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100 TC - 45 Goodbye by Lrme87
100 TC - 45 Goodbye
Hi guys! ^^

Here's another one for the 100 theme challenge!

Here was have a sad departing between brother and sister, Kevin and Alyssa. 

After his older sister dies, Kevin goes to the park late in the night. To gather the daises that his sister loved so much but as he does, the memories and sorrow come back. 
Though his sister can't talk to him and he can't hear her, she hugs him trying to give him comfort before departing... saying her final goodbye. 

Hope you like the little tale that goes with this. Kay? Take it easy guys! ^^
Chapter CXCVIII: The Loot Of A Thousand Worlds, The Quest For Treasure Planet Part X

“Uhh...” Wincing as she groaned, Nozomi's body was aching all over! Cringing as she felt this sensation, she asked aloud as her body shuddered slightly, “What was-?”


Suddenly, hearing this loud sound she was made wide awake! Then immediately over her she felt a whole sea of splinters come rushing down! “Agh!” Quickly keeping herself safe as much as she could, she put her arms over her head and pulled her body in, until the unforgiving barrage finally ceased.
Then carefully and cautiously as she felt it came to a halt, she opened her eyes and there she saw quickly the hole that had been blasted into the ship! It couldn't have been more than five feet away from her! The sight of it smouldering chilled her from the inside out! “This is really bad!” She whispered to herself, for if the ship was damaged anymore like that, then it would mean-!
“Ahh...ugh...” Quickly though she was distracted, for hearing this pained cry and cough, she turned and saw that it was,“Yeul?!”    
For quickly there just some distance away from her, was the young long blue haired girl that she and the king had run into! However she was unconscious and her deer teddy had fallen from her hands, laying just a little away from her.
Immediately forgetting her own pain, Nozomi spoke fast, “I've got to do something!” Getting up as quick as she could, she called out to her, “Hang on, Yeul! I'm coming! I'm-!” However quickly she saw in moments a bunch of black antenna heartless coming towards the helpless girl, their yellow soulless eyes hungry for the innocent heart that dwelled with her!
Angered quickly by this, the female keyblader cried out, “Oh no you don't!” With those words, she quickly aimed her blade forwards and cried out, “Swift Stars Rays!” With that instantly the white stars of light flew out and struck all the heartless in moments as they turned at the sound of her voice!
Seeing them all vanish and dissolve away, quickly the keyblader made her way over to the blue haired girl and as she did, she became urgent as she picked up her deer teddy and then took her in her arms. Quickly she tried to coax her out of her unconscious state as she said, “Yeul! C'mon wake up! You gotta wake up now or-!”


Quickly Nozomi turned around hearing this voice and as she did-!


Suddenly another blast of a cannon ball was unleashed! As it was she covered her eyes as she drew her keyblade out defensively and as she did-!

“Get away from her!”

Hearing this cry, Nozomi's eyes widened as she suddenly saw something come rushing straight towards her! It was a blue blur! At first she couldn't make it out, but then she saw an angered and burning gaze, along with a red long blade drawn. That was ready to strike her down! However it was too late for her to move!


Immediately though, shocking her someone arrived and parried the blow, stopping it dead in it's tracks! The individual who attacked surprised, quickly somersaulted backwards! His drew out his blade before him defensively still at the ready as he gazed at them both with concentrated and agitated eyes.
Nozomi looking on in amazement instantly recognised who'd come to her aid as she cried out, “Riku!”
For there before her was the long white haired keyblader holding his keyblade, 'The Way To Dawn' out before him with a determined gaze of his own. Then hearing her he turned to look at Nozomi for a minute, seeing her expression he sighed as he then said with a relieved smile and joke, “What took you so long?”
The female keyblader hearing this, was silent for a second simply before she revealed a small smile of her own. She then replied cheekily, “I was tied up!” But saying that she was so pleased he was okay! However before she could any other words with him-
“Get away from Yeul now!” It was then that both keybladers were drawn back to the sight of the blue clad warrior. Looking at him, Nozomi again saw his angry blue eyes, along with his brown hair that framed his features. Including that she also saw the dark blue and black tribal clothes he was wearing, along with the the two swords he had in each hand. One was a red blade with a fiery pattern over it that made it intricate and fierce, while the other was a shorter simple golden/yellow blade, but just as dangerous.
It was clear looking on that he was a formidable opponent, however there was one thing that clicked in Nozomi's mind at who this person might be, “Are you-?”


Quickly distracted again, immediately the keybladers and confronting warrior were drawn to the sight of someone running out from a sea of smoke! There running towards them it was-!
“It's you!” Nozomi cried, for there looking on she saw that pink haired cat boy that had sprung up below deck and had tried to attack her, when Yeul was trying to speak up!
Seeing that he'd got her attention, the eye patched young cat man laughed as he greeted her saying, “Why hiya! My little chiclet!” To which he finished with a affectionate wink.
Baffled as he said this, Nozomi repeated, “Huh? Chiclet?”
To which he simply grinned more, while Riku himself not getting it didn't trust him in moments as he asked, “What is it you want! You-!”
Hearing the white haired keyblader say this, the young pink haired youth told him, flicking his hands in the air, “Now! Now! There's no need for ya to get yer knickers in a twist, pretty boy!”
This made Riku stop in seconds, for looking at him dumbfounded and appalled. He just had to wonder to himself. 'Who the heck is this guy?!'
However seeing that he'd managed to get some silence, the smirking individual continued, “I'm just here to stop things getting more out of control!” Then saying those words-!


Immediately another cannon ball exploded overhead! As it did, quickly everyone saw that more hordes of heartless were on the way as they surrounded them all from above! Looking at them with alarmed eyes, Nozomi saw that there were more of those ship flying heartless, along with the air pirates with their long sharpened swords and finally the plain small haunting black ones. All staring down at them hauntingly with those same yellow glowing soulless eyes.
The pink haired cat boy seeing this, then said as his single eye narrowed with seriousness, “Because if we don't, I'd say we're all gonna get turned into chowder!”
It was then hearing these words, Nozomi stood up as she took Yeul into her arms looking towards the heartless, which were all fast approaching. She spoke becoming determined, “He's right! Though I know we've all met under bad circumstances, this is no time for arguments!”
Hearing Nozomi's words, Riku knew it to be the truth too as he replied, “Yeah.” Then saying that he quickly looked to the hazards that was ahead of them and said, “And it's gonna take all our strength to reach a safer stronghold!”
As he heard these words, Noel who'd been quiet up to that point couldn't believe what he was hearing! Looking up to the them both he had to ask them wary, “And what makes you think even you're near to being trustworthy to us in this situation?” To which he then pointed his long red fiery blade to the keybladers.
Listening to these words, it was obvious that Noel didn't trust them. However before either could say anything-!
“Because at least they're human Noel!” With that the pinked haired cat boy ran up to his crew mate and told him speaking over his shoulder, “They're not gonna be any worse than those monsters!” Then looking to the keybladers he added, “Besides, Yeul said they're not bad people and I think that's saying something.”
Hearing these words, it was then that Riku and Nozomi felt that they could relax a little more as they gazed on. Seeing them look on with slight relief, Noel was still uncertain. However he then remembered seeing the desperateness in Yeul's eyes as she continued to slumber on in Nozomi's arms. Looking on at the unconscious girl... he made a decision, “Alright, for now I'll trust you both.”
Saying those words, finally caused all the tension between the group to dissipate. However Noel looking back to his crew mate told him, “You just better not be wrong about this, Timbre.”
To which laughing he replied, “Of course I won't be!” Then looking to Nozomi with a cheeky look in his single eye, he grinned as he added, “Besides how can I be wrong about someone as sweet and tasty as that cutie?”
As she heard this, Nozomi blushed bright red as she remembered what had happened below deck! Quickly she told him outraged, “Don't talk about that!”
Riku though seeing this reaction from Nozomi was puzzled, for what had-?
Noel though sighing had to say to his comrade, “Timbre, there are better times to flirt you know?”
However rolling his single visible eye, the pink haired cat boy replied, “Oh. Noel I don't have a clue at what you mean?”
However Riku still not understanding quickly became alert and acted as he cried, “Hey! Watch it there!” For behind, Timbre and Noel more heartless suddenly emerged! They were sky pirate types and immediately they charged towards them with their swords aimed straight towards the backs of the unwary duo!
Their eyes alarmed, they moved as Riku quickly aimed and shouted out, “Firaga!!!” With that the fiery spell blasted the heartless apart immediately!
The two evasive warriors arriving in front of the keybladers, then saw that the monsters emerged from the blacked cloud of soot charred. But they were still ready for battle!
Seeing this, Timbre let go of his cheeky demeanour as his single eye became narrowed as he said, “Looks like play time is over!”
Nodding, Noel was ready as he said, “Yeah! It looks like it!” However before he could move to take his blades-
“Wait!” It was then he was distracted as he turned and saw the girl he'd nearly attacked earlier.
“Here,” With that Nozomi held out Yeul to him. As she did, he stared to her and as he did he heard her say, “It's your role to protect her right? She'll be best in your hands!” With that gently the female keyblader reached the long blue haired girl out to him. As she did this, carefully and quickly Noel took Yeul into his own arms and as he did, he heard Nozomi tell him with a smile, “Sorry me and the king made you worried about her before.”  
As she did this, Noel himself couldn't understand why Nozomi was being so nice to him like this? Why would she-?


Though there was no more time for talking, for quickly the heartless were on the offensive again! As another explosion sounded off, Nozomi called out her keyblade once more and as she did she said with fierce determination, “Now it's time for us to get to work!”
Hearing his fellow keyblader say this, Riku then replied, “Looks like!” With that he quickly ran forwards and as he did. Nozomi followed after him, her wings carrying her into the air!
In seconds, both Timbre and Noel saw the two of them cut and slice into the monsters and as they did. They heard the white haired keyblader tell them, “You both! Take the path we clear for you! Get to the captain's quarters! We can talk more there!” With that shout he immediately engaged with another group of sky pirates!
“Well who looks who's being the big bad leader, huh?” Timbre joked. However as he did so, a small black heartless jumped in and tried to get him from behind! However-!


Immediately he sliced the creature in two with his long spear! As he did so, he then said, “Okay, no more jokes!” With that facing his deadly weapon ahead he said with a keen grin, “Let's get serious!” With that he charged on forwards following after the keybladers!
While Noel holding his precious cargo chased after Timbre and the keybladers as they cleared the way for them. As he did so, looking to the pained girl's face he said, “Yeul hang on!” With that they all charged on together through the storm of chaos!


Rocking around back and forth as he'd been dropped on the floor by Fran in a hurry. Within his birdcage, Cait sith was getting the worst headache of his life! “Oh for Pete's sake! Stop this rockin' and rollin'! I'm not supposed to-!”


Suddenly he was interrupted as another cannon ball was fired! “AAAGGGHHH!!!” Quickly he was sent flying in the air and as he was, he was getting more jumbled up in his trap!
Then immediately he came to a standstill! Feeling this all of a sudden despite his merry go round dizziness, he uttered, “Now what!? Who put the breaks on me-!”
However he saw quickly what was going on! For his cage had been nabbed by a whole group of heartless! He was stunned as he saw their yellow glowing eyes all staring up at him, as they held him aloft with their sharp claws.
Quickly though, he was unnerved as the terrible beasts tried to get at him! All of them trying to tear his cage apart with their sharp swords! As they jostled him and around, he cried out aloud in panic and outrage, “Cut it out ya stupid creepy crawlers! I ain't no snack in a box!”
But it was no useless! The heartless were paying his words no heed! Then scaring him witless they tore his cage open finally and as they did, they were on top of him! They were going to-!


Suddenly though the monsters were all quickly sliced through and turned to dust! However as they were, Cait sith then felt himself fall out of his cage and as he did, he cried out, “Hey don't throw me around like this! Agh!”

“Cait sith!”

Immediately hearing this, the small cat was caught by a pair of hands and opening his eyes quickly as he recognised who'd come to his aid, “Mickey mate!”
For there the mouse king was, holding him in his gloved hands as they arrived back down on the deck of the RLS Legacy! Smiling to his small feline companion, he told him, “Glad ta see yer okay there!”
Hearing this from his pal, Cait sith told him, “I'm better than okay now, thanks to you mousecheeks!” Then standing back up on his own red booted feet again, he added, “I was almost made into heartless grub!”
Hearing these words, Mickey made a small laugh as he admitted, “I won't deny that there!” However quickly as he said that, more heartless started to gather around! As they did, he knew this was no time to chat so he told his feline pal, “Looks like we're gonna have to book it, Cait sith!”
As he heard these words, the small crowned cat responded, “Looks like it, Mickey! Let's skee daddle!” Then immediately with that both of them took off as more cannon balls were fired!





Carrying his precious cargo close to him, as he carried on making it past the fiery inferno that had been created by the fired cannonball, Noel gritted his teeth. Then looking behind, he saw a wave of the monsters coming fast and furiously towards them both! Agitated in moments, he quickly pushed himself to go faster as he rushed on forwards, “C'mon! C'mon!”
The heartless were getting closer and closer though! Their sharp claws were reaching for the helpless couple, when-!
“Take this!” With that swooping in, Nozomi ran forwards and fast, as she slid with her keyblade and sliced through an entire group of heartless pirates that came their way!
Seeing this, Noel looked behind and revealed a small smile of relief. However concentrating hard again, he proceeded on forwards desperately to reach safety!
Then as Nozomi finished her attack she turned to get up, but suddenly another blade came trying to get at her from behind! However ready for this, she said agitated, “Not this time!”
With those words, her wings sprung forth and made her sprint into the air she dashed and then with one well armed blow, “Haaa!” She hit her target! The attacking heartless in seconds turned to dust immediately!
Quickly landing on the deck of the ship, Nozomi turned to see the progress of the others.
Together they had all aimed to keep the heartless away from Noel and Yeul, as he carried the unconscious girl towards the captain's cabin. However it was proving easier to be said that done, for the heartless were relentless!
As he proceeded on, Noel was coming closer to the stairs! Just a little further forward and-!
However quickly two huge pirate ship heartless came his way! Immediately they stopped the desperate warrior in seconds, he looked at the monsters agitated! For with Yeul in his arms, there was no way that he could attack them. He also couldn't put her down now otherwise-!
Immediately though he couldn't think anything else, as the heartless aimed their cannons straight at him and Noel! Quickly they glowed with their terrifying power and then-!

“Not today fella's!”

Suddenly from on high, came in a flying pink blur! In seconds the heartless were both stopped from charging their attacks and it was done by-!
“Timbre!?” Noel cried out, for there the pink haired cat boy came flying in from nowhere!
The eye patched youth swinging his spear, hearing him cry out his name smirked as he told him, “The one and only!” With those words, he quickly turned back to the heartless as he told them, “And now it's smacking time!” Then quickly feeling pumped he began his attacks against the monsters, flying fast into the air with his long spear in hand!
Again and again, from up in the air he stabbed the heartless over and over as he swooped in and around them! He was practically impossible to see with his fast speed! He was like lightning and the monster ships were being pushed apart more and more by his swift fighting style!
Looking on as he became more and more battle crazed as he sliced away into them. Noel could see he was getting out of hand... again. Seeing him becoming excited like this was making him feel awkward and he couldn't help but ask, “Has he already forgotten we're in a crisis here?”
Then as he said that, Timbre quickly knocked one of the heartless and laughed out loud with a boast, “Victory is mine!”
To which in turn, Noel simply felt more abashed however he quickly noticed that the other monster his comrade had knocked out, was rolling over and then, “Timbre!”
However as the pink haired cat boy turned around at this shout. Quickly he saw terrified that the monster was aiming one of it's cannons straight at him! Then as they began to fiercely glow-!


Suddenly the monster was immediately was struck into and was stopped by Riku! The surprised eye patched boy then saw the keyblader, aim his right hand as he did he said fiercely, “Too slow!” With that his hand glowed with bright yellow power as he shouted out, “Thundaga!” With that the monster was blasted away by the powerful thunder spell!
Seeing this happen, Timbre as well as Noel were surprised. However the long white haired keyblader turned to look at the cat boy and told him, “You need to pay more attention here! You let your guard down!”
However Timbre hearing this himself, was quiet before he then replied grumbling as he turned his head to the side, “...Party pooper!”
Obviously Riku wasn't pleased with this retort, but before he could move to say another word-!


Quickly all of them turned around and as they did, fast approaching was Nozomi! Seeing her, they heard her then call out and ask, “Are you okay!?”
However before any of them could move to make a move!

“Watch out there, lads!”


Suddenly the furious lightning spell came charging forwards! As it did, it struck away the heartless that was just about to attack the bewildered cat boy and keyblader!
Riku turning then saw the pirate ship heartless, fall to the side in seconds charred by the power of the spell! He couldn't believe that it'd tried to sneak up on them both like that!
While Timbre himself then, recovering from his shock looked to Riku and told him, “Well look who's defenceless one now, huh?”
To which hearing this, Riku was immediately annoyed as he looked at him. However Nozomi herself quickly saw who'd come to their aid as she called out, “Cait sith! Mickey!”
For there fast approaching them was their mouse king and crowned cat companions! Cait sith himself seeing that he'd got her attention, then made his move and jumping forwards he landed upon Nozomi's shoulder as he told her, “Aye lass! Sorry we kept ya lot waiting!”
Nozomi was more pleased than upset by this and so replied, “I'm just so glad to see you guys!”
Riku then swallowing down his annoyance as he glared for a moment more at Timbre, then walked to his comrades and told his arriving friend's with a smile of his own, “Yeah, it's good to see you're both safe!”
Mickey then hearing this replied, “And it's great you're okay Riku! Sorry for makin' ya worry there!”
Noel looking on then saw the white haired keyblader simply smile in return. As he did this and he saw the positive atmosphere that emanated from the group, he could feel the strong friendship that was between them all. As he did, he looked back to Yeul and he had to wonder. Was it that atmosphere from them that made her trust them?
However there was no more time for him to dwell on this, for suddenly he heard chilling sounds and turning around he saw more of them gather. The heartless! At once as he noticed he called out to everyone, “Hey! We can't stop! We got to keep moving!”
Hearing him say this, it was then the others all quickly saw the hordes of heartless that were beginning to build up and coming their way again! It was clear this was no time to dawdle!
Timbre immediately took the lead as he cried out, “C'mon guys! This way!” With that he ran forwards! Then as they did the others all followed suite, with Noel carrying Yeul and finally the keybladers themselves. As they did they all made their way to the stairs to get away from the sea of monsters that were threatening to overtake and consume them all!


“Careful, Captain!” With that quickly the rocky skinned first mate, Mr Arrow fired his shot and instantly the heartless that was threatening his precious superior was vanquished! For after the heartless had began their attacks, they'd been only left with one option! They had to retreat back to safer levels! They were now just some short distance away from the quarters when they now had these monstrous obstacles to deal with!
Seeing what he'd done for her as she turned her head, Amelia was agitated! However she was quick to say, “You have my praise Mr Arrow!” But quickly she turned and fired another shot, as once again one more of the pirate heartless came her way!
As it turned to dust on the spot, she then said aggravated, “But it looks like these monstrosities are going to continue to be tenacious!” For she saw quickly more spawn! At this rate-!


Gasping as she turned, the feline woman saw another heartless turn to dust in seconds! However the shot hadn't come from her First mate, it was-!
“Captain!” Quickly Mr Arrow placed himself before Amelia protectively, as he saw who'd come before them. For there he could see before his eyes, that it was none other than the one who'd led them all into this chaos!
“Greetings!” For there smirking, as though he had no care whatsoever in the world. It was none other than the invading mutineer Balthier!
Seeing him in seconds, Amelia pointed her laser at him angrily as she spat out, “You!”
Though seeing this reaction, Balthier himself simply continued to smirk as he replied, “Oh I'm so glad you remember me so fondly!”
Mr Arrow though quickly spoke up and replied to the arrogant man, “Don't be making a mockery of our captain! A miscreant such as yourself has no right to-!”
“But I do have my rights!” With that clicking his fingers, it was then appearing from seemingly nowhere that his exotic partner, Fran emerged and still held in her claws was-!
“Jim!” For still held in the rabbit woman's claws was the restrained young man with his mouth gagged. It was clear he was irritated as he still tried to struggle, but against Fran's power he had no chance whatsoever!
Seeing the captain's reaction to their display, Balthier then continued to smile as he replied, “Correct! This young gentleman is still in our custody and-”
“Boss!” With that turning, it was then that everyone saw behind Zidane who was busy dodging in and around the heartless as he struck into them here and there. But it was clear that at the rate the monsters were swarming and surrounding the monkey tailed young man, that he was struggling.
Looking behind himself he then told them, “You better hurry that discussion! I won't be able to keep these things back much longer alone!” With that he struck fast another heartless that came flying straight at him!
Seeing this himself, Balthier didn't like to be cut short. However he knew this wasn't the time to swagger, so looking to Amelia he told her, “Well, since we are in a dire situation I will ask now that you give us control in return for the boy's life... otherwise, you can imagine the conclusion for yourselves.”
Angered instantly as she heard this, along with her First Mate Amelia was trembling inside with fury! For looking on she could already tell that they'd dispatched Cait sith, who was no longer being held in the rabbit woman's claws. It was clear that these barbarians were serious! Looking at him, she knew she would shoot him there and then for this if she could! However she knew she had to act rationally for at this rate both the ship and everyone would fall! So biting her rage back, she looked to Balthier and spoke, “You will-”
“You'll have nothing!” With that shocking both Captain and First Mate along with the kidnappers. It was then that suddenly appearing before them, with his cannon arm at the ready it was none other than the enraged cyborg, John Silver!
“Mr Silver!” Mr Arrow shouted out! For if he acted impulsively now, then-!
However ignoring him, Mr Silver pumped up the powerful weapon and as he did so. He told Balthier, “Now how about this as a proposition? You hand over the lad and I'll not blast both you and the rest of yer mates to kingdom come!”
Hearing this demand being made of him, Balthier was still quite surprised and even Zidane behind him and his partner had ceased his battling to look on shocked. For this was definitely getting more interesting by the moment!
Fran herself though, disliking this tone that Silver was using, threw Jim to the side making him hit the floor hard as he grumbled loudly in pain as he stared up to her mad! However ignoring this, Fran took out her bow and arrows and aiming one at the cyborg, she was silent with a deadly intent of her own!
It was a stand off and at this rate, if things continued like this then-!

“Fella's stop!”

Suddenly interrupted again, there arriving on the scene was, “Mickey!”
For there was the mouse king! Looking on Amelia couldn't believe it! Neither could Jim, but quickly he saw much to his relief not just him, but the rest of the keybladers, Riku and Nozomi along with Cait sith who was riding her shoulder.
Balthier and Fran surprised themselves saw, “Noel! Timbre!” Then the rabbit earred woman, seeing who the blue clad warrior was carrying immediately put her bow and arrows away as she called out, “Yeul!”
Making it over, she asked urgently to the girl's guardian, “Is she-?”
“She's fine!” Noel told her quickly, then he explained a little more to her, “She was just knocked out, but-!”


Suddenly shocking everyone, a whole battalion of pirate ship heartless emerged! Surrounding them on all sides, their cannons aimed straight at them all!
Seeing them hovering all around and then seeing the hordes of swarming black heartless and pirate ones begin to emerge, Nozomi knew she had to act fast! So looking to the others she told them all, “Everyone! This is no time for fighting! We have to get to safety right now so-!”


Once again another shot was sent their way and it was clear Nozomi's words were to be taken to heart right there and then! So grudgingly, Mr Silver lowered his cannon arm and replied, “The lass's right! If we keep quarrelin' here we'll all really be done for!”
Balthier seeing the hordes of heartless himself, however reluctant he sighed as he replied, “Well it's not in my higher interests to agree with a ruffian... I will have to concede at this point.” With that looking to his 'enemies,' he told them, “Let us make our our retreat!”
Smiling as he said that, Timbre then who'd been quiet up to that point said, “Glad to hear you agree boss!” With that he ran forwards as he headed towards the Captain's quarters.
Seeing the pink haired young cat boy go, Amelia didn't much care for his immature attitude. However looking to all the heartless that were still approaching fast, she informed everyone, “I really don't wish to share my private chambers with a bunch of bandits like this, but circumstances compel!” Quickly turning she announced, “Come let's go!”
With that the others all turned to run, however Jim still tied up and lying on the floor was annoyed! For wriggling about mad, he still hadn't been freed from his bonds and now the others were-!
“Jimbo!” Suddenly though his annoyed thoughts were interrupted as coming down to his side, it was none other than Silver. Seeing the tall cyborg with surprise, he heard him then say, “Hang on lad, I'll lift ya up!”
With that he just that and as he felt himself getting back up right on his feet, he heard, “I'll help out too!” Turning as he heard that, Jim then saw Nozomi tun on over and quickly she took her keyblade in hand and said, “I'll get rid of these stupid ropes!” Instantly in seconds saying that the bindings that were holding him down were removed!  
Feeling this at last, Jim took his hands and pulled off the gag that had stopped him from talking! As he did so, he said, “Finally! That was an utter pain!”
Hearing him say this, Cait sith then laughed as he told him, “You got that right lad! You and I both were put through the wringer back there!”
Jim hearing Cait sith's voice then looked to him and saw Nozomi again, who smiled up to him and said, “Sorry we took a bit to help you out Jim!”
Seeing her smile up to him like that so pleasantly, caused Jim's heart to flutter slightly inside. However he didn't want this to be shown, so he turned his head to the side as he said,“...It's fine.”
Turning he then saw Silver smiling down to him and as he did, he heard him say as he had a guess at what was going on, “Oh? Cat got your tongue there?”
Quickly though, the ponytailed young man replied, “Please!” However quickly recovering what composure he could, he replied to him, “...Thanks though, for helping me out again.”
Silver simply smiled at this, thinking this as quite typical for him. Nozomi though not noticing his flustered state did the same, however before she or any of the others could say another word, “Guys!”
Then looking on, they saw Riku and Mickey standing by the door of the captain's quarters as they did, they heard him shout out, “Hurry up! They're almost on you!”
With that instantly they all turned and as they did so, the heartless were hurrying fast! They had to go! Quickly Nozomi cried out, “C'mon guys!” With that she took off with Jim and Silver following closely behind her!
Cait sith still on top of her head then cried out, pointing to the door, “Let's amscray lads!” With that he and the others quickly entered the door and shut it tight as they did so-!




A series of cannonballs were fired! However they'd all missed the targets, making the deck burn with holes! There was silence for a few moments, before one voice said annoyed, “Darn it! The varmits got away!” For there appearing and landing on the deck with a heavy thud, it was none other than Pete. Totally disappointed that his attack had failed... again!
Hearing him complain once more, it was then floating on down to the deck with a softer touch with her metallic wings exposed. It was none other than Hari, looking to Pete she heard him continue on to say, “I was certain we were gonna have 'em sealed and nailed tight! Why don't that ever work out for us here!”
Hari herself simply remained silent as she turned her green eyes to the door of the Captain's quarters. As she did so, it was clear she was deducing something. Pete though not noticing this turned to look at her as he asked, “So what're we supposed to be doin' here now! We're-!”
“We will proceed on,” Hari replied simply.
As she said this, Pete stared at her blankly for a moment as he repeated, “Proceed on?”
“Correct,” she replied and as she did so, she moved her hand forwards and doing so she added, “With this current assault.” Then as she pointed her finger to the door, the heartless cannons began to burn red with power.
Pete seeing this was silent, however he was a little wary and unsure as Hari said with a cold seriousness in her eyes, “For we should remove certain newer pieces that have been added to this game.” With those words, it was then the heartless unleashed their power!





The ship's cabin shuddering under all this power that was being blasted against it. Everyone on the inside was nervous like mad! For if thing's continued this way, it was not going to end well for any of them!
Zidane himself couldn't help but complain with annoyance, “Darn! Those things just won't let up will they!?”
Timbre though hearing his pal say this asked him with a grin, “Getting a cold sweat are ya?”
To which the monkey tailed young man, stared at him with utter annoyance. Seeing this reaction occur, Riku simply sighed as he stood with his comrades as he said, “Looks like some people are relaxed no matter what the situation, huh?”
Nodding, Nozomi standing near to Noel then couldn't help but reply, “Seems so?”
To which the blue clad guardian, simply smiled on. However he felt dread still, for if they didn't all do something soon, then what would? However as these worried thoughts raged inside of him, “Mmm?”
Quickly turning, he saw Yeul in his arm's was beginning to stir awake! As she was he asked her urgently, “Yeul!”
Hearing him say this, instantly Nozomi asked, “Yeul!?” With that she turned to face the young girl fully as Mickey then ran over to her too! Riku confused followed him as Jim, Silver and the Captain along with her First Mate watched on.
Even Timbre and Zidane stopped their little discussion as the pink haired cat boy cried out, “Yeul!?” With that he ran over as his pal followed suit.
Then in tow, quickly Balthier and Fran walked over too and as they did so. They were quiet as they waited patiently for the young girl to awaken. The group of people gathered around the young long blue haired girl, slowly and carefully opened her eyes.
As she did so, she was confused as she gazed around herself. However seeing all her friends there around her, she couldn't help but smile as she said, “Everyone...”
There was immense relief as she spoke and as she did so, they smiled as Noel did as he asked her, “Yeul, you're okay.”
Hearing him say this, the young girl replied to him, “Yeah... why wouldn't I-?” Then suddenly stopping, she looked to Nozomi and Mickey. As she did so, her eyes widened as she asked, “Mickey? Nozomi?”
“Hey Yeul!” Mickey smiled to her, as he did he asked her, “Are you feelin' okay now?”
To which the young girl nodded and as she did so, Nozomi decided to ask her, “You had us scared back there! With the heartless attack and everything, we thought you'd-”
“An attack?” Then as she asked that, it was immediately Yeul remembered and as she did so. Her mind rushed to other possibilities! Looking around anxious, she couldn't help but ask, “Raiyana!”
Hearing her say this name, immediately Noel was bewildered. Why would she say that? However he didn't get any time to think more about this question as Yeul looked around herself some more and asked Nozomi, along with Mickey, “Where is she? You said she was aboard this ship didn't you? She's-?”
“She's over here lass,” it was then Yeul distracted heard Mr Silver's voice and as she did so. She turned in his direction, the young girl looking on then saw the cyborg and stand aside with a sad look on his face. As he did so, it was then that Yeul saw with widened eyes, “Raiyana!?”
Quickly shocked as well, Noel released the young girl from his hands and as he did so. She ran over to the unconscious girl's side as she was continued to be nursed by Delbert. As she did this he followed suite calling out too, “Raiyana!”
Seeing their crew mates react this way, it was clear that Timbre, Zidane along with Fran and their leader Balthier were confused. For they'd never heard this name being mentioned to them. They watched on silently as the two of them finally got to their friend's side.
Looking at her long lost friend, Yeul cried out, “Raiyana! Raiyana! Wake up!” Startled immediately Morph flew on up and away as he stared at this new stranger. However there was no response from the unconscious girl as she continued to struggle against her pain. This saddened her terribly as she took her hands and pleaded with her, “Please wake up! Please...” Morph in turn seeing this was saddened terribly too, seeing someone was fretting just as badly as he was.  
Seeing this with worry in her eyes, it was then that Nozomi heard Cait sith say, “This looks bad lass!”
Nodding the female keyblader replied, “Yeah,” however she couldn't sit back and do nothing! So quickly she joined Yeul's and Noel's side too!
As he saw her go, Mickey then followed suite as he told his friend, “C'mon Riku!”
Hearing the king say this, the white haired keyblader replied, “Right!” With that he ran over too!
Making it over quickly, they looked on worried as Noel turned to Delbert and asked him, “Please? Tell us what's wrong? Is Raiyana?”
To which the dog featured man replied sadly, “She has an abnormal injury that is making her suffer terribly.”  
As he heard this, Noel repeated, “An abnormal injury?”
Listening to this question, Delbert then pointed to the purple pulsing bite that was on her arm. Seeing it, immediately Yeul's upset eyes widened in recognition! For that bite was-!
It was then that Nozomi realising what peril she was in asked, “Isn't there anything you can do for her Delbert? Isn't there-?”
To which shaking his head he told the female keyblader, the doctor replied, “Without the proper medical supplies... there's very little I can do,” Then looking to Raiyana sadly he also added, “And at this rate with those heartless rampaging outside... she may not-”
“I don't want to hear a word of the sort!” It was then that Mr Silver walked on over, with Morph now on his shoulder stroking into him worriedly.
Seeing him like this, Riku asked, “Silver?”
However ignoring him, Mr Silver then said with a strong conviction, “Raiyana is a spritely lass! She'll pull on through this, I'm a certain about it!”
Delbert hearing him say this though, was about to open his mouth to sadly say otherwise. But then-!
“She will!” Yeul said with determination and as she did so, she added, “I know she will,” with that she reached into her one of her side pouch pockets.
As she did this, Nozomi wondered what she was doing as she walked over and asked her, “Yeul? What're you-?”
But she didn't get a chance to finish her sentence, for then the young long blue haired girl brought out a blue bottle of some kind. As she did, she took it to Raiyana's injury and poured a little of what was inside onto it.
As she rubbed it into the bite, almost immediately the purple mist that had been leaking from it ceased and then in turn, Raiyana's breathing calmed quickly. Seeing this happen, Delbert couldn't believe it as he said, “What is that? This medicine it's-?”
“Mmm...?” Quickly Morph hearing this utter became excited and instantly he flew down to Raiyana, stroking into her cheek as he could sense what was happening.
In moments quickly, the keybladers, Silver along with Noel and Yeul looked on expectantly and as they did, it was then after a little bit that Raiyana finally opened her eyes. As she did so, she was confused as she asked, “This is-?”
“Raiyana!” “Raiyana!” Immediately hearing these two voices, it was then the long blue haired girl sat straight up startled and as she did so, she asked, “That's-!”
However she didn't have to say anymore, as suddenly a pair of young arms in relief hugged her middle tightly as she cried out, “You're awake! You're here! We...” However the young girl was so overwhelmed that no other words could be formed.
Seeing her, Raiyana herself was in disbelief. But then looking up she saw another face framed by shoulder length brown hair that smiled to her as he looked on with his blue eyes and said, “Long time no see...we've finally caught up to you.”
Her eyes widening as she saw them both, Raiyana couldn't tell if she was dreaming or awake. But quickly she was overcome as she felt all this warmth around her and she couldn't hold back the trembling emotions that were spilling forth inside. Quickly tears emerged and she cried holding on tightly onto the blue clad warrior as the young girl held her tightly too, she immediately whimpered as she spoke, “Noel...! Yeul...!”
Feeling her do this, Noel at first surprised then wrapped his arms around Raiyana as he gently stroked her head. Trying to calm her, as well as enjoying feeling the familiar warmth of his long lost friend.
Seeing this touching scene, everyone was silent. Nozomi though along with the rest of her friends were so happy for their long awaited reunion as they simply smiled on. Even Jim, the Captain and Mr Arrow couldn't help but smile too. Timbre, Zidane, Fran and Balthier too were glad for their crew mates as they smiled at the scene.
As Raiyana hugged her two long lost friends and felt their nostalgic warmth around her, she knew then that this was real. This wasn't a dream, it was? However her thoughts were interrupted as Morph hummed on affectionately as he stroked into her cheek, feeling him do this she then paused and finally smiled as she said simply, “Morph...” with that she stroked him gently with her free hand. Making the creature react happily, for he was so pleased to have her back too.
Meanwhile, Silver himself smiling glad that Raiyana was back. Couldn't help but look to the doorway of the cabin and as he did so. He became angered, for what on earth were Pete and Hari thinking doing this? But more importantly he had to ask himself, how were the rest of them supposed to proceed on against the deadly force that was assaulting the door to the Captain's cabin...    
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
.:Chapter Twenty : The Uncertainty:.

Silent, within the confines of his personal laboratory as various liquids bubbled and odd scents filled the air, Reiji was performing his experiment. The lights were turned off and within the darkness, he held two vials within his hands.
One contained the red mixture of his test subject's homemade cordial as it continued to glow with it's red light within the darkness, while the other one contained a yellow liquid of some kind. As he looked at the two concoctions, he said aloud quietly, “Now...”
With that taking the yellow liquid vial, Reiji carefully poured it's contents into the glowing red one. Silent as he proceeded to do this, he then finished and doing so he swirled the two liquids as he gently stirred them with a small long, thin silver spoon.    
As he finally mixed the two together, he removed the utensil and placed it upon his work table carefully. Then looking back to the vial, he waited for a reaction of some kind... there was nothing whatsoever. Seeing this with a sigh and slight disappointment, he couldn't help but utter, “Perhaps I was expecting too much?”
With those words, he was about to put the vial down to pour away, when-!


Suddenly a bright light caught his attention! His eyes startled, he saw that the red concoction inside was quickly beginning to change colour! Looking on, Reiji saw that the liquid was turning from the rich and vibrant red shade, into a dark sinister purple... it almost resembled the black of the night.
Seeing this occur, he was genuinely surprised! For if the liquid turned into this colour...then there was only one possible conclusion!


“Uurgh! What an utter pain in the ass!” Miya complained! It was clear that as Yui looked to her friend, she was still irritated which depressed her greatly.
It was now some hours later after the fiasco and chaos that occurred within her room. After Miya had kicked the brothers out forcefully...and brutally, the two of them had tried to return back to their studying. However the two of them were quite drained by the crowded experience and they'd barely managed to get anything done at all!
So giving up after some time, due to this weariness. The two of them had decided to go and have some dinner together in the kitchen. They'd reached a decision that night to have something simple, so they'd ended up with a meal of Japanese chicken curry.
Miya then dipping her spoon into the delicious sauce and meat couldn't help but add, “Seriously! We practically got nothing done tonight... thanks to those bastards!” With that she munched away at her bite of food.  
Nodding then, Yui had barely taken a bite. But she agreed to her friend's words as she said, “Yeah... that's true, sadly.”
She hadn't want any kind of violence to take place...nor had she wanted things to be that chaotic and dangerous for them. But as Yui lifted up her food laden spoon, she knew that with the brothers and the way they were coming into contact with Miya's fiery temper. That was something she couldn't stop on her own from happening, whether she wanted to or not.
There was then a silence that surrounded them both... it was so awkward with things being like this!
Miya feeling it, didn't want the night to go on like this, so she said to her friend, “Y'know what Yui-ko?”
Curious as she heard her ask for her, the blonde haired looked to her friend as she spoonful and asked her, “Yes, Miya-chan?”
Seeing that she'd got her attention, the heterochromia eyed girl then told her honestly, “You know... this isn't the first time I've said something like this, but...I'm sorry again.” With that she was silent for a moment, as she became that way Yui stared at her surprised as she continued on to say, “I'm sorry for losing my temper...I'm just no good at holding myself back, am I?”
Hearing her Miya apologise to her like this, Yui though quickly told her, “Oh no! I mean...” becoming quiet herself for a moment herself, the blonde haired then continued on as she told her, “Well, it's not like I can blame you Miya-chan... because I could see that you were doing your best to hold yourself back.”
Then looking to her friend she still saw that she looked depressed still. It was clear that her words at this point weren't having much of an impact, so she decided to admit another personal thought of hers, “But for that moment at that time... I don't hold it against you for acting out like that.”
Surprised as she heard this, Miya looking across to Yui asked her, “You don't?”
Shaking her head, Yui said, “No,” with that she began to explain, “Because to be honest it was really busy and noisy in my room... I think if I had all that to deal with in other circumstances, I'd lose my temper too.” To which she ended with a small laugh and smile.
Hearing Yui say this, Miya was a little touched inside by her being honest like this. So cheered up a little by this confession, she told her friend with a small laugh of her own, “Y'know you saying that... I can't even imagine you getting mad like on my level but...thanks, Yui-ko.”
To which happily, the blonde haired girl simply smiled and as she did this, Miya then smiling still decided to say something else brightly, “Though you know, with you around I do hold back more than I would have done in the old days.”
As she heard this Yui was surprised as she asked her, “You do?”
Nodding, Miya then explained on a humorous note, “Yeah! Because otherwise if I was close to what I was back then, I probably would have done something crazy like trying to break every single bone in their bodies!”
Feeling dread and a shudder inside as she heard this, Yui simply asked with a nervous laugh, “Uh...? Oh really?” Then placing her hands back onto the table along with her spoon she replied, “Well... I'm glad you didn't, Miya-chan... I wouldn't have liked that.”
Hearing her say this, Miya then smiling cheerfully replied, “I know, that's why I didn't do it!” However looking back behind herself, towards the open doorway she said feeling the positivity grow, “But, thanks to that in incident in a weird way...I'd say it means for the rest of our time together we shouldn't be disturbed...hopefully.”
Nodding Yui was quiet, however she then replied finally, “Yeah, that'll be good.” As they came to that good note though, Yui was glad now that the awkwardness had gone and so wanting to keep the atmosphere upbeat, she told her friend, “Well, since we have it now we should relax and enjoy all the time we have together, right?”
Hearing her say this, Miya was more than pleased to agree as she said, “Right!”
With that the two of them returning to their cheerful and happy state, began to chat and laugh together as they finished the rest of their meal.


It was now later in the evening and finally the two of them had finished their delicious curry. Now the two together were in the process of washing up their plates and other things they'd used to make their meal.
Her hands submerged in the sink with the bubbles and foam dripping off of her arms, as she continued to wash, Miya then sighed as she said, “Right! As soon as we get this done, I'd be glad to get some sleep.” With that rolling one of her shoulders, she commented, “I'm tired!”
Hearing her friend say this, Yui smiling replied, “I can imagine!” Then saying that, as she moved her hands in the water, “Ow!”
Worried immediately, Miya looking to her friend and asked her, “Are you okay, Yui-ko?”
Removing her hand quickly out of the water, Yui looking at her hand winced as she remarked, “I think I cut myself a little on a knife.”
Worried as she heard this, Miya asked her, “You have?” With that quickly taking her hands put of the water she told her, “Here let me see!”
Quiet as Miya said this, Yui then moving her hand up felt her friend's warm ones on her own as she studied the damage that had been done. As she watched her, she heard her say, “Yeah, it looks like you looks like it might be a bit deep.” Then as the heterochromia eyed girl said this, her expression changed into a serious one as she moved and decided on something, “Hang on!”
With that moving, she went and grabbed an available clean table cloth. Quickly wrapping it around Yui's finger, she told her friend, “Okay, you need to keep this on the injury tightly, otherwise because a of blood's gonna pour out soon.”
Hearing her instructions, Yui then nodded and said surprised at the fast instructions, “Oh, alright!” With that Yui held onto the bundled cloth wrapping her friend had made.
As she did this, Miya satisfied then advised her, “That's great, now I think it'd be a good idea if you went to the bathroom and have that washed quick to get rid of the excess of it and to keep it clean, just to be on the safe side.”
Yui hearing this, then replied, “Oh, okay Miya-chan...” but looking to the dishes that were still left, she had to ask, “But are you going to be alright, cleaning this all by yourself? I don't want to leave you to-”
However putting her hand up quickly, Miya halted her instantly and told her, “Yui-ko, I'll be fine! A bit of washing up isn't going to kill me!” Then seeing the worry on her face still, she decided to re-assure her saying, “And I'll be fine on my own! Remember, I knocked those guys to kingdom come! They're not gonna bother me and I'm sure as hell they're not gonna bother you either!” Then smiling, she told her, “Now go on, it'll be okay! I'll come on over to find you when I get this all done, alright?”
Hearing her say this, Yui then remembering this fact. Felt like she could relax a little, so glad to know this she replied, “Alright...” with that, going to the open door way, she told her friend, “Thank you, Miya-chan.”
As she heard this, the orange haired girl replied, “It's fine, now you get going!”
Nodding quickly at this request, Yui went to take care of her injury as Miya stayed behind in the kitchen to finish off the last of the washing up and cleaning.


It was a little bit of time later and finally, Yui exited through the bathroom door. After placing her injured finger under the waters of the cold tap it had washed away the excess of blood. Looking at it as she proceeded to walk forwards, she commented aloud, “I'm glad the bleeding's finally stopped.”
For looking to the red cut tender line that was now across it, she thought it didn't look too bad, though it was a little sore slightly as she moved it. But not wanting to dwell on it, she put her cut hand to her side as she decided, “I better get back to, Miya-chan.”
With that walking forwards she went down the hallway, which was aligned with the tall glass windows, with their dark red coloured curtains surrounding them. Outside the waning moon continued to shine down, revealing the darkness of the night that surrounded her. Yui didn't like to be alone like that in that place at that time and so she went forwards increasing her pace.

“Running in haste are you?”

Immediately hearing this voice, Yui turned around quickly and there she saw standing there, it was none other than, “Reiji-san!”
For there the spectacled vampire was, standing before the window Yui had just passed. Seeing him there, the blonde haired girl had forgotten that he was the only one amongst the brothers who hadn't suffered Miya's wrath.
Seeing that he'd got her attention, the dark haired young man then asked her, “You need to return to that vulgar woman's side that quickly?”
As she heard him ask this question, Yui then answered, “You shouldn't call her that, Reiji-san,” but quickly she remembered her cut finger. With the special flavour her blood possessed and the sweet scent she was told it emitted. She shouldn't remain there for too long, otherwise it might turn out badly! So quickly she spoke as politely as she could, “But, yes I've left Miya-chan on her own... so if you'll excuse me I have to get back!” With that she went to leave quickly.
Hearing her say this, Reiji then immediately with a sharp gaze behind his spectacles told her, “Wait one moment!”
Coming to a standstill with a chill as she heard those words, Yui turned to look at Reiji and as she did, she saw him look at her with a serious cold expression. Seeing it she shivered under it, for she had no idea what on earth he wanted to say to her.
Seeing that she'd halted at his command, Reiji then spoke, “That woman... she's changed you, hasn't she?”
Surprised as she heard him say this, Yui asked him curiously, “Changed?”
As he heard her repeat this single word, Reiji then explained a little more, “Your attitude, your overall demeanour... it's not the same as it once was.” With that he gave her a small description of what he'd noticed, “You've begun to be a little more assertive in some ways compared to what you once were like...and you also appear to be more energetic in some ways, it's all because of her influence isn't it?”
Hearing Reiji say that, Yui hadn't noticed that great amount of a change like that. However but she did admit, “I... don't know about that, but being with Miya-chan, it makes me happy Reiji-san.”
Becoming a little curious as he heard this, Reiji asked her becoming sceptical, “Makes you happy?”
Nodding Yui then explained, “Yes... being with Miya-chan, I feel relaxed and calm when we interact, she makes me laugh and encourages me, giving me confidence and...” With that thinking of the warmth that spread in her heart, a smile came to her face as she finally said, “With her... I feel more like a normal human again.”
As he heard this sickening description, Reiji with a sinister grin then asked her, “A normal human?”
Startled as she heard this response and seeing the grin that was now on his face, Yui quickly knew it wasn't a good idea to stay there then. She had to get away! So quickly she went to run, when immediately she was caught by Reiji's single gloved hand! “Ah!”
Then quickly she was pulled up close to the spectacled vampire, dropping the cloth that Miya had handed to her in the process. As this was done, a frightened look appeared on her face as she was forced to look up to him.
Seeing it, amused Reiji slightly as he said with his sinister grin still there, “It seems that you've become conceited as well... forgetting your place as prey!”
Chilled as she heard this, Yui then saw the grin vanish as he became deadly serious, saying, “You shouldn't allow yourself to become corrupted by that woman's influence anymore than you already have...otherwise you will never be the gentle and obedient lady you should be.”
Hearing this Yui knew this was bad! The way this conversation was going, it was-!
“What is this?” Reiji asked as he then noticed the cut that was on Yui's finger! Quickly the alarmed blonde haired girl, tried to pull her hand away from him again. However it was useless as Reiji's inhumane strength was exerted and he held her more tightly to himself with his other free arm.
As she gasped in pain from the tightness, Reiji then saw the wound more clearly and as he did. He told her, “So you harmed yourself once more?” With that his grin returned as he told her, “You always seem to tempt me unknowingly, don't you?” With those words, he placed her sore digit in his mouth as he licked it slowly and deliberately.
Feeling the sensation of his cold and soft tongue, wetting her finger with his saliva. Yui felt a chilling shiver go down her spine as she whispered desperately, “Reiji-san! Don't-!”
But it was too late, as the spectacled vampire bit into her finger making her gasp aloud in pain! Immediately the cool vampire licking and drinking the sweet delectable blood that was pouring forth from the now re-opened cut, moaned as he swallowed and the sensation of her quickly flowed into him. Feeling Yui flinch and tremble against his drinking simply amused and excited him all the more as he said, “Once more, you emit the sweetest of scents...and the taste of you is completely intoxicating!”
With that he bit into her hard again! Yui resisting the urge to cry out, protested desperately once more as she told him, “Reiji-san! It hurts! Stop this! I-”
However suddenly, her words were stopped! For then moving her swiftly, Reiji spun and slammed her trembling form against the wall, “Agh!” Her back immediately ached in pain as she was pinned!
“I will not tolerate any insubordination at this moment!” With that, moving himself to the right side of her neck. The spectacled vampire then added clearing away the locks of her blonde hair that was in his way, “For I wish to have the fullest taste of you!”
With those words he bit straight into her neck! As he did this, Yui gasped as her eyes widened in alarm as the pain was immediate, making her nerves scream and ache terribly inside. Then with it, she once again felt her strength begin to waver and drain the more that Reiji drank from her.
This was awful for her! Then opening one of her cringing pink coloured eyes, as she looked at Reiji continuing to drink from her. She couldn't imagine this situation getting any worse than it already was.

“I wonder how Yui-ko's doing?”

Her eyes widening in alarm, the blonde haired girl heard Miya's voice! Looking to the side and in the distance, she saw her friend approaching from the darkness. Right in Reiji and her's direction!
Reiji himself, turning to look in the direction where Miya was walking from as he continued to feast. He was quiet as his deadly red eyes stared at her... then an idea hatched inside of his mind. He decided it was time to try a little experiment.
Yui cowering and trembling against the wall as she thought of Miya discovering the truth in the terrible position she was in,  suddenly she felt Reiji remove his hands from her. As he did, for a moment she felt maybe he'd stop. Maybe-?
However that single possibility vanished almost as soon as she thought of it, for Reiji turning her around. Now held her before himself and as he stood behind her. She began to ask him perplexed as she tried to turn and look at him, “Reiji-san, what-?”
However his single gloved hand came over her mouth, as it did he asked her, “Let's use this time to determine something shall we?” With those words, Yui then saw his eyes glow red within the darkness. They seemed to shine with a sinister light and as they did, he told her, “Now... you better do you utmost not to make a sound.”
Not understanding what he meant, as she looked at him with petrified wide eyes. Yui then suddenly heard-!

“I hope that cut isn't plaguing her too badly.”

There in front of her eyes, was Miya! However the blue and green heterochromia eyed, orange haired girl looking on ahead, seemed to be completely unaware of her presence! She was right opposite her! All she would have had to do was turn and-!
However looking on into the distance Miya scratched her head and said, “I just hope this is enough.” With that she brought something out of her pocket.
Looking on from her silenced distance, Yui then saw that in Miya's hand was a single band aid. Seeing it, she heard her continue on to say, “It didn't look too deep... but,” however shaking her head she heard her say, “Oh c'mon! Bandages aren't needed for something that small... honestly, I've gotta learn to not be such a worrywart!”
Hearing Miya say these words, despite her fear and her confusion of how she couldn't see her. Yui couldn't help but look at her friend with a little warmth in her eyes, she was still worrying about her, even then?
Reiji though looking on at Miya and seeing her clueless expression as she uttered to herself, then smirked as he thought of something. Moving himself, he then began to lick Yui's left exposed shoulder!
As he did this, the blonde haired girl alarmed looked to him and tried to shake him off as she squirmed. Desperate for him to stop! However Reiji ignoring her pathetic struggles, then moved his fangs and quickly with no hesitation he sunk them straight into her!
Shivering immediately at this new sensation of pain! Yui stifled the urge to cry out! For she couldn't let herself! If Miya saw this and discovered the truth, then-!
However the unwary heterochromia eyed girl, sighing as she tried to put her worries aside. Put the band aid back into her pocket. Doing that she said, “Well I can't waste any more time, hanging around like this, I-”
Suddenly she came to a halt, for by her side she noticed-!
Yui trembling against Reiji desperate to keep her agonised pained groans and cries inside of herself, opened her eyes and in shock she stopped! For it looked like Miya was staring straight at her in shock! The pink eyed girl's own eyes were widened as her terror and pain escaped, to be replaced by her own enormous shock.
Even Reiji stopped his drinking for a moment, as he removed his fangs from Yui's flesh, letting the holes he'd created bleed and overflow. As her blood dripped down, he observed Miya's actions with a cold gaze quietly to see what she would do...
The heterochromia eyed girl, looking on shocked then asked, “This is?” With that she lowered herself down and as she did, she quickly picked up something off the floor before Yui's feet. Looking on, she said, “This is the table cloth I gave to Yui-ko!”
Seeing it was the real article, with a little trace of blood staining it she asked aloud, “What's it doing here?” Then looking around herself, she couldn't see anything or anyone. However becoming worried inside she asked, “No-one's around here so... “
Quickly though inside her instincts were telling her that something was terribly wrong! As her worries built up she said, “It can't be! Could she?” However at the moment as she remembered past events, she knew this was no time to hesitate! So quickly, she took off running as she went to call out, “Yui-ko! Are you around here?! Yui-ko!”
Watching her as she disappeared, down the corridor for a few moments. There was a silence that surrounded both Yui and Reiji... however the spectacled vampire seeing that they were now rid of the ignorant girl. Decided to cease the experiment.
Closing his eyes, the glow in them vanished and as it did so, he finally released Yui making her collapse onto her knees. As she did she was breathless as she gasped aloud loudly, aching all over from the dreadful experience. As she tried to recover herself, she looked up to Reiji and heard him say as he corrected his lenses and looked in the direction Miya disappeared into, “So... it seems she's not of the highest class.”
Hearing him say this, Yui was completely confused, “Reiji-san...why?”
Turning his cold eyes to the helpless trembling blonde haired girl, he heard her ask him further, “Why did you do that? How did you-?”
“I was testing her,” Reiji told her simply as he stared down.
As she heard this, Yui not understanding this repeated, “Testing her? What do you mean by that?”
Seeing that she truly didn't understand, Reiji then decided to simply spell it out for her, “I was testing to see if Tadao-san, had the ability to see through my powers of concealment, which only a demon of a high class would be able to do... she though clearly is not of that calibre.”
Listening to these words, Yui's mind was trying to absorb what he was saying. However there was one word that struck her as she asked, “Demon...?” Then suddenly she understood what he was saying, “You mean Miya-chan? Miya-chan is a-?”
“Through an experiment I've conducted, it appears that she has the essence of one with her potentially yes,” Reiji answered, interrupting her question. Then seeing the shocked look on Yui's face he told her further, “Though from what I've seen... the results don't seem to match.”
Puzzled further as she heard this, Yui asked him, “What?”
Reiji then continued on with his explanation, “The strength that she possesses and uses, including the ability to hide her very presence should only be available to one of a higher level... yet she wasn't even able to see through something as simple as that concealing veil, I created.” Looking into the darkness of the corridor he then added, “Due to that I still can't even see if she's a true type or not...” With a sigh he lamented saying, “Even without knowing that atrocious woman still continues to torment me with her mysteries.”
Yui hearing this, couldn't believe it! Shaking her head at this thought, she whispered, “No...”
Hearing her say this, Reiji looking to her then repeated, “No?”
It was then Yui, looking to Reiji told him in disbelief, “There's no way! There's no way that Miya-chan is a demon! She can't be! It's just-”
“You shouldn't ignore the truth that's before your eyes,” Reiji informed her coldly. As he said those words, Yui became silent in moments and as she did. She stared up to him dumbfounded as he told her, “You know by now that girl is not an ordinary human, I'm sure you've seen various signs of that evidence yourself haven't you?”
As she heard this being put to her, the blonde haired girl remembered once more various moments from the past when she'd seen Miya's strength come forth. Then as well, she remembered the dark terrifying expression that she had when she'd pinned Laito down... almost killing him. The result to her was clear. However as her eyes began to water, realising this knowledge, she didn't want to accept that. For the friend that had been so kind and compassionate to her till now... to think that she could possibly be like...
Reiji seeing the distraught look that was on Yui's face, wasn't moved in the slightest. But the sadistic vampiric side of him, hungered to make her tremble and whither more under his power. But as a young master to the Sakamaki clan, he had to act like the dignified gentleman that was required of him, so he restrained his hunger and twisted impulses.
However he decided to inform her of one fact, “That girl, I will tell you now is a deadly menace not only to my brothers and myself, but it may be the fact she could become one to you in the future.”
With that he turned his back on her and as he did, he added looking down at her, “I would suggest to you, that you act with the utmost caution when interacting with her... otherwise you may face forces far worse than myself or my siblings...for she holds a dark secret inside, which I will soon expose.”
With those cold words, Reiji then proceeded down the corridor. However looking back at Yui, he could smell her sweet intoxicating scent in the air and inside he was throbbing with hunger, seeing her pitiful state. However continuing hard to keep his composure he then also advised her on one last point, “When I am gone, do not continue to loiter upon the floor of the corridor, it reflects a lack of grace... good evening.” Saying those cold uncaring words, the spectacled vampire disappeared into the darkness to rest.
Yui hearing all these words was silent. However after a moment she moved to the side and lying herself against the wall she brought up her knees and wrapped her arms around them, holding them close to herself. Doing this the tears she'd been holding back until that moment finally all spilled forth. As she shivered and cried, it was not just from the sensation of the pain, and the aching of her poor joints that was agonising. But it was now from the unease, doubt and fear which was causing her heart to ache...
For if it was really true that Miya like Reiji said, was just that... a demon. Was all this time she was now spending with her real? Did she really care about her, or was she just using her? Like the Sakamaki's were?...But the most painful thing she had to ask herself now, was one thing. Could she even trust her now, or continue to?
However there was no-one there to answer this question... and as Yui continued to sob, nothing but the darkness and the curtained windows that revealed the pale shining light that shone down from the waning moon...were the only company she had.
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.:Chapter Nineteen : The Restorative:.

“Oh! So that's what was going on at that time back then!” Finally understanding what the historical conflict was about that they were studying the other day, Miya said further as she stared at the text in her exercise book, “It must have been a really tough conflict at that time.”
Smiling as she saw her friend holding her textbook up towards her face, Yui then replied, “Yes it was... but I think you can see why it's so relevant to what happens today now, don't you?”
Hearing this question being put to her, Miya paused for a moment as she thought to herself, “Hmm...” Then flopping back she landed onto some of the cushions that they had dotted around them both on the carpeted floor, she sighed as she admitted aloud, “...I guess?”
However looking at her friend's expression as she continued to lie on the cushion. It was clear to Yui that she was far from believing her words, as she said, “But... I think what happened in the past, especially that far back... I don't really get how that's relevant to what's going on now these days.”
Yui hearing these words, could see that she wasn't going to be able to change Miya's mind about that fact as she replied, “I see...” However she knew that wasn't the most important thing at that moment, so she simply told her friend, “But as long as you understand what's needed for the exams then that's more than enough for now I think.”
Hearing her words Miya turning to look at her, then replied, “Yeah that's true...” however she decided that they'd both gone on about that one point long enough, so added, “Well, we better move onto the next subject, otherwise we'll never make any progress through all this.”
Yui hearing her friend say these words, then replied brightly, “Okay, let's do that Miya-chan.”
Nodding at her words, the two of them then began studying another point of history. Over the next hour or so they looked amongst the notes they had between them and with the various discussions they both shared, it was clear that they were making some good progress. Feeling really positive the heterochromia eyed girl then had to admit happily, “Man! I really am learning something here!”
Pleased to hear this, Yui with a smile on her face replied to her, “I'm glad to hear that Miya-chan!” Then she decided to admit a further thought she had, “You know I think you've really improved today.”
As she heard this, Miya then further pleased by her friend's words grinned as she replied, “Well if I have, it's only because I have a great teacher by my side!”
Hearing her friend give her an exaggerated compliment like this again, made Yui giggle. For Miya  really did say some silly things at times.
The orange haired girl herself, seeing Yui smiling happily was pleased by this reaction. For once again she saw that she'd been able to cheer her up from the depression that seemed to be following her around. This to her was a complete relief... for turning her eyes to look at the door of her friend's bedroom, she knew who was responsible for her past and current misery. Inwardly she wanted all the Sakamaki brothers to keep their distance and leave the two of them alone in peace.
Yui in the meantime finishing her little laugh, looked and saw her friend was staring at something. Seeing this she became curious as she asked her, “What're you looking at, Miya-chan?”
The heterochromia eyed girl hearing her friend ask, quickly turned to her and replied masking her inner bitter thoughts with a bright smile, “Oh nothing!” Then it occurred to her, “Do you wanna take a quick little break for a second, Yui-ko?”
Hearing this curiously, Yui repeated, “A break?”
Nodding, Miya responded, “Yeah!” Then reaching over her cushions she brought forth her plastic bag. Doing that she quickly rummaged through it bringing forth a small package and as she did she said with a smile, “I brought some cookies and a few other goodies with me for us to share.”
As Yui heard and saw the package in Miya's hands, how could she say no? “Sure, I wouldn't mind a little something.”
Brightening again, Miya then smiled a little more as she replied, “Great!” With that she went to open the package.
Quiet, Yui waited and a few moments later her friend shared some of her treats with her. Taking one of the chocolate chipped cookies that was offered into her hand, she said, “Thank you very much, Miya-chan.”
However not standing on ceremony, Miya replied with a smile still on her face, “It's no problem, now let's chow down!” With that she bit into her own cookie, making a few crumbs tumble down here and there.
Smiling at her enthusiasm, Yui then carefully as she could bit into her own cookie too. Though she tried her best to not leave a mess as she ate it.
There was then silence between them both as they continued to eat on quietly. However after a little bit, Yui couldn't help but admit as she finished off her last cookie, “Those were really delicious.”
Her mouth a little crumb riddled, Miya wiped it with her gloved hand and replied, “Of course! I've always had a good eye when it comes to sweets!”
Smiling as her friend said this, Yui then looking to the papers said, “Well, since we're done we should probably continue.”
Nodding, Miya wasn't going to argue as she said, “Yep, we should.” Then picking up her own notes and a pen, she said, “Let's carry on.”
Pleased by her actions, Yui then picked up her own notes and said, “Okay, now for the next part here we should-”


Startled by this sudden sound, both girls turned around. Miya curious had to ask, “Who's-?”


At the sound of this voice, instantly both girls recognised it. Surprised herself, Yui asked, “Reiji-san?”


“Yui, are you inside?”

Miya herself was far from pleased and had to utter under her breath, becoming bitter, “What does that four eyes want?”
Hearing Miya ask, Yui confused herself had to be honest as she replied, “I don't know...?” However, she felt a little uneasy. For looking back at the door and thinking of Reiji... it could be almost anything, though she knew one thing, “But I better go and see what he wants.”
Hearing Yui say this, Miya couldn't argue with her not to at this moment. But she didn't like what it was that might be requested of her friend so said, “Well let's hope it's quick, I don't wanna have to deal with him!” With that she kept an eye on Yui from behind as she went and carefully opened the door.
Yui looking through the gap that she'd made, could see that the spectacled vampire had a displeased expression on his face. It was clear that he was not happy at having been made to wait and probably because of their last exchange. A little nervous as she realised this possibility, she asked as gently as she could, “Yes? What is it...Reiji-san?”
Seeing her act so timid as she was nearly hiding behind the door, the dark haired young man told her, “I would find it more practical for you to converse with me, if you fully opened the door.”
Hearing this, Yui replied, “Oh? Yes...” Knowing she would probably be disciplined badly for this later, she decided she didn't want it to lead to anything worse! So quickly, she opened the door fully and asked again, “Sorry... what is it I can do for you, Reiji-san?”
Seeing her comply to his wishes, softened Reiji's mood slightly. However correcting his lenses with his white gloved hand, he asked his question, “Your studies?”
Quiet as he asked his question. Yui was puzzled as she repeated, “Studies?”
Ignoring the questioning tone, Reiji continued, “What progression have you made with them?”
As she heard him ask this, Yui was surprised that he wanted to know this. Though knowing he was the most studious out of the brothers, she guessed he was simply curious about them. So she answered him, “Well, at that moment we're doing our historical studies by comparing notes and-?
“And we're doing well with it! Thanks for your business with us Mr salesman!” Miya called out, speaking up from behind Yui, as she continued to sit upon the cushions.
Startled as she called this out, Yui quiet for a moment then couldn't help but giggle as she looked back to her friend and told her with a smile, “Miya-chan!”
Seeing her reaction to this call and joke? Didn't please Reiji in the slightest as he asked, “Are you indeed?” For looking beyond Yui himself and into her bedroom, he was unimpressed as he saw the mess of cushions, bags and papers strewn upon the floor. “It seems to me that the two are submerged in a sea of squalor.“
Losing her smile immediately Yui looked to Reiji in shock as she asked, “Squalor?”
Not directly answering her question again, the spectacled young man then continued as he said, “The two of you seem to be having more of soiree then a studying session.”
Hearing this, Yui couldn't argue with him about this. But-
“Well excuse us then!” Suddenly from over her shoulder, Yui heard Miya's voice. Turning around startled she saw that she'd walked over with an annoyed expression on her face.
The heterochromia eyed girl, then looking at Reiji with an annoyed expression on her face. Told him, ”We're not here to work to your ethics and if all you're going to do is critique us and waste our time here, then you can get lost!”
Really worried as she spoke in such a hostile tone like this, Yui was on edge again. For she had no idea how Reiji would react to this!
The spectacled young man hearing this, wasn't surprised in the slightest so he replied simply to her, “I see, so you insist upon being as uncouth as ever.”
Unbothered by this, Miya then replied to him, “What of it?”
This though Reiji didn't reply to. Instead looking back to the mess that was behind both the girls he said, “I would have to say this to you both, that with this...mess,” then turning his gaze back to them he gave his final statement, “I would not favour your chances for the upcoming exams.”
Hearing this, Yui was concerned by his words as she asked him, “What do you mean by that, Reiji-san?”
As she asked this, Reiji then finally addressed her question as he explained, “The two of you I believe will be ultimately distracted with all this chaos, for it's not good for one's concentration.”
Listening to him say this, Miya not persuaded in the slightest responded back to him, “And what would you have us do about that? We don't have a table in here and-”
“That I can provide,” Reiji replied simply.
Immediately both girls were silenced, surprised by this response. Yui herself had to ask to make sure she was hearing things correctly, “Reiji-san? What do you-?”
“I will provide you both with a suitable table, “ then seeing the astonished expressions that still graced the girls face. He added, “Also, since you have my concern... I will even offer some tutoring.”
Miya hearing this, didn't quite believe this and asked, “Tutoring? You teach us?”
At her question, Reiji answered, “Correct, the best that ones of your class can hope to have.” Saying this, he then added with a grin, “And I may even be inclined to bring us all some tea.”
Now worried as she heard this, Yui repeated, “Tea?” For that might be really bad! Especially considering past 'experiments' Reiji liked to do with the beverage.
Reiji though simply continued to grin on and as he did. Miya could sense a sinister undertone to all this, so she decided to automatically dismiss him on her friend's behalf, “Well thanks for the offer but-
However Reiji interrupted her, “There's no need for gratitude,” with that he moved himself away from the door and told them further, “Now if you'll excuse me I will go and fetch the listed items, “ but before properly leaving he added, “And make sure that you both have yourselves and your notes well organised and in order... for I won't go easy on you.”
Hearing him say these chilling last words as he disappeared down the corridor, Yui quickly tried to call out, “But wait! Reiji-san-!?”
But it was too late and the two girls were left behind in utter silent, as they didn't understand exactly what had happened? Miya herself turning to her friend had to ask her, “Um...? We didn't agree to this did we?”
As she heard the question being put to her, Yui looking towards her friend then shook her head as she replied with uncertainty, “I don't think so...?” However she had to admit, “But I think now we can't refuse either.”
Quiet as she heard her say this, Miya then had to sigh as she replied, “I was hoping you weren't gonna say that.” Then looking back towards the 'mess,' she had to ask her friend further, “But do you think that four eyes is really doing this to help us out?”
At this question, Yui then told her friend, “...I'm not sure.” However she definitely could admit this one thing, “But I know that this time with Reiji-san will be strenuous... he doesn't teach people gently.”
Hearing this, Miya was now further filled with dread... for if it was anything like the previous times she had to beg for her visits. This was gonna be utter hell for them!



Hearing this one single soul crushing word, Miya was shaking as she gripped her pen in her right hand. Annoyed bitterly to no degree, she couldn't help but think as she gritted her teeth, 'This really is total hell!'
Even Yui next to her was struggling underneath this aura of pressure that Reiji was imposing on them both. It was utterly unbearable!
For after they'd both cleaned up the space and Reiji had brought along the wooden floor table for them to work upon, along with the hot tea. The strict tutoring had begun... and neither of them had done well at all!
Reiji sighing as he saw the gloom that was clouding over the girls, told them, “Honestly, I'm astounded that either of you have managed to make it to this grade!”
Clearly angered, Miya was gripping her pen so hard that she was sure it would snap in two at any moment! For before, she was getting nearly every other question that Yui had been asking right, so what was the problem here!? Frustrated by Reiji's tough lecturing and her own weakness, she couldn't help but bitterly think to herself, 'I'm surprised that you're even still on your feet at this point! You four eyes!' For if she wasn't keeping her promise!
Yui herself looking up from her notes now and again, could feel the rising tension that was in the air. It was making her terribly nervous, for if thing's continued like this at this rate between both Miya and Reiji... the result at the end would be too terrible to imagine!
Miya herself in the meantime, despite her sour mood could see the uncomfortable atmosphere that was building up in the room too. As she felt it, she noticed that it was making Yui uncomfortable too... she couldn't let things continue to be this way, so swallowing down her rage as best she could she decided on something, “Hey?”
Hearing the study subject's voice, Reiji then looked to her and asked, “What is it?”
The heterochromia eyed girl then told him, “Let's quit doing history, “ with that she brought out a certain other exercise book and said, “And do some of this instead!”
Looking at the book in her hand, Reiji then read aloud the main subject that the book was centred around, “Languages, is it?”
To which simply Miya nodded, as she did Reiji then couldn't help but ask, “You wish to give up half way through?”
Annoyed at this comment, the heterochromia eyed girl replied, “Who said anything like that! We've been studying that subject for ages...besides everyone needs a change of pace to perform better don't they?”
Hearing this question being put to him, Reiji was quiet for a moment. However he couldn't deny that there was some sound logic to her reply, “Indeed,” but then with a grin he told her, “Though I doubt you'll both much improve in this subject either.”
As Miya heard this, she told him, “That's what you think! But we'll both prove you wrong! ” Then turning to her friend, she asked her, “Right, Yui-ko?”
Listening to this question, being put to her. The blonde haired girl was surprised as she looked at her, “Oh?” For honestly she was nervous, especially under Reiji's domineering gaze... she felt even she couldn't do that well with this kind of pressure. However she could feel some of her friend's confidence flow into her as she looked at her with a bright smile. Inside she felt that she wanted to trust this feeling so she decided to follow Miya's lead as she replied, “Yes...I'm sure we can!”
Nodding at these words pleased, Miya simply continued to smile. Reiji though wasn't moved in the slightest by all this positivity, but following his guest's request he changed to the suggested subject and began to read aloud the questions that were associated with it.


Yui nervous, was now reading aloud the translated line that she'd done. As she was doing it, she saw Reiji's domineering gaze again upon her and it was really unsettling her badly! However, turning her gaze in another direction she saw Miya who was nodding to her quietly with a smile as she gently encouraged her.
Seeing it, Yui felt a little more courage spring up from within. As it came, she finally could finish saying the line... there was then silence in the air as the end came. Feeling it, the gentle pink eyed girl looked up to Reiji and asked him, “Was I right?”
Hearing her ask this question as she looked at him a little nervously, the spectacled young man then told her his thoughts, “Your pronunciation I will say is quite poor and needs work, “ however as he said this he could feel a pair of angry odd eyes boring into him. Taking a glance he could see it was Miya who was displeased at his words, looking at her didn't thrill him either. However he then admitted to Yui who looked on worried, “But for the sentence itself, the words themselves were accurate.”
Surprised to hear this, Yui had to ask, “What really?”
Not impressed by this response, Reiji then replied, “Do I really need to repeat myself?”
Taking this as a confirmation, Yui brightened immediately looking to her friend she told her, “I did it! I spoke it correctly, Miya-chan!”
Nodding pleased that she was happy, the heterochromia eyed girl told her, “Naturally! I knew you could!” With that she gave her an enthusiastic peace sign as she continued to grin.
Yui in turn giggled happily pleased with her progress. For she never thought that she could speak this language that well, it looked like a part of her friend was rubbing off on her too!
Reiji though seeing all this positivity around himself, found it quite revolting. So he decided to douse it with some ice cold logic, “Neither of you should become so conceited from simply answering a few language questions correctly.”
At once Yui and Miya breaking out of their happy bubble for a moment, looked to Reiji quietly as he continued on to say, “If you think the exams will be this easy just from these examples, you will both fail miserably.”
Hearing this, Yui immediately felt shadows of worry and anxiety cloud over her again. While Miya herself though feeling some of this too was more annoyed as she told him sarcastically, “Oh aren't you the life and soul of the party?”
Quiet at first as he heard this statement, Reiji then turned his light red eyes to her as he asked, “Pardon?”
Miya then just told him, “Just because we're doing well and you can't get a one on up on us, you're just being a sore loser to us right now!”
Reiji listening to these words, didn't like her bluntness in the slightest as he stared at her with a cold angry glare.
Yui seeing this silent angered exchange was now terribly anxious! She had to dispel it! So quickly looking to the tea pot, she made a suggestion, “Um Reiji-san? Why don't we have some tea now? It should be well brewed and we don't want it to get cold do we?”
The spectacled young man hearing this weak form of distraction, then sighed as he admitted correcting his lenses, “Indeed... it would be a great waste, especially with the time and preparation I put into it.”
With that as he went to pour the enriching and energising liquid, as he did this Miya had to admit to one thing, “That's true, it would be a waste.” Then watching on with Yui as he continued to pour the tea into a cup for each of them, she remembered, “Oh that reminds me!”
Surprised as she said this, Yui saw her friend reach over to the plastic bag again. As she did, she asked her, “What're you doing, Miya-chan?”
Reiji hearing this as he finished his pouring was curious himself as he turned in Miya's direction too. He heard her say as she rummaged, “Just getting something!” With those words there was a moment more of silence before finally, “Ah! Here it is!” With that she brought forth the item.
Looking on, Reiji then saw what appeared to be a wine glass bottle, however within it he saw again that red glow from within it. His eyes narrowed in suspicion in moments as he saw the red liquid inside the glass container.
Yui though couldn't see any glow at all, but curious she asked her friend with a little uncertainty, “Miya-chan... is that wine?”
Laughing at this question, the orange haired girl shook her head and told her, “Nope! But I thought you'd ask that!” With that she placed the bottle beside her and explained, “This is my family's old restorative cordial.”
Surprised to hear this, Yui repeated, “A cordial?”
Miya then explained, “Yeah, when you described to me about your symptoms that you were suffering from the other day, I remembered this.” Saying that she pulled out the cork and as she did so, she also added, “It's also the reason why I was a bit late in coming here, I had to get it all ready from the night before.”
Hearing her say this, Yui then asked her, “You did?” To which her friend silently nodded and as she did so, the blonde haired girl said, “I see... well thank you for preparing it for me.”
As she heard these words, Miya simply smiled glad. However Reiji himself wasn't impressed as he said, “I wouldn't give my praise for that substance, especially if it causes tardiness.”
Annoyed in moments as she heard this, Miya looking at him with angry eyes asked, “Excuse me?”
Reiji seeing the anger in her eyes, then simply continued with his criticisms, “If you're simply using this item as an excuse for your previous errors, I wouldn't believe it to be highly effective in the slightest.”
Further angered to hear these words, Miya then told him mad, “You can shut up!” Then taking the  cup that was near her, she began to pour a little into the tea and as she did she explained, “This stuff is highly effective, it's recorded throughout my family's history and to make it the best it can be, it takes a lot of preparation to brew!”
Then finishing her pouring she took a spoon and stirred the tea, mixing both it and the cordial together. As she did so, she added, “It's the best there is and you're gonna see it work!” With that she finally passed the cup over to her ailing friend.
Yui seeing the tea cup being presented to her, was a little hesitant to take it. For though she knew that her friend wouldn't make something deliberately that was disgusting or to hurt her. She couldn't help but be conscious of Reiji being in there with them, for something about this one fact, was making her feel uneasy. Miya though trying to be reassuring told her, “Go on Yui-ko, it'll be fine... you'll feel really good after you take it.”
The blonde haired girl, a little wary especially with Reiji still staring at her with his strict cold gaze she was reluctant to take it. But at the same time, she couldn't say no to this considerate gesture from her friend. So taking the cup, she told her, “Okay... um? Thank you, Miya-chan.”
Her friend hearing these words, simply made a nod. Then she quietly watched Yui too as she waited for her to take a sip of the cordial she'd prepared.
The gentle pink eyed girl, feeling both her friend's and Reiji's eyes on her... was highly pressured. But she couldn't escape it, so literally swallowing down her apprehension. She began to drink the mixed tea and cordial, as she did this there was a silence that came into the room...
Finishing her cup, Yui's eyes widened. As this happened, Miya asked her now a little worried, “Is it okay?”
Hearing her friend ask, immediately Yui replied, “It's delicious!”
Quiet as she heard this, Miya asked her quickly becoming delighted, “Really!?”
Instantly her friend nodded happily in reply. Immediately Miya felt immense relief as she put a hand to her racing heart and said, “Great...” she was glad she'd got the recipe right. However there was one thing that was more important then, “Oh? How are you feeling by the way now?”
“Feeling?” Yui repeated. For she hadn't thought of that, but then after a moment inside she could feel something deep down. Quiet as she felt this feeling grow, she spoke her thoughts, “There's... a warmth inside.”
Reiji listening to this repeated, “A warmth?” His eyes were narrowed as he began to study Yui's overall demeanour.
Yui then described it a little more, “It's a pleasant feeling... deep down, it's like something's blossoming inside of my chest, “ then the final thing that she could say about how this sensation felt was one thing, “I feel so alive inside...there's so much energy.”
Pleased to hear this, Miya then smiling said, “So you're not feeling weak or tired anymore, huh?”
Shaking her head at this question, Yui replied, “No... I don't feel it at all now, it's like it was never there to begin with!”
Laughing as she said this, Miya then replied, “Well it looks like it's worked better than I thought it would!”
Reiji sensing this positivity infect the atmosphere again, narrowed his eyes for what Yui was saying wasn't an exaggeration. For looking at her, his vampiric senses could sense the changes in her body. There seemed to be a light that glowed from within her... also, the sweet scent that she unconsciously exuded from her blood had increased in potency. Casting his eyes towards the wine bottle... it was clear, that substance had an unnatural power in it as he could see it's red glow.
Miya herself now feeling smug, then turned to Reiji with a grin and told him, “See! I told you it was effective! You've got nothing to criticise me on!”
Seeing her being so arrogant with her typical impudence, didn't amuse Reiji in the slightest as he looked back at her.
Yui seeing this, though feeling slightly more energetic was nervous again. Quickly she thought of something to say! “Um? Miya-chan, could I try some more of that cordial please?”
Hearing her ask, the heterochromia eyed girl was more than happy to oblige. So taking the bottle, she reached it over to her and replied, “Sure! Have as much as you want.”
Glad that she'd been able to stop another another near quarrel, Yui took the bottle and then began pouring a little more tea into her cup. Miya in the meantime was quietly drinking her own tea, then as the blonde haired girl finished. She poured the cordial in too and started to mix it in. However as she did so, she noticed that Reiji was staring intently at her. She was confused, for why was he-?

“Oi! What's happening in here!?”

Startled, it was then the small party inside turned to the bedroom door and as they did so. They saw that the one who was standing there looking on with an agitated curious look on his face, it was none other than Ayato.
Seeing him there, Yui was surprised as she asked, “Ayato-kun?”
However still not getting an answer to his question, didn't amuse the reddish brown haired vampire and so he asked again, “What's going on in here Chichinashi? Why've you got that bitch and Reiji in here?”
Annoyed at the mere sight of him, Miya placing her cup back on the table and then told him annoyed, “If you can't tell, oh yours idiot truly! We're having tea in here, now piss off!” To which she then went to take another sip.

“Oh a tea party is it? That would explain this strong sweet, sweet scent in the air! ”

At the sound of this voice, Miya's eyebrow twitched as she recognised that irritating voice. For looking up she saw that behind Ayato, then walked in the fedora hatted vampire, Laito.
Immediately entering the room, behind his younger brother the vibrant green eyed vampire saw he'd got Miya's attention and as he did, he greeted her with a grin saying, “Why, hi there, Cow-chan!”
Angered immediately to see his disgusting face, Miya then simply retorted, “Fuck off, you parasite!” With that she drank her tea again.
Yui immediately worried, then told her friend not wanting more hostility to be there in the room, “Miya-chan! That wasn't-”
“Your manners are still appallingly atrocious as ever,” Reiji sighed as he finished his own cup of tea. Then placing it back on the table he told her, “You'll never have the grace of a proper lady with an attitude like that.”
However then taking a cookie from the plate that was on the table, Miya replied, “Who cares! I was born female so that automatically means I'll grow into a lady.” With that taking a bite out of it she added, “I don't need your criticisms or your stupid lectures to become one.”
This immediately irritated Reiji in moments and Yui could sense that was not good to do. However before she could think of what else to do, Laito asked with a keen interest, “Lectures huh?”
Turning as she heard this, Yui then saw that fedora hatted young man had a mischievous grin on his face, “And I wonder just what it is the two of you were learning, from our dear Reiji?” With that he hummed as he made a suggestion, “Fu, fu! Something immoral perhaps?”
Hearing this immediately Yui spoke up saying, “No! We weren't doing anything like that Laito-kun! We were just revising together for the upcoming exams and-!”
“And even with my assistance they're both proving to be absolutely hopeless, in terms of academically progressing,” Reiji commented as he took another sip of tea.
Finishing her cookie, Miya immediately mad then told him angrily, “oh shut up, you sore loser!”
Ayato hearing this though, then quickly decided on his next course of action, “Well if you're all studying together, I'm having in too!”
As she heard this announcement though, Miya immediately said back to him, “Screw off! This time is invitation only! You weren't invited so-!”


Immediately Miya jerked in shock as suddenly without her knowing, Laito had already slinked in and had placed himself next to the angry heterochromia eyed girl. Putting his intrusive hand into her orange locks he told her, “You shouldn't be so venomous! Isn't it better to have a bigger party together with more people?”
Furious as he started to invade on her personal space once more, Miya then told him shaking in anger, “I've told you...!”
Yui quickly seeing the furiousness that was shaking from within her friend, spoke up desperately as she said, “Laito-kun please stop that! Miya-chan doesn't like this! It's-!”

“What's all this useless irritating noise in here?”

Turning in surprise as she heard this voice, Yui quickly saw who was standing in the open doorway. It was none other than, “Kanato-kun!?”
For there the purple haired, teddy obsessed young man was. Clinging onto his inanimate childhood companion, he looked on with his wide dark ringed eyes with a curious blank look on his face.
Reiji sighing himself, could see things were getting tremendously busy within this small space. But he knew that he wouldn't be able to stop these intrusions on his own and he didn't have the energy to at that moment as he said, “We currently seem to be having a festive function within this room,” then looking to his younger brother he told him, “ Kanato, if you wish to participate there's tea and some sweets if you're so inclined.”
Miya in the meantime, slapping Laito's irritating hand away from herself. Then turned and said mad, “That is not what's going on! I don't want more of you bastards in here! Now just-!”
“Well if you're all having sweet confections here, I think that myself and Teddy should have a taste too.” Saying that Kanato looked to his lifeless friend and asked him with a creepy innocent look about him, “Right, Teddy?”
Outraged at this immediately, Miya wanted to say something! However quickly Laito had changed tactics and was now moving his hands to other unwanted places on her body! This was utterly infuriating!
Yui seeing this felt absolutely terrible and anxious! She had to calm things down! But what was she to do!? She knew Laito wouldn't listen to her and with the way things were going-!
“Oi Chichinashi!” Distracted, Yui then saw that Ayato placed himself right next to her and as he did, he told her with an annoyed threatening tone, “Quit looking at that bitch and teach me!”
Nervous as she heard this demand, all Yui could do was look at Ayato with nervousness in her gentle pink eyes.
However quickly smacking Laito away from her yet again, Miya mad told Ayato, “Get lost you brat! Don't go about demanding crap out of Yui-ko like that! She's-!”
“Oh! Cow-chan!” Immediately Miya was made silent as Laito then began rubbing his cheek into hers, with a perverted grin on his face he added, “The way you protest and moan...!” With that he whispered into her right ear saying, “It's a total turn on!”



Enraged, Miya shaking with fury then moved faster than lighting and punched Laito hard in the face and made him fly straight off of her! Angered as she looked at him, she told him mad, “YOU BUG! You really don't know when to quit do you!?”
Laito in the meantime lying dazed and smiling on the floor, seemed to have stars floating over his head. However beside him from underneath the bed, a single voice spoke up in a tired grumpy tone saying, “Damn... you're all too noisy!”
Quickly Miya and Yui then saw in total shock someone they hadn't even imagined would come out from under the bed! Looking at him, the blonde haired girl cried out, “Shuu-san!?”
For there, pulling himself out from underneath the pink frilly layers of the bed, emerged the lethargic blonde haired vampire. Looking to the little party that had gathered in the room, he looked on with a bored expression. However instead of answering them, he put his right hand to mouth and covered it as he yawned loudly.
Seeing him do this, Yui couldn't help but ask still shocked slightly, “When did you? When did you get into the room? How-?”
“Noisy...who cares.” Shuu answered disinterested. However seeing the two shocked girls, he decided to at least reveal just this one little bit of information, “I was enjoying a long good nap... and then you all make this commotion... it's irritating!”
Reiji in the meantime drinking some more tea, as Kanato helped himself to some cookies then retorted exasperated with all this noise and chaos, “How typical of that useless good for nothing...”
Miya though burning mad further with rage, then spat out mad, “You're the one who's irritating you bum! This place isn't a napping spot for you and the rest to-!”


Shocked again by this sudden shout of rage, everyone then turned to see one last arrival to this 'party.' There they all saw a certain individual with angry red eyes and white snow coloured hair.
“Subaru-kun?!” Yui cried out as she spied the angered vampire now in the doorway.
However ignoring Yui's cry, Subaru in his own angered state carried on to say, “You're all keeping me up with this noise! Just tone it the hell down!”
Miya and Yui hearing this were both silenced, as was everyone else was for a brief moment. For if there was anyone who could be more enraged than the guest of the house, it was the youngest of the Sakamaki brothers...
Kanato though finishing off the cookies that were placed before him on a plate, commented displeased, “...There's no more sweets here now.” Then looking to the one who'd brought the delicacies they currently had, he requested, “Miya-san bring us more confections.”
Distracted as she heard this, Miya quiet for a moment then replied, “Get lost! I'm not your personal servant!”
Reiji seeing the displeased look that was beginning to emerge on Kanato's face, he could tell that this quarrel was only going to increase in volume soon. So tiredly he uttered, “Well, since everyone is all gathered here for this party, I may as well go and fetch some fresh plates and refreshments.” With that he moved, gathering all the plates and cups that were there on the table.  
Miya watching Reiji do this had, had enough and so said loudly, “This is not supposed to be a party! Me and Yui-ko have got studying to do! We don't need all you bastards in here-!”


Startled and shocked in moments, Miya stopped and Yui saw in shock that Subaru had punched into the wall making a cratered hole! As he did this, he then shouted out mad, “DON'T IGNORE ME!”
Reiji though unbothered by this shout of rage, finished his gathering and immediately passing Subaru went to go and descend down the stairs. Yui herself though was now horribly worried as she didn't know what to do! For things seemed to be only getting worse by the second and with Subaru now enraged, there was-!
“Oi Chichinashi! Quit being distracted and teach me!” Ayato spoke angrily and as he did, the fearful young girl looking at him, then she heard him whisper into her right ear, “Otherwise I'll teach you worse later!” These words quickly made her shudder as this was really bad!
Kanato in the meantime was bored of waiting and so demanded, “HOW MANY MORE MINUTES DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THPSE SWEETS!?” Looking to the perplexed orange haired girl who was there, he shouted, “YOU IMPUDENT WOMAN! GET ME MORE SWEETS AND GET THEM NOW!”
Shuu hearing this shout, then sighed and said lying himself upon Yui's pink canopied bed, “Noisy... I'm going to sleep...”
Irritated by all this nonsense that was going on around her, Miya was about to open her mouth to say something. When suddenly the heterochromia eyed girl felt a hand come up from behind and it was now tracing itself along her back! Immediately as she shuddered and felt this, a single annoying familiar voice uttered, “Cow-chan!”
Seeing Laito appear behind Miya yet again, Yui was terribly worried as she whispered, “Oh no!”
However quickly Ayato then got Yui's attention again as he told her, “Chichinashi!”

“Cow-chan!” “OH! TEDDY!” “Noisy...” “Oi!” “Cut the crap!”

Miya in the meantime hearing all this shouting and irritating chaos of noise trembled and shook! Gripping her fists tightly by her sides and biting her lower lip, her rage was swelling rapidly inside  her!
Yui in the meantime, quickly trying to detach herself away from Ayato cried out to her friend,“Miya-chan! Please don't get angry! Don't-!”
However Ayato, himself seeing the heterochromia eyed girl trembling with rage and seeing Yui's worry. Couldn't help but want to stoke the flames and so he called out, “Hey, bitch!”
Miya's eyes then opening sharply at that statement, she saw Ayato suddenly hug onto Yui tightly and in moments as she gasped aloud. He licked her right earlobe!
Her eyes widening at this, she heard Ayato then say to her as her friend trembled and struggled against him worriedly, “Like what you see?” It was then hearing this single phrase...Miya snapped!


Walking downstairs with the silver tray in his hands. Reiji was quiet, however just as he was making it down onto the last step-


Suddenly all at once he heard a loud series of knocks and bangs, as well as the shouts of distress and pain from above. Listening to it for a few moments, it could only mean one thing, “So? She reached her limit and is tossing them out is she?”
Listening on as the loud sounds continued, he knew then at that stage it was to be expected. So proceeding down without a further care for the predicament his brothers had led themselves into, he commented further to himself, “What an uncouth woman.” But as he said those words, there was one thing he'd done that would at least give him some degree of satisfaction from the studying session.
For there on the silver tray, separated from the other dirty dishes it was the one tea cup that Yui hadn't yet used. The one that contained the essences of the cordial she'd poured out before, watching it's red glow with his own vampiric eyes. He couldn't help but grin and say, “Now I'll be one step closer to discovering the true nature of our research subject... Tadao Miya-san!” With those words he proceeded on forwards as the chaos upstairs continued to storm...
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.:Chapter Eighteen : The Suggestion:.

“Now...the following passages in your exercise books refer to the historical events that took place in the years....” Saying those words, the teacher proceeded on with the lecture, as all the pupils studiously recorded down everything that he was writing up onto the blackboard.
Looking up now and again to the blackboard, Miya was recording down as fast as she could all the notes she could. However these historical notes were tricky and she just wasn't getting it! For what was the point of recording these pointless squabbles from the past? Especially when it didn't even seem to have any impact on the present.
Annoyed, she scratched her head in frustration. Then making a deep regretful sigh she knew there was only one thing for it sadly... the only way that she was ever going to get any sense out of this historical nonsense. Was to get Yui's assistance again! However as that thought came, she turned her head to the left to look at her friend for a moment who was writing away, sitting at her own desk in the distance.
However as she looked at her, Miya couldn't help but notice that Yui looked quite tired as she continued to write on. Also it seemed she was still pale... but looking on a little more closely, was it more than it had been recently?
This saddened the heterochromia eyed girl, for staring at her friend she still seemed to also carry that sad air of melancholy around with her too. It was almost like a ghostly invisible mist that surrounded her entire matter where she went.
As Miya continued to look at her friend, as she wrote on. She couldn't help but think about the last few week's that she'd experienced, when she'd come over to visit her in the Sakamaki mansion. For during those week's at school, as well as when staying within the home of those so-called popular occultist brothers. She'd been hanging around with her as much as she could, to prevent any abuse or attacks from taking place against her from them.
Though there had been some rather dicey situations with the brothers, mostly involving Ayato. Nothing too terrible had occurred and for the most part she had been able to stop any attacks from taking place there, as well as at the school. But seeing Yui look so pale and with that tired depression that surrounded her, she had to wonder to herself. Had she really been able to make that big a difference to her friend's situation? Maybe she had-?

“Now then!”

Quickly Miya was distracted, for looking back to the teacher. He had finished his writings and had gained the attention of the entire class as they all looked on at him. The students were all silent as he proceeded on and said, “You all need to be diligent from here on out, as these notes and the others that you will be recording here on out, will be included in the next set of exams!”
Hearing this, automatically Miya was filled with dread! She felt her inner bubble of confidence deflate slightly... for once again, she was going to have to go through the stress and trials of the exam time's. Though she'd already done them before, the results at that time hadn't been good and who was to know what she'd get this time!
“Urgh...oh man!” As the bitter memories of those failures came back to her mind. She couldn't help but hold her head in her hands, for she was practically in despair! However as the negative thoughts quickly replayed in her mind like a bad film reel, she realised that she couldn't be pessimistic like this! For there was one major dream of hers that was in peril, “I gotta do my best this year! Otherwise I'll never get my motorcycle!” But that was easier said than done! For still the apprehension and doubt continued to plague her mind...she felt like she wanted to cry!
However unbeknownst to her, Yui was looking towards her direction now. As she did she could see  the dread and anxiety that was hanging over her friend's head as a gloomy aura. Staring at her with an awkward smile on her face, she had an inkling of what it was that preying upon Miya. But still she wasn't a mind reader and she could only guess, but she knew the only way to fully know was ask after the class was over...


With her own homemade bento in her lap, Yui was sitting beside Miya who'd taken out her lunch from a plastic bag which today was revealed to be a batch of Inari sushi in a plastic container she'd brought with her. As the two of them continued to eat away, the gentle blonde haired girl couldn't help but comment, “The night's breeze is nice tonight, isn't it?”
Finishing her delicious mouthful, then licking her lips Miya looking up admitted herself, “Yeah... it is.”
For the two girl's together had decided that night, that they'd go to the roof to eat. Though it was obviously dark, it was still quite well lit with the waning moon shining down and the light's of the city below it. It was practically peaceful up there and away from all the noise and chaos of the school.
Miya feeling the gentle breeze that was up there had to admit on a further note, “Plus it's not too cold, which is a relief!” With that said, she picked up another piece of sushi.
Nodding with a small smile on her face, Yui replied then, “Yeah, it is...” For she was happy to spend some time together alone with Miya again. Also it was just nice to have this peace and quiet to themselves...
However disrupting her peaceful thoughts as she put another piece of her bento into her mouth, Yui heard Miya sigh as she finished another bite of her sushi. As she heard it, Yui saw the sad worried look that was upon her face. Seeing it with concern, she decided to ask her, “Miya-chan? Are you alright?”
Hearing Yui ask her, the orange haired girl looked and saw the concern that was in her pink eyes. As she saw it, she knew there was no point in hiding it and so she admitted almost tiredly from the despair that was eating her up inside, “Physically yeah... but emotionally wise no.”
Concerned more as she heard this, Yui decided to ask her further as she realised what the problem might be, “Are the upcoming exams worrying you?”
Seeing that she'd practically hammered the nail on the head, Miya then replied simply the gloom rushing on back, “...Yeah.”  As she said that, the heterochromia eyed girl had to admit further, “I really wish I didn't have to go through this again!” With that she held her head in her hands again.
Listening to these words, Yui then remembered that Miya was repeating a year. So realising this, she knew her friend probably had it doubly worse than the others in class, since the fear of failure would be more immense. It made her feel bad for her, but sadly the exams were something that she couldn't stop from happening. All she could say to her was, “I can imagine... it must be so hard for you.”
Miya then replied herself, “Stress-wise, yeah...” with that saying those words, she took a sip of her cola she brought and added, “I can only hope I'll do better than I did last year.” With that she gulped more of her drink again.
As she heard her say this, Yui decided to ask her further, “Are there any subjects that you're particularly worried about, Miya-chan?”
Hearing her ask this, the orange haired girl then said,“...Most of them I am, languages I should be okay wise... but I just don't know?” Listening to this, the gentle pink eyed girl was silent however she heard her friend admit, “I mean I've improved, greatly since I've been hanging out with you, Yui-ko... but I guess I just can't help but worry's just like re-living a nightmare for me.”
Nodding as she said this, Yui told her, “That's understandable, I mean there's no way you or anyone else wouldn't be worried...especially if you have to repeat it.” Then she tried smile to her friend re-assuringly as she looked at her blue and green eyes, “But you said it yourself, you have been improving, so that's a good sign itself isn't it?”
Quiet as Yui said this so positively, Miya heard the blonde haired girl say further, “But you know if it'll make you feel better, we can have a revision together session at some point and touch upon the thing's you're finding difficult to handle, Miya-chan.”
As she heard these words, Miya a little surprised asked her, her eyes widening, “What really? You'd be happy to do something like that with me again?”
Nodding at her question, Yui then said, “Of course! I mean we've done so much studying already, I'll be glad to do more to help you!”
Staring at her as she smiled to her so happily, the heterochromia eyed girl couldn't help but feel moved inside once more. Looking to her friend, she cried a few tears of pure relief as she felt her heart tremble, “Yui-ko! You really are the best... seriously!” With that she gripped her fist looking up into the starry filled sky.
Puzzled as she heard this, Yui looked on up to Miya heard her say further, “You're like an angel... I can't believe how lucky I am to have you in my life!” To which she cried more and then tried to wipe away the tears with her free hand.    
Hearing her exaggerate like this again, Yui smiled a little awkwardly as she told her friend, “Miya-chan, I've told you before! It's not that big of a deal, you don't have to keep saying things like that to me.”
Shaking her head though, Miya believed the opposite as she said, “Oh I do!” Then looking to her friend she told her, “Yui-ko, there really are not many people out there like you in the world! You have no're a diamond in a sea of coals!”
Still thinking that she was exaggerating, Yui though decided to accept her words for the moment as she simply smiled. Then as her friend calmed down and started eating her sushi again, she started doing the same again as she ate from her bento.
Miya eating away feeling happier then smiled as she decided to take a sip of her cola again. As a comfortable silence came settled between them, the heterochromia eyed girl then drinking the last of her beverage started to think quietly to herself as she looked up to the moon.
As she did so, she wondered again about the previous occasions when she'd come to visit Yui. For during those times that she'd come over, she'd been able to physically protect her. But she had to think, was there anymore that she could do for her?
Looking over to sweet caring friend again, she saw her pale white skin and weak complexion as she ate... it was just so sad that she had it, drinking the last gulp full's of her drink, her thought's continued on going around in her head. For if Yui didn't have that then she'd-
Suddenly she realised something else with widening eyes, she'd never asked this one question about her. So she decided that she would ask it now! So finishing the last drops of her cola, she put the empty bottle away into her plastic bag, she turned and said, “Yui-ko?”
Her attention drawn back to her friend, the blonde haired girl having practically finished her bento looked to her friend curiously as she heard her ask, “Can I ask you something?”
Puzzled as to what it might be, Yui replied, “What is it?”
Miya then put her question to her, “It's your Anaemia? Do you know what type you have?”
Blinking as she heard this question being put to her, Yui repeated, “What type?”
To which her friend simply made a single nod in reply and explained, “Yeah because if I know, I might be able to help you out somehow with it... because you look really poor lately.”
As she did this, Yui became silent. For this was one thing that she was not expecting to be asked about! This was potentially dangerous for her! For she couldn't say anything that might lead to the terrible truth, but at the same time she couldn't hide it...
Miya watching on as Yui became silent, noticed that she seemed to be troubled. She became curious, why would she look so troubled over such a simple question?
Continuing to be silent and feeling Miya's curious gaze on her, Yui thought hard to herself what she could say? After a few moments as her mind raced, it seemed that she'd come to some sort of conclusion as she said, “Um... well? I'm not sure exactly, but it might be an Iron related type?”
Blinking as she heard this, Miya repeated, “Iron related?”
Nodding, Yui then replied, “Yeah... I think so anyway.”
Quiet as she heard this, Miya then replied simply, “I see...” that sounded plausible, so she decided to say, “Okay, well I'll see what turns up when I look online about it and see if there's some info about what might help.”
Hearing her say that, Yui then replied, “Alright...” she was a little relieved that Miya had accepted this simple answer for the moment. But if there was anymore information that her friend wanted to know about, she'd have to do her own research to make it match up!
There was then some silence between them, as it came Miya though didn't want this to end awkwardly but she needed to ask something else, “Yui-ko?”
As she heard her friend ask for her again, she was uncertain as she replied, “Yes, Miya-chan?”
Quiet at first as she heard the reply, Miya then proceeded on with her question, “I know I'm probably prying too much into this... and I don't want to make things awkward for you here, but could you tell me what symptoms you're suffering with at the moment?”
Hearing her ask this question, Yui asked her, “My symptoms?”
Nodding once more, Miya then explained to her, “Yeah, because if I know a little more about that... I think I might be able to help you out...” With that quiet for a moment more, she added, “ I've already said, you've been looking really unwell recently and... I'm worried about it.”
Silent as Miya voiced her concerns to her, about her health. Yui was surprised once again, however quickly she felt a mixture of emotions. For though she was glad her friend cared, she also felt terrible for making her worry too. For with the Sakamaki's drinking her blood from her so often... it might be the case for her that the 'Awakening,' might occur sometime soon.
But she couldn't reveal anything about that to Miya, also she didn't want to even think about it!  Tightening her hands against her dark coloured skirt, she tried to steer her mind away from it. So she told her friend, “Um... well, I've been tired mainly and I've just been lacking in energy...also I've had a bit of a shortness of breath and...”
With each symptom that she was given, it was clear that Miya was becoming more and more concerned by the minute! However as Yui began to finish, her mind raced. As it did, it was then that a foggy memory came back into focus! Maybe that would-!
“And that's about it...” Looking to her friend, she saw curiously that she had a stunned widened eyed expression on her face. She was perplexed as she saw it and so she decided to ask her, “Miya-chan, are you alright?”
It was then finally as she realised what it was that she'd remembered about, the orange haired girl turned to her friend and told her almost excitedly, “Yui-ko! I think I've got something!”
Puzzled once more as she said this, Yui asked her, “Got something?”
“Yeah!” The heterochromia eyed girl replied brightly and as she did, she explained, “I've think I've got something that might be able to help you!”
Surprised as she said this, Yui wasn't expecting Miya to become so enthusiastic with something like this. So she asked her still quite perplexed, “What is it exactly?”
Smiling as she heard this, Miya then told her, “That's a family secret!” With that she winked her single green eye and then put a finger to her lips, feigning silence.
Yui seeing her friend then become cheeky like this, was more puzzled than ever! Now her curiosity was eating away at her, she really wanted to know. So asked her, “Why won't you tell me, now?Why-?”
Miya then told her smiling still, “Because I need to go get it.” However seeing the still puzzled expression on her friend's face, she decided to tell her, “But don't worry! You'll see it, when I come to visit this weekend!”  
Yui hearing this asked her, “You'll show me then?”
Still bright, Miya said, “Yep! When we have our revision session!” However there was only silence as this announcement came.
Turning to Yui in silence herself, Miya became a little worried that she might have spoken and assumed too soon. So she decided to ask her, “That is okay for you right? That I come over for this weekend to do that?”
Hearing her ask this question, it was then that after the information settled into her mind that Yui recovered from her startled state. Smiled quickly in response as she told her friend, “Oh yes! That would be fine with me, Miya-chan!” For she was so glad that she wanted to come and see her once more, so added, “I would love to study with you again!”
Recovering her optimism immediately, Miya then replied to her pleased, “Great!”


Quickly as this loud sound rang out, one thing became evident, “Looks like our break's over now!” Becoming deflated slightly again, Miya couldn't help but pout and say, “Damn... we were really having a good time up here too!”
Smiling in reply, Yui agreed, “Yeah... we were, it is a shame time goes by so quickly like that when we're having fun.”
As she heard this comment, Miya replied, “You're not kidding!” With that picking up her plastic bag, the orange haired girl said, “Well there's no point in delaying the inevitable, let's go!”  With that she went to move forwards as Yui did the same.
Walking towards the door, carrying her own bento box in her hands Yui moved towards the stairs with her friend. As she did so she couldn't help but look to Miya again and smile, for once again she wasn't going to be alone over the coming weekend.
However Miya herself looked annoyed as she said, “...Man! I'm gonna have to suck up to that four eyes again after school, “ with a sigh she couldn't help but say, “It's a pain in the ass!”
Yui hearing this, couldn't help but smile awkwardly for Miya as she replied, “Yeah... I can imagine it is,” however not wanting her friend to be dismal, she told her, “But, it's worth the time that we get to spend together isn't it?”
As she heard this, Miya looking to Yui and seeing her happy smile. She couldn't help but return it and reply finding this positivity contagious, “I won't argue with you there...” Looking down to the stairs she admitted further, “I'd say it's the one shining thought that pulls me through, knowing what's beyond that jerk and his taunting criticism.”
Yui hearing this simply smiled in reply, for she was glad to know that Miya could keep her temper in check with that one ray of light at the front of her mind. So with this thought the two of them proceeded down the stairs to continue on with the last lessons that were scheduled for the remaining hours of the night.


Standing outside, in the front gardens of the Sakamaki mansion with the fountain pumping out it's decorative cold waters, underneath the gargoyle like monster that was sat on it's top. Yui sighed as she stood by it.
With the moon continuing to glow in the night sky and hearing the water trickle and splash down. She was dressed in her casual wear once more which consisted of her long sleeved pink top and brown shorts along with her long brown boots. As she continued to wait on, she echoed her thoughts aloud becoming a little saddened, “I wonder what's keeping, Miya-chan?” For looking around and realising how late it had gotten she couldn't help but add, “She's not been this late before.”
For looking around herself, she'd been waiting for maybe nearly over an hour now... this wasn't like her. For the last few times she'd visited she'd always managed to come around at nearly the same hour. As the possibilities circulated around in her mind about what might be wrong, she couldn't help but ask, “... I mean, I'm sure she's still coming here... but maybe, she-?”

“So you're still being kept idle, are you?”

Startled immediately, Yui spun around and she quickly saw who'd spoken and cried out, “Reiji-san!”
For there the dark haired spectacled vampire was. Walking out from a certain area of the gardens, he proceeded towards her with his arms folded. With that same cold serious expression on his face.
Seeing him walk towards her, Yui though at first a little worried decided to ask him calmly, “What're you doing out here at this time?”
Hearing this question being put to him, the spectacled young man still with that serious expression on his face replied, “I was checking upon a specific species of roses we have growing in the gardens... I'll be requiring them for a future experiment of mine.”
As she heard this, Yui could only guess what that experiment was. But she knew one thing, she didn't want to be made to test out whatever it was he'd make! However still wanting to maintain her calm and positive image, she replied simply, “Oh I see...well I hope those roses make a success in that experiment.”
Reiji looking at Yui as she replied this way, he was silent for a moment before he asked her, “Why are you making yourself wait outside in the night like this?”
Puzzled as he asked this, Yui responded, “Huh? Why?”
Sighing with annoyance as she responded this way, he simply replied, “Yes, that's what I'm asking you at this moment, do I need to repeat myself once more?”
Seeing that he was slightly annoyed, Yui quickly spoke, “Oh no, I...!” Inside she rushed to find an answer that would satisfy Reiji. After a few seconds it seemed she'd reached her conclusion as she said, “I just thought it'd be better to wait outside for tonight... since the moon is shining down and...” However it was clear she was struggling to finish her words. But finally she reached her conclusion, “I'd already waited long enough in the mansion anyway...”
Listening to her weak reasonings, as he still continued to fold his arms. Reiji then voiced his own thoughts as he told her, “It seems as though your thought process and your reasoning skills are beginning to deteriorate, aren't they?”
Yui hearing the spectacled vampire say this, didn't understand why he was saying that and asked, “What do you mean by that, Reiji-san?”
Seeing that she truly was becoming hopeless, the serious eyed vampire replied, “That unscrupulous woman you insist associating yourself with... she's worsening your overall demeanour.”
As she heard this being said to her, it was clear that Yui didn't agree with this at all as she began to reply, “That's not true! Miya-chan hasn't been making me deteriorate, she's been encouraging me and I've been helping her to-!”
“Does a pet like her please you?” Reiji asked her, with a smirk now appearing on his face.
Listening to this question being put to her, Yui was perplexed by Reiji's sudden words as she repeated with shock, “A pet?”
However she didn't have to ask further for a more accurate definition as the studious vampire explained, seeing the reaction he was getting from her, “I can imagine it does, having a woman with a powerful disposition like that. Desiring assistance and reaffirmation from someone as weak as yourself. It must thrill you immensely to exert such control... just like an owner with a pitiful eager pet.”    
Hearing these terrible words, Yui was horrified that Reiji had come to such a conclusion! For she'd never had thoughts like that of any kind! Immediately she refuted him, “Miya's not pitiful and she's not some pet to me! She's my friend!”
Reiji hearing this and seeing the reaction she was having to his words. He couldn't help but think to himself, 'What's the difference?'
But seeing that he'd been able to get such a reaction from Yui, peaked his fascination. For it was clear now that Miya was having an influence on her, whether she was conscious of it or not. But before he could say another word-


Turning quickly as she heard this call, Yui lost her upset expression as she saw who was quickly approaching! Her face lighting up, she cried out, “Miya-chan!”
For there arriving through the tall mansion gates, it was none other than her heterochromia eyed friend. Dressed in her turquoise t-shit, red vest and dark blue shorts, along with her red and blue diamond long socks and blue trainers.
As she held her bags in her hands, she apologised as she said with an awkward smile scratching the back of her head, “Sorry I'm so late getting here, Yui-ko! I got held up by some stuff.”
Hearing her say this, Yui though responded, “It's no problem! I'm just glad that you've made it!”
Miya quiet as she heard these words, replied brightly, “Well I did promise I'd come!” However on a humorous note she decided to admit, “Though my punctuality needs work!”
Smiling simply herself as she heard this, Yui was happy that she finally had her friend there with her in the Sakamaki estate.
Reiji though looking on decided to voice his thoughts, “So you realise your tardy error?”
To which hearing this sentence, it was then Miya with annoyance saw the spectacled young man was there. While Yui herself hearing Reiji say this became anxious from his words, for she didn't want him to say anything more like this!
However the spectacled vampire ignoring the uncomfortable expression that was now on Yui's face, told Miya further, “For future reference, I'd suggest you act more with more tact when considering time and make an effort to arrive promptly, otherwise you'll turn into a useless ne'er-do-well.”
Becoming irritated once more by his annoying presence, Miya taking this as a greeting then replied sarcastically, “Oh why hello to you too! Hard-ass!”
Hearing Miya say this, Yui saw immediately that Reiji was just as angered by her retort and she knew she couldn't let things continue like this! Also she'd just about had enough herself of the spectacled vampire's criticisms!
So running over quickly to her friend she told her hurriedly, “Miya-chan, let me take a bag for you! We should go inside and make ourselves comfortable, we still have a lot of work to do don't we?”
Hearing this suggestion being given to her, Miya giving the vampire hard glare. Was then more than glad to agree as she replied turning to her friend, “Yeah you're right, we do!” Then looking to Reiji she decided to also make one last bitter comment saying, “Plus it'll be out of the way of certain pests!”
This caused Reiji to simply stare on coldly further at her. However ignoring him, the orange haired girl passed over the lighter of her bags to her friend as she held onto the heavier one along with a plastic bag that was by her side.
Taking her friend's bag quickly into her hand, Yui then told Miya, “Okay let's go!”
“Right!” The heterochromia eyed girl replied and with that, they both ran forwards to get into the mansion.
Still annoyed by her insubordinate nature, Reiji watched as the two girls proceeded forwards towards the mansion. However just as they passed him, he noticed that within the spare plastic carrier bag Miya was carrying, there was something glowing within it that had a red crimson light to it! His eyes widening as he saw it, he didn't get anytime to ask about it as the two girls quickly disappeared through the doors of the mansion, shutting them fast behind them.
Lingering behind as he watched them go inside, the traces of that crimson red light haunted him inside. For he couldn't help but wonder what that was? However as his mind raced trying to find the answers within...there was one thing that he could clearly sense about it! Correcting his lenses as he recovered his composure, his eyes narrowed remembering the power that red glow emitted... it had the radiating aura of a demonic essence!

Does anyone ever worry their story idea's are too self indulgent? I.E. Creating Mary Sue stories etc. 

21 deviants said Sometimes yeah...
5 deviants said Nah, don't care what other people think.
Here we go guys! Here's the announcement you've all been waiting for!
The winner of my final oc contest for my epic fic, Kingdom Hearts is none other than...







With her oc, Raivana!

Raivana by TwilightCrown 


Thanks everyone who entered my competition and my prior ones! There were loads of great characters and idea's! I hope you all enjoy the final Disney Arc I'll be doing! And I hope you enjoy the climactic chapters that will follow afterwards!

I'm really lucky to have fans like you who keep pushing me and giving me support and I hope by the end of the story it will be everything you hoped for! Thanks a bunch again guys! Catch you later! ^^ 
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Laura Roberts
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: uk
An aspiring Artist who wants to touch the skies
Personal Quote: Glory is not always found in winning but in rising everytime you fall


Chibi/ Plushy
Ruby by Lrme87
Ulquiorra by Lrme87
Twilight sparkle by Lrme87
Wanna a tiny little chibi / plushy character of your very own?

Now you can get one! XD
Personalised Weapon Design
The Dagger of Juliet by Lrme87
Cherubie Wand by Lrme87
Wish to have the weapon of your choice be given form and life? Then here you will find it can happen! Will be finished as a JPEG or PNG file depending what you'd rather.
Keyblade Design
The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87
The Subtle Scythe Keyblade by Lrme87
Saviour Keyblade by Lrme87
Want to have your own designed keyblade? Then your dream has come true! A single weapon will be illustrated and made into a JPEG or a PNG file. 
A Group Illustration
ShinkuRose Teatime Poster by Lrme87
Y,R,P cosplay by Lrme87
Residents of the dead by Lrme87
A group illustration of three characters with a background included. Done as a JPEG or PNG depending on preference. 
An Illustrated Couple Picture
.:My Valentine:. by Lrme87
Crystal embrace : +G x T+ : by Lrme87
100 TC - 49 Separate by Lrme87
A loving couple or two characters of your choice together with a background done as a JPEG or PNG file
Illustrated Figure With Background.
100 TC - 9 Sakura by Lrme87
100 TC - 10 Geisha by Lrme87
Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87
A fully coloured background pic and a single character included. Will be finished as JPEG or PNG depending on customers preference. 
Single Illustrated Figure
RWBY: Opaline Hart by Lrme87
Elaina: The Priestess Of Hope by Lrme87
Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87
For a single simple character with no background included. Will be given as a PNG file or JPEG file, depending which the buyer would rather. 

Paypal Commissions

Commissions prices:

Nozomi cloud costume by Lrme87 Steffie the black mage by Lrme87 Hari fashion by Lrme87

For simple one character plain background images like this it'll be 10

Commission: Ballerina by Lrme87 100 TC - 59 Tomorrow by Lrme87 100 TC-26 Witch by Lrme87

Then for a fully coloured background pic and the character will be 15

And for an additional character it will be an extra 3

So for some examples:

A couple pic

Shine forever by Lrme87 Cherry Love by Lrme87 Owl Prince and Robin Princess by Lrme87

Would be 18

Group pic

3 members

Residents of the dead by Lrme87 100 TC - 22 Queen of hearts by Lrme87 100 TC- 42 Clouds by Lrme87


and so on and so forth...

For plain Black and white images

Solitary crimson lineart by Lrme87 Honey flash lineart by Lrme87 Heat and Leo lineart by Lrme87

would be 5

For weapon designs as well if you want those done like some examples here:

The solitary crimson keyblade by Lrme87 The lunar heavenly blade by Lrme87 The crimson heart scythe by Lrme87 The Lunaticus Estella keyblade by Lrme87

That would be 10

Okay? You contact me by via Note or alternative my email:

Hope this interests you!





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