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Montyoum by Lrme87
A picture created for the one of the most inspirational animators I've ever seen on the net. Montyoum.

I was struck terribly when he died and I wanted to create something to honour him. This is it, I realise sadly that this is the last picture I will be ever doing for him... but I know this picture will always have a postive impact in my memories, I will always remember him. I am also sure all those too who witnessed his work too will always remember him...

So goodbye Monty, you will always be a star of insiration that lights my heart. Thank you. 

Born: June 22 1981

Died: February 01 2015
Chapter CCV: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part XVII




Falling fast through the air, Mickey was trying his best desperately to steer the long boat that he, Jim, Nozomi and Riku were within. But driving the vehicle was easier said than done! Then some distance beyond them in the skies, it was clear Captain Amelia was doing the same as she carried on in her own boat with Delbert, Timbre, Fran and Balthier. However with terrible explosive missiles being rained down on them all from up above, it was making the situation horribly intense as they  tried desperately to escape.
Gritting his teeth hard, he couldn't help but utter as one more terrible shot flew past them all, “Darn it! Those fella's sure are ones for not quittin'!” However saying that, he gripped the steering gear all more tightly. For he wasn't one who was going to give up easily either!
“Agh!” Gasping painfully as he gripped his bitten arm tightly, Riku was in immense pain from the infliction that the demon wolf had incurred on him.
Seeing him struggle so badly, despite the loud blasts of sounds and the chaos that was erupting all around them. Nozomi worried for him, then asked anxiously, “Riku! Are you-!?”


Instantly another shot blasted out from behind her and the others boat, making them tremble and shake against the explosion that radiated creating turbulence in the air!
Jim clenching his eyes shut against the inferno that was now behind them. Couldn't help but look up to the RLS Legacy that was above them, as he did he then uttered agitated, “Tch! Dammit, we'll never get down to the planet at this rate! We'll-!”
“Don't say that!” Interrupting his despairing thoughts, Riku despite his pain. Then told the Cabin Boy, “We've come too far not to make it down there now! We're going to get that planet and-!”


Again another explosive missile came their way and-!
“Agh!” Riku flinched against the turbulence of the blow! As he did so, Nozomi then cried out in distress for him as she wrapped her arms around him, “Riku!?”
Watching the white haired keyblader as he collapsed into Nozomi, holding him tightly to herself. Jim was silent, however Riku's angered determined words re-filled him with his own sense of determination. For despite the chaos they were all in, as he gripped the Treasure Planet sphere in his right hand, he remembered that they still had a chance! They were going to be matter what would happen!





Firing on from above, the chubby alien with the blaster cannon's had the retreating heroes in his sights! He was gonna get them! He was gonna-!

“Ah! Get of the blasted way chump!”

“Whoa!?” With that suddenly, the alien who had been firing away was pushed and shoved straight out of the chair! Then as he was, the overweight accomplice Pete plonked himself down! As he did so, he stretched out his big fists and fingers clicking them out ready.
Then as he finished doing this, he proclaimed, “I'll be the one who'll blast those varmits out of the sky!” With that he focused hie eye looking into the shot indicator and mashing the button he started blasting away! Instantly in seconds-!



He shot the first target out of the sky! Seeing he'd accomplished the first of his goals, he shouted out proud with a fist pump, “Heck yeah! Boomya!!!” With that he stopped and watched his target fall through the sky with a trailing tail of black smoke behind it.
Satisfied immensely he then switched his targets to the last of the escaping long boats and as he did  so, he moved his finger to the firing button again as he said, “Now say goodnight chumps!”
However at that moment, it was finally then that Captain Silver made it to the deck. Trying to get over desperately as he struggled to run he shouted out mad, “Pete ya dip! Stop that!”
His over enthusiastic associate ignored him and as he did so, Silver then shouted out mad to him as he struggled to keep the terrible weapon from firing as he held it with both hands, “Hold yer fire! We'll lose the map ya-!”




It was too late, as the second long boat was struck and as they both were, they fell down with terrified screams and fiery smoking trails into the expansive, unknown territories of Treasure Planet...


Caught in a strongly deathly grip as the night sky surrounded them, the young knight was powerless to move as he was held in place by Xehanort who grinned at his pathetic struggles as he twisted in the air. As he watched him moving against his hold, he then decided in an impulse of sadistic delight to increase the pressure in his grip!


Immediately a large crack appeared in his strong helm, Terra looking on with his arm damaged by the powerful ice magic he'd been struck with earlier cried out, “Ventus!?”
However before he could move to help his friend-!


Instantly he was struck down and away from the cliff edge by a rain of sharp flying keyblades!


Then as he was sent hurtling away, the masked attacker revealed himself beside his master as he looked on seemingly emotionless with indifference as he fell in the craters that were down below!
Xehanort was satisfied entirely that victory was now his, these pathetic knights had no chance against his power! He knew it was now to initiate the next stage of his plan!
Running on below and seeing what had transpired. The blue haired and anxious female knight Aqua, couldn't believe what happened to Terra and now her last friend was! Seeing him struggle against his captor she cried out loudly, “VENTUS!?”
Hearing her, the young knight turned to look in her direction. In moments a single shard of his mask's visor fell away revealing his blue eye which looked to her with worry, but before he could move to respond-!


Instantly in moments the armoured boy was frozen in place! Held aloft in the air by the single strong and vicious hand that had cast this terrible ice spell. He was chilled to the core and was unable to move even an inch anymore as the veins of ice bound all his limbs in place, making him a living suffering statue.
Satisfied with this effect, in another moment Xehanort then cooly released the frozen boy. Instantly he descended down and down, crashing into various rocks and stones which damaged away his armour more and more as he went.
Seeing this happen, immediately Aqua ran forwards to catch him shouting out loud, “VENTUS!?” He was getting closer and closer to her! Then finally,“Ventus!?” She caught him in her arms. As she looked down at him with terrible anxiousness, she breathed in and out hard.
Looking at the frozen boy, he seemed unresponsive as he didn't move even an inch to her beckoning! Seeing this, she tried again to call to him as she shook him,”Ventus! Can you hear me!? Can you-!”
Then finally she noticed something, the young boy was alive! As he moved his blue coloured irises up to look at her. As she saw this, she for a moment revealed a small smile of relief. However-!


Something glowing purple and maliciously raced on up into the darkened skies above. As it did, there was suddenly another reaction as-!


A huge shape descended down from the clouds above! Seeing it, Aqua was shocked for there shining down upon them, was the incredible and enormous, blue coloured energy of all hearts. Kingdom Hearts...!
Seeing it, she couldn't believe it! But then she quickly realised if he called upon it, that meant he was going to-!
However before her thoughts could go on, she saw the shape of someone else she knew all too well. As he raced up the cliff, back to where Xehanort was, with his evil creation. It was none other than, “Terra!?”
But he didn't respond to her, Aqua couldn't understand why though!? What was he-!
Quickly though she saw something red and glowing in his hand. Seeing it, she couldn't figure out for a moment what it was, but then she quickly realised and as she did she shouted out to him, reaching her hand out as he ran “TERRA! NO! DON'T DO IT! DON'T USE YOUR-!”


“Terra...!” Saying that word, Nozomi opened her eyes blearily and as she did so, she was disorientated. Confused as she saw she was in darkness she couldn't understand what was going on as she asked, “What was-?”


Her attention, quickly snapping back into high alert. She then saw that the dark space she was within, flooded with light and there before her was none other than Jim. He was lifting a side of their long boat that had crashed into the surface of Treasure Planet with both hands. As he did so, he looked down at her and asked her with concern lighting his eyes, “Are you alright?!”
Hearing him ask her this, Nozomi then responded startled, “Jim! What happened!? What's-!”


In a moment though hearing this groan of pain, the female keyblader recognised the voice in seconds! As she did so, she turned her eyes around and there she saw lying across her legs was none other than, “Riku!?”
Hearing her say this, it was then that finally the remnants of the boat that was shadowing over them was finally removed and pushed to one side. Then as it was, quickly running over and coming over to them both, it was none other than Mickey.
Seeing both of his comrades before him, upon the floor. The mouse king seeing that Riku was hurting, immediately acted! Removing Riku off of Nozomi's legs who then looking over him as he brought over onto his knee's asked, “Riku!? Are ya okay there? Can ya hear me?”
The white haired keyblader hearing this familiar urgent voice calling out to him, ask blearily, “Mickey...?”
Seeing that he was responsive filled him with relief and as it did so, he revealed a small smile as he said, “Good, looks like ya're still with us!”
Nozomi making it over to them both as she got up and saw this for herself, she felt a small ounce of relief inside as well. Looking over them, as Jim came to her side she couldn't help but say, “Yeah... we all made it! Thank goodness...”
Hearing Nozomi say this, Mickey looked to her and smiled more at her words. Though quickly he saw that like his comrade who was hurt quite badly all over from the crash. She was the same! Seeing this, he knew instantly what he had to be done next! So quickly calling out his golden keyblade, he told the female keyblader, “Nozomi, ya better get yerself healed up quick, this quiet moment we've got isn't gonna last long!”
As she heard this being told to her, Nozomi then looking down at herself and seeing the scuffling and tear she'd been through. Saw what the king was talking about, so quickly drawing her own blade out, she replied quickly, “Ah right! Okay your majesty!”
Jim seeing her call out her weapon in a sparkle of light was quiet. However he then saw that Nozomi had turned to him and as she did, she told him, “Jim! You better come over too! I can spread the magic over to you too!”
Hearing her say this, the pony tailed young man then replied after a moment, “Ah! Right okay!” With that standing by her side, he watched her lift her keyblade into the air. As she did so, Mickey then lifted his own blade up and quickly in moments they both cried out in unison.



Immediately the warm glittering and green healing spell descended upon everyone. As it did so, instantly all the marks of battering and charring vanished from their bodies that they'd incurred from the fall and crash.
Feeling rejuvenated from the healing spell, Riku released a peaceful sigh. Feeling a lot better than he had, as he did so. It was clear that everyone else was all feeling the same way, as they looked to each other with a renewed strength and determination.
As this strength came back to him, Riku then spoke up and said, “Well I'd say that's far better than any doctor would order!”
Hearing Riku say this comment, Nozomi smiled to him and as she did. She walked over to him and crouching down, she asked him, “Are you feeling okay now Riku?”
Looking to her as she asked this question, the white haired keyblader then replied with a small smile still upon his face, “Yeah, I feel okay now... I should be fine.”
Mickey hearing this himself then smiled too and told his friend, “That's good to hear!”
Riku himself then feeling positive decided on something, “Okay, we all better get up and try to find the others.”
Jim hearing Riku say this himself then replied, “That sounds a good a plan as any to me!”
To which in reply, all Riku did was simply smirk. Nozomi herself though looking to the white haired keyblader decided on something, reaching her right hand down to him she asked, “You want a hand up, Riku?”
As this question was put to him, the white haired keyblader quiet at seeing her offer, her assistance to him. He then replied, “Sure.” With that he placed his hand in hers, it was clear as Mickey looked to him, that the white haired keyblader was pleased with this. This only made him smile gently more as his friend and comrade was pulled back up onto his feet.
Pulling him back up, Nozomi was clearly pleased herself that Riku was well as she smiled to him.  Jim looking on, though happy the white haired keyblader was fine too... he couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable inside as he saw them looking to each other.
Riku himself looking at Nozomi as she smiled up to him, was then about to say his thanks, when-!


With that he fell back to his knees again! Immediately everyone was horrified! The happy atmosphere immediately sapped away!

“RIKU!?” “RIKU!?”

As both his friends called out to him, looking to him with widened eyes. He felt the king come on over and as he did he started to examine him. Terrified as she looked down at him, Nozomi was silent as she shivered.
However Jim walking on over, forgetting his momentary discomfort asked with concern, “What's wrong!? Why're you-!”
Quickly though the ponytailed young man was stopped from asking in his tracks. For then, everyone saw the terrible bite mark that had been inflicted on the white haired keyblader earlier! The wound was leaking out, with purple like mist... it looked dangerously toxic.
It was clear that this was the reason he was suffering badly! Nozomi seeing this felt terrible, for this was awful! It was-!


Suddenly distracted everyone turned around! For there behind them, quickly approaching from behind it was none other than-!
“Timbre! Guys! You're all here!” Nozomi cried out, for there looking on, she saw the pink haired cat boy and the remainder of his pirate crew, Balthier and Fran.
“Of course! We weren't gonna leave you guys hanging!” Timbre cried out, with that he approached them enthusiastically as he started running over waving his clawed arm and hand. Then making it over quickly, he attached himself to Nozomi and purred, saying as he stroked his head into her shoulder, “Also how could I leave a cutie like you all by yourself!”  
Feeling awkward as he did this, Nozomi couldn't help but utter with a sigh, “Timbre this is so not the time for this!”
Seeing them himself, Jim couldn't help but release a small chuckle as he was glad to see that they weren't alone now. But then he noticed one other figure that was following behind Timbre and the others. Immediately he cried out, “Doc! Captain!”
Distracted as she heard this cry, Nozomi looked up and saw that approaching them all it was none other than Delbert who was carrying in his arms, Captain Amelia! Seeing this in moments with worry, the female keyblader released herself from Timbre's grip.
Making it over a little later after Jim had, she heard him ask the Delbert as he continued to hold onto her in his arms, “What happened to the Captain! What has-!”
It was then that Delbert interrupted him as he began to explain, “It was during the crash...”
Hearing this herself, Nozomi worriedly repeated, “The crash?”
To which as she did this, Delbert nodded and continued on with his words, “That's correct, when we were falling through the air and our ship was struck by the fire laser blast... the engine exploded and-”
“Your dear Captain caught the brunt of it,” Balthier then said as he walked over to the Cabin Boy and keyblader. As he said this, the two of them looked to him with shocked eyes. As they did so, he couldn't help but sigh as he said, “It was very trying for all of us having to go through that descending.”
Hearing him say this, Nozomi couldn't help but feel it was quite cold the way Balthier had said those words so casually. But before she could move to say anything, Fran stepped in and said, “Indeed... we were all being swayed by great unease from the incident.”
As this was said, Nozomi looked to the tall rabbit earred woman and as she did. She could see that she looked on with her usual cool expression, but there was also a slight sad look in her eyes. Seeing this, she then could understand that earlier Balthier hadn't meant that in a bad way, he'd-
“Indeed,” the gentlemanly gunner replied to his partner. Then looking to Amelia again, he couldn't help but sigh and say, “Though, your dear Captain's stubbornness hasn't aided us in getting us the proper care she needs.”
Hearing these words, Amelia's ears perked and turning her attentions in his direction she then replied, “I don't need any special care, I just have a case of bad bruising is all.”
Timbre then finally making it over asked, “Oh really? A case so bad that it keep you off yer feet?”
It was clear that Amelia was not humoured by these words as she looked to the pink haired cat boy with irritation. So, quickly she went to removed herself from Delbert's arms to prove her point. However as she moved to do this, Delbert worried for her said with concern, “Captain! You shouldn't be moving yourself right now! Not with-!”
“Oh tosh! Don't fuss!” She replied, with that finally pulling herself out from his grip she stood on her tall legs again. As she did so, she then said, “A cup of tea and I'll be as right as rain.” With that she tided her suit briefly before brushing back a few strands of loose hair. As she did so, she then turned her attentions to another individual present as she said, “Now Mr Hawkins.”
However the individual she turned to wasn't him. Instead it was Timbre, looking to her he simply grinned as he told her, “I ain't Hawkins, lady... ya better look yonder.” With that he pointed in the Cabin Boy's direction.
Seeing him do this, though a little annoyed she replied trying to keep her composure, “Thank you...” then finally fixing her gaze upon Jim, she held her hand out to him and asked, “The map if you please?”
Hearing her ask for their precious item, in moments Jim quickly reached into his pocket and immediately with a smile of relief he brought out the object. Everyone was glad to see it hadn't fallen into Captain's Silver's hands, for if it had then-


Suddenly though everyone was immediately shocked! For the mysterious golden sphere floated up and there revealed before everyone, laughing loudly it was none other than!


As everyone cried out his name in alarm and shock, it was obvious the deceptive mischievous pink gooey creature was thinking that this was all a big joke!
But it was clear that Jim didn't think that as he cried out mad, “Morph!” With that as the pink creature flew in and about around him, he demanded out of him, “Morph! Where's the map!?”
With that question being asked of him, the small pink creature gave them a visual display as he turned into a replica again of the sphere, entering a roll of rope.
This was very grave for everyone to see, for it meant just one thing, as Nozomi cried out “Morph! You mean it's still back on the ship!?”
To which the small pink creature nodded happily, seeing that she'd got the answer correct. This filled everyone with absolute dismay, Timbre then aggravated couldn't help but say, “Great! So this just means we've lost Zidane, Noel and Yeul for nothing! We've-!”

“Keep quiet!”

Immediately everyone became silent in seconds at Captain's Amelia's words, for there scouting overhead was another long boat. It was clearly being controlled by Captain's Silver's crew and behind it, immediately everyone saw that there were Air Pirate heartless behind it!
This was bad and quickly everyone ran. Hiding themselves amongst the scattered remains of their ruined boat, Amelia then instructed them all, “Now keep low, we've got company!”
To which Timbre replied in a whisper, “You don't have to tell me twice!”
Nozomi was anxious, for with all these enemies that would be coming, they wouldn't be able to-!


Turning around quickly at this cry of pain, her worried eyes turned to Riku who was continuing to be attended to by Mickey. As he gasped breathing in and out hard, it was clear the wound that he had sustained was afflicting him badly.
The mouse king seeing this then couldn't help but utter sadly with worry, “Riku...”
Hearing him, the white haired keyblader looking to him, with one opened eye as he tried to say something. However he was unable to as the pain bit into him badly, this pained Nozomi horribly to see this... for it was just like after thing's would be with Lachesis Report. But Cait sith wasn't with them to heal her friend and it wouldn't-
“Well I say, we shouldn't call these devastated planks home for long... we need to find better ground,” Balthier spoke as he kept his pistol aimed at their overhead flying enemies.
As he spoke these words, Amelia then added as she moved to get up, “Indeed, one which has better defences like-!” However her injury was afflicting her badly and she fell to the ground!
Seeing this occur, immediately worried for her Delbert cried out, “Captain!?”
Looking at her as she struggled against Delbert's grip, as she tried to stand on her own. It was then that Fran spoke up as she told the cat woman, “Do not let your pride sway you now... for your body is far more wounded then that will be.”
Hearing this, Amelia didn't like being told what to do in the slightest! However as she grimaced from the pain... it was clear she was going to have to follow this advice for once. So looking to the Cabin Boy she took something and presented it to him, saying, “Mr Hawkins, scout ahead.”
Seeing what had been given to him, Jim then saw that it was a laser pistol. Looking at it, he realised the gravity of the situation as Morph looked on over with worry in his eyes as he replied, “Aye Captain!”
Hearing this himself, Balthier then decided, “That sounds like a splendid idea! I'll have to add my own search party to this endeavour.” With that he turned his gaze to both his other two crew mates and as he did, he spoke, “Fran! Timbre!”
Hearing his Captain commanding him, immediately Timbre responded as he replied, “Yeah boss?”
With that as Fran turned her cool eyes to look at him too, he instructed them, “I want you to both scout on ahead too, see if you can find somewhere suitable for us to hide in.”
As this command was given to him, Timbre immediately saluted with a serious look on his face as he replied, “Will do!” With that both he and his stoic female crew mate went to go and find a suitable hiding place for them all.
Nozomi was quiet, for she knew that time was of the essence and she wanted to help too... but looking to Riku who was hurting so badly. She didn't want to leave him and the king alone like this, it wouldn't be right to do. It would be-
“Nozomi?” Hearing her name being called, the female keyblader saw that it was the king talking to her. Looking at him, she then heard him say, “You should go and help Jim find a place for us to hide in.”
As this was said, the female keyblader couldn't help but protest, “But! Who's gonna protect you guys if those heartless come! I can't leave you to-”
“I'll be the one to watch over them,” with that hearing these words. Nozomi turned and saw that it was Balthier who had spoken. Looking to the surprised keyblader, he told her, “I'll keep an eye out and if I along with the cast present here should find ourselves in dire straights, I will alert you with a flare...” then with a gentler expression he finished saying, “Now don't concern yourself, an audience doesn't like to see their leading lady be dismal.”
Hearing Balthier gentle words as he stroked her hair briefly, Nozomi was so surprised she didn't know what to say! However quiet still for a moment, she looked back to Riku and Mickey. As she did, she then saw her fellow white haired keyblader look at her with strained eyes with breathlessness overtaking him.
It was then seeing this, she knew that she had to do something! So with a firm nod she said, “Okay, I'll go and find a safe space for us all with Jim! You guys just all rest and take it easy, alright?”
As this was said Mickey looking to her then reassured her as he replied, “Don't worry Nozomi, I'll take care of everyone here as best I can, you just keep focused on what you need to do.”
Listening to the king's words, Nozomi then replied, “Okay, your majesty.” With that she went to go with Jim, however before leaving she told everyone there, “We'll be back soon!”
To which hearing this, Mickey nodded and as he did, Nozomi left and caught up to the Cabin Boy. As she did, she told him, “Let's go Jim!”
“Okay!” He told her and with that the both of them along with Morph, left their struggling friends to investigate the surreal surroundings that was the jungles of Treasure Planet...      

Does anyone ever worry their story idea's are too self indulgent? I.E. Creating Mary Sue stories etc. 

22 deviants said Sometimes yeah...
7 deviants said Nah, don't care what other people think.
Hi guys! Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope u all have a fantastic New Year! ^^

This year lots of things have occurred, moving house! A holiday to Belgium and developments between good friends. Also, I have finally reached the 200th mark for KHF! Never thought we'd make that far would you lol XD

Now I can confirm that we only have approximatley 50 to 55 chapters left to go! ^^

I will be working hard this year to try and get the story done by the end of 2015 or at least the beginning months of 2016. Wish me luck guys! There are gonna be alot of things happening this coming year!

Also I just want to write to say thank you all for supporting me this time, letting me make this far! I value all your opinions and am really grateful to have dedicated watchers and friends like you all! Thank you!

And once again before I sign off, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! x x x ^^ 
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Chibi/ Plushy
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Wanna a tiny little chibi / plushy character of your very own?

Now you can get one! XD
Personalised Weapon Design
The Dagger of Juliet by Lrme87
Cherubie Wand by Lrme87
Wish to have the weapon of your choice be given form and life? Then here you will find it can happen! Will be finished as a JPEG or PNG file depending what you'd rather.
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The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87
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Saviour Keyblade by Lrme87
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A Group Illustration
ShinkuRose Teatime Poster by Lrme87
Y,R,P cosplay by Lrme87
Residents of the dead by Lrme87
A group illustration of three characters with a background included. Done as a JPEG or PNG depending on preference. 
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.:My Valentine:. by Lrme87
Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
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Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
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Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 


Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be 10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be 15

And for an additional character it will be an extra 3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be 18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be 5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be 10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!




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