with a whisper.
Nodding she replied, “Yeah him,” then turning her eyes to look at him. She had to ask her friend, “Is he an annoying creep too?”
Not liking her using that description, Yui told her, ”It's not nice to call people that!” However she then replied to her, “But... Shuu-san isn't too bad, he's the quietest out everyone, so there shouldn't be too much trouble.”
Hearing her say this to her, it was clear that Miya was a little uncertain about that. But then again, she hadn't suffered much grief so far from this guy, so she decided to trust in Yui's words as she said, “Okay if you're sure...”
With that quietly the two girls began to eat their breakfasts again. However as she continued on with her porridge, Miya couldn't help but feel a little self aware with that guy with them. For the other brothers so far had been so unpredictable, but as Yui had said he was quiet and he was continuing to be. Which was a relief in a lot of ways, sighing aloud she thought to herself that maybe she could relax for a change and that he wasn't going to be as bad as-


Stopping in her tracks she then saw startled that the blonde haired young man was staring at her intently! Seeing this perplexed, she had to ask not understanding what he was looking at, “Uh? Can I help you with something?” This was really bothering to Miya, for if there was one thing she didn't like. It was being stared at!
As she heard her asking this question, Yui then saw too that Shuu was staring at Miya. Seeing this made her a little concerned as well and she couldn't help but ask, “Um, Shuu-san? Is there something-?”
“You think I'm an annoying creep do you?” The blonde haired young man asked with a grin on his face, as he looked at the two of them.
Immediately both girls were on edge! Quickly Miya asked perplexed, “What?! You heard us!?”
Seeing the surprise on her face, simply amused the music listening vampire more as he replied, “Obviously, just because I have earphones plugged in doesn't mean I'm not paying attention,” looking to Miya who was dumbfounded he also added, “Quite conceited aren't you?”
Hearing this, immediately Miya felt insulted and once more her annoyance was beginning to brim within inside of her.
Yui though herself knew this couldn't be good in the long run and whispered to herself seeing the two looking at each other intently, “Oh no...”
Shuu himself was simply further amused by the disturbance he'd now caused. Then turning his attentions to Miya who now had a sour look on her face, he asked her, “Irritating you am I?”
Hearing this, the heterochromia eyed girl could tell he was trying to provoke her, however she wasn't afraid to admit one thing right there and then, “Not yet...”
As her friend said that simple sentence, Yui looking to her knew she had to be decisive! Quickly she told her, “Miya-chan! Let's hurry and finish then get changed! We've got to enjoy the rest of the day haven't we?”
Listening to the request as she turned back to look at her, Miya replied, “You're right, we do...let's do that then.” With that she went to eat her porridge once more.
Grateful she was listening to her wishes, Yui too went to finish her own meal hurriedly as Shuu continued to look on at them both.
Blowing on another spoonful of porridge, Miya then saw with annoyance that Shuu was still spying his blue eyes upon her! Seeing his annoying smug smile as he stared, the heterochromia eyed girl then decided there that this guy was just as irritating as the rest of his siblings! This new day in the end was probably not going to be a too easy one for the two friends after all...  

Does anyone ever worry their story idea's are too self indulgent? I.E. Creating Mary Sue stories etc. 

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Here we go guys! Here's the announcement you've all been waiting for!
The winner of my final oc contest for my epic fic, Kingdom Hearts is none other than...







With her oc, Raivana!

Raivana by TwilightCrown 


Thanks everyone who entered my competition and my prior ones! There were loads of great characters and idea's! I hope you all enjoy the final Disney Arc I'll be doing! And I hope you enjoy the climactic chapters that will follow afterwards!

I'm really lucky to have fans like you who keep pushing me and giving me support and I hope by the end of the story it will be everything you hoped for! Thanks a bunch again guys! Catch you later! ^^ 
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Wanna a tiny little chibi / plushy character of your very own?

Now you can get one! XD
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The Dagger of Juliet by Lrme87
Cherubie Wand by Lrme87
Wish to have the weapon of your choice be given form and life? Then here you will find it can happen! Will be finished as a JPEG or PNG file depending what you'd rather.
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ShinkuRose Teatime Poster by Lrme87
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Residents of the dead by Lrme87
A group illustration of three characters with a background included. Done as a JPEG or PNG depending on preference. 
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.:My Valentine:. by Lrme87
Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
100 TC - 49 Separate by Lrme87
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Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
100 TC - 10 Geisha by Lrme87
Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87
A fully coloured background pic and a single character included. Will be finished as JPEG or PNG depending on customers preference. 
Single Illustrated Figure
RWBY: Opaline Hart by Lrme87
Elaina: The Priestess Of Hope by Lrme87
Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 

Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be 10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be 15

And for an additional character it will be an extra 3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be 18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be 5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be 10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!





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