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Laughing loudly and jumping about like a crazy cricket, Ben cried out loud in excited joy, “They did it! They did it! Whoo!!!” It was clear the happiness couldn't be contained at all!
Onboard the deck of the Legacy, everyone looked to be feeling the same celebratory mood as it was all encompassing. Everyone was laughing with cheer and happiness for surviving the hell they'd all been ensnared into and none of them could stop talking about it! Even Amelia and Delbert couldn't hide their affections for each other as they hugged each other spontaneously... though after a moment they became bashful as they smiled  awkwardly at each other.
Balthier, seeing the wondrous Montresser space port. They couldn't help but say beaming with pride as he applauded, “For the leading man, that was a spectacular finale for this production!”
Hearing him say this, standing to one of him Fran with her arms folded couldn't help but say with a small smile, “Are you really sure you should be standing in the full lime light for this though?”
Balthier hearing Fran say this, looked to her and was silent for a moment. However after a little he conceded as he admitted, “...I suppose not this time.” Then stroking his hair back, the leading pirate said finally, “For I suppose without the supporting actors, we leading one's wouldn't shine as brightly.”
As she heard this, Fran released a small chuckle as her small smile continued to dwell, “Indeed...”
Yeul in the meantime laughing with Noel, who had taken her into his arms was pleased beyond all words! With all this cheering happening around her, it was almost like the hellish nightmare before had never happened! Then as she thought this, she noticed, “Noel look!”
Hearing her and seeing her point, the blue clad warrior looked to where she was indicating to. Then as he did so, he brightened up as she stated, “They're coming back!”
With those words said, it was only obvious what they should do next, “Well let's go and meet them!” Noel cried out, with that he ran carrying her with him.
Meanwhile laughing with his pal, Zidane, Timbre quickly noticed where Noel and Yeul were going. As they did so, both of them also saw the keyblader and Cabin Boy heading straight back to the ship. As he did so, he cried out, “Hey! Looks like those guys are making a welcome reception!”
Zidane hearing the pink haired cat boy say this, then saw Noel and Yeul run too. As he did so, it didn't take him a second to suggest, “Well I say we should go and join them!”
Hearing this, Timbre responded quickly, “Right!” With that, he ran off with his pal to go and welcome their heroes back!
Raiyana stroking Morph who continued to bubble with happiness as he pushed himself happily into her warm soft palms. Suddenly heard, “Raiyana!”
Immediately turning, the long blue haired girl saw that it was Yeul still being carried by Noel. Seeing her, she heard her precious young friend cry out to her, “C'mon! We gotta welcome Nozomi and Jim back!”
Hearing her say this, immediately she responded happily, “Okay! I'm coming!” With that she ran, with Morph following closely behind her. As she did so, Silver looking on decided to move himself to one side and watch from a distance...
At that moment it was then Nozomi and Jim arrived back on deck, dropping his board by his side. The brown ponytailed young man, couldn't stop smiling at all and quickly as he came, Morph came straight over and licked his cheek and face all over! As he did this, the Cabin Boy cried out, “Hey! Morph! C'mon cut that out, I-!” But he couldn't stop the excited creature at all.
“Well someone's glad to have ya back lad!” Cait sith said smiling.
To which in turn smiling too as she saw this, Nozomi then decided to finally change back to normal. So looking above herself, she said, “Cait sith? Could you hop off me for a second?”
Hearing her ask this, the small crowned cat was quiet for a moment before he replied, “You got it lass!” With those words, he jumped off of her head.


With that done, in seconds Nozomi transformed out of her armour and was back in her normal attire. As she became this way, she looked to her right arm which was dressed with the decorative knight armlet. As she did so, she stroked it gently before looking back to the Cabin Boy. As she did so, she smiled and said simply, “Jim?”  
Hearing her call for him, finally the Cabin Boy managed to stop Morph. As he did so, he was quiet as she opened her mouth and began to say, “I-!”

“Nozomi!” “Nozomi!”

Immediately turning around again, the female keyblader then saw that it was none other than, “Riku! Mickey!” She cried out brightly as her fellow keyblader's came to her and Jim.
As they did so, Cait sith looking to them said with a wave, “Hey mates!”
Jim looking on at them as the female keyblader began to speak to Riku and Mickey was quiet. For once again the pang inside of his heart came back...however before he could dwell on it!


Immediately jumping up from nowhere, the restored robot came and quickly he started speaking telling him, “That was unforgettable!”
Hearing him, quickly Nozomi looked back with Riku and Mickey, along with Cait sith. As they did so, they saw the robot saying with a bright smile, “The way you guys swooped out there into that terrifying fire of death! That was nothing short but-!”
“Amazing!” With that in seconds, coming over there was Noel who carried Yeul who'd sung the praise. Looking to them all, she couldn't help but say, “You guys saved us all! It was amazing what you did!”
As she said this to him, Jim couldn't help but say in amazement, “Yeul...”
Nodding himself, Noel walking over patted Jim on the shoulder and said, “She's right, you did do amazingly Jim...thanks.” To which hearing this, the brown ponytailed young man nodded simply with a small smile.
“Incredible!” With that Timbre walked over. He too couldn't help but say pleased, “You guys are the bomb! Totally!” He made an enthusiastic thumb's up!
Zidane hearing this also added, “Yeah! You saved all our necks out there big time!” Grinning away he couldn't help but say, “You're totally the superhero of the hour, y'know!”
Hearing him say this, Jim wasn't used to all these words of praise. He was becoming a little bashful as he replied, “...I guess?” Then scratching the back of his head, he couldn't help but say looking to one particular person, “But honestly if Nozomi hadn't come when she had... even I wouldn't be standing here right now.”
With that as the focus was turned to her, Nozomi became quiet. However quickly seeing everyone's eyes on her, she immediately tried to disperse it away as she waved her hands and said, “Oh no! I! I just did what I had to-!”

“Come on now!”

Distracted, it was then that everyone turned and saw that approaching them it was none other than Balthier, who told her and Jim, “When you receive praise! You should lap it up as the enriching and invigorating source that it is.”  
With that turning around, it was then the others saw that Balthier and Fran walked over. As he did so, Timbre looking at him asked, “Boss?”
With that hearing him, Balthier then said, “You guys saved all us and my crew, you both are the heroes now... even more than the leading man at this moment!”
Nozomi hearing this herself, couldn't help but smile awkwardly as she said, “Um... okay?”
Fran though simply continued to smile simply as she released a small chuckle, as she did so. It was then walking over came over one other figure, “I'm just so glad that you all came back safely!”
It was then Nozomi saw who'd come along, it was none other than someone who made a smile come to her face, “Raiyana...”
The long blue haired girl, smiling as she walked over then suddenly felt Morph come on back to her from Jim. She smiled as he nuzzled into her cheek as he did so, looking to her friend's she calmed him down saying, “I'm really glad this all worked out... I'm so happy, we're all together now and safe.” With that saying those words, she approached Noel and Yeul. Then standing with them, she told Nozomi and Jim, “Thank you...” then as she said this, the female Nobody looking to the others decided to say to them as well, “All of you.”
Hearing with surprise that praise that was being given to him too, Timbre couldn't help but become bashful as he said, “Aww, shucks... being thanked by a pretty girl like this... it's too good to be true!”
Zidane hearing this, couldn't help but smile in almost the same way as he said, “You're telling me!”
Then at that moment as all this happiness gathered around them, Amelia walked over and said with pride, “That act I will say you both did was unorthodox but ludicrously effective!” Then admitting that, she walked over to Jim and placed a hand on his shoulder saying, “I'd be proud to recommend you, to the Interstellar Academy! They could use a man like you!”
It was clear that Jim was amazed by this, as he didn't know what to say at all! However Silver standing back and looking on with his arms folded, smiled at him gently and as he did so, he was only too glad that the young man was getting the praise he so deserved... however looking to his side. He decided then it was time to make his exit.
Looking on, the keyblader's too were happy for their friend that he was gaining this new opportunity to better himself. Riku looking on, smiling on couldn't help but say pleased, “Wow, that's good going!”
Cait sith brightly now placed upon Nozomi's head, couldn't help but say, “You got that right lad!” Then looking to Jim, he couldn't help but say, “I bet he'll knock the socks off of 'em other recruits!”
Nodding herself, Nozomi couldn't help but agree, “Yeah I bet he will... he'll definitely be the best!”
As she said this, suddenly she heard Amelia said, “And I could make a recommendation for you as well, Miss Nozomi!”
Surprised as she heard this, Nozomi turning around then saw that Amelia's gaze was upon her. Seeing this, she and the rest of her friend's were baffled. As they were, the female keyblader uttered, “Huh?”
As she uttered this and seeing the blank look that was on fer face, Amelia chuckled as she told her again, “I said I could make a recommendation for you as well, if you would be so interested in taking a position in the Academy?”
Quiet for a moment as this offer finally made sense in her mind, immediately Nozomi shook her head and shook her hands as she responded hurriedly, “Oh no! No! I don't want that Captain!”
Surprised to hear this, Amelia asked her, “You don't?”
Shaking her fast head once again, Nozomi then told her, “No, I mean... it's a nice offer don't get me wrong! But...” with that, looking to Jim who stared back at her quietly. She decided to admit, “Jim would be better there... because he thinks fast on his feet and he come's up with really amazing idea's...” then looking down, she had to say, “I don't even come close to that brilliance.”
Surprised to know that she felt this way about him, Jim was amazed as he uttered, “Nozomi...”
However Amelia seeing that, that was the way that Nozomi felt then said, “Oh well that's a shame then... you do have amazing potential inside yourself though, you know miss Nozomi?”
Nozomi hearing this was quiet, however it was clear that she wasn't sure what to say then. But before she could say anything, Riku spoke up saying, “We know she does.” Surprised to hear this, the female keyblader turned to him and as she did so, she heard him continue on to say, “She's always had it and we'll be sure it continues to shine!”
Not believing what he was saying, suddenly Nozomi heard from Cait sith, “Aye! Snow drop here's right!” Then feeling a pat on her head, she heard the crowned cat continued on to say, “Though this silly banshee can be a scatter brain, she definitely has got a real pure gem of talent inside and it really shine's when ya need it!”
Feeling her heart warm as she heard both her friend's say this, Nozomi couldn't help but say with awe in her voice, “Riku... Cait sith...”
“They're both right there about Nozomi,” then it was Mickey who spoke. As he did so, everyone looked to him and as he did so, “But that light is something we all share inside, we all have it and we make each other shine by bringing out the best in each other!' Then standing before his fellow keyblader's he finished saying, “And as long as we're all together, we will always be the best!”
In awe at this speech as he said it, no-one could say a word to refute it. Nozomi herself hearing the king say this. Then truly felt the most treasured she ever had by her friend's... her team. She couldn't help but tear up slightly, for she couldn't be anymore happy at that moment. So she uttered pleased, “Guys...”
Balthier listening on himself, nodded contentedly as he said, “Spoken as a true leader, I could not say a word better about any band of heroes.”  
Nodding Delbert himself, made a single clap as he said, “Indeed! Indeed!” Then looking to everyone he couldn't help but admit, “In fact, I think all of us together on this journey have really shone and shown what we're made of... even I've become more than I thought I could be.” For thinking of their adventure, since the start he and Jim really had changed and become better. As he realised this, he couldn't help but say one thing, “Jim! Just wait until your mother hears about this!” Then saying that, he realised one or two things that would have to be left out, “Course we'll downplay the life threatening parts.”
Chuckling as he heard this, Jim nodded. Then as he did this, Ben brimming with overwhelming glee, couldn't help but say looking to his pal, “Jimmy look! I know you don't like touching, but get ready for a hug cause I'm gonna hug ya!” With that the happy robot hugged Jim.
Feeling him do this, Jim looking down at the robot smiled and in moment's-!


Suddenly surprising everyone, Jim hugged Ben and swung him around! The robot realising this as he was lowered down back onto the deck's floor looked to Jim and said, “Hey! You Hugged me back!” Then feeling himself tearing up, he couldn't help but say, “Oh I promised myself I wouldn't cry!” With that he hugged Jim again, practically weeping in joy...doing so he then uttered, “Does anybody have a tissue?”
Smiling glad as everyone laughed, Raiyana standing near Noel and Yeul was quiet. With Morph in her hair, feeling him stroke into her, she realised something. Silver hadn't said a word, as she did so, she looked behind herself and saw that he wasn't there at all. Her eyes widening as she saw this, she asked softly, “Silver...?”
Jim, Nozomi and the keyblader's along with everyone else heard her say this. They too saw the cyborg was missing from the deck...


Next to the last remaining Long Boat that was on board of the Legacy, Silver was busy undoing the tied knots of rope that were there, holding the vessel in place. Feeling rushed as he knew they were getting closer and closer to the Port, he couldn't help but say aloud with urgency, “I got to get a move on now! I gotta be makin' tracks!”

“Going somewhere are you?”

It was then Silver was stopped in moments. Recognising the voice, he lost his look of surprise and instead plastered on his happy expression. As he did so, turning around he greeted the speaker saying, “Riku lad! Fancy seeing you and the rest of yer entourage here!”
For there beside the white haired keyblader, was Nozomi with Cait sith on her shoulder along with Mickey. Riku himself looking to the cyborg had his arms folded with a serious expression upon his face, as he did so the others remained silent.
Then as he remained this way, Silver himself was beginning to feel uncomfortable but before he could think of anything to say. Another voice spoke up, “You just don't learn do you?”
Hearing this voice, Silver turned and saw that appearing there it was none other than, “Ah! Jimbo...” an awkward smile was on his face as he chuckled, then he looked down to the ropes that he had been undone. Doing this he quickly got down and said, as he began to re-doing it properly, “I was merely checking to see that our last Long Boat was safe and secure.” With that he made the knot.
Seeing the haphazardly tied knot that he made though, Jim shook his head with a small smile gracing his face. For he knew that wasn't a secure knot, then appearing beside him one other figure knew the same thing too as she approached saying, “Well if you want it to be that secure?”
Surprised again, Silver then saw approaching him with Noel, Yeul and the rest of the crew they belonged to following behind them. The figure that had arrived was none other than Raiyana, who taking the rope from the cyborg's hand tied it more properly as she said, “You have to make a more firm knot here.” With that she looped the rope tightly.
Then Jim seeing her do this, he said casually, “Yeah that's right and...” with that walking over himself and taking the rope she was now holding out for him. He finally did the last tight knot as he told Silver, “Now with one last knot, it's secure now.”
Seeing them team up together as they assisted with the knot tying, Silver could see what they were both doing. So chuckling he told them, “I taught ya both too well...”
With that a silence came between everyone and him, as it did so. After a few moment's, Raiyana looking to Silver lost her smile and as she did so, she had to ask the cyborg, “Were you really going to leave like this, without saying goodbye?”
Hearing her ask this, it was clear that Silver was uncomfortable in answering that question. However with a sigh, he decided to admit to her, “Well lass... ya know I don't like long goodbyes and...” with that his eyes moved to Yeul and Noel.
The young blue haired girl, holding her deer teddy close as Noel stood next to her. She looked to the cyborg curiously, as she did so she asked him, “I just realised lass that... ya won't be needin' me anymore now.”
Shocked as she heard this, Raiyana then asked him, “Don't need you?”
With a single nod, Silver explained, “That's right lass...ya've found who ya were lookin' fer and I know a life of traverssing and stealin' treasure... it's not a life that ya'd want.” With that moving his still organic hand, he stroked her blue locks and said, “Yer too sweet to be involved in all that.”
Saddened as she heard this, Raiyana taking his hand into both of her own hands. Then stroking it gently with her thumb's, she couldn't help but utter, “Silver...” It was clear from the gentle look in his eyes, that he only wanted the best for her. Realising this, she revealed a melancholy smile and as she did so she decided to say, “Despite everything you put me through, the heartless and the lies... I think I'll be able to forgive you eventually.”
As he heard this being said, Silver smiled with a small ounce of happiness. As he did so, he uttered quietly, “Lass...”
Raiyana hearing him say this looked to him, as she did so she then decided to admit, “And no matter where I go...I'll never forget you and the kindness you gave, I'll always treasure it, thank you Silver.” With that saying these words, after a little she released Silver's hand from her own hands. Then as she did so, she decided to stand with Noel and Yeul who were both glad to have her back with them.
Looking to her say as she said that, Silver made a nod. However looking to Noel and Yeul he decided to tell them, “You keep a good look out for that lass! She can be a real force to handle when she gets too riled up!”
As the cyborg told this to them, Noel feeling his conviction become firm inside took Raiyana's hand and told him, “You don't need to tell me that I know already...” then as his friend looked to him, with astonished eyes he then added looking back to the pirate, “And I'll make sure she stays safe with us and we'll never be separated from each other again!”
Amazed to hear him say this, Raiyana uttered, “Noel...”
Nodding herself though, Yeul then said aloud feeling strengthened inside too, “Yeah we won't! Because whether we're humans or Nobody's we're friends forever!” With that the young girl took Raiyana's other free hand showing her oath was true.
Listening to these words being said by her friend's Raiyana was overwhelmed and smiling with relief and happiness, she nodded. For now she truly was, where she belonged...
As he heard all these words, Silver was comforted that from now on Raiyana would be safe. However there was one small figure he was concerned about, for Morph looking to Raiyana as she stood with her friend's looked unsure. As he did so, he looked to the keyblader's and Jim himself who continued to remain silent... as they did, he spoke again, “Now lad's...” then seeing Nozomi look to him, he added, “And lass...” with that taking the small pink transforming creature into his hands, he continued, “We would just avoid imprisoning little Morphy here.”
Surprised as he said this, Nozomi then asked him curious, “Imprison?”
Hearing her ask this question, Silver replied, “That's right... because he's a free spirit!” With that, the little pink creature not understanding entirely the conversation started floating about happily, as he could sense they were talking about him. Then suddenly he was stopped in his tracks, as Silver caught him in his hands, barring him from moving. As he did this, the cyborg continued on to say, “Being in a cage, it'd break his heart...”
Everyone seeing the sad look on his face, everyone was silent... after a little bit Silver released Morph and as he floated above everyone, one voice spoke up as he asked, “Ya know mate, we can tell it'd break Morph's heart... but why don't ya just admit that's what'd happen to yaself?”
As this was pointed out to him, Silver smiled awkwardly... nobody said a word still. However though they could understand how he felt, despite the bad he'd done. Nozomi felt conflicted, she didn't want him to go to prison... but still he'd done wrong and-!

“Jim lad!”

Suddenly surprised by Cait sith's outburst, everyone turned and saw that the brown ponytailed young man had undone the rope upon the Long Boat and had opened up the Legacy's opening.
Seeing him do this, Cait sith demanded, “What're ya doing!?”
Hearing him Jim responded to the crowned cat, “What I want to!” With that he looked to Silver.
As he heard him say this and do this with a small smile on his face, the cyborg himself couldn't believe it! However he smiled quickly in relief and joy about what was going on!
Nozomi though couldn't help but be concerned as she looked to the Cabin Boy and started to ask him, “Jim? Are you-?”
“Lad why don't ya ship out with us!” With that as proposal was announced everyone was silent. For they had had no idea how Jim would respond tot his at all?
Morph though joining in asked turning into a hat and popping up onto Jim's head, “Ship out with us!”
As he did this, Silver held him by the shoulders and continued on to say, “You and me! Hawkins and Silver! Full of ourselves and no ties to anyone!”
Listening to this everyone remained silent. For looking at the Cabin Boy they couldn't help but wonder? Would he choose to go with Silver? Or would he-?
However before they could dwell on these thoughts, Jim spoke, “You know...” Then gently removing Morph from his head as he remained as the black cap, he tickled him and made him transform back with a giggle, ”When I got on this boat, I would've taken you up on that offer in a second.”
Then saying those words, Nozomi couldn't help but feel unease for a moment. For if Jim got involved in that kind of life, being an outlaw. A pirate. He would be-!
But her thoughts were interrupted as Jim continued on to say looking back to Silver as he gazed at the sea of stars that shone down below them all, “But I met this old cyborg, and he taught me that I can chart my own course... and that's what I'm going to do.”
Amazed to hear this, Nozomi was silent as was everyone else. Silver though humbled couldn't help but ask the Cabin Boy as he looked down and gazed to the stars again, “And what do ya see? Off that bow of yours?”    
To which as the question was put to him, Jim looked back and answered simply with hope in his eyes, “A future.”
Nozomi hearing this, she couldn't help but feel relieved and happy for the Cabin Boy and so revealed a small smile.
Silver himself though sad inside Jim wouldn't be coming with him, he smiled too. Then looking to the Cabin Boy he couldn't help but say, “Look at ya! Glowing like a solar fire...” however he couldn't help but choke up a little inside as he added, “Yer somethin' special Jim! Yer gonna rattle the stars ya are!”
Hearing him say this, Nozomi could see Jim was tearing up himself and she herself couldn't help but feel the same way. Wiping her eyes a little she whimpered, for this reminded her of the night that she heard Silver talking to Jim about that brilliance he had. But now she really could see it glow from him too.
As she did this, Riku hearing her whimper looked to her with concern. As he did he saw the tears that were beginning to form, as he did so he reached a hand out to her and asked, “Nozomi? Are you...?”

“Oh deary me...”

Suddenly before he could touch her, Silver moved his organic hand and stroked her head. Startling her, she saw him looking down to her with that gentleness she saw on that night long before. She was quiet as she heard the cyborg say, “Ya can't keep a brave face even now can ya lass?”
Hearing him say this, Nozomi then uttered, “Silver...” as she said this, suddenly more tears began to fall from her eyes. For once again, the cyborg was reminding her of her long lost master.  
Cait sith seeing this as he sat upon her shoulder was quiet. However he decided then, “Alright I better move to one side here!” With that he jumped off of her and sat himself upon Riku's shoulder.  
Feeling him do this, the white haired keyblader looked to the crowned cat with surprise. However as he felt his gaze upon him, Cait sith turned his face to him and put a gloved hand to his lips. Showing they should be silent for the moment, as he did this Riku made a single nod himself. Agreeing to this quiet proposal.
The cyborg looking at Nozomi then told her, “Lass, don't ever think yer not strong... cause ya are and I'll tell ya what! That master of yers would be proud if he could see what ya've become now!”
Silent as she heard this, the female keyblader said nothing. However she could feel herself tremble inside as she began to tear up more inside, for she sensed what was going to be said next, “Ya shine brightly like a star...ya always do and I hope that light ya have never goes out.”
Closing her eyes, she shivered and as she did so. She couldn't contain her tears which all began pouring down, as they did so Jim looking at her reached out to her and said gently, “Nozomi...” then before even he could touch her, suddenly he was pulled into a hug with her into Silver's arms!
Both of them startled as they felt this, they then heard the cyborg tell them both, “May ya never both stop shinin'...” with that as those words were exchanged, the awkwardness that they'd both first had, quickly fled away and they after a little bit returned the hug to Silver. For this would be the last they'd ever share together...
Seeing this embrace, there wasn't anyone there who wasn't touched inside. However Timbre, couldn't help but say, “Geez... all this mushyness is makin' me feel a real toothache!”
However Zidane next to him, couldn't help but smack him in the back of the head. As he did so, he told him annoyed, “Don't ruin the moment!”
Aching slightly from this, Timbre retorted, “Alright! Alright geez!” With that the pink haired boy remained quiet as he waited to see how thing's would go next.
It was then after this little quip, that finally Silver released both Jim and Nozomi. As he did so, he couldn't help but say rubbing his cyborg eye, “Got a little bit of grease in this cyborg eye of mine!” With that he had to turn himself around and avert his own eyes and stop them from seeing him cry.
Nozomi and Jim looking to Silver, were calm enough to wipe away their own tears and as they did so, they heard-!


Looking back, everyone then saw that Morph was now wailing for he could see that even he was going to have to leave everyone too! Immediately he turned into a wet puddle of tears! Seeing this, Nozomi quickly caught the soppy mess in her hands crying out, “Morph!”
Then as he became wet putty in her hands, she was quiet. But she couldn't help but smile awkwardly at the depressed creature, as she did so Jim looking at Morph stroked him and told him, “Hey Morph, don't be like that, we'll see you around!”
However it was clear that he wasn't convinced for as he returned to normal, he looked to the Cabin Boy and female keyblader with depressed eyes as he repeated, “See you around!” Then quickly he gave him and her a quick lick before heading back in Silver's direction.
Silver seeing the sad look that was in his eyes, as Morph looked back to his friends. He knew that he'd miss them terribly, for other than Raiyana and he. He'd never become that close to anyone like this... so thinking of his happiness, he decided on something! Looking to Morph who was sitting upon his hand, he lifted him up and said gently, “Morphy! I've got a job for you!”
The small pink creature becoming curious then was quiet as he listened to what Silver had to say, everyone else looking on too were just as puzzled. But quickly they heard the cyborg say, “I need ya to keep an eye... on these pups!”
Immediately everyone was surprised just as much as Morph was to hear Silver say this, then as he looked to his dear friend and owner say, “Will you do me that little favour?”
To which Morph then saluted him happily, for he was only more than glad to do that! Silver was tearing up saying those words and seeing this gesture, but quickly he was cheered up as Morph snuggled into his left cheek. To which quickly there was laughter heard and quickly in seconds, the small pink creature headed back in Nozomi and Jim's direction!
As he came back to them, Jim held the small pink transforming creature in his hands, and as he snuggled now into his cheek. Nozomi turned back and saw that Silver was now on board the lowering Long Boat! Seeing him leave she cried out, “Silver!” With that she, Jim and the others all rushed to the side and watched him descend!
Seeing that he still had an audience, quickly Silver remembered something! Reaching into his pocket he called out, “And one more thing!” With that he threw something out to them, there arriving quickly in Jim's hands was a handful of coins and jewels! Seeing them all everyone was surprised, but then they heard Silver again say, “It's for your dear Mother! To re-build that Inn of hers!” To which he finished grinning making a wink.
Balthier hearing this as he saw this gold being given, then couldn't help but say to the sneaky cyborg, “Ever the scoundrel aren't you?” Then folding his arms, he couldn't help but say, “I hope you don't become lonely on that long journey of yours!”
Laughing as he heard this, Jim couldn't help but add, “Yeah!” Then smiling down to Silver he added, “You just stay out of trouble, ya old scally wag!”
Silver hearing this then replied, “Ah Jimbo lad! Whenever have I done otherwise!” With that his ship took off and he was beginning to sail into the distance!
As he did this, Nozomi and the others were quiet... none of them could think of anything to say. But then suddenly-!
One of the stars below the galaxy sea that had been underneath Silver's boat was shining! As it did so, everyone was startled! Cait sith caught off guard couldn't help but ask, “Whoa!? What the heck is-!”
Immediately as this sound entered the air, Nozomi quickly realised, “Hey! That must be-!”
But before she could finish, that star raced up and rushed up to their location then amazing everyone it went up the stairway! Seeing the item do this! No-one knew what was going on, but they all quickly followed after it up onto the deck!


Hearing the sounds of running, Amelia and Delbert who were busy charting the ship along with Ben. Turned and saw everyone coming up on deck as they did so, they also saw the glittering object that was floating up! As they did so, the doggy featured man with his eyes widened couldn't help but ask, “Oh my! What is that?!”
But quickly he didn't get another chance to ask, for the star stopped in the middle of deck as the group of heroes came on board. Then as they got closer to it, it suddenly floated up high and shone even more vibrantly! As it did so, Nozomi quickly realised what it might be! As this thought came, her keyblade the 'Starseeker' came forth into her hand! Then as it did so, she pointed it forwards and in seconds a beam of light emerged from it's end and touched the star!
As it did this, the star shone even more brightly! As it did so, something golden floated down from the star! Quickly running up to the object, Nozomi saw what the gold gem like was, “This is it! It's the Time Lock!”
Nodding contentedly as he heard this, Cait sith who'd arrived back on her shoulder replied, “Aye! That it is lass and finally! It's our last one we've had to get!”
Riku looking at the item too couldn't help but say, “And it's about time too!” For thinking about this, he could only hope when they headed back through the door of time that Sora would be waiting for them all.
Mickey then voiced his own thoughts as he said, “Yeah, it did take us a while but now we can be sure this time will be safe now and we can check in with Leon and the others!”
Nozomi herself hearing this nodded too, she was glad now. For with this item, they'd be able to protect this timeline and stop anyone from attacking it again. But as these thoughts were in her mind one voice asked, “Time Lock?”
Turning around it was then that Nozomi saw it was Jim speaking, seeing him he looked on with a puzzled expression as he asked her, “What is that thing? And what do you guys mean go back? Are you-?”
“I'm sorry there, Jim,” it was then that Mickey stepped forward. As he did so, he informed the baffled Cabin Boy, “We never got the chance to tell ya but... we're not from this time of yours.”
Shocked to hear this, Jim asked him, “You're not from my time?”
“It's not just them!” It was then that Timbre spoke up, stepping forward with his own crew and as they gathered around the keyblader's, the pink haired cat boy informed him, “We're also not from this time either.”
“You're not?” Jim asked... then as this settled into his mind, the Cabin Boy had to ask, “So you guys are-?'
Nozomi stepping forward away from everyone told the Cabin Boy, “We have to go back Jim, we have to say goodbye too.”
Really shocked to hear this, Jim asked, “What you're leaving too!?”
Then as he cried this out, Amelia and Delbert rushing over followed by Ben cried out, “Whoa! Whats the fire here fella's!? What're ya-?”
Jim ignoring Ben demanded out of Nozomi, “How can you just leave like that!? Why didn't you tell me! Why-!?”    
“Geez lad! No need to be loud!” With that hopping off of Nozomi's shoulder, he told him, “Nozomi lass we'll explain it to ya!” With that he took a step back to let the female keyblader do just that.
Stepping a little closer forwards, Nozomi began to do just that, “I didn't have the time to...” then as she said this she couldn't help but laugh sadly as she added, “Though this isn't the best choice of words, I'm sorry Jim. I am really sorry...”
Hearing her say this, Jim was silent. However he became sullen as he said, “I can't believe it...” Nozomi seeing her friend became like this, did truly did feel terrible. As she became that way, Jim continued on to say, “I mean, I knew you were all going to leave eventually but I thought we could stay in contact at least, but now-!”
Suddenly though Jim was stopped, as Nozomi walked over and quickly hugged Jim tight! Shocked as he felt her do this, the brown haired ponytailed young man couldn't believe what she was doing! Blushing red, he didn't know what to do!?
Cait sith and Mickey became surprised seeing this! The mouse king couldn't help but say, “Oh wow!”
While Riku looking on, then felt a sudden surge of bitterness and cried out “Nozomi!? What're you-!?”
“I know... I know it's terrible, I'm sorry Jim.” Then holding him a little more firmly she told him, “But please know this... we're not leaving you behind in the way your Dad did, we're leaving because we have to, because we need to solve problems in our own timeline... we need to save many others who need us.”
As she said this to him, Jim was quiet. However hearing her say these gentle words, he couldn't help but utter, “Nozomi...”
Then as she heard him, the female keyblader continued on to say, “And I don't know when... I'll want to come and see you again! To see the amazing person you become... because I know you'll do it Jim.” Then looking up to him with a gentle smile she also added, “And you will always be a great inspiration for me along with Silver, I really mean that.”
Hearing her say this, Jim was quiet. The upset that he felt inside himself stilled and instead he was overcome with warmth and as it spread in his heart, he moved saying, “You too.”
“Huh?” Nozomi uttered, then as she did this-!
Jim lowered his head and kissed Nozomi upon her forehead! Her eyes widening as she felt this, the female keyblader blushed red! As she did so, looking up to Cabin Boy she heard him say smiling warmly, “You'll always be a source of inspiration to me too, Nozomi.”
Quiet as she heard this, she couldn't help but look to Jim with amazement but before she could think of anything-!
“Alright! Alright! Knock it off you two!” With that Timbre stepping over, told them pulling Nozomi away from, “I've had enough mushyness for one day!”
Balthier stepping forwards couldn't help but add, “Indeed,” then looking to the rest of his crew and the remaining keyblader's he said, “And I think it's about time we return through this Door Of Time you mentioned, to experience this much mentioned Carnival you all have gone on about.”
Nodding as he heard this, Mickey walking over said, “Oh yeah! The Radiant Gardens Carnival! It's gonna be a spectacular event! You'll all have a blast there! Just wait till ya fella's see it!”
Hearing him say this, Yeul nodded and said eagerly, “I'm already looking forward to it!”
Noel hearing her then added, “Ditto!”
Smiling Raiyana added, “Me too!” However looking to the Cabin Boy who had Morph floating around with him, moved in his direction. Arriving before him, she decided to say, “Jim... I really enjoyed being able to work with you.” With that she reached her hand out to him and said, “I'm glad we became friend's.”
As she said this, Jim quiet for a moment nodded. Then taking her hand too he shook it and told her, “Yeah, so am I...” then gripping her hand a little more he added, “You take care of yourself Raiyana.”
To which in reply, the long blue haired girl nodded. Then as she did this, Morph saddened seeing that even his most beloved person was leaving too, gave her one last snuggle on her cheek. As he did this, she smiled happily though clearly with a little sadness.
Seeing this herself, Nozomi recovering from her surprise walked over and then putting her hand on the female Nobody's shoulder said, “It's okay Raiyana, you can come back with us someday to see everyone again, if you want to?”
Hearing Nozomi say this, Raiyana looking back to the female keyblader and seeing her smile. She couldn't help but smile herself as she replied, “Yeah, I would like that... thank you, Nozomi.” The female keyblader was pleased and becoming so, she quickly too stroked Morph who laughed happily at her touch.
Seeing her do this, Mickey smiled but then he heard, “So you all really will be on your way now?” Looking back the mouse king saw it was Amelia asking this question.
As he heard her ask, he told her with a single nod, “Yeah, we are...” but then walking over he reached his hand up to the feline Captain and told her, “We had a great time workin' with ya Amelia.” Then as he finished his brief handshake with her, he looked to the Doctor and added, “And you too Delbert.”
Hearing him say this, Ben couldn't help but ask worried, “And me too?”
Mickey hearing him as he finished his shake with the doggy featured man, then told him after blinking slightly and recovering his smile, “And yeah you too Ben, we'll really miss ya!”
Ben overcome though couldn't help but cry out, “I'll miss you guys more!” With that he hugged Mickey tightly showing his over affection! This in turn made the Mouse King chuckle happily pleased.      
Balthier seeing that their goodbyes were now done, amongst them all decided to say, “Alright then, I think our time for applause is over now! Shall we be on our way?”
Hearing him ask this, Timbre replied, “Sure! Let's do that boss!” With those words he ran on forwards to the stairs that led to the room where the door was.
Following after him fast came Zidane who cried out, “Hey wait for me!” With that said, Fran and Balthier followed after them too.
Yeul walking with Noel, then made it over to Raiyana and Nozomi. As they did, the blue haired young girl asked her, “Are you ready now Raiyana?”
Hearing her ask, the long blue haired Nobody looked to her and said, “Yeah I am.” Then looking to Morph who looked to her, she smiled and moving over she kissed him gently before saying, “Goodbye Morph, I love you.”
The small creature teared up slightly, he didn't want Raiyana to go. But knowing she had to, he licked her and snuggled her once more before she began walking away with Noel and Yeul to where the door was.
Seeing them go, Nozomi then was quiet. But suddenly she felt a familiar presence land on her shoulder. As she did so, she saw it was Cait sith who called back, Good luck to ya Jim! You better become the best! Ya hear me!”
As these words were said, Jim nodded and replied, “Don't worry I will! You guys take care!”
Nozomi hearing him say this, nodded and smiling she waved saying, “Goodbye Jim! Take care!” With those words she was on her way to catch up to the others.
However as she ran, Cait sith couldn't help but utter unbeknownst to Nozomi, 'Lass ya really are bubble brain... ya can't even pick up on a lad's crush can ya!?' With that the two of them vanished down the stairway.
Watching them go himself, Jim was quiet. But then he smiled happily, for though he would miss her and the others. He would always remember her as a great inspiration too. But before he could dwell on those thoughts-
“Just a little bit of advice for the future,” with that turning around Jim saw Riku was looking at him with irritation. As he did so, he heard him say with slight bitterness, “Keep your hands to yourself.”
As he heard him and saw this expression on his face, Jim quiet then replied with a serious look in his own eyes, “I will, but you take care of her properly... otherwise if you don't, I'll make you sorry when you turn up here again!”
Riku said nothing to this, but then as he walked on to where the door was himself. But stopping for a moment, he made a wave with his hand and not turning back he told the Cabin Boy, “Good luck with your future!” With that he was on his way!
Mickey seeing him leave then knew it was time to say goodbye too! So quickly detaching himself from Ben, he told him along with the Captain and Doctor, “Okay! Bye fella's! You all take care and I hope we'll see you all again!” With that he left running!
Watching as the Mouse King left them climbing down the stairs, they walked over and joined Jim. As they did so, Delbert couldn't help but say, “Who'd ever of thought it! Traversers of time! It's incredible!”
Jim hearing this nodded as he said, “Yeah...” however looking to his right hand, he clenched it tightlyas he proclaimed, “But I'll be even more incredible!” For then looking above to the dark heavens, with Morph hovering him with an excited look on his face. Jim said with a confident smile, “For I'll rattle the stars!”            
KHF: Chapter 218 Part 2
And finally the last part! This is the last ever Disney world now for this story guys! Look forward to the last remaining dramatic acts that are coming up! ^^
Chapter CCXVIII: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Final Part V

Racing fast through the turbulent storms of fire and chaos, riding over different pieces of debris as well as avoiding rising pillars, Jim was making a tremendous distance towards the portal! It wouldn't be too much further!
Quickly as another horrendous steely obstacle rose up before him, he quickly moved his board crying out, “There!” Immediately he rode upon the side of it, making sparks fly out here and there as he slid over it with proficient grace and skill! Then he quickly passed over it making it to the other side of the danger!
Grinning as he did it, he looked ahead and he saw with amazement that he was almost there! Soon he could get everyone out of this! Soon he would-!


Suddenly though his optimistic thoughts were interrupted for the engine upon his makeshift ride had given out! Shocked as he saw this and feeling the engine die, Jim descending quickly tried to ignite it into life as he pressed the pedal hard behind him that was there! But nothing! No reaction! It wouldn't move! It wasn't coming back to life at all! Then in seconds he began to fall with it!
“No! No! No!” With those panicked words escaping his lips, Jim began to fall straight towards the hellish inferno that was down below!


Meanwhile continuing to race themselves through the terrible terrains of the chaos of fire that was before them all! Amelia was busy trying to direct Delbert of where to go and so cried out as he moved the wheel incorrectly, “No right! Right I said right!”
Then in seconds feeling the ship shudder and shake, as they slightly collided into a piece debris. Feeling all this stress and pressure, Delbert mad cried back, “I know! I know! Will you just let me drive!?” For he couldn't deal with all this, especially knowing that death might be just waiting right around the corner for them all!
Annoyed themselves as they experienced this hellish nightmare, Balthier and his crew didn't want to die! For they were all holding onto the ropes and edges of the ship tightly for their lives!
Silver hanging onto a particular long rope, as Raiyana stood beside him with Morph hiding in her long locks. He shivered in fright at all this chaos happening around them!
Feeling him do this, Raiyana looked to him with concern and gently she cooed to him saying, “Shh, it's okay Morph... it's okay...”
Silver seeing Raiyana try to comfort his beloved small companion, looked out towards their destination and as he did so, he uttered desperately, “C'mon lad! C'mon!”
Standing near to the edge of the ship himself, Riku was gripping the wood tightly himself as the ship manoeuvred about, with Mickey by his side. They were both horribly anxious for their situation but more for Nozomi and Cait sith who had both taken off chasing after Jim. Looking on, they both could only hope she would make it, along with the Cabin boy!
Looking on, Mickey then voiced his thoughts as he said, “I hope Nozomi and Cait sith are doin' alright out there!”
Hearing him, Riku then replied honestly, “I do to... because if they all fail, we're doomed!” With those words, he held on more tightly to the ship as it continued on it's perilous journey towards their door of hope and salvation.  



Running amongst the flames and falling pillars and debris, Nozomi running along the side of a falling wall. Replied irritated to her mad rider, “What Cait sith!?”
Seeing that he'd got her attention, the crowned cat cried out mad, “Why did ya have to drag me out here like this!? I didn't asked to be roasted! I-!”
Suddenly though a massive, tall falling and flaming piece of iron came hurtling straight towards them! As it did so, she aimed and quickly cried out, “BLIZZAGA!!!”


Instantly the massive piece of iron was frozen solid! Then as this was done, Nozomi raced straight through it and-!


With that she sliced right through the iron! Doing this her riding feline couldn't help but be amazed, but then-! “If you didn't want in, you should have just jumped off my head when you had the chance to, Cait sith!” Then jumping off the wall, she continued running across the walls and other crumbling debris! Making serious headway to get through the chaos and find their friend! With her eyes focused, she decided to say, “I don't want you lecturing me when I'm trying to take care of thing's here!”  
Hearing her speak back to him like this, Cait sith after a moment immediately became mad and quickly pulling her hair hard, he told her, “Don't ya get sassy with me now lass!”
Feeling him do this, Nozomi cried out, “Ow! Ow! Ow! Knock it off! Cait sith don't-!?”


As this sound came, Nozomi instantly turned forgetting her own pain! As she did so, despite the chaos that was going on, it was different to everything else around them! It was-!

“No! No! No!”

Immediately as this cry came out, Nozomi recognised this voice with no doubts! Quickly heading to where she could hear the voice, she cried out, “Jim!!!” With that she dove down instantly where she guessed he would be!
Going down, she saw quickly there falling struggling with his makeshift board was the sought out Cabin Boy! He in turn hearing her call out, looked above and as he did so, he cried out in astonishment, “Nozomi!?”
Quickly arriving down to where he was, she asked him fast, “What's wrong here!? Why're aren't you flying!?”
Hearing her say this, Jim then explained, “I can't get the jet to ignite! Without fire I can't-!”
“I can give you that!” Nozomi cried out, then moving her keyblade out she told him, “Tell me! Where should I shoot the spell?”
As she asked this question, Jim then answered her, “Here! Now hurry!” He cried out, for they were both fast heading into the sea of fire!
Immediately Nozomi acted! As she did so, Cait sith stressed out of his brains cried out, “C'mon! C'mon lass! Hurry up! Or we'll-!” Suddenly the crowned cat sensed something falling from above! As he did so, he turned and immediately became panicked!
Nozomi though concentrating cried out loudly, “Fire!” With that the red hot burning spell immediately shot straight into the rotating thruster! As it did so, instantly in moment's it came to life!


In seconds, the board took off and flew again into the air! Smiling with relief Nozomi was ecstatic! Jim was even more so as he cried out, “Whoo! Yes!” Then looking back to the female keyblader as she flew by his side, he couldn't help but smile warmly to her as he said, “Nozomi! I-!”
“Lad! Lass!” Instantly distracting them both from their happy moment, Cait sith then pointing cried out, “We've got a turbulent doom of an incoming here!” For there coming fast and furiously was a huge burning falling pillar coming straight towards them all from the gap above! It was too big to dodge! It was also blocking their only way out! There was no where for them to go!
Horrified at this as they both saw this, Nozomi and Jim couldn't think of a single word to say! For with this coming down fast they were doomed! They were-!


Suddenly distracted, Nozomi saw something was shining from within her! Seeing it, she was shocked! As were Jim and Cait sith, looking at it she asked, “This is-!?”
Then suddenly from the place where her right trouser's pocket would have been, suddenly emerged a small gem! It was coloured half yellow and white. Seeing this, Nozomi recognised it as, “It's that thing I found before! Is it-!?”
“It is lass! It's exactly what ya thinking!” Then snatching it fast, Cait sith uttered a fast spell! Finishing hurriedly with a small glow of his own power and seeing the fast oncoming pillar that was coming his way, Cait sith cried out passing it over back to her, “Now hurry up and use this!”
Knowing they had nothing to lose, Nozomi then grabbed the gem from him and holding it close to her chest. She somehow could feel who was inside the discovered treasure and so becoming determined she cried out, “Come and aid us now! Help us reach our goal! Come forth!”
With that the gem glittered brightly in the air as Nozomi threw it up like ball! Then quickly striking it with her keyblader! Two glittering shapes emerged from a sea of shattering light! Quickly dancing around one another, two figures came forth! One was revealed to be white all over and almost resembled a smooth egg like shape. It's dark face though revealed a pair of determined blue digitally lit up eyes that seeing the approaching target, reacted drawing out a laser from one of it's small white fan like wing's, it aimed and-!


Immediately it fired and in seconds a huge hole was blasted through the wall ahead of them all ! Amazed at this sight both Nozomi, Cait sith and Jim were silent in awe!
But quickly the other form that emerged, which was that of a small yellow coloured robot that had  a box like body, with a pair of claw hand, tank treads on either which were his legs. His big binocular eyes following after Eve's path, flew up through the wall she'd blasted her way through and quickly began to douse the flaming holed tunnel that was forming with a big red fire extinguisher he had! This instantly cooled it and removed the dangerous fire that had been burning within it!
Seeing a path had been opened up for them, Nozomi was quiet... however quickly the yellow summoned robot she called forth, arrived back and waved out to her and Jim. He was bidding them over to come with him and his fellow robot! Seeing this Nozomi cried out ecstatic, “They've made an exit for us!” Then looking to her friend, she told him quickly, “Let's go Jim!”
Hearing her, instantly the ponytailed young man wasn't going to refuse this invite and so responded, “Right!” With that quickly in moments, both he and Nozomi raced through the opening!
As they did so, Cait sith excited as he continued to ride upon Nozomi's head cried out, “Whoo! Hoo!” As they raced up on high to the top, they burst out from tunnel and there they saw behind them all was the crumbling pillar, crashing into the flaming sea below! They'd got lucky!
However they didn't have time to celebrate for quickly overhead, the Legacy was riding right over them! Seeing this, Jim cried out, “We gotta hurry!”
Nodding instantly Nozomi cried out, “Okay!” With that she raced with Jim forwards towards the portal changing doorway! Their goal was straight ahead of them!
Racing after them and joining in their venture, the robots followed them! Firing and dousing out any fire or destroying any terrible hazards that would come their way! Running and flying together with this assistance on their side, there was no doubt they could all make it! They could succeed!
However flying overhead and upon the Legacy, Ben was continuing his calculations about the planet's end! Looking desperate as the others were seeing the approaching inferno that was through the portal, if it didn't change soon they were done for! They were all terrified!
But quickly Nozomi and Jim flying under the ship, with the robots following after them, made it ahead of them! They were nearly there! Just a little more and-!
Ben though began to countdown the seconds to their demise his gears and wires burning with anxiety and peaking panic, “Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two!”


The button within the portal changing device was touched and-!


Everybody came out through the other side of the portal changing door! As the blasts of the dying planet chased after them all!


However everyone onboard saw this now as something like celebratory fireworks! They'd made it! They'd survived! Then there flying in the skies above them all were their heroes who were hollering for joy!


Pleased everybody couldn't believe it! They were all cheering madly! Riku cried out, “They did it! They really did it!”
Nodding excitedly, Mickey cried out, “Yeah they sure did! Those fella's are somethin' else!” Then seeing them race by, he couldn't help but cry out to them, “Yer fantastic fella's!”
To which both Nozomi and Jim grinned pleased, as they made a wave to the mouse king. Cait sith hearing him, then made a peace sign as he cried out, “Ya got that right Mickey! We're the best of the best here!” With that they continued riding on ahead and above the Legacy!
Raiyana standing next to Silver couldn't help but cry out, “Wow! We're saved!” Then shouting out to them loudly, Raiyana couldn't help but say, “You guys you're the best!” Hearing this, Morph exploded himself into confetti and fireworks to show his overjoyed glee too!
Feeling proud himself as all the loud voices of cheer rung out, Silver couldn't help but say, “Ya see! I knew that lad and lass had somethin' special about 'em!” However as he said those words, he couldn't help but look ahead and see what was before them. It was the crescent moon, Montresser Space Port... looking on a depressed expression came upon his face as he looked from Raiyana's happy excited face, to the overjoyed Cabin Boy and keyblader...


In the air, Nozomi riding through the air was smiling brimming with glee! As she did so, Cait sith looking to her, couldn't help but say pleased himself, “Lass! We did a real number there! I almost thought we had it back there!”
With a single nod, the female keyblader replied, “So did I!”However looking back behind herself, she then saw a sight that made her expression soften as she added, “But we had a great helping hand...”
Hearing her say this, Cait sith turned and saw what she was talking about. For there approaching him and his ride, it was none other than their two robot savious. Looking to them, didn't have expressions that could be easily read, but Nozomi could tell by their demeanour that they were curious.
As she realised this, she smiled and doing so she reached out to them both saying, “Thank you... both of you, we'd have been goners without you.”
Hearing her say this, the yellow boxed robot reached his own clawed hand to her. As he did so, he gripped her gently saying to her, “Wall-E...”
Quiet for a moment, Nozomi then heard giggling and as she did so, she saw it was the white coloured robot. As she did so, she then heard a feminine tone come forth and say to her with her eyes smiling, “Eve, Eve...”
Seeing that they were glad herself, Nozomi smiled all the more. With a nod, she showed that she was happy as they were. As she did this, Cait sith then grinned himself, “Well nice ta meet ya both! Wall-E, Eve!” Then with a thumb's up, he informed them both, “We'll both be definitely callin' ya again when we're in a fix!”
The robots pleased with this response, then nodded and in moment's they returned back to their summon gem form and rushed back into Nozomi's hand. As they did so, she held them closed to her heart and said, “Thank you guys...”
Seeing her do this, Cait sith then told her, “Well! That's another one we're gonna be adding to ya summon gem bracelet!”
Laughing as she heard this, the female keyblader was about to say something when-!


Instantly turning, Nozomi saw it was Jim. As she did so, she heard him say with a grin on his face, “C'mon! We can't miss our warm welcome!”
Quiet for a second as she heard this, Nozomi then nodded and replied, “Yeah you're right!” With that running on down, she turned and told him, “C'mon! Let's go!” With that in seconds, both her and Jim raced down to the Legacy!

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.:Chapter Forty : The Separation:.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Running fast to the classroom, Miya was breathing in and out hard. However quickly entering the study space, she could finally relax as she said letting out a sigh, “Thank god! I made it just in time...” for looking up to the clock that hung over the blackboard, she saw that she'd made it with just five minutes to spare.
Relieved she wasn't going to be reprimanded for being late, she said quietly to herself, “Man, talk about traffic tonight! I'll never damn well take the last minute bus again!” With that she walked quietly over to her own desk.
However as she did this, the other students looking on at her couldn't help but comment to themselves as she began to get her bag out and work materials,

“Hey! Look at those bandages on her hands!” “Yeah plus her face is damaged too!”
“Do you think she was involved in some kinda gang fight?”
“Well that wouldn't shock me! She's definitely got the nerve for it!”
“You're telling me! Just cross her once and I bet you'd get it!”

Annoyed as she heard these comments, Miya feeling her eyebrow twitch couldn't help but think to herself, 'Those jerks do realise I have thing's called ears right!?'  With that she glared at the gossipers behind her. As she did this, in moments the group silenced themselves in seconds! Scared witless by this reaction...
Miya though seeing she'd stopped them dead in her tracks, then finally got her textbooks out. As she did so, looking to her right side she saw something that depressed her greatly. The desk that should have been occupied by her close friend, was left entirely empty. Seeing it that way, she couldn't help but remember the Friday she had before...thinking of leaving Yui behind, in the clutches of the Sakamaki's filled her with a terrible frustration as she uttered to herself, “Hell's sake!”
For she hated herself for leaving her sweet kind friend behind, especially when she'd been able to share with her a wonderful birthday celebration that night... only to have it end with them parting ways with nothing but a letter being pushed out from under her bedroom door. As she thought of that evening along with the letter she'd received, she couldn't help but looked to one of her white tightly wrapped bandaged hand's.
Gazing at it with deep thought, the other thing that was now plaguing her was a couple of questions, “What happened to me that night? Why can't I remember anything?” For that bothered her tremendously, not being able to recall what had occurred after she'd entered the confines of the Sakamaki mansion. The dark unknown of that void in her memory was leaving a sinister aftertaste in her mouth...
Clenching her bandaged hand though tightly, she knew what she was going to do next! “I've gotta get some real answers about this!” Then as she said those words-!

“Alright class!”

Startled out of her thoughts, Miya turned to the door and there she saw that the teacher had already arrived! Seeing him, she blinked perplexed however before she could think of anything else, “Let us begin our studies for the day shall we?”
With those words, the other students got out their textbooks and began opening them up as they got their pens and notebooks ready too. Quickly seeing this, Miya knew she had to keep up with their pace and so uttered, “Darn!” With that she opened up her own textbook and notebook, ready to write away. However as she did this, she couldn't help but become more worried, for looking on she saw that Yui still hadn't arrived for the night's lessons! But again looking behind, she saw that even Kanato and Ayato weren't there. Realising this, she could feel anxiousness building up inside of herself, for why had none of them-?

“Now if you would all please turn your textbooks to pages 87 to 88 we can begin.”

With those instructions there was the sounds of pages turning, as the lesson had properly began and Miya in turn followed suit with the other students. However her concern was still evident by the expression that was on her face.
The teacher though not noticing this, turned his eyes to the blackboard and moved his white chalk piece to it as he began to state writing away, “Now, if you carefully observe these passages written in your books, I am sure you will notice that the author would have-”

“Ah, how boring! We're studying this crap again?”

Surprised the teacher quickly turned as the rest of the students did. There they saw entering the class doorway, it was none other than Ayato and Kanato Sakamaki! It was obvious though looking at them, that they were far from thrilled at being within the confines of the classroom.
Nobody uttered a word at seeing them, however Miya looking on baffled couldn't help but think to herself, 'Those guys? They're arriving now?'
Kanato though ignoring the surprise he and his brother had caused, simply said with a tired sigh, “This atmosphere is stifling, we'd be better off indulging ourselves at home with a fine black forest gateaux together, right Teddy?” He asked as he turned to his beloved cuddly eye patched companion.
The teacher though hearing this wasn't impressed in the slightest! So he demanded, “Hey! Now!” With that both of the vampires turned their attentions to the educational instructor, as they did so they heard him say with great irritation, “I will not tolerate tardiness! You're interrupting a valuable lesson! Now hurry and sit yourselves down!”
Irritated at being lectured by this human, Ayato would have been only been too glad to prove who was the one really in charge there! However too bored to care, he retorted, “Yeah, yeah whatever...” with that he went to sit himself at his own desk.
As he did so, Kanato behind him then uttered just annoyed, “Boring...” with that he quietly sat himself down too.
Watching both of the brothers seat themselves, Miya looking on was confused. Why had they come then? It didn't make any sense? For Reiji had before had always made sure they had impeccable timing, so why would-?


Turning again, Miya then saw it was the teacher speaking again, he sounded annoyed as he muttered to himself, “Just because they're of the Sakamaki household! Those spoiled useless brats!” With that he began writing out again, as the rest of the classroom remained silent.
Seeing that at least one teacher felt the same way as she did, Miya could feel glad for a little something. But before she could dwell on this, she heard another pair of footsteps entering the classroom. Turning quickly she then that it was none other than, “Yui-ko!” She said to herself with surprise.
Looking at the blonde haired girl as she entered the classroom, Miya saw that the teacher didn't bother to even turn to look at her, nor did anyone else. However the heterochromia eyed girl herself couldn't help but reveal a small smile of relief, for she was glad she was safe and well enough to enter the classroom.
However gazing on at her, Miya suddenly noticed that as Yui sat herself down, her face was not turning to look at her as she got her own books and materials out. Also upon her hands and fingers,  there were also white bandages tied around them, which were similar to the ones that she had wrapped around her own digits and palms. Seeing this, Miya became worried in seconds, as she looked at her friend, she thought to herself, 'Yui-ko, what happened to you?'

“Now proceeding on, from where we interrupted!”

Quickly though hearing the teacher, Miya turning to look at her own book and study materials knew that she couldn't voice her thoughts or concerns then. She wouldn't be able to get any answers until this class and the other early evening one were done... so studying away as the lecture continued, she had to wait for her chance to come.


“I expect this assignment to be handed by at least this next coming Wednesday! Don't forget! Now everyone have a good lunch break!”

With those last words from the teacher, finally break time had come! Miya felt that those few hours had lasted forever! But finally looking to her hurt friend as the other students began making their exits and doing their usual gossiping, she decided to speak as she finished packing. Getting up she began to speak as she looked in her direction, “Hey, Yui-ko? Do you-?”
However suddenly surprising her, Yui averting her gaze got straight up and began walking hurriedly out of the classroom!
Seeing her leave like that so quickly and abruptly, Miya was taken off guard! However she felt a spur inside making her rush out of the room herself as she called out, “Hey! Wait a minute!” Then making it out of the classroom, she quickly became further baffled! Silent for a second, she turned  looking around left and right down the corridor, as the other small crowds of people passed her walking around, there was no trace of her gentle blonde haired friend!
Her eyes perplexed as she saw this gazing around, searching in disbelief. Miya asked aloud quietly, “What the hell...? She couldn't have run off that quickly!” However the people around her ignored her baffled statement as they continued walking on and chatting amongst themselves.
The odd coloured eyed girl seeing all this, felt something really weird was going on! For how could Yui just vanish away like that? Looking behind herself back into the classroom, she then asked aloud, “What's going on here? Where could she have gotten to?” But no-one was there who would give her that answer...
Seeing this, becoming irritated by all this mystery that was going on, she decided quickly on her next course of action! “I've gotta find her!” With those words said, Miya then walked out, to try and find any trace of Yui.
However unbeknownst to her, staring on at her confused state as she rushed off as he continued to sit back within the confines of his chair, with his desk before him and his legs resting on top of it. Ayato grinned smugly as he then retorted aloud with a sinister knowingness, “That stupid bitch...”


Running along the corridors, Miya looked everywhere she could to find any trace of her friend! That departure she had made before, that wasn't like her at all. She could feel it, something was wrong! Her worry fuelling her, she quickly opened a certain door and cried out, “Yui-ko!?”
However the classroom she'd come across was empty, there was no trace of anyone there. Seeing this, Miya became disheartened as she said aloud, “Nothing here either...” with that she closed the door. Then quickly backing off, she ran forwards again as she uttered to herself, “Yui-ko, where are you!? Where did you go?!”
For she swore she'd been nearly everywhere they'd normally hang out, the cafeteria, the roof, the library. But there was nothing, there was no trace of her at all! Now she was left to hunt any room she could come across, as her desperate search continued she could only conclude, “There is something wrong! But what is it though!? What could be-?'


Suddenly though rounding the corner, she came into contact with a male student who happened to be coming down the same path. Instantly the heterochromia eyed girl had bumped into him, making her and him step backwards away from each other, both becoming startled!
Quickly the male student then complained, “Hey! Watch where you're going! Don't just-!”
However the student seeing who it was he'd collided into, then quickly became nervous as he saw Miya looking at him baffled for a moment. As he did so, he immediately apologised saying, “Oh? Hey! Um, I'm sorry! I'm truly so sorry Tadao-san! I didn't see you there, I didn't mean to knock into you! It was just, I was-!?”
Seeing this guy become flustered as he began spewing his fear driven apologises, Miya sighed irritated. For this guy was demonstrating the one reason she hated unnecessary apologies, for he was acting like she was some kind of wild animal that was going to tear him to shreds for just a simple accidental bump. So quickly waving it off she told him, “It's fine! Fine! Forget about it!” Then folding her arms, she turned to look to the side as she uttered, “Damn sake...this is annoying.”
The male student hearing this, clearly felt even more nervous with her saying that. For if he had displeased her more, she might-!?

“Hey! Yuki!”

Immediately turning around the flustered male student saw who it was, who was coming around the corner. Surprised he asked, “Shinobu?”
Seeing that he'd caught up to him, he asked, “Where'd you go man!? We're supposed to be meeting up for discussion before practise tonight!? You can't just-?”
Then suddenly the pleased student finally noticed Miya standing there near his pal. As he did so, blinking he asked, “Hey? Aren't you that-?
However becoming annoyed with all this needless chitchat, Miya cut him off saying, “Yeah I'm the rough and tumble delinquent transfer student, Tadao!” Then beginning to walk off, she added with further irritation, “Now if you don't mind I'm in a hurry right now.”
Yuki hearing her say this, tip toed a few steps away glad that she was leaving. However Shinobu looking at her was becoming curious and so asked, “In a hurry? What for?”
Annoyed by this hold up, Miya then replied looking back to him, “I'm searching for my friend, Komori Yui.”
“Komori Yui?” Shinobu repeated, then as he did so Miya began taking steps away from him and his friend. As she did so, Shinobu commented thoughtfully, “That reminds me, I think I saw her heading into the music room a little earlier?”
Stopping dead as she heard this, Miya turned immediately and asked him, “The music room?”  
Nodding still being absentminded with no care, Shinobu continued, “Yeah I'm pretty sure it was her, the girl I saw had blonde hair and that flower accessory she usually wears, so I guess-?”
“Thanks for the tip!” With those parting words, Miya immediately was on her way as she rushed off. Leaving both the curious and fretful young men to stare after her silently...


Making it over fast in the direction, where she remembered the music room to be. The heterochromia eyed girl looking at the shut door then uttered, “Here it is!” Saying those words, she moved her right bandaged hand and slowly opened the door.
Doing so, she looked inside of it. However all that was there was the blackboard, some violins hooked up to the walls, then finally a grand piano and some chairs where people would come to sit and practise with their instruments. Looking at all this, Miya curious came and stepped inside the space, shutting the door behind her.
As she did so, she looked around herself. Looking to one of the wall panels, she saw one thing that made her trace her fingers over it, the surface of it was soft and creamy white coloured with what looked like little holes punched into the surface. Staring at it, Miya then asked aloud, “Soundproof foam?”
Looking at this one detail, she then turned and walked further inside the room. As she did so, she ended up in front of the grand piano, looking around once more around the sound proofed space her gaze finally settled down on the brown wooden, ivory keyed instrument. Doing this, the disappointment was evident in her expression as she uttered, “She's not here either...”
Thinking of how once again she'd been unsuccessful at finding her missing friend, Miya then immediately became frustrated as she cried out mad, “Fuck this!” With that she curled her bandaged right hand into a fist and-!


She smashed it into the keys of the piano, making the loud chaotic noise vibrate out everywhere. However the soft foamed walls stopped the sound escaping everywhere, leaving Miya to be the only one to hear it...
Her right fist shaking as it settled on the keys, the heterochromia eyed girl remained silent for a few moments. However after a little bit, she took it back and winced as she said cringing from the pain slightly, “Damn... that hurt!” For it was obvious that though she was on the mend, her body still had a lot of healing to do.

“So noisy....”

Startled as she heard that voice suddenly, Miya though quickly recognised it! Her eyes widening she asked, “Is that?” With that she turned the corner of the piano and there lying on the floor behind it, it was none other than Shuu Sakamaki.    
It was evident to Miya that he was trying once again to have another of his weird naps, looking at him she was quiet. However irritated she couldn't help but comment, “Of course! Of all people I had to meet here, it would have to be a lazy bum like you wouldn't it?”
Hearing her say this rude comment, Shuu didn't utter a word. Instead he continued to listen on to his music, the current piece of which was 'Air On The G String' a J.S. Bach piece.
Miya though unaware of this, looking at him she was still irritated as she demanded out of him, “What are you doing here anyway? Haven't you got anything better to do other than lazying around on your dumb ass? You-?”
Turning over, becoming annoyed with her himself, Shuu grumpily and tiredly replied to her, “What I do is none of your business...besides this is my room.”
Dismissive as she heard this, Miya then asked him, “Your room?”
As she asked this question, Shuu still turning his back to her replied, “This music room is for my own personal use and I don't need unnecessary noise or neanderthals like you damaging the equipment and ruining the calm atmosphere.”
Angered even more hearing these comments, Miya then retorted immediately, “Piss off! You're not even in here practising any music! If anyone's ruining the atmosphere around here it's you!”
Shuu hearing this it was clear was not pleased in the slightest, so wanting to shut out her tiresome voice he turned the volume up on his MP3 player. Miya obviously wasn't pleased with this conversation either and she didn't want to be engaging with this Sakamaki... however if anybody might know anything about Yui, she knew with reluctance she'd have to ask this useless brother. So with a sigh, she put the question into words, “Anyway, forgetting all that crap. I've heard Yui-ko came in here, do you anything about that?”
However to her question there came no answer as Shuu continued to listen on to his music. Seeing this, Miya feeling her irritation building up again asked him, “Hey! Are you listening to me?”
Once again though there came no answer, Miya seeing this cried out again, “Oi! Did you hear me!?”
Shuu though still refused to respond to her summonings, so Miya now brimming with sore rage at being dismissed like this. Decided to act and do something! Walking straight over to the music listening young man, she immediately pulled one of his headphone's out of his ears and shouted to him, “LISTEN TO ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!”
“AAGGHH!!” Sending him rolling over and over onto his side, Shuu felt his ear was ringing from her loud shout! Cringing from the pain she'd sent into him, he stared at her really irritated himself now as his removed ear phone dangled by the side of his head, as it did so he uttered bitterly, “You...!”
Miya though not in the mood for him, informed him just as mad, “That's my damn line!” Then folding her arms again, she asked him, “Now answer my question! Have you seen Yui-ko come in here or not!?”
Shuu staring at her as she asked him again, he was irritated to the point that he was almost ready to get up and give her a piece of his own mind! However with a tired sigh, he decided he didn't have time for his, so turning on his side he informed her coldly, “No... I haven't seen her.”
Seeing Shuu giving her the cold shoulder again, Miya though decided she didn't believe him and so  asked him with a serious tone, “You're sure?”
To which hearing her, the blonde haired vampire turned his head and looked at her with his irritation still present. As he did so, he told her calmly and coldly, “Yes, I'm certain...” with that looking around the room he informed her, “Besides do you see any traces of her here?”
As this question was put to her, Miya stopped for a moment. Then looking around at the inside of the music room once more. She couldn't deny that, there wasn't any proof that Yui had been in there, other than the comment that male student Shinobu had said... so she responded looking down to the floor disappointed, “No...”
Hearing this, Shuu settled himself properly down onto the floor again. As he did, he then told her placing his earphone back into place, “There you are then.” With those words said, he laid himself out and doing so he continued on to say, “Now if you're finished with your intrusive business here, I would like to be left in peace and silence.”
Seeing him return to his old sloth mode again, Miya was far from impressed. However with a sigh, knowing that arguing wasn't going to get her anywhere fast she replied, “Fine, I will then...” with those words she walked towards the music room door. However stopping for a moment she thought to herself quietly...
Shuu with his earphones both in now had begun listening to his music again, however he had noticed Miya's footsteps had come to a halt. As they did, he opened his cold blue eyes and stared at her still form...
After a little bit, Miya put her hand upon the knob of the door and then as she did she decided to speak her mind. Looking back to the lethargic vampire, she spoke, “Shuu-san....”
The cold blue eyed young man said nothing, seeing this Miya continued, “If you do happen to see Yui-ko at any point, tell her I was looking for her...because I'm worried about her,” then looking down to the floor, she turned back to the door. Doing so, she finished saying, “Also, if you're in a kind mood, tell her that if she wants to speak to me she can anytime... and I'll make up for anything I've done wrong to her.”
Silent as he heard this, Shuu staring her back quietly for a few moment's more then turned his back on her. As he did so, he informed her, “I won't, now hurry up and get out.”
As she heard this, Miya though wasn't surprised so uttered to herself with a bitter smile, “Tch! I guess I was hoping for too much wasn't I?” With those words, she turned the knob and finally made her exit out of the room and closed the door behind her. This left the room in silence as Miya's fading footsteps disappeared down the corridor.

It was some quiet moments afterwards, that suddenly appearing seemingly out of nowhere from the corner of the room where the dark shadows laid. Yui emerged, with a somewhat melancholy expression on her face as she looked to the now closed door.
As the blonde haired girl looked to the closed door, she had her hands held together to her chest. For she had heard every word that Miya had said and she'd seen all she'd done within the confines of the music room. As she had witnessed it all, it had filled her with guilt and sadness that she'd had to leave her friend all alone... but she knew that she had no choice in the matter.  
But she couldn't say a word about that in Shuu's presence, so walking over to him she looked down and said politely, “Shuu-san, thank you... for hiding me away like that.”
Hearing her say her thanks, it was clear that Shuu didn't care as he responded with a tired sigh, “Whatever...” then opening his cold blue eyes to look at her, he said, “You're useless for prey, having to rely on us to hide you away from that delinquent woman.”
Yui didn't say anything to those words, instead looking down. She didn't know what to say, so she looked down and shuffled her hands together feeling uncomfortable.
Seeing her react like this, Shuu averted his eyes from her sad face and closing them he said, “That gratitude of yours is also unnecessary, since you don't really mean it anyway do you?”
Gasping a little as she heard the cold blue eyed vampire say this. Yui looked only more forlorn as she began to utter, “Well I-?”



Suddenly Shuu had grabbed her right hand and pulled her down! She was now lying on top of him, her face barely inches away from his own! Startled to see this, her pink coloured eyes widened as the blonde haired vampire revealed to her with a smug and rather sinister smile.
Shivering as she saw this, Yui wanted to move away and off of him immediately. However he had  her right injured bandaged hand caught in a firm grip, making her unable to move away from him! Shuu though seeing that he had her exactly where he wanted her, then said, “Well if none of the words you say ring true, at the least I will have some truth echoed from your body... you can give that to me as thanks, can't you?”
Hearing this, Yui immediately knew what he wanted! Feeling anxiety and fear running through her veins, she looked to the closed door. As she did so, she had to turn back to her captor and say, “But! Shuu-san, we might be caught like this! If anyone come's in then-!”
“Don't give me anymore wasteful words like I had to deal with, with that delinquent woman!” With that squeezing her bandaged hand a little more tightly, making her gasp painfully. He revealed to her with a cold glare as she flinched from the restraining pressure, “Because if you refuse me like this here, I won't give you any aid for next time.”
As this cold declaration was given to her, along with the pain she was receiving. Yui felt even more terribly fearful. For thinking of what she had pledged to Reiji... she knew sadly then that she didn't have any choice. Her head lowered, she moved her free left hand up to her white school shirt...
Silently watching on, Shuu saw Yui remove first her red clip ribbon, then she unfastened her white one. Doing that she then moved her trembling bandaged hand to her shirt and undid each button unsteadily before she finally finished, revealing a small part of her chest and her now fully exposed neck. Then as she finished this, she moved her body and chest closer to the blonde haired vampire, shivering fearfully as she awaited the pain that would soon come.
Seeing her react like this, didn't make Shuu react in the slightest. Instead moving himself up and closer to her, he moved his head up to the right side of her neck. Doing this he then began to lick her shivering pale skin, as he did this immediately Yui tensed up as she knew what would soon be coming next!
Then after a few short moments finishing his work, her skin softened and ready to devour. Shuu looked from her neck, to her face where he could see her eyes were squeezed shut... he decided to inform her after a moment, “I did warn you before didn't I?”
Puzzled as she heard this, Yui opening her pink coloured eyes to look at him for a moment uttered, “Huh?”
Shuu seeing that she didn't remember what he meant. He decided to remind her, “That if you involved yourself with another person outside of all this you'd suffer in the end is pain and regret.”
Hearing this, Yui became wide eyed as she remembered what Shuu had told her long ago, when she and her friend had blown those bubbles with him together on that fateful night. As she remembered this, Shuu seeing her eyes reminisce sadly, he then told her opening his mouth revealing his sharp fangs, “For this excruciating moment you're going to experience... you only have yourself to blame!” With that he bit into the right side of her neck deeply, drawing up her red and hot sweet blood into his mouth in moments!
“Agh!” Feeling his fangs plunge deeply into her flesh, Yui felt her blood begin to drip down from a stream almost instantly! As it did so, she felt herself shiver against the pain and growing weakness that was beginning to take away her consciousness.
As she felt these terrible sensations, some past words repeated into her mind as she looked up to the music room's ceiling, 'If she wants to speak to me she can... and I'll make up for anything I've done wrong to her.' As Miya's last words repeated in her mind, Yui felt her pink eyes tearing up as the continued to gaze upwards. As the pain continued to grow inside of her, she wished she could, that she could speak to her then... but now, she would never be able to do that anymore. For she could no longer-!
Suddenly though Shuu had retracted his fangs from her neck and had moved them straight to her chest! In seconds as his fangs plunged into her soft unwary flesh, Yui cried out, “Agh!” Immediately she was given no time to think anymore as the blonde haired vampire continued to have his way with her shivering helpless body. However with this one deep painful bite, all her tears began to leak and she uttered one name desperately into the air, “Miya...chan!”

Walking down the corridor at that moment, Miya felt something and suddenly stopped in her tracks! As she did so, her eyes widened. Looking around herself cautiously she asked aloud gently, “Yui-ko...?”
However there was no-one around in the corridor and seeing this, the heterochromia eyed girl was quiet. Because for some reason, she felt that she had heard her gentle friend's voice... but why would she think that? Looking back, she wondered aloud, “Was it my imagination?”
But there was nothing but silence in the air... seeing this, Miya then sighed for she had to accept that was probably the case. Then turning back she went to take another step forwards, but before she could move-!


The school bell had rung, reluctantly Miya saw she now had to go back to class. Her aim for lunch had ended in failure, she also hadn't even had any lunch! Realising this, she then began her gloomy trek back to the classroom.
As she did so, she uttered quietly, “Man... the last lessons better go by quick.” Then as she did this, she looked down as she also said, “Plus I hope Yui-ko is okay.”
Continuing to walk on, Miya then had another thought, “I'll try talking to her after class is done. I should have some time to do that right?” With that said, she made a firm nod as she tried to be positive saying, “Right we'll do that!” Her plan in mind she continued on her way and finally got back into the classroom and began studying with the rest of the students.
However for the rest of that night, Yui didn't return to the classroom and no words were exchanged between either of the girls. But it was not just that night that happened, it was many more that were to come, as the Sacrificial Bride was forced into a silence of terrible suffering that her dear friend could never even imagine of experiencing...

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.:Chapter Thirty Nine : The Letter:.

Falling into a sea of darkness, Miya couldn't see anything. She could barely feel anything, however... she could hear a voice.

I swear to...

“Swear to what?”

As she asked this question and she tried to move herself within the void of darkness, she found she was unable to. But she had to know! What-!?

I will obey...


There was something wrong! Something she had to stop! Struggling to try and find her way out of this nothingness! She had to do something! She had to-!

No matter what you-

“No! Don't do it! Don't-!”

With that reaching out desperately, she quickly found the light! The one that flashed before her eyes and then-!?


“Don't do it!!”

Reaching with her extended right hand and arm up into the air, Miya was gasping loudly with a panicked widened eye expression upon her face.

“What're you drivelling about?”

Distracted out of her shocked state as she heard this voice, Miya turned her head to the side. There she saw with his arms folded along with his critical light red eyes fixed on her, it was none other than Reiji. Seeing him, the heterochromia eyed girl becoming confused uttered, “Huh?”
Then suddenly something kicked in! “Agh!” Gasping loudly, Miya clenched her outstretched right arm and hand back to herself, with her left cradling it. As she did this, she ached all over and as she winced, she added cringing, “Shit...! I hurt all over!”
Hearing her say this, Reiji narrowing his eyes as he looked down at her then couldn't help but say, “How uncouth.”
Baffled as she heard this, Miya turning her odd coloured irises to look at him, then uttered out, “What?”
His critical gaze still fixed on her, Reiji then told her annoyed, “You spouting that dirty curse, you never will become a proper lady of grace will you?”
Annoyed instantly as she heard this, Miya moving herself then retorted straight back, “Oh screw you! I don't need your damn judgements as well as-!” It was quickly though that she realised something. Looking around herself, she saw where she was and as she did, she asked, “Wait a second, what am I doing on the floor?” For somehow, looking at her surroundings she saw that she was lying upon the dark brown wooden floorboards of Reiji's laboratory.    
Seeing that she'd finally realised her physical position, Reiji then asked her with his displeased expression present, “So? Now you finally realise where you are... though not entirely your physical condition do you?”
As this was said to her, Miya then looking back to him baffled repeated, “Physical condition?” Then as she did this, it was quickly at that moment she noticed something! Looking to her hands which she was still cradling close to herself, she saw that they were covered in white bandages!
Her eyes widening as she saw this, she then uttered, “Huh!? When the hell did these-!?” However quickly as she moved slightly again, she felt something! “Tch!” In seconds she winced, as she did so she felt something else again. Moving her still aching left hand to her cheek, she felt the synthetic softness of a large adhesive band aid, stuck to her skin.
Watching her stroke it slowly, still obviously baffled beyond all reason. Reiji then saw the heterochromia eyed girl, herself look around again and as she did, she turned her gaze back to him and asked, “What happened to me? Why am I patched up like this? How-?”
“This condition you have found yourself in, has happened because of your own incompetence,” Reiji stated to her, as he continued to stare down at her.
As these words were stated to her, in his usual cold and callous tone, Miya looking back to him then uttered back, “What?”
Seeing her usual idiocy being displayed, Reiji then correcting his lenses continued on to say, “In the time I took, to allow you to drink my new tea mix, you fell from your seat and brought the entire tea set down along with the small table... making an atrocious mess all over the floor, which I have only just managed to finish cleaning.”
Miya in dismay as she stared at Reiji and absorbing what he'd said, couldn't help but utter, “I what!?” For to her that didn't make any sense! How could she have just fallen asleep like that!? So she demanded out of him, “What kinda of messed up tea did you make!? I mean I've heard of Chamomile making people drowsy, but to have something that can make you lose consciousness that deeply and not even wake up from cuts!? That's just-?!” However coming to a halt, her thoughts suddenly stopped. As they did so, she looked down and thought to herself quietly for some moments...
Seeing her become still and silent, as she seemed to be considering something. Reiji didn't say a word, however he continued to keep his light red coloured eyes fixed upon her. As he did so, it was after a little bit, that the heterochromia eyed girl had thought of something and so as she looked to him with a suspicious light in her eyes, he heard her utter, “Hey?”
Looking at her silently, Reiji then responded simply, “What?”
Then as he did this, Miya put her question to him, “Did you spike that tea with something weird?”
As this was put to her, Reiji then decided to tell her with a sinister knowingness as he smirked, “Oh? What makes you think I would do something so detestable like that?”
Instantly disgusted as she saw this look on his face, Miya then retorted as she turned her face away from him and started to lift herself back up onto her legs, “Cause it would just be like you!” Then as she finally got herself back upright, still aching badly she then decided to add, as she dusted away her black school skirt, “And I know for sure I'm never gonna drink any other damn concoctions you make in the future!”
Hearing her say this, Reiji then dropped his smile and as he did so, he replied calmly, “How cruel of you...”    
Puzzled as she heard a certain adjective, Miya halting her cleaning turned her odd coloured eyes back to him and asked, “”
As she repeated his words of choice, Reiji then informed her, “Correct, suspecting the worst when I took the time, effort and care to bandage your wounds.”
Blinking as she heard this, Miya becoming dismissive asked him, “You? You're the one who dressed my wounds?”
“Obviously!” Came his immediate response, then as he noticed her disdainful expression he asked her, “Do you really believe I'm incapable of being considerate?”
Hearing this, Miya was far from believing him and so told him, “Yeah I do!” Then finally finishing her dusting, she looked back to him and folded her arms herself as she informed him, “Especially since you caused this in the first place, also the fact you left me lying on the cold hard floor!” Then narrowing her eyes, she added, “You're far from being anything near to a decent gentleman!”
Reiji hearing her say this, was quiet. However after a moment he decided to say, “Well I suppose we both agree on one point, neither of us are close to our ideals.”
However having enough of his nonsense, Miya then retorted, “Speak for yourself!” Then as she said those words, she spied that beside the laboratory door was her school bag along with, “Yui-ko's bag?”
Then as she spoke her friend's name,  inside she suddenly felt a powerful jolt of anxiety strike her! As it did so, quickly looking to Reiji she demanded out of him, “Hey! Where is she!? Where's Yui-ko!?”
Seeing the alert that was now entering into her eyes, Reiji himself forgetting the banter they had only just exchanged responded feigning an air of curiosity, “Yui?”
As she saw him doing this, Miya immediately becoming aggravated told him, “Don't toy with me! Where is she!? You four eyes!”
Hearing her demand answers out of him like this, Reiji wasn't impressed in the slightest. However expecting as much from the heterochromia eyed girl, he told her, “Ignoring your rude outburst...” With that correcting his spectacles, he continued on as he gazed at her, “Yui has retired for the evening, she was exhausted from the night's school activities and so forth.”
As he said this, Miya felt a foreboding inside that made her respond to him angrily, “I don't believe you!” For quickly glancing back to the bag and then turning back to the cold, serious young man, “Yui-ko wouldn't leave me by myself like this!”
“Leave you?” As she said these words, Reiji then looking at her with a serious gaze. Then decided to state to her, “You believe she was here in this room with you, before you slumbered?”  
Dumbfounded as she heard this being put to her, Miya quiet for a moment then quickly became outraged as she said mad, “Of course she was! She was-!” Instantly in seconds though she halted as quickly her head hurt badly. Grasping her forehead she winced as she uttered, “Urgh...!”
Gazing at her as she shivered slightly from pain, Reiji then asked her not moving from his stationary position, “Troubled are you?”
Hearing him, Miya still suffering with pain told him, “My head... it hurt's like hell!”
Raising a single eyebrow, Reiji then asked her, “Oh does it?”
Miya as she heard his voice, still cringing from the sharp piercing headache she was now experiencing looked to him. As she did so, she listened on still holding her head, “... If I might be so bold, to ask you? Do you truly fully grasp all of the events that have led up to this one moment?”
Still aching in pain, Miya annoyed then uttered, “Huh?”
Seeing she hadn't grasped his words at all, Reiji then asked with a more simplified question, “Are you sure that you remember everything that happened before, correctly? Moment by moment?”
Quiet as she heard this being stated to her, Miya then stared at Reiji. As she did so, looking down she did just that, she tried to remember. What she had been doing and what had led her to being there in the mansion with the spectacled vampire, in the confines of his laboratory.
Thinking to herself, she remembered aloud, “I... I remember going out with Yui to the mall, we had fun together... then I, I was coming back here with her... we came to the door and then...” however at that point, there was only a dark blank space within her memories. As it came, puzzled and worried by this she uttered, “Nothing...”
Hearing her say this, Reiji could tell his drug had been a success. She hadn't remembered anything about the evening, then as he looked to her bandaged hands and to the rest of her. He recounted himself, how after dressing her wounds and re-dressing her clothes properly, he had cast a low level concealing veil upon her chest and neck. This spell now would stop her from seeing the marks he had incurred upon her body and he knew, that with that along with the amnesia inducing medicine. The verminous girl caught within her confusion, would never learn the truth.
Then feeling ease from his confidence, he told her, “There you are then, you can't trust your own memory now can you?”
Hearing him say this, Miya was quiet as she looked back to him. As she did so, she couldn't help but look back to the bag that was beside her own by the door. Doing this, she knew inside that what Reiji said grudgingly was true. She couldn't deny that, because of the dark space in her memory she couldn't argue about this with him. However, “That doesn't matter!”
Puzzled briefly, Reiji then asked her, “It doesn't?”
Becoming firm, Miya then told him, “No it doesn't!” With that she decided to continue on to say, “Because I still need to check on her! I need to make sure that she's okay!” With that striding past him, she went and opened the door and declared further, “And I'm gonna do that now!” With that she left the room, making the wooden opening slam shut hard behind her!


Seeing her do this, Reiji then sighed as he put a hand to his forehead. As he did so, he couldn't help but utter, “My, oh my... that animal really does make a scene wherever she goes!” However as he did this and looked to the door again. He narrowed his light red eyes, as he did so he decided on his next course of action, “Now... let us see if she will keep her oath to us.”



“Yui-ko! Are you okay!? Can you hear me!? Yui-ko!”

Knocking loudly on her friend's bedroom door, Miya was busy trying to get her gentle friend to open it. As she did so, she was becoming more worried by the moment! For if she didn't come to the door... then there must be-!


Hearing sounds from the other side of the doors, Miya hearing this became still for a moment. As she did this, she asked aloud, “Yui-ko?”
As she did this, it was then that Reiji came walking forwards. As he did so, he stood still and silently, with his arms folded again as he watched Miya before the door, standing quietly herself not moving.
There was then silence for a few moments, with nothing changing. The door hadn't opened at all and from beyond the door, there came no voice that responded to the heterochromia eyed girl who'd called out. Seeing this, Miya herself was becoming more worried by the second, gripping her right hand tightly, she went to knock on the door again when-!


Startled hearing this sound, Miya quickly looked down. As she did so, there she saw being slid from under the door was a lilac coloured piece of stationary lined notepaper, with some scrawls of writing on it. Seeing it, quickly becoming confused the heterochromia eyed girl asked, “What's this?”
Gazing at it for a moment, she then lowered herself gently and picked up the lilac piece of paper. As she did so, she lifted herself back up and looking down at it, she read it quietly...


To Tadao-san,

I am alright, there is nothing for you to worry about, so please be at ease.
I'm sorry, that I can't answer you at the door.
But I'm tired, I need my rest now.
I hope that you have a safe journey home and have a good weekend.
Thank you, for your concerns.

Goodnight, Yui.


Staring at the letter that was now in her hands, Miya puzzled couldn't help but ask, “Tadao-san?” For why was she calling her that? Staring at the letter and it simply stated message... this whole situation felt so strange. For looking at the door and then back to the letter, the heterochromia eyed girl didn't understand one other thing that had been written. Why couldn't Yui come to the door, when she'd just written this?
Quiet as she considered the possible reasons why, her odd coloured eyes then spied Reiji who was standing a short distance away in the corridor. As she saw him, standing there with his cold critical eyes gazing at her... she quickly realised what the main reason must be!
Turning back to the door, she quickly knocked on the door again!


“Yui-ko! Why've you written this letter!? Why can't you come and open the door?!” As she called out to her friend, she couldn't just believe that nothing was going on! She felt there was something wrong, there must be!
As she thought this to herself, she looked to the door further for a moment before she looked back to Reiji again. Seeing him stare on silently still, Miya knew that he had done something! But what though...? Thinking to herself quietly again as she looked back to the door. She tried to think of something.
Staring at her quietly, as the heterochromia eyed girl lowered her head. Reiji saw her raise her face up again, as she did so. She looked to the door and said, “Yui-ko... if you can't talk to me right now, I want you to knock on the door for me, if you really are okay, knock once... then if not, twice.” Then putting her hand on the wood that barred her from her friend, she added, “I won't go, not until I really know from you directly.”
Seeing her do this, the spectacled vampire wasn't impressed in the slightest. For what difference would that make? However he didn't voice these thoughts as he continued on with his observations.
Miya keeping her hand upon the door was quiet. Still waiting for the knocks, she looked to it with concern in her eyes. For though this wasn't a great or intelligent way to find out anything, it was the only thing that she could-


Feeling this gentle movement upon the door, Miya was almost startled. But looking on, she waited for a moment... however there came nothing. Seeing this, she couldn't help but ask, “Is this really?”
Having heard this sound, Reiji walking over then told her, “There, you have your answer now.” With that, he brought forth an item he had carried along with him and presented it to her. There displayed in his outreached hand, was Miya's bag.
Looking at it, Miya still with her hand on the door curious as she looked back to him, heard him say, “I also believe you have been in our company long enough... it's time for you to make your departure from our property.”
Becoming soured as she heard this, Miya then retorted back to him, “I don't need to hear that from a four eyes like you! I-!”  


Stopped suddenly as she felt this, Miya looked to the door. As she did so, she looked puzzled. Had she just felt another knock? Or was it-?
“What're you doing now?” Hearing Reiji's voice again, Miya was distracted once more.
As she looked back to him, she was quiet... she could tell Reiji was up to something! If she'd clobbered him, she might be able to get some answers! However flinching from the aching pain that was all over her, she knew that wasn't an option. Also something inside of herself was telling her that she shouldn't stay there any longer. So following this instinctive notion, despite the nagging worry she was experiencing, she conceded for then and told him, “Nothing...I'll go now.” With that she went to walk past Reiji, snatching her bag away from his offering hand.
“Alright then,” Saying that Reiji turned his eyes to look at Miya, as he did so. He decided to add to her, “It's good for once that you're listening to a request of mine.”
Annoyed as she heard this, Miya looked at him and as she did she retorted, “Oh shut up! I don't wanna hear anymore from you!” Then stopping she added with serious deadly intent, “But I'll tell you this now, you lay one finger on Yui-ko or do anything else horrible to her, I'll-!”
Hearing her come to a halt suddenly again, Reiji curious stared at her coldly. As he did so, he saw the heterochromia eyed girl seemed startled as she looked at him. Seeing her doing this, he then asked her, “What is it now?”
As this question was put to her, Miya then quiet looked away quickly from Reiji. As she did so, keeping her face turned she replied, “It's nothing...Just don't forget what I said!” with that narrowing her eyes, she immediately walked ahead of him, not wanting to stare at him a moment longer.
Seeing her react to him this way, Reiji was silent. However he decided to not comment further about her threat or one odd moment of behaviour, so quietly he followed after her to lead her towards the grand entrance doors of the Sakamaki mansion.
Miya silent herself as she heard him walking behind her, she kept her gaze fixed ahead upon the blue carpeted corridor. As she did, she couldn't help but think about that other quiet secondary knock. It'd been so small... had she really heard it? She didn't know...
But glancing back to Reiji for a moment as he continued to follow after her, she couldn't help but think of something else... for when she'd looked at him and seen his eyes. For a brief moment, she swore she'd seen a glow of some kind, one that chilled her deep down to her core...but she didn't know why? Though she couldn't be sure of that either... there were so many thing's that were confusing her badly then, however there was one thing she was sure of. This whole situation was making her feel uneasy, for there was something terribly wrong that was happening, that was being hidden away from her...


Quiet as she sat within her bedroom upon her luxurious pink coloured bed, Yui said nothing. Her head was lowered, as she gazed down at her right hand. The one that had knocked upon her bedroom door, only some moments ago... she knew that, that brief contact she had with Miya. She knew it would be the last that she would-


“Yui, open the door.”

Pulled out of her own thoughts, as she heard this summoning. Yui looked to her bedroom door, recognising the voice as Reiji's she went immediately to go and do as she was asked. In moment's she opened the door, where before her was the spectacled vampire, carrying a certain item with him.
Gazing down at his now obedient prey, Reiji was silent for a moment. However, placing the object he'd brought with him which was revealed to be her own brown school bag, down to one side within the room, he told her, “It was careless of you not to remember this, I would recommend that in the future that you take all personal item's with you and not to leave them negligently around.”
Hearing this being said, her head still lowered. Yui then responded by a simple bow of her head.
As she did this simple act, Reiji gazing down at her. Decided to inform their prey of what had become of the pest, “I'm sure it will undoubtedly relieve you to know this, but that verminous animal has now been freed and has vacated our premises.”
Yui didn't say anything to this, however her right hand tightened ever so slightly and was trembling. Ignoring this action, Reiji continued on with his thoughts, “I would have to commend you, using a letter to bid her on her way...” with that looking to her, he decided to add with a rather smug smirk, “You're really trying your utmost now, to stick to the conditions of our arrangement aren't you?”
Once again, Yui didn't say a word to him. Her head was still lowered and she was making no effort to make any eye contact at all.
Seeing her do this, Reiji quiet for a moment more... then decided on something. Looking at her, he then stated to her, “I will have you accompany me now.” With that he walked out thorough her door. Then as he did so, Yui quietly followed on behind and shut it behind them.
Quietly, both vampire and girl walked along the darkened corridor not saying a word... after some long ominous, silent moment's they came to their chosen destination. The Torture Chamber.


Leaving the gardens and then through the grand gates that were before the Sakamaki mansion. Miya  took a few steps out making her exit, however she couldn't help but turn back for a moment. Looking up to the grand luxurious building, she was quiet...
However thinking to herself quietly for some moments, she moved back towards the gates and reaching forwards, she placed her fingers upon the entwining decorative metallic lines. Then after a little bit, she clenched her fingers against the cold metal that was before her tightly. Showing her frustration... then looking up at the mansion, her expression became one full of melancholy.
As it did so, she whispered aloud, “Yui-ko... please be safe!” Then tightening her grip against the metal, she added as she remembered the second fleeting knock she had felt, “I promise you... I'll help you! No matter what happens...I will!”
With those words said aloud, she clenched the metal a little tightly more for a few moments... before finally she let go. Then doing so, slinging her school bag over her shoulder she started upon her journey home.
However as she moved forwards, she still felt that awful pain dig into her again. As she moved, she couldn't help but say as she held her right hand over the left side of her chest, “Damn...! This fucking hurts...!”
Then as she made it more down the country road, she saw the Waxing Moon overhead shining down and as she did so, she said, “Who'd think that some damn tea cups could cut you up! I'm gonna have to take some painkillers when I get home!”
Saying those words, unbeknownst to the heterochromia eyed girl as she moved. Underneath her clothes and the concealing veil Reiji had placed upon her wounded body. Miya couldn't know, that the fang bites along with the near fatal piercing sword wound that she had over her left breast. Were throbbing under the light of the moon, as the dreadful memory of the infliction remained dormant within her...  


Opening the door then with his right gloved hand, Reiji told his downcast quiet prey, “Go in.” Yui  hearing him complied, proceeding inside. As she did so, sinister gentleman locked the door firmly behind him with the key. Then seeing it was fully secure, he put the unlocking item into his pocket.
Turning his attentions back to the matter that was at hand, his light red eyes came to rest upon Yui again. Seeing that the blonde haired girl still had her head and face turned down, he narrowed his eyes as he informed her, “Hold your hands out to me.”
As this order was issued, after a moment Yui did just that and raised both of her hands up and out towards him. Seeing her do this, Reiji then moved and picked up a certain object that was within the confines of the chamber.
Yui didn't see what the item was, but it was clear that she was scared as she trembled, continuing to hold her hands out. For she had no idea what Reiji wanted to do with her, she didn't know what-?



Suddenly in seconds, the blonde haired girls wrists were clamped down into iron cuffs! Then as they were, her arms were quickly lifted up, making her become pinned as she was forced up against the wall! As the long chain that the cuffs were attached to were hoisted up high into the air.  
Shaking as she felt the coldness of the metal on her hands and the chilling feel of the stone wall behind her, Yui pursed her lips... she could only guess now what was coming. What she was-!

“Look at me!”

As this order was issued, Yui shaking knew she had to obey then. That she had to do as he said... but-!
Seeing her struggle now to comply to this simple order, Reiji narrowing his eyes as he looked at her asked, “...You find that too difficult?”
Yui though didn't respond to him, as she continued to shake. The fear that she was feeling was awful, along with the discomfort too! But more than that, it was-!


Feeling her face being pulled up, Yui then heard Reiji say as her pink eyes were closed away in pain, “Now I will have you look at me.”
Hearing him, Yui knew she had no choice... she had to open her eyes. As she did this slowly but surely,  what was revealed spilling from her shaking face. Were tears, one's of the deep sorrow and pain that she'd been hiding away up until that moment. They all quickly began to trickle down her cheeks as she shivered.
Gazing at her as she did this, holding her face in place with his gloved right hand Reiji looking at her then commented, “How curious...” with that, he took his other free hand and stroked his fingers through her blonde locks and told her more of his thoughts, “I almost find you quite exquisite in this state...”
Yui hearing him didn't respond, instead clenching her teeth. She closed her eyes and looked away from him again, wanting to hide away from his critical glowing eyes which were piercing into her trembling soul.
Seeing her do this, Reiji in a few moments decided on his next course of action. Moving himself back and away from her, he then said, “...Now for the matter that is at hand.”
Bracing herself for what was coming next, Yui knew that she didn't have any power now to runaway. She couldn't do anything! She couldn't-!


Startled at the sound, Yui turned and saw with alarm what Reiji had brought out! In his hands, was a black crop! Staring at her with a menacing grin upon his face, he told her, “It's time for your you will never disobey us again!” With those words, he moved and-!



Yui cried out in seconds! As she did so, more tears were beginning to gather in her pink eyes and as they did so, Reiji then told her still continuing to grin, “Those tears...that expression of yours!”
Breathing in and out hard, from the lash she'd been given. Yui looking to Reiji in her poor state then heard him go on to say, “Let me see more!”




As more of her tears poured forth, along with her shaking against the pain he was inflicting on her. Reiji grinned all the more, the sadistic beast inside of him was becoming more and more hungry, by the reactions she gave him! So looking at her, as she breathed in and out hard continuing to tremble fearfully. He then told her, “More... I want to see you to give me an even more sublime sight!”





With those cries of desperation pain and sorrow, filling the cold stoned and deadly weapon containing room. The hours of the torturous punishment began...

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.:Chapter Thirty Eight : The Settlement:.

“Ah!” Crying out loudly, as Laito sunk his fangs above her left breast. Yui was clenching her teeth tightly as she shivered against his cold touch and painful bite.
Sucking upon her skin strongly, as he moaned longingly from the taste of warm sweetness that was flooding forth from the blood that was overflowing. Laito after a few moment's, feeling his indulgence become satiated momentarily, removed his fangs from the wincing girl's chest.
However looking down at Yui, as she breathed in and out helplessly before him, with tears of pain brimming in her eyes. With her shirt messily opened up, exposing his marks that he had left upon her... his sadistic thirst and desire was beginning to burn inside of him again. Grinning as he felt it rise, he couldn't help but sigh and say, “Oh... Bitch-chan, the way you look now?”
Hearing him say this, as she struggled to keep her thoughts in focus and keep what strength she had. Yui looking to Laito, couldn't think of anything to say in reply. But desperate inside, she wanted to leave that room immediately! She had to get back to Reiji's laboratory! She had to make sure-!
“It's utterly intoxicating!” Laito uttered, with the burning light of a predator entering his vibrant eyes. He brought forth a single item forward with his right hand and as he did so, he added with a sinister grin, “I'll need to dine upon you even more thoroughly!”
As she heard these words, Yui then in shock saw what it was that was in Laito's right hand. It was a a sharp pronged fork! Feeling horror and dread at what he was going to try and do to her, the gentle blonde haired girl spoke desperately as she tried to move herself out from under him, “Laito-kun! Please don't I-!?”
However ignoring her pleas, in seconds Laito stopped her movements in seconds! Moving his right hand in seconds, he dug the fork straight into the bite marks he had only made moment's before. As he did so, Yui in seconds cried out, “Agghh!”
As her cry of pain rang out, Laito smiled pleased all the more. Then as her sweet scented blood, started to overflow more and filled the air with irresistible aroma from his inflicted mark, he knew that this little game wasn't going to end anytime soon...      


Breathing hard, Miya was struggling against the effects of the Anaesthetic that she'd been forced to ingest. She wanted to move, to get up, to fight back! But she was powerless, she couldn't muster any of her power... she was burning and aching inside awfully with indescribable pain.
Seeing the weakened yet determined look that was in her eyes, as he continued to hold his sword poised over her chest. Reiji with that cold angered look, still present in his light red coloured eyes then moved his right hand that held the deadly blade. Slow and decisively, he pressed it forward above her left breast where he could almost feel the panicked drumming's of her heart flow through into the cold hard steel.    
Miya feeling this, gritting her teeth as she felt the horrible weapon press into her skin urged herself to move! To do something! So slowly, even though her arms and hands hurt to move as they shook badly, she grasped the silver blade tightly as she tried to stop it from stabbing into her core.
Feeling and seeing her do this, despite her weakness, Reiji then echoed out his thoughts with a scoff, “How pathetic...” then pushing down with a little more force, he couldn't help but ask her as he continued on, “Do you really believe you can stop me? In this unsightly state you're in?”
Miya though was unable to answer, instead feeling the blade pierce her skin ever so slightly she flinched. In terrible pain, as she felt the wound start to bleed and burn, making her bite down upon her teeth more, she tightened her hands even more around the sword! In seconds though as she did this, the sharpness of the metal cut into her palms and fingers. As they did so, they began to drip and bleed as her blood emerged from the cuts that were being self-inflicted.
Surprised momentarily to see this, as small droplets of her blood dripped onto the floor and ran through small rivers within the gaps of her fingers. Reiji though quickly recovered his composure and couldn't help but admit to her, “This is just one thing more that demonstrates the very reason, why I detest you absolutely!”
With that he pulled the blade back and out of the wound he'd created and the struggling girl's hold, “Agh!” Feeling this happen, Miya gasping more as the sting's of the cuts and her wound pierced into her, along with the burning and weakness of the drug. She looked to Reiji with her one blue opened eye as she cringed in pain, as she continued to breathe in and out helplessly.
Looking at her gazing up to him in this way, Reiji then informed her coldly, “Ever unyielding and defiant...” with that moving his sword up, he placed it up to her left cheek. As he did so, he added, “Even though you are within inches of death.” With those words, he then pressed the silver blade into her soft skin.
Feeling him do this, Miya flinched and in seconds her cheek began to bleed and sting as Reiji had carved a clean sliced line into her flesh. Seeing her eyes close up in pain completely as he did this simple act, he continued on to say, “It's because of that very foolish tenacity you possess, that our prey has become infected with insubordinate characteristics and delusional fantasies of leaving us...”
With that said he moved the sword back into position over her left breast and as he said those words, he said with a deadly finality burning within his red eyes as he saw the staining red flower that was there grow, “That has left me with no other option, but to end you!”
With that he drew the blade back and as Miya continued to shiver from the agony she'd been left in, Reiji narrowed his eyes and told her coldly, “Now die!” With that he moved the sword swiftly forwards to impale the very warm, soft and vibrant core that was keeping the heterochromia eyed girl alive. Her heart.


Shivering madly as she felt Laito lapping up her blood, from the cuts he'd now inflicted with the fork. Yui was trying hard to hold back the fedora hatted vampire, as she pushed into him using her hands. But still it was no use. He was going to toy with her, whether she wanted it or not.
Withdrawing his tongue away from her wound, which was now stained red from it's succulent sweetness. He couldn't help but smirk as he rubbed his lips, with his free hand and then finishing this simple act, he said, “ really are the best there is, Bitch-chan!”
Yui hearing this, still feeling her anxious thoughts for Miya driving her. She tried to speak once more as she told him, “Laito-kun! Please... let me go! I have to go back! I have to-!”

Pop! Pop! Pop!

As this sound reached her ears with alarm, Yui then cried out in panic as she tried to sit herself up, “Laito-kun! What're you doing!? What're-!?”
“What does it look like?” He asked her, for with his fingers upon her white school shirt buttons he informed her with a devious grin upon his face, “I've already had my entree...” with that he continued his tearing of her buttons and finished saying with eagerness,”Now it's time for the main course!” With that he tore her shirt open entirely revealing her exposed abdomen!
Horrified by this, Yui instantly again began her struggles to make Laito release her as she cried out, “No! Don't! Let me-!”
However quickly the blonde haired girl was stopped in her tracks! For then moving his right hand fast, Laito held the fork up to Yui's neck and pinning her down, he told her with a sinister amused look in his eyes, “No, no, no Bitch-chan... food isn't meant to move around or talk!”
Feeling the coldness of the pronging stainless steel against her throat, Yui gulped as she shivered terribly. Laito despite his playful manner, was serious! He had no intentions of letting her escape at all! Realising this, the blonde haired girl feeling the fedora hatted young man lower himself towards her vulnerable middle. Closed her pink eyes and uttered anxiously in desperateness, “Miya-chan...!”


Miya shivering badly with her odd coloured eyes clenched shut, she could feel the blade come to a sudden halt! The sword was just inches away from her skin. The point of which was just poised above her, as her heart continued to hammer away in her chest. Becoming confused by Reiji's words and now his sudden lack of actions. Opening her single blue eye cautiously, she looked up to him.
Reiji himself seemed to have a look of astonishment about him, his eyes slightly widened he asked, “This...?”
Confused by his words, Miya didn't understand what had come over him. However continuing only to breathe hard, as the awful Anaesthetic made her throat ache even to speak. She heard the spectacled vampire go on to say, “This scent...”
For all around him, he could smell the most unusual aroma in the air. It was a cool scent, yet refreshing fragrance that seemed to excite his vampiric senses... confused at where it was coming from, he couldn't help but ask, “Where is it-?”
However looking down to the sword he continued to hold in his hand, which still glistened with the redness of Miya's blood. He was quiet as a possibility occurred to him, “Might it be?” With that drawing the sword away from Miya's chest, he lifted the weapon up and moving it's blade closer to his face he breathed in against it deeply.
Continuing to gasp as she tried to breathe, Miya still confused tried to voice herself as she asked, “Wha...What? What're... you?” However, her breath was caught again and she couldn't utter another word as she burned horribly inside with pain.
Reiji though ignoring her weak enquiry, finished his quiet analysis. As he did so, turning his light red eyes back to Miya, he then stated to her, “My word?... It seems that you have at least one last quality about yourself that you can surprise me with.”
Not understanding him in the slightest, Miya looking to him cringing in pain as she continued to bleed and ache, then suddenly saw something that gave her the chills. Reiji grinned at her menacingly. It wasn't like the previous one's where he'd simply mocked her, or criticised her... this one was almost like one of a hungry wolf.
Seeing the startled look in Miya's eyes as she looked up to him, with something similar to shock. Reiji making his way over to her, then asked her with a sinister knowingness in his voice, “Whatever is the matter with you? Is there something troubling you?”
Hearing him say this, Miya didn't like this new light that began to shine in his red eyes! She tried to force herself to move, to get away! With those thoughts she rolled over and began to pull herself across the wooden floorboards, desperate as her body ached and bled, leaving small droplets here and there as she pulled forwards.
Gasping as she moved, she could feel her blood continue to leak from her cuts and wound. It was awful as it made a small trailing line behind her and as she shivered, she couldn't understand why this was happening!? Why she was-!

“Oh that's no good at all!”

With that stopped in her tracks, Miya felt her right arm and hand being grasped and in another second, “Agh!” Quickly she was forcibly turned back over! Looking up, above herself she saw now holding her down once more, was Reiji.
Looking at him startled, with widened eyes. The heterochromia eyed girl could see that hungry eerie glow again in his deadly gaze, as she did so. It made her shiver inside terribly! However unable to move now, she felt again the Anaesthetic affect her making her gasp, breathlessly!
Seeing her look like this, being vulnerable and pained as she squirmed. Reiji then told her with that sinister smile still gracing his face, “A fine lady like yourself shouldn't squirm across the floor... it's unflattering to the sophisticated eye!” As he felt his vampiric being become excited inside, seeing her in this decrepit way as he narrowed his eyes. He then asked her calmly, “You said not too long ago, that you had a wave of heat that was unsettling you from within, did you not?”
Hearing him ask her this, Miya breathing hard against the burning hell that was inside of her very core. Simply cringed as she looked up to Reiji, as she was unable to utter a word back to him. She hated being like this! She-!
Suddenly though her thoughts were stopped in her tracks, for then Reiji reaching his hands down, began to remove her uniform's red bow and white ribbon! Feeling him do this, her eyes widened as she saw the two accessories being discarded, then quickly she felt something else being tampered with. Her shirt buttons!  
Feeling them being touched, she heard Reiji say calmly as though this was simply a matter of routine, “Allow me to comfort you and relieve you of your woes.” With that he undid one button after another.
As this was being done! Miya horror struck, tried desperately to move her limbs! Moving her right hand and arm, she tried to push Reiji off of her, as she told him in her weakened state, “Get...get off me!”
Her trembling touch on his jacket, Reiji reaching with his right hand took her own hand and easily peeled her off of him. However, looking to her right palm which was now in his gloved one, he then had to utter with a thinly veiled air of irritation, “Hmph! Now look what you've done.” With that flinging her weakened limb away, which fell to her side he revealed to her, “You've stained me.”
Looking on, Miya then saw as she continued to struggle with each breath she took. That Reiji's gloved hand was now stained red with her blood, seeing it she said nothing. But inside she was fearful and nervous with confusion. For she had no idea what he was-!
“Well, this is of no use anyway now...” with that the spectacled young man using his other unstained hand, immediately removed the tattered garment in seconds. Then throwing it to one side, he looked back to Miya, his eyes still ablaze with an unholy light his hands descended to her chest.
Feeling him do this, Miya froze and looking down she watched with horror as Reiji opened up her shirt entirely! In seconds her chest was exposed, revealing the black bra she was wearing underneath it!
Reiji seeing her terrified state felt his thirst rise immensely from the helpless and vulnerable sight that was before him. Then quickly moving his face down, he uttered as his sinister smile still continued to grace his face, “Are you afraid of me? Miya-san?”
Hearing him ask this, Miya herself breathless couldn't answer this question. However, feeling her shake and struggle beneath him as she tried again to push him away. Reiji didn't need her to say another word, for then exposing his sharp fangs he lowered himself down further and doing so, he told her, “I hope earnestly that you do... for I want you to feel that fear until you take your very last breath!”


Licking her sweet tasting flesh with his hungry tongue across her exposed belly, Laito was moistening and preparing her for the deep plunge he would soon make with his fangs. He could feel himself throb inside with excitement and desire as he continued on mercilessly. For he couldn't wait for the next part of this cat and mouse game to play out!
Yui herself shivering as she felt him do this, while the fork was still being kept close to her throat. She clenched her teeth, she was hating every moment of this! For she had no idea what-!

“Hmm... I wonder if Reiji's done with Cow-chan yet?”  

As these words were uttered, Yui opening her eyes widely repeated to herself, “Done with?” Then as she did, looking to the fedora hatted vampire she had to ask as she felt her heart tremble with anxiety, “Laito-kun? You know that Miya-chan is here?”
“Fu! Fu! Obviously!” Then looking up to Yui, he informed her with a devious smirk upon his features, “When I saw you passed out here in the kitchen, I had an inkling he already might be acting out his long thought about decision.”
Hearing this particular word, Yui repeated, “Decision?” Then becoming immensely worried, she had to ask him, “What decision?”
Laito then hearing the fear in her voice, was simply amused all the more and so answered brightly with no care whatsoever, “Why? Cow-chan's extermination of course!”
Feeling her heart freeze in horror as she heard this! Yui then quickly understood why the spectacled vampire had acted so strangely before! Then thinking of the tea she'd had, if it had made her that dopey and helpless. Then Miya would be-!
Laito paying no heed though to her panic, then simply helped himself more to her flesh. As he licked her a little more, he grinned as he told her, “But you shouldn't dwell on that anymore, Bitch-chan! For you should enjoy all the pleasure you and I are gonna have together right now!” With that he exposed his fangs and went to sink them into her soft skin.
As the horrible possibility surfaced in her mind and she heard Laito's words, Yui felt something inside of herself snap! She had to act! Quickly with no hesitation, she used her right hand and snatched away the fork that had been poised to her neck!
Feeling this sudden movement, Laito moving his face away from her stomach looked to her startled and uttered, “Huh? What-!”


Then quickly in seconds, Yui fixing her left fingers together and flattening them out, moved her bladed hand and struck Laito swiftly in the right side of his neck with all the strength she could muster!


Knocked off of his feet by this sudden strike, Laito fell to the floor and onto his legs! As he was he watched with amazement Yui get up and run, carrying the fork with her as she rushed out through the kitchen door!
Watching her quietly as she went, disappearing into the darkness of the corridor. Laito then still feeling his surprise felt the spot on his neck where Yui had hit him. Though it hadn't really hurt him, nor did any damage whatsoever. It was surprising that she'd been able to move him off her like that...

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Then laughing finding this situation unbelievably humorous, he couldn't help but comment, “Ah... looks like Cow-chan's taught a few interesting tricks to her too...” however his eyes narrowing with a sinister amusement. He couldn't help but add, “Oh, Bitch-chan... I hope you're prepared for what you see next, because I'm sure it will be something far worse that I could ever show you...”


Running down the corridor, still holding onto the utensil she'd got her hands on. Yui was hurrying towards the stairs, despite her dishevelled state. She was desperate! Climbing the steps one by one, she knew she had to get back to laboratory! She had to be there!
Praying desperately inside as she finally got to the blue carpeted landing above, then running on fast still down the corridor, she whispered to herself, “Miya-chan! Please be alright! Please I-!”


Horrified as she heard this loud cry of pain, Yui ran on forwards even faster her heart threatening to beat out of her chest with intense fear as she cried out, “MIYA-CHAN!?”


Feeling his sharp fangs sinking fast straight into the right side of her neck, Miya's eyes widened in shock! As the horror of what she was experiencing sunk into her, she started to kick and struggle like she was caught in a terrible spastic fit. However due to the drug, the power of these struggles was feeble and didn't stop the indulging vampire at all.
As she did this, Reiji expecting as much of a reaction from her continued to drink and suck away at her blood strongly. Then finally after a few long moments, he withdrew his fangs from her neck. In seconds as he did this, Miya herself became still and acted breathlessly as she felt a terrible draining weakness come over her, as her blood leaked out from the fang marks that had been left upon her.
Gazing down at her, Reiji's sinister grin had long left his face. For then rubbing his mouth with the back of his right hand, he commented down to the struggling breathless girl, “You're not sweet at all...”
Miya hearing him say this, didn't understand what he was saying in the slightest. Her eyes watery and drowsy from all the pain she was experiencing and now this weakening from the blood loss, she was barely able to concentrate on her thoughts anymore.
However unmoved by her suffering state as she lay underneath him. Reiji then correcting his lenses had to reveal with obvious dissatisfaction, “I suppose I was hoping for too much wasn't I? The scent you exhibited earlier certainly had a drawing quality, but compared to that of Yui... you're mediocre at best.” With that looking around himself, irritated he continued on to say, “And now with all the mess to clear up, as well your body disposal, this will certainly have turned out to be a waste of-”
But quickly stopping, he felt something inside of himself. Freezing for a moment, he put a hand to his chest. As he did so... he felt like something inside of himself was coming alive somehow? There was energy deep inside of him now, it was a warm sensation which was growing rapidly... it was becoming more potent by the second.
Feeling it, he couldn't help but shudder almost breathlessly himself now as he asked, “This is...?” Then looking back down to Miya, who continued to breathe with difficulty against all the pain she was feeling. He became immensely curious and as he did so, he was drawn back down to her shivering body.
Looking down at her, he then looked over her exposed chest. Then eyeing a particular spot, he licked her collarbone with his tongue. Shivering as she felt him doing this, Miya tensing up tried to speak again, “! Stop! Stop, I-!” But it was no use, for as quickly as her weak protests had come. Reiji sunk his fangs into her again!
“Agh!” Feeling the skin and bones of her neckline being bitten, the heterochromia eyed girl tensed up as she felt that horrible weakening sensation and sharpening pain kick in strongly again!
Sucking hard against her skin, which caused the holes he'd created to overflow again with her blood, Reiji was silent for a few long moments, as he tasted more of her essence. Then stopping for a brief moment, he lifted his head and said with his curiousness still present, “This taste... you're still not sweet. But, there's no hint of bitterness to you either.” Confused as he realised this, the knowledgeable vampire couldn't help but ask, “What is this? Could this be the essence of the Kitsune?”
Miya though didn't have the power or knowledge to answer his question. For the pain was awful for her! Seeing her like this, Reiji then decided to not hold back for the enriching and warm sensation he had within him was getting stronger! Encouraged and drawn in by it, he bit her again and again, then again!
Each time as he sunk into her flesh Miya tensed up horribly and cried out from the agony! Wanting it desperately to stop, she felt the fire of determination she had in herself die away and as it did, she felt tears begin to form in her eyes. As they did, looking to Reiji as he continued to drink away at her, she pleaded to him, “Please... please, Reiji-san!”
Hearing her, the spectacled vampire drawing in some more of her blood stopped momentarily. Unused to hearing such a pleading tone from the normally rough, rude and uncouth girl. He looked to her with his light red eyes. As he did so, he heard her say to him pain stricken, “Please... stop this!“
Almost bewitched by her odd coloured eyes, which now shone with tears that were leaking down. The spectacled vampire was silent, then reaching one of his cold hands across he caught a tear that was falling from her left blue coloured eye. Looking to it, as it shone upon his fingertip in the light that was there, he asked looking back to her, “So? Even you can become meek and docile in moments like this can't you?”
However pained to say anything more, Miya struggling to breathe simply kept her eyes fixed upon the silent vampire. For inside, she hated herself for pleading to such a sinister being like this! For she just wanted this horrible experience and pain to stop! She just-!
“You've become ultimately humiliated now haven't you? How amusing?” Reiji uttered as he grinned at her pathetic state. Then casting away the tear he had caught upon his finger callously, he returned his light red coloured eyes to look back down, as he moved his face down to his next target. Looking down at his chosen mark, he informed the weak and helpless girl, “I'll engrave this moment of weakness you've exposed, into my memory for eternity!”
In seconds as he said those words, Reiji sank his fangs deeply into Miya's bra cupped left breast! In seconds as she felt this horrible sensation, the heterochromia eyed girl horrified opened her mouth and-!


Feeling her heart thunder tremendously with agony underneath her soft flesh, Reiji sucked in her mysterious taste deeply into himself. As he did so, the warm enriching sensation he was feeling inside was incredible! It was almost like an explosion of light was igniting within the depths of his still heart! It was-!



Hearing this familiar call, Reiji removing himself and his fangs from Miya's trembling pain-stricken form. Looked back at her with now irritation brimming in his eyes, as he sat up. He saw that  standing in the opened doorway it was none other than Yui!
However unmoved at the sight of her, Reiji narrowing his eyes as he looked to her said, “You have the most inappropriate sense of timing don't you?”


Yui standing in the opened doorway as she heard these words, at first didn't register what Reiji had said at all. But then looking on, as she saw her friend lying on the wooden floorboards with her shirt and black bra exposed, then she noticed the bleeding marks that were now on her body. The blonde haired girl horrified with widened eyes cried out, ““MIYA-CHAN!?”
Then rushing in quickly she immediately pushed Reiji aside with a shove! Then quickly looking down to her, she cried out with panic overtaking her entire being, “Miya-chan!? Miya-chan?! Can you hear me!? Can you-!?”
Stopped in her tracks though, the blonde haired girl saw her pained friend reach a struggling right hand up to her. As she shook from the pain and terror she'd been put through, she breathlessly uttered to her, “Yui...ko.”
Sat to one side and seeing this act being done along with hearing the pained words being exchanged between the pained girl and his prey. Reiji forgot about his intoxication as he was reminded quickly of why he hated that girl absolutely! With that, he slowly got himself back up onto his feet.
Hearing her say this, with great strain. Yui quickly dropping the fork she'd been carrying with her, took the heterochromia eyed girl's hand into her own trembling hands, as she felt her shake. She felt her heart breaking at the sight of her being so weak and damaged... looking to her, she felt tears coming to her own eyes as she said, “Miya-chan... I'm so sorry! I-!”

“That was very careless of you!”

Turning around immediately as she heard these words, Yui then saw Reiji was looking straight at her and Miya. Seeing this, she felt herself freeze as his cold glare was now fixed upon her. Looking up to him nervously, she heard him go on to say, “Pushing aside your master so roughly, you truly have fallen from grace.”
Looking to him as he said these words, Yui then saw the spectacled young man look to her hand which was holding Miya's. As he fixed his gaze upon this caring gesture, he added with angered distaste in his voice, “And it's all the cause of that unscrupulous piece of vermin.”
Yui hearing Reiji say this, could tell from the look on his face that he was clearly angered with an air of threatening hostility burning all around him. She could feel herself become tense inside with fear.


Quickly though as she felt this trembling squeezing on her hand and she looked down, she saw Miya looking up to her breathlessly in pain. As she saw this, Yui seeing her dear friend like this felt her pain ache terribly. Then looking back to Reiji, she tried to muster up what determination she had and so she told him, “Please... don't call Miya-chan that! And please don't do any more harm to her, Reiji-san! I-!”
“You are in no position to be issuing me orders,” Reiji informed the anxious girl. As he did so, he then added to her, with his anger still present, “That wretched piece of vermin has violated too many of the rules... and now she knows the truth of our existence.” With that saying those words, he turned and went, picking up the sword he had thrown to one side sometime ago.
Watching him pick it up, the blonde haired girl then heard the cold vampire tell her with a deadly finality in his eyes as he turned to look back at her, “And since she does... it is now my duty, to dispose of her.” With that he walked forwards to both of the girls.
Hearing him say these horrible words so casually like this. Yui wide eyed with horror shook her head vigorously, moving one of her hands off of Miya's she barred his path to her as she cried out desperately, “Reiji-san no you can't! Please don't kill her! You mustn't! I don't want this!”
Listening to this desperate pleading words, the spectacled young man said nothing. However stopping a short distance away from them both, he was silent as he observed Yui. Looking to her, he saw that she had a fearful determined look in her eyes which trembled as she gazed up to him.
Curious at why she was trying to defend such an offensive and pathetic animal, Reiji then decided to enquire of her as he continued to hold the sword still by his side, “What you wish for doesn't interest me in the slightest... but please indulge me?”
As she heard this, with confusion Yui then asked him as she continued to hold Miya's trembling hand, “Indulge you?”
Seeing her repeat his words, Reiji then put forth the question he wanted answered, “Yes, give me a suitable reason or offering you can give, which will stop me from taking this girl's life?”
Listening to this being put to her, Yui froze. Looking down to Miya who continued to breathe with great difficulty, her mind raced as she tried to think of something. Anything! For her friend's very life now rested upon what word's she would next choose to give the cold sadistic judge that was gazing down at them both!
Yui was quiet for many moments as she tried to think to herself what would be a suitable reason... then immediately looking down to herself, she quickly looked back to Reiji and told him, “I... I can offer myself to you!”
Becoming dismissive immediately as he heard these words, Reiji then had to ask, “Offer yourself?”
To which Yui hurriedly nodded and told him, “That's right! I'll let you drink my blood! As much as you want and...” with that looking back to Miya who looked up to her, weakly and painfully she finished saying as turned back to Reiji, “And... I'll do whatever you want! Anything at all! Just please don't kill Miya-chan! Please!”
Listening to Yui as she pleaded to him in this way, Reiji was far from moved by her words. Then he had to inform her coldly, “That offer you've made is feeble.”
Shocked as she heard this, Yui then asked him feeling terrible dread beginning to rise within herself, ”Feeble?”
Hearing her say this, the spectacled young man told her, “Correct, for this one very obvious reason.” With that he told her, what it was as he took the sword into both of his hands, holding it's blade gently as he stroked it's sharp sides, “Your blood is something I can acquire anytime of the day, with or without your approval. It is not a substance you have any control of.”
Yui hearing this was horribly fearful. For her reason hadn't worked! Looking to Miya, she was terrified for her! For she didn't want her to be in pain like this... she didn't want her to die! She had to save her somehow! But what was she to do!? What could-?
“However, your last words may afford you a possible chance,” Reiji informed the helpless blonde haired trembling girl.
Becoming surprised as she heard this, Yui turning back to Reiji asked him nervously, “My last words?”
Seeing that she'd forgotten already, Reiji then told her, “The ones where you said that you will do anything that I desire, that is what you offered correct?”
Hearing him say this, Yui then remembering her own hurried statement replied, “I... yes, I do remember that...” however she felt like she had to ask one thing, as uncertainty was rising up within her, “But... what is it that you'd have me do?”
Listening to this query being put forward, Reiji then answered her, “It is that simple act I will want from you to perform from this day forth,” as he said this, he saw the confusion that was on Yui's face. Looking at it, he then enlightened her with two clear words, “Absolute obedience.”
As she heard these words, Yui felt something inside of herself tremble with terrible anxiousness. As she did so, Miya herself hearing these words didn't like what was being discussed at all! She cringed painfully. She wanted to say something! To do something! However she was too weak now, with her blood drained and with the drug still swarming around in her body, she was helpless.
Reiji seeing this reaction from Yui then told her as he continued to say with a cold heartless logic, “Ever since that girl has entered into the school and became associated with you, very slowly but surely... she has changed you, you are no longer the obedient prey we first acquired.”
Hearing Reiji say this, Yui then turning her pink eyes from him she looked back at Miya. As she did she began to remember various memories she had shared with her, as Reiji continued to speak on, “You have become like she has, obstructive and disobedient... and because of those hideous qualities that you have come to be diseased with, having been associated with her... it is something that must be cured of immediately.”
As he finished saying his words, Yui looking to Miya who had closed her eyes as she tried to withstand the affliction of the drug and the draining of her blood. She was silent, for inside she couldn't lie. She had changed, but in her heart she'd seen it as a good change... she'd become more outgoing, stronger, positive... even hopeful. Especially when she remembered the possibility that Miya had suggested before they'd come back to the mansion. The one where she could-
“For it has all poisoned you... with the ridiculous delusion that you can leave us, through some type of international scholarship was it?” Reiji stated to her coldly, as he came to the final offence Miya had committed.
Breathing in sharply as she heard this being said, Yui turning immediately back to look at Reiji asked him shocked, “How did you find about that!? How-?”
“You should already know... we have eyes and ears everywhere, you can't hide anything from us.” Reiji stated coldly to Yui as she looked up to him with widened eyes.
Becoming quiet as she heard this, Yui then understood with a horrible shudder... this was all her fault! She'd been careless! Looking back to Miya, there was terrible sorrow and guilt in her eyes.... if she hadn't been so naïve before then-!
“Now... do you agree to what you suggested,” Reiji asked her again. As she heard these words, the blonde haired girl looked back to him and as she did so, she heard him ask with absolute cold resolve, “For if you do. I will grant your wish and let this girl live and be free... if you swear absolute obedience from now on!”
Hearing these words, Yui remaining silent could still feel that horrible dread inside of herself. Something was telling her inside not to! But looking back to Miya who continued to breathe in and out with great difficulty... she knew one thing then. She had no choice, so looking back to Reiji trying to remain as calm and decisive as she could, she replied, “Yes... I swear to.”
Seeing her say this, Reiji then decided to ask her with his eyes narrowing, “No matter what is asked of you?”
Shivering as she heard this said, she could feel her apprehension grow tremendously inside. She shivered with anxiousness, then as she did Miya opened her odd coloured eyes again and looked to her friend tiredly. Doing this she heard her say, “Yes... I will obey you, Reiji-san... no matter what you ask of me, I'll do it.”
As she submitted to his condition, with unwavering decisiveness in her voice. He then revealed a sinister smile as he told her, “Good.” With that said, he moved himself to another part of the room to fetch a certain something, as he put the sword to one side.
Watching him go, Yui quiet for a moment then had to ask feeling still terribly anxious, “Reiji-san, you will keep your word now won't you? You won't harm Miya-chan anymore will you? You'll let her leave?”
As this question came, the spectacled young man replied, “If you promptly obey from this day forth... then no harm will come to her.” With that he finally picked up the item he'd been searching for. Returning back to where the girls were. As he did so, he then told her, “But to make sure that she will not spread any ill rumours, I will have you give this to her.” With that he presented the item to Yui.
Looking to his right hand, the blonde haired girl then saw presented to her was a glass vial with a cork stopper inside it's top. As she saw it, within the glass container she could see a lilac solution of some kind. Gazing at it, she had to ask the spectacled young man, “What is this?”
Listening to this question being asked, Reiji then informed her, “A new medicine I have produced, it will remove the effects of the Anaesthetic I have fed to this animal.” Then correcting his lenses, he informed her of it's other important quality, “Also, it will erase her memories of what has transpired within the last couple of hours.”
Shocked as she heard this, Yui then asked him, “Miya-chan... she'll forget? Everything that's happened tonight?”
Hearing this question being put to him, Reiji then informed her, “Within the last hour or more yes... she will remember nothing of these events.” Saying that he looked down to Miya and as he did so, he added with narrowing eyes, “For if she remembered the truth, I'm sure she would become more of a despicable nuisance then she already is.”
Listening to all this, Miya powerless having heard everything. Didn't like a single word that had been said! Gritting her teeth, she didn't want to take that medicine! She absolutely didn't want to!
Yui listening to the information that she heard, then asked aloud, “So Miya-chan... she'll forget what's happened tonight?” Then as this information settled into her mind, after a few quiet moments...she smiled sadly as she looked down to her friend and said, “I'm glad then.”
Surprised as she said this, Reiji asked her, “You're glad? Why is that?”
Hearing him ask this, the blonde haired girl then told him turning eyes up to him, “Because... now she won't be in danger anymore, she won't have to live with such horrible haunting memories...” Then looking down to her friend she added, as she felt tears begin to brim around the edges of her eyes as she stroked her trembling hand with both of her own softly, “And I'll be able to free her from the threat of death... that's what I'm glad about.”
Reiji not understanding this sentimental logic that was being said told her, “Don't try and be so arrogant as to think you're doing something chivalrous for this animal, you're simply removing her as the thorn that she is, remember that.”
As she heard his cold tone saying this, Yui then replied keeping the sad smile on her face, as she released Miya's hand from her own ones and placed it gently onto the floor, “Yeah I know...” with that she reached over with her hands and took the vial that contained the lilac coloured medicine.
Reiji then watched her as she looked to it silently. Stepping back with his arms folded he gazed on, as the blonde haired girl removed the cork stopper from it's top. Doing this, she looked to it quietly as she contemplated to herself...


Startled suddenly, the blonde haired girl saw that Miya was looking to her desperately and had grabbed her black skirt with her free hand. Holding it with a trembling yet firm grip, the heterochromia eyed girl shook her head from side to side to her friend, as she shuddered breathlessly.
Seeing her do this, Yui was pained inside. However feeling the cold glass of the vial that was in her hands. She knew there was no other way out of this situation, for looking back to Reiji as he continued to look down at them both stoically. She knew that if she disobeyed now, he would most certainly kill Miya.
Looking back to her, the blonde haired girl then told her as gently as she could with sadness echoing in her eyes, “Miya-chan... I'm sorry, but there's no other choice now... this is the only way I can save you.” With that, she moved the vial over to her friend's opened mouth and placing it gently to her lips she told her, “Please... you must drink this.”
Feeling the lilac coloured medicine leak onto her lips, the orange haired girl quickly shut her lips and turned her head away, letting what was there dribble away onto the floor.
Seeing her do this with alarm, Yui feeling desperate and panicked told her, “Miya-chan! You have to drink this please! I don't want you to die like this! I can't let you!”
However still the heterochromia eyed girl refused to obey. Instead looking to Yui with just as sad eyes, she tried to speak to her as she said, “Yui...ko... I can't, I can't let you become...!” But again the medicine was effecting her badly again! Making her stop breathlessly in her tracks.  
As she winced horribly from the pain, Yui was torn. She knew Miya then wanted to help her, to not let her be enslaved by the Sakamaki's despite her own agonised situation. Her heart was touched by her sheer courage and devotion. But looking back to Reiji, she saw that he was looking at them both with an irritated impatient look in his light red eyes. As she saw this and looked to the vial that was still in her hands, she saw there wasn't very much of the lilac medicine left inside of it.
Then turning back to her friend, she saw her breathing with great difficulty again. Then as she saw this, Yui looking back to the vial that was in her hands... she knew there was no other choice for her! Placing the glass container to her lips, she put the solution into her mouth.
With that done she quickly moved and took Miya's face gently into her hands, making her look up to her. As she did so, the heterochromia eyed girl looking to her with great weakness then whispered, “Yui...?”
Yui seeing her do this, smiled sadly. However she didn't give her friend a chance to ask anything more. For then she gently lowered her face down and pressed her lips onto Miya's!
Startled immediately as she felt this, Miya became as still as a statue. However looking to Yui, who's lips trembled against her own with desperateness... wanting her to open up and drink, the amnesia inducing medicine. Miya knew then with a great sadness of her own, that she couldn't struggle against Yui's resolve to save her anymore. For though she wanted to be the one to save her... she didn't have the power or strength to anymore. So closing her own odd coloured eyes in regret and reluctance, she opened her lips and allowed the solution to flow into her mouth. Then quietly with no power left inside of herself, she swallowed it and in doing so it made her drift away into a sea of comforting darkness...
Reiji quiet as he saw this emotional scene play out before his eyes. He was silent, however gazing at Yui who then carefully and shakily removed her own lips away from her now unconscious still friend. Looking on, he watched her as she quietly removed a couple of stray strands of hair that had got out of place on Miya's face. Then finishing this, she looked back to Reiji with a truly sad expression and emptiness in her eyes.
Her pained look though meant nothing to him. But seeing that the job was done, it proved one thing to him, “So? It seems you will be obedient after all now won't you?”
Yui said nothing to this, instead all she did was look down to the floor and made a simple bow with her head. Signifying her answer to him.
Accepting this sign, Reiji then looking down to her said, “Very well... now, in order to ensure the future wellbeing of this verminous animal, I will have you agree to these conditions which will settle the matter that has come to pass.”
Yui didn't say anything in reply to Reiji as she turned to look up to him. Instead she remained silent as she listened on, to hear what conditions she would have to abide to. To keep her precious friend safe and away from the darkness, that had now ensnared herself tightly into it's clutches again...    

Does anyone ever worry their story idea's are too self indulgent? I.E. Creating Mary Sue stories etc. 

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Keyblade Design
The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87
The Subtle Scythe Keyblade by Lrme87
Saviour Keyblade by Lrme87
Want to have your own designed keyblade? Then your dream has come true! A single weapon will be illustrated and made into a JPEG or a PNG file. 
A Group Illustration
ShinkuRose Teatime Poster by Lrme87
Y,R,P cosplay by Lrme87
Residents of the dead by Lrme87
A group illustration of three characters with a background included. Done as a JPEG or PNG depending on preference. 
An Illustrated Couple Picture
.:My Valentine:. by Lrme87
Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
100 TC - 49 Separate by Lrme87
A loving couple or two characters of your choice together with a background done as a JPEG or PNG file
Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
100 TC - 10 Geisha by Lrme87
Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87
A fully coloured background pic and a single character included. Will be finished as JPEG or PNG depending on customers preference. 
Single Illustrated Figure
RWBY: Opaline Hart by Lrme87
Elaina: The Priestess Of Hope by Lrme87
Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 


Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be 10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be 15

And for an additional character it will be an extra 3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be 18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be 5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be 10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!




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ZariaQuartz Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
Tee hee, thx for watching me, I just uploaded a creepypasta OC character sheet, tell me what you think ;)
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I apologize for the super late reply, but thank you so much for the favorite on my Sailor Moon fan art! :hug:

Pretty sweet keyblade designs! I hope your Patreon goes well for you. :)
Lrme87 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
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I could do that, ^^
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awesome ^_^
redrojo17 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
When you have the time take a look at this. I've been making seasonal song lists, from Christmas to Halloween. I also did Valentine's Day too. I'll probably do one for Summer Season too.



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