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Chapter CCVIII: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part XX


“Ugh!” Angered as he fell to the floor painfully again, Zidane looked to the barred door with fiercely. His arms were tied tightly behind his back by some thick ropes, stopping him from moving the way he wished.
Seeing his comrade do this, while being tightly bound up too, Noel sighed and told him, “Zidane give it up, there's no way you're gonna break through that door just by brute force.”
Shaking his head though, hearing this pessimistic comment. Zidane then told him while getting himself back up, “I can't give up! We gotta get back to everyone! They're all waiting for us, I know it! Fran! Boss, plus Timbre too! We gotta get back to them somehow!” With that said, he quickly once again rushed to the door. Trying in vain to make the door open.
Seeing him do this, all Noel could do was shake his head. He understood his friend's feelings, but wasting energy like this wasn't going to solve anything. However looking down to the wooden floor of the RLS Legacy, he couldn't deny his frustrations for the situation... for he wanted to do something too! But the question that had to be asked, was what? Though before he could dwell further on this point-



Falling to the floor once again, feeling soreness spreading up along his right arm. Zidane irritated uttered, “Damn!” With that he banged his foot hard on the floor.
Then as he did this, there was silence in the air for some moments. Seeing it become this way, Noel decided to speak his thoughts, “Zidane... listen.”
Hearing his comrade say this, the monkey tailed young man, turned his eyes to the restrained hunter. As he did so, he heard him say, “I think that the two of us should-”


Turning in shock suddenly, the two young men saw the door had been slammed open! Seeing this, they then saw Mr Scroop come through the door and with an evil grin on his face, he informed them, “Dinner time lads!”
Quiet as they heard this, in seconds they saw one thing in one of his pincer hands, “Cait sith!?” They both cried out.
For there tied up and confined within a small bird cage, the small crowned cat was obviously not pleased with this set up. Complaining loudly, rattling away at the bars he was held behind, he shouted out mad, “Let me out of here! Ya big overgrown lobster! I'm gonna boil ya alive! I'll-!“


Silenced in seconds hearing this threatening growl, Cait sith looked up to the monster startled.  Even Noel and Zidane were now on edge! The sinister red coloured alien, moving his right crab claw towards the small cat's cage, then told him seething with irritation, “Ya better watch yerself kitty... otherwise I'll be the one boilin' ya!”
Cait sith hearing this idea, did not like it in the slightest! He couldn't help but shudder...
Mr Scroop himself though seeing he'd finally been able to shut the small cat up, then smiled sinisterly. However before he could bask in this good feeling-

“Mr Scroop, that's enough now.”

Hearing this feminine tone, Mr Scroop turned and saw much to his displeasure that standing behind him was none other than, “Miss Raiyana...”
The long blue haired young woman, getting the red alien's attention. Looked to him with serious eyes, as she did so. She informed him, “I will not have you torment our...” with that she struggled for a moment for the right word as she looked to Noel.
The brown haired young man looking at her, had a stern look in his eyes, it was obvious that he was displeased by her choices. Averting her eyes away from him for a moment, she looked to the side as she went on to say, “Guests,” then looking back to Mr Scroop, she told him further, “I want you to treat them with the utmost respect, I will not have anyone here abused.”
Hearing her say this, Mr Scroop looked at the girl angrily. For Mr Silver had left her in charge of him and their prisoners. Just because she was his favourite, gave her power over him... which he detested bitterly it.
However looking to the serious young woman as she looked up to him, he knew that he didn't have the strength to go against her fearsome power. So for now he had to tolerate her... until he could find a way to turn things around. So gritting his teeth he answered, “Understood...” With that done, he gently and slowly put Cait sith's cage on the floor.          
Seeing him do this, Raiyana was satisfied. Then turning behind she said, “Yeul, you may deliver the food now.”
At these words, the young uncertain white dressed girl behind her replied, “Alright...” with that she walked past her. Carrying a couple of plates with warm food in her hands, she made her way over to both Noel and Zidane.
Seeing her do this, Raiyana was silent as she saw her sit herself down before them lowering the plates with her. As she did so, she herself finally laid down a wooden pitcher onto the floor and getting quickly up again she told them, “I've left you with some fresh water as well, this should all be enough to sustain you.”
With that hearing these words, all everyone could do was stare at her silently. None of them liking this situation despite the hospitality that was being given.
Expecting as much, Raiyana said, “Our business is concluded then,” with that turning around, she instructed, “Mr Scroop, let's be on our way.”
The red skinned alien hearing this, uttered no words. Doing so, he made his exit and left with a slight growl in his throat. As he did so, Raiyana then went to leave as she followed after him.
However seeing her go, Yeul anxious couldn't wait another moment! Running forwards, she cried out, “Raiyana!”
Hearing her, as she bolted and shut the brig door. The long blue haired girl turned around to look through the gaps in the bars. As she did so, she heard her dear worried friend ask her, “Why are you doing this?! Why are you siding with Mr Silver, those pirates and the heartless? Why-?”
“To protect you,” Raiyana answered as she looked to the distressed young girl. These words silenced her in seconds and in turn, Noel and Zidane were left utterly baffled as she finished saying, “To protect all of you.”
Zidane not getting it, repeated confused, “Protect?”
With that Raiyana looking at them all explained simply, “From myself... and the monsters you call heartless.”
“Yourself?” Noel asked, for he didn't understand what she meant. So he asked her, “What do you mean?”
Gazing towards Noel, with a serious gaze still in her eyes, Raiyana answered, “I've been made to discover... that I'm not human.”
Startled as she heard this, Yeul asked, “You're not human?”
Shaking her head, Raiyana then explained, “Correct, I'm a creature...called a nobody.”
Immediately catching onto this, Cait sith clenching the bars of his cage asked in alarm, “A nobody!?”
Hearing the alarm in his voice, Raiyana assuming he didn't know explained, “I am a being that possesses no heart... created by the heartless, when they stole my own heart a long time ago...”
Shocked to hear this, Yeul Noel and Zidane couldn't believe it! However Cait sith knew better... as this truth settled into his mind, the skilled hunter asked, “You have no heart?”
To which Raiyana answered, “Correct...” then with a sad look in her eyes, she revealed further, “And just that alone makes me dangerous to be near.”
Yeul hearing this, was confused. However she didn't believe that in the slightest! So she tried to persuade her friend, as she began to run to the barred door, “Raiyana! That isn't true! Even if you are that! You're-!”



Coming to a halt in seconds, Yeul terrified was now gazing into the face of one of the terrible monsters that had attacked, when she and the others had tried to escape the ship!
Shivering, she could it's sharp teeth were bare and it's snake like tail was gazing straight at her, hissing menacingly as it wavered to and throw! Seeing this she took some very cautious steps away from the monster. However as she did this-!  


Immediately the creature went to strike her with one of it's sharp claws!



“YEUL NO!!!”


As the claw came straight for the young girl, she closed her eyes terrified as she waited for the agony to come storming into her!

However, she felt nothing? Confused by this, she opened her eyes to see that the monster had stopped dead in it's tracks it's claw barely inches from her face!
Seeing this with widened terrified eyes, everyone in the room was silent! None of them quite believing what they were seeing...
Raiyana herself though, looking on coldly told them all, “It as I said... don't underestimate my words, Yeul,” with that said behind the closed door, the long blue haired girl made a motion with her right hand.
In seconds as this simple action was performed, the monster vanished away! Disappearing into a portal of dark mist! As this occurred, Yeul still in shock finally moved and collapsed onto her knees. Breathing in and out hard from the terror she first experienced.
Cait sith seeing this happen from within his cage, then looked to Raiyana and as he did, he heard her say, “Now you understand what I mean... when I say you're better protected being in there.”    
The small crowned cat listening to this though, still had one thing that was nagging at him that Raiyana hadn't explained. So he asked her, “Alright then... but what were ya talkin' about when ya said we'd be safe from the heartless here too?”
Listening to this query, Raiyana looking to the locked away cat answered him, “I have been promised, that if I work with Mr Silver... and Pete, I will be shown how to use my powers better and you along with the others will be spared.”
Zidane then recovering from his shock looked to Raiyana and asked her dismissively, “Spared?”
“Correct,” she answered and as she did so, she went on to say, “You will not be hunted down by the heartless... even the others below won't be, I've been promised that.”
Hearing her say this, Zidane quiet for a minute then had to sigh shaking his head. As he did so, he admitted to her, “You know? You may look beautiful... but you're an idiot!”
Quiet as she heard this remark, Raiyana said nothing in reply.
But Noel now recovering from his shock then told her, “Zidane's right Raiyana, how can you believe what that guy Pete says? Or even Mr Silver himself? What makes you think that-?”
“Because I do!” Immediately this stopped Noel in his tracks, as it did so. Raiyana then continued as she explained, “He knows what it means to be different... to be considered monstrous, I know I can trust him...” then with a saddened look on her face, she finished saying, “And I know you're all scared of me now... even the others down below too will be terrified of me.”
Hearing her say this, Cait sith then decided to inject his own words into the conversation, “That's a whole load of poppycock ya've made yaself believe lass!”
Raiyana listening to this, then turned her eyes to look in Cait sith's direction. As she did so, she then asked him coolly, “And what do you mean by that?”
Cait sith listening to this question, answered her, “I mean this lass! Just cause yer a nobody, don't change who you are!”
Listening to this, Raiyana's eyes widened but she didn't get a chance to reply as the small crowned cat continued on to say, “You're still Raiyana lass! Me, the lads here and Yeul... the others down below and especially Nozomi! They all consider ya still to be there friend! Don't imagine us to be so shallow as to change our views of ya, just from that fact alone!”
Hearing this, Raiyana couldn't believe what Cait sith was saying. However remembering some logical words of wisdom that had been given to her before, she knew she couldn't be swayed so easily! So turning her face away from the brig's door, she replied, “I don't wish to discuss this anymore with you all... please don't cause anymore trouble.” With that she departed away from them all.
Seeing her do this, as she walked away from the door. Yeul now recovering from her fear, couldn't help but look on sadly. For she could tell that Raiyana was suffering terribly, but... if she wasn't willing to listen to them. How could they change things between them all?


Walking out of the corridor that led to the prisoner holding, Raiyana walking down the corridor could feel doubt circling within her. For Cait sith's words struck a chord somewhere deep inside of her, 'Just cause yer a nobody, don't change who you are!'
Remembering these words, she put a hand to her chest. Where once upon a time, she was sure her heart would be racing and stinging with anxiety. Her eyes downcast she couldn't help but ask, “Is that true?”
Then she remembered something else Cait sith had revealed, '...Especially Nozomi! They all consider ya still to be there friend! Don't imagine us to be so shallow as to change our views of ya, just from that fact alone!'
Thinking of her, Raiyana then asked aloud, “Nozomi?” For in the beginning despite the warnings she'd told the female keyblader, she hadn't been frightened of her at all. In fact... she'd been sad for her.
As she thought of this, she remembered a particular thing she'd said to her, 'It proves you care! If you didn't then you wouldn't have said anything to me! That in itself proves to me I can trust you!'
“Trust me?” For thinking her thought aloud, Raiyana had to ask, “Would she still though...? After everything that's happened and-?”

“Troubled are you?”

Hearing this voice startled, Raiyana immediately turned! There she saw in the distance of the dark corridor, it was none other than, “Hari...?”
Seeing that she'd been noticed as she stood with her back against the wooden wall of the ship, the cold green eyed keyblader opening her eyes looked to the surprised blue haired girl. As she did, she asked her, “I assume they have fed you misleading information to sway you, from your desired path, correct?”
Listening to this lengthy question, Raiyana turning her face away from her then replied, “I suppose that's what you can call it?”
Expecting as much, Hari then moving from her standing position walked over to the uncertain nobody. As she did so, she decided to inform her, “I will remind you again, not to be deceived... for they will do all that is necessary, to make you release them.” Then concentrating her cold eyes on Raiyana, she told her, “You remember their feline companion has already tried to so, don't you?”
Remembering this one incident which had led to him being caged, Raiyana then nodded averting her eyes from Hari's critical gaze. She replied, “I do...”
“Then that speaks for itself as evidence for their intentions, I advise that you keep your wits about you,” Hari instructed her. With that she began to make her exit, as she proceeded down the corridor.
Raiyana was quiet as she heard this... however she decided she wanted to ask one thing, “Hari?”
Hearing her name being called, the stoic keyblader turned and looked to Raiyana silently with her green emotionless eyes.
Seeing her do this, a little nervous at asking. Raiyana though felt she had to have this question answered, “You will keep to the promise won't you? You won't let the others here or on the planet be devoured by the heartless will you?”
As she heard this question being asked, Hari was silent as she stared at the wary nobody. However after a moment, she then answered, “As long as you continue to work with us... then the agreement will be kept.”
Hearing these words, as Hari continued to look at her. Raiyana didn't feel exactly comforted... but she accepted this answer as she replied, “Alright... thank you,” with that said she walked away, to keep an eye out and maintain the status of the ship.
Seeing her depart, Hari quiet for a moment then walked further down the corridor. As she did so, she spoke aloud her final assessments of the conversation she'd reached, “She may not be of further use to us... for much longer.” With that said, she faded into the darkness, to proceed with the next phase of their mission.


Sitting in the dark, within the confines of their 'sanctuary' the group of heroes, were all keeping a lookout for the heartless that were waiting to attack outside. Along with the band of treacherous pirates, led by Mr Silver. For at dawn, they would all be attacked... and with the way their ill were suffering, it wouldn't be a fight they'd be able to win against such immense numbers.
Breathing in and out hard, Riku was struggling to breathe. He was almost wheezing as the horrible dark mists, of the wolf bite were leaking out of his arm, his complexion was getting worse by the moment as he was becoming deathly pale.
Mickey doing the best he could, had almost used all the magical remedies that he could consider. But nothing was working at all! Looking to his pained pal, he uttered anxiously, “Riku...”
Standing near to the king, Nozomi looking to her fellow weakened keyblader was torn inside. Seeing him suffer like this was tearing her heart apart inside! Gripping her fists tightly either side of herself, she couldn't help but say, “It should have been me!”
Puzzled as he heard her say this, Mickey looking up to her asked, “What?”
Hearing this question, Nozomi then confessed frustrated and upset, “I was the one the monster was aiming for! If he, if Riku hadn't protected me then...” with that turning her face away, her regret and guilt ate her up. She almost felt like she could cry!
Hearing this and seeing her react this way, immediately Mickey went to persuade her otherwise as he said, “Nozomi don't say things like that! It wouldn't be good for ya to get hurt! Neither me or Riku would like that! Not at all!”
Nozomi hearing this though, couldn't help but protest as she said, “But-!”
“His majesty's right!” Stopping her in her tracks, Nozomi saw it was Riku who was now speaking. Though he was clearly struggling, he told her honestly, “We couldn't... I couldn't have you get hurt like that, there was no way I was gonna let that happen.”
As she heard Riku say this though, Nozomi shook her head as she told him, her own voice quivering, “But! You still got hurt because of me... if I wasn't so pathetic and helpless then-!”
“You're not pathetic!” Riku spoke up immediately! With that as he said this, it made Nozomi look at him with widened eyes. Quietly she heard him go on to say, “Though you're stubborn and a scatter brain... you're not that at all... so don't-!” However the pain was too much as it struck him deeply inside, feeling it do this Riku gasped loudly, “Agh!”
“Riku!” Mickey cried out! With that he went to attend to his friend again, while Nozomi herself quivered terribly inside still. For why wouldn't he blame her? Even now? When all she did was bring misfortune to all those around her?
Seeing the emotional moment that was going on between everyone, Timbre looking at the keybladers. Turned back to his own comrades as he told them, “Man... everyone's in a really bad way right now...”
“Clearly,” Fran responded simply. However it was clear that looking at her, the tall rabbit earred woman was feeling saddened by the situation herself, as she looked at all the melancholy that was  about the room.
Balthier himself with his arms folded, then sighed and had to admit aloud, “I can't deny it... everything seems to be leading to a dreadful tragedy.”
Ben standing nearby and hearing the gentlemanly pirate say this, couldn't help but repeat worriedly, “Tragedy?” However before he had time to dwell on it-

Turning around immediately, as did Balthier, Fran and Timbre did. Ben saw that it was now Captain Amelia speaking, it was clear that she was struggling badly with her injury too. Even though she'd been treated with the effects of a Curaga spell, it looked like the damage might have been deeper than anyone had suspected.
Jim and Delbert were watching over her closely with Morph hovering nearby and despite her pained condition, she was still trying to voice herself as she said, “We must...stay together and... and.”
Looking at her anxiously with Jim as she said this, Delbert then demanded some answers as he asked her, “And what!? What?! We must stay together and what!?” He was so frustrated that he even removed his spectacles from his doggy nose, to look at her more closely.
Amelia though hearing Delbert's voice, looked to him hazily. As she did so, she couldn't help but confess in a dreamlike happy voice, “Doctor... you have wonderful, eyes...” with that she sunk back into the realms of unconsciousness with a smile on her face.
Hearing this baffled, Delbert then immediately concluded alarmed, “She's lost her mind!”
Jim couldn't deny that fact, however he answered immediately with urgency in his voice, “Help her!”
Delbert hearing this simple request then replied back flustered with desperateness, “Dang it Jim! I'm an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean I am a doctor, but I'm not that kind of doctor! I have a doctrine, that's not the same thing! You can't help people with a doctrine!” Then looking back to Amelia, he added feeling horribly powerless, “You just sit there and you're useless!”
As he heard Delbert carry on like this, collapsing onto his knees holding his head. Jim could understand the helplessness he was feeling. So walking up to him, he put his hands to his shoulders and told him as gently as he could, “It's okay Doc! It's alright...” with that he trailed away as he looked into the distance, to where Nozomi was still agonising over Riku with Mickey.
Seeing the female keyblader look this way with such a terrible expression, he didn't want her to be stay like that. He didn't want her to suffer like he was, so he started to walk in her direction. Looking at him as he went, Morph then decided to follow after him.
Watching him, as he started to go. Ben then walking over to Delbert spoke up trying to be positive, “Yeah, Doc! Jimmy knows exactly how to get out of this! It's just that...” with that Ben tried to think of the right way to say what he meant. But he couldn't give a proper explanation as such, so he just finished saying, “Jimmy just has knowledge of these things!”
As he continued to talk on though, Jim had made it over to the female keyblader. As he did so, he put a hand to her shoulder and asked, “Hey Nozomi?”
“Hm?” Hearing him and feeling his touch on her shoulder, the dark haired girl then looked to him sadly curious.
Seeing her be like this, Jim asked her feeling terrible still, “You wanna go over there? To talk?” To which he indicated with his head towards the opened entry way to Ben's home.
Looking in the direction where he was pointing to, Nozomi was quiet. However looking to Riku again who continued to breathe in and out painfully, she knew she wouldn't be of any help there. So she responded weakly, “Sure, okay...”
Hearing her agree, Jim made a simple nod. With that he removed his hand from her shoulder. As he did so, Nozomi then began to follow after him, as he arrived at the opened entry way with Morph still following on with them.
Ben with his head lowered, didn't know what to now in this awful situation. However he spied the two of them at the corner of his eye, heading towards the entrance of his home, as he did he called out, “Hey! Nozomi! Jim!” With that he ran in their direction, waving his robotic arm and hand.
Hearing Ben call out himself, Timbre looking at the robot and seeing him make his way over to the two of them. Then became curious himself, so taking his leave from Fran and Balthier, he headed in their direction.
Meanwhile, Jim and Nozomi were both silent as they looked out of the entrance way towards the dark night scenery that was Treasure Planet. Looking on, the two of them saw in the deep blue coloured sky, underneath a radiating river of green which one of the halos of the world was the RLS Legacy. Which still held Zidane, Noel, Yeul and Cait sith prisoner.
Then looking down below, they saw in the distance the remaining pirates, with a campfire made emitting a small trail of smoke. It was probably dying away slowly, like their time was.
However looking about, Nozomi could see in the sky and in a few other places amongst the trees, were the haunting yellow eyes of the heartless. As they were guarding the parameters in the sky and land for their slumbering masters... the situation really looked hopeless at that moment for them all.    
Nozomi seeing everything like this, couldn't help but say, “It looks bad, doesn't it?”
Hearing this sentence, Jim then replied, “Yeah... no disagreements there.”
Then as this was said, it was finally that Ben made his way over to them all. As he did so, he decided to ask them both in a hushed way to not upset anyone more, “Psst! Jim! Nozomi!” At the robot's utterance, the cabin boy and keyblader turned their attentions to look at him. As they did, he proceeded to ask, “Do you guys have any thoughts? Do you know what we're gonna do?”
“Yeah?” To which surprised for a moment, the small band saw they had another member join the conversation, as Timbre looking to them asked, “Do you guys have any plans at all?”
Nozomi hearing the pink haired cat boy ask was quiet. However, Jim himself looking outside again to the forces and terrain that was working against them, he admitted pessimistically, “What can we do? Without the map we're dead, if we try to leave we're dead, if we stay here-”

“We're dead! We're dead! We're dead! We're dead!”  

Morph piped up, trying to uplift the situation with a smile, repeating the words he heard.
Hearing him do this, Nozomi revealing a small smile for a moment then told him, “Thanks Morph... thanks a lot.” With that the smile was dropped in seconds, as she looked away to the side depressed.
The small pink jelly like creature seeing this reaction from the female keyblader, saw that he'd failed in trying to cheer everyone up... he then looked downcast as he averted his eyes sadly.
Timbre himself seeing the doom and gloom that was gracing the atmosphere, then sighed. He couldn't help but utter aloud, “Well, life really is a bed of roses for us... isn't it?”
Hearing this statement, Ben laughing then decided on something. Moving to the side, he told everyone, “Well I'd say all you guys need a little... quiet time! So I'll just slip out the backdoor.”
Jim lost in his melancholy for a moment, then repeated puzzled, “Back door?”
Nozomi too then hearing this, repeated curious, “Back door?” To which, she saw Ben heading over to a strange sphere like structure in the back. Seeing him go over to it, the female keyblader had to ask, “Ben? What do you mean by a back door? What-?”
Suddenly surprising her and the others, Ben turned the sphere over! As he did so, immediately light began to shine from within it! Seeing this happen, Timbre started to race over exclaiming, “Whoa! What's that!?” Then as he did so, Nozomi and Jim followed on over with Morph following on behind.
Ben hearing this question, then replied casually as he got the object turned fully up right, “Oh this? I get this delightful breeze through here, which I think is important!” With that turning over to lay over the rim of the opening he went on to say, “Because ventilation among friends!”
Hearing him say this, it was then that everyone peered through the opened shaft. Then as they did so, all of them saw down it, were a whole sea of pipes wires and lights! It looked like a huge constructed factory set up of some kind!
Looking down at it, Jim had to ask him, “What is all this stuff?”
Timbre then added still in disbelief, “Yeah!? I mean? Just how far does-?”
Ben hearing these questions then replied interrupting the pink cat boy, “You mean the miles and miles of machinery, that run through the entire course of the inside of this planet?”
Hearing this detailed question, Timbre looking to Ben asked, “Well yeah?”
To which Ben simply answered, “Not a clue!”
Timbre hearing this, was baffled to hear this response and so asked him, “You don't have a clue? How can you not!? Plus how do you know it all goes-?”
However feeling a hand on his shoulder, Nozomi stopped him in his tracks as she told him, “You better not ask.” Timbre hearing this further puzzled was about to ask what she meant, when she whispered into one of his cat ears, “Remember? He's doesn't have his mind!”
Quiet as he heard this, Timbre turned to look at Ben again. As he did so, he then saw once more the trailing circuits coming out of the back of his head, as he did so he remembered. As he did so, he replied, “Oh yeah? Alright...” however he was still annoyed, for he wanted to know what this all meant!?
Nozomi herself though shaking her head was slightly amused by all this. But still a little saddened she turned and looked to the floor. As she did so, a glowing object caught her attention. Seeing it, she went to investigate becoming curious.
However Jim, realising what this 'back door' was. Then realised immediately what it meant for him and the others! Looking back, he called out, “Guys! We've found a way out of here!”
Immediately hearing this, everyone turned to look at Jim, Timbre and Nozomi. As they all did so, Balthier repeated curious, “A way out?”
Nozomi making it to the glowing object, saw that it was a blue and white glowing round stone. As she saw it, her eyes widened as it shone in the light. As it did, she realised quickly, “This must be-?”
However she didn't get time to finish asking her question, as Jim then turned back and told the others more, “Exactly! With this passage, we can make our way back to the ship! We can get the map and-!”
“We can rescue our pals!” Timbre realised in seconds!  As this startling revelation came, he saw Jim nod to him. As he did so, he knew what he had to do! So becoming determined he said, “Okay! Well that settles it! I'm going with you!”
Hearing him say this, Jim nodded glad for the assistance so with a smile he replied, “Good!”
Balthier though quickly had to speak up, as he told him, “Timbre! Don't do anything reckless out there! Remember, your sister told me to look after you! You can't just-!”
“That's exactly why I have to go!” Timbre replied interrupting him as he looked back at Balthier with determination in his single revealed green eye. As he did so, he added, “I gotta get the rest of my family back! I'm not gonna leave them in the clutches of these guys!”
To which hearing this, Balthier though felt he had to protest against. But before he could move to speak, Fran put a sharp nailed hand onto his shoulder and told him, “Let him go.”
Surprised to hear her say this, Balthier then uttered, “Fran...”
Seeing him react this way, the long rabbit earred woman told him, “You know it's pointless to argue against him when he becomes this focused... also we need all the assistance we can gain,” with that she finished looking to the opened entry way. As she did so, she added, “Especially when we'll be having an unwelcome reception, come the morning light.”
Looking to the opened doorway, there wasn't anything Balthier could say to argue against her on that point. So conceding with a sigh he said, “Oh very well, Fran! You certainly are great persuader amongst all others aren't you?”
To which Fran said nothing in reply, but she looked to Balthier with a smile upon her face. Showing she approved of this compliment.
Seeing her do this, Balthier turned back to his feline crew mate and as he did, he told him, “Looks you've been granted permission Timbre, but remember what I said! You must be vigilant and cautious.”
Hearing this being told to him, Timbre smirked as he replied, “Don't you worry boss! I always am!”
Nozomi listening to all of this conversation, then put the glowing and blue round stone she'd found away in her pocket. As she did so, she spoke up saying, “I'm gonna go too!” With that everyone's eyes were turned and focused upon her, as they were she added, “I'm gonna get the others all out of Pete and Silver's clutches too!”
But Mickey hearing her say this, had to say, “But Nozomi! If ya go with just Jim and Timbre, I won't be able to give ya any support! Plus-!”
“Don't worry your majesty!” Nozomi spoke up, interrupting him. As she did so, with a look of determination of her own, she added, “I'll be fine! I'll bring the others all back here, we'll make everything better again!”
Riku though hearing her say this, spoke up despite the struggles he was suffering from as he told her, “But... on your own, it'll be difficult, we can't leave you alone to! Agh!” However quickly again, he was unable to speak as the pain made him writhe terribly.
Seeing him become like this again, hurriedly Nozomi made her way over to him. Then bending down, she took his right hand in both of hers and told him firmly, yet gently as she could, “I'm going to go, I have to make up for what happened to you...” with that she gently squeezed his hand and added, “Don't be difficult for me while I'm gone, okay? Snowball?”
Hearing her say this, Riku was breathless. He couldn't say anything, but feeling Nozomi's warm touch upon his right hand, he then reluctantly squeezed her hand back. Showing that he understood her words and accepted her words.
Feeling him do this, Nozomi smiled gently. Then looking to the king she asked him, “Can you look after him as best you can, till I get back Mickey?”
Hearing her ask this of him, the king was quiet for a moment. Though he wanted to argue with her not to do this, he knew time was of the essence. So revealing a smile of his own, he told her, “Okay, I'll do that for ya, Nozomi... just be safe, okay?”
Nodding as she heard this, Nozomi looking to Riku smiled at him gently. For she was going to do her best, she was gonna rescue the others, get the map back. Then finally... she would heal him! Determined to accomplish these goals, Nozomi finally released his hand gently, placing it down and looking to them both, she told them, “Don't worry! We'll be back guys!”
With those words, the female keyblader ran to the opening. As she did so she met Jim and Timbre who were waiting for her along with Morph and finally Ben. Making it over, she told them, “Okay! Let's go guys!”
“Right!” Jim responded and with that he fell through the sphere opening, Morph following fast after him! The others all quickly started to follow after him!
Seeing them all depart though, Delbert spoke up as he said, “But wait! All of you! The Captain  ordered we should all stay together! We can't-!”
“Don't worry, Doc! We'll see ya soon!” With that Timbre jumped in!
Then following fast after him, Nozomi cried out, “Hey! Wait for me!” Saying that, she leaped in too!  
Watching all his pals go, immediately Ben went and grabbing his legs, he cried out loudly, “Cannonball!”
Watching them all depart like this, Delbert wasn't impressed with that last departing word. So he uttered exasperated, “Woof...!” With that, the band of remaining heroes were left behind, to wait and hope for Jim and the others to return.


Jim lifting up a lid of something they'd come across as they made their trek. Immediately everyone looking out of it discovered that they'd come near their target! They hadn't had any encounters with any heartless at all! However-


They'd appeared practically beside the enemy encampment and they were just feet away from them all! Looking at them all snoring away, peacefully, Nozomi couldn't help but whisper, “Wow! Looks like we got closer than we thought we would!”
Hearing her say this, Timbre then whispered back equally amazed, “You got that right!”
Listening to Timbre say this, Jim simply nodded and he opened his mouth to say something. But before he could make any audible words-


Immediately appearing with them, came Ben! Morph bursting apart re-gelled and looked spooked! Hearing him practically shout this out, Nozomi whispered bitterly with anxiety, “Ben! Shut it!” With that, she and Timbre pounced on him, making him hush up in seconds!
Seeing them do this, Jim quickly looked to the encampment panicked! However with major relief, he saw none of them had awakened... as Silver simply turned over in his sleep.
Ben himself, feeling Nozomi and Timbre hold him down. Tried to speak as mumbled, “Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!”
Feeling him do this, through gritted teeth. Timbre then told him whispering, “You gotta tone it down Ben! One wrong move here and we'll be doomin' ourselves and our friends!”
Hearing these words, Ben looking to the pink haired cat boy finally clicked with what he was saying. As he did so, he also heard Nozomi say to him, “Now Ben, if we release you. You've got to promise, you won't make any loud noises okay?”
Listening to the female keyblader say this, Ben then nodded hurriedly showing he'd keep to his word.
Glad for this with some relief, Nozomi and Timbre finally released the energetic robot. To which as they did, he smiled awkwardly to them, showing a thumb's up.
Jim himself seeing that thing's were finally under control again, decided to inform them what the plan was as he whispered, “Okay, here it is...” immediately everyone's attention was on him as he continued on, “We sneak back to the Legacy, get our friends back and bring back the map.”
Hearing this, Nozomi and Timbre nodded. While Ben himself said, “That's a good plan! I like that plan!” However he had to ask one thing, “The only thing is I'm wondering, how do we get there?”
To which hearing this question being asked, that was the one thing neither Nozomi nor Timbre had thought about at that moment. But before more questions could be asked, Jim pointed to the answer as he told them all, “On that!”
With that everyone turned and looked. There they saw floating just a little above their enemies was an available long boat, hung down by a single rope! Seeing this Nozomi smiled, this was it! That was their ticket upwards!
Timbre grinning as he saw the ship himself then replied, “Now that's what I call good thinkin'!”
Glad for the praise, Jim though knew they had to act! So looking to them he said, “Okay guys, now let's go! Nice and quiet, right?”
“Right!” Nozomi answered, as she did so. Everyone went towards the boat, doing their best not to arouse their enemies. As they all treaded carefully and quietly along the ground.

After some moments, they all got on board. As they did so, looking up above. Jim then said, “Okay! Here we go!” With that he started to manouvre the boat!
Watching as they started to leave the ground, Nozomi looked up and saw the air pirate heartless that were all still above them. Seeing them, she said, “Jim, be careful of the heartless above us!”
Hearing her say this, Jim then replied, “Okay! I will, but if thing's get messy-”
Nodding, Nozomi then told him, “Don't worry! I'll take them out!”
As he heard her say these words, Timbre then agreed to the plan as he said, “I'll help ya on that too!”With that he brought out his spear, ready to take down the heartless if needed!
Glad to know this, Jim nodded and with that he moved the ship upwards. Being careful not to attract the monsters or the enemies that were below them.
Looking up as they were fast approaching their destination, Nozomi whispered, “Hang on guys! We're coming for you!”


However what none of the ascending heroes could know, was that down below one pair of keen eyes had seen their departure.
Grinning to himself he then said, “Looks like you punks have just dug yer own graves!” For the one who'd spotted them. Was none other than Pete, as he stood within the darkness of the jungles of Treasure Planet...        
.:Chapter Thirty : The Sleepover:.

Holding the handle of the front door, Miya inserted her silver key into the lock. Doing so, she said aloud with a smile on her face, “Okay...”
Yui standing behind her friend as she proceeded to unlock her front door, couldn't help but look around the environment that was around her. Holding her book bag in both hands before her, she surveyed the front garden that had numerous potted plants and flowers around, including a small patch of grass, which she hadn't been able to see past the brick wall when they'd first come to the house.
Seeing the potted plants, Yui thought to herself that they must have been the one's that Miya's mother took care of. As she spied blossoms of Pansies and Daisy’s along with various other colourful flowers. Then as she thought of her, she looked up to the building itself and as she did she saw that the there were no lights turned on.
Looking to both of the dark floor's of the pale brown coloured walled and green roofed modern house, she wondered what she would say? Would Miya's mother say anything about her suddenly coming over like this? Would she-?
“There we go!” Miya proclaimed, with that she turned the handle and opened the door. Then doing so, she walked inside and flipped the switch on, letting the entrance light up.
Seeing her do this, Yui was quiet. What she saw before her was a cream coloured hallway, with another brown wooden door ahead which beyond contained the rest of the house. As her friend took off her brown school shoe's and placed them on the metallic white shoe rack that was beside her. Seeing her do this, it truly dawned on Yui that she was there! At her friend's house! She still couldn't believe that she was really here to visit, that she was now-?


Startled out of her thoughts, the blonde haired girl then saw that her friend was staring at her. As she was, she heard her say looking curious, “What're you doing just standing there? C'mon, get inside.” With that she gestured with her left arm for her to come in.
Hearing her friend say this, Yui then a little flustered for a moment replied, “Oh! Oh yes of course... um?” Then cautiously she took a step inside her friend's house, as she did this. She looked up to her and said with a slightly bashful smile, “Pardon the intrusion.”
Letting out a small laugh as she said this, Miya then told her with a grin and waving away with her right hand, “Don't be silly! You're not intruding here! Just relax and make yourself comfortable, alright?”
As these words were given to her, Yui released a small laugh herself as she replied, “Yeah, okay... I will.”
Smiling at her overly polite shy nature, Miya then replied brightly, “Good!” With that done, Yui removed her own shoes and placed them on the shoe rack too, while Miya locked the door. Then as she did so, she led her inside to show her the rest of the place she called home...


“And that room across the hall is my little bro's room!” Miya announced, as she gave her friend the guided tour through her house. Stopping for a moment in front of the closed door, she told her, “He hasn't stayed here in a little while, but we always keep it neat and in good condition, so if he ever needs to stay over he can.”
Hearing her friend say this, Yui then replied with a simple smile, “I see.” For looking along the wooden hallway, towards the stairs that led down below. The blonde haired girl thought about the room's that had been revealed to her, the bottom floor which they'd come to had the standard layout of any normal home.
She'd first been shown the yellow coloured walled kitchen and a small bathroom beside it. Then the living room which also served as the dining room along with the back garden beyond that was behind a sliding glass door.
Now the two of them were upstairs together, where Miya had revealed the main bathroom that held the tub for bathing in, then her mother's room and study, her brother's room and finally, “Then this is my room!” With that the heterochromia eyed girl turned the knob and revealed her living space to her friend.
Taking a step inside, Yui saw with amazement a very neat and tidy room. The floor was a cool light brown colour, made of wood and upon it was a wide white woollen carpet and upon it towards the left side was a big black bean bag with a few yellow and red cushions scattered around it. The walls were a shade of dark jade, which had a set of windows ahead revealing the night sky, framed by delicate white curtains. Then beyond them was a small balcony, that revealed the night sky and the Waning Moon.
There was also a brown wooden desk and table with various pens upon it's top, along with papers. Just beside it was a white slidable wardrobe on the right side of the room. Looking again, she saw some shelves to the left side which held a big selection of movies, books and various other personal items. Then beside it there was a big full length metallic dressing mirror that stood near to Miya's bed. Upon it was a sky blue comfy duvet and big pillow, with a couple of black smaller cushions along it's top.
Seeing it, Yui was quiet seeing her friend's living space for the first time. She couldn't think of any words to say, but she heard a laugh from beside her. Surprised she turned and saw that it was Miya who looking at her, couldn't help but ask with a grin, “Impress you that much does it?”
Hearing these words being side to her, Yui immediately replied, “Oh? Um! I guess so...?” Then ending with a slightly embarrassed laugh herself, she finally admitted to her friend as she turned to look back at the room again, “To be honest, I was thinking this room feels really laid back and reflects you well, Miya-chan.”
As she heard this comment being said, the orange haired girl replied with an amused air about her, “I should hope so! It's my room after all!” With that she proceeded inside, then as she did so she told her friend, “Now come on in!”
Nodding at this request, Yui proceeded inside after Miya who then closed the door behind them both. Doing so, the heterochromia eyed girl couldn't help but say with a sigh, “Finally... we can properly relax now!” With that she dropped her bag beside her desk and walking over to her blue duvet bed, she plonked herself down and sat back sinking into the plushy surface.
Seeing her friend doing this, Yui replied simply, “Yes we can.” With that proceeding over and placing her bag neatly beside Miya's. She then sat beside her as well, looking to her she couldn't help but continue to smile as she asked her, “So, what do you think we should do now?”
Hearing the question being put to her, Miya looking to her friend replied simply, “Well do you have any particular requests in mind, Yui-ko?”
As her question was returned back to her, Yui quiet for a moment replied simply, “Um? Not really...“ However she decided to ask her, as she remembered her earlier thoughts, “But Miya-chan, can I ask you?”
“Ask me what?” The heterochromia eyed girl replied, looking to her with an air of curiosity.
Looking at her, as her friend looked to her, Yui asked her question, “Is your mother going to mind me being here? Will she-?”
“Nah! She won't mind!” Miya replied brightly, waving her hand away in a relaxed motion. Doing that she then said, “In fact she already knows you're gonna be here tonight.”
Surprised to hear this, Yui ask her, “She does?”
Nodding, Miya then explained, “Yeah, I guaranteed her when I got home last night you'd definitely be coming here!”
Hearing this, Yui quiet for moment then couldn't help but ask, “You said that? After the visit you had with me at the mansion?”
“Of course!” The cheerful heterochromia eyed girl replied, still grinning away.
Baffled as she heard her being so positive like this, Yui had to ask, “But? How could you be so certain about though? I mean with everything that's happened before, didn't you-?”
“I just had a good feeling,” Miya told her. Then still continuing to smile, she said with a gentle light in her eyes as she looked into the distance, “I mean I did have some worries... but I wanted to believe in it, that you would come tonight... and it came true didn't it?” With that she turned back to look at Yui with a warm smile on her face.
As she heard her friend say this, Yui was quiet. But feeling the warmth of her friend's words, she smiled simply and replied, “Yeah... it did, I'm glad that it did.”
Hearing these words, Miya smiling still replied pleased, “Good to hear!” Then as she said that, something occurred to her! She turned to look at Yui quietly further for a moment as she studied her, with a serious gaze.
Seeing her friend do this as she stared at her with concentrated eyes, Yui was quiet. A little baffled at why she suddenly became silent like this, she started to ask her, “Miya-chan? What're you-?”
“I'm gonna have to do something about this!” With that the heterochromia eyed girl got up and off the bed. Doing so, she went to her white sliding door wardrobe and opened it quickly.
Looking at her friend as she did this, Yui was confused as she asked her, “What're you doing, Miya-chan? Why have you-?”
“I need to get you out of those rags!” Miya proclaimed, then looking at a particular item of clothing she picked up, she shook her head dismissing it and stuffed it back in the drawer she'd pulled it out from.
As she heard one particular word, Yui repeated puzzled, “Rags?”
Hearing the curious tone she was asking in, Miya then replied, “Your uniform! There's no way you're gonna relax properly in that get up, so I'm gonna get you a good change of PJ's to solve that problem!”
As this explanation was given to her, Yui replied, “Oh? I see...” For looking down to her Ryoutei school uniform, she quickly realised in seconds that she hadn't brought any other clothes with her at all! What was she supposed to-?
“Here we go!” Startled out of her worried thoughts, the pink eyed girl turned her attentions back to her friend. There she saw in her outstretched arms, was a set of folded pyjama's.
Looking at them, Yui could see that the bottoms were a warm orange colour and the top was white with long sleeves and had hearts all over with happy monkey faces mixed in too. Quiet as she saw these, she then took them in her hands as she unfolded them.
Seeing her do this, Miya then said to her, “I know they're a little...cutesy, but I think they'll be easy to slip in to, so I hope you like them, Yui-ko.”
Hearing this being said, as she looked over the clothed items properly in her hands for a moment. Yui then turned back to her friend and told her, “Oh? No, they're fine Miya-chan, thank you for offering them to me.”
Grinning as she heard this being told to her, the orange haired girl replied to her, “It's no problem!” With that, she grabbed her usual pair of gentle peppermint coloured green PJ's from her wardrobe. Then taking them into her hands, she told her friend, “Well, I'll go and get myself changed in the bathroom and let you have a little privacy, okay?”
As she heard her say this, Yui seeing that she was being considerate of her and her...'rash,' then told her glad, “Okay, thank you again, Miya-chan.”
Listening to these words, the heterochromia eyed girl replied, “No problem!” With that going to the door, she twisted it open and told her, “I'll be back in a bit okay?”
Nodding at these words, Yui then replied, “Alright! See you in a while, Miya-chan!” Smiling as she heard these words, Miya then opened the door and proceeded out through it, closing it behind her as she went to get changed.
Watching her quietly as she left, Yui placing the pyjama's beside her then turned down to look at her uniform. Taking off first her red and untying the white ribbon, she took off her black jacket, before she proceeded to gently unbutton her white coloured shirt. After few moments doing this, she then removed the shirt from herself and doing so, the gentle pink eyed girl was left in her light blue coloured bra. Left like this she next proceeded to take off her white frilly rimmed black skirt and finally she removed her black coloured long kneed socks.
Seeing her body was now bare, apart from her underwear. She couldn't but look at the red fang marks that were still covering her pale skin. Depressed as she looked at them all in the light, she couldn't help but remember again the attacks she'd experienced until then... the very memory of them haunted her awfully inside as she shivered.
Then turning her gentle pink eyes, she looked to the full length dressing mirror that was in her friend's room. Looking at it silently for a moment, a thought occurred to her as she asked, “I wonder...?” Becoming curious at the thought, she proceeded over to it.
Stopping as she stood silently before it, gazing upon her marked form from the front, it really did look terrible... her body had been so badly ravished. From her chest, abdomen, arms and legs... she was covered in marks. Anyone who didn't know the truth like Miya, would have thought she was suffering from some kind of bad dermatological skin condition.
Her sad expression there, Yui tried to comfort herself as she stroked her slightly aching skin. Doing so, she felt a slight roughness where it should have been soft. Tracing her fingers she could feel it was the cause of the marks. Feeling them, she couldn't help but admit aloud, “I can't even remember anymore... what it was like not to be like this.”
For thinking of the life she had before all these events had happened, when she had had a peaceful existence with her Father. She'd hardly had any problems with her skin or health at all... the light and warmth of those nostalgic memories almost felt like a forgotten long ago dream.
As this occurred to her, Yui clenching her right arm couldn't help but bite her lower lip slightly. For she wished she could go back to that time again, that she could be with her Father again and be the healthy carefree girl she originally was.
However as these thoughts came to her, she turned her back and looking behind herself. She saw with further devastation that the marks were there too, all across her shoulder blades and her lower back... even the back of her calves were marked.
These marks were the clear evidence that she'd never be able to return to a life she once knew, that it couldn't ever be reversed. As this sad realisation came to her, she turned her downcast eyes to look to the mirror, that reflected the moonlit windows.
As she did this, she suddenly jumped! For there she could see something glowing red in the darkness! Shivering she quickly turned to the windows in horror, holding herself protectively with her hands! But the moment she did this, she saw nothing!
Seeing this, she was quiet for a few moments as she asked, “What was that?...Was that real? Or was it...?” Shuddering as she thought of the threatening possibilities of the nightmares within her imagination, she ran up to the window and closed up the white curtains more. Cutting off the darkness that was outside the warm lit room, she then immediately went to get dressed. For she wanted to distract herself and forget, even if it was for one night alone... she just wanted to forget every terrible thing that been done to her.


“And there we go!” With that fully dressed in her light peppermint green PJ's, Miya placed a plastic tray she had brought along with her, upon her wooden floor. It carried a warm brown pot of Chamomile tea, along with a couple of white cups and saucers.
Then sitting herself down upon her white carpet, she spoke getting comfortable, “That should sort us out for drinks!” With that, she turned her attentions to Yui who was now dressed in her borrowed orange monkey heart PJ's. Looking to her, she asked, “You okay with just those snacks, Yui-ko?”
Hearing her ask this question, Yui revealed a small smile as she replied, “Yeah I'm fine with this, I didn't want too much so...” For all that she'd brought up with them from the kitchen was a couple of plates. One with some small sticks of sweet dango and the other that held a couple of pink leaf rolled mochi's.
As she said this and sat next to her, Miya nodded her head as she told her, “Okay, well as long as you're sure.” With that, she pulled over her silver laptop and turned it on. As she did so, she turned to Yui one more time and told her, “But if you do feel peckish at any time, let me know and I'll get something more filling, alright?”
Nodding as she heard this, Yui simply smiled still as she replied, “Yes I will, thank you, Miya-chan.”
“No problem!” Came the bright reply, with that she turned and saw the laptop was up and running. Seeing that it was, she told her friend, “Well! Looks like we're good to go! You ready for the movie?”
As she heard this question, Yui then replied simply smiling still, “Yes I am, I hope it's good.”
Hearing this comment, Miya then answered, “I heard it supposed to be good!” With that dragging the movie file into the player program and adjusting the screen, she added, “It's meant to be a classic! One of those one's you shouldn't miss for the world!”
Nodding quietly as she heard this comment, Yui then replied, “I see.” With that she concentrated on the screen as the opening titles began to play.
Looking at the movie as it started, Miya settling herself back down then replied simply, “Same here!” With that done she pulled a lilac blanket over herself to keep herself warm, as she sat her back into her black bean bag.
Seeing her friend do this, Yui then decided to make herself more comfortable too. So reaching to the side, she pulled over one of the spare yellow cushions that were on the floor and hugged it to herself. With that she put her back against the bean bag too and quietly started to watch the movie with her friend.

Twenty minutes or more into the movie, Miya looking on at the scene they were watching together, couldn't help but admit with surprise, “Wow! They're making this really intense already! Aren't they?”
However to her comment, came no reply. Hearing this, the heterochromia eyed girl curious turned her attentions to her friend as she asked her, “Yui-ko?” As she did so, she then saw that the blonde haired girl was hugging her cushion tightly to herself as she looked away to one side.
Turning her own odd coloured irises in the direction she was looking curiously, Miya spied where her friend was looking to. It was her window. Realising this, after a moment she imagined who it might be that she was thinking oft. Doing so, she decided to do something about it.
Yui in the meantime, still having not heard Miya's voice. Couldn't help but look to the window behind her again. As she did so, she remembered that red glow she'd seen in the darkness when she looked in the mirror... as she did, it sent a terrible chill through her whole body, making her hug her yellow cushion tightly to herself. Shivering, she wondered if it was the Sakamaki's? Were they waiting out there for her? Were they going to attack them both? Would they-?
Suddenly though she felt something warm around her shoulders! Surprised, she turned quickly and saw that over her shoulder's was the lilac blanket Miya had, had around her! Seeing it, she then heard movement and looking she saw her friend shuffle over closer to her.
Seeing her do this, Yui baffled moved to speak but instead Miya spoke first as she asked her with a smile, “Got the chills have you?”
Hearing this question being put to her, Yui was quiet. She struggled to find an answer as she looked down to her clutched cushion, “Um? I was just-?”
“It's okay,” Hearing these words, Yui looked to her friend again and as she did so. She saw Miya was looking to her with a warm comforting smile as she told her, “You don't have to be nervous, everything's gonna be fine here, Yui-ko.”
Seeing that Miya had spied her fear, Yui was quiet. However feeling the warmth of the lilac blanket that was around her shoulders, the blonde haired looking down to the white carpet told her, “Yeah I know, I should feel calmer being here with you...but I can't help but worry that-”
“Those those guys will try something on us?" Miya asked for her.
Hearing this, Yui quietly nodded in response.
Realising already that this was probably the thing eating away at her friend, Miya then taking the spare side of the lilac blanket that was left. Wrapped it around her shoulders, as she did so she decided to say, "Well you don't have to worry, cause they won't do shit!"
Seeing and hearing Miya say this, Yui was about to ask her what she meant. However the heterochromia eyed girl spoke again before she could saying, "I'm here with you, you're not alone in this place... I'll make sure nothing happens to you while you're here with me, alright?"
Listening to these words as Miya smiled to her warmly. Yui was quiet, though she still felt some dread and fear inside at the unknown perils outside, she was comforted knowing that one simple fact. She wasn't alone there, realising that she felt a small bit of relief and so wanting to believe in it. She told her feeling the warmth of the lilac blanket that was wrapped around her, "Okay, thank you...Miya-chan."
"It's fine," the heterochromia eyed girl replied relaxed. With those words the two girls turned back to the laptop screen, to watch the rest of their movie...



“Mmm...?” Stirred, Yui was bleary eyed as she then uttered, “What was I-?”


Startled, the blonde haired girl saw that somehow she'd ended up slumbering upon Miya's shoulder! Looking to her with widened eyes as she continued to sleep away peacefully, she blinked and then turning to the laptop. She saw that it had gone dark and quiet, as she saw this, she said aloud curious, “Did we fall asleep during the movie?”
“Mmph... five more minutes,” Came the tired and annoyed response to her comment, as the sleeping orange haired girl shuffled a little bit, making herself more comfortable upon Yui's right shoulder.
Feeling her friend do this, Yui was surprised. However she couldn't help but release a little giggle at Miya's unconscious request, she could be so silly in moments like this. Then as she moved her hand to try and make her wake up properly-


A series of loud knocks came! Shaken immediately she asked aloud with her eyes widening, “What was that!?” There was nothing but silence that greeted her... as it did so, looking around she asked aloud, “It couldn't of been the wind could it? It's not stormy so-?”


“Agh!” Terrified Yui shook as she heard this other loud noise! That definitely wasn't the wind! It was coming from downstairs! It must have been-!



This was really bad! Yui knew it was! Shivering in fear, she quickly tried to shake her friend awake as she asked becoming panicked, “Miya-chan! Wake up! Please wake up!”
Hearing this beckoning, Miya herself disturbed uttered annoyed, “Not now... it's too early, just-”
Seeing that she wasn't getting through to hr again, Yui tried again to explain as she shook her friend more, “It's not the morning, Miya-chan! Please you've got to wake up! Something's in the house and-!”


As this loud sound returned thunderously again, it terrified Yui all the more! For it sounded like something really heavy had fallen! Something was intruding on them and she needed help in this! Once more she desperately tried to rouse her friend, “Miya-chan! Wake up now! Please you have to!”
It was finally then at this cry, that the tired heterochromia eyed girl woke up. Rubbing one of her odd coloured eyes she grumbled with further annoyance saying, “Urgh! The heck...? What time is it? What's-?”

Drawn out of her tired complaints, the orange haired girl then saw her friend looking to her with panic widened eyes. Seeing this, she lost her drowsy sluggishness as she asked her becoming concerned, “Yui-ko? What's wrong? What's going on?”
Seeing that at last her friend was back in the conscious world, Yui then told her, “There was a loud crashing sound downstairs, I think someone's invaded the house!”
Baffled as she heard this, Miya repeated, “Invaded the house?”
Nodding urgently, Yui turned back to her friend's bedroom door. As she did so, she spoke saying, “I think that... it might be them, I think the Sakamaki's might be here.”
Hearing this terrible possibility, Miya looking to her door was quiet. However tensing up her right fist she asked aloud, “Oh? They have, have they?” Becoming infuriated at the very thought and possibility, she got herself up.
Seeing her do this, Yui then saw her friend go to her door. As she did, she asked her worriedly, “Miya-chan? What're you going to do? What-?”
As this question was asked, the heterochromia eyed girl looking back to her friend. Then told her, “I'm gonna go see what we're dealing with!” With that turning back to the door she added, “Because if it is those uninvited pricks, I'm gonna send them packing sorely!” Saying that she clicked the knuckles in her hands, ready to do some serious bashing!
Yui listening to Miya's violent plan was quiet. Though she was scared, she really didn't want her friend to lose control to her rage and become violent... she didn't like that idea at all! So getting up, though a little shakily from nervousness, she told her, “I'll come with you! I don't want you to be alone in dealing with this!”
Hearing her say this, Miya looking to her as she came over clutching her yellow cushion was quiet. However she couldn't help but smirk as she asked her, “And let me guess? That's your weapon of choice right?”
As she heard this remark, looking to her yellow cushion. Yui became embarrassed as she admitted, “Well... I'm not really good at fighting, I also know it's not a good weapon, but-”
Giggling despite the situation they were in, Miya then told her nervous word struggling friend, “It's okay, Yui-ko! You don't have to explain yourself, it's all good.”
Hearing this Yui became quiet again. She knew she was useless at that point and was ashamed about it. But before she could dwell on it, she heard Miya tell her, “And I'm glad you're gonna be with me, it's good to have some moral support...and rage control.”
As this was told to her, Yui quickly forgetting her bad feelings was pleased to have these encouraging words. So she nodded in response to them.
Seeing her do this Miya smiling then turning back to the door became serious again, putting her hand upon the knob. As she did so, she said determined, “Now... let's see what monsters we're dealing with here!” With that she twisted the door open and together the two friends journeyed down the stairs to see what was lurking below.


Travelling down the stairs, then making it to the wooden floored hallway while being keenly vigilant. Both Yui and Miya were doing their best to be cautious, the lights had all been turned off earlier, so they had to keep their wits about them.
As the wooden floorboards creaked underneath their feet, Yui was terribly nervous. For looking around, nothing seemed to have been damaged or tampered with so far. So maybe they weren't dealing with a burglar? But if it was the Sakamaki's like she was suspecting, lurking in the shadows around them... it could end so badly for them! They might be-!


Jumping immediately as she heard this loud thunderous sound again, Yui cried out, “Eeek!” Then automatically she reached out and caught Miya's free left arm with her hand! She was terrified out of her mind! Her eyes widening she couldn't help but ask panicked, “What was that!?”
Hearing this sound herself, Miya was quiet...however after a moment she started to reply, “Well I think that it was-” however it was then, that she finally noticed Yui's trembling right hand holding onto her light green sleeve. Seeing this she was surprised, however feeling affection bubbling over inside she told her, “Scared that much are you?”
Yui baffled for a moment as she heard this, then uttered puzzled, “Huh?” However quickly she realised what she was doing! Removing her hand from Miya's sleeve in seconds, she told her hugely embarrassed, “Oh I'm sorry! Miya-chan, I didn't mean-!”
“It's fine don't worry about it!” The amused heterochromia eyed girl replied, with a smile on her face, she then decided to tell her friend, “You don't need to apologise for something like that, I've told you before haven't I?”
As she heard this answer being given to her, Yui then replied after becoming further embarrassed at herself for forgetting again, answered her, “Yeah you have... it's just a bad habit I still need to overcome I guess?”
Smiling as she said this, Miya then replied, “That it is!” Then turning to face the front again, she proceeded forwards with Yui.
Coming to the end of the hallway, she was now standing before the door that led to the entrance. Holding the knob that was there, she cautiously peaked through it to see what was there...
Seeing her do this, Yui feeling her curiosity eating her up inside as she clutched her cushion tightly to herself, asked her friend, “What do you see out there, Miya-chan? Is it...them?”
Silence at first was all that greeted her in response...however in a moment, Miya released a chuckle from her lips.
As she did this, Yui was confused as she asked again, “Miya-chan?”
The heterochromia eyed girl turning to her, now with a grin on her face informed her, “Don't worry, Yui-ko! I know exactly what we're dealing with here!”
Becoming perplexed as she heard her friend proclaim this, Yui puzzled uttered, “Huh? You do?”
“Yeah,” Saying that with a single nod, it was then that Miya told her friend turning back to the door, “Though it's not the best time and place... we might as well get this out of the way!”
Puzzled further as she heard this, Yui was about to question her friend at what she meant, when suddenly she opened the door! As she did so, the blonde haired girl braced herself! In the dark she could see that the front door of the house was wide open and as it was, she could see under what moonlight there was, there was a figure lying sprawled out upon the wooden floor.


However hearing this awful groaning the blonde haired girl terribly nervous couldn't make out any details in the dark about this...person? So holding her yellow cushion tightly to herself, she saw Miya walk on over calmly in their direction as she headed for the light switch.
Watching her as she went, all Yui could ponder about was who this person was? Who could possibly-?
Then suddenly her thoughts were interrupted, as the lights were turned on! As they were, the blonde haired girl finally could see who it was that was there with them.
Lying upon a messy heap on the floor, was a woman! She was red in the face and was clearly struggling as she groaned aloud in pain, “Urrggh!”
Perplexed to see her, Yui was really surprised! For the woman herself, suffering with whatever it was. Was in the gentle girl's eyes... very beautiful, despite her bad condition. She had long waterfall locks of rich red coloured hair that was tied back into a ponytail, her skin was also warm in tone despite her blushing flustered state.
She was dressed in a peanut brown business skirt and jacket, with a white buttoned shirt underneath. She also had a set of spectacles that had somehow come off of her face, that were lying jaggedly on her with one of the temples peaking off to the right of her face.
As Yui looked at the woman and then remembered previous conversations she'd had with her friend, she couldn't help but think to herself, 'Is this woman-?'
However before she could finish her thoughts, Miya then decided to speak up and said turning back to her, “Yui-ko! Allow me to introduce you, this unflattering mess on the floor is my mom, Tadao Ayaka.”
Quiet as she heard this name being given to her, Yui blinking then repeated, “Tadao Ayaka?”
With a single nod, Miya then told her, “Yep, this is her... drinking problem and all!” She finished as she turned to her mother with a sigh.
The talked about woman, terribly dreary as she heard words being spoken. Then uttered groggily, “Urgh...! It hurts! It hurts...!” Saying that she opened one of her eyes, which began trailing a painful tear down her cheek. The colour of the iris that was revealed was a shade of sea green.
Seeing and hearing the woman say this, Yui had no idea what to say at all! For it was clear that she was not in the right frame of mind and realising this, she wondered what she could have possibly have done to leave herself so disheveled like this?
However, Miya then proceeded to get answers to this question, as she looked down to her mother and asked her irritated, “So? How many Brady shots did you have this time, mom?”
Hearing this question being put to her. The disheveled woman answered groggily and weakly, “Thirty...five?”
Rolling her eyes as she heard this number, Miya then sighed as she told her, “Again... I'm surprised you didn't pass the fifty mark!”
Baffled as she heard this, Yui couldn't help but ask, “Fifty?” For that was an unbelievable amount of alcohol for one person to have! She couldn't help but wonder if that was even realistically possible!?
But she didn't get time to dwell on this, for then Miya moving grabbed her mother by her shoulders. Pulling her back up right, she then had her lying across her back. Shifting her slightly to make her body more easy to carry, she told her, “Honestly! With the amount you drink, I'm surprised you haven't died from alcohol poisoning yet!”
“Urgh...” Was all that came in response to her comment. As her mother was still struggling badly against the colossal hangover she was experiencing.
Expecting as much though, Miya though hoisted her mother's body slightly. Doing so, she finally got her into a proper carrying position. As she did, she then uttered, “Well, anyway let's get you to bed! We gotta have you resurrected by the morning light!” With that she started to walk forwards.
Yui seeing her friend bring her own mother through on her back, watched as she passed her. Seeing her do this, she looked to the still wide opened door that was there. Going up to it, she then quickly closed it and bolted it shut. Then as she finished this, she ran back and asked her friend, “Miya-chan!”
Hearing her call out, Miya pausing for a moment with her ailing mother still on her back. Saw Yui approach, as she did so making it over. She heard her ask, “Is there anything I can do? To help you care for your mother?”
Surprised as she heard her offer, Miya repeated, “Anything you can do?” To which Yui simply nodded in reply. Seeing her do this, the heterochromia eyed girl feeling a warm pulse in her heart told her kind friend, “Well, to be honest I'll be fine doing most of the bulk work here... but if you could get my mom a glass of water with some ice and a slice of lemon in it, that'd be a great help!”
As she heard this request being given, Yui then had to ask curious, “A slice of lemon?”
Nodding herself, Miya then explained, “Yeah, for some reason she says that helps cure her of her hangovers... which I think is whole lot of crap, but...” then turning to look at the helpless adult on her back, she couldn't help but add, “This is my mom we're talkin' about here... she's as weird as they come!”
Listening to Miya say this, Yui couldn't deny this fact as she responded, “I see...” For anyone who could have that much liquor, wasn't normal at all! However she was too polite to comment about that, so she simply looked to her friend brightly and told her, “But anyway, I'll go and do as you ask, I'll be upstair with the water in just a little bit, alright?”
“Okay! I'll see you in a bit, Yui-ko!” With that Miya started to carry her mother up the stairs while her gentle blonde haired friend, went to go and fetch the cool lemon tinted beverage which would aid the poor hungover parent.


“There ya go mom!” With that Miya laid her ailing mother into bed, having already removed her suit and throwing a nighty over her. Was now tucking her into her comfy white duvet bed, then finishing this she took off her glasses and put them to one side on her bedside table saying “Safe and ready for beddy byes!”
Feeling her daughter doing this for her, the hungover woman couldn't help but whinge feeling awful all over saying, “Urgh... water! Water! Where's my lemon tinted water!”
Sighing as she heard her usual complaints, Miya then told irritated, “It's coming! It's coming... honestly! You really do know how to drive me crazy!” Shaking her head, she couldn't help but add, “Having this same conversation, every Friday! I just wish you'd-!”


Turning as she heard this familiar voice, the heterochromia eyed girl then saw with relief Yui. In her hands, she was carrying a tall glass of water and just as she asked had ice with a slice of lemon inside.
Glad to see her, Miya then told her, “Yui-ko! Am I glad to see you!” With that stepping aside, she told her, “The patient's demanding her medicine!”
Hearing this remark and seeing Miya, taking a step back. Yui then replied with a smile walking on over, “Well I'll be glad to provide her with it then!”
As she heard this reply, Miya simply smiled. Then she watched as Yui bent down to her mother, offering her the cold fruit tinted drink in her hand. Telling the hung over woman, “Here, Ayaka-san... I hope this makes you feel all better.”
The ailing woman hearing this, though still not totally with it. Took the cold beverage in her hands and immediately started drinking it down like a baby with a bottle!


Finishing her drinking, she then gasped saying, “Ah! I'm alive again... I'm alive!” With that she weeped tears of relief, finally feeling hydrated again.
Rolling her eyes at this over the top comment, Miya shook her head. While Yui herself, seeing her friend's mother react like this. Could see where she got her exaggerated nature from, but a little concerned she decided to ask her gently, “Um, Ayaka-san? Are you alright? Is there anything else you need?”
“Huh?” Hearing this new voice ask this question, the woozy woman looking in Yui's direction squinted her green eyes. Trying to get a better focus at who was asking this question to her.
Seeing her do this, Yui quiet felt uncertain and so she asked her cautiously, “Um? Ayaka-san? Are you alright? Do you-?”
Suddenly her question was answered with a giggle from the hung over woman as she began grinning at her, hearing this Yui was caught off guard! As she heard this too, even Miya was confused as she started to ask her, “Hey? Mom, what're you-?”
“So cute!!!” With that suddenly the long red haired woman, wrapped her arms around Yui! Shocked in seconds, the blonde haired girl feeling the delirious mother do this, then heard her say with a hyped up pitch, “Bunny! A sweet cute little bunny's come to comfort me! I'm so honoured!”
“Huh? Bunny?” Yui repeated, for she had no idea whatsoever what she was talking about!?
“Alright knock it off!” With those words, suddenly Yui was released from this hysterical grasp! Feeling this, she then saw Miya was busy trying to calm her mother down as she told her exasperated, “Mom! You gotta learn stop acting like this! Seriously! You freak people out when you do this! Don't you-!?”
“Miya honey!” Suddenly the over affectionate mother had changed targets! Suddenly she was now holding onto her daughter tightly as she hugged into her middle. Doing this she then told her hurriedly, “I love you! I love you! You're my sweet baby! You're my little...”
However it was clear that exhaustion had taken it's toll and quickly the long red haired woman fell into the depths of slumberland. Feeling her do this, Miya now blushing awkwardly with embarrassment couldn't help but tell her, “Geez mom... you really are one big headache after another!” With that with a bashful smile, she stroked her mom's head as she breathed in and out gently.
Yui watching this little interaction between mother and daughter, couldn't help but smile gently. For as Miya tucked her under the covers, she could tell despite how difficult her parent was. The heterochromia eyed girl cared deeply for her as her mother did her...


“Boy! What a night! Geez!” With that falling back into her bed, Miya put her hand to her forehead. Doing so, she couldn't help but complain saying, “That woman... she's gonna be the end of me one day! I know it!”
Hearing Miya say this, as Yui climbed into the futon that had been prepared for her. Couldn't help but smile to her friend as she looked up to her side of the bed, “I can definitely see why you said your mom gives you trouble, Miya-chan.”
As she heard this sentence, Miya then replied to her turning her odd coloured eyes down to look at her, “Trouble is an understatement! She gives me chaos! That's what she gives me!”
Giggling as she heard these words, Yui then replied brightly, “I see...” saying that, she got herself more comfortable in her futon. Then getting into the right position, she decided to tell her friend, “Well I hope you have a good night's sleep, Miya-chan...”
Getting her arm underneath her own pillow, Miya finally comfortable herself turned her odd coloured eyes back down to look at Yui again. As she did so, she told her, “Yeah, same to you Yui-ko!” Then turning her eyes back to look at her white ceiling, she added, “Tomorrow's gonna be a blast! Just you wait and see! Plus as a bonus, we're not gonna have those bastards on our tail for once!” With that she made a fist pump up above. Ultimately pleased with this one achievement.
Hearing her say this, though happy... Yui still felt a little uncertain inside and so replied looking down, “Yeah... that is good.”
“It is!” Came the quick response from the heterochromia eyed girl. As it did, she dropped her hand back down by her side as she couldn't help but yawn, tiredness was finally taking it's toll on her too. Feeling it doing so, she told her friend as her eyes became heavy, “Anyway... tomorrow's gonna be great... Yui-ko, together we'll...”
Yui hearing her friend failing to finish her sentence, looked to up to her again. She could see that sleep had taken over her and realising this as she heard her gentle breathing in the air. Yui simply smiled, then turning over. She couldn't help but look to the dark window again.
Doing so she was quiet... nothing had happened that night to either of them. Which was a huge relief and blessing, but she wondered. Would it last? However there was no-one there to answer these worried thoughts of hers.
Turning away from the window again, she decided to forget about the red glowing light she'd seen in the darkness. For thinking aloud to herself, she said as sleep began to take over her too, “I don't need to be afraid... I'm no alone here... I'm...” however finally sleep took over, taking her away into a land of gentle slumber, where no nightmares could touch her.


However unbeknownst to the occupants within the silent house, a pair of red glowing eyes was staring on from the outside. As a single bat familiar kept a vigil over the sleeping girl, who was it's masters only singular sweet prey...  
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.:Chapter Twenty Nine : The Decision:.


Arriving back in class, just as the ending lunch bell tolled. Miya sat quickly to her own desk and as she did so, the other students one by one started to file in. Watching them as they all started sitting in their rightful places, she couldn't help but look up to the clock that was on the wall again.
Time had gone by so quickly that night, it had made her fretful. For though she'd given Yui her cordial the other night when she'd come to visit her. Her friend hadn't turned up at school at all! Worried as she remembered her weak and tired form, along with what they had both discussed together, she couldn't help but wonder aloud, “...Is Yui-ko doing okay?”
For she was sure, she'd told her before she'd left for her to drink her family's remedial cordial. So if she had, there would be no reason for her to not turn up to class. “Why hasn't she come tonight? She should be here! She should-!” But quickly it occurred to her, if she hadn't come because of her weak and ill state, then there was only one thing that could stop her friend! “Unless!” With her eyes angrily narrowing, she immediately turned her odd coloured eyes to look in one particular direction!
There behind her, sitting at his desk like he usually did. Being absolutely useless as usual, was Ayato who had kicked up his feet upon his desk and was yawning aloud. Clearly bored out of his mind, by all the petty human lectures that he was having to endure.
Seeing him being like this, irritated Miya to no degree! However the thought that really infuriated her, was the possibilities of what Ayato and his sinister brothers could be doing to her friend! Had they locked her in her room, against her will again or maybe-?
Ayato at that moment, finishing his yawn covered his mouth with his hand, revealing a few tired tears that was springing from his eyes as he opened them. Then as he did so, he noticed Miya's fierce gaze that was fixed on him. Seeing it, he paused for a moment becoming baffled as she stared at him. However quickly he soured looking at her and simply glared back, wondering what the hell her problem was?
As she saw the reddish brown haired young man do this, Miya tightened her right fist against her desk! Feeling the shaking tension as the wood rattled under her clenching fingers, the infuriated heterochromia eyed girl uttered under her breath, “If he and those bastards have tried anything on Yui-ko! I'm gonna-!”
Suddenly though, her thoughts were interrupted. For there passing her line of sight, came the familiar colour of gentle blonde and a particular three blossomed hair clip. Turning as she saw her pass before her, Miya forgetting her rage in seconds uttered aloud in amazement, “Yui-ko?”
For there the blonde haired and pink eyed girl was! Walking over to her own desk quickly, with her bag open, she was getting her notes, pens and books out ready to study. As she saw her doing this, Miya herself couldn't help but reveal a smile of relief. As she did so, she went to get up asking hurriedly, “Yui-ko! What-!”

“Now class!”

Immediately stopped in her tracks, Miya turned and saw that the teacher had entered the room and was beginning the lecture, as he opened up his textbook.
Silent for a moment as she saw this, Miya then sighed with aggravation at this sudden interruption. However not wanting to cause a disruptive scene, she sat herself back down quickly into her seat. As she did so, she then got her pens out along with her notebook, to begin writing notes again.
With that, the teacher then began his lectures. Looking to him as he did this, Miya though couldn't help but turn her odd coloured eyes to look back to Yui. As she did so, she revealed a small relieved smile. For she was so glad that she was alright and there with her!
Then looking back up to the clock, she saw the time again. As she did so, she then saw that they only had some hours to go before class was out. But unlike the other night's when she'd leave to go home, she was looking forward to this particular one. For looking to Yui as she began to study, Miya knew with a happy eagerness welling up inside, that she wouldn't be going back alone this time...



Finally the last bell tolled and as it did so, the classes had all finally come to an end! As they did, the other students were quickly exiting the class. All of them excited to get home and begin their relaxed time of vacationing which would be beginning the next day! Miya herself was rushing her packing as she practically cramming everything inside her bag. For looking to Yui's desk, she saw her beginning to pack away slowly too. As she did so, she was brimming with excitement! For the first time, she'd have a friend visiting! The happy thoughts were making her buzz alive inside as she thought of what they'd get up to together!
So hurriedly, she finally finished her packing as she zipped her bag shut! Then slinging it over her shoulder, she made her way over to her friend's desk! As she did so, she called out to her, “Yui-ko!”
Immediately as she did, the blonde haired girl looked up to her friend. As she did so, Miya  hurriedly asked her with a keen smile still gracing her face, “You doing okay? Are you all set to go now? Do you-?'
However stopping in her tracks quickly, it was finally that the heterochromia eyed girl noticed the look that was on her friend's face. For Yui herself, looking up to her had a terribly sad light in her eyes, with a sombre expression.
Seeing it, Miya felt her excitement and relief, bleed away to nothing in seconds. As they did so, she went to ask her with concern and worry quickly taking over her. But before she could say anything, Yui spoke instead, “I'm sorry...Miya-chan.”
Hearing these words, the heterochromia eyed girl didn't understand as she repeated, “Sorry?”
Yui looking at the confused expression that was on her face, then explained herself to her friend, “I can't go home with you... I can't be with you over the vacation.”
It was finally hearing this, Miya understood what was going on. As she did so, she asked Yui worriedly, “What do you mean?”
Yui then hearing this question answered still saddened terribly, “I spoke up, but I've been forbidden to come and see you at your home.”
As she heard these words, Miya was shocked! Her eyes widening in worry, she was about to speak when-!

“Which is only to be expected.”

Hearing this familiar cold voice, Miya quickly turned around in shock! However instantly as she laid her odd coloured eyes on the figure who'd spoken, she became agitated as she uttered venomously, “You!?”
For there standing in the doorway to her and Yui's classroom, it was none other than Reiji! As the spectacled red eyed young man stood there, he had his arms folded as he looked to the girls with a serious expression upon his face. Seeing the anger that was upon Miya's face, he then asked her coldly, “You now have your answer, you should learn well not to feed delusional fantasies to others.”
As this was said, Miya dumbstruck then quickly realised, “Wait? Are you saying you've forced Yui-ko to come to school at this time, just to have her answer no in front of me!?”
Seeing that she'd caught on, Reiji then simply replied, “You are correct... for once,” then correcting his lenses he told her, “I saw it fitting as punishment to not only refuse Yui, but to to have you be told in person... so you both know your places.”
Hearing Reiji say this, Miya couldn't believe it! She knew he could be strict, but to be this dictator like was-!?  
Seeing the reaction he managed to invoke from Miya as she looked to him shocked, he then informed her, “Did you really believe I would agree to such a foolish request as that?”
As she heard this, Miya angered then replied straight back not even bothering to hide away her outrage at terrible control he was trying to enforce, “What the hell is foolish about that!? What's wrong with a friend coming over to visit another friend?! You can't just-!”
“Your personal opinions about this matter are irrelevant and it is not something that is going to be changed by petty complaints such as yours,” Reiji then informed the foolish agitated girl.
Hearing him say this so coldly, only added to the fury that was building up inside of Miya! As it was, she then told him mad, “You have no right to decide for Yui-ko! She wants to come back and stay with me! She wants to get better! Haven't you even noticed how much she's been suffering from her illness!? Haven't you-!”
“That matter will be dealt with accordingly,” Reiji informed her. As he did so, correcting his lenses with his gloved right hand again, he then told her further, “Irrelevant health issues aside, that is not a good enough reason to excuse Yui out of our mansion, simply to spend time with an uncouth woman such as yourself.”
Infuriated as she heard their plan being dismissed in such a critical tone, Miya gripped her fists tightly! She wanted to beat the living crap out of Reiji right there and then! But before she could move to say another word-
“Since Yui has been left in our hands, it is the Sakamaki household's responsibility to ensure and observe her wellbeing... and it is not in our interests to leave her in the hands of a totally dangerous stranger, such as yourself for any unsupervised long periods of time,” Reiji then informed her coolly with his unwavering logic.
Miya hearing this became silent for a few moments, then becoming more mad she spat straight back to him, “I'm not some stranger! I'm her friend! And as for you saying it's your family's job to look after her wellbeing, you're all doing a pretty shitty job of it!”
Yui listening to these hot angered and cold critical words being exchanged between Reiji and Miya, felt helpless. Staring at them both, she looked down to her lap and clenching her trembling hands against the fabric of her darkened skirt. She thought to herself about what had been discussed the other night.
For though she'd spoken her mind, saying she wanted to go. Reiji had reminded her again what she was, their quarry. She didn't have the right to leave or go where she wished... for she would be killed. Which she'd forgotten so easily... but then he told her that if she wanted to keep her so-called friendship with Miya. She had to decline... otherwise there would be consequences to pay.
But inside despite these terrible chains holding her down, she couldn't help but think about what she  really-!

“Yui-ko has her own choices to make!”

Looking up startled as she heard these words, Yui looking to Miya's back. Then heard the heterochromia eyed girl tell the cold spectacled Reiji, “She deserves to live the way she wants and to do as she wishes! I'm not gonna have her be controlled by a son of a bitch like you!”
Listening to Miya say this for her, Yui felt her own heart inside beat strongly with amazement. As it did so, she then couldn't help say softly in surprise, “Miya-chan...”
Reiji himself though, staring at the hostile and insubordinate girl as she stared down at him. Turned his eyes to Yui, as he did he saw the wonder struck look that was on her face. Seeing it, he glared at her, displeased at her reaction.
Yui then in seconds of noticing, seeing the look that Reiji was giving her. Felt herself freeze in fear! For she knew that if she did anything more to infuriate the authoritative vampire. Then-!
Reiji seeing Yui drop her gaze, looking hurriedly away from him, he returned his eyes back to Miya. As he did so, the cold expression upon his face remained as he informed her, “It doesn't matter what Yui's wishes are, since she is in our care, then she has to adhere to our rules... just as you have to.”
Hearing these absolute words, Miya then retorted back to him strongly, “Bullshit!” With that, she turned and looked back to her friend. As she did so, she immediately told her trying to look her in  the eye, “Yui-ko! Look at me!”
However, Yui herself continued to avert her pink coloured eyes away from her friend. She couldn't look at Miya, for if she did, then-!
“Yui-ko! C'mon!” As she heard Miya's strong voice call to her again, Yui shivered as she gripped her hands against her skirt still. However as she did, suddenly she felt a pair of warm hands come to her shoulders. As she did so, becoming startled she looked up and saw Miya's strong and determined gaze looking to her.
Seeing it, the blonde haired girl's own eyes widened. As they did so, she heard Miya say, “Tell me! What is it that you want!? Speak up!” Then looking back to Reiji, she told her friend further, “Tell that four eyed creep what it is you wish for!”
Yui hearing Miya say this to her so strongly, as she looked to her so desperately. She could feel the anxiousness that her friend was feeling for her. However as she glanced back to Reiji briefly and  saw his piercing ice cold gaze, emanating from those harsh spectacled red eyes of his...there was only one thing that she could say.
Looking back to her friend, she then told her with a sad smile, “I do...”
“Huh?” Puzzled by this reaction, all Miya could do was stare at Yui as she continued to hold onto her shoulders.
“I do wish that I could go with you... that I could come and visit you,” however clenching her skirt in her trembling hands. She told her friend, trying her best to smile, “But I can't... I just can't do it.”
Miya hearing her friend say this so sadly was shaken terribly inside, looking to her she asked, “...Yui-ko?”
Reiji hearing Yui say this to her so-called friend, was satisfied and so he commented to the shaken heterochromia eyed girl, “So, you now once more have your answer and this debate is over.” With that, he turned and walked through the door.
As he did so, he then saw standing outside of the doorway. It was none other than Ayato, seeing him Reiji informed him, “Bring Yui along with you, the limousine will be here soon.”
Hearing his older brother say this, Ayato was more than happy to oblige. For having witnessed Reiji putting Miya in her place, had put him in an incredibly good mood. So he replied simply to this request, “Sure.” With that as his spectacled sibling walked past him, the reddish brown haired vampire entered his classroom.
Miya herself still looking to her friend, who was looking to the floor sadly. Couldn't understand why she just wouldn't speak up. She had become so confident the night before, what had made her-?

“Oi! Chichinashi!”

Turning immediately as she heard this voice, Miya then saw that Ayato was now in the doorway. He was looking to both of the girl's sith a smug grin on his face. As he did so, he then spoke again, “The limousine's on the way, let's get going!”
Miya hearing these words was irritated in moments! She was about to retort back, when-
“Alright Ayato-kun... I'm coming,” with that, the blonde haired girl started packing away her books and pens again.
Hearing her do this, Miya though desperate with worry tried to speak to her again, “Yui-ko! Please you don't have to do what that brat tells you to! You don't have to go back with them! You-!”
However, Yui didn't answer Miya. As she finally packed away all her things into her bag hurriedly, she got up and started to walk to the door where Ayato was still standing.
Seeing her do this, Miya then tried again to speak up, “Yui-ko! What I told you about the night before! It will happen!”
With that as she heard these words, Yui came to a halt before Ayato. As she did so, the green eyed vampire, looked over to Miya himself. As he did so, he looked to her with narrowing irritated eyes as she continued on, “If you stay with those guys in the darkness and don't go into the light, you will suffer horribly! I know it! You'll-!”
“Miya-chan...” With that single uttering of her name, the desperate girl was made silently dumbstruck. As she was, she then heard Yui go on to tell her as she looked to her sadly, “Thank you for thinking of me so much... and for the offer of me coming to stay with you.” With that she tried to smile and as she did so she continued on, “I really appreciate it, again I just hope that... you have a wonderful time on your vacation, without me.”
Listening to Yui say this, as she looked so sadly defeated. It was terrible to Miya, however she was unable to say anything to her friend. For then, she walked away through the doorway and was beginning her journey down the corridor.
Seeing her do this, Miya herself was still with silence. However she then quickly noticed Ayato again, he was smirking at her and as he was, he told her mockingly, “Looks like you lose bitch!” With that he made his own exit out of the room too.
As she saw him do this, Miya then quickly felt her irritation for him burn furiously inside! As it did, she then made her way out of the room too! She was hot in pursuit as she followed the two of them!


Making her way down the stairs finally, Miya was walking through the last corridor. Her eyes fierce with focus, she was walking a slight distance behind Yui and Ayato. Looking on, she saw the two of them join the rest of the Sakamaki's as they waited for them by the school's entrance.
Staring on at them all, as they acted practically the way they did when she first saw them all. Being silent with not a single care, irritated her terribly. For looking on, she could see that Yui despite being a little stronger from the effects of her cordial. Was struggling a little as she walked on with them as she wobbled, she really was suffering badly from the Vitamin D deficiency! But the brothers themselves weren't even bothering to pay any attention to her condition at all!
Seeing this and fighting back a growing impulse inside, as they all proceeded out of the school's entrance. Miya herself proceeded quietly after them, to see what would happen next. Looking on a little ahead of her, down the steps that led to the front of the school, the Sakamaki's limousine had arrived and was parked awaiting it's distinguished patrons with an opened door.
As the brothers went down the stone steps, Yui proceeded after them. However as she made it down, she suddenly wobbled again and as she did, she tripped falling hard onto the floor!
Looking at this as it happened, Miya saw with widened worried eyes Yui gasp in pain as she tried to pick herself up off the floor, shivering slightly. As she did this the other students around her, watching on simply chuckled amongst themselves at this act of clumsiness.
This angered Miya bitterly, for how could the rest of her classmates just watch and let this happen to her!? However she didn't get another moment to dwell on this, for quickly walking over to her fallen friend came Ayato. Immediately with no concerned words, or care he grabbed her friend's hand and pulled her up roughly off the floor. Seeing this, she then heard him say to her, “Don't dawdle! You useless Chichinashi! We're supposed to be leaving now!”
As these words were said, Yui grimaced in pain as she was then pulled towards the opened door of the limousine. She was almost limping as she went and as Miya continued to see this with widened eyes along with the cold attitude being given by the people that were around her... she bit her lower lip and moved forward!
Yui making it over to the limousine as Ayato pulled her along with him, could feel her knees aching awfully from where she impacted upon the floor. The pain was really stinging into her, it must have been the cause of the D Deficiency she was suffering with.
However she knew, that as she was slowly being guided into the Sakamaki limousine by Ayato's cold grip. There was nothing she could do about it now. She couldn't-


Suddenly she felt a pull on her free right hand! Looking back startled, she then saw that it was none other than Miya holding onto her fast!
Looking at her, she was baffled and quickly Ayato feeling her stop then saw who was stopping them from both making it into the limousine! Looking at her, he then demanded, “Oi! What do you think you're-!”
“I've had enough!”With a look of fury in her eyes Miya immediately stopped Ayato, dead in his tracks!
Yui herself feeling and seeing her friend do this, then began to utter, “Mi-!”
However quickly she was pulled straight out of Ayato's grip and away from the door of the limousine! As she was, she was hurriedly being led into another direction as Miya walked away with her. The other students around all gasping and gossiping, wondered about what was occurring before them?
Ayato seeing the heterochromia eyed girl do this, then climbed quickly out of the limousine and as he did, he demanded, “Hey! Where do you think you're going with her! What're you-!”
Quickly hearing these outraged complaints, Miya pulling Yui back behind her. Then stated her honest thoughts, “Yui-ko's coming home with me! I'm not gonna let her be imprisoned with you bastards and see her break apart!”
Ayato dumbstruck as he heard these words, then clenched his sharp teeth together in rage at her defiance. Reiji himself then peering outside of the door of the limousine was silent, however it was clear that he was not happy with how events were now progressing.
The reddish brown haired vampire, looking to Miya as Yui looked on from behind her with concerned, worried eyes. Told the orange haired girl mad, “Quit spouting shit! Hand over Chichinashi or-!”
“Fuck you!” Miya then immediately retorted madly back. As she did so, she then gripped her friend's hand more tightly with her own. As she did so, she went on to say, “Yui-ko's not an object for you to push around as you see fit!”
Listening to all this fuss that was going on, Laito looking on out from the door of the limousine couldn't help but ask, with a keen curiosity, “Oh? What's all the fuss that going on out here then?”  
Yui looking on over at Miya's shoulder, then saw the other brothers were beginning to walk on out of the limousine too. It was clear that they were all just as curious as Laito was, but she knew with all of them gathering around them both like this... also in front of the school itself, it wouldn't end well at this rate!
However it was clear looking to her friend, that she wasn't going to give up! A fight could break out any second between them all, if she didn't do something! If she didn't-!

“So you still insist on being obstinate to the very end do you?”

Turning her gaze again, it was then Yui saw that Reiji was now looking to the two girls. His arms were folded, as he looked on with an extremely displeased expression on his face. The gentle blonde haired girl seeing this, knew thing's weren't good now at all!
However Miya herself looking at Reiji wasn't intimidated in the slightest! So she replied straight back to him, “I am when it comes to the welfare of my friends!”
Reiji hearing the heterochromia eyed girl say this. Still couldn't understand this ridiculous display of friendship. For why would this uncouth and barbarous woman, go so far to help someone as weak and pathetic as their prey? When she didn't even drink her blood, or provide her with anything of true worth?  
Yui herself, looking to her friend then gripped her hand a little worriedly. As she did so, she told her urgently, “Miya-chan! You need to let me go! You shouldn't do this! You mustn't-!”
“No! I have to!” Immediately interrupting her worried friend's words. Miya turned to look at her, as she did so, she then told her firmly, “You told me yourself, you want to come and stay with me at my place... and since you do, it's my responsibility as your friend to see that, that happens!”
Hearing her say this, Yui couldn't believe that she would go this far for her. Despite all the dangers and tribulations up to that point! In disbelief, she couldn't help but say again becoming overcome by  wonder, “Miya-chan...”
Seeing her look at her in awe this way, Miya then told her with a gentle smile coming to her face, “Now the thing that you need to do, is be firm yourself and tell these guys what it is you want! And to not give a damn about the consequences!” For looking back to them she said with a deadly certainty, “Because if they try anything, I promise I'll protect you! Plus I'll make sure they'll receive something way worse from me!”
Shivering a little as she heard her friend say this, Yui didn't like the possibility of that happening! However she then saw Miya turn to look back at her again. As she did so, she heard her say, “Just believe, everything will be okay! I assure you that it will!” With that she winked to her with her left blue eye, as she finished saying, “I'll guarantee it!”
Yui hearing these encouraging words, was silent. However inside she could feel something grow and blossom inside of herself. It was a warm invigorating feeling, something strong that she hadn't felt in a long, long time... as it came, she couldn't help but reveal a small smile to her dear friend.
To which Miya looked to her brightly herself, however the two of them then heard a familiar cold voice, “So... you wish to depart from us that badly do you?”
It was then that Yui turned and saw who'd said this, looking at him she then said with slight caution, “Reiji-san?”
Seeing that he'd got her attention once more, Reiji looking to her with serious cold eyes then asked her with an intimidating air around him, “You remember of course don't you? The consequences that will occur, if you foolishly follow along with this uncouth woman's wishes... don't you?”
Hearing him ask this, as the other students began uttering around them all furiously in gossip. Yui faltered a little inside again, for holding her right arm which was covered with the brother's fang marks... she knew what would more than likely happen later on. Or? It might be even worse than that! If she did decide to-?
“Yui-ko!” However quickly brought out of her worried thoughts, she saw Miya's strong focused odd coloured eyes looking at her. As she did, she then felt her warm hand that was wrapped tightly around her own right hand... as she did, she felt it's warm strength. As she did so, despite the dreadful possibilities, she decided to not hesitate any longer!
With her decision reached, she made a small nod to her friend with a little smile appearing on her face. Yui saw her cautiously release her from her strong warm grip, as she looked to her uncertainly herself. As this was done, she turned her pink eyes to look at Reiji and the others. As she did so, with her strong will restored inside of her, she spoke up, “Reiji-san... everyone, what Miya-chan wishes for... is what I want!”
As he heard her say this, Ayato not understanding her words in the slightest demanded out of her, “Chichinashi! What're you-!?”
Hearing him ask, it was then the gentle blonde haired girl informed him, “I won't be returning home with you all tonight, I'm going to leave with Miya-chan!”
Subaru hearing Yui say this himself, was baffled for she'd never spoken out so strongly before like this. So he had to ask her, “Huh? What're you babbling about? Why would you-?”
“I'm going to spend some time with my friend! To recover and get better and... to have fun!” Then saying that, Yui bowed to the Sakamaki's and added, “So please excuse us!” With that she stood back up again and taking her friend's warm hand again into her own, she told her, “Let's go now, Miya-chan!”
Hearing her say this, the heterochromia eyed girl then silent with amazement herself. Quickly smiled becoming proud, as she did so she told her, “Alright!” With that leading the way, she began to lead Yui away from the Sakamaki's!
Seeing their prey quickly departing away from them like that, immediately Ayato outraged then called out, “Hey! You can't just decide to do this, Chichinashi!” However the blonde haired girl didn't turn back to look at him as Miya continued to lead her away.
As he saw her doing this, Ayato mad then called out to the culprit, “Hey! Bitch! You can't just decide to take her from us! You have no-!”
Miya hearing Ayato's pathetic and whinging complaints, then decided to release all the rage she had been building up inside, so she shouted out to him and his brothers two strong words, “BITE ME!!!”
Immediately stunned as they all heard this single sentence, the brothers uttered nothing. As the rest of the school looking on were just as equally shocked. As they all became like this, finally the two girls made their exit and disappeared into the light's of the city!


After this single sentence had settled into his mind, at what Miya had shouted out to them. Laito holding his sides couldn't help but laugh at the hilarity of the irony of the heterochromia eyed girl's choice of words. As he did so, he uttered, “Ah Cow-chan! How she never fails to impress!”
Shuu himself having witnessed this dramatic scene, had now recovered from his shock and was now bored. Yawning he uttered tiredly, “This is bothersome...”
Kanato himself having been silent during this whole event, couldn't help but look down to his beloved inanimate companion. As he did so, he then uttered to him, “Girl's certainly act weird together, don't they Teddy?” However becoming sulky, he couldn't help but add, “Now because of that stupid loud woman, we won't be able to sample Yui-san's sweet delicious blood tonight!”
Hearing these words himself, Ayato then realised the same thing himself! As he did so, he became agitated! Moving himself forwards he started saying, “I'm gonna get-!”
Quickly though he was stopped in his tracks by Reiji, as he was held by his right shoulder. He heard him say, “Let it go, Ayato.”
Immediately outraged to hear this, Ayato then demanded, “How can you just tell me to let this go! That bitch has-!”
However quickly stopping him from going on, Reiji increased the pressure of his grip on Ayato's shoulder. As he did so, his sibling gritted his teeth feeling the pain from his grip, then heard him repeat, “Let it go! We've caused too much of a scene already!”
To which hearing this and continuing to feel the awful pressurised pain, Ayato finally understood what his brother meant. For the rest of the student body looking on from the entrance were all furiously whispering to each other, wondering about the scene they'd just watched. If he acted out anymore, their cover might be blown!
So bitterly the green eyed vampire relented and ceased in his desires to pursue the girl's. However it was clear that he was horribly bitter about this whole situation as became still. Doing this, it was then that Reiji released his shoulder. As he did this, he immediately stormed back towards the limousine cursing loudly, “Fuck this!”
Reiji himself seeing that he restored some semblance of order, then told his other siblings, “Alright, we may as well all be on our way...none of us have any further business to be done here.”
To which as this was said, it was then the rest of the students watching on. Hearing that the drama had finally ended all decided to make their own way home too. Though some between themselves  couldn't help but gossip about the event that had just transpired.  
Hearing all this, Laito himself completely casual about this entire situation replied, “Whatever you say Reiji!” However he couldn't help but utter aloud with a chuckle, “Though I was really enjoying this little episode of our soap opera.”
There was no response though to this comment, as quietly the brothers all filed into the limousine again. As they did so, Subaru turning back to look in the direction where the girl's had vanished to. Couldn't help but say aloud quietly, “You better be prepared for the oncoming hell you've unleashed upon yourself, Tadao...” with that he climbed into the long dark vehicle.
Seeing his youngest sibling finally entering the car and saying this, it was then Reiji's turn to enter too. However before climbing fully in, he looked to the darkened skies above him and as he did so, there was a deadly look in his eyes, as he stared to the shining waning moon. It was clear that the spectacled vampire was not going to let this event be forgotten, nor forgiven in the future that was to come! But what punishment would arise from this, for now only fate knew... For quickly the Sakamaki's were transported away and taken into the dead of the night, as they began their journey to return to the mansion they all knew as home...    
.:Chapter Twenty Eight : The Illness:.

“Now, everyone! If you would please open your textbooks to pages 58 to 59, you will find the details there, which will indicate...”

With that as the teacher carried on with his lecture, explaining the subject that was at hand in class. All of the students within the room were busy recording everything he was writing up, upon the blackboard. Scribbling away into her notebook herself, along with the rest of her classmates, Miya was doing the same.
Being as diligent as she could, she was trying to record each and every word he was saying. However, once more she couldn't help but be distracted as she turned her odd coloured eyes across to the left of herself. What she saw there, was Yui's vacant chair and desk...
Looking to it, Miya felt a pang of depression and worry again inside. For the last time that she'd seen her friend, was when she'd almost collapsed and she'd caught her... which was now at least over a week ago.
She'd been informed along with the rest of her classmates, by the teacher that she'd been away due to illness. That was keeping her bed-ridden, making her unable to come and join them. However inside she still could feel apprehension, for there was something terribly wrong about all this. But when she'd gone to get some information from any of the Sakamaki's themselves. None of them had given her any proper answers at all and for the most part had ignored her queries entirely.
Thinking again of this, it frustrated her deeply! Clenching her pen tightly, she couldn't get rid of the image of Yui's terrible pale complexion when she'd last seen her... also the way she almost fell! Something was up and she knew it!
As she felt her worry and frustration build up inside, about the possibilities that might be happening to her while the rest of her class continued on with their writing. She then finally decided she couldn't ignore this any longer! So looking out to the window where the dark cloudy night sky, revealed the light of the Waning Moon, she proclaimed under her breath as her eyes looked to it fiercely, “I'm gonna get some answers about this!”



Slapping her left hand down upon his desk, Miya then demanded angrily, “Okay you four eyes! Start talking! What's wrong with Yui-ko!?”
Looking to his rude and uninvited visitor with serious cold eyes, Reiji had his arms folded and was silent. It was now the beginning of the first break of the night and before he had the chance to move away from his seat, Miya had waltzed straight in just as a couple of his other classmates had exited the room and had begun her 'Interrogations.'  
As he looked into her agitated green and blue odd coloured irises, the spectacled young man could hear his classmates uttering to themselves quietly. All curious about this intense conversation that was beginning to play out before their eyes.
Sighing as he could feel what this might be developing into, Reiji then uttered his first thoughts as he corrected his lenses with his gloved hand, “This is utterly unnecessary...”
Miya herself with a sour expression on her own face, didn't move an inch as she continued to stare at him with a hard glare. Feeling her do this, Reiji then turning his light coloured red eyes to look at her, said simply, “You already know the current state of affairs, don't you?”
The heterochromia eyed girl though didn't respond to this as she continued to stare at him. As she did, Reiji then continued on, now folding his arms as he looked back to her, “The teachers have already been informed and they would have told you, what I am about to repeat to you, Yui is ill and can't attend any classes at this time.”
Hearing him say this so coldly, Miya was expecting as much from him. However she then responded immediately with suspicion brewing inside of her, “Ill with what?”
As she asked like this, Reiji didn't bother at first to respond and simply stared at her with his red eyes. However looking on, they narrowed ever so slightly. She was asking too many intrusive questions... but he decided to flatly tell her, “It is none of your business to know.”
Listening to him say this, Miya herself then replied immediately, “Well I have to disagree!”


With that she slapped her other hand onto the desk and as she did, this made the other students all the more uneasy! For the rumours of Miya being violent and a delinquent were seemingly being proven to be correct...
However ignoring the gasps and suspicious mutterings that were being echoed all around her, Miya then demanded with a slight agitated undertone to her voice, “I wanna see Yui-ko! And you're gonna let it happen!”
Reiji hearing her being forceful like this, was unintimidated entirely. He was simply becoming further irritated with this disrespectful attitude she was displaying and so he responded keeping his gentlemanly but firm tone, “I have no interest or need to agree to your rude demands, so you will be refused entry entirely.”
Then saying that, he heard a slight growl echo in Miya's throat as she stared at him with fierce agitation. Seeing this he decided to ask her as he put his gloved right hand to his spectacles with a serious gaze, “Did you believe I would simply succumb if you threatened me in this manner?”
As she heard him ask this question, Miya herself just as unflinching cool replied, “Oh, of course not! Cause that would just be too easy wouldn't it?”
Hearing her say this, stirred some small ounce of intrigue from Reiji. But before he could move to ask her for details, she then informed him as a devious smirk appeared on her face, “But I think you will this time... unless you want some nasty words of rumour spreading about!” With that she then turned her odd coloured eyes to look at the suspicious students that surrounded both her and him.
Reiji himself seeing the uneasy atmosphere that was spreading around, could hear some of the words of the students as they uttered to each other quietly with worry,

“What is Tadao-san talking about?” “Something about a girl called Yui-san.”
“Yui-san? You mean that girl who lives in the same house as Reiji-san?” “Yeah!”
“Why does Tadao-san, want to see her so badly?” “How should I know!?”
“Do you think something's wrong here? Maybe we should go and call...?”

As he heard these words, Reiji then could see what Miya's ploy was! This provoked his anger further inside, for it was clear that again he'd underestimated her...
Looking at Reiji, as he turned his displeased red eyes to look at her. Amused Miya all the more, for she was glad to have turned the tables upon him! So displaying an air of coyness, she asked him, “Because I know just how awful and inconvenient that would be for you to suffer with! Especially if it reaches the teacher's ears!” Then leaning in a little closer, she added in so no-one else would hear with a serious cold tone, “And I can make you and all your brothers burn even more! Especially with all the info I know about you bastards!”
Staying still, as Miya then moved herself back to her previous position with her serious heterochromia coloured irises fixed on him. Reiji stared back at her with utter irritation! For she truly knew no boundaries! So he uttered to her, trying to hold his rage back, “You really will stop at nothing will you?”
As she heard these words, Miya simply grinned and replied smugly, “Obviously!”
Silent as this single word was uttered, Reiji then reclaiming some of his composed semblance informed her, “...One hour.”
Becoming puzzled as she heard this, Miya uttered, “Huh?”
Seeing her lose her cockiness briefly, Reiji then explained simply so she'd understand with what little intelligence she had, “I will permit you to visit the confines of our home tomorrow, for one hour... and no more.” With that as he said this, he looked to her dumbfounded expression and asked her, “Or are you going to demand more time?”
Hearing him say this to her, Miya was quiet. She knew at that moment she could do that, but at the same time she knew that if she continued to press Reiji. She'd be stepping on more black ice and she couldn't risk anything more happening to Yui. So looking at him with her own air of seriousness returning, she replied, “No, an hour's all I need! I'll be there tomorrow!” With that she done, she finally removed her hands off of Reiji's desk and went to move out of the classroom.
Watching her as she did this, Reiji was silent as were the rest of his classmates who stared at her with perplexed eyes. However before the heterochromia eyed girl left, she grinned to the unamused spectacled young man as she made a simple wave saying, “Nice doin' business with ya! Reiji-san!” With that she was gone.
Looking after her as she left, the students all having experiencing this interaction couldn't understand exactly what had transpired between Miya and Reiji. But seeing that it had ended seemingly on a positive note, they decided not to pay it any more mind. So they proceeded on with their own peaceful conversations and activities, ignoring the event altogether.
However Reiji himself looking to the door still, couldn't help but utter under his own breath with scorn, “That woman really is a spiteful beast!”


Walking down the school corridor herself, Miya finally losing her fake smile. Then couldn't help but utter aloud with annoyance herself as she went, “Damn stubborn prick! I thought he'd never cave in!”
However she could allow herself to relax a little now, for she finally had got the okay to go and visit Yui! As this positive thought came to her mind, she felt her annoyance ease away slightly. For if nothing else, this had at least made the night brighter for her...
But as she thought about herself visiting the next night, she then realised something, “Oh yeah! I'll have to make sure to bring another bottle of our family cordial with me! Also, I might need-?”


Suddenly distracted from her thoughts, Miya stopping quickly then rooted through her school jacket pocket and brought out her mobile. Looking to it, she saw that she had received a message. She  uttered curious, “From mom?”
With that tapping the buttons, she went to see what her mother had asked of her. Silent she read the message and as she did, her eyes widened a little in surprise at what was written...
However looking at the text, Miya then after a moment couldn't help but reveal a small smile. As she did so, she said aloud softly in an audible reply, “Maybe mom... maybe that'll happen...” With those words, she closed the message and put her phone away in her pocket as she went to grab a bit of lunch and finish the rest of the night that remained within the walls of the Ryoutei Academy...



Slumbering under the covers of her pink canopied bed, dressed in her light white nightdress, Yui was struggling to wake up. For so long, she'd been so weak, no matter how much sleep she was getting and even with the medicine she was receiving from Reiji. Nothing had been working for her...she hadn't got better at all.
As she groggily turned over in her covers, she could just make out the sounds of voices that seemed to be coming from beyond her bedroom door.

“Here you are, now remember what we agreed on. You have one hour, no more, no less.”

Hearing this voice, Yui started to open her eyes tiredly and as she did. She uttered almost breathlessly, “Reiji...san?”

“Yeah I know! I get it! You don't have to be such a nag! Just open the door already!”

It was then though that hearing this irritated familiar feminine voice, Yui's consciousness was quickly stirring into alert! For hearing the door opening, she heard footsteps and as she did so, she finally opened her eyes. Quickly becoming surprised the one person she saw who was standing there before her was none other than, “Miya...chan?”
The orange haired girl seeing her friend looking up to her with widened eyes, felt a surge of relief to see her alright, so she responded gently to her with a smile, “Hey, long time no see, Yui-ko!”
As she saw her friend before her though, dressed in her usual casual wear with a couple of plastic bags in hand. Yui couldn't believe that she was in the mansion with her at that moment! After all these long weeks it felt so unreal, so she had to ask her bewildered by this, “How come... you're here? Why-?”
“I've come to see you obviously!” Then Miya answered her friend with a grin still gracing her features. With that she put her bags aside for a moment on the floor and grabbed the white chair that was stood before the vanity mirror. Taking it with her, she sat herself down before the right side of Yui's bed and finished saying, “With permission finally granted to me from that old four eyes.”
Hearing this, Yui still couldn't believe what she was hearing! So she decided to ask her friend, “You're stay over again, like-?”
“Not this time sadly no,” Miya answered as she interrupted her. As she did so, she then went on to explain to her now puzzled friend, “I've been given permission to see you for only an hour today, so... my presence won't be long lasting sadly.”
As she heard this being said to her, Yui then became a little sad herself. As she did, she then said softly turning her head to the side, “I see...”
However Miya turning back to look at her friend and seeing the melancholy that was now gracing her face. Didn't want things to stay this way, especially with her so weakened already. So reaching her fingerless gloved right hand over, she took Yui's left one and held it.
The blonde haired girl surprised by the warmth and softness of her touch, then felt Miya stroking her hand gently with her thumb. Looking at her, she saw her friend smile gently as she told her, “But even if it's not much time... I'm glad to see you, I was so worried about you, Yui-ko.”
Hearing her friend say these gentle words to her, as she touched her hand so comfortingly like this. Yui looking at Miya's smile, was quiet. But after a moment, she couldn't help but reveal a smile of her own too. For despite her weakness she was so glad, for after being so ill after all this time. It'd been so lonely for her...
So softly she said, “Miya-chan...” With that, she moved herself and finally sitting upright in bed. She squeezed her friend's warm hand in reply, as she told her, “Thank you...I'm so glad to see you too.”
Miya, hearing this was quiet. However she simply smiled a little more and released a small laugh, humoured and relieved at the moment they were sharing. With that their short time together began...


“Whoa!” Amazed, Yui couldn't believe what she was receiving! For presented to her was a small bouquet of flowers, it comprised of small white daises and some pansies of many colours, mainly blue, yellow and pink. Seeing it she asked her friend, “Is this really for me?”
Hearing this question being asked of her, Miya smiled as she replied, “Yep!” Then placing the flowers beside her friend, on her wooden bedside drawers. She went on to explain, “They're actually a gift for you from my mom.”
As she heard this with surprise, Yui asked her, “Your mother? She's the one who made that for me?”
Nodding in reply as she heard this being asked, Miya then replied, “Yeah, you see when I explained to her that you were unwell, she insisted I bring these with me for you, to thank you for all the help you've given me and...cause she wants you to get better too.”
Hearing Miya say this, Yui couldn't believe that her friend's mother could be so generous. However, looking to the flowers as they sat at her bedside, she was pleased at the thoughtfulness of the gift, so she turned back and replied with a small smile, “Well I'm sure I'll get better sooner, especially with these lovely flowers.” With that turning her pink eyes to look back to her friend, she asked her,”Would you please, tell your mother I said thank you, Miya-chan?”
Smiling as she heard this simple request, the heterochromia eyed girl then replied casually, “Sure! No problem!” Then on a further note she decided to admit, “I'm just glad her one redeeming flower hobby has come to some use here!”
As she heard this comment, Yui herself couldn't help but giggle. For if that was one thing she'd missed, it were these little moments of conversation they'd share together.
Then Miya at that moment still smiling, quickly remembered something else, “Oh yeah!” With that she rummaged through the other plastic bag she'd brought with her.
Quiet as she did this, Yui stared. Looking on she saw her friend bring something else out, as she retrieved whatever it was, she heard her say, “Here you go!” With that some sheets of paper were presented to her.
Looking on curiously, Yui took them from Miya and looked over at them. Surprised she saw that they had her friend's handwriting all over them, as she saw this she looked back to her and asked, “Are these-?”
“They're notes!” Miya answered her brightly. As she did so, she then explained to her curious blonde haired friend, “I made copies of all the work in the classes that you weren't in, so you'll be able to catch up properly when you come back to study with us.”
Hearing this with surprise, Yui exclaimed, “Wow!” Then looking over all her friend's work, she couldn't help but ask as she turned back to her, “You prepared all these notes just for me, Miya-chan?”    
As this was asked of her, Miya then simply nodded as she continued to smile.
Seeing her do this, Yui felt so warmed inside. For even when she was bed-ridden like this and away from her, Miya was still thinking of her all that time in class. This cheered her up tremendously and so she told her, “Thank you... this was so nice of you to do for me.”
Then as Miya heard her say this, she grinned becoming pleased and with a chuckle said, “It's no problem!” Then looking to the side, she decided to admit, “I mean, you've done so much for me already, Yui-ko... I wanted to return the favour somehow, so if I got to do this for you and it helps... then, I'm glad that I did it.”
Hearing this, Yui simply smiled a little more. She was so lucky to have Miya by her side like this. Despite her illness and all her suffering, simple kind gestures like these were all that she needed to feel better about her situation. So she told her, “Well I'm sure that they will, I'll work hard so I can be back in class with you soon.”
“Good!” Miya then responded positively. Then as the peaceful atmosphere drifted about around them, she looked to the time upon her mobile. As she did so, she realised that she couldn't delay for too much longer... she had to get some proper answers and soon!
So looking back to her Yui who started looking over her notes, a serious look was in Miya's eyes. For though she was enjoying the calm and happy peace they were experiencing, it wasn't going to last much longer. If she was going to give any real assistance for her friend, she had to take charge! So with a calm firm tone, Miya asked her, “Yui-ko?”
Hearing this question in this serious tone of voice, Yui looked to her friend with her puzzled pink eyes. As she did so, she saw the serious gaze that was in Miya's heterochromia coloured irises. Seeing it, she was silent as she heard her ask, “How have you been doing? Really?”
As she heard this being put to her, Yui staring at Miya could understand now what she was getting at. She was worried not just for her health, she was concerned about her well being. Knowing this, she clenched her bedsheets as she answered truthfully looking down, “I... nothing too terrible has been happening to me, Miya-chan. So you don't have to worry about that and I have been getting a little better recently...but?”
Her concern growing, Miya pressed her gently as she asked, “But what?”
As this question was put to her, Yui feeling nervous described what she'd been suffering with, “I, I've been feeling really weak lately, my body keeps trembling and... I find it hard to balance on my feet, so I-”
“And that's the reason you've been sick and away from school?” Miya asked, ending her sentence for her.
Yui nodded in reply, she was feeling terribly worried about the illness she was suffering from. For it was clear to her, soon the awakening was going to take place. Like the Sakamaki's had been telling her it would... soon she wouldn't be human anymore. She'd become a vampire and then-
“Yui-ko?” Her thoughts interrupted, Yui looking to Miya saw that her eyes were still fixed on her with serious concern. As they were, she heard her friend ask her, “Are you okay?”
Hearing this question being put to her, immediately the blonde haired girl replied, “Huh? Um, oh yes!” Then trying to recover some of her previous brightness, she told her trying to hide her insecurities, “I'm fine, Miya-chan don't worry! I was just lost in thought so...”
As she heard her friend say this, Miya was uncertain. However she decided to go with what was told to her, for if she pried she was going to waste more time. However there was one thing that she wanted answered no matter what, “Yui-ko?”
Turning her pink eyes to look back to her, Yui was silent. Then she heard her ask, with a serious gaze in her eyes, “Please, tell me what you're suffering with... what else has been happening to your body?”
Hearing these words, Yui looking to Miya repeated, “Suffering with?”
Nodding, Miya then told her, “Yeah, I wanna hear whatever else has been ailing you, if I do... then I might be able to do something about it.”
Listening to her reasons as they were explained to her, Yui was quiet. Looking down to her bedsheets again, she was unsure whether or not to tell Miya her symptoms. For it might alert her of the terrible truth of what it was she was going through, also of what she was sure she was going to become...
“Yui-ko,” As she heard her name being called seriously again, Yui turned back to look at Miya. As she did she saw the earnest light that was shining there within her eyes, as she did she then heard her tell her strongly, “Tell me the truth.”
Listening to these words being said to her, Yui was silent. However under Miya's strong gaze, she knew she couldn't hide this from her. So looking from her, to her bed she clenched her sheets tightly again as she began to explain cautiously what had been plaguing her all this time...

After some short moments of detailed explanation. Miya was silent as she thought to herself, with her gloved hand to her chin as she made her considerations...
Watching her as she did this, Yui silently looking to her friend wondered what it was, that she was thinking about? However she didn't have to wait too long, as finally Miya looked to her and said, “Okay, so to sum up everything... you say your joints have been hurting you right?”
Hearing this comment, Yui nodded. As she did so, Miya then continued on as she said, “Alright and you mentioned too, that you've been sweating a lot around your head, plus you've been feeling really depressed too, right?”
Nodding once more, Yui then replied, “Yeah... that's correct?”
As this was said, Miya then folded her arms and as she did, she uttered aloud, “Hmmm...” as she did this, she thought to herself once again. As she did so, she then after a little time came to her conclusions and looking to her ailing friend, she spoke, “I think I know what you've got, Yui-ko.”
Surprised to hear this, Yui uttered, “Huh? You do?”
Then looking to her seriously, Miya responded, “Yeah I do...” With that she gave her, her diagnosis, “I think you're suffering from Vitamin D Deficiency.”
There was silence in the air as these words were uttered, Yui herself looking to her friend repeated puzzled, “Vitamin D... Deficiency?”
To which with a single nod, Miya replied, “Yeah, in other words... you haven't been out in the sun in ages have you?”
As this was said, Yui then had to ask, “The sun?”
Seeing she was puzzled, Miya went on to explain, “That's where normally people get their main source of Vitamin D, from the sunlight... if you don't get enough, bad things start happening to your body.” With that her eyes looked on at her really seriously as she then finished saying, “Like what you're experiencing right now.”
Silent as she heard this, Yui was dumbfounded. She was experiencing Vitamin Deficiency? It wasn't the Awakening? She couldn't believe it could be something so simple like this. However before she could dwell on these thoughts, “Yui-ko?” Turning her attentions back immediately, she saw Miya looking at her still. As she did, she heard her ask again, “Tell me, when was the last time you actually stood outside properly during daylight hours?”
As this question was put to her, Yui then honestly couldn't remember when the last time had been... it'd been so long. However she couldn't worry her friend like this and so she replied, “Um? Well... maybe? A month or so...?”
Folding her arms though as she heard the weak doubt that was in her friend's voice. It was clear that Miya was far from believing her as she replied, “Oh really?”
Hearing her ask this in that suspicious tone of voice and with that still critical gaze in her eyes, all Yui could do was bow her head down. Trying to avoid her intense stare... for she felt so vulnerable when she looked at her that way.
Seeing her do this, it was clear to Miya about one thing as she then said, “Well I can tell that it's been more than that...  I'd say at least three or more months right?”
Yui didn't answer, instead all she did was clench her sheets more. For she couldn't tell the truth, she couldn't! Otherwise-!
Looking at her as she did this, Miya then decided to bluntly tell her, “Yui-ko, there's only one cure for this condition... you need to go in the sunlight, if you don't thing's are going to get much worse for you!”
Hearing her say this, Yui then looking away from her bedsheets turned back to her friend and as she did. She asked repeating with a worried tone, “Much worse?”
With a single nod, Miya then explained, “Exactly! In the worst case scenario, you'll end up suffering from Soft Bone Syndrome.”
Hearing this term, Yui asked her friend, “Soft Bone Syndrome?”
Miya then explained in as simple enough detail as she could, “It's a condition that happens when you don't get enough Vitamin D, when you don't have enough in your system, it causes your bones to soften as they lose strength from not being given the proper blocks in the building process...”
Yui was silent as she heard this, feeling her worries build up more and more. For as Miya explained on, it caused her anxiety to increase tremendously as she heard her say, “It increases the sensitivity to pain you feel, as your bones become rickety. Even your muscles become effected, making it more difficult for you to move around, particularly in your back and limbs... so your bones literally could all fracture and break like twigs!”
As she heard now what she possibly could suffer from in the future as the explanation was given to her. Yui couldn't deny it, it was a terrible and horrible possibility! She didn't want that! But... she didn't want it to be the worst case scenario. So she tried to quell the gloom in the room, as she said, “But um? Miya-chan... I'm sure that won't happen to me! There's no way it could become that bad! It wouldn't-!”

“It will!”

Alerted in moments, Yui turned her pink eyes back to look at her friend. Seeing her, the blonde haired girl saw that she was dead serious in her tone and expression as she went on to say, “This is not a joke, Yui-ko! Don't make light of this situation!”
Hearing her say this, as she stared at her with her widened pink anxious eyes. She was so shaken up by Miya's intense gaze, that she could feel herself tremble underneath it.
Seeing her become like this, Miya herself was silent. However it was then she decided to retrieve the last item that she'd brought with her, with a sigh she spoke once again, “I've brought my family's cordial with me.”
Hearing this, Yui saw that once again her friend had brought along with her a glass bottle, which contained the enriching and delicious red liquid. Which she placed upon her bedside drawers, along with the bouquet of flowers that her mother had given to her.
Looking to it, as it was placed there. Yui then turned her pink eyes back to look at Miya and as she did so, she heard her begin to speak, “This'll help you recover your energy and strength for the meantime, but for better long lasting effects... you've got to go into the daylight, Yui-ko!” As she said this with a stern certainty in her voice, she finished saying, “It's the only option you have!”
Listening to her saying these words, Yui was quiet. For inside, she really did want to go into the light. She truly did! However, she knew that the Sakamaki's would never allow this... for she knew they didn't like the taste of the sunlight in her blood. However she quickly tried to think of some alternatives that would be better to avoid conflict, “Um? But... I could just take supplements, Miya-chan.”
Hearing this, Miya then repeated doubtfully, “Supplements?”
Nodding, Yui then explained, “Yeah, I mean I have been taking some already, so if I just take more that contain Vitamin D, then I'm sure I'll be alright! I'll-”
“It won't!” Miya interrupted her, stopping Yui in her tracks.
As she did this, the blonde haired girl looking to her friend uttered puzzled, “Huh?”
Seeing her looking at her perplexed, Miya then being decisive informed her, “They're not a permanent solution, Yui-ko! They're temporary at most and even then, it is recorded that it's difficult to get the Vitamin just from supplements alone.”
Hearing this Yui was silent more, however she couldn't help but shake more inside. For if that wouldn't work for her, then-?
Miya though carried on with her serious explanations as she said, “The best source that there is, is only one thing, sunlight... over 90% of what our bodies need is generated in just those rays alone, in no more than thirty to twenty minutes!” Then as she said these words, the heterochromia eyed girl folded her arms and as she did so, she finished saying, “And there's no one that can disagree with that! Not even those bastards!”
As she heard her friend say this with such conviction, Yui was rendered into absolute silence. Unable to argue back at all...
Feeling the silence that was in the air, Miya still with her arms folded then told her friend trying to be a little more softer this time, “Yui-ko, what I'm saying to you here... is in for concern for you, you need to do this, you need to go into the sunlight!”
Hearing her friend say this to her, Yui tightened her grip on her bedsheets again. As she did so, she was struggling inside, against her desires along with her fear... so all she could do was look to her friend with a sad smile as she said, “I know... I know you do, Miya-chan... and I'm grateful for that.”
Miya hearing herself these words was silent still, as she stared at her blonde haired friend. Looking at her, she could see an aura of apprehension that was around her. It was clear who she was thinking of, that would cause these feelings to arise inside of her. But for the moment she decided to remain quiet, to see what she would say next.
Feeling her friend's gaze on her still, Yui shook a little. As she struggled, trying to think of what to say. Finally after a little bit, she looked to Miya and told her, “And I thank you for your advice, I'll try and do my best from now on to-”
“That's not good enough!” Stopped in her tracks, startled Yui looking to Miya saw she was severe in her gaze as she looked at her. The heterochromia eyed girl, with a fierce determined expression then told her, “I don't want you to say you'll try, I want to hear you say that you will do it!”
As she heard her friend say these words to her, Yui then couldn't help but say hesitantly, “Miya-chan?”
Hearing her say her name like this, the orange haired girl then told her, “Yui-ko, I can tell when you're lying to me... you can't fool me with those soft words.” Then saying that, she reached over and taking her friend's pale left hand into her own gloved left one. She went on to say, “And I can't be passive about this, I want you to do something! Otherwise if you don't... I think the consequences will be too dire to even mention here!”
Listening to her friend as she said these words and feeling her warm touch on her hand was quiet for a moment. She realised that Miya wasn't doing this to make things uncomfortable for her. She was just trying to make thing's better and she was grateful for that. However, she had to point out to her, “But... the brothers, I know they won't let me do that... it'll conflict with them too much and I-?”
“Who gives a fuck!?” Miya said mad! Then doing that she squeezed Yui's hand a little more tightly, which made her look to her friend with shocked eyes. As she did this, the heterochromia eyed girl went on to say, “This isn't about them! This is about you! Your needs and health are far more important than those bastards wishes!”
As she heard Miya say this, while becoming so angered. Yui was speechless, however she tried to speak again, “But I? I can't...” however it was no use. She couldn't think of anything more to say, so sadly she lowered her gaze away from her friend. Feeling helpless against the forces that were all around her.
Miya seeing Yui do this, was getting irritated by her reluctance. But at the same time, she couldn't blame her entirely. For she'd already seen how terrible the Sakamaki's could become... but at the same time she knew she couldn't let this go!

As the silent uncomfortable atmosphere filled the room, Miya finally removed her hand from Yui's hand. Doing this, she then moved it to the back of her head and scratched her orange locks. As she did so, she sighed saying, “Hell's sake...”
Hearing Miya say this, Yui turning to look to her friend was still quiet as she looked back down again. The sad gaze still remained in her eyes, for with her current circumstances being what they were... there was no way in the mansion, the Sakamaki's would allow such a thing like going into the sunlight happen. There was no-
“Look!” Startled out of her depressed thoughts, Yui looked back to Miya quickly again. As she did so, she then saw her gazing at her again with annoyance as she told her, “If those bastards are making it too difficult here for you to do that, why don't we just do an alternative?”
As she heard her friend say this, Yui quiet then became puzzled. As she did, she repeated curiously, “An alternative?”
With a firm nod, Miya then told her, “Yeah!” With that she told her what her thought was, “Why don't you just come over and stay at my place?”
Silent immediately with surprise as she heard this, Yui asked her friend in slight wonder, “Come over to your place?”
“Exactly!” Miya told her outright. As she did, she then told her, “I mean come on! I've been over to this mansion plenty of times already and I think it's about time you have a change of scenery!” With that as she said these words, the heterochromia eyed girl removed her hand from her orange locks. As she did she went on to say, “Since we've got our vacation the day after tomorrow, you can come and stay with me! That way you'd have more freedom and you could go into the sunlight as much as you need! You'd get better that way!”
Hearing this startling option being presented to her, Yui had never once thought of even asking such a thing from her friend! The very idea wasn't unpleasant at all... but she had to be truthful as she answered, “Well I... I'm grateful for the offer Miya-chan but, I don't know if I'd be allowed to...” With that thinking of the brothers again. She couldn't help but say, “I mean, I'm sure that Reiji-san and the others... they wouldn't like that and-?”
“You don't need permission!” Immediately turning her pink eyes to look at Miya with surprise again, Yui heard her go on to say, “I may need that when I come and see you here, but you won't need it when you come and see me! Those guys have no power or influence over my house!”
Hearing these words, Yui couldn't argue that point. However she still felt uncertainty as she said, “But still I-?”
“But nothing!” Saying that, Miya looked on fiercely again and as she did, she went on to say, “Yui-ko! You have your own life to live, you can't let those guys sway your decisions here! If you continue to, then it'll end badly for you and I know it!”
As these words were put to her, Yui was silent again. For once more, she knew inside that Miya was correct. If she stayed still and did nothing, the suffering that she was feeling from her illness and the treatment that the brothers were putting her through. It wasn't going to stop, it would keep progressing and at the worst... she'd be transformed into a vampire like them, or she'd succumb fatally to this illness.
Inside she still felt fear inside at the possibilities that might happen to her, if she acted out of line. Daring to go against their wishes... but at the same time. She felt a resolve begin to burn inside of her, her friend was right. She couldn't let things continue to be this way, because she didn't want it to be like this... she didn't want this fate!
Looking to her friend who continued to look at her so determinedly, she said softly, “Miya-chan...” then as she did this, a gentle smile came to her face.
Seeing her do this, Miya continued to remain silent. However she could feel something was changing in her friend. As it did, she felt hopeful inside as she listened to Yui say, “You're right, I agree with you... thing's aren't gonna change if I let thing's remain like this, so?”
Hearing her say this, Miya then gently encouraged her to continue as she asked, “So?”
With that as she heard her repeat this single word, Yui looked to Miya determinedly herself as she told her, “I'll do what you've said, I'll speak up...I'll make it happen so I can come and visit you too. Because I want things to change!”
As she listened to her blonde haired friend say this, as she looked at her with her pink eyes. Miya could see the light that was reflecting in them, wasn't the usual soft gentleness. It was now a strengthened one... full of resolve.
Seeing this, she didn't have any need to doubt her now. So with a pleased smile, she told her with a great deal of relief, “Good! I'm glad to hear that!” With that, she then reached her gloved hand back over again and put it upon her blonde locks, as she stroked her saying, “I'm proud you've finally got some of that strong spirit back you in again.”
Feeling Miya's gentle touch upon her head and hearing her pleased words. Yui brightened hugely and smiled, for she was so glad to have her support and encouragement...


“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

As the warm laughter filled the air, Yui was struggling to keep her sides from aching due to the jokes that Miya was saying. The heterochromia eyed girl giggling herself at all this hilarity, then heard her friend struggle to say through her own giggles, “Ha! Ha! Oh... no more! I can't! I can't take one more!”
Grinning as she heard her say this though, Miya decided otherwise and so recovering from one more snigger she said, “Oh c'mon! C'mon! I gotta do one more! Just one!” With that, regaining more of a calm tone of voice with a smile, she began to speak the joke, “Okay, what did Snow White say when she came out of the photo booth?”
Hearing this question being put to her, Yui smiling still then answered honestly, “I...don't know?”
Knowing she wouldn't Miya then gave her the answer as she continued to grin more, “Someday my prints will come!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Once again laughter came pouring forth from both girls. They were fully entertained and having a wonderful time in each other's company, the serious conversation from before seemingly forgotten...


However this was quickly all stopped as both girl's heard the knocking from the door. Turning, startled, they then saw that opening the door to the lilac walled bedroom. It was none other than the strict enforcer of the Sakamaki household, Reiji.
Seeing that he'd got attention of both of the girls as they looked to him. He then told them coldly with his arms folded, “Your hour of pleasantries is now at it's end.”
Hearing Reiji say this, immediately filled Miya with dismay as she responded to him, “What already!?”
In reply though, the spectacled young man said nothing as he continued to look at her critically. It was clear that he was not in the mood for disagreements or compromises, as he stared at both girls coldly.
Irritated by this silence, Miya then replied with an aggravated sigh, “Fuck sake... that's not fair!”
Yui herself was feeling dismayed greatly too. For she'd been having so much fun again and now... it was coming to an end again. Tightening her hands upon her sheets again, she wished it didn't have to come to an end like this.
Reiji though looking at both of the girl's attitudes to his words, felt nothing for their soured moods. He then spoke again, “An hour is an hour, time is not a force you can argue against.”
Hearing this herself though, Miya looking to the spectacled young man, then retorted back, “So says you!”
Once again though there came no audible reply to her words. But seeing Reiji's hard judgemental gaze, she knew she couldn't delay anymore. So taking her empty bags, she told him irritated, “But fine, a deal's deal! And I always keep my promises...” with that she got up and went to go to the opened door.
Seeing her begin to go, Yui then couldn't help but utter sadly with lonely longing, “Miya-chan...”
Hearing her say this, as she got to the opened door. Miya turning back to her friend, looked at her sadly too. However she couldn't let thing's end that night gloomily, so she told her brightly, “Don't worry, Yui-ko! We'll see each other tomorrow okay? Don't forget what we talked about before! It is gonna happen right?”
As she said these words, Yui quiet for a moment. Then recovered her smile and nodding her head she told her friend gladly, “Yes! Of course... I know it will!”
Becoming bright herself at her enthusiasm, Miya then replied, “Good answer!”
Reiji hearing this, then became quietly curious himself as he wondered what it was they had both been talking about together? However he didn't get a chance to further dwell on this thought, as Miya turned to him and said, “Well, you here to show me to the door? Or are you gonna just stand there like a statue all night?”
Displeased immediately as he heard these words, Reiji narrowing his eyes then finally made a reply to her, “Still as unscrupulous as ever aren't you?”
To which in reply, Miya simply shrugged her shoulders. As she did so, she then turned to Yui one more time and said, “Goodnight Yui-ko! You rest well alright?” Then before turning to go again, she told her quickly remembering, “Oh! And don't forget to take some of my cordial!”
Nodding immediately, Yui then replied to her, “Yes of course! Good night, Miya-chan!”
Pleased to see that she'd managed to cheer up her friend greatly, Miya felt a warmth spread in her heart. As she did so, it was then she finally took her leave with a wave saying, “Okay! Bye!”
With that watching on, Yui saw Miya disappear with Reiji following after her. Closing the door behind him, she heard the sounds of footsteps go and die away as they went down the corridor together.
Silent for a few moments as she heard the fading of these steps. She then turned her pink eyes to the red cordial that Miya had left behind for her, along with her mother's flowers. Seeing them, she felt cheered immediately and following her friend's advice, she took the bottle and opened it up.
Doing so, she smelt it's sweet enriching scent in the air and as she did so, she was glad to have it again. So pouring the contents, into an empty glass she had at hand on her drawers. She picked it up and quickly putting it to her lips she drank it. The energising and warm effects of the cordial flowed into her system in moments.
Sighing peacefully as she felt stronger inside than she had in a long time. Yui was so glad to have had the time that she shared together, with her dear friend... then as she thought of what had been  discussed and the possibility that might come tomorrow. She couldn't help but smile at that idea too. For if she got the chance to experience leaving the Sakamaki household like that, then-?

“That uncouth woman!”

Distracted immediately again as she heard this familiar voice, the blonde haired girl then saw with surprise that it was, “Reiji-san?”
For there standing at the door to her room again, was the spectacled vampire. Who was obviously in an irritated mood, as he closed the door behind him and folded his arms. He continued on to say, “I don't understand how you can bear being in her presence! She's utterly detestable to no degree!”
Yui was silent at hearing this, as she did so she looked down again becoming a little saddened. For she knew already that Reiji didn't get along too well with her friend, but then... not really any of the brothers did. But they'd never got to experience her kindness and compassion like she had. If they did, would they-?
“Now?” Immediately again interrupted away from her thoughts, Reiji then had turned his attentions back to her again. As he did so, he asked her the question that he wanted answered, “Tadao-san, mentioned something to you that would be occurring tomorrow... what is it?”
Yui hearing Reiji ask his question, then saw that the opportunity for her to ask her own request had come faster than even she could imagine! But, again feeling the strength of her friend's cordial working within her, along with her own growing resolve. She decided to try and swallow away her fear as she looked to the spectacled vampire and began to speak, “Reiji-san...?”
Seeing her pause, Reiji continued to look on silently with his still critical gaze. As he did so, he then saw Yui look on with determination and as she did. She finally asked the question, the answer that would be given and the results afterwards would cause a new set of events to come into play...  
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.:Chapter Twenty Seven : The Observation:.

“What the hell do you mean!?”

Turning his red spectacled eyes to look at her. It was clear that Reiji was not impressed with the angry outburst that Miya had practically shouted out to him, as she gazed at him with a look of disbelief.
The two of them were within the confines of his empty class room and it was now within the last hour of home time. The heterochromia eyed girl was once again making her requests with him which would allow her to come and visit the Sakamaki mansion. However unlike the last dozen or so times, “If I must repeat myself... I will not allow you entry to our home this weekend.”
Silent as she heard this being said to her, Miya couldn't understand what had brought this change in him! So again, irritated she demanded, “Why!?”
Hearing her angered words, Reiji continuing to gaze at her as he stood within the room with his arms folded, then explained coldly and simply, “Because you're not required.”
As these words were delivered to her in such a matter of fact and distant way, Miya still didn't understand and she had to ask, “What do you mean I'm not required!?” However at this demand, Reiji didn't make a single reply as he continued to look at her coldly. As he did this, the heterochromia eyed girl continued on, “Just what're you playing at!?”
Again though Reiji didn't utter a word in reply and doing this, just irritated the orange haired girl all the more as she then told him, “You haven't let me come back to visit Yui-ko for the last three weeks! Why're you doing this!? What did I do to piss you off!? Just what-!”
“I never said that you would have entry whenever you wished!” Reiji then finally told her annoyed, interrupting her angry tantrum. As he did so and she looked at him with a bewildered gaze, he decided to finish this conversation, “Now if this is all you have come to ask of me, I will be on my way.” With that he walked passed her and out of the door, not even giving her a second glance.
Seeing him leave like this, Miya then called out to him, “Hey! Wait a minute!” But then making it to doorway, she saw that it was too late. Reiji was already a good distance away down the long corridor.
Quiet Miya then watched him disappear around the corner, as she did so. She still couldn't believe it! Again she couldn't have entry! So bitter, she couldn't help but utter mad as she tightened her right hand into a fist, “Just what the hell is going on here!?”


Sitting at her desk within the classroom, Yui was quiet as she packed away all her books. As she did so, various students were chatting amongst themselves happily as they all began, leaving the room to make their own way home.
As they left one by one, soon she was left all alone within the room and as she was, she couldn't help but worry slightly. For it had been a good twenty minutes or more since Miya had left her there, to make her requests with Reiji to visit her. Looking to the door, as the seconds continued to tick by, she asked aloud quietly, “I wonder if Miya-chan is-?”

“Fuck sake!”

Jumping slightly at this angry outburst, quickly though Yui calmed down as she saw who it was that had called out so loudly. For there walking on through the doorway, scratching the back of her head with utter irritation was, “Miya-chan!”
Distracting herself out of her angered and bitter thoughts for a moment. The heterochromia eye girl, looked in her friend's direction. As she did so, she then greeted her with a sigh as she uttered to her, “Hey, Yui-ko...”
Seeing her look so disheartened for a moment as she approached her desk. The blonde haired girl was quiet, but she quickly realised the reason as to why she was reacting this way, “Miya-chan? Is it Reiji-san, has he-?”
“Yeah... he's said no, again!” She said looking absolutely irritated beyond all reason. With that as  the orange haired girl arrived at Yui's desk, she couldn't help but complain further saying, “I just don't get it! He's never said no before and he's not even bothering to give me a proper reason as to why I can't come over!”
Hearing her friend say this, Yui couldn't help but become depressed slightly. Because again, for another weekend she wasn't going to have Miya's company or her protection... clenching her right arm with her left that carried her aching bite marks, all she could do was utter sadly, “I see...”
As she heard this depressed tone, looking to her friend who now had downcast eyes. Miya forgetting her annoyance, then felt a sense of gloom coming over her too. As she did so, she then said, “I'm sorry Yui-ko...I can't be there for you again this weekend, and I-”
However hearing her friend say this, the blonde haired girl quickly responded, “Oh no! Don't apologise Miya-chan! It's not your fault... I'm sure it won't be that bad, I'm just sad that we won't be able to spend more time together.”
Miya quiet as she heard this, then replied simply, “Ditto...” then looking to her own desk, she approached it and started to pack her own books away. As she did so, she then decided to reveal more of her inner thoughts, “This just sucks... and it makes me worried.”
Hearing her say this, Yui looking to her friend then repeated, “Worried?”
As she heard her repeat, Miya finished packing her books away. As she did so, she then turned back to Yui and explained, “Yeah about you, being left alone with those guys... I don't like that I have to do that.”
Yui hearing her say this was quiet, but seeing that she was thinking of her again like this. She couldn't help but be a little warmly touched inside of her heart, but at the same time she felt bad that she was putting her through so much worry. It was difficult for her to think of what to say, however she finally made a reply, “Yeah, I know you don't... but if Reiji-san has said no then, it can't be helped.”
Sighing as she heard this reply from her friend, Miya said, “I know... it can't can it?” Then looking to Yui, she couldn't help but reveal a small smile as she asked, “Unless I sneak on in again, like the first time I came to stay over, right?”
Hearing her friend suggest this, Yui looked to her surprised. However quickly she become flustered with worry as she responded saying, “Oh no! I, I don't think that would be a good idea Miya-chan!” Then saying that, she realised it must have sounded awful to say, so she continued on as she explained as quick as she could, “Not that I wouldn't want to see you then, it's just-!”
“I know! I know!” Grinning as she heard her become so nervous over this impulsive suggestion, Miya then decided to relieve her of her worries as she explained walking back in her direction, “I'm just joking with you!”
Hearing her say this, Yui herself realising that her friend was just fooling around with her again  uttered, “Oh?” However she became a little annoyed as she replied, “Miya-chan, you shouldn't just say thing's like that so suddenly... I thought you were being really serious then!”
The heterochromia eyed girl then finally arriving back to her friend's desk, was quiet for a moment as she gazed at her. As she did, a sad smile appeared on her face as she responded, “I was being serious...”
As she heard this being said to her, Yui looking to her friend was surprised again. As she was, she  heard her go on to say sadly, “But I know if I act hastily, then you're just gonna be in deeper hot water... and I don't want that to happen to you.”
Hearing her friend say this to her, Yui quiet again couldn't help but become sad once more as she said softly, “Miya-chan...”
After Yui said her name again sadly, Miya though didn't want the end of the day to finish on such a depressing note like this. So she told her friend, “But anyway, we can hope for a better result next time, huh?”
Listening to Miya as she said this, trying to be more positive about the situation, Yui simply smiled as she replied, “Yeah... we can always do that.”
Nodding, Miya then responded, “Yeah!” However she then decided to ask her friend one question, “Oh? And Yui-ko?”
Hearing Miya asking for her again as she got on up out of her chair, Yui looked to her and becoming curious asked her, “Yes, Miya-chan?”
Seeing that she'd got her attention again, the heterochromia eyed girl asked her, “You will tell me if something happens won't you? If any of those bastards try anything, you will tell me won't you?”
Yui hearing her friend ask her this, was quiet for a moment before she responded with a small smile, “Of course, don't worry... I will tell you, if anything does happen, Miya-chan.”
As she heard her say this, the orange haired girl though becoming serious in tone asked her again, “You promise?”
Hearing her ask in this tone of voice, Yui then nodded firmly saying, “I promise.”
Miya herself quiet as she stared at her friend, couldn't help but feel a little doubtful at this response. But she knew this wasn't the time to plague her with enquiries, so she replied, “Okay, that's good then.” With that putting her school bag over her shoulder, she told her, “Well we better get going, huh?”
As she heard her say this, Yui then replied as she went to move, “Yeah, we should now otherwise the others will-” suddenly though, the blonde haired girl was cut off, as she felt herself weaken and become dizzy, then as she did-!


Immediately before she could fall forwards, Miya dropping her bag raced straight over and caught her against her shoulder!
Feeling the warmth of her friend as she held her in her arms, Yui dazed for a moment couldn't understand what was happening. However as her focus began to come back, she heard Miya ask her worriedly, “What's wrong!? Are you okay!? Are you-?”
Realising the position that she was in, startled Yui quickly as she pulled herself back from her friend. As she did, she looked a little embarrassed and apologised saying, “Oh! I'm sorry Miya-chan, I... I don't know what came over me then, I just-?”
However in response, the orange haired girl told her, “Don't apologise about this! For goodness sake!” Then fighting back her irritation, she asked her friend again, “Are you okay? Is your Anaemia acting up again?”
As she heard her ask this, Yui was quiet for a moment. She felt the weakness that was in her body, felt similar to other near fainting spells she had from her condition... but at the same time, this felt it was a little different. As she thought about it, she wondered if perhaps this might be-?


Brought out of her anxious thoughts, the blonde haired girl looking to her friend. Then saw the concern that was in her odd coloured irises, seeing it there she realised her silence was only adding to the uncomfortable atmosphere that was in the air. Yui knew she had to soothe it immediately, “I'm fine Miya-chan! You're right, it's my Anaemia... I just need to eat something and I'm sure I'll be fine again.”
Hearing this though, it was clear that the orange haired girl was still uncertain. So she decided to  ask her, “Are you sure?” To which Yui then nodded with certainty, as she did so she decided to take her word for it as she replied, “Okay, as long as you're sure.”
With that she turned her attentions back to the classroom door and as she did so picking up her school bag again, she told her, ”Well, let's get a move on shall we?”
As she heard this suggestion, Yui then replied, “Yeah, let's do that.” With that the blonde haired girl walked along beside her friend.
Seeing her do this, as she walked beside her. Miya taking a glance at Yui as they walked through the corridor together, couldn't help but notice she looked awfully pale. Far more than she could remember her being in the past. As she did so, this worried her tremendously. For was it really just Yui's Anaemia that was affecting her at that moment, or was it something else altogether...?  


Walking into the confines of his laboratory after finally making it home, Reiji then closed the door behind himself. As he did so, with a sigh he corrected his glasses. Finishing this he couldn't help but utter, “That uncouth woman still continues to be as ever persistent, even after being rejected these past few weeks.” Then as he finished saying these words, he walked on over to his wooden work bench and taking a certain vial in hand, he added, “I suppose that's the nature of all vermin isn't it?”

“Ah? So you're talking about Cow-chan again?”

Hearing this voice didn't surprise Reiji in the slightest. Turning his red spectacled eyes in the direction he heard the humorous tone come from, he saw who it was that had spoken, “Laito.”
Seeing that he'd got his older brother's attention as he grinned, still donning his favourite Fedora hat along with his school uniform that had the fur bordering hood. Looking to Reiji as he lay with his back against the wall, he decided to speak his thoughts, “You haven't let her come back into the mansion for the last few weeks, ever since you finished your studies on her... do you detest what she is that much?”
As he heard this question being put to him, Reiji it was clear was not in the mood to be toyed with. However looking back to the scientific instruments that were around him, he informed his younger brother, “My personal opinions of Tadao-san have nothing to do with why she is forbidden from entering our domain.”
Then bringing up the particular vial that he held which contained the results of what he'd been searching for, as it glowed palely with it's blue light. Reiji then went on to say what the reason was, “I have simply finished conducting my research and since I have my answers... she is no longer required to visit here.”
Hearing Reiji say this so matter of factly as he held his vial in his right gloved hand. Laito continuing to smirk, then spoke aloud still amused as ever, “Ah yes! Your results...” with that walking on over, the Fedora hatted vampire looked to the tube that was in his brother's hand too.
As he did, he was quiet as he saw it's pale blue glow and as he gazed at it. He then remembered what it was, that was mentioned before, “For what is it Cow-chan's related to? A Kitsune Bride wasn't it?”
His gaze still lingering upon the glowing vial for a moment, Reiji then removed it out of his brother's sight as he then replied simply as he went to fetch a certain something else, “Supposedly, if that's what you want to call it?”
Hearing and seeing his brother move away with the vial in hand, Laito smiling on couldn't help but say, “Well if Ayato-kun said that's what he heard her say that's what it was... then what else could it be?”
Reiji though didn't answer him, as he continued to look over something else that was in the corner of the room. Seeing that he was being ignored, Laito though wasn't one to give up on a conversation and so he went on to say, “I mean before now, I had no interest in looking over anything to do with Japanese history or legends...” however bringing out a small red book out of his jacket pocket, he grinned as he then said, “But I guess even Cow-chan can make me want to learn about new thing's!”
Stopping his studies for a moment, Reiji then quietly turned his red coloured eyes to Laito's direction. As he did so, he then saw his brother look to the book in his hand as he started to recite what was written within it, “The Kitsune: An animal noted for being a messenger of the God Inari. Having as many as nine tails, it is endowed with the subtle art of metamorphosis, and is known to bring fertility and growth to harvests while also being able to bewitch men in the guise of a charming girl.”
Hearing Laito read this basic description to him, didn't impress Reiji in the slightest as he remained silent. Seeing his brother was still looking at him, Laito couldn't help but grin as he then commented, “Certainly suits Cow-Chan down to a T don't you think?”
As he heard Laito say this, Reiji didn't batter an eyelid as he then remarked, “I wouldn't be so optimistic.” With that looking to the pale blue glowing vial in his gloved hand, he decided to reveal one thing as he brought out the one single other item he'd fetched, “If she did descend from such an entity, it is clear she is lacking in some of those previous powers you listed.”
Looking to his brother as he continued to fish around for items, the Fedora hatted vampire then said, “Well I can't deny that.” Then closing the book he had in his hand, he though had to admit putting it away, “But from what other reading I've done, according to legend these Kitsune are reputed to be similar to our own race.”
Reiji hearing this, then stopped in his gathering. Looking to his younger brother he then asked him, clearly becoming curious, “What do you mean when you say that?”
Seeing that his older sibling was becoming interested, Laito still smirking away then revealed what he'd learned, “Well according to myth, they also possess the ability to drain one's life force... through sexual contact.”
Hearing this being said, Reiji then couldn't help but become dismissive as he repeated, “Sexual contact?”
“Fu! Fu! Indeed...” Laito replied and as he did, he couldn't help but continue to grin. As he did so, he uttered aloud, “I wonder? Maybe perhaps she's subconsciously drawn us to her... I wouldn't mind in experimenting to see if the story holds true!”
As he heard his younger brother make this remark, Reiji then replied to him, “I sincerely doubt she has any capability of the sort...” however he decided to then reveal one thing that he had discovered, “But I have found apart from her horrendous strength, that she appears to hold one subconscious ability that seems to hold true to the legend.”
Hearing this and becoming a little surprised by Reiji's statement, Laito looking to his older brother had to ask him, “Really?”
However his brother didn't answer him, as he seemed to be preparing something. Laito though was now really eager to know what it was that Reiji had learned, so he asked him again, “Well what is it, Reiji? Just what have you-?”
“It is this,” With those words, the dark haired and spectacled young man brought forth a small pot and within it was a wilted flower. It was brown and drooping over sadly, it's white petal's having nearly all fallen from it's head as they lay around it, all dried and shrivelled up.
Seeing the dying item before him, Laito said nothing as Reiji then taking the pale blue glowing vial in his hand, poured a few small drops upon the wilted plant. As he did this, the droplets that landed upon the plant appeared to do nothing... however as they soaked in to the flower's stalk and head, suddenly there was a reaction!


Immediately amazing Laito in seconds, the wilted and dying flower grew bigger and regained it's green bright colour in seconds! It no longer drooped, it stood strong, tall and healthily as the petals it had all nearly lost returned. Sprouting forth a full white head, it almost seemed to glisten in the laboratory's lighting.
As he saw this transformation, Laito couldn't believe it! He then had to admit astonished, “Incredible! So... this is the power that a Kitsune holds!”
Hearing his little brother being impressed by this demonstration, he though had to correct him, “The demonic portion, if concentrated from her blood, yes.”
As he heard this comment, Laito became puzzled as he repeated, “Concentrated?”
To which taking the vial in hand, Reiji removed it and placed it away in a certain safe compartment within his cupboards. As he did so, he then turned his attentions back to his younger brother as he made his explanations, “I was able to extract the essence of the so-called named Kitsune, from the human side... and I found that with just 35% potency, I was able to achieve these results.”
“35% potency?” Laito repeated puzzled. Then quiet for a moment, he realised quickly, “You mean that's how much she has-?”
“Within the confines of her DNA, yes...that's how much power she contains.” As Reiji confirmed Laito's suspicions, he then decided to reveal more, putting a hand to his spectacles he went on to say, “I would say the force of power would be greater, if not dumbed down by the human side she has.” Then pausing for a moment in his explanations, he turned to look outside at the Full Moon that was shining outside in the darkened sky. As he did, he went on to say, “ It would also explain why her body becomes immensely damaged when using too much of her physical strength.”
As Laito heard these words, he then had to ask his brother puzzled, “It does?”
Listening to this question being put to him, the spectacled vampire then turning from the window to look at him answered, “Yes, the human body is never supposed to have such physical capabilities in the first place... the demonic essence basically destroys the weak biological system they use.” Then saying that he also commented as the thought occurred to him, “And since that essence has been overwhelmed over and over by decades of mortal hardly has any of the majesty that I'm sure the original source must have carried.”
Remaining silent, Laito then watched his older brother take the revived plant. As he did so, he  heard him say aloud, “But this research clearly shows one thing, a union between a demon and a human should never occur... lest we have more abnormalities like her being born into the world.”
Hearing his older brother say this, humoured and finally recovering from his moment of astonishment, the Fedora hatted young man replied simply, “Indeed.”
However another thought occurred to Laito and so he decided to ask, “So now that you've found all your answers Reiji... what're you planning to do next with her?”
As he heard this question was being put to him, the spectacled vampire putting the plant he was carrying away into another glass cabinet. Turned his attentions back to his sibling and as he did, his gaze settled on him for a moment before he replied, “I plan on doing nothing, that uncouth woman has already fulfilled her role for my needs.”
Hearing him say this, Laito then replied, “I see...” however continuing to smile, he though couldn't help admit, “But I don't think that Cow-chan's gonna be listening to your wishes for too long, especially when she always has Bitch-chan on her mind.”
Reiji listening to this comment, then replied coldly as he went to turn his attentions to some other experiments, “If that woman tries to become more of a nuisance then she already has been...” he  finally declared with a fierce cold resolve in his eyes, as he looked to his younger brother, “I will put her out of her misery, as the verminous animal that she is.”
Seeing this icy cold look in his eyes, Laito was silent for a moment. However still with a humoured look on his face, he decided to comment, “Ah, well that's too bad then... I was enjoying the noise and chaos that she brought with her... but if that's what you've decided on, there's nothing I can do to stop you is there?”
As the question was put to him, Reiji though said nothing as he then moved again and came to a particular book. Doing so he turned a page of it, becoming engrossed within it's texts as he re-commenced with his drug research.
Seeing him become like this, Laito then knew that he wasn't going to be able to coax any further answers out of his sibling, nor have anymore fun with him. So he decided to take his leave as he said, “Too bad, well have fun dear brother!” With that he took his exit as he slipped out through the door.
Reiji then hearing the click of the knob, made no response as he looked briefly to the now closed door and finally back to his research, with the silence lingering all around him.
Laito on the other side of the corridor though, walking on into the darkness still had a grin upon his face. As he did, he couldn't help but say aloud looking upwards, “Oh Cow-chan... I hope you do come and make a mess of thing's around here again,” for the biggest reason he wanted this wish to come true was because of one reason alone, “I can't wait to see you be destroyed...” with that amused thought on his mind, he vanished away into the darkness...



With nowhere to go, her only exit route heavily shut down overhead. Yui was clenching her mouth, as she shut her pink coloured eyes tightly. For within the darkness of the confined space she was trapped within, she was shivering as she felt a pair of sharp fangs enter her neck and throat.
As he lay upon her trembling being, with his fangs entering her soft flesh. Subaru was silent as he lapped up the sweet delicacy that was Yui's blood. Feeling it flow fast and warmly down his throat, he had to stop for breath for a brief moment. As he did so, he then couldn't help but utter, “More, more... I still haven't had enough yet!” With those words, he then bit into Yui quickly once more, letting his fangs sink into her warm flesh.
Feeling him as he did this, Yui still couldn't believe that she'd got into this situation! For she'd come to Subaru's room just a little earlier with a cup of warm sweet milk, as he had complained to her that he hadn't been able to get to sleep.
Then after she'd gone to the trouble of making him the sweet and warm beverage, she'd been told after just one sip that it wasn't good enough and that she would be more appropriate as a sweet sleeping remedy!  
With that declaration, she was then pulled straight into Subaru's room and finally into his coffin! As the lid was firmly shut down as she landed within it and with him on top of her, holding her down as he continued to drink from her. There was no means or way for her to escape!
Clenching her teeth tightly together as he continued to drink from her, she realised that she'd been foolish yet again. She should have known better... but she couldn't concentrate on her thoughts further, for she could feel herself becoming weaker and weaker.
As the pain continued to spread throughout her body along with her weakness, she felt it plaguing her deeply. She again couldn't help but remember the same terrible sensation that she had felt before going home...
This feeling, she'd been having it more and more recently. At first she'd thought that it was simply her Anaemia acting up, but now... now she was sure. It was something more than that. For she'd been tripping up more and more from a dizzying unbalance... then sometimes in the recent few weeks, she'd collapsed onto her knees and hadn't been able to get up properly without shivering badly.

“Are you okay?”

Remembering her friend's words in her mind's eye as her worried expression entered her mind. Yui still for a moment then again couldn't help but feel bad, as she imagined how anxious Miya probably was for her at that moment. Recently too she'd been making her worry terribly more and she felt horrible for it. She didn't want thing's to be this way, she didn't want to plague her friend with thoughts of uneasiness for her, but-?
It was then at that moment, that suddenly Subaru ceased his feeding. He was silent as he then retracted his fangs out from her flesh. As a leaking trail of her blood, dripped out from the side of his mouth, he stared down at her with a serious light within his red eyes.
Feeling him stop, Yui still swimming in the depths of her weakness and worry looked up to the white haired vampire breathlessly. As she did so, she was puzzled as he continued to stare down at her. Her curiosity stirred within her as she asked him, “Subaru...kun?”
Hearing her ask for him, with the serious gaze still there. After a moment, Subaru then finally revealed his thoughts, “You? You're thinking about her again aren't you? That Tadao girl?”
As she heard Subaru say this, Yui then looked to him with surprise as her eyes slightly widened. For how could he have known what she was thinking? How could-?
“So you were?” He asked her, for the surprised expression Yui had revealed everything to him that was racing through her mind. Seeing that he was correct, he couldn't help but smirk as he decided to speak once more, “You're so easy to read!”
Yui hearing him say this, didn't know at that moment what to do next. So she looked down and averted her gaze away from him as she turned her head.
Seeing her do this, it was clear to Subaru she was uncomfortable mentioning her friend in this type of situation. However, he decided to reveal something that he'd come to notice, “You've changed recently.”
Turning her pink eyes to look back at him again, Yui was puzzled as she repeated, “Changed?”
“The taste of your blood,” with that sweeping away the trail that had leaked from his lips, he looked at the glistening red substance upon his fingertips and commented, “In recent months, it's been sweeter, richer... and even warmer.” Then saying those words as he continued to gaze at the enriching liquid, he finally licked his fingers clean.
As he did this, Yui continued to gaze on up to Subaru with uncertainty. For she had no idea what he was going to say next, however she didn't have to wait long. As finally he revealed looking back down to her steadily, “But now... it's lost some of that strength, it's now slightly bittersweet.”
Hearing him say this, Yui wouldn't know at all how the taste of her blood differed. But then thinking again, she couldn't help but wonder? Was this to do with the terrible weakness she'd been recently suffering with? As this thought came, she decided to carefully ask, “Subaru-kun?”
Seeing that she was asking for him, the white haired vampire kept his gaze upon her as she asked him, “Do you know why? Why it's changed in flavour?”
Looking at her and hearing her ask about this, Subaru was slightly intrigued himself at why she would ask this question. For when it came to blood, she barely wanted to know anything at all about it. However he was feeling generous at that moment, so he told her what his thoughts were, “The slight bitterness? That's obviously due to your thoughts about Tadao.”
Saying that Yui continued to remain silent as she looked up to him. However suddenly she shivered slightly as she felt his cold hand, tracing over her neck and the bleeding marks that he'd caused. As he gently stroked his handiwork, she heard him continue to speak, “But for the lack of strength and the cooling... I can only guess at one reason, the awakening is probably coming for you very soon.”
Stopping immediately with shock as she heard this analysis. Yui then repeated again breathlessly, “The Awakening?” For if what Subaru said was true, it meant that her body was changing. Soon she would become the same as the Sakamaki's. Soon, she was going to become a-!


Quickly though her shocked thoughts were interrupted as Subaru bit into her neck again. As his fangs sunk softly into the spot he'd bitten into already, she shivered badly against the pain again as he drank from her deeply, making her weaker once more.
Feeling her trembling against his strength, as she pushed weakly into him with her hands. Subaru was addicted to this sensation, the taste of her changing blood as it coursed thickly down his throat. Then stopping for a moment, he couldn't help but admire her helplessness and the watery gaze in her eyes, for looking down at her she was so delicately exquisite.
Struggling to keep her breath as she looked up to him, Yui could see a soft look in Subaru's red eyes as they looked down at her. As she saw it, she was caught in wonder and was about to try to speak again.
“This change?” Subaru spoke, stopping her before she could go on. As she looked up to him still weakly, he continued again, “I have to admit, I will have to thank your friend for allowing me to experience this sensation.”
Hearing him say this, Yui was silent still as she heard Subaru mention Miya again. As he did, she didn't know what to say. But she didn't have time to speak as he lowered himself down again over her, as he did she felt his soft hair trailing over her skin as he started to peel away her long sleeved pink top.
As he did this, Subaru still intoxicated by his thirst, finally peeled away Yui's top exposing more of her chest and right shoulder. As he did so, he then spoke once more, “But this I know, she's already outlasted her welcome amongst everyone here... if she should do something foolish now, I would not guarantee you that she will keep on living.”
Yui hearing him say this, opening her eyes looked to Subaru immediately. It was clear looking at her, that she was distressed by this statement as she said, “Subaru-kun? You wouldn't-?”
“If she doesn't perturb me, I won't do anything,” with that said Subaru began to lower himself down, towards her exposed flesh.
As he did this, Yui then braced herself as best she could for the next wave of oncoming pain. As she did this, closing her eyes tightly, she heard Subaru then say to her, “You know by being involved with someone outside of this, you're only going to hurt yourself more in the end.”
Hearing him say this, Yui looking to him weakly asked, “What...?”
Subaru then hearing her ask, as she turned her pink coloured eyes to look to him again. He then revealed to her coldly, “You know that it would have been better for you, never to have made a connection to anyone else... for the only fate that you have,” with that he then gently laid his tongue against her flesh as he started to soften the area he was to bite.
Hearing these words and feeling him lick her skin, Yui shivered more and quickly clenching her eyes firmly shut. The blonde haired girl, then felt Subaru open his mouth as he exposed his fangs and readied them. However before moving in, he finished his words as he said, “Is to be our prey...!” With that he finally sank his teeth into her.


Feeling Subaru do this to her yet again, Yui shivered against him. However as he continued to drink more from her, she was becoming weaker and weaker... she could barely register anything anymore. Then as her vision clouded over, her consciousness was dimming. As it was, the words that the white haired vampire haunted her. For they were the terrible truth of reality, not just for the present, but the darkness that would soon be her future...        

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Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
100 TC - 49 Separate by Lrme87
A loving couple or two characters of your choice together with a background done as a JPEG or PNG file
Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
100 TC - 10 Geisha by Lrme87
Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87
A fully coloured background pic and a single character included. Will be finished as JPEG or PNG depending on customers preference. 
Single Illustrated Figure
RWBY: Opaline Hart by Lrme87
Elaina: The Priestess Of Hope by Lrme87
Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 


Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be 10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be 15

And for an additional character it will be an extra 3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be 18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be 5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be 10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!




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